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pitillogood morning01:06
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:25
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bulletI have a question concering my latest attempt on reanimating my previous CRUX installation05:14
bulletI (of course) screwed up the boot manager and when I did this I usually booted with the CRUX cd with "CRUX root=/dev/hda4" for example05:15
bulletthis would load my previous installation and then I had to run "lilo" to rewrite the boot loader05:15
bulletI tried this again (just downloaded the 2.4 iso) but it didn't work05:16
bulletlilo would complain "raid_something: could not stadt /dev/hda"05:16
bulletI know I've seen this message quite a few times yet I can't remember how to fix it, any idea?05:17
bulletokay I might have an idea, my 3 seconds are over, I only have this one box here so I'll try it on my own again, bbl :)05:26
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Romster hah Vista performed beter without SP1!06:30
pitilloand sp1 was thought to get better performance...06:30
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Romsterhelped with file transfers by what that said.06:32
Romsterhrmm IBM concernes me the cell processor is gonna move to a 45nm process 40% less power consumed cheaper ps3's06:33
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triis /etc/rc.modules the right place to add "modprobes" ?06:49
pitillotri, yes06:50
trican i load modules "on the fly" with udev ?06:50
Romstertri, also yes06:53
Romster /etc/udev/rules.d/26-modprobe.rules06:54
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trithx :-)08:33
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triis /usr/etc a right place to store config files ?09:45
predatorfreaktri: Nope.09:45
predatorfreakIn fact, any programs still sticking stuff there should move over to /etc, really.09:46
predatorfreakSince everything else uses /etc09:46
trihm is still have files in /usr/etc09:46
trilike foomatic, gimp, gtk-2.0, mplayer, pango, halt ...09:46
predatorfreakI should migrate mplayer and dbus and GTK XD09:47
predatorfreakSeeing as I'm responsible for maintaining them...09:47
predatorfreakerr, well, tilman maintains GTK XD09:54
tilman /usr/etc *is* correct09:56
tilman /etc is for system stuff like your MTA09:56
predatorfreaktilman: It's hardly proper for dbus and mplayer.09:56
predatorfreakESPECIALLY mplayer.09:56
tilmanwhy should /usr/etc not be proper for mplayer? o_O09:57
sepentilman, do you think we need a guideline FAQ more specific for building pkgfiles?09:57
tilmanit's all in the handbook09:57
triok /usr/etc is correct for application config files ?09:57
predatorfreaktilman: Because the files in /usr/etc/mplayer are supposed to be user editable?09:58
sepentilman, not that, directly I want to see some tricks in this FAQ09:58
predatorfreakand no one's obeyed that particular rule of UNIX since forever.09:58
sepeni.e: sed -e '/^SUBDIRS = /s/docs //' -i Makefile.in09:58
predatorfreak/etc holds 99.9% of config files..09:58
tilman /usr/etc is crux specific...09:58
tilmansepen: mmh09:58
tilmansepen: probably a good idea09:59
predatorfreaktilman: Since when did CRUX do wacky things like that? o.O09:59
sepenonly commenting some tricks for doing something09:59
sepenas a complement for the port guidelines09:59
predatorfreakSo why exactly is CRUX breaking tradition for no apparent reason?10:00
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predatorfreaktilman: Plus, it's obviously not very well enforced, because pretty much every app puts stuff in /etc/. There's only a few crazy stragglers that don't.10:01
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trii try to create a "file copy only" package but if i try to install it it always says tar: *: Cannot stat: ...10:04
triwhat did i wrong ?10:04
niemamniethere is nothing to tar?10:05
tilmantri: you probably didn't install to $PKG10:05
triah yeah, sure thx10:05
