IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-02-05

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SiFuhRomster: Some dickhead doing road construction cut through the phone cable for Hospital and surrounding areas.. He then contacted Telstra and told them of his error. People who complained were told it was a problem with the exchange. But we knew who it was because we were there when he did it.01:00
SiFuhit took them 48 hours to send a tesltra technician out to fix it..01:01
SiFuhthat's pretty shameful, for a first world country, not to mention hospital with no phones ;-)01:01
teKDeutsche Telekom needed about 12 hours for a hole city + its region (100.000k people?) after a cut off cable01:05
teK't was fun, too01:05
teK excavators are the natural enemy of fiber cables *g*01:07
pitillogood morning01:12
SiFuhanyone know if Linksys WAG54G has firmware to power on after power outage? or does it need a hardware mod?01:18
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Bandit0972hi all02:26
Bandit0972anybody there?02:27
pitillo36 in total02:27
Bandit0972i need minimalist crux,,, how i do?,,, crux setup script require more than 400MB...02:29
Bandit0972excuse my poor english02:29
pitillocheck only the needed packages at installation time, are you sure you need 400Mb for a real minimal setup?02:30
pitillowhat did you install? only core?02:31
Rotwang400 MB :O02:32
Bandit0972especially kernel compiling archieve ... /usr/src/linux-X.X directory.02:33
pitilloBandit0972, that is true, but you can compile the kernel in other computer and move then to the one you need it02:34
Rotwangif you may take kernel from the iso02:34
pitilloor, of course, use an older version wich will be more little than the newer one02:35
Bandit0972i use crux-2.402:35
pitilloan older kernel version :)02:36
Rotwangcopy vmlinuz and modules from iso then :/02:36
Bandit0972where i download latest shapshot of crux. (later 2.4)02:37
pitilloBandit0972, I think there isn´t an update (if I am in wrong I hope someone can correct me)02:38
Rotwangi thin there is no such thing :/ binary packets are compiled only for installation iso02:38
Rotwangso until next release there wont be any new binary packet, i think02:39
pitilloRotwang, in older CRUX versions I think was jaeger who time by time, updated the iso with newer packages.02:39
Rotwang here is some iso :\02:40
Rotwangby jaeger02:40
Bandit0972i586 distro!!!02:41
pitilloRomster, that iso provides some other drivers that weren´t provided at official iso and a added the old root= option to the iso boot (That iso hasn´t packages updated)02:42
pitillooh sorry, Rotwang I mean02:42
Rotwangah, k02:43
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namenlosfinally there's an irssi installer for windows...02:46
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Bandit0972where cani found about package & size infos...03:07
Bandit0972where i can found about package & size infos...03:07
namenlosprt-get info <packagename>03:14
namenlosabout the size there aren't any infos.03:14
pitilloI think you mean ports, not packages (to get the package size ls -la package)03:18
Rotwangod du -h package03:19
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SiFuhahhh silence on the LAN :-)03:59
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Bandit0972busybox... how can i adapt busybox to crux?04:13
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SiFuhunless busybox is a non linux/unix application then i don't think we need to worry about crux adaptation.04:30
Rotwanghow can i check file permissions in octal?04:30
teKstat -c %a file04:36
RotwangteK: thanks :D04:37
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teKRotwang: you're welcome04:38
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SiFuhdoesn't look like a patch exists for the linksys software switch..05:21
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jtnlhello sepen05:47
sepenwhere I can find linux/config.h ??05:48
sepenin which package? I think could be inside glibc but not sure05:49
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RyoSsepen: i thought its the kernel itself, IIRC its depracted now06:00
sepenhmm interesting06:02
f1yhm does anyone use ccache?06:11
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mike_kf1y: at least the Packager and me06:22
f1yccache doesnt work on my crux06:24
f1yi had to do sth wrong06:24
f1ybut everything in a README-way06:25
mike_kdo you use it by your regular user with a sane home dir and shell?06:30
