IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-02-11

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pitillogood morning01:22
SiFuhgood morning01:26
SiFuhRomster:turned up at the wedding, was told where to sit, where to walk and what to do. Ended up marching down the road, to a house and give my best mate to his girl.01:27
SiFuhthen sit at a table with the family, and eat.. while about a thousand malays stared and watch :-P01:28
SiFuhi couldn't find any traditional malay clothes to wear :-(01:28
SiFuhso i war a SWAT uniform which looked kind of nice actually01:28
SiFuhi met up with mylug (malaysian linux users group) again.. some new members01:29
SiFuhwe lost krazh though, he was the only one in the group who used crux.01:30
SiFuhi told him it was god of linux, so for this reason alone he used it01:30
SiFuhright time to die.. no sleep for almost 2 weeks01:36
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Romsterevening <<02:44
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cruxbotopt.git: zsnes: removed from repository03:35
cruxbotopt.git: apache-tomcat: removed from repository03:36
cruxbotopt.git: sdl_mixer: removed from repository03:38
cruxbotopt.git: sdl_ttf: removed from repository03:38
cruxbotopt.git: sdl_gfx: removed from repository03:38
cruxbotopt.git: sdl_net: removed from repository03:38
sepenjur jur jur opt clenaup03:42
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joacimno more zsnes?  :S03:49
sepenwhy cruxbot isn't in #crux-devel?03:50
mike_kjoacim: you can always take over the dropped port03:53
mike_kin fact, I can pick up this one myself if nobody cares03:54
mike_k(and put it in contrib)03:54
pitillobut where are they now? removed or moved to another repo (contrib)?03:54
mike_kzsnes seems to be just dropped. searching gitweb is an one way to recover the port.03:57
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treachsepen: tilman thought it deserved a bigger audience.04:01
sepenI like this ports's style
sepenand also
Romstersun of a... no warning what so ever and some ports get droped out of opt..04:16
pitillocan someone rebuild alsa-utils 1.0.16-1?04:16
Romsterand some i depend on too.04:16
pitillomy fault04:17
sepenpitillo, yesterday I built -libs and -utils without problems04:21
sepenpitillo, surely you need to force footprint for alsa-libs, it tries to install a new python-alsa component04:22
pitilloyeah, was my fault, alsa-libs wasn´t updated correctly04:22
Romsterlet me guess python support footpring missmatch <<04:22
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cruxbotcontrib.git: sdl_ttf: picked up port from opt04:47
cruxbotcontrib.git: sdl_net: picked up port from opt04:47
cruxbotcontrib.git: sdl_mixer: picked up port from opt04:47
cruxbotcontrib.git: sdl_gfx: picked up port from opt04:47
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository04:47
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mike_kRomster: thanks04:49
Romsteri use them for wesnoth and other games.04:54
Romsteri'm quite disgusted at no warning about them being droped.04:55
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sepensomeone from USA here?! jaeger?!05:40
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ximondaHi there!05:56
Rotwang_hi ximonda05:57
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ximondaHi, Rotwang!05:57
ximondaAnybody here with an exim mail server setup?06:07
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mike_kif the question is not crux-specific, #exim might be a better place to ask.06:44
ximondaWell, I'm planning to install exim on one of my crux boxes.06:58
ximondaThanks anyway.06:58
Romsterinstall it like any other port and read the man page etc.06:59
Romsterthen goole if your stuck on a spefic problem and then ask if you can't find what your after.07:00
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cruxbotcontrib.git: zsnes: picked up port from opt07:07
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository07:07
treachand we gain yet another repo. :/07:09
Romsterwell i do use it..07:10
treachre-read. comprehend07:11
treachport != repository. at least not in my world07:12
Romsterrepo/port i tend to use it interchangeable, becuase i have ports in a repository. guess that's bad thinking.07:12
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treachcall me pendantic if you like, but calling things anything but their proper names is sloppy IMO, and leads to needless misunderstandings.07:14