predatorfreaktilman: Whenever another meeting spurs up we should debate this religiously :P10:06
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trinow i got this error:
tilmanget rid of the "-r"?10:12
tilmanit's meant for directories, but conf/pytonerc is a file :P10:12
triwithout the -r i get the same error ?10:15
thrice` /usr/etc *is* a crux thing10:15
jaegertry mkdir -p $PKG/etc first10:15
thrice`and a good one :-)10:15
triah $PKG is "empty" - so i have to first mkdir every directory i need ?10:16
tilmandepends on how retarded your makefile is10:16
predatorfreakthrice`: That a glorious handful of packages actually use...10:16
tilmanusually 'make install' handles things like that10:16
predatorfreakthrice`: If it's going to stay, force the other packages to obey it!10:16
trii don't have a makefile it is just a copy this file there and this file there ...10:16
predatorfreakPlus, how exactly do you separate "application configuration files" and "system configuration" files?10:17
tilmantri: well of course you have run mkdir then10:17
Rotwangtri: you might use install10:17
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Rotwanginstall + for loop is very neat :]10:18
triah hm10:18
sepentilman, what to do in this case? I've ported xfburn, libisofs and libburn on my private repo, xfburn is a burn program for the xfce environment, in this case I should add libisofs and libburn in the xfce repo, but also I think could be useful for other in contrib?? whats the best way?10:19
triwhat is with acl - does prt-get everything for a package or is it controlled by the package creator ?10:19
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tilmansepen: mmh. is it okay to make xfce depend on contrib? i don't remember what we said about that last time we discussed it10:20
sepennono, Im porting at this moment think on having all dependencies for xfce ports provided in the xfce repo10:21
tilmani know10:21
sepensee my lastest commits10:21
sepenand what about duplicating some ports ?10:22
tilmani'd put them in xfce for now ;D10:22
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sepenok Im goint to10:24
triah: -- Packages installed PyTone10:25
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jaegertilman: is the bt tracker down?10:37
tilmanuuh, maybe?10:37
tilmani didn't yet poke at it10:38
tilmanlet me figure it out10:38
jaegerjust noticed one of my seeders couldn't connect10:38
tilmani think i just restarted it ;D10:41
jaegerlooks like it's responding now, cool. thanks10:42
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jjpkWTFs/minute. Not a bad scale suggestion.10:53
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:39
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finklerhi there, has anyone every tried running plan9port in Crux?17:07
andariussorry, not i :(17:10
Rotwangfinkler: i think you dont need to add crux, as we are in #crux channel17:13
finklerRotwang: indeed, it could imply there are other distros worth using :D17:16
finklerRotwang: sorry my bad17:16
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clickonceWhy in gods name didn't I leave space on my disk for CRUX.17:20
joacimbecause you are dumb17:22
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jjpkSeems we have a cantankerous individual :p17:47
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clickonceHmm, a Swedish company used to be worth more than 4.9 billion SEK is no for sale for ~80,000 SEK. :)18:26
jjpkManagement had to be sleeping at the wheel :D18:29
jjpkAnother favorite is plundering company funds.18:31
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andariusi am having an issue with gimp and would like to know if any one else is having problems with the file open dialog being messed up18:34
jjpkandarius: with the latest gimp in ports? I updated it but still have not run it since the update.18:35
andariusit was with 2.4.3, which i just moved up to 2.4.4 to check if that helped18:36
jjpkI'm not seeing anything abnormal with
