IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-02-14

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clickonceWould you guys run asterisk on a firewall or have two separate machines? (I only have one machine that runs Linux).00:34
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Romsterclickonce, i'd prefer to run it not on the firewall, although a properly setup firewall pc would work ok.00:53
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pitillogood morning01:10
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Romster damn another death..01:12
pitillohello Romster, I am testing by now a little script (cptn's script to remove deps) with a little modification to start building ports in a virtual machine and with this script, I will try to keep this vm clean (I think it's an alternative to the safebuild script)01:13
Romsterhmm may i see it.01:14
pitilloI don't know if you like this way or if you really prefer the chroot way. I will test this way to make a clean and stable enviroment to build ports01:15
Romstera VM adds overhead though.01:15
Romsterchroot is on everyones pc already.01:16
Romstermaybe good for testing kernal modules.01:16
pitilloRomster, it's an easy script made by cptn but I found it very usefull
pitilloyeah, that's true, btw I think it's usefull for me (and I haven't a powerfull computer but I like this way to go)01:17
pitilloif you can take a look to it and comment/report/modify something I hope you can tell me about01:17
Romsterthat kinda does what my safe-build --clean does?01:18
pitilloI am looking for the way to keep only core installed in the VM and keep it clean, to make real clean build ports01:18
pitilloummm not sure, I need to re-read the safe-build again01:19
Romsteryeah that's what that function in my safe-build does but i didn't know of cptn's i made my own.01:19
pitilloI think this isn't a replacement of that script, I prefer to see it like an alternative01:19
Romsterand it's got the option of keeping aditional ports installed.01:19
pitilloyeah, I remember that01:20
pitillobut like I said, I think the real needed ports in a crux system are core ports, that is why I am trying to keep them only01:20
Romsterthat's easy todo.01:20
Romsteri plan to move some of them vars to the safe-build.conf file but hadn't got to it yet.01:21
pitilloif you think it can be better I hope you can tell me the way, but now it's working fine with that modifications01:21
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pitilloI thought yesterday in sending a mail to cptn and tell him about those modifications, and the use I am thinking for it, to see if he has a bit of time to review it and tell me his opinion.01:22
pitilloyeha, sorry :)01:22
Romstersend him a diff of it is much better.01:26
Romsterlooks like a util in pkg-utils.01:27
pitilloyeaah, I thougth that. May be he can do it in a better way.01:29
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predatorfreakRomster: Welp, if Jue has priority say over what goes into pkgutils, SHA256 is defeated.01:55
pitillowell, to be in pkg-utils it must be reviewed by someone with more knowledge and it must be done in the best way possible, by now I am using it like a personal util01:57
predatorfreakpitillo: My patch is hardly a personal util.01:58
pitilloI have sent a mail to cptn talking about it and I hope he can tell me if it's or not a good idea and if it's or not a good way to build ports.01:58
predatorfreakIt's squeeky clean and if he had any solid, technical reasons against it.01:58
predatorfreakHe's free to tell me and I'll fix them01:58
pitillowich script predatorfreak?01:59
predatorfreakpitillo: It's a patch over pkgmk to support SHA256 in addition to MD501:59
predatorfreakAs MD5 has been defeated.01:59
Romsterpredatorfreak, what.//02:03
pitillopredatorfreak, ummm oki, I missunderstood it, I thought you were talking about a script to build ports too.02:06
predatorfreakpitillo: I'm just trying to get improvements put onto the existing pkgmk.02:06
predatorfreakIMO, long overdue improvements.02:07
pitilloyes, I am reading the ticket02:07
pitilloI find this kind of improvements very interestings, because it's a fact that there is people thinking in make this better, and of course, it's a good way to show opinions and a good way to all for learning02:08
