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pitillogood morning01:27
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sepenmorning all02:27
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clickonceGod damnit03:59
cruxbotopt.git: hal-info: Update to 20080215.04:01
clickonce"You like working in a team", "You are a teamplayer", "You are...", requirements in every single job opening I've found so far.04:01
predatorfreakclickonce: I been saying that a lot tonight04:01
predatorfreakclickonce: For a different reason though04:01
clickonce"You have good social skills"04:01
clickonceFuck off damnit, I'm the guy who gets the job done as long as I can stay in the fucking basement for 3 hours, without any fucking teamplayers messing with me.04:02
predatorfreakclickonce: Enjoy not getting a job.04:02
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clickonceI currently feel like doing a Columbine Highschool re-do or something similar.04:03
predatorfreakThe people hiring are social idiots who don't understand what they're hiring for, in my cases.04:03
* predatorfreak waits for FBI04:03
clickonceI'm in Sweden, FBI can buttfuck Bush for all I care.04:03
clickonceI also feel like taking up smoking again.04:04
aonyeah, but s├Ąpo is already coming to get you04:04
predatorfreakclickonce: Swedish version of the FBI.04:04
* clickonce is not shaking04:04
predatorfreakclickonce: Enjoy the trail and bumrape.04:05
clickonceJail is not like that.04:05
predatorfreakclickonce: Depends on which one you go to.04:06
predatorfreakBut, on a different note.04:06
clickonceHmm, not even Linux C/C++ programming is fun today... damnit.04:06
predatorfreakI swear to God, I'm stuck repairing their fucked up cropping and scaling mess.04:07
predatorfreakThank God for AviSynth through wine...04:07
clickonceWhy can't everybody just die or, if they have to be alive, live really, really miserable.04:07
RedShiftyou believe in god?04:07
predatorfreak(Linux horribly needs AviSynth)04:07
predatorfreakRedShift: Eh not really04:07
clickonceI don't believe in shit.04:07
RedShiftpredatorfreak: avidemux?04:07
clickonceMethamphetamine possibly.04:07
predatorfreakRedShift: Not even fucking close04:08
RedShiftno need to swear04:08
predatorfreakBuggy as all hell, worthless for things like I need to do.04:08
clickonceHe's got a fucking good reason to swear.04:08
predatorfreakWhere one scene you need this crop04:08
predatorfreakThe other you need this crop04:08
predatorfreakand you need to resize both to match the same resolution04:08
predatorfreakTotally barfs and dies on it.04:08
RedShiftmaybe you need to find out why your DVD's don't play correctly in the first place04:08
predatorfreakAVISynth is the only thing that works 100% of the time04:09
clickonceHmm, I still appreciate people bashing other people and making them feel bad, that's a good sign.04:09
predatorfreakRedShift: They play fine04:09
predatorfreakIt's the stupid mastering job they did to them.04:09
predatorfreakAvidemux being a POS and the people who made the DVDs fucking up on cropping aren't related.04:09
predatorfreak'cept when Avidemux fails at fixing their mistakes, but AviSynth succeed.04:10
RedShiftwell then04:10
RedShiftwrite an angry letter to the dvd authors04:10
predatorfreakRedShift: Like writing a letter to Pioneer will do crap04:11
clickonceI'd make them cry like babies.04:11
RedShiftpredatorfreak: doing nothing does even less crap04:11
clickonceJesus, the language in here today really fucking blows.04:11
RedShiftyou can at least _try_04:11
clickonceand the music I have playing sucks butt as well04:11
predatorfreakRedShift: Wasting time sending Pioneer a letter because they hired an idiot to master 4 DVDs of an Anime series only to have it do nothing is a waste of time04:12
predatorfreakI'm better off fixing their problems with AVISynth04:12
RedShiftpredatorfreak: are you wearing blue clothes right now?04:12
predatorfreakWhich, despite bitching like a whore at times, does the job right.04:12
predatorfreakRedShift: Black.04:12
RedShiftthat fits too04:12
* clickonce goes to get the vodka04:12
RedShiftappearantly you're somebody authorative04:13
RedShiftor at least you like having authority04:13