f1yi only added /usr/lib/ccache/ to $PATH06:34
f1ynow i see compilers start from /usr/bin without ccache06:38
mike_ksure that is the same user? not the one that is in prt-get conf for example?06:39
Romsterexport PATH="/usr/lib/ccache:$PATH"06:39
Romsterin /etc/pkgmk.conf06:39
Romsterexport CCACHE_DIR='/var/cache/ccache'06:39
mike_khehe, lets start with a home dir first =)06:40
Romsterthem 2 lines work for any user. <<06:40
mike_kshould adjust /var/cache permissions anyway06:42
Romsteri never looked at that i'm always using sudo06:43
mike_kthat's a russian roulette06:44
Romsteryeah i know i've done it for ages...06:44
mike_kand still alive. lucky man06:45
Romster<< been careful.06:45
Romsterbut i should do something about that.06:45
Romstermake a build group and add myself to it or something.06:45
* mike_k spells f-a-k-e-r-o-o-t06:45
Romsteryeah got it but i have to change permissions of distfiles and packages and workdir06:46
mike_kf1y: can you verify that /usr/lib/ccache is really in the begining of your path?  "echo $PATH"06:46
Romsteri added it to my prt-get line but it does nothing when you also  use sudo06:46
f1ymike_k: it is at the end06:47
mike_kf1y: fix it!06:47
Romstermike_k, thought what i pasted would of been obvious, and the fact f1y only sees /usr/bin sugests he added it at the end..06:47
Romsterjust as i thought.06:48
mike_kf1y: PATH=/usr/lib/ccache:$PATH06:48
Romstermike_k, he only has to scroll up..06:48
Romsterhmm coffee time just woke up too.06:50
mike_kRomster: fakeroot adds _some_ permission setup complexity, but really worth it.06:50
Romsteri found out fakerot only works if not ran by root hence me having to mess with permissions so i got lazy and didn't bother. if i realy need to test something i use a chroot with my safe-build script.06:51
mike_kthat fact is disaster comes when you don't expect it. fakeroot saved my / from garbage many times06:53
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f1yworks! thank you06:57
mike_kfaster, isn't it?06:57
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f1yyes, it is faster06:59
f1yi was using ccache when had gentoo in the past07:00
Romsteris only faster if the object is cached after the first run.07:00
Romsteri use distcc with ccache07:00
f1yRomster: true07:00
Romsterexport CCACHE_PREFIX='distcc' export DISTCC_DIR='/var' export MAKEFLAGS='-jx'07:01
Romsterif you got a few computers todo the job of comiiling oh and a few other options too needed too.07:01
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f1yRomster: unfortunatelly i have only one for now07:03
Romsterah oh well07:03
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Romsterhmm mike_k is it good enough todo root:build or would i need the diferent user as build:build or build:root and then go though all the directorys.07:05
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Romsteractually i had a idea to stop using all this DESTDIR and other stuff and installing into a chroot with the right paths of course then archive the files that are new since make install07:10
Romsterwouldn't matter where the fiels went then but if there wrong the .footprint will say.07:11
Romsternot all programs respect DESTDIR07:11
Romsteri always check the Makefile for the install: before i run it.07:12
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SiFuhjaeger: :-)08:12
jaegergood morning08:13
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SiFuhmorning jaeger08:18
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)08:25
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Rotwanghi DarkNekros08:27
SiFuhhi DarkNekros Rotwang08:32
Rotwanghi SiFuh :D08:32
DarkNekroshi SiFuh :)08:33
SiFuhhi thrice`08:41
treachfor name in $(/who); do\ /msg $name Hi\ done08:49
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Romstermore like /msg #crux $name Hi08:52
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tilmanRomster: a chroot has the severe disadvantage that you need to populate it with the dependencies first. unless i'm missing something10:27
Romsteryes but i already have a script todo that.10:27
Romstersafe-build in my repo althoguh i do need to clean it up alot more.10:28
SiFuhi like chroot10:51
SiFuhmany of my server applications run in chroot10:52
Romsterwell i've come across a few programs that have no way of seting a where they install too, so the chroot install to what the program thinks is a running system only to have the files tared up after.10:58
