IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-02-13

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pitillogood morning01:34
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nipuLwhat does 'ls -l /dev/bus/usb/001' give everyone else?03:28
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RyoSbo:~$ ls -l /dev/bus/usb/00103:30
RyoStotal 003:30
RyoScrw-rw---- 1 root root 189, 0 2008-02-13 10:56 00103:30
RyoScrw-rw---- 1 root root 189, 2 2008-02-13 10:56 00303:30
treachsame, approximately. :)03:30
DarkNekroshi everybody ;)03:30
nipuLcan you lsusb as a normal user?03:30
treachyeah, no errors03:31
RyoSno output - so nope03:31
treachno hits either though. :)03:31
nipuLas you were03:31
nipuLthis is annoying, i have a brother dcp130, i can't use the scanner unless the device is in the scanner group, but then i can't print03:50
nipuLi tried putting daemon (which runs the cups wrapper) in both groups, but it still no joy03:50
nipuLi run top and get this " 2660 daemon    25   0 22876 1300 1004 R 95.5  0.1   2:12.41 usb "03:51
SiFuh_you cant put it in both groups?03:56
nipuLi put daemon in lp and scanner03:58
nipuLstill just hogs the cpu and doesn't print03:59
SiFuh_i tried setting up a dcp130 about 3 months ago.. fscking thing gave me the shits03:59
nipuLif i put the device in the lp group, i can print but then normal users can't scan03:59
nipuLhmm one more trick to try04:00
SiFuh_had to download linux drivers and even then it would not print.04:00
SiFuh_chmod ?04:00
SiFuh_i hate to chmod devices. I prefer defaut. i only changed cdrom for burning.04:01
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RomsterRyoS, same except i get 0 and 1 and not 0 and 2 as in your case.04:11
Romstereven then you can set permissions in the udev rules.04:13
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nipuLgot it04:50
nipuLin the sane rules just kept the scanner device in the lp group04:50
Romsteryeah just group the groups.04:51
nipuLjust had to set the right groups04:51
Romstersometimes it takes a few trys04:55
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cruxbotcore.git: pciutils: update to 2.2.1005:18
cruxbotcore.git: libtool: update to 1.5.2605:18
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cruxbotopt.git: sqlite3: update to 3.5.605:34
cruxbotopt.git: socat: update to
cruxbotopt.git: sane: update to 1.0.1905:34
cruxbotopt.git: fakeroot: update to 1.9.305:34
cruxbotopt.git: dnsmasq: update to 2.4105:34
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cruxbotopt.git: transmission: update to 1.0506:40
cruxbotopt.git: dar: update to 2.3.706:40
Romsterwtf now Sun is gonna try and buy virtualbox...
Romsterseen that.06:54
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RotwangRomster: broken link in google-earth07:13
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Romsteri haven't updated that in ages..07:14
Romsterabout time i did.07:14
Romsterbut atm i'm working on a patch to pkgutils.07:14
Romsterso i'll do that later.07:14
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treachhehe, so much for the "superior" container stuff. :)07:36
Romstermy personal repo has some stuff that needs some TLC.07:41
Romsterbeen fixing things but haven't got though everything yet.07:41
treachRomster: I was refering to the virtual box news, wich is kinda funny if you've listened to the solaris fanboys :p08:02
Romsterfirst it's microsoft trying to buy yahoo, then sun buying mysql now sun buying virtualbox. what will they try todo next.08:04
Romstersun is going the way of ms.08:04
treachms buys postgres. :p08:05
Romstercould even say mozilla is as bad as microsoft as in bugs and bloat. and i still dunno what to think of google, their geting there hands into everything too.08:05
Romsteroh that would make the day..08:06
treachdon't forget, apple bought cups08:06
Romsterof course it could be forked before the buy out.08:06
Romsterah yes that too.08:06
treachadobe buys gimp/krita next? :>08:08
thrice`not much seems to have come from that apple - cups deal08:08
thrice`er, seemed*08:08
treachI wonder if that's a sustainable strategy.. buying up various oss project and close the tap.08:09
Romsterthey can with BSD stuff but not the GPL lisence.08:10
treacheg. if the ms!yahoo! deal! goes through, it will probably be very difficult for projects like Zimbra and FreeBSD08:10
Romsterwhat does yahoo do anyways IM anoying flasshy apps.08:11
Romsterah there search engine but who uses that.08:11
thrice`or maybe apple just felt bad about using cups in their OS and wanted to push some money their way?08:11
treachthey sponsor freebsd and zimbra, quite extensively08:11
Romsterhmm yahoo has bought Zimbra08:13
treachRomster: gpl is fine and dandy, but if you own the copyright you can change the license for future versions, plus, the old gpl'd code will only live on if there is someone skilled and interested enough to make that happen.08:13
Romsteraccording to wikipedia08:13
Romstertreach, ah i thought that was the case.08:14
treachpresumeably you could buy out the codebase, relicense it, file a number of more or less bogus patents, close the source for future versions, and generally muddle things up as much as possible.08:16
treachthat would probably kill most projects.08:16
treachwhich I suspect MS would be *very* happy if it happened to any form of competition. :/08:17
