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triwith prt-get listinst --depsort | perl -ne 'print "prt-get depinst --install-scripts $_"; i can rebuild my whole system ?04:15
tilmantri: the "depinst" shouldn't be needed i think. you already have the dependencies, and you used --depsort earlier04:16
Rotwangtri: prt-get update --install-scripts -fr -if `pkginfo -i |awk '{print $1}' |xargs`04:16
triah ok - update do also all packages because of the -fr ?04:17
tilmanactually, you *have* to use update, because you already have the package installed atm.04:18
trihow are the dependcies solved, just by the "Depends on:" line in the Pkgfiles ?04:18
trithx :-)04:19
triso the order is also imported ? (for example Depends on: 123 456 is different then Depends on: 456 123)04:22
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tilmancan anyone test that please?07:39
tilmani wonder whether some people might get footprint mismatches wrt that init.d stuff now07:39
Rotwangtilman: no footprint mismatch here07:47
tilmanthanks Rotwang07:50
tilmanso we have this git bot in #crux-devel, which announces ports updates07:51
tilmanmaybe it should do it in #crux instead?07:51
Rotwangnot bad idea :D07:52
treachtilman: sounds like a reasonable idea. Maybe you could teach it to reply on some of the more common questions as well?08:11
tilmanthe problem is, i wrote cruxbot from scratch08:13
tilmanbecause i couldn't integrate the inotify stuff needed for git into rbot08:13
treachthat would be too much work then I guess.08:13
tilmani'd have to write flood protection and shit then ;x08:13
treachit's ok, I just though it would be nice if you could just tell the bot to explain things for users in search for a clue, rather than re-typing the same things over and over.08:15
tilmanmaybe i'll write something over lunch next week ;)08:15
treachhehe, on the napkin? :p08:15
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tilmansigh, sucks08:18
tilmanit's outdated08:18
treachdidn't they move to
tilmanwell, sucks as well. even more outdated08:19 has no we-have-moved-notice whatsoever08:19
treachthe kidnapping of gtk has been completed. :/08:19
tilmani'm not worried08:20
tilmanproject ridley is a good thing imo08:20
* treach googles08:20
tilmani hope i remembered the name correctly08:20
treachyeah, you did08:20
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treachpresumeing you menant "Project Ridley is an effort to consolidate a number of external libraries into GTK+."08:21
treachand not some project to breed aliens. :P08:21
treach"These libraries are generally small, undermaintained, and buggy. They have an unclear mission [...] or would benefit by being in GTK+[...]."08:23
treachNow, would gtk benefit from having them included..? o.O08:24
tilmanatm you often find apps that require libgnome*08:27
tilmanafter project ridley i hope i'll have more apps that just require gtk08:28
treachI wonder how long it would take to turn gtk in to a catastrophe this way though. :>08:29
cruxbotopt.git: git: updated to
treach"Old, buggy, unmaintained, frequently used - yep, it's going in." :D08:30
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Rotwangomfg, romster maintain ~1265 ports :O12:03
Rotwangor not, i made a mistake, sorry12:09
tilmanRotwang: i'd guess it's close to 50012:12
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tilmanRomster++ # for maintaining jumpnbump12:13
Rotwangsome scripting error :]12:13
Rotwangi made12:13
sepenwhich is the best method to get Maintainer line inside of a script?12:17
sepenmaintainer=$(grep '^# Maintainer: ' $path2port/Pkgfile | sed 's|^# *Maintainer: *||')12:18
sepenIm using this one, but I found some errors testing it12:18
tilmanmy RE is a bit rusy12:19
Rotwangi made this small script
sepenRomster, hmmm12:19
tilmaneat everything up to the first comma i'd say12:19
tilman^# Maintainer: ([^,]+)12:19
tilmani'm not sure that RE is correct :o12:19
sepen hmmm12:20
treachour master of RE is back in the woods I presume? :>12:21
aon who might that be?12:22
tilmansepen: maybe you should create a perl module with code like this12:22
treachaon: you :)12:22
tilmanlike a perl equivalent of my ruby-cruxutils12:22
sepentilman, I never listed again of your ruby-cruxutils12:23
* tilman blinks12:23
sepenwhere I can find it12:23
sepennice library12:27
tilmani used it mainly to create the xorg ports12:27
tilmanto avoid teh repetitive work :D12:27
sepenhehe I have one script for discovering xfce ports
sepenit uses portdb-search utility12:29
sepenwell whats the status of the FS ticket?12:29
sepenfor the xml output12:29
tilmantillb is a slacker12:30
tilmani don't even remember whether we have it in the production db12:30
tilmantry yourself please12:30
sepenI have using this script that parses xml for a long time without problems12:31
sepenimo this kind of tools should be adopted by system devels for to be part of prtutils12:31
sepenwhat do you think?12:32
tilmani think we could put a prtsearch script in prtutils, yes12:32
tilmanthe xfce-discover script is probably not *that* interesting to the gneral public12:33
sepenno no the xfce-discover no12:33
sepenthe portdb parser script12:33
tilmanyeah, i got it12:33
sepenthe discover script its only a trick for me12:34
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tilmanefleming969: kvm is rock solid for me :)12:35
sepenIm also working in a new version of another script 'repoverify'12:35
efleming969nice glad to hear it, did you get networking?12:38
tilmanefleming969: yes, but i'm only using it to talk to the host system12:39
efleming969i spent quit a bit of time getting bridge networking up and running12:40
tilmanwhat's bridge networking? ;)12:40
tilmanthe same thing i use?12:41
efleming969a software bridge that allows the guest os to appear as a machine on your real network12:41
tilmanoh, i see12:41
treachsame net. different interfaces.12:41
efleming969virtual interfaces.12:42
treachcomputer, meet shovel. Shovel, computer :>12:42
Rotwangtilman: you were right name romster appears in: 531 Pkgfiles12:45
Rotwangwhich is still incredible amount :O12:46
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Rotwangits impossible for one person keep 531 up to date ports, i think predatorfreak was right :]12:48
treacheven with ck4up it seems like a fulltime job. :>12:49
f1yhello* :D12:49
f1yhm does mod_php really need mysql as a dependency?12:52
cruxbotopt.git: wine: updated to 0.9.5512:53
cruxbotopt.git: fontforge: updated to 2008020312:53
cruxbotopt.git: netpbm: updated to 10.35.3812:53
f1yi ask, cause it has mysql as a dep in opt repo12:54
treachmight be that the maintainer doesn't think it makes any sense without it.12:59
tilmanyup, as maybe 90% of the php users use mysql as well :D13:00
f1ywell ofc this has some explanation - php+mysql to install some cms perhaps or sth like that13:00
treachf1y: if you don't like it, just apply --ignore=mysql -if13:01
f1yyes, i know that :]13:02
predatorfreakRotwang: I was right?13:04
predatorfreakRomster: I WAS RIGHT?! HOLY SHIT13:04
predatorfreakWORLD OVER.13:04
treachpredatorfreak: must have been some kind of accident13:04
predatorfreaktreach: Nah, occasionally I get something right.... usually just before a planet explodes.13:05
tilmanoh noes13:06
treach..."he has been know to be right. From time to time". :>13:06
predatorfreaktreach: Might I suggest moving to Mars before the earth explodes? :)13:07
treach..I don't have any suitable vehicle. I guess my only choice is to stay and perish. :'(13:09
Rotwangtreach: no you will become one of romsters minions13:09
Rotwangits not going to be that bad, dont worry13:10
predatorfreakRotwang: We'll see :P13:12
* treach fetches his tanto, and prepairs to commit seppuku.13:17
efleming969has anyone compared samba and sshfs for file sharing?13:21
efleming969samba is dramatically slower than sshfs.13:22
treachI doubt that13:22
aonthat seems odd13:23
efleming969it does to me as well13:23
treachpresumeably you've misconfigured samba or something. Also, since sshfs isn't made for "filesharing" in that sense, I'd rather not trust it with that task.13:24
treachnfs seems like a better alternative then.13:25
efleming969i would like nfs, but it seems to have so many dependencies13:25
treachportmapper, nfsutils, stuff in the kernel. I don't remember it being much more than that.13:28
efleming969treach: yeh, i think i'm just picky about extra services running on my system (client side)13:31
predatorfreaktreach: Bah! sshfs is ssh, fuse and kernel shit too.13:31
predatorfreakEasier to setup :P13:31
treachpredatorfreak: yeah? It wasn't me who complained about deps..13:32
predatorfreaktreach: I know, I'm just saying.13:32
predatorfreakBoth are pretty light on deps.13:32
predatorfreaksshfs is just easier to setup.13:32
treachbut fs is probably far more robust.13:32
predatorfreaktreach: Eh it depends.13:32
predatorfreakFor example, I see Yet Another NFS vulnerability at least once a month in the kernel.13:33
predatorfreakBut ssh is generally pretty good.13:33
treachthat's why you have firewalls. :)13:33
predatorfreakBut, I'd suspect that properly setup, NFS should be significantly faster on a local network due to no encryption.13:33
treachnfs is light, fast and gets the job done13:34
treachit's probably quite a bit less taxing on the cpu. :p13:34