Romstersaves all the messing around with ROOTDIR DESTDIR and what other names they name it or the nonexistance and yeah ya can use --prefix=$PKG/usr but that addes other problems to some ports too.10:59
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clickonceGuys, do you know of any application that can convert ascii asm to opcodes? E.g. "push ebp" -> "0x55", "dec eax" -> "0x48", etc... I've been searching without luck..11:29
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Romsterclickonce, hmm always thought what you claled opcodes is also hex codes.11:35
Romsterwith 0x appended instead of $11:35
tilmanclickonce: i wrote a machine code generator last year, and i ended up figuring out the opcodes using the data sheets *_*11:37
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clickoncetilman: Okay, I'll read the Intel specsheets :P12:15
thrice`any harm in going gcc 4.2.2 -> 4.2.3 ?12:17
tilmani don't think we should do that before another proper crux release12:17
thrice`no, i mean on my own box :P12:18
thrice`minor bumps are generally OK, right?12:18
rehabdollim running both glibc 2.7 and gcc 4.2.312:18
rehabdollno issues12:18
tilmanthrice`: yeah12:18
tilmanif it breaks, blame rehabdoll ;p12:19
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clickonceGod fucking damnit, I'm bleeding.13:03
clickonceThis teeney-weeney-mini-nano-tiny fucking hole in my mouth (bit myself)... It makes me fuckign mad.13:03
predatorfreakclickonce: Let it stop bleeding and you'll be fine13:07
Romsterclickonce, try holding cold water in your moth for a short while, useally helps to stop bleeding.13:08
rehabdolli predict you'll bleed to death13:09
clickonceThat simple? Jesus...13:09
clickoncerehabdoll: :P13:09
rehabdollcan i have all your hardware?13:09
clickoncerehabdoll: bah13:09
rehabdollafk, laundry :(13:09
Romsterwould have to lose like a litre or more before it's critical?13:09
Romsteri forgot the measurments.13:09
clickoncerehabdoll: I let my bitch GF do the fucking laundry,13:10
treachRomster: ml, cl, dl, l, hl. there you got them :p13:10
Romstertreach, hah..13:16
predatorfreakclickonce: This is #crux.13:17
predatorfreakI could probably count the number of girlfriends people have in here on one hand13:18
clickonceI still don't do the laundry...13:18
clickonceThat's what you meant... haha ;)13:18
treachI'd be quite surprised if anyone had more girlfriends than they have fingers on one hand.13:19
treachIndustrial accidents aside.13:20
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aonthe state does some of my laundry13:22
aonmy mum does the rest :)13:22
clickonceYeah, my mother and her mother used to do it. They do it now as well, since I'm satisfied with how my GF does it.13:27
rehabdollaon: the state? you in prison? :)13:27
aonsort of13:28
predatorfreakaon: Shoot your superior!13:28
predatorfreakYou'll get better quarters and you won't have to go to war.13:29
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aoni don't even have a gun13:30
predatorfreakaon: ... what kind of army are you in?13:31
aonthe finnish one13:31
aonactually i guess i should have one but they just haven't bothered giving it to me13:32
predatorfreakaon: So... what do you go to war with swords instead of guns? :P13:32
clickonceCan someone knock me out for 40 hours?13:32
tilmanwhat war would finnland go to?13:32
aoni hope they just forget my gunlessness13:34
predatorfreaktilman: From what I've seen, the best the Finnish ever did was against the Soviet Union.13:34
predatorfreak <-- That there :P13:34
aonnot that we've really fought others13:35
aonexcept germany, sorta13:35
aonand other finns13:36
predatorfreakaon: Good at killing yourselves, eh?13:36
treachpredatorfreak: finns are big in the lumber and paper business, so in order to save money these days, they've decided to switch to clubs and trowing toilet-paper rolls at their enemies. :p13:36
predatorfreaktreach: Hehe13:36
treachthrowing* obviously.13:37
aonas if there's any wood processing left anymore soon...13:37
treachthat bad?13:37
predatorfreaktreach: Time for them to switch back to swords? :P13:38
treachyeah, gas is too expensive to make molotov cocktails from these days. :>13:40
SiFuh[05ú09 08]ø rehabdoll> can i have all your hardware?13:50
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SiFuhpredatorfreak: i think you don't have enough hands to count the ammount of girlfriends i have had, and yet I still stay single. :-P13:52
predatorfreakSiFuh: Stop raping women! :P13:52