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Romsterhmm i guess.08:22
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mike_kcan someone test public wiki by editing any existing page, please? I get 'Must enter valid code' all the time.08:45
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sepenmike_k, one moment08:50
sepenmike_k, done!08:51
sepenohh the same problem08:52
sepenMust enter valid code08:52
sepencaptcha failed08:52
mike_ksepen: please confirm that in
mike_kseems Juergen is able to edit08:53
mike_khmm, I see  <input type="hidden" value="0" name="captchakey"/> in the page source. And zero is not accepted too.09:02
jaegerany virtualbox user know what would cause x to fail in a crux guest with a VBoxVideo shmget error? google's not helping at the moment09:26
treachshm     /dev/shm  tmpfs  defaults 0 0 ? Otherwise no idea09:28
pitillojaeger, do you have support for SHMEM at kernel?09:28
jaegeryes, and shmfs is mounted09:29
treachk, assumed as much, but as they say: Confidence is good, control is better. :)09:30
pitillojaeger, wich vbox and kernel version are you using?09:34
jaeger1.5.4 and
jaegercould be the new kernel, I suppose, might try going back to .22 since I know that worked09:35
pitilloummm could be possible (may be with a .23.x too)09:37
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jaegerhrmm... didn't work with .23.1610:04
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pitilloummm I haven't tried it yet, sorry.10:21
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pitilloand thank you for that report :)10:22
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jaegerhrmm... perhaps it's an xorg-server problem... same result so far with 22.18, 23.16, and 24.210:27
jaegerprobably not, since there's definitely an xorg-server 1.4.x driver in vbox10:28
jaegerhrmm, the vesa x driver produces this error, too, so I'm guessing it's not vbox10:30
* jaeger starts with a fresh kernel source tree10:33
pitilloummm I can make a test this evening at home, I am using host/guest crux2.410:34
jaegerwoot, it's working now10:39
sepen<mike_k> hmm, I see  <input type="hidden" value="0"...10:40
jaegerhere's the odd bit: same kernel config, just with a new source tree10:40
sepenmike_k, if the server runs a php script for getting those values, php is_empty function for 0 returns ok10:40
pitillojaeger, ummmm have you done a clean after compiling the source?10:49
jaegeryeah, tried that one of the first times10:51
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Rotwangacrux__: ecarux is your repo?11:53
treachit's hannes meyer's iirc11:54
Rotwangah, k11:55
Rotwangi found bug in his mplayer port11:57
Rotwangproblem is im too lazy to fix that or even mail him :|11:57
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treachwhat's wrong with the port in opt?11:59
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Rotwangtreach: i like gmplayer :P12:00
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thrice`i would just change the one in opt/mplayer to --enable-gui, or whatever it is12:02
treachor even copy it into your own repo, and edit it, in order to ease maintainence12:10
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Dreamer`any idea what this means? AC-System-Error "AC: Cannot open PPPoE session."12:42
Dreamer`i get 40kb/s traffic because of that12:42
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treachDreamer`: google gives me this >
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Dreamer`hm, so what should i do?13:00
treachif that doesn't help, try googling some more?13:00
Dreamer`can you translate that? :P13:01
Dreamer`i dont speak german13:02
treachbablefish claims it does. ;)13:02
SiFuh_google tranlate13:03
treachanyway, the relevant parts should be easy to understand13:03
treachDreamer`: how about the included error, does it look the same?13:03
treachCouldn't set tty to PPP discipline: Invalid argument13:03
treachblah blah13:04
Dreamer`actually i got this from tcpdump13:04
Dreamer`the full line: 20:35:57.242313 PPPoE PADS [Service-Name] [Host-Uniq 0x00000210] [AC-Cookie 0xB02D84804F6185A4191A3594951B97BD] [AC-System-Error "AC: Cannot open PPPoE session."]13:04
predatorfreakDreamer`: Get a better packet sniffer! :P13:05
Dreamer`but i guess i could try to recompile kernel without ppp_async13:05
SiFuh_Dreamer`: that google translate link i pasted did a good job of tranlation13:05
treachmmh, sorry I can't help you much further since I don't use pppoe myself13:06
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treachessentially that mail says you need both ppp_async and ppp_sync_tty13:07
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treach"Eines davon fehlt dir" -> you're missing one of these13:07
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predatorfreaktreach: Mind teaching me German? :P13:08
Dreamer`i guess i could also look at my ubuntu kernel config since pppoe works fine in ubuntu13:08
treachpredatorfreak: I was slaving with that for a lot of years myself, with very little progress13:08
treachDreamer`: seems like a good idea13:09
predatorfreaktreach: No one said learning a second language is easy :P13:09
treachthird, in my case.13:09
treachEnglish was simple though.13:09
predatorfreaktreach: Well, English is the idiots language :P13:09
treachI don't know about that, but you get a lot more exposure to it. Perhaps my german would be about as good if I had the same amount of exposure to it.13:10
treachthese days it seems I read, write and hear more english than I do swedish!13:11
predatorfreaktreach: Actually I was joking on the English comment, but whatever :P13:11
treachsimple languages for simpletons?13:11
predatorfreaktreach: Same for me, only, replace Swedish with the only second language I know: Old Icelandic13:12
treachI guess you don't hear that a lot. :D13:12
predatorfreaktreach: Nope13:12
predatorfreakAh well, it mystifies the family when I'm calling them trolls in Old Icelandic.13:12
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* treach mystifierar predatorfreak genom att kalla honom troll på svenska. :>13:14
predatorfreaktreach: I semi-understood that!13:14
predatorfreakMy "13:14
predatorfreak"you're getting called a troll" sense was tingling13:14
treachthought so. I chose the words with some care.13:15
predatorfreaktreach: Time to learn Swedish :P13:16
treachhave fun. :)13:16
rehabdolllycka till13:34
cruxbotcontrib.git: ati: Updated 8.452.1 -> 8.455.213:39
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository13:39
Rotwangnew ati, yay13:40
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treachnew repo, yay. :p13:40
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sepengit bug it sounds13:40
rehabdollcruxbot in #crux was a good idea, how come it took so long? :)13:43
f1ycause it was unbelievable to be so good idea ;]13:44
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tilmanrehabdoll: no one of the #crux-only crowd requested it13:55
tilmanrehabdoll: jaeger had a rss bot which basically did the same thing for at least a year13:56
tilmani think i'll just work around the git-log bug re. contrib13:57
predatorfreaktilman: Speaking of contrib, can I get into contrib? :)14:02
tilmanbut i'm too tired to do anything ssh related14:02
tilmantomorrow ;p14:02
predatorfreaktilman: Aww14:03
tilmanok you're in14:03
predatorfreaktilman: Yay!14:03
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sepen<tilman> rehabdoll: no one of the #crux-only crowd requested it14:11
sepenI suggest you for14:11
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cruxbotcontrib.git: md5deep: New port.14:12
cruxbotcontrib.git: mkvtoolnix: New port.14:12
cruxbotcontrib.git: libmatroska: New port.14:12
cruxbotcontrib.git: libebml: New port.14:12
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository14:12
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cruxbotcontrib.git: php4: Removed. File conflict found. | php4-eaccelerator: Removed. Dependent on php4.14:27
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository14:27
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sepentilman, ?14:29
Rotwangoh noes!14:29
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tilmani probably just fixed the 'created repo' crap14:30
sepenohhh nice14:31
sepenIll test it soon14:37
cruxbotcontrib.git: inadyn: New port.14:37
sepentilman, :)14:37
tilmanwell, it's a lame hack, but it's efficient ;)14:38
sepentilman, I have some code to use irclogs (from my own bot)
sepencan you take a look?14:39
tilmannot right now14:39
cruxbotcontrib.git: inadyn: Removed.14:50
sepenhi cruxbot!14:51
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tilmanit doesn't chat14:52
tilmanit doesn't do anything but watch the git repos14:52
sepencruxbot, please tell me something! please! I love U!14:53
j^2sepen: you crazy bastard, robot love is the downfall of man15:04
sepennot sure :)15:05
sepencruxbot,  please do a commit message for inadyn-mt15:07
cruxbotcontrib.git: inadyn-mt: New port.15:07
sepenxD right!15:07
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cruxbotxfce.git: lm_sensors: New port.16:12
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:38
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teKdoes anyone know when prologic will fix his port(s)?17:00
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nipuLhe's sort of dropped off the face of the earth hasn't he17:13
sepen@seen prologic17:13
clbsepen: prologic was last seen in #crux 3 weeks, 1 day, 3 hours, 35 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <prologic> fuck'n sux17:13
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teKis he out of time?17:15
cruxbotxfce.git: xfce4-sensors-plugin: Downgrade -> due to lmsensors3.17:28
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cruxbotxfce.git: xfburn: Removed redundant deps.17:31
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Services__If I need some patch for my crux-2.3.iso distro It's unavailable anyware? CRC is kick me :/18:40
Services__Where is crc checking? I may rebuild it?18:43
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DarkNekrosnight everybody ;)18:53
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RomsterDreamer`, if your still stuck i have ADSL kernel config.20:13
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Romsterhmm with the legacy nvidia driver glx is working with xscreensaver but not with glxgears.. i'm recompiling mesa3d to see if that'll fix that.23:13
Romstermight be the new kernel and not recompiling mesa3d..23:13

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