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Romsteri've not looked at gimp's code at how clean or messy it is but maybe have a poke around in it.00:00
Romsterat the gtk drawing stuff.00:01
Romsterand the open dialog isn't it?00:01
andariusi hit it mainly in the open. the threads i found have also noted the save00:01
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Romsterit could be a race condition.00:03
* andarius is a non-coder :(00:03
Romstermultiple threads each doing there own thing and one dosn't finish before another starts. and the result is randomness.00:04
Romsteron some critical section of the code.00:04
Romsterwhere it's wating for some information, so it causes it to lockup.00:05
andariusi think i get it. sadly i think that would be over my head to lock down00:05
Romsteror it could be some varable that hasn't been definded before it is used.00:05
nipuLrace conditions are a pita to debug00:05
nipuLthreading in general is painful00:06
andariuswonder if there is a way to disable threading in gimp00:06
RomsternipuL, yeah threads are the worst.00:06
Romster--disable-pthreads at configure time useally00:07
treachI don't think "threading in gimp" is the issue00:07
* andarius goes to edit the Pkgfile00:07
Romsterif i remember corectly.00:07
nipuLneither do i00:07
Romsterunless there is some gtk <-> gimp compatability.00:07
nipuLi'm using gtk-2.12.7-1 and gimp 2.4.3-1 without any issues00:08
treachlooks more like gimp manages to trigger something in gtk to me.00:08
treachbut, hey, I'm no coder too, so what do I know. ;>00:09
nipuLa non programmer using crux?00:09
treachwell, two apparently. :)00:09
* andarius fits the non-coder hat as well ;)00:10
treachnipuL: don't worry, apparently con colivas wasn't a coder either. ;D00:10
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andariusjust to note, --disable-pthreads was no help :(00:26
treachhardly surprising00:30
andariusroger, but at this point i will try just about anything00:32
treachjohn, but what about trying another gtk-theme and/or engine?00:33
andariusi have tried several themes00:33
treachso, what about another gtk-engine?00:34
andariusgoing to add another WM in the morning and try that00:34
andariusnever swapped engines yet00:34
treachI'd do that before trying another wm.00:34
andariusmm, more building required for that. will tackle that in the morn as well00:38
treachhave a look in the portdb.00:39
treachI guess someone has a port for some other engine.00:39
andariushonestly i dont even know what the default is. i have always run xfce as is with gtk and xfce themes00:39
treachvico apparently have a whole bunch to pick from. :)00:42
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andariususing anachron it sill happens :(01:01
andariusmore testing tomm though01:01
andariusi am off. thanks all01:01
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:45
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tilmanf1y: thanks, i fixed the opencdk url07:45
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f1ytilman: thank you07:57
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andariusgreetings and salutations10:52
triwhat is the difference between "make DESTDIR=${PKG}/ install" and "make DESTDIR=$PKG/ install" ?10:55
andariustri: has to do with how the variable is handled. i suck at explaining but this link is a great reasource -->
triis /etc/profile the right file to that the  PKG_CONFIG_PATH  ?11:08
tilmans/that/set/ :P11:09
tilmani guess?11:09
tilmantri: depends on what shell you use. i'm using zsh, so i stuck 'export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=whatever' in ~/.zshenv11:10
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trihm is use bash11:17
triit says in the first line system-wide defaults for bash login shells, so this might be the right one ?11:18
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trihm why does it make a different if i do the ./ by hand or if it is done by the prt-get ?13:08
triah now it works... :-)13:08
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ryuoso... australia is now banning peanut butter from federal buildings...?15:12
ryuowhats next? the smell of farts?15:12
joacimI bet their resoning is good15:41
trianybody have a working gnucash pkgfile ?15:58
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trior a good alternative app ?15:59