SiFuhi think they try rape me13:52
predatorfreakSiFuh: Riiight.13:52
predatorfreakThat's EVERY rapists defense13:52
predatorfreak"BUT BUT SHE WAS RAPING ME!!!"13:53
SiFuhi remember scanning the photo album, and coming up with a pile of photos of the girls i dated. So silly me put them on the photo album under girlfriends.. kind realized after a seeing them all together that something wasn't right :-) kind of scary.13:54
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predatorfreakSiFuh: Yes.13:55
predatorfreakWomen are like hydras.13:56
predatorfreakIf they just keep coming back.13:56
predatorfreakYou're in deep shit.13:56
predatorfreakRomster: It's true.13:56
predatorfreakIf women flock too you there's something wrong.13:57
Romsteri see13:57
SiFuhusually your gay ;-)13:58
predatorfreakSiFuh: Oops.13:58
predatorfreakSiFuh: Coming out of the closet, eh? :P13:58
predatorfreakGood choice of place, no one in here minds much.13:58
predatorfreak(BTW I'm joking)13:58
SiFuhi mind!13:59
predatorfreakSiFuh: I'm only joking, but honestly.14:00
predatorfreakGayness is boring :P14:00
SiFuhno actually I spend alot of time overseas.. So the girls come thinking (foreigner, plenty of money) they only leave when they find out 10 THB/1 MYR/5 CNY doesn't buy much14:00
SiFuhin thailand to be gay is a fasion though.14:00
predatorfreakSiFuh: Yeah.14:00
predatorfreakSiFuh: Also, to have boobs and a dick is fashionable there.14:01
predatorfreakSiFuh: They're quite open and insane in Thailand.14:01
SiFuhit seems to get HIV is like a baptism in homosexuality. You're not officialy gay till you have got HIV.14:01
SiFuhhaha I remember telling a girl that Thai's were very disgusting in that way. And she replied "Australia has the madi gra, we're just copying" :-(((14:02
SiFuhanyone know the name of the us territory (military base) in singapore?14:04
predatorfreakSiFuh: Singawhat? :P14:04
SiFuhsingha beer14:05
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predatorfreakI'm off for a bit, time to kick back and relax for a little while.14:11
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SiFuhanother stressful time on #crux14:14
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SiFuhheh predatorfreak was pretty close predatorfreak> SiFuh: Singawhat? :P.. The actual base name is sembawang14:19
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SiFuh"Lighters no longer pose a significant threat," said the TSA in a statement posted on its web site.14:47
SiFuhi didn't know lighters were terrorists14:47
treachmmh, maybe they found out that real terrorists fear lighters, since they might bring enlighentment.. :>14:48
* treach runs14:49
SiFuhi think a pen or a toothbrush is more damaging to someones face then sizzling a few eyebrowes14:50
treachmmh. setting the plane on fire would probably have some effect. Provided that everyone just sat back and watched the show. :|14:51
SiFuhhaha or until the plane ran out of oxygen14:51
SiFuhnail clippers were banned, but not because of being a weapon, but rather being a tool.14:52
treachI'm amazed people are still allowed to fly unsedated.14:52
SiFuhyou can cut wire, strip insulating, use it like a screw driver, file things.. it was considered a useful tool for modifying mobile phones to strap on liquid explosives :-)14:53
SiFuhi am kind of curious as to why TSA goes to such lengths to strip every person of all needed items.. Must be the amount of profit they make selling the confiscated items on Ebay..14:53
SiFuhi recon, they were too lazy to throw out lighters, and that's why they re-allowed them.14:54
treachmakes every one feel safe. "Look, you're not even allowed to bring a nailclipper"14:54
treachsecurity theater14:54
SiFuhi feel safer on a plane full of turbaned muslims praying, than going through security check points..14:55
SiFuh:-) That's also why I fly Royal Brunei Airlines alot.. Need to relax after the stressful immigration.14:55
SiFuhon the 9th I must go to a Muslim wedding. :-) My best is getting married14:56
SiFuhHaha, my friend has been staying at one of his friends place for a month now. Only because he has no internet at home :-P14:57
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drijenSiFuh, congratulations to your friend15:00
SiFuhthere is more...15:01
SiFuhby the way my friends brother moved house after 7 years, because he had no internet, so he could be close to a friend of his who had wirless..15:02
SiFuhso strange :-/15:02
SiFuhcan't wait to go to the wedding..15:03
