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maligreehi there I am trying to create some ports, however when the source is at Sourceforge, it seems to have problems, wget can cope with http://prdow.../sometihng.tar.gz?download, but ports thinks that the file then must bue something.tar.gz?download which is misleading, and so far, no ports that relies on sourceforge has worked for me, I always had to download the source manually, is there a solution to the problem?03:37
tilmansee the faq on crux.nu03:38
tilmanmaligree: but it also seems you're using a bad url03:39
maligreeand is this # Nice to have: thing something official? I mean is it recognized by the ports manager03:39
tilman works03:39
maligreewhen I use the url in wget it works flawlessly03:39
tilmanno, nice-to-have is for humans only03:39
maligreeok thanks03:40
predatorfreaktilman: Someone should hack in like a prt-get --install switch for nice-to-have stuff as well.03:40
predatorfreaktilman: There's sometimes very, very useful things in there :)03:40
maligreepredatorfreak: I think this is quite essential actually03:41
predatorfreakmaligree: Nothing in nice-to-have is essential.03:41
maligreepredatorfreak: if you rely on prt-get wihtout checking the ports yourself, then you might miss a lot of stuff03:41
maligreeit would be nice to have at aleast03:41
predatorfreakand yeah I know, I work a lot of ports by hand personally.03:41
maligreethere is no way not ot03:42
maligreethat was my point03:42
predatorfreakI'm just saying, for quick installs doing prt-get --install -n or something and installing the nice-to-have ports would be nice.03:42
maligreeanyway, whats with the sourceforge thing? what would be the correct url? all ports (e.g. in opt), who use sourceforge don't work for me either03:43
predatorfreakand dang it I'm adding useless --'s in XD03:43
predatorfreakmaligree: See tilman's recommendation03:43
tilmani dunno03:43
maligreeoh ops, had overseen this03:43
predatorfreakand I force to redirect to a specific mirror03:43
tilmanwhat i refered to fixes the constant 404 etc problems03:43
tilmanno idea wth maligree is talking about ;P03:43
predatorfreaktilman: Hehe03:44
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guaquadoes someone have kde4 built?09:45
guaquaor pkgfiles for it?09:46
Romsteri have a rough set09:46
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Romsterguaqua, find it here in kde09:47
predatorfreakRomster: Quick question for you.09:47
Romsteri haven't fully messed and built it all.09:47
predatorfreakRomster: Do you ever sleep? :P09:47
Romsteryes i was asleep before.09:48
Romsterwhy does everyone assume i don't sleep...09:48
predatorfreakRomster: Well, you seem to always be on....09:48
Romsteri sleep at all diferent hours.09:48
predatorfreakRomster: Plus, we all know you're a Vampire.09:48
predatorfreakYou don't sleep, you just go out and feast.09:49
Romsteri'm more of a warewolf <<09:49
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predatorfreakRomster: Oh, so you eat people's skulls?09:49
Romstermaybe <<09:50
predatorfreakRomster: Are the brains tasty?09:51
predatorfreak'cuz I hear they are...09:51
Rotwangthey taste like chickens09:51
predatorfreakRotwang: mmmm.09:52
predatorfreakI'll wait til they taste like beef though.09:52
predatorfreakor Vension.09:52
predatorfreakmm, I'm off, gonna relax a bit and be back later.09:53
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SiFuh_haha relax a bit? predatorfreak stresses out when he uses a computer??10:23
Romsterlol, no idea.10:27
SiFuh_so Romster if that's your taste in foods, you should comming to south china ;-)10:28
Romsternah my taste in foods is japanese, itilan, aussie etc.10:28
SiFuh_sorry but that's yuck yuck yuck10:29
SiFuh_although i do like pasta :-)10:29
SiFuh_i prefer  vietnamese, vegetables and fruits ;) haha10:29
SiFuh_although i find it very hard to catch vietnamese as they move pretty quick. Plus they insecticides aren't oo healthy.. agent orange..10:30
SiFuh_i hear canadians and eskimos are bad eating. too much DDT10:31
SiFuh_there is a guy in south china  Kunmming who collects humans skull caps, for ash trays. Sells them for 200 Yuan (Authentic) or 50 Yuan (Fake) on Beijing black markets10:33
SiFuh_probably costs him 300 yuan return on the train..10:34
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RyoSSiFuh_: oh rly?10:40
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SiFuh_RyoS: yes11:19
SiFuh_no joke11:19
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spaceninjawould you say arch linux is file tree "bloated" compared to crux? :)11:27
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tilmanspaceninja: not sure what you mean with "file tree bloated", but it's safe to say that crux is simpler than arch12:19
Rotwangtilman: ie. core branch is split into: base  devel  lib support12:20
tilmanmy first thought was about the build system12:21
tilmanpacman etc12:21
Rotwangim talkin about 'arch build system' which si equivalent for crux ports12:23