mike_k=(  I wanted to maintain zsnes myself...07:16
Romsteryeah you spelled it wrong...07:17
mike_kRomster: are you sure that upx stuff is ok?07:17
Romstermike_k, yes i've sued it and it isn't forced.07:17
treachRomster: ok, I should take a break. I've been at the keyboard for too long.07:17
treachor should I type it as "brake" to make you happy? ;)07:18
Romstertreach, ah that would explain it.07:18
Romsterdon't tell me i get that one wrong07:18
Romsteri never noticed.07:18
Romstermike_k, you really want that zsnes port?07:19
mike_kI do not want to be pedantic too, but 'ls --color=none |xargs' looks odd.  why not 'find . -type f'?07:19
mike_kRomster: I am ok if someone else will maintain it07:19
treachmike_k: because when all you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails? :p07:20
Romsteri've even tryed to use find with the {}+ plus sign that's ment to do the same as xargs but i never had any luck with that.07:21
mike_k'find blahblah | xargs upx -9'07:23
Romsteri could do it that way too.07:25
mike_kand what will happen if it's a shell script or anything else. I'd like to avoid such tricks with upx in contrib ports before discussed.07:26
Romsterif you look you'll see it's a executable compressor and some of my ports already have that option, it's not forced either and if it's a issue i'll clean all my ports of upx stuff.07:28
Romsterare we the port police now.07:28
Romsterhow about the ones that have errors (world writeable directorys, junk files, badly formed metatags) and are out date versions.07:29
mike_kRomster: I am personally not against it (not decided yet in fact)... But my point is if you really want to 'upx em all' a mail to crux-contrib would be nice. Such things are not in contib rules or in handbook, but it feels like it should be discussed.07:30
Romsternot to mentaion them droped ports should of been put in the ML as a notice before hand so affected maintainers that depend on them had notice.07:30
mike_kRomster: you know, I can't disagree with your last two statements.07:31
Romsteri've been thinking of a pkgutils method (addion of a modifyed strip section for upx) and then adding in a .nocompress file and have a option in pkgmk.conf than to litter every Pkgfile like i have done so far.07:32
Romsterbut i haven't got around to that yet.07:34
Romsterbut it would be a better method.07:34
Romsteri think i got a habbit of trying new ideas and not everyone has the same opinion.07:35
Romsterwhen i get some time i'll make a patch to pkgmk todo upx then i can clean up them ports.07:37
mike_kbut be ready to see this feature rejected =(07:40
Romsterif your gonna pick on me pick on the others first...07:41
mike_kyou don't get the point07:41
Romsteri'm tempted to fix there mistakes but i'm not allowed too.07:41
Romsterit should of been discussed fine whatever...07:41
Romsteri'll strip it all out of my ports.07:41
Romstermost things are all talk and no action.07:42
Romsterand i do test...07:42
Romsteri wouldn't allow if it broke something.07:43
mike_kthat was my _personal_ feeling. fell free to do whatever you want, but don't be surprised that people have different opinions.07:43
Romsteri'm starting to think it's pointless using upx from a past discussion of it uses a few cpu cycles to save some space.07:43
Romsterand everyone would rather waste more disk space than waste a few cpu cycles.07:44
Romsteri'll think about the better way todo it with pkgutils then i can strip the ports of upx stuff. and if anyone wants it then they can use the patch on there pkgutils, if it's not accepted.07:48
mike_kyep, that should make everyone happy07:49
Romsteri've been thinking of it, jsut need some time todo it.07:50
Romsteratm it isn't forced it'll use it if it's there. actually some makefiles will use upx in nearly the same way if it is present.07:50
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Romsternow if only the rest that have out dated/errors in there ports fixed them.07:53
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Romsteri'm off to bed g'night all, mike_k.07:58
mike_kRomster: bye07:59
sepennight Romster !08:00
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ximondacu Romster08:08
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ximondamike_k: What are the advantages of UPX packed binaries?08:24
ximondamike_k: faster startup due to less kbytes to load from hdd?08:25
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mike_kximonda: I am not for it09:04