predatorfreakI like Pioneer doing their job right.04:13
RedShiftyou sure about that?04:13
predatorfreakAvidemux not being horribly buggy.04:13
RedShiftthink about it04:13
predatorfreakRedShift: Wanting Pioneer to do their job right isn't demanding or enforcing it.04:14
predatorfreakIt's WANTING.04:14
RedShiftit's not about pioneer anymore or something04:14
RedShiftwould you rather be an employee or employer?04:14
predatorfreakRedShift: Yes it's about you trying to decipher my mind.04:14
predatorfreakGood luck.04:14
predatorfreakRedShift: I'd rather do hard work and get paid good, I don't care whether I employ or work for someone else.04:15
RedShiftno just testing out this color <-> personality thing I saw on brainiac04:15
clickonceHmm, monay, 11:20 AM and I'm having my first glass of vodka+fanta.04:15
RedShiftthey say if you're wearing lots of black, that's the color of authority, wearing lots of blue means unhappiness/depressed mood, red means confident en happy04:16
predatorfreakRedShift: Bullshit.04:16
joacimwhat if i wear both black and blue?04:16
RedShiftit had a name too04:16
* clickonce wears only black04:16
predatorfreakI just like black because I'm a fashion idiot04:16
joacimdenim blue pants and black t-shirts04:16
clickonceHmm, alt-tab is really fucked up in Windows XP SP2.04:17
clickonceWhy is everything so god damned FUCKED UP today?04:18
clickonceCan someone please answer that?04:18
clickoncefuck 'em04:19
clickonceI got news today that the laptop I want is out-of-stock as well and that they won't be getting anymore since it's EOL04:20
clickonceWhich makes me feel even more angry.04:20
RedShiftclickonce: which laptop?04:20
clickonceThinkPad T61 14.1" Wide 1440x900 WinXP Pro04:21
RedShiftwhat's the specific model number?04:21
clickonceI want 1440x900 and that's the only one they've got at Dustin. The next ThinkPad at 1440x900 is almost double the price.04:21
RedShiftLenovo -  TS/ThinkPad T61 Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 2GB 160GB 15.4"WXGA Multiburner Windows XP Professional AZB EN04:21
RedShiftthat's the only T61 in stock here04:22
Romsterblack is cool when ya got bad colour matching skills <<04:22
RedShift15.4" TFT 1280 x 800 ( WXGA ) - 24-bit (16.7 million colours)04:22
clickonceDustin has 12 different T61 models in stock, but only one which I want and that one they have no more.04:22
clickonceWell, they have 1 or 2 in stock but I don't have the cash. :)04:23
clickonceThey had 8 3 days ago.04:23
RedShiftthis one's pretty cheap04:23
clickonceThe one I want is 12439 SEK. The other 1440x900 (which runs vista) is 17500 SEK04:23
RedShiftwell it sucks getting good hardware these days04:23
clickonceSure it does.04:23
RedShiftmainboards no problem, but laptops, ugh04:24
clickonceLaptops are tricky.04:24
RedShiftit's the whole market economy thing, everybody wants it cheaper, resulting on more crap on the market04:24
clickonceHP 2510P (Ultraportable with DVD RW) seems nice, but it doesn't have the G accelerometer protection like the ThinkPads.04:24
RedShiftpeople value quality material less and less04:24
RedShifttry and get a good computer fan these days04:25
clickonceThe pricetag for the 2510P is rather high though, 18743 SEK.04:25
clickonce$2947 / 2010 EUR04:25
RedShifta real fan costs at least 50 euro, but nobody's going to buy that, they get the cheap 5 euro one and then complain it's loud :X04:25
clickonceI bought a PCI video card for a machine the other day, the cheapest I could find (old Linux Firewall) and the damn card didn't fit the PCI socket.04:26
Romsteror the cheap brass bush bearing instead of a roller bearing that lasts alot longer.04:26
clickonceIt was a cheap one, but, I've bought cheap ones before and they've always fit.04:26
Romsterclickonce, wtf..04:26
Romsteri got a old s3 368 in my riewall pc.04:27
RedShiftclickonce: real men just use a serial console04:27
clickonceI mounted a borked PCI soundcard in the same PCI slot just to see if it was the chassi but it wasn't. Damn crappy chineese crap.04:27
clickonceMy new, soon to be, firewall only has 1xRS232, 3xRJ45, 1x12V04:27
RedShiftfortunately *beep* has com port redirection, so you can do everything from the serial console04:27
