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predatorfreakRomster: Enjoy!00:00
Romsteri hopefully will.00:01
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Romsterhmm predatorfreak i've hit a snag.. a small one mind you.00:17
Romsterin sha256.. might be in the md5sum too.. *checking*00:17
predatorfreakRomster: What is it?00:18
Romsterok it does it in the md5sum too..00:18
Romster/usr/bin/pkgmk: line 252: .sha256sum: Permission denied and on the md5.00:18
Romsterthat was a sudo prt-get -fr <port>00:19
predatorfreakThat's because something doesn't have write access? :)00:19
predatorfreakRomster: Is prt-get setup to run builds as a separate user? :P00:19
Romstersince i've changed my system to use the user and group of pkgmk00:19
predatorfreakRomster: There's your problem.00:19
predatorfreakThat exists even in the standard version.00:19
predatorfreakWelcome to proper access control!00:19
Romsterbut prt-get needs to be changed to use too bah this fakeroot is a bloody pain to setup i even had to edit permissions for distcc to work..00:20
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Romstertsk need some solution to this issue..00:20
predatorfreakRomster: Han's old fakeroot pkgutils was the "best" solution.00:20
Romsterpkgmk is ran as pkgmk user but that command needs root...00:21
Romsterfakeroot has issues.00:21
predatorfreakRomster: Every method has issues.00:21
Romsterso does this one..00:21
predatorfreakPick one and love it :P00:21
predatorfreakRomster: Anyway, time for me to sleep.00:22
predatorfreakI realise you operate on caffeine, the blood of human mortals and the souls of the living.00:23
predatorfreakbut, I require sleep :P00:23
Romsterlooks like making my ports directorys as the same users is the solution.00:23
Romsterg'night predatorfreak00:23
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pitillogood morning01:21
Romsterhi pitillo01:24
Romsterpitillo, you might be intersted in this
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pitilloRomster, that is a bit hard for me. I see what it does but may be a core dev must to take a look over it04:03
Romsterpitillo, basicly new files for the footprint that don't exist are only a warning like doing -if04:08
Romsterignore footprint04:08
Romsterbut missing files still error and exit.04:08
pitilloyeah, I know, but I mean we need coredev's opinion about this04:08
Romsteri put it in fly spray all i can do now is wait.04:08
pitillowell, you can send it to ML too and point to flyspray from there too04:09
Romsterah true.04:11
Romsterforgot about that.04:11
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mike_kRomster: please try to discuss the bug in flyspray to avoid double posting and discussion split =)04:26
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Romsteranyone else havingissues with the new nvidia binary driver and glx not working? i've had to downgrade to 100.14.19, i've tryed 169.07 and 169.0905:39
Romsternot sure of other versions that i don't have.05:39
Romsterwake up everyone sheesh.. is everyone asleep or afk now..05:43
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finklerI have an intel card :06:19
Romsterthats no help in this case.06:27
joacim169.0x works for me.. but i dont use crux on this computer06:29
Romsterwith glxgears?06:34
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finklerRomster: did you check glxinfo?06:38
Romsterah no..06:38
Romsteri downgraded so i can't really check now unless i go messing again.06:39
Romsterjoacim, so what are you on then that makes it work..06:39
finklerhmm indeed06:39
joacimX Window System Version 1.3.006:40
Romsterah so time to look at gentoo ports.06:40
Romsterhmm i'm on 1.406:40
Romsterok why does the nvidia site only show .07 and not the .09 one...06:41
Romstermaybe it's just a issue with my 7600GS06:44
Romsterwhat the is dead..06:49
joacimmoved to desktop-effects06:57
joacimi think06:57
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Romsternegative, hmm what does hardmask mean?07:04
Rotwangopposite of the softmask :D07:06
thrice`Romster: gentoo has unsable, called "~arch," and they hardmask the REALLY unstable :)07:07
Romsterstrange so unstabe and really unstable *gives a weird look*07:08
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cruxbotcontrib.git: nvidia-legacy-96xx: 96.43.01 -> 96.43.0507:18
cruxbotcontrib.git: nvidia-legacy-71xx: 71.86.01 -> 71.86.0407:18
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository07:18
thrice`Romster: yeah.  the "unstable" is good for most public, I think, where hardmask hits lots of bugs07:20
Romsterk realy odd name to use hardmask.07:20
thrice`very unstable, to sorta unstable, to sorta stable :)07:20
thrice`Romster: it's gentoo, everything they do is weird :D07:20
thrice`that looks pretty neat07:31
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finkleron gentoo unstable means: "there could be problems, we just don't know and need to test it" and really unstable means "we know here is a problem, don't use it."07:37
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Romsterright why didn't they use untested and unstable then <<07:48
Romsteror testing.07:48
joacimsoftware that is tested and stable but has serious security issues may be hardmasked07:52
Romsteri see.07:53
Romsterthat might now make sense.07:53
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Romsterok i'm off to bed, g'night all08:00
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pitillogood night Romster08:01