ximondamike_k: don't worry...09:06
ximondamike_k: I am just curious.09:06
ximondamike_k: about some performance details.09:06
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tilmanomg, i see the upx sillyness came up again10:34
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tilmanmike_k: this might be a dumb question, but shouldn't contrib/kvm install the udev rules file that's included in the tarball?10:42
tilmanmike_k: maybe the README could also mention that you need a kernel with virtualization support?10:43
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SiFuhthis is shocking.. so slow.. wireless connection only 3mbps10:55
SiFuhshould get a long range antenna for the notebook10:56
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)14:06
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tilmanthat guy is stalking me14:18
tilmanand he always asks weird questions about his matrox graphics card from 95 or so ._o14:18
predatorfreaktilman: Hey, can you tell me why my Matrox card from '95 isn't working on my brand new box? :P14:20
tilmanyes, it was built for pci version foo, and your brand new box only supports versions bar and baz14:21
tilmanhoho, i bet that was unexpected14:21
predatorfreaktilman: Actually, I could probably find a box without PCI these days :P14:22
tilmanhehe, indeed14:24
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sepenhey how can I convert fucked .dox files to a plain text one?14:51
SiFuh_fsvs contains a perl file  dox2txt15:01
SiFuh_maybe this helps15:01
sepenthanks, all info its fine for me at this moment15:02
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ximondaHi guys: How can I dump the (text-vga) screen output of a remote machine? I can only connect to that machine via ssh and want to see the latest boot messages (after dmesg).15:55
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Romsterximonda, /var/log/messages ?16:19
ximondaRomster: nope... I want to track stdout...16:19
Romsterof what?16:19
ximondaof the rc scripts and agetty16:20
ximondajust what appears on the "monitor".16:20
ximondasyslog.conf: *.* to /var/log/all would get everything sent to the logging deamon... but that's not it.16:21
Romsteranother words your missing lines?16:22
Romsterinto /var/log/a;;16:23
Romsteryou're not loging everythng still?16:23
ximondaWell, that's not sufficient.16:23
Romsterwhy would you want to log everything?16:23
ximondaI don't necessarily want to log it.16:24
ximondaI want to verify that the startup scripts went fine.16:24
Romsteror is it your missing the first few lines before syslogd is loaded?16:24
ximondawithout need to redirect everything to syslog16:24
ximondathe point is, normal stdout isn't directed to syslog at all... but I want to see that.16:25
ximondaspeak: ideally, I want to dump the (text) video memory.16:25
ximondaor the console buffer of the vga console (i.e. the history you get with shift-pgup/pgdn)16:27
ximondaif you sit physically in front of the machine.16:27
Romsterso dmesg is no good you want what you actaully see at the console and syslogd dosn't catch all the output of the rc scripts.16:28
ximondaA normal echo "Hello, world" in /etc/rc doesn't get to syslog.16:29
ximonda(let me try again)16:29
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Romsterhmm i see, looking in /var/log/messages16:32
Romsterwould need a console frambuffer logger or a rewrite of the rc scripts..16:33
Romsteror posability of having to run logger from a ramfs before the main kernel starts maybe.16:34
Romsterseems like alot of effort for something so simple.16:34
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:49
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Romsterhi andarius17:01
andariusello Romster17:01
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Romsterheh and pitillo goes to sleep, oh the joys of timezones17:02
sepenRomster, here 00:0217:02
Romsternow to attack sdl_ttf update and patch and start working on the upx patch so i can remove that junk from the Pkgfiles.17:03
DarkNekrosnight everybody ;)17:09
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Romsterg'night DarkNekros17:10
sepenwell night!!17:14
sepensee you tomorrow17:14
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ximondaRomster: Thank you for your suggestions.18:53
ximondaRomster: I'll ask in the LKML next time.18:54
ximondaRomster: I guess it's simply not possible due to security reasons.18:54
Romsteri wouldn't say security reasons the file could be chmod 60019:02
Romsterso no one but root can read it.19:02
Romstermore like it's not able to log for some reason.19:02
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ximondaRomster: ACK. Security wouldn't be an issue.19:11
ximondaRomster: I'll have a look into the kernel... maybe some fbcon CONFIG_* can do the job for me.19:12
Romsterximonda, if you fidn it let me know i'd be interested in that.19:15
Romsterximonda, are you a new crux user? haven't seen you here before.19:15
ximondaRomster: Well, no problem... I'm only occasionally here.19:16
ximondaContact me on the ML19:16
ximondaClemens K.19:16
Romsterah i see not a big IRC user.19:16
ximondanot at all...19:16
Romsteroh that's you, i've seen you on the ML alot.19:16
Romsterhard to make the conection between IRC name and ML name.19:17
ximondaI'm the one with the powerpc stuff.19:17
Romstermust be a challenge.19:17
ximondaIn the meanwhile it's really simple.19:17
Romsterso i'd say your quite expeareanced crux user then.19:17
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ximondaThe ports are almost the same.19:18
ximondasome few percent need some configure option tweaks19:18
Romsterso using something simaler to what nipuL uses?19:18
ximondaI don't know nipuL19:18
ximondahi j^219:19
Romsterhe does one of the X86_64 bit distros.19:19
ximondaI came from the kernel / toolchain side...19:19
Romsterhi j^219:19
ximondathe most challenging thing is to get proper support for the CPU features.19:19
ximondain a native environment.19:20
RomsterASM would be a pain in the arse?19:20
ximondathat's not the point.19:20
Romstersince most stuff be fore x8619:20
ximondathink: autovectorization of gcc rocks!19:20
ximondaBut to be honest: There is lots of work left in this area...19:21
ximondax86_64 has similar issues, but the CPUs share all more or less the same features and get wider support.19:22
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* Romster reads about it.19:22
Romsterthat looks nice and i wasn't aware of that.19:22
Romsterlooks like the process of not exporting all symbools for C++ kinda thing. not the same thing but the process of changing and merging is.19:23
Romsterautovectorization would mean nearly all code would benefit multiple processors?19:24
ximondaautovectorization just makes sure the mmx, sse, vmx features can be used more efficiently by unrolling loops and assembling multiply+accumulate instructions.19:26
ximondait's not cross-CPU.19:27
ximondathat would be auto-multithreading. :-) Propably worth to think about it in the close future.19:27
Romsterpipelineing the instructions so one dosn't have to wait.19:28
ximondadifferent question: who/what is using the group "nofiles"19:28
Romsterno idea..19:29
Romsterseems silly have a nofiles group.19:29
ximondaah .. it came from the qmail installation...19:29
Romstermaybe it should of used nobody?19:30 has an "addgroupadd -g 250 nofiles"19:31
ximonda(in han's repository)19:32
Romsterah hans..19:33
Romsterhan's stuff is made for BSD19:33
ximondaWell, that doesn't matter. I had a look at qmail... but dumped it pretty quickly.19:35
ximondanow I work my way through exim.19:37
RomsterI think exim is the better option.19:40
ximondahowever my setup seems to become quite tricky for a newbie19:45
ximondaI want to get relaying to external smtps "triggered" by new mail in imap's outgoing folders.19:47
Romsterno idea. i haven't done all that stuff.19:47
ximondaJup... will take a while...19:47
ximondabut I'll need to go to bed now... i'm getting bored for today.19:48
Romsterg'night ximonda19:49
ximondagood night.... or wherever you come from.19:49
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predatorfreakRomster: That needs to get merged very fast :P21:12
predatorfreakRomster: How exactly does the lzma patch work, considering pkgadd doesn't understand lzma?21:13
Romsterah that one is comented out there needs to be support in libarchive and tilman said he would do that.21:14
Romstermy failed attempt on that one.21:14
Romsterok submitting that patch to FS.21:15
Romsteri was on the mission of adding in a upx patch then clean out all my Pkgfiles of upx stuff. but i got distracted and went hrmm sick of that error on new files thing.21:16
predatorfreakRomster: I think it's time I actually redo my old pkgutils patch for sha256 support.21:16
Romsterand saw that wasn't a hard one to solve.21:16
predatorfreakSeeing as sha256sum is now part of CRUX out of the box21:16
Romsteri've thought of sha256 too.21:17
predatorfreakRomster: I had one a way long time ago21:17
predatorfreakand heck I even had a hacked up version of Han's pkgutils at one time..21:17
Romsteralso it would be nice if ya could say the md5sum file to download or grep off the site if one exists.21:17
Romsterah i looked at hans but never got any furthor on that.21:18
Romsterwhats the benefit of sha256sum compared to md521:18
Romsterthe chances of a hash clash would be rare.21:18
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, that's about it :P21:18
Romsterso you think it would be wise to move to sha256sum and still support md5sum?21:19
Romsterand pick sha256 if that is present and use md5 as a fall back?21:20
predatorfreakRomster: My old patch compared both if both were present21:21
Romsterah ok..21:21
predatorfreakBut back then sha256sum didn't exist.21:21
predatorfreakSo I had to utilise md5deep's sha256deep21:21
Romsteroverkill but i guess no harm in that.21:21
predatorfreakBut I don't need to do that anymore21:21
Romstercan't jsut drop md5sum and use sha256sum either but that would be nice.21:22
Romsterhave to generate both if there missing21:22
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah.21:22
Romsterand then choose sha and fall back to md5 if the shasum is missing21:23
Romsteralso i'd prefer to try and grab the sha256/md5 off the web site the archive is on if possable than to generate the sums.21:24
Romsterbut have the generate sums as a fall back. seems a helper script or something than to dirty the Pkgfile would be a better option.21:25
Romsterbecause as it is there is still a risk there, between the maintainer and the site the tarball is downloaded from.21:26
predatorfreakRomster: Well, that's beyond the scope of basic sha256 support :P21:35
Romsteri'll test your sha256sum patch when you've fixed it up <<21:37
Romsteri'll toy on a way to fetch the sums off the site using a tryal and error look method. for the msot common methods in a bash script, but right now i'm gonna hack more at pkgutils and do taht upx patch, if i don't get distrated and decide to patch something else while i'm there..21:39
predatorfreakRomster: Testing it now :P21:40
Romsteri'd like to seperate the download part out of pkgmk and name it pkgdl. what do you think?21:42
Romsterthen prt-get can be edited to call pkgdl while pkgmk is busy doing it's thing.21:43
Romsterbut i don't fance doing that now but that's been on my mind for awhile now.21:43
Romsterand pkgdl could be made to support modules for diferent methods to retreve files.21:44
predatorfreakRomster: If you wanna code it, sure :P21:45
Romsterlike the aditopn of https that works.. torrent urls and stuff.21:45
Romsteryeah it be in bash but i think i can handle that.21:45
Romstermight get stuck with prt-get not sure yet.21:45
Romsterbut do you think it's a god idea?21:46
predatorfreakRomster: Sure, except I don't see how you'll do the torrent bit :P21:47
predatorfreakThere's nothing like wget for torrents, that I know of.21:48
Romsteri got a port of it.21:49
predatorfreakRomster: Stop making me look bad :(21:50
Romsteri've done my research <<21:51
Romstergranted it's not done yet but it's workable as a future thing.21:51
Romsterand in the mean time a fix for https and for source files that don't have a version number on the filename. that wget could check the timestamps but as pkgmk is now it dosn't allow that.21:52
Romsterand now i find another X11R6 path that needs to be corected..21:59
Romsteri'm slowly riding my system of X11R6 to X1121:59
Romsteryay for distractions lol..22:00
predatorfreakRomster: Fix your ports tree! :P22:02
predatorfreakRomster: Welp, there, I think I have sha256 support working properly now22:04
Romsteri'm looking into the problem.22:04
Romstersend it my way when you think it's right i wanna use it <<22:05
Romstercould you test out my patch too i tested it and it works ok but i'm sure it'll be more useful being ued.22:05
predatorfreakRomster: Already in my new pkgutils port :P22:06
predatorfreakBTW, I left --check-md5sum as the same.22:06
Romsterseen it in action?22:06
Romsterah k22:06
predatorfreakIt triggers shit for sha256 sum though22:06
predatorfreakAs a temp compat for prt-get.22:06
predatorfreak(Don't wanna bust it :P)22:06
predatorfreakRomster: and not yet :P22:06
Romsterah i see22:06
Romsteryikes that's a few lines..22:07