andariusit does not do it right away on me. if i open a file, then save it and open another or just go to open afew others it shows18:38
jjpkAn odd issue to say the least. Does it make it impossible to continue without closing gimp?18:44
andariusi just ran it from console with --verbose and it worked well.18:44
andariusok, slap me and call me silly. now it is working ok from the menu as well. pehaps i shall beat on it some more18:46
andariuslol, now it chokes again when i go to do some work :(18:52
jjpkWho knew gimp has developed an asshole A.I. :p18:54
andariuswas it really?18:55
andariusmm, crap i cant read tonight. never mind me ;)18:55
jjpkYou would hope they do not contain AI.18:55
jjpkThe user is supposed to be in control, not some arbitrary guesser.18:56
andariusmost surely. that could be bad18:56
jjpkHehe. Especially not when it had a disruptive sense of humor.18:58
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nipuLyou should pay close attention to the configure script for gimp19:58
nipuLthere's an easter egg in it19:59
andariusnipuL: does it have info on my issue?19:59
nipuL"looking for intelligence... non found"19:59
andariusperhaps i will go through the build step by step manualy checking it out. perhaps i can find a fix. though it seems to be i am the only one with problems. as usual :(20:01
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ryuoandarius: problems with what?20:36
andariusgimps file open dialog will come up blank. no text or anything. just the window and areas where text should be20:37
ryuoandarius: try compiling gimp 2.4.4?20:39
ryuotheres a new release now20:39
andariusroger, i am running that one now with the same issues20:39
andarius2.4.4 that is20:39
ryuois it possible its your users gimp directory?20:39
andariusroot has the same error20:40
ryuoyou could try running it on a test user...20:40
ryuowho has never ran gimp20:40
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ryuowhats the error?20:40
andariusroger, did not thing of that. i did try running from console with --verbose with nothing20:40
andariusno errors so far. just bolos20:40
haolehey there... i can't compile amule because it gives some error concerning wxGTK, but this dependency is correctly installed... does anyone have a clue?20:40
haolethe errors looks like this: MuleGifCtrl.cpp:137: error: 'class wxGIFDecoder' has no member named 'GetTop'20:41
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Romsterandarius, do a revdep20:53
Romsterman revdep20:53
andariusroger, have done. nothing20:53
Romstermight be you got a broken link to a program/library20:53
Romsterhaole needs a patch for amule.. it should be int he tree.20:54
Romsterin the*20:54
andariusrevdep gimp returns nothing. i just finished a sysup not to long ago and with rebuild gimp to see waht i get21:00
ryuodont recall gimp ever giving me any lip...21:02
andariusi figure it is me, gimp hates me21:02
ryuodid you consider reinstalling crux from scratch?21:02
* ryuo shrugs.21:02
andariusi dont see that as a logical path21:02
ryuowell if all else fails.21:03
andariusif all else fails i have :(21:03
andariusas if i dont find what caused it i am likely to hit it again. then what ?21:03
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Romsterandarius, does other git programs behave ok?21:24
Romstererr gtk based*21:24
andariusso far yes. the only other thing i have issues with is Thunar and that only occurs when moving large amounts of data via NFS21:25
andariuswhich i feel is totaly un-related21:25
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Romsteryeah dosn't sound like a related problem.21:37
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Romsterandarius, what cflags?21:37
Romstertryed -march=native or even better just -mtune=native21:38
andariusi can21:38
Romsterthe later will work on that cpu you use so be less compatable. on other cpus.21:39
Romsternot sure if that will help but maybe..21:39
