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DarkNekroshi everydoby ;)04:08
andariusalthough i am heading for bed :)04:09
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triping simon gloßner10:30
trithe url in the pinentry port source should be changed from http to ftp10:31
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SiFuhi want to go to mongolia10:39
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tilmanjaeger: can you please disable clb's git.rss monitoring? mi've set up my git watcher replacement now13:58
SiFuhXorg is useless. It only supports square/rectangle screen layouts.14:00
SiFuhyour awake a bit early14:01
Romsteri've been awake for hours14:01
SiFuhsame since 2:00am14:01
tilmanjaeger: do you mind continueing to log the crux channels btw?14:01
SiFuhtilman: = fbi also..14:03
SiFuhgovernment conspiracy's logging irc channels14:03
SiFuhwhat next? finger print ID and retinar scans upon entry to crux :-)14:03
jaegerjue already asked, no problem there14:04
* SiFuh shoots jaeger F Kennedy14:05
jaeger@unload RSS14:06
clbjaeger: The operation succeeded.14:06
SiFuh@unload RSS14:08
surrounderhmmm, going to ask my boss if it's ok the mirror crux isos on one of our machines14:09
surrounderthat'd be nice14:09
tilmanhint: if a wine app has font/text issues, try installing opt/xorg-font-msttcorefonts14:09
tilmansurrounder: you're back on crux? :]14:09
surrounderI regret cheating since I always come back to my true love14:10
tilmanwb on the light side then14:10
surrounderhehe thanks :P14:11
surroundercrux never left my server though ;)14:11
Romstersurrounder, <<14:14
Romstereveryone that cheated, nearly all come back to crux.14:14
surrounderI think I sold my soul to lucifer when I first installed crux14:15
surroundernext step is to convince my boss we should ditch centos and go crux14:17
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andariusgreetings and salutations14:20
andariusbahh, sorry14:21
clbSiFuh: I don't recognize you.14:24
clbsurrounder: I don't recognize you.14:24
andariusnot sure, who are you ? ;)14:24
surrounderI'm not a number! I'm a free man!14:25
SiFuh@tell andarius nothing14:25
andariusmm, good tune14:25
clbRotwang: Highest karma: "treach" (2), "so i'd either sue C or D but never C" (1), and "whats wrong with c" (1).  Lowest karma: "gentoo" (-3), "Romster" (-2), and "tilman: -" (-1).14:25
SiFuhthat's sick14:27
SiFuh@google Romster14:27
clbSiFuh: Search took 0.15 seconds: ROMSTER - Sharing roms: <>; romster .tk: <>; Yahoo! 360° - Romster's Profile: <>; WebmasterWorld Member Profile : Romster: <>; romster - GameSpot: <>14:27
Romsternone of them are me..14:28
Romsterbut i are on alot of sites.14:28
clbSiFuh: Google, Internet, Karma, Later, Seen, ShrinkUrl, URL, and Unix14:29
SiFuhfancy having commands that are not vali14:29
SiFuh@tell jaeger I am a broken bot. Half my commands don't work :-)14:30
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nipuLhmm i think yahoo captcha has been comprimised15:53
nipuLgetting spam from thier mail servers15:54
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SiFuhMicrosof Windo's17:26
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SiFuhtalk about the biggest load of bullshit17:50
SiFuhWindows Services for UNIX17:50
SiFuhWindows Services for UNIX version provides a full range of cross-platform services for integrating Windows into existing UNIX-based environments.17:50
andariusthat has actualy been out for a long time17:50
SiFuhshouldn't it be called  Unix Services for Windows?17:50
andariusnot sure17:51
SiFuhsince we are intergrating windows into a unix environment17:51
aonno, they want you to think that you're integrating unix into a windows environment17:51
aonas if windows wasn't the incompatible piece of crap17:51
andariuslol ... well in part it has been going on for a while17:51
SiFuh[09ú51 34]ø aon> as if windows wasn't the incompatible piece of crap17:52
SiFuhyes that's the way it sounds :-)17:52
SiFuhSFU is 217 megs? all i want is to access nfs shares17:52
SiFuhwindows vs's linux ??17:57
SiFuhmicrosofts point of view17:57
SiFuhsounds like windows ideas were stolen by linux :-P17:59
* SiFuh goes to vomit 17:59
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SiFuh 2001: A Space Odyssey18:48
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SiFuhDue to new Australian Laws this website cannot be viewed from your ip 59.XX.XX.XX19:15
andariuswhat site?19:26
SiFuhi was searching mongolian hotel and some link and redirect19:29
SiFuhprobably terrorist or porn19:29
SiFuhyeah i found the url, using proxy.. tis porn19:31
SiFuhis the redirect19:31
SiFuhredirects to that block site19:33
SiFuhnot work safe friendly..19:33
andariusyup, tis dirty :o19:34
SiFuhyeah i know, i changed the domain name to IP19:34
SiFuhRomster: you awake?19:35
Romsteryeah i'm here.19:36
RomsterDue to new Australian Laws...19:36
Romsteri arn't aware of that.19:37
SiFuhyeah actually it seems that the website itself  owns the redirect19:37
SiFuhand the guy in colombia told me that it is some online webcash scam19:38
SiFuhRomster: scrap it :-) its not an australian filter19:40
Romstera lame site.19:49
Romsterplenty of them crap things going on.19:49
SiFuhmaybe but i am curious19:59
SiFuhwhat has this site got to do with mongolian hotels...19:59
Romsterno idea20:07
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