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, well, it works.22:08
predatorfreakWithout bullshit too.22:08
predatorfreakGenerates the sha256sum if not present and falls back to md5sum.22:09
Romsterinfo "Md5sum updated." and you have SHA256sum22:10
Romstershouldn't that md be MD22:10
Romsteror you change the SHA to Sha22:10
Romsterto keep it consistant.22:10
predatorfreakRomster: You and your nickpicking!22:10
Romstereveryone nit picks on me so why not, and yeah if it's gonna get included it should be consistant.22:11
Romsteri've heard rumors you said i got too many ports to be able to maintain <<22:11
predatorfreakRomster: Grab it again.22:12
predatorfreakRomster: You have 500 and some.22:12
predatorfreakYou're insane.22:12
Romsteryou think i got like 300 all up as maintainer and about 200 as packager.22:13
Romstertheres a few i'm considering on droping.22:13
Romsteri've given 2 to nipuL already.22:13
predatorfreakRomster: You're insane :P22:13
Romsterand i've picked up zsnes and sdl_* stuff that got droped.22:13
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, yes you are :P22:14
Romsteryou could change the --check-md5sum to --check-sum etc for the display but also accept the soon to be old --check-md5sum for prt-get untill prt-get gets updated?22:19
Romsteror add in --check-sha256sum aswell, not sure on that..22:19
Romsterit's looking good though. something i was wanting todo for awhile.22:21
Romsterso you saved me some work.22:21
*** efleming969 has joined #crux22:22
Romsterwtf i wget the file and i got a garbage file likeit's compressed or something..22:25
predatorfreakRomster: Stop nitpicking :P22:25
Romsteram i too fussy?22:25
predatorfreakYes, you are :P22:25
Romsterit be like telling FreeBSD to be les fussy with code..22:26
Romsteryeah right <<22:26
predatorfreakRomster: When I get around to submitting that to FS I'll clean it up more22:27
Romsterand a patch for prt-get too <<22:30
predatorfreakRomster: I'm not made of code!22:31
predatorfreak"openoffice needs more than 5GB to compile" JESUS BLOODY CHRIST22:34
Romsterpredatorfreak, you hack at the kernel you sure you don't know C/C++ ?22:35
predatorfreakRomster: I know tiny bits :P22:35
Romsteropenoffice is insane... just what the hell is in it.22:35
predatorfreakRomster: but editing prt-get is probably within my reach.22:35
Romsteri've add in a -do download only command that i think tek was the one that made that.22:36
Romstervery handy22:36
predatorfreakRomster: Actually, I more meant just to deal with sha256 support :P22:37
*** bullet has joined #crux22:37
Romsteryeah i know to fix the sha25622:37
bullethey there22:37
Romsteryou might like that patch too.22:37
Romsterhi bullet22:37
bulletwhat's the music player CRUXers typically use?22:37
Romsterdepends i was using exaile, most prefer mpd22:38
Romsteri'm back to bmp for now but i have bmpx aswell.22:38
predatorfreakbullet: MPD MPD MPD MPD MPD MPD MPD22:38
* predatorfreak gets his "CONVERT OR DIE" stick22:39
Romsterhah knew predatorfreak would do that.22:39
bulletjesus, isn't that overkill deluxe, a server client architecture for playing music?22:39
Romsternot really22:39
predatorfreakbullet: On Linux, it works well.22:39
bulletwhat do I gain from it?22:39
predatorfreakI like my music even when I'm fucking around in a terminal because I raped X.22:39
Romsterbmp works ok and seems to be the only one that diosn't crash much and is winamp like in appearance.22:39
bulletI mean the XMMS concept is pretty neat I think22:39
bulletprologic: hiya, would you mind sharing your irssi theme (I saw it on a screenshot for Openbox)22:41
*** f1y has joined #crux22:42
predatorfreakbullet: He's probably idling22:42
bulletoh and is it just me or does sourceforge suck big time recently22:42
bulletI set up a fresh 2.4 in the last few days22:42
Romsterpredatorfreak, so far i haven't faulted your patch, good job.22:42
bulletand boy, every 2nd download stalls because of stupid sf22:42
predatorfreakRomster: Besides the nitpicking? :P22:43
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah besides that.22:43
predatorfreakRomster: BTW, you use lzma for your x264 port, that's non-standard atm, please change it to be consistent :P22:43
Romsteri'm still wating on the patch to be accepted for decompression..22:44
Romsternit picker.. it works as it is, and i'm planing to move all stuff to lzma.22:45
predatorfreakRomster: I was only joking anyway22:45