efleming969ok, i'll give nfs another try :)13:34
predatorfreaktreach: Only NFS is a bitch to setup in my experience.13:37
treachit's not that bad, unless you've got firewalls in the way.13:37
predatorfreaktreach: It's more of a bitch than ssh :P13:38
predatorfreakBut honestly, I don't have a need for either sshfs or NFS.13:38
treachrunning portmapper on the client too helps a lot IME. Not sure why all documentation fails to mention this.13:38
predatorfreakI just ssh in and do updates and shit.13:38
treachmmh, I tend to use rsync myself13:38
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predatorfreaktreach: You can't exactly do a system update WITH RSYNC :)13:39
predatorfreakFile copying sure, but I can't update a box like that :P13:40
treachpresumebly you could. I won't bother with experimenting though.13:40
efleming969isn't inetd also needed for nfs?13:41
predatorfreaktreach: How?13:41
predatorfreaktreach: I mean like connect and run prt-get sysup or equivalent.13:41
predatorfreakUnless every box was the exact same installation, mirroring the stuff wouldn't be viable.13:41
treachefleming969: not that I know13:41
treachcheck the nfs howto.13:42
efleming969treach: ok, and what else do you use portmapper for?13:42
treachpredatorfreak: well, thats backpedaling, right? ;)13:42
treachnothing. :)13:42
predatorfreaktreach: Forgive my ignorance, but backpedaling? XD13:43
treachefleming969: I guess there are other services that might use portmapper, but the only one I can think of is nfs.. :D13:43
treachpredatorfreak: from the beginning you said, "it can't be done", now it's "unless they are identical" :)13:43
treachbut that's not correct either, really.13:44
predatorfreaktreach: I meant that the only way rsync could be used for realistically updating another system is mirroring an installation.13:44
predatorfreakand that it's impossible for rsync to run prt-get sysup or equivalent as root and do any config updating13:44
treachsure. but we never said anything about mirroring being disallowed. ;)13:45
treachbesideds, why would you need to edit any config files? They should be identical, with a few exceptions you could easily manage separately.13:46
predatorfreaktreach: I'm talking about differing systems, not identical setups.13:55
predatorfreakConflicts would emerge fast.13:55
treachsure. I'm just messing with you. Don't ever say something is *impossible*, especially not in any sort of open ended case. :)13:56
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)14:20
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trii set the keymap in the rc.conf to "de" and also in the xorg.conf the XkbLayout is "de" but the layout is still english, where else should i have a look ?14:24
treachthe shell?14:25
trithe shell - bash ?14:31
teKfor example..14:31
tribut how to change the keymap settings there ?14:32
treachtry exporting LC_CTYPE to something that makes sense14:33
teKloadkeys(1) for console, setxkbmap(1) for X14:34
sepenfor console $ . /etc/rc.conf; loadkeys -k $KEYMAP14:35
trihm i did a loadkeys de14:36
teKecho $?14:36
triand it says Loading /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwertz/ but i still have a english layout14:37
tria sorry... of course if i set it for the console it doesn't affact X14:42
Rotwangoh noes new kernel is still vulnerable to the vmsplice local root exploit :{14:43
trihm but this means the XkbLayout Option in my xorg.conf isn't used - hm ?14:43
teKgoogle/man page read?14:44
trihm it even says in the Xorg Log file XkbLayout de14:47
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clickonceHmm, wtf, is really slow...17:25
clickonceI need libxpm damnit.17:25
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Romsterwhats this about me having over 500 ports... i don't have that many.. and it's well under 200 in contrib too. i am not another han or yahfri for your information <<18:41
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RotwangRomster: what about them :P
clickonceJesus, where can I get libXpm-3.5.7? is down.19:16
Rotwangif you pray more, maybe jesus will tell you :/19:17
clickonceOr I'll move his silly ass to /dev/null/religion or something.19:18
RomsterRotwang, and that's not all of them you forgot these too
Romsterclickonce, O_o hmm i might have it19:19
sepen$ find -type f -name Pkgfile | wc -l19:21
Romstercan you even do that O_o19:22
clickonceRomster: 40419:22
Romsteroh permissions hang on..19:22
Romster-rw-r--r-- 1 romster users19:23
Romsterworking for me..19:23
clickonceSure it's the correct file?19:23
clickoncePerhaps it's some directory traversing permission that's messing with it...19:23