treachwhy, can't even get drunk. ;)15:06
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SiFuhtreach: he is my best friend. I am allowed to do anything because we have respect for each other16:09
SiFuhplus he probably wouldn't be alive now, if I didn't save his ass a few times :-P16:09
SiFuh"You are the MK Trilogy Champion" "Choose your reward wisely"....  cd error16:09
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SiFuhpredatorfreak: i have noticed your rather common verses departing #crux so that' you can sit back and relax a bit...17:20
SiFuhis it really that stressful here?17:20
predatorfreakSiFuh: Huh?17:20
predatorfreakSiFuh: I'm just a lazy bastard.17:20
SiFuh[06ú11 14]ø predatorfreak> I'm off for a bit, time to kick back and relax for a little  while.17:20
predatorfreakOccasionally I just like to go, lay back and watch a film or something17:20
SiFuhsounds like porn17:21
predatorfreakSiFuh: Hardly.17:21
treachSiFuh: It's when the guys in white coats put a funny jacket on him. ;)17:21
treachthat's when it's time to relax. :D17:21
predatorfreaktreach: Not quite.17:21
predatorfreakBut closer.17:21
SiFuhocassionally i like to just get on a plane and dissapear to some remote part of the earth, and still some how beat the odds, with an internet connection and a girlfriend. :-)17:22
predatorfreakSiFuh: Yes, only then you go to Thailand.17:22
SiFuhDidn't jaeger and pli want to do that to me back in 2k ?17:22
predatorfreakand learn that your new girlfriend... isn't quite a girl.17:22
treachSiFuh: no siberia yet? :P17:22
SiFuhactually treach. I am going in August17:22
treachOk, I assume we'll hear from you when you manage to find an internet connection there. :D17:23
predatorfreakSiFuh: But really, when I'm sitting around not doing much, I generally favour going and watching a film or sometimes playing a game or something with friends17:23
SiFuhi will fly into Ulanbaataar and then truck up to tunguska17:23
treach"Hello, this is SiFuh, hailing from somewhere west of vladviostok""... hang on a minute, my dick just froze off"17:24
predatorfreaktreach: Hehehehe.17:25
predatorfreak'TIS COLD IN SIBERIA! :317:25
SiFuhtreach: i don't think internet will be a problem. Just need to write a few drivers wear a radiation suit and connect the notebook to it..17:25
treachI saw a tv program a while back, where they did an inteview with some local guy.17:26
SiFuhit is cold, but i'd probably be more pissed off at the amount of mosquitoes they have17:26
treachsuddenly during the interview, the tip of the interviewee's nose fell of, and he was like "yeah, it happens all the time here" !17:26
SiFuhhmm maybe writing the drivers will take longer than expected then :-)17:28
SiFuhI remember typing in Shanghai. Windows wide open cause chinese have a thing for bad smells (Everything stinks even if it doesnt). I was trying to type and the icy wind was slowing my fingers down.17:29
SiFuhpredatorfreak: i know what you mean, i was just joking. I am online 24/7 but i think 5% of the time I am actually sitting at the computer.17:33
predatorfreakSiFuh: I just go offline when I'm not around.17:33
SiFuhhaha sometimes i wish i could, but no need
SiFuhi use it to stay online wherever i am in the world. All i need is a mobile phone with ssh access like the p910i and that gives pretty wide coverage world wide.17:35
treach"this picture was brought to you package by package by a caravan of mules."17:35
SiFuhi don't think mules would be too good in siberia17:36
treachno, you have to try something else there.17:36
SiFuhneed a few dear sleds with a couple of eskimos giving them directions :-)17:36
treachdogs maybe17:36
SiFuhhuskys are not as common as dear :-) and I can't afford that17:37
predatorfreakSiFuh: I dislike seeing flashing "HEY SOMEONE'S TALKING ABOUT YOU OR TO YOU!" shit when I'm watching a movie :P17:37
treachI presume you mean "deer" :)17:37
treachah, a fellow thinkpad user. :)17:38
SiFuhit's funny when i think of spending money.. Most people it is like, "if i spend this money I can't by this.. I'll have to wait"  For me it is "If I spend this money, only god knows where I will be stuck. Oh well Japan is now crossed off the list!"17:38
SiFuhhaha predatorfreak :-) screen    cntrl+a cntrl+d17:39
SiFuhtreach: yes I that's what i meant.. It is all your fault Romster!!17:39
predatorfreakSiFuh: Too lazy :P17:39
treachpredatorfreak: well, turn of the flashy thing then.17:40
SiFuhthinkpads are cheap, but quite solid, treach. Plus linux/unix installs on it pretty easy17:40
treachindeed. but cheep... nah.17:41
treachnot in my part of the world at least17:41
predatorfreaktreach: Bah! Better to just turn my PC off.17:41
predatorfreakand save the energy.17:41
predatorfreakRather than just let it run and run doing essentially nothing17:41
SiFuhi paid 400 bucks AUD for mine.. From the government. All i had to do was purchase a new mouse trackpad  30 bucks from canada..17:41
treachwell, if they keep reducing energy consumption at the current rate, they are soon going to pay me to keep my system on line!17:42
SiFuhi don't like the display size though   R50 with 1024x76817:42
treachsame here, but an R4017:42
treachit's a bit old, but it cost me *alot* more than 400AUD..17:43
treachprices were different back then, though.17:44
SiFuhmy dad bought a compaq turion 64 with 1gig of ram and some hardware sound card.. Pretty much everything is unsupported. Only can run Vista really. To boot linux you need to disable apci acpi smp17:44
treachcompaq is crap.17:44
treachalways was17:44
treachprobably will always be.17:44
SiFuhtreach  if they post to you, it may still be cheaper17:44
treachthanks, but I prefer to get stuff with applicable keyboards etc. :)17:45
treachplus, I'm still happy with the one I've got.17:45
SiFuh  IBM ThinkPad R40 15"  Display: (15.0-in) TFT, High resolution 1400x105017:46
treachmine is 14.1-in I think,and 1.3 GHz.17:47
SiFuhi see17:47
treachman I wish someone sold useable refurbished stuff here.17:48
SiFuh<-- Pentium M 2.0, 512mb ram, ATI Radeon Mobility M7500 LW, and a whole heap of other junk, with 1024x768 display :-(17:49
SiFuhI thought it was normal for government agencies to sell their old junk17:50
SiFuhthey do it in Thailand/Malaysia/Australia/UK/USA/NZ17:50
SiFuhof the countries i know17:50
treachnot here, the agents tend to recover it as part of the bargain.17:50
SiFuhi see17:50
treachor it goes into some landfill. :/17:50
SiFuhi've seen that17:50
treachyeah, one way to keep prices up. :<17:51
SiFuhsome lady had a ute with 8 notebooks in it. She was throwing them in the rubbish dump. I asked if I could take 1. She said no and started smashing them.. I said, I will pay you 100 bucks. She still refused17:51
SiFuhwhich i thought was very odd.17:51
SiFuhbut over here, the dump owners will search the rubbish looking for valuable items, and sell them.. But it costs you money to dump your items there.17:52
*** errdil has joined #crux18:17
*** f1y has quit IRC18:22
SiFuhis pretty weird18:26
*** sepen has quit IRC18:31
*** sepen has joined #crux18:32
SiFuhdamn it not enough time to talk rubbish about sepen18:32
predatorfreakSiFuh: Well, when you get the time, talk double the rubbish for me, 'cuz I'm going to sleep :P18:34
sepenSiFuh, pfffff18:34
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC18:34
SiFuhgnokii doesnt seem to support any of the good phones yet18:35
*** thrice` has quit IRC18:35
*** errdil has quit IRC18:48
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:54
* treach makes a merry little dance18:55
treachfinally made hpet work on the lappy, wonder what that will make for battery life. :)18:55
* Romster looks at trench strangly and has no idea what he is on about.18:58
jaegertreach: think it'll make a big difference?18:59
treachRomster: it cuts down the number of times the cpu wakes up from idle per second down *quite* significantly18:59
treachjaeger: hopefully.18:59
treachdown from ~37 wakeups to ~6 (with lan plugged in)18:59
SiFuhheh any recommendations for smartcard software?19:03
SiFuhor even better, magstripe readers. Not stripe snoop though. They are useless programmers19:04
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
Romstertreach, ah19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
Romstertreach, sounds like delayed processing and store instructions in a memory buffer.19:06
Romsterhmm we have a clone ^19:06
Romsterah i think i saw hpet in the kernel config.19:07
Romsterah so instead of a wasteful timer it's alot more effecent.19:10
*** sepen has quit IRC19:32
*** sepen has joined #crux19:33
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*** andarius has joined #crux20:43
andariusgreetings and salutations20:44
*** thrice` has quit IRC20:45
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*** andarius has left #crux22:40
SiFuh6 hours to go :-P22:45
*** thrice` has joined #crux22:45
SiFuhcan't wait to get out of here.22:45
*** thrice` has quit IRC22:51
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