Romsteri've started to use predatorfreak's patch, and predatorfreak is still suing my warn on dnw filles .footprint patch ?02:08
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah I am.02:08
Romsteri can't see how adding both is breaking things as the md5sum is still there.02:09
predatorfreakRomster: Same.02:09
Romsterjust that the sha256sum gets pirority if it exists.02:09
predatorfreakMy only explanation is he didn't look at my patch and merely went "OH SHA256 BASH BASH"02:09
predatorfreakBut now I'm just letting emotions cloud judgement :)02:09
predatorfreakRomster: My first patch checked both if both existed.02:10
predatorfreakBut, I scrapped that with this new one.02:10
Romsterah did you chage that to only check sha256 now?02:10
Romsterso i should update what i use now.02:10
predatorfreakRomster: By first patch, I mean the one I make a long time ago02:11
Romsteri'd only check agenst sha256 as the md5 could be invalid.02:11
Romsterif .sha256sum file exists.02:11
Romsteri'm starting to migrate over to it.02:12
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predatorfreakRomster: Actually, my first patch worked on the thought that if you had a hash collision with MD5.02:12
predatorfreakSHA256 would detect it02:12
Romsterdid you ever find any?02:13
Romsterthat's reasuring..02:13
Romsteri know there is a risk their but you never hit it not once.02:13
predatorfreakRomster: Main reason to keep integrity checking around is avoiding busted files, I.E. sourceforge shit02:14
predatorfreakand detecting substitutions on files02:14
Romsterthis is why most sites provide sha256 sums now and some even gpg02:14
predatorfreakI.E someone replaces foobar-1.5.tar.gz with foobar-1.5.tar.gz that has a virus.02:14
Romstersubstitutions is more of my concern.02:14
predatorfreakThat's why I'd encourage a move to SHA256.02:14
Romstertoe former is jsut a busted archive deleate re-download.02:14
Romsterthe later is a major security risk.02:15
predatorfreakAs now, anyone had access to a projects server02:15
predatorfreakCould theoretically replace a new release with say02:15
predatorfreakan identically hashed "proper" tar.gz and a faked virus tar.gz02:15
Romsterbut that dosn't say if you even did check the md5sum from the site and the md5sum generated from pkgutils and see if they are valid?02:16
predatorfreakSay a developer went crazy or something :P02:16
Romsterwho even goes that step?02:16
predatorfreakRomster: I check that myself.02:16
predatorfreakOn most things that I package.02:16
predatorfreakIf the hash for what I'm downloading doesn't match what they provide02:16
predatorfreakI raise major red flags02:16
Romsteryes so that's +1 for you +1 for me who else even goes the extra time too.02:17
Romsteror are they all download generate md5sum when they run pkgmk.02:17
Romsterbuilds -uf02:18
predatorfreakRomster: Hehe, I'm not a half bad maintainer :P02:18
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Romsteryou seem good to me.02:18
Romsteri have my questions on sip for droping ports without warning on the ML.02:18
Romster-1 niceness.02:19
predatorfreakRomster: Me and sip are discussing nss via e-mail ATM02:19
predatorfreakI wanna take over nss so I can make Firefox use system nss.02:20
predatorfreakand then whoever the shit maintains Thunderbird can do the same02:20
Romsteris that even possable?02:20
predatorfreakRomster: Sure.02:20
predatorfreakI do it in my repo.02:20
Romsteri never bothered i've been using my own firefox port becasue it used to be ages before it got updated.02:20
predatorfreakIt's a matter of a properly packaged nss and two config switches for Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey02:20
Romsterseems logical to use a system nss.02:21
Romsteri hate how firefox/thunderbird/others use bundled librarys02:21
Romsterthan the system ones.02:21
predatorfreakMe and sip both agree that's the better way to go, I'm just quelling his fears about it busting stuff :P02:22
predatorfreak(I've been running it for months, plus most other distros do it, so I don't see how it'll magically break)02:22
Romsterwell with that widespread i don't see issues.02:23
Romsteri've had some issues with a few librarys of xine-lib that i had to switch back to internal.02:23
Romsterdue to breaking something.02:24
predatorfreakxine-lib is a finicky bitch :P02:24
Romsterit very well is.02:25
Romsterit can break easily on even a sysup and have to recompile it to relink.02:25
Romsterbut i really like that program.02:25
predatorfreakSee, I just use mplayer.02:25
predatorfreakProblem solved :P02:25
Romsteri've talked to the devs a few times about a few things of xine02:26
Romsteri like the xine as it's simaler to that windows dvdplayer program i forget the name of power dvd player or something.02:26
predatorfreakI like mplayer 'cuz it works.02:27
predatorfreakand works damn well.02:28
Romsterand is smallish.02:28
Romstereh i guess i've tpyed with mplayer i mainly use it for converion of video formats.02:29
predatorfreakRomster: I use mencoder and mplayer :P02:29
predatorfreakmencoder is the basis of my super-duper fancy conversion/DVD ripper thingiemabob scriptdoodle02:29
predatorfreakand mplayer plays all that shit :P02:30
Romsteranyways each uses that they prefer.02:31
predatorfreakRomster: Sure, doesn't stop me from calling you an mplayer heretic :P02:31
Romsterif crux dosn't accept patches that i've made i'll just use them myself.02:31
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predatorfreakRomster: Same.02:33
Romsteri tend to find others are good like the download only patch for prt-get, i'm using that too02:34
Romsterand i'm wanting to do something about that damn slow database for pkgutils.02:34
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predatorfreak"Most people know that the lone rock `n' roll song put on Voyager's data disc for any extraterrestrial who happens upon it was none other than Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode." Perhaps one day it will be as big a hit in Alpha Centauri as it has been on earth."02:35
Romstersqlite or maybe a xml file. or something but use a API to allow any backend to be used. and not break anything.02:35
predatorfreakAliens are gonna be rocking too!02:35
Romstereverytime i hear that it reminds me of back to the future.02:35
predatorfreakIt's a good song :P02:36
cruxbotopt.git: jdk: updated to 1.6.0_0402:37
cruxbotopt.git: jre: updated to 1.6.0_0402:37
predatorfreak"early rock and roll scandals such as Jerry Lee Lewis's marriage to his 13-year-old cousin"02:38
predatorfreakWay to go Lewis!02:38
predatorfreakYou're TOTALLY not going to give yourself a bad name by marrying your 13-year-old COUSIN02:38
Romstersex with a minor very bad. and a cousin if that arn't incest i dunno what is.02:40
Romsteramn is everything been our of date as there's been updates going nuts..02:41
predatorfreakRomster: LOL, HE EVEN GOT HIS COUSIN PREGNANT02:41
predatorfreakAND HAD TWO KIDS.02:41
predatorfreakOh God...02:41
predatorfreakPoor, poor, rednecks02:42
predatorfreak"Also, in 2007, it was revealed that U.S. vice president Dick Cheney and senator Barack Obama are eighth cousins."02:42
* predatorfreak bolts doors and get shotgun02:42
Romsterlol oh man..02:43
Romsternow i'm really going back to code.02:45
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cruxbotopt.git: nss: Assume maintainership, update to
cruxbotopt.git: openldap: took maintainership03:41
cruxbotopt.git: scummvm: took maintainership03:41
cruxbotopt.git: mpeg2dec: took maintainership03:41
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Romsterseems someoen added text to a fire drill thingie if your on fire.04:11
treachmh, anyone successfully updated nss?04:11
pitilloone question about wm, is there a way to launch any wm without startx command? (and without using a login manager)04:11
nipuLstartx is just a script04:11
pitillonipuL, oki, reading then about X and launching a wm, thank you. (I had a doubt about dependencies)04:12
* Romster builds nss04:22
Romsteralong with alot of other stuff.04:22
treachprt-get: updating /usr/ports/opt/nss04:29
treach=======> ERROR: Source file '' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified)04:29
Romsteryou borked it treach04:33
Romsterthat's the weirdist error i've ever seen.04:34
Romster(from pkgutils)04:34
treachyeah, that's right. Blame the messenger04:34
Romsteranything non-standared?04:34
Romsterif it's anyone it should happen to me since i've been patching mine.04:34
treachnot really..04:34
treachI *do* have ff3 and not 2, but that shouldn't be relevant04:35
treachare you sure your port is fully up to date?04:36
treachI tried to remove the port and re-download it, but it's still weird.04:37
f1ytreach: =======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/nss#3.11.4-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded04:45
treachwrong port.04:45
treachyou need to update04:45
treachit should be 3.11.9-104:45
f1yhm, weird error04:47
Romsterok i got that error too treach04:49
Romsteroi why would predatorfreak include files and then not add them to git...04:50
Romsterpkgmk is working corectly.04:51
Romsterpredatorfreak forgot to git add them files.04:51
treachyeah, apparently04:51
Romsterseems like the wrong way to add them files...04:51
Romstershould of been a patch file made.04:51
Romsterand why would he include them files then had all then sed's.. nss is a nightmare.04:54
treachpersonally, I'd prefer to link pidgin to gnutls instead, and let firefox save it self.04:56
Romsterhmm that sounds reasonable.04:56
Romsterall of mozilla is complex buggy and going down hill.04:57
Romsterand this new apng is crap... there is mng.04:57
Romsterwhy stack shit onto a existing format.04:57
Romstereven the png people disaprove of apng.04:58
Romsterand i read you ported ff3 the other day.04:58
Romsterany good?04:58
treachI had to patch libpng04:59
treachwell, seems reasonable for a beta.04:59
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Romsteror use the internal one personally i'd prefer to disable apng.04:59
treachsome minor problems, mostly related to plugin-incompatibility, and some cairo weirdness04:59
Romsteryeah alot of my plugins wouldn't work on that yet.05:00
mike_ksepen: are you sure other apps are prepared for lmsensors v3? I have my port around for some time, waiting for at least net-snmp to catch up.05:00
DarkNekroshi everybody ;)05:01
RedShifttreach: can I see a screenshot?05:01
sepenmike_k, can I rename my port to lmsensors3, thats correct for you?05:02
treachRedShift: ok, gimme a few05:02
sepens/can I/I can05:02
* RedShift gives treach a few05:02
sepenguys, lmsensors is right for you?!05:02
sepenor lmsensors3?05:03
sepenRomster, now Im have lmsensors v3 in the xfce repo05:04
Romsteri hadn't looked but maybe lmsensors -> lmsensors2 and keep lmsensor v3 as is. hmm...05:04
sepenhow much ports are dependent on lm_sensors?05:04
Romsterthis is the damn conflict issue i kneow would happen with duplicationg ports.05:04
mike_ksepen: I don't know. I am just waiting for other apps to make ipi changes before updating lm_sensors to v3 in contrib05:04
Romsterso a prt-get dependent --all lmsensors05:05
Romsteri only see 205:05
Romsterkdeadmin and net-snmp05:05
Romstermight be more though.05:05
sepenRomster, err prt-get dependent --all lm_sensors05:06
mike_ksepen: than, I guess you might remain yours and I'll keep the old name after update05:07
mike_kjust a guess05:07
RedShiftcairo-bug is whoah :)05:08
mike_kbut, again, it would be much nicer to have xfce/kde/gnome dependent on opt/contrib05:08
RedShiftlooks like not much has changed though, most of the changed are probably "under the hood"?05:08
treachRedShift: happily that bug is "cured" by moving the window sligtly in any direction05:08
Romstertheres a patch for net-snmp-5.4.105:08
sepenmike_k, I told exactly this to sys devels05:08
treachwell, it's mostly under the hood changes, but the history stuff is totally different. Can't say I like it. :/05:09
sepenbut seems they are disagree05:09
RedShifttreach: ah well, everybody dislikes change05:10
treachRedShift: it's definitely faster, and it feels quicker when scrolling too.05:10
mike_ksepen: yep... that will require some cleanup and stricter cooperation but at the end would simplify things05:10
treachI kinda like those changes. :D05:11
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Romsteri'd go laong with remaining lm_sensors v2 to lm_sensors-legacy and keeping lm_sensors v3 as that name.05:11
sepenmike_k, I proposed some other tasks for getting a better dependencies between repos05:11
Romstertreach, none of that scroll wheel up the page so fast it actually goes back a page?05:11
treachno, not that I've noticed..05:12
treachbut otho, I didn't have that problem before either.05:12
Romsterbah i can't god damn fucken type...05:12
Romsterv2=lm_sensors-legacy v3=lm_sensors for names. since v2 will be droped evently.05:13
Romsterand what can use patches to use the new v3 should be applied.05:14
RedShiftthey finally fixed net-snmp with lm_sensors 3?05:14
RedShifttheir site still says 5.4.105:14
Romsterwell on the site they have a patch for it.05:14
Romsteri didn't check the versions.05:15
mike_kRomster: yep. Afterall it's only kde/kdeadmin (which according to current implicit rules should provide lm_sensors itself) and my contrib/net-snmp which I can change.05:15
RedShiftI hate patching05:15
Romsterthen you arn't no hardcore cruxer then <<05:15
treachRomster: .....05:15
Romsteroh wait you don't use crux..05:15
RedShiftugh since when is patching part of the crux way?05:16
* RedShift food05:17
Romstercrux is lateist and newist stuff expect problems and breakage.05:17
treachsince upstream provides stuff that breaks without it05:17
treach"latest stable"05:17
Romstercrux ports have even alpha and beta versions of upstream.05:18
treachnot in core, or opt05:18
treachcontrib is a different kettle of fish though, but that's kind of the point05:19
Romstertreach, wrong at least one i know of is cdrtools.05:19
treachok.. times change apparently05:19
mike_ksepen: I'll look into some patches for net-snmp and update contrib/lm_sensors to v3 and notify kde maintainer. Anyway you are on your own with naming scheme =)05:19
Romsternot sure of others.05:19
treachwell, not in core at least. I presume we'll eventually see some sort of shakedown wrt opt/contrib.05:20
treachAt least I hope so05:20
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sepenmike_k, well what do you suggest me?05:22
sepenrenaming the xfce port?05:23
Romsterkde can use this
sepenor skip this name05:23
sepenRomster, Im using the xfce patch from the same location05:23
Romstersepen, are you gonna use v3 or v205:23
Romstermike_k, can then update to v3 and maybe addin a -legacy for stuff that hasn't been updated yet?05:24
sepenwhere are sysdevels?05:24
sepen@seen sysdevels???05:25
clbsepen: I have not seen sysdevels???.05:25
mike_ksepen: I have no easy solution here. Except someone will take it to opt.05:25
Romsteror anything that needs v2 should deal with it themselds and fire a mail to the ML of the change.05:25
*** Jason_W has quit IRC05:25
sepenimo its a candidate for opt too05:26
Romsterunlike sip that dosn't send a ML before droping ports.05:26
mike_ksepen: I mean your changes will only affect xfce users. not a big deal.05:26
Romsterdoes anything in opt depend on lm_sensors that's when it should be in opt if there is a dependency.05:27
mike_kRomster: do you believe -legacy one is still needed if all (non-personal) ports would be fixed?05:27
*** mrks_ has quit IRC05:28
Romsterif there is nothing depending on it in the core/opt/contrib etc. then it could be droped.05:29
Romsterkde has a fix so thats nto a issue so has xfce.05:29
Romsterif gkrellm depends on it why hasn't it got it as a dependency...05:29
mike_kkde fix?05:30
treachRomster: probably because it's optional05:30
Romsterah that would be it treach05:30
Romsterso it's not gonna break the program so i wouldn't worry about that if the gkrellm maintainer wants it he'll deal with that port.05:31
mike_kso, no -legacy one will be left05:31
treachthere's a patch for gkrellm, too iirc05:32
Romsteri'd say drop v2.05:32
mike_kin a few days05:32
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Romsterand patch whats needed05:32
RomsterML message saying what's happening too.05:32
Romsteri'd only keep a legacy or say v2 if it would be around for a long time and alot depend on it.05:33
Romsteror that a v2 -> v3 uses a diferent API and not the same library but a rewriten one.05:34
Romsteronly my opinion.05:34
Romsterso when will we see lm_sensors v3? :p05:41
mike_knot a big deal, but I'll have to be sure that net-snmp works. few days. and xfce already has one.05:47
sepenhmm reading now05:47
Romsteris good to test.05:51
sepenIm using the xfce one on my lenovo laptop, and running fine05:55
sepenI will do a report at night05:55
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SiFuh_some of those game layouts would make awesome desktops06:48
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*** RedShift- has quit IRC06:58
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Services__Please help me anybody? How to hack CRC protection of crux-2.3.iso distributve?? :|07:11
Services__Its available?07:11
*** maxus has quit IRC07:12
Services__to my home edition? =)07:12
mike_kcheck it against md5sum from
*** destruct has quit IRC07:14
Services__check is succes! I need rebuild some pakages into07:15
Services__Rebuild ISO07:15
Services__I'm stopping by SRC protection07:16
clickonceServices__: May I ask, what kind of English was that? It didn't make any sense at all.07:16
treachclickonce: probably "the best I can manage" english.07:17
* clickonce *shrugs"07:17
* clickonce *shrugs*07:17
mike_kthere is a makefile in git repo. did you check;a=summary ?07:17
mike_kwhat kind of CRC is it all about? .md5sum in port directory?07:18
Services__clickonce I don't understand... What about eng you say&07:21
Services__I bad nknow english07:23
mike_kServices__: po russki v private skazhi. tak ne figa ne yasno.07:23
treachServices__: he says he can't understand what you say. Seems like it goes both directions, so I guess you are even.07:23
Services__ok! ))07:24
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:24
Rotwangi always wandered how does the russian keyboard looks O_O07:24
treachpresumeably the same as ours, but with different chars on them.07:25
mike_ktreach: bingo!07:25
treachI wonder more about japanese and chinese though..07:25
Services__mike_k, please og to room07:26
mike_kServices__: /join #crux-foobar07:28
*** Services__ has quit IRC07:56
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:05
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jaeger@seen predatorfreak09:50
clbjaeger: predatorfreak was last seen in #crux 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: * predatorfreak bolts doors and get shotgun09:50
Rotwangzombies got him :[09:51
jaegerit happens09:51
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SiFuh_haha Just go to dinner in Malaysia with 3 people. 1 speak chinese only, another speak malay, thai andother malay, english, and me english, thai, chinese and broken malay :-P10:24
SiFuh_very funny to translate everything so we all can understand10:24
SiFuh_and lady in shop speak thai/malay too which is good, cause i can order food then :-)10:25
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cruxbotopt.git: lyx: updated to 1.5.3 (qt4)10:52
cruxbotopt.git: qt4: initial import10:52
cruxbotopt.git: slim: added missing dependencies10:52
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sepenWARN   opt/lyx .................. junk file found: usr/share/lyx/templates/README.new_templates10:59
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thrice`ah, now I see why predatorfreak is wanted11:07
jaegernss is missing files, that's why I was looking for him11:17
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treachpredatorfreak: booooh.13:00
treachpredatorfreak: epic failure. :p13:00
predatorfreaktreach: Dowhatnow?13:00
treachit's missing files13:00
predatorfreaktreach: Shouldn't be...13:01
predatorfreakBuilds perfectly here.13:01
predatorfreakand the footprint is recent..13:01
predatorfreakLike, yesterday recent13:01
treach=======> ERROR: Source file '' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).13:02
jaegeryou may have them in your local tree but didn't put them in git13:02
predatorfreakYeah, that's my fault13:02
jaegerI've done that a few times13:02
tilmanpredatorfreak: 'git status' is your friend13:02
tilmanalong with 'git log'13:02
cruxbotopt.git: nss: Add in
predatorfreaktilman: If only git worked like Arch on new files :(13:03
predatorfreak(I mean GNU Arch)13:04
tilmanlulz, arch13:04
predatorfreaktilman: Hey, it had some good ideas.13:05
tilmanlike the fucked up directory names?13:05
predatorfreakHeck, git is like a more fleshed out Arch, really.13:05
predatorfreaktilman: .git :P13:05
predatorfreakGit just hides its directories full of crap13:05
tilmanindeed, which is much better than what arch did13:05
predatorfreaktilman: Eh, I just ignored them.13:06
predatorfreakPlus I imagine that if it was a huge deal you could just patch the code to change it to, say, .arch13:06
predatorfreaktilman: But, as a whole I like git more.13:06
predatorfreakI just want it to detect new files like Arch did13:07
predatorfreak"At Linux.Conf.Au 2005, Tridgell demonstrated during his keynote that the reverse engineering process he had used was simply to telnet to the appropriate port of a Bitkeeper server and type "help"."13:15
treach :D13:18
SiFuh_It would also be really cool if Claudia Schiffer had decided that hiding13:37
SiFuh_under my desk is a good idea.13:37
treachwell, I suspect his wife would like to have a word about that. :>13:39
treach(considering she's a multiple karate champion, that would presumeably be a _strong_ word.) =)13:40
treachbizarre, but hey, it's poms.13:43
tilmani have lost my bleeping mind13:52
tilmani'm trying to reverse engineer a 12 year old dos game, using the dosbox debugger and ida pro13:52
tilmanand i don't really know x86 assembly well13:53
treachwhich game is it?13:53
tilmani'll tell you when i know if this is going somewhere13:55
tilmanotherwise i'll be embarassed and angry because of the huge time waste and i'll deny anything13:55
treachwell, presuming you learn something in the process, even if it's just a bit x86 assembler, it's not a waste of time. :)13:56
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC13:57
tilmani learned a lot about dos, dos executables and ida already ;)13:57
treachyay, that's useful. :D13:57
tilmaneg i didn't know (or i just didn't think about it) that dos exes were just statically linked13:57
tilmani kind of assumed that they had a libc. but it doesn't :P13:57
treachno. dos is way too primitive for that13:58
tilmanwhen i started writing code i never looked back to dos and thought 'how did they do it?'13:58
tilmanint 21 all the way13:58
SiFuh_<-- uses dosbox to play snipes13:58
tilmani've got something for you update hungry folks13:59
treachsecurity update for x?13:59
*** f1y|afk is now known as f1y13:59
cruxbotopt.git: gtk: updated to
cruxbotopt.git: glib: updated to
* tilman pats cruxbot on the head14:01
SiFuh_for being a monotonous dildo14:01
SiFuh_just wondering if bots have heads?14:03
SiFuh_right, night :-)14:03
tilmanawwww, cute squirrel!14:03
treach does this apply to us?14:04
*** RedShift has quit IRC14:05
tilmanfor most of us, these x exploits are pretty uninteresting anyway14:05
tilmani'll check it out tomorrow14:05
tilmanmaybe until then they have got patches out14:05
*** RedShift has joined #crux14:09
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*** errdil has joined #crux16:32
SiFuh_oh no........... bad news my grandad died :-(16:40
teKwell that's bad. But death is a part of life and you should not work up your pain in IRC, imho16:51
SiFuh_he was the first person to ever get an internal pace make.16:59
SiFuh_7 people were tested with it. He was the only one who survived longer than the 7 years he was quoted16:59
SiFuh_he out lived 4 of his doctors.16:59
SiFuh_not a bad life for an over sized fat man17:00
RomsterSiFuh_, my coincidences.17:00
SiFuh_Arne Larsson was the other guy17:01
SiFuh_and he died 200117:01
SiFuh_romster your spelling gives a new meaning to people who can't spell17:01
SiFuh_dem n i tawt ma spelin woz bad17:03
SiFuh_haha ever seen the way Malaysian brutilize the english language?17:03
SiFuh_just attempt to decipher that and see how much more stupid you feel after reading it17:07
nipuLi did lernded to gooder as anything englisspeeking17:07
SiFuh_what school you went nipuL ?17:08
SiFuh_some of these new cases are sexy17:09
nipuLstevie wonders spid riding akadamee17:10
*** lasso|qt_ has joined #crux17:10
SiFuh_Cooler Master RC-1000 Super Silent Mid Tower Case - Silver ATX Mid-Tower Case17:11
SiFuh_haha nipuL took a few seconds to sink in what you were trying to say17:11
SiFuh_i wonder if i can get a bar fridge and turn it into an awesome pc :-) now how to stop condesation?17:12
nipuLfill it full of silica gel17:14
nipuLrice is also good at absorbing moisture from the atmosphere17:14
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC17:20
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RomsterSiFuh_, ah damn i picked the wong word i ment "condolences".17:56
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andariusgreetings and salutations20:06
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