andariusdrop export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -pipe" completely or just adjust to export CFLAGS="-O2 -mtune=native -pipe"21:40
andarius-march=i686 replaced with -mtune=native on both line, running update now21:42
RomsterCFLAGS="-O2 -mtune=native -pipe"21:43
Romster-mtune is less generic and more spefic for your cpu.21:43
Romsterif you want portability use -march21:43
andariusroger, that is what i have21:44
Romsterbut it includes more code in binarys21:44
andariusi also changed the CXXFLAGS line to match21:44
Romsterthat your cpu wont use.21:44
Romsteryeah do the same to CXXFLAGS21:44
andariusi am happy with less portable :)21:44
Romstereven the kernel there is a option to incluse more generic code you can turn off too.21:45
andariuslol, dont know if you recall. i am the same fella that had issues with gpgme i think it was21:45
andariusyeah, i did turn off that in the kernel21:45
Romsterme and another person built it fine so not sure with that...21:46
andariuscould that affect my issue?21:46
Romstercould try reinstalling your tool chain off the cd..21:47
andariusroger, like i have said before, if it can go wrong it will with me. i hit the odd crap :(21:47
Romsterand have you got anything pending to be merged in rejmerge.21:47
Romsteri've hit problems before..21:47
andariusdont think so21:47
Romsterwating for you to sort out.21:47
Romsterdo you know what rejmerge does?21:48
andariusyou willhave to forgive my lack of knowledge. only been using crux for a few weeks or so21:49
andariusmerge files that were rejected during package upgrades :)21:49
Romsterread the man page for it.21:50
Romstervery important.21:50
andariusi am, is where that came from21:50
Romstershould check with rejmerge after updating.21:50
andariusnothing i would think would affect gimp like that. mke2fs, wpa config file, smartd.conf, sudoers file and login.defs21:54
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Romsterthat is a puzzle..21:56
andariuslol, i tend to hit those :(21:56
Romsteronly other approch i can think of is a force rebuild of everything gimp relys on.21:56
andariusis there an easy way to do that or shall i dig?21:57
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andariusGtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "crux-engine" <-- not likely related is it? i wouldnt think so22:04
nipuLcould be22:04
nipuLa buggy gtk-engine can cause all sorts of problems22:04
nipuLi once spent 2 weeks hunting a bug that turned out to be a bug in the gtk engine i was using22:05
Romsterprt-get update -fr -if --install-scripts libmng librsvg lcms `prt-get quickdep gimp` <- brute force method.22:05
Romsterbut yeah i'd be checking the gtk theme issue first..22:05
andariusthing is i dont use that theme22:05
nipuLcheck your ~?.gtkrc22:05
andariusdont have a ~/.gtkrc22:06
nipuLhow about .gtkrc-2.0?22:08
andarius~/.gtkrc-2.0 would be negative22:08
Romster~/.gtkrc-2.0 or /usr/share/gtk/... gtkrc22:09
nipuLso you're not using any theming at all?22:09
Romstersomewhere i forgot where the global gitrc file is.22:09
andariusohh, i am using themes. xfce and gtk22:10
nipuLwhat gtk theme are you using?22:10
andariusthis also occured with Xfce-dusk22:11
andarius(the one before this one)22:11
Romsteraha a common patern.22:12
andariusumm, i can try others22:12
andariusihave only used those 2 for a long time22:13
Romstertry gimp in a raw xorg?22:13
Romsterwith no xfce4 or another manager if you got others.22:13
Romsterthat'll at least narrow it down.22:13
andariusroger, will give that a go shortly. teli with daughter ;)22:14
Romsteri've heard of wmand de's interfearing with programs before. but that's rare.22:17
Romsterwm's and*22:17
nipuLwho's this roger guy? ^_^22:46
andariushe is the dirt bag causing all my problems :(22:47
andariusguess while my drone reboots i can try this other stuff22:49
andariusoff hand, does twm come with X still or does crux seperate them ?22:49
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treachsomeone with a vista box who can verify this?