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clickonceDoes CRUX PORTS contain any console mouse library by default?11:05
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tilmanclickonce: no12:00
tilmangpm is in contrib though12:01
tilman.oO(blast from the past)12:01
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clickoncetilman: I don't have it in contrib.14:22
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predatorfreakHuh... this is interesting... apparently I maintain opt/nss14:32
predatorfreakBut I don't...14:32
thrice`because it's a pidgin dep?14:32
predatorfreakthrice`: No, because someone stole my nss port and forgot to change the maintainer :P14:33
tilmanpredatorfreak: right, someone messed up with two ports14:33
tilmani forget the name of the other one14:33
predatorfreakIt's a clone of my /usr/ports/predatorfreak/nss port, hehe14:33
predatorfreakExcept mine is a tad more recent.14:34
predatorfreakIt's an older version of the same.14:34
predatorfreakAlthough apparently I'm the maintainer... so I guess I can bump it? :P14:34
clickonceJust shove it up the ass of whom ever screwed up and it'll all be fine.14:35
predatorfreakclickonce: Here's the problem: I don't know who fucked up14:35
tilmani think it was sip14:36
predatorfreakYep, it was.14:36
clickoncepredatorfreak: Ouch.14:36
predatorfreakTisk tisk, poor sip.14:36
predatorfreakWelp, guess I'll e-mail him.14:36
predatorfreakand offer to either pick up maintaining it or let him bump it.14:37
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predatorfreakjtnl: MY CHANNELZ!15:12
* predatorfreak gets Axe15:12
predatorfreakerr Hello15:12
predatorfreakjtnl: New here? :P15:13
jtnlno, Not be in soil crux-es15:13
Rotwanglol :D15:13
predatorfreakjtnl: Well, FYI, I'm the local crazyman.15:15
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Romsterclickonce, maybe you need to switch to branch 2.4 of contrib.16:48
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nipuLjust thought of a fuse filesystem i want to write. one that compresses music files to a low kbps on the server side before being sent to you. sort of like icecast but in a filesystem17:20
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predatorfreakRomster: Sorry, I'm a little late on this but: VORBIS VORBIS VORBIS18:34
predatorfreakRomster: :)18:34
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efleming969need tips for upgrading kernel19:15
efleming969i've been runnig crux for about 2 weeks (liking it so far)19:15
efleming969i would like to upgrade to 2.6.24 kernel,19:15
efleming969it seems straight forward, but looking for any tips19:16
sepenimo its not a specific crux question, surely you can find these tips in #kernel19:17
efleming969agreed, but i was more interested if there were any gotcha's related to crux19:18
sepenlinux kernel isn't a port19:18
sepenno idea what are you looking for19:19
Rotwangefleming969: no gotchas here :]19:20
efleming969Rotwang: thanks19:20
Rotwangdownload and compile in the old fashioned way19:20
efleming969sepen: my experience with other distros, require an install script for very reasons19:22
efleming969for instance19:23
sepencrux its a diy distro with a vanilla kernel, what are you trying to do with the kernel?19:23
efleming969tweak it for my hardware.19:24
efleming969which i've got a handle on,19:25
sepenwell your hardware isn't mine, how can I help you so?19:25
sepenall info about hardware that I need is surely in linux/Documentation19:25
efleming969sorry sepen, maybe i should just try and come back if i have questions.19:26
Rotwangefleming969: just stick to the handbook and everything will be ok19:26
sepenefleming969, np just ask19:26
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f1yemo? :D19:28
Romsterpredatorfreak, even later again as i was out shoping *slaps your for sugesting vorbis every chance you get* <<19:36
predatorfreakRomster: I warn you.19:37
predatorfreakI'm a masochist.19:37
predatorfreakSo that won't work.19:37
Romsterhah bring it on <<19:37
predatorfreakRomster: VORBIS WILL CONSUME YOUR SOUL!19:38
predatorfreakand then proceed to spit it out in a pretty Ogg wrapper.19:39
Romsterso ogg it self is jsut a container format for vorbis or what?19:40
predatorfreakGeneric container.19:41
predatorfreakLike matroska or whatever19:41
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nipuLpredatorfreak: speaking of matroska, you should put is and ebml in contrib :)19:57
nipuLi'm currently using your ports for them19:57
predatorfreaknipuL: I'm not approved for contrib :P19:57
nipuLbut you're in opt19:57
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predatorfreakTechnically, I can probably just checkout contrib.19:57
predatorfreakand edit it too.19:58
predatorfreakBut I'm not approved... so....19:58
nipuLi'm sure you'd be given commit access if you wanted it19:58
bullet_hey there19:58
bullet_trying to run audacious but it fails complaining about now findin the default skin19:58
bullet_thing is, the path is exactely the one it says ("check /some/path")19:59
predatorfreaknipuL: I probably already have commit access :P19:59
predatorfreakBut, I'm off for now.19:59
predatorfreakI'll be back later, though19:59
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Romsteri haven't been aproved for opt yet i'm wating on a approved or denied on that one.20:04
nipuLwell, they let me in :P20:07
bullet_For the record: audacious-plugins is NOT optional ;)20:25
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andariusgreetings and salutations21:49
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