andariusgreetings and salutations again15:59
finklertri: ledger is great16:12
finklertri: or if you got Java, then Buddi is good too
finklertri: it doesn't need an install anyway, just java :D16:14
triah cool thx - haven't heard from them till now :-)16:15
finklertri: you'r welcome16:17
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tilmanshouldn't kvm installscripts/65-kvm.rules, too?17:22
tilmani modprobed kvm, but i don't have /dev/kvm yet17:23
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treachLinux tank #5 SMP Sun Feb 10 00:25:11 CET 2008 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux17:29
andariuscan i have it please ?17:30
treachnope. ;)17:30
aoncpu0: Intel Celeron ("GenuineIntel" 686-class, 128KB L2 cache) 468 MHz17:30
joacimIntel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz17:30
andariusLinux ion #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Dec 21 19:24:35 UTC 2007 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux17:31
joacimwish i had one of the new quads =)17:31
andariusi think most of us do :)17:31
tilmantreach: for how long has .1 been released? 5 minutes? :)17:40
treachheh, I don't know. :)17:40
tilmancool, after loading kvm_amd i now have /dev/kvm17:41
treachI just had a look and there it was. :)17:41
treachnice, now all that remains is the rest. ;)17:42
* tilman summons mike_k17:42
tilmantreach: to answer my question: it was rleased on the 8th17:42
tilmanAuthor: Dave Airlie <>17:43
tilman    drm: the drm really should call pci_set_master..17:43
tilmangotta love the dave-ellipsis17:43
tilmanhis . key must be totally worn out17:43
tilmanhe ends 90% of his lines on irc with ..17:43
tilmanin emails, too i think :D17:43
treachtilman: funny, it wasn't on the page when I looked yesterday. :/17:43
tilman    vm audit: add VM_DONTEXPAND to mmap for drivers that need it (CVE-2008-0007)17:45
tilmanif anyone cared they could look up that and check whether an update might be a good idea ;)17:45
treachthe kernel is the users responsibility. ;)17:46
tilmanas opposed to...?17:46
tilmantreach: i wasn't thinking of some crux announcement or something17:47
treachah, ok.17:47
tilmani just hoped i could make someone look it up17:47
tilmancause i'm a) lazy, b) tipsy, c) busy w17:47
treachhmm tipsy + busy seems like a bad combo. :>17:48
tilmanit's ok17:49
treachanyway, I don't think there's much to lose on upgrading.17:49
tilmani just rebuilt my kernel, and because i'm not using lilo all went well17:49
tilman(i enabled virtualization support, i didn't do the .1 jump just now )17:49
tilmanwith qemu+kqemu, my winxp installation often BSOD'd after the boot finished17:50
tilmanso it sometimes takes two attempts to boot it17:50
tilmansometimes even three17:50
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tilmankvm = good18:02
tilmanseems definitely faster than qemu+kqemu18:02
efleming969are you using kvm from the kernel or the one from kvm site?18:02
tilmanthe latter18:03
tilmanbut through the contrib/kvm port18:03
tilmanit's still necessary to enable CONFIG_VIRTUALIZATION=y in the kernel though18:03
tilmani think18:03
efleming969i was just going to ask that18:03
efleming969i've got kvm and kvm-intel support compiled into the kernel,18:04
efleming969seems unstable18:04
tilmani'm using kvm_amd. but i've only been using it for 10 minutes or so18:05
efleming969i've been using it for about a week, i'm getting timing errors in the guest os18:05
tilmanmmh, i didn't notice anything so far18:06
tilmanexcept that xp runs fast now :)18:06
efleming969yes, agreed18:06
efleming969i've even got netflix streaming service18:06
efleming969have you tried networking? (bridge and uml utilities)18:08
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andariushuh, whats that ... i fainted :(18:23
treachanother flaw in firefox. That's what it is. :<18:24
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treachonce again noscript will save your bacon, apparently. :)18:30
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predatorfreakArgh, I go away for awhile.19:16
predatorfreakCome back and find oops firefox has a massive vulnerability.19:17
* predatorfreak finds Axe19:17
Romsteri'm fighting with a new kernel fo rmy desktop it's about time i stoped using 2.6.17.x19:30
predatorfreakRomster: Jesus Christ man!19:30