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joacimI can not23:06
joacimI have indexing turned off and I dont experience those issues23:07
joacimmaybe its something special about my install23:08
treachor the guy was inventive with the truth. After all, it's incredibly stupid.23:10
treachscary thing is that it *does* sound plausible..23:10
Romsterthat's jsut stupid...23:12
joacimmaybe i do have this issue, and not noticed it23:12
Romsterlook at the i/o of the drive in some status monitoring program.23:13
Romsterand temp of the drive before and during that would say.23:13
joacimI'll check it out the next time I boot windows  =)23:14
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andariusi managed to isolate the cause. of all things it was something i thought would have affected all gtk apps ...23:16
andariuscomposite (as enabled in the XFCE wm tweaks)23:16
Romstercomposite messing the the gtk theme?23:16
andariusi can make gimp hang like clockwork now when it is enabled23:17
andariusdoes not matter which theme23:17
Romsterso gimp hates composite all together.23:17
andariusi can disable composite through xfce and gimp works like a champ23:17
andariusgues so23:17
Romsterwonder if that is a known issue.23:17
* andarius consults the oracle to find out23:17
Romsteror you have a funky vidieo driver?23:17
andariusnvidia binary23:18
Romstermesa3d, xorg-server and nvidia you might wanna try to recompile, and do the rmmod nvidia; depmod -a; modprobe nvida; gl-select xor; gl-select nvidia, stuff to make sure you don't haev a issue and what kernel version are you on?23:20
nipuLgimp doesn't hate composite, runs fine under compiz-fusion23:20
Romsteri arn't over sure if we need mesa3d when one uses a binary video driver?23:21
RomsternipuL, then andarius had a composte issue.. of some sorts.23:22
andariusi recently rebuilt/updated xorg-server and the nvidia module. i dont use gl-select as i used the nvidia installer23:22
Romsteri use the package.. your the one that hates using packages for kernel modules arn't you..23:22
andariusmost of them.. yes :)23:22
andariusi dont hate it, just dont like the idea23:23
andarius <-- same issue but dif distro and technique to cause it. same thing though23:25
nipuLwhy's that?23:25
andariusi dont like packages for kernel related gear cause the kernel is something i keep a close eye on. i dont change it much and find it bad practice to ahndle modules in any other way23:26
andariusif it works why mess with it ?23:26
nipuLwhat about 3rd party modules like nvidia, madwifi etc?23:27
andariussource/their recomended methods all the way23:27
andariusi use nvidia and madwifi both23:27
andariusfollow the docs on the respective sites for install and config23:28
joacimpackages all the way =)23:28
andariusto each his/her own i say ;)23:29
nipuLyeah, and then your put the build process into a Pkgfile23:29
andariusconsidering how often i change kernel or related modules i dont see the point23:29
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Romsteronly complaint isif you use more than one kernel, that pkgutils won't leave the existing modules for the old kernel intact when you build for the newer one.23:37
Romsterthat's the only issue i've seen.23:37
andariusor say the port updates. i dont want to get nagged for a port being left behind cause some one else updated theirs23:38
andariusor i change kernel. if i keep them all on an individual basis it is easier for me to handle what needs to be handled after the kernel23:39
Romsterpatching the kernel i do manually.23:39
Romsterfor some adiotional things.23:39
andariusperhaps it is old school of me, but makes me feel warm and fuzzy. unlike trusting a pkg to mate with my kernel ;)23:40
Romsteri don't see being that bad to use a package for modules.23:40
Romsteronly patching i've left to being manually23:40
andariusi am not saying it is bad. i just feel better keeping kernel & related in my hands23:41
Romsteryeah you just like how you do it.23:41
Romsteri get ya23:41
andariussure ;)23:41
Romsterthe power of linux.23:41
andariusone reason i am here23:41
Romsterdo things the way you want.23:41
andariusaye, and there is always more than one right way23:41
Romstermost of us are here as it's configurable and simple.23:41
Romsteryeah that's the hardist part making a choice.23:42
treachas oposed to the power of windows.  "do things the way *we* want" :>23:42
andariusRomster: ohh and hard that choice can be23:42
andariusthere are some many23:42
treachchose apt-ly :>23:43
Romstertreach, yeah23:44
andariuswell, i have found two chains that cover the same thing. makes me feel a bit better (in i am not alone on this one).23:44
andariuscomposite and something else appear to be the trigger :(23:44
Romstersome linux distros are going the use this and nothng but this path23:44
Romsterandarius, hmm..23:44
andariusno worries. it seems to be something very specific as most can not reproduce it while others can hit it like i can (100% with routine)23:46
andariusi will tweak my xorg.conf and a few other things with hopes of resolving it. right now my xorg.conf is pretty clean of options23:47
andarius <-- my issue to a tee via screen cap :(23:51
*** errdil has quit IRC23:54
Romsterproblem redrawing.23:57
andariusthe window comes up like that. almost as if it fails to completely draw23:58
Romstermsut be some hidded if statement that's bung in the code..23:58
andariusthere has to be some one off trigger too. as it is rare it seems23:58

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