RedShift(censoring applied for romster)04:28
clickonceIt's a little nano ITX machine with a CF disk with a 512MB capacity. :) 128MB RAM. AMD Geode CPU.04:28
Romsteroh fuckyou too RedShift <<04:28
RedShiftRomster: dude I'm joking04:29
Romsterso was i hence the "<<"04:29
clickonceAround $400 or 268 EUR for it.04:29
* RedShift shower04:29
RomsterRedShift, i only went off at you for the advertising rates of web hosting servers not brands of boards... <<04:30
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clickonceI need a tip, what would you suggest. 1. Work hard for 3 years and release a system with a BANG! (E.g. Windows) or 2. Work for a few months and release a mini system (e.g. DOS) and let it grow over time?04:32
clickonce(What I mean is, develop, develop, develop until you have a Windows sized product or release as soon as possible)04:32
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joacimI would suggest 2.04:35
joacimbecause I like DOS =)04:35
clickonceOkay :)04:35
clickonceWell, I have two ideas, and I can make both of them. Problem is, one would take at least a year to make RTM-ready. The other one would take a few months only.04:36
teKdecide this with your fellows as you won't be able to BANG! that much on your own, imho04:41
clickonceWell, perhaps not bang.04:41
clickonceBut, release a huge-ass system in 2 years or release a mini version in two months. :)04:42
* clickonce shower04:44
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jjpkclickonce: the teamplayer concept is everywhere these days.05:09
jjpkOne of the few ways around it is to be self-employed I suppose.05:10
Romsterbeen trying that work my own hours.05:12
Romstertrying ot get more customers etc.05:13
jjpkTeam work is really picky and it was one of those fancy buzzword concepts slapped across your face in business school.05:13
jjpkIt works when you have inter personal chemistry and ability, otherwise you can find yourself in quickly degenerating situations.05:14
jjpkThe greater problem is that everything is forced through the same loop, a working monoculture. :/05:18
Romsterpersonally i work better alone <<05:20
Romsterwhen i arn't geting anoyed with can you do this or that all the time.05:20
joacimor "why aint you working?"05:23
jjpkOverload, improper resource planning/management, not enough work, etc etc etc. Just don't get started with individual concerns.05:26
jjpkA bottomless pit and they could easily be making up the entire thing as an excuse ;)05:27
joacimteamwork is just an excuse for not working :p05:27
jjpkNot necessarily, but it may happen :D05:28
jjpkSomething in particular is whether your contribution can be measured. If not, then it does not matter and you can slack through the entire project. ;)05:29
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lucifer4uI installed CRUX yesterday :) Right now trying to configure internet support. I have usb cable modem. Can somebody point me to the right direction?05:31
pitilloRomster, your xmessame port needs a dep: xorg-libxaw05:33
Romsteroh. i'll fix that. ta.05:33
jjpkThe magic crystal ball is still broken. Guessing is not the best option. :p05:33
Romsterlucifer4u, does the cable modem need anything specal to work and can't you use a lan cable on it? bridge mode?05:34
jjpkMost likely it just needs a driver and dhcpcd to get the network configuration.05:36
jjpkI avoid usb modems because many are undocumented and unsupported.05:36
lucifer4ui tried to use dhcpcd but there is no eth interface05:36
lucifer4uRomster, no need for something special. modem works currently. it just use usb link to the computer05:37
cruxbotcontrib.git: xmessage: add missing dep xorg-libxaw (thanks pitillo)05:37
jjpklucifer4u: has the usb modem worked in other distributions?05:37
lucifer4ujjpk, it was woking in gentoo05:39
Romsterso what did you use for the node then?05:40
Romstersome program to make the usb point show as a eth device05:40
lucifer4ujjpk, but i ocassionally removed /etc from gentoo something like a year ago.05:40
lucifer4uand from that time i have not used linux05:41
lucifer4usound funny i think05:41
Romsteri have no expeareance with usb as a eth device but surely it has a lan concetion aswel usb is lame for networking.05:41
* joