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Romsterinsane flash on a camera
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aonRomster: i wonder what does one need that many flashes for00:56
Romsteryeah same00:56
Romsteri'd hate my picture to be taken, one flash is bad enough i squint every time at a flash.00:56
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aoni don't think that's used for portraits01:02
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Romstermsut be to photograph dusk pictures or night time photos of something or maybe in a cave.01:20
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cruxbotcontrib.git: ntfs-3g: 1.2129 -> 1.221602:25
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tilmanacroread's preferences window knows about mutt06:45
SiFuh_Romster: any kiddies in here?06:49
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SiFuhhaha I actually ask an openbsd question on the openbsd channel and no one seems know07:58
SiFuhsuprising one guy didn't even know what I was talking about was part of openbsd07:59
Rotwang im so unlucky :[08:02
SiFuhI'm sorry, but IP you are trying to conect, is unavailable or not in a Internet Service area. Please check the IP and try again.08:14
SiFuhthat's funny Rotwang haha08:14
Rotwangthats second time it happened :/08:28
SiFuhmy friend in china also laughed so much08:29
Rotwangi made demotivational poster :D08:29
tilmani think i'm having connection problems with, too08:34
cruxbotopt.git: git: updated to
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SiFuhi saved it08:43
SiFuhi thought it was worthy of being recorded indefinately08:43
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cruxbotcontrib.git: rrdtool: 1.2.26 -> 1.2.2709:50
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RedShiftman windows sucks10:00
RedShiftfscking installer10:00
RedShiftI'm getting too old for this bullshit10:01
Romsterwho knew writing the registery took fscking ages <<10:02
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lucifer4u:) Hello10:08
lucifer4uWhat it new here/10:11
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aonsepen: what did you ping me for like a week ago?10:13
sepenohh no idea10:13
aonah, k10:13
sepensurely about your opt ports10:13
aonprobably so10:13
sepenIm doing some reports based on prtverify10:13
Romsterlucifer4u, hi, do you need help or are you just hanging around?10:22
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lucifer4uRomster, i will install crux 2.4 this day. hope i will not need help :) thank you10:29
Romsterah k.10:30
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lucifer4uRomster, can i execute setup from another linux distribution?11:45
Romsteri haven't tryed but it's possable.11:45
lucifer4uit will only unpack archives or will it try to compile something?11:46
Romsterbut you'd have to clean out the directorys of the paths used or you'll have a messy system with other files hanging around.11:46
Romsterthe install cd only unpacks and installs. if oyu do a ports -u then use prt-get then you'll get to compile.11:47
tilmanit mostly runs "pkgadd -r /destination blabla.pkg.tar.gz"11:47
tilmanbut setup assumes that you chroot into the new system afterwards, and build your kernel and do the basic system configuration (fstab etc)11:47
sepenlucifer4u, try to mount the initrd filesystem provided by the iso, surely you need squasfs support too11:48
lucifer4utilman, so i can just build pkgutils and create my system ?11:48
Romsterwhat distro are you on now?11:48
lucifer4ui have gentoo on which i accidently done rm -rf /etc :)11:49
Romsteroh nice...11:49
Romsterbackups <<11:49
tilmanlucifer4u: yeah11:55
tilmanlucifer4u: you probably need to: touch /var/lib/pkg/db before pkgadd will run though11:55
tilmanrunning it on the same partition that you won't to set up crux in sounds crazy ;p11:56
Romsterit'll create a mess along with the old gentoo files.11:56
lucifer4ui will delete it later based on the date of the file creation. so it will be not a problem i think11:56
Romsterhmm if you haven't disabled atime.11:57
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tilmanthe a in atime is for *access*11:57
sepenlucifer4u, or try
sepenthe only you need with the fakesetup is a required file with all packages you want to install at /crux/packages11:59
Romsteruseally soemone does a find with atime not ctime... i got myself confused.12:00
lucifer4uwhat is your suggestion about partitioning ?12:03
tilman/var /usr /home12:03
tilman / /var /usr /home12:03
lucifer4uwhat about /boot /etc /opt and maybe some partition for packages?12:04
sepen / /var /usr /opt /home12:04
lucifer4uyes. small 40Mb partition where kernel will be situated12:04
tilmana separate /boot partition hasn't been needed since a couple of years...12:04
sepenI don't like this idea, init 1 should use boot and etc12:04
sepenI've /boot /bin /etc in the same partition12:05
tilmansepen: some years ago, you needed a separate /boot to ensure the kernel image is in the first 1024 cylinders of the hdd. or something.12:05
sepenyeah thats correct12:05
lucifer4utilman, yes.. that is what i was thinking about12:05
lucifer4utilman, is it deprecated :) ?12:06
tilmani already said that you don't need that anymore12:06
Romsteryou can even do / and /swap if you wanna go minimal.12:06
lucifer4uok. i want to use grub. will it work good?12:06
lucifer4uno. i do not want minimal12:06
lucifer4ui already have a lot of partitions12:07
lucifer4uso i just want to use it properly12:07
Romsterthen keep then as is.12:07
Romsterans mount them so the install can set it up.12:07
Romsterit isn't rocket science.12:08
Romsterand grub is in opt it'll work but i never use it lilo fits my needs.12:08
tricrux use a initrd ?12:09
Romsterthe install cd does.12:09
Romsterif you want one on your system itself you'd have to make one.12:09
lucifer4uthanks for the help. preparing for install :)12:10
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sepenaon, yet here?12:33
sepenxemacs and xemacs-sumo have some file conflicts and both of them are in opt, also emacs and xemacs have junk files is not as important12:35
aoni see12:35
aonwell, the emacs/xemacs junk files are nice to have around12:36
aonsince the editor tries to access them and it gets all shitty if they are nowhere12:36
aonlike, there are keys bound to open some of them12:36
sepenohhh sorry12:36
aonand i can't be bothered to find out which ones are actual junk12:36
sepenno file conflicts found12:36
aonthought so12:36
tilmandoes repoverify only recognize http urls?12:37
sepentilman, ftp too12:37
sepenIm using curl for it12:38
sepentilman, feel free to use it from 'crux-scripts-sepen' in my repo12:38
sepenyou can find the script in this port12:38
tilmaneg '' works for me12:38
tilmanbut the log you linked says "not found"12:38
sepenftpheader=$(curl --connect-timeout 10 --silent -I $src | sed 1q)12:39
sepenthats the code12:39
sepenif [[ -z $ftpheader ]]; then ERROR12:39
sepenmaybe I've some bugs yet12:40
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teKprologic: really?12:54
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sepenso Ill learn chinesse14:07
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sepenI can't send messages to ML's14:52
sepenX-Greylist: IP, sender and recipient auto-whitelisted, not delayed by milter-greylist-3.0 ( []); Sun, 17 Feb 2008 21:49:04 +0100 (CET)14:52
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lucifer4uHello again.18:48
lucifer4uFriends what i will need to enter network after i will install crux?18:49
j^2lucifer4u: /etc/init.d/18:52
j^2that's where _most_ of the settings are18:52
lucifer4uj^2, i will use usb extnernal modem. Is it some specifical about its usage?18:57
j^2i have no expriance playing with extrenal usb modems18:59
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