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clickoncewait a minute19:23
Romsterit's right out of my /usr/ports/distfiles/19:23
clickoncesu - before doing wget did the trick ;)19:24
Romsternot my fault <<19:24
clickonceI was in the wrong putty window.. :)19:24
clickonceRomster: I'm sorry :)19:24
Romsterthat's ok you had me baffeled for a moment.19:25
Romsterhow can be down..19:25
clickonceIt's been dead a few hours at least.19:26
Romster(111) Connection refused19:26
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Romsterwtf...19:27 is dead as well.19:27
sepen$ find /usr/ports/ -type f -name Pkgfile -exec grep -H '# Packager: Jose V Beneyto' {} \; | cut -d ':' -f1 | sed 's|/Pkgfile||' | wgetpaste19:27
sepenYour paste can be seen here:
sepenanother way to see all packaged ports19:27
clickoncesepen: Who're you talking to?19:28
sepenohhh Rotwang has quit!19:28
Romsterthe site is pingable there refusing connections.19:28
sepenwell time to bed19:28
clickoncesepen: :)19:28
Romster3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss19:28
Romstermaybe some DoS or there got some issues or some server fix etc.19:30
Romsterheh i got a few of sepen's ports.19:31
clickonceSoon I'll have an outburst in #xorg.19:34
Romsterseems anyone if they did pinch any off me didn't leave the packeger line.19:34
sepen334 as packager19:34
clickonceBah, I'll be coding some asm until the damn site wakes up.19:35
Romster333 ports not counting util-linux-ng19:36
Romstersince i did port that before core had it.19:36
Romsterso if that's right that i have 534 as maintainer that means i've taken over 201 ports19:37
Romsteri did give 2 away recently too.19:38
Romstertheres a few others i'm debating on droping too.19:38
clickonceWhat a time consuming task that must be.19:38
Romsterit is but it's not so bad once there all working most cases it's a verion bump, but not always that simple.19:39
Romsterck4up helps alot.19:39
sepenhmm I need more ck4up lines19:39
Romsterand i from time to time look at all the web sites for news etc.19:39
Romstermy ck4up is all of my contrib <<19:40
sepenare you using some script for manipulating ck4up.conf?19:40
Romsterand i've started other conf files for my other repos.19:40
Romsterto start with i did some bash on it.19:40
Romstergot the name of all the ports sort write to a file etc.19:41
Romsterand later on i use sort ocasionally to neating the file up19:41
Romsterand i use ck4up -f config file for diferent colections.19:42
Romsterdon't think i saved what i did either..19:45
Romsterwasn't anything fancy todo anyways.19:45
clickonceHmm, my latest project, PXEBFDSPABSOS. :)19:46
clickoncePXE Booted Floppy Disk Sector Pre-Alpha Beta S? Operating System19:47
clickonceI forgot the S part :P19:47
Romsterchecking trying to find the freetype source directory -- be patient...19:47
Romstertaking forever... the path should of been set.19:48
clickonceI think I need a ton of .tar.* files :) since I'm doing prt-get depinst xorg19:48
Romsterlol that's crazy.19:48
Romstermust of been really bored.19:48
clickonceWell, yeah =)19:48
Romsterdosn't xorg have a mirror...19:49
clickonceWhy is assembler so fun but such a pita to code?19:52
clickoncewee, progress20:09
clickonceWoo, it's back up.20:15
Romsteromg... and i've jsut made a ftp and sshfs setup.. figures.20:19
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clickonceIn what ports package can I find misc-fixed? I did prt-get depinst xorg and I don't have it.22:56
Romsterit'l be in xorg-font-misc-fixed22:58
Romsterin the xorg repo.22:59
clickonceI have them, but not misc-fixed. :)22:59
Romstermake sure you use the post-install script too.22:59
clickonceI didn't get it after doing ports -u either.23:00
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clickonceRomster: Can't find it on the xorg website either.23:08
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Romster"fixed" is an alias to a font as you can see in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias23:18
Romsterand i have23:19
Romsterfixed        -misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso8859-123:19
clickonceThat's what I have as well.23:19
*** predatorhawk has quit IRC23:20
Romsterdid you run the post-install scripts?23:20
clickonceAh, think it works now.23:20
clickonceThat's what I did now ;)23:20
clickonceI thought prt-get depinst did that automatically.23:20
Romsterand i asked that earlier.23:20
Romsterit does if you turn it on in prt-get.conf23:21
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC23:21
clickonceNice, I'll change that.23:22

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