tilmanyeah, i didn't say you were wrong12:23
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andariusgreetings and salutations12:51
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finklerHi there, what init system is crux using, is it compatible to redhat's or debian's?13:07
RomsterBSD init13:08
Romsterit's in the handbook..13:08
Romsteri don't think it's actually BSD but BSD style.13:09
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finklerRomster; ok thanks13:14
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ryuohey romster13:43
ryuois the rox port ready? O_o13:43
Romstermost of got some others too add.13:43
Romsterbut what is done is in there.13:43
Romstersorry it's taken some time to get it on.13:43
ryuowhen this port is finished, do you wanna make a port for various linux games?13:43
predatorfreakRomster: CRUX is super-simplified BSD-style.13:43
predatorfreakI've seen infinitely more complex BSD-style implementations than CRUX has XD13:44
Romsterryuo, maybe i'm interested in geting some good games.13:44
ryuoanything that can be used to play games...13:44
Romsterpredatorfreak, ah13:44
ryuomud clients included13:44
RedShiftyou haven't lived untill you've messed with System V init13:44
Romsterryuo, ah k.13:44
Romsteri have a few games made now some in contib others in my repo.13:45
Romsterbut there is way more out there.13:45
predatorfreakRomster: Heck, both FreeBSD and OpenBSD's init systems are more complex than CRUX.13:45
ryuoi know13:45
predatorfreakI dunno about NetBSD, never used it.13:45
ryuooh and13:45
Romsterpredatorfreak, ah so we have a over simplifyed BSD version?13:46
ryuoRomster, this would include emulators as well =)13:46
ryuolike xmame13:46
predatorfreakRomster: Yep.13:46
predatorfreakRomster: It's a good thing though13:46
ryuobut we should limit it to one or 2 good one per console emulated13:46
Romsterryuo, i'm into emulators got a couple now.13:46
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah13:46
ryuoRomster: how well does crux's ports handle cvs or svn?13:46
Romsterryuo, have you looked though my ports?13:46
ryuonot yet Romster.13:46
ryuoi'm kinda POed...13:47
Romsterah not too bad i have my own method todo snapshots for that.13:47
ryuocrux does not have seamonkey in its main repos13:47
ryuoi reformated :p13:47
ryuoi wanted to change filesystems13:47
* RedShift installed Microsoft Windows Vista on a pentium 3 500 Mhz with 768 MB of RAM13:49
RedShiftwindows xp runs nice on that computer13:50
RedShiftand after disabling lots of vista cruft it actually runs pretty good13:50
ryuoi'm considering putting crux on my future cloudbook =)13:50
ryuoquestion though...13:50
RedShiftstill worse than xp, but not _that_ bad13:50
ryuoi wonder if i should use -O2 or -Os13:50
ryuoi kinda wish crux had somewhat better package management, but eh... i guess whats here'll work13:52
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ryuo@seen Waldo13:53
RedShiftkillall -9 ryuo13:53
clbryuo: I have not seen Waldo.13:53
ryuoWhere's Waldo, dude!?13:53
Rotwangryuo: whats wrong with crux package management system? O-o13:53
ryuoRotwang: I wish it had better logging of package activity, and help people out in knowing about optional depends.13:54
Romster-O2 is better speed -Os is better size.13:54
ryuoRotwang: by logging, i mean logs package removals/additions, stuff like that.13:54
ryuoon the system level13:54
ryuoi know WHERE it is, but i would prefer a port for compiling it13:58
Rotwangryuo: make your own :D13:58
Romsterjason has one..13:59
Romsterif you look on the portdb13:59
ryuousually big packages like this require some complex build instructions13:59
Rotwangpractice makes perfect!14:00
ryuocompiling pidgin...14:00
ryuoi finally decided what theme i'm going to port to pekwm14:01
ryuoi guess i'm the minority of crux who likes to use seamonkey more than firefox14:01
ryuoif i use linux on my cloudbook i'll have to decide on which set of via xorg drivers to use14:03
ryuotrident, via or openchrome14:03
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finklerif I kill a process then the pid file disappears?14:19
RedShiftfinkler: depends on the process14:20
RedShiftand the signal you're killing them with14:21
finklerRedShift: killall -q14:21
RedShift-q is not a signal14:21
finkleris killall the signal?14:21
finklerdo I have to use a signal?14:22
RedShiftby the way, why don't you just try it out and see for yourself? :-)14:22
RedShiftno by default it uses SIGTERM14:22
finklerI can't test it on my machine right now14:22
finklerI will try it out then14:22
Romsterpkill -9 name14:23
Romsteris a KILLALL14:23
Romsterah actually SIGKILL14:23
RedShiftman killall Romster14:26
andariuszomg, he murdered him :o14:27
predatorfreakandarius: Nah.14:30
predatorfreakHe opened the manpage on killall and Romster.14:30
andariuslol, good point14:31
predatorfreakSadly, the manpage on Romster says "Avoid at all costs in night, unless you want to get your brains eaten."14:31
predatorfreakNot very helpful :(14:31
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predatorfreaktilman: Ping14:49
RedShiftpong ryuo14:50
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predatorfreaktilman: URL for git is just, right?14:50
tilmanit's in gitweb14:50
predatorfreakBecause it doesn't seem to like my public key :)14:50
predatorfreakor well acknowledge that I exist :P14:50
treach"nothing to see here, move along." :D14:51
predatorfreaktilman: Still prompts for password though.14:51
tilmantry telling ssh to use port 2222 for crux.nu14:52
tilmanmh, found something in the logs14:53
predatorfreaktilman: nvm14:53
predatorfreakI had the wrong port XD14:54
treachbtw, anyone using the nvidia drivers with .24?14:55
predatorfreaktreach: Me.14:56
treachah, works then, I presume14:56
predatorfreakYeah, latest version works for me.14:57
treachI'm in the process of setting things up here, so I'm still in console mode. :)14:57
predatorfreakSpeaking of NVIDIA... now that I can, I should bump that.14:57
treachwell, you'll have to become it's maintainer too, then.14:58
treachunless someone objects.14:59
tilmanpredatorfreak: #crux-devel14:59
treach"I want it!" "No, I want it!!" :D14:59
predatorfreaktilman: I'm there14:59
tilmanfeel free to grab anything that matches "Maintainer: Matt"14:59
predatorfreaktreach: It's an easy port to maintain :P14:59
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predatorfreaktilman: 'spose I can adopt the ones I mentioned on the mailing list, aside from vorbis-tools (my lazy grep turned that up based on packager XD)15:01
predatorfreaktilman: :)15:01
tilmani think the ones that people really wanted are taken by now15:02
tilmanand if they aren't, it's their lazy fault15:02
predatorfreaktilman: Hehe15:02
tilmanomg i rock15:03
predatorfreaktilman: What's this about rocking all the sudden?15:03
tilmanhaving success at REing is just so good15:03
tilmanreverse engineering15:03
predatorfreaktilman: Hacking NVIDIA's cards, eh? :P15:04
tilmanno, and i won't tell until i know it's going somewhere ;)15:04
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finklerfor start up scripts, star,stop and restart are mandatory and if I add anything else this is just luxury?15:24
predatorfreakfinkler: Yes.15:26
finklerk, thanks, now I am done porting autofs start script to bsd style15:31
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Romsterfinkler, take a look at stuff in /etc/rc.d/16:13
predatorfreakNight guys, I'm quite tired.16:17
Romsterg'night predatorfreak16:18
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finklerRomster: I did with the nfs stuff16:19
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treachRomster: update your ports16:59
Romstereh? i run ck4up only a hour or 2 ago.17:01
Romsterwhich one?17:01
treachah, you misunderstood.17:01
treachyour porttree, not *your* ports17:02
treachfirefox is taken.17:02
Romsteri just did a ports -u opt jsut a few minutes ago...17:02
RomsterUpdating collection opt17:03
RomsterFinished successfully17:03
Romsternothng new...17:03
* Romster shrugs17:04
Romsterfirefox-flash-plugin was taken but not firefox... so what i see in git.. so far17:05
treachRomster: look in devel17:05
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finklerwhere should /doc go? /usr/share/doc or /usr/doc?17:51
RotwangPackages should not contain “junk files”. This includes info pages and other online documentation, man pages excluded (e.g. usr/doc/*, README, *.info, *.html, etc).17:54
treachdoc -> /dev/null :)17:56
treachfinkler: there is a prtverify tool you could use for some guidance17:56
treach(it's part of "prt-utils")17:57
Rotwangi dont get who packager is :/17:58
treachthe guy who originally made the port17:58
treachIe, it's kind of pointless, but the consensus seems to be that it doesn't hurt to credit the person who created the port17:59
Rotwangso if i made port and maintain it then im packager and maintainer as well?17:59
treachbut maintainer is enough in that case17:59
treach(yes, I think it's a bit silly, and misleading)18:00
finklerok thanks for all the info18:00
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Romsterhmm do we really need a packager..18:08
Romstersome people abuse that like yhafri and change it to himself even when it wasn't his to begin with.18:09
treachRomster: wrong time and place for this discussion18:10
Romstercan't say who else does that.18:10
Romsterso removing that line would be less issues.18:10
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Romsterman aussie dollwer buys 90.32 usd O_o never seen it that high before.18:36
nipuLit used to be around that in the mid 80's iirc18:38
Romstermight of been i didn't pay alot of attention then though.18:39
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Romster <_ *falls off chair*21:37
Romsterthat really shows there not smart..21:38
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Romsteroh i hate that whole they're, their, there. thing really anoying.22:49
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