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Romsterso far not alot of luck making a mrproper so i've gone abck to compiling with my .config then i'll mess with it and cut crapout i don't need.19:31
Romsteryeah i left it as everything worked.19:31
Romstermy other pcs are on now.19:31
Romsteri'm also seriously considering running firefox in a chroot <<19:32
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Romstercan't nuke anything good if it can't see it.19:32
jaegerrun it in a xen machine or something, its own mem space19:32
predatorfreakRomster: Didn't Han just decide to run Firefox as a separate user?19:33
Romsteri thought he managed to make a chroot for it..19:33
predatorfreakI could swear he sent an e-mail about that to the ML...19:33
Romsteror did he give up on that?19:33
predatorfreakRomster: Well something like that19:33
Romsterso long ago i can't remember and yeah he did post to the ML19:33
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predatorfreakone sec19:35
predatorfreaknot in my mail :(19:36
predatorfreakMust have gotten pruned19:36
Romsteroh well.19:47
Romsterit'll be archived somewhere.19:47
Romsternow what's this security bug of firefox.19:48
* Romster is looking over the firefox site19:48
treach"02:17  * predatorfreak finds Axe"20:00
treachyou smell bad?20:00
predatorfreaktreach: No, the bladed weapon.20:00
treachor is it ff that stinks maybe? :P20:00
predatorfreaktreach: No, it's the FF developers that can't code :)20:00
predatorfreakGotta go in with my Axe and be like "CODE RIGHT!!!!"20:01
treachmmh, the psyco manager. :>20:01
predatorfreaktreach: Works best.20:04
predatorfreaktreach: Scare 'em to death, they learn to code well real fast.20:04
treach"We do not ask for their love, only for their fear" :|20:04
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clickonceHello folks22:15
clickonceI got a little kernel question. A few years ago I found a single .c file that, when compiled and linked without any libraries, it could be booted on a machine and it printed a few chars to the monitor. But, I've lost it. Does anyone recall such a little sample C file? (Asking here since it's the friendliest NIX channel I know of).22:16
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Romsterhmm i'm not aware of that.22:20
clickonceThink I've found it, after 30 minutes of searching. :)22:20
clickonceWriting Your Own Toy OS (PART II) LG #7922:21
Romsterclickonce, what use have you got that for?22:21
clickonceNothing really, just playing and learning. :)22:21
clickonceI love low-level assembly programming so. :)22:23
Romsterah k22:23
Romstertoying around.22:23
clickonceOkay, something got really fucked up...22:35
clickonceRunning e2fsck apparently messed up everything on my disk ;) Luckily a VMware machine.22:36
* Romster delates the e2fsck binary <<22:40
Romsteronly kidden.22:40
Romsterthat's very odd.22:40
clickonceIt was a ext2 filesystem which had been mounted 21 times, check forced.22:40
clickonceCheck was completed, machine rebooted and the kernel paniced due to corrupt fs.22:41
clickonceToo bad I had forgotten to make a snapshot of the clean install.22:41
Romsteroh well..22:42
Romstersomething went bad.22:42
jaegeranyone experienced a problem where the ip_conntrack table fills up extremely quickly and the server starts dropping all incoming packets?22:51
clickonceHmm, what are the mknod arguments to create /dev/fd0? I don't have it.22:54
jaegerhow about /dev/fd/0?22:55
treachmodprobe floppy22:55
clickoncejaeger: /dev/fd/0 is file descriptor 0.22:55
clickoncejaeger: /dev/fd0 is floppy. :)22:55
clickoncetreach: Ah.22:56
jaegersorry, bad joke :P22:56
treachthat *should* take care of it, provided you made the floppy driver a module.22:57
clickonceI didn't have the floppy module at all. :)22:57
treachkind of explains it. :p22:57
clickonceSince my regular VMware crux installation crashed, I booted my LMF installation.22:57
clickonceBut I kind of forgot that my LMF system doesn't have anything, sort of. Since it's my Linux Mini Firewall system (stripped CRUX).22:58
clickonceOkay, anyway, I got my little mini boot sector application to print a white A on a blue background and an empty green box. :)23:00
treachcomposite desktop next!23:00
clickonceYeah ;)23:01
treachlet's know when you beat menuet. :D23:02
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clickonceI got it into protected mode now anyway ;)23:51

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