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rawRomster: gpgme fails compilation00:55
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pitillogood morning01:26
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concorrhello all05:53
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rawRomster: did you have a look at gpgme08:01
Romsternot yet but i did awhile ago it builds on my stem but apparently no one elses i'm stumped..08:02
rawit a test that fails08:02
Romstermising hash key or something.. some sha is missing but from where i don't know..08:03
Romsterthought it might of been todo with crypto in the kernel but that's not it.08:03
Romsterdriving me nuts, i need help with ths one.08:04
Romsteri've spent hours tracking it down and still no luck.08:04
Romstereven a older version does it.08:04
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tilmanthe gcc crowd managed to make another release that still includes
tilmani'm overwhelmed12:05
thrice`they *did* spend the time to update milestones to a few different versions12:07
tilmansee the last comments12:08
tilmanyeah, exactly12:08
thrice`that probably was taking too much time12:08
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tilman"oops, 4.2.y is out. bump target version"12:08
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treachyay. I can't wait for him to update firefox. :P12:36
tilmanfucking firefox12:36
tilmanwhat's the name of the new webkit based gtk2 browser again?12:37
tilmanmidori needs a better/catchier name RSN12:37
treachyeah, it's hard to remember12:37
tilmani'll bookmark their site now12:37
Romsteroh yay that url crashed my firefox lol12:37
treachyour firefox sucks12:38
treachMine is much better. :p12:38
Romsterdoes it ocasionally12:38
Romsterwell i had alot of tabs open.12:38
treachtime to dump some extensions maybe.12:39
treachnoscripts ftw, too.12:39
Romsterthank goodness for restore seession.12:39
Romsteryeah i have noscript12:39
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Romsteri've dumped a few extensions, i should clear afew more out.12:39
tilmanit's very stable for me12:39
Romsterif you scrool the page with the wheel mouse too fast it'll actulally go back a page sometimes.12:40
RedShiftugh life is busy12:51
thrice`my FF actually behaves rather well too12:51
Romstermaybe it's one of my extensions.12:56
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trihm, is this the company beach ?15:15
treachyep, look at all those happy cruxers. :>15:19
thrice`jaeger: any big trouble getting crux going on your macbook?15:24
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jaegerthrice`: not much, no15:29
jaegerhrmmm, odd. nvidia just shit itself and tells me my kernel doesn't support vmap() all of a sudden15:30
jaegerand now it won't even build... wtf15:34
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morlenxusSomeone having Crux 2.4 running with UTF-8?16:33
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:35
finklerandarius: hejhej16:43
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treachRotwang: yesterdays dev log. :)17:03
Rotwanged is harcore :D17:04
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thrice`hi andarius19:19
andariusello thrice`19:19
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nipuLjaeger: are you also abandoning contrib ports?21:34
jaegerhadn't really thought about it yet. I don't mind keeping them21:35
thrice`i'm so terrible at patching :-(  i'm trying to update mplayer for security patches, but can't get the pX to work21:36
jaegerexcept I don't run cedega anymore and don't pay for a subscription21:37
andariusthrice`: is it boloing with a specific error?21:40
thrice`that is the patch.  I think I might need to sed out the first 2 lines ?21:42
nipuLi was just wondering because i use a few of them and would pick them up if you didn't want them21:43
nipuLwell i'll take over cedega if you've stopped using it21:43
jaegerany particular ones you want? I use some more than others21:44
nipuLmainly all the av related stuff21:44
andariusthrice`: perhaps.21:44
andariusthat or the path? is that file in the same dir as the patch?21:44
jaegerI don't mind giving those up, I only use them incidentally21:45
thrice`andarius: i've tried -p1, -p0, -p2, etc. :-)21:46
thrice`but yes, trying patch -pX -i $SRC/file.diff21:46
andariusroger, perhaps it is the first two lines then?21:46
andariusdoes it go without them?21:47
thrice`nope :-(  i'm not good at patching, though21:48
andariusi will pull the src and try  too21:49
andariuspatch -p1 (or 0) $SRC//libmpdemux/demux_audio.c ?21:51
andariuscrap i hosed that :(21:51
thrice`  is what i'm working with :-)21:52
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Romsterpatch -d libmpdemux -i $SRC/file.diff22:05
thrice`yeah, that looks like the way to go.  I've opted to just pull latest svn, though :-)22:06
Romster-d is kind of like negative -p22:08
Romsterexcept you need to say where to go.22:08
thrice`other than looking for the dir's, is there any way to tell from from the diff ?22:09
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Romsterlook in the diff and see what file it edits then do a find in the source directory for the file22:10
Romsterpatch -d stream -i $SRC/stream_cddb_fix_20080120.diff22:11
Romsterpatch -d stream -i $SRC/url_fix_20080120.diff22:11
Romsterpatch -d libmpdemux -i $SRC/demux_audio_fix_20080129.diff22:11
Romsterpatch -d libmpdemux -i $SRC/demux_mov_fix_20080129.diff22:11
Romsterhard work done for ya i did that a day or two ago.22:11
thrice`mplayer#svn-1.pkg.tar.gz :-)22:12
Romsterwonder if svn head would work better than rc122:13
Romsterrc2 is broken  for the video converion i tryed last time.22:13
Romsterthrice`, should make snapshots and do it like how i did x26422:14
thrice`nah, easier just to run svn up22:14
Romstermake a script.22:14
thrice`I have the Pkgfile :-)22:15
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Romsterkeep to the lazy way then <<22:15
Romsteroh yeah fix there dumb -O4 flag too sed -i -e 's/-O4/-O3/' configure22:17
Romsterno idea what compiler they use but it only goes to O3 on gnu gcc.22:17
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