predatorfreakRomster: I thought the :P would display that?22:45
Romsteri still dunno why gunzip is used on archives when bzip2 is better, but bzip2 is geting behind as lzma is better again.22:46
Romsterheh i missed that bit..22:46
*** thrice` has quit IRC22:46
Romsterpredatorfreak, as i see it it's a new thing and crux supports advancements not like say debian with it's old stuff.22:48
predatorfreakmmm I can finally kill off kdelibs/k3b entirely.22:48
predatorfreakGood bye, cruel space-wasting shit!22:48
predatorfreakRomster: Anyway, continue :P22:49
Romsterwhat have you used as a repacement?22:49
predatorfreakRomster: Simple little python script I just found22:49
Romsteri've started to cut back on kde stuff i'm even in pekwm still.22:49
Romstercare to share <<22:49
Romsterfor rights k3b should be in the kde repo.22:50
Romsterbut i don't have access to kde repo.22:50
*** f1y has quit IRC22:50
bulletRomster: bmp looks great22:51
bulletI found a page ranting about music players and it recommends audacious as well22:52
predatorfreakFANCY DRIPPLE!22:52
predatorfreakAll I need is mpc and mpd.22:52
bulletI really don't need big media library ownage shizzle22:52
bulletI want Winamp. For my linux.22:53
bullet(Winamp 2.x)22:53
predatorfreakbullet: Then use mpd...22:53
bulletno, I have bmp now and am happy I guess22:53
predatorfreakWell, enjoy your fancy media library.22:54
bulletThe bmp playlist is a "fancy media library"?22:55
Romsterbullet, sadly not maintained anymore but some project has continued it.22:55
andariusxmms ftw :P22:55
predatorfreakRomster: That project is audacious.22:56
predatorfreakbullet: Yes.22:56
predatorfreakAnything that isn't a console program is automatically a fancy media library22:56
bulletso what does mpd/mpc offer then? A play button like the iPod shuffle or something?22:56
predatorfreakbullet: No.22:57
predatorfreakA console program.22:57
Romsternah it's another one like rebmp or something i forget..22:57
predatorfreakand if you're into those fancy media library thingiemabobs, a choice of fancy frontends22:57
bulletyou know, media library does not say ANYTHING about graphical appearance, even if the word "media" is in there22:57
bulletI'm talking about functionality22:57
bulletI want to see a list of music and be able to play. Period.22:57
predatorfreakbullet: Sigh... you fail at understanding my sarcasm22:57
bulletI truly don't. Not the slightest idea when it started.22:58
predatorfreakbullet: Get ncmpc or any of the other billions of clients.22:58
predatorfreakbullet: First comment <_<22:58
predatorfreakIt's only IRC man, lighten up.22:58
bulletI'm not in the mood to decrypt witty statements. I want a music player.22:59
bullet(I think I have one now, end of discussion)22:59
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah rebmp22:59
Romsteri started to port it but never finished.22:59
predatorfreakbullet: Then leave if you're going to be a grouch, jeez.22:59
Romsterprt-get dsearch player or meedia etc and look though each one.23:00
Romsteror port your own if one dosn't exist.23:00
predatorfreakbullet: Being on IRC without a sense of humour is like going into a Prison cell full of rapists and expecting not to get raped <_<23:00
bulletpredatorfreak: enough of telling me how IRC is sir. people like you make things more complicated than necessary. anyway, I'll do what you said and quit. bye.23:01
*** bullet has quit IRC23:01
Romsterpredatorfreak, bad boy..23:01
predatorfreakRomster: Apparently I'm also now old enough to be a "sir".23:02
Romsteroh man..23:02
Romsterlol i had a thought.23:02
predatorfreakRomster: Oh?23:02
Romsteri should of sugested winamp in wine *dies*23:02
predatorfreakRomster: Even better.23:03
predatorfreakRomster: Suggest Windows Media Player in wine.23:03
Romsterdunno if that would work actually.23:03
predatorfreakRomster: Only one way to find out, go try it! :P23:04
Romsterok i'm off down the street i'll bbl23:04
Romsterheh not now maybe later if i get bored.23:04
Romsteri'd say WMP 9 wouldn't work but maybe a older version would.23:04
predatorfreakRomster: Don't stab anyone.23:04
predatorfreakor get stab.23:05
*** cohan has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** cohan has joined #crux23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
Romsternot likely around here, bbl23:07
*** efleming969 has left #crux23:28
*** thrice` has joined #crux23:31
Romsternow back to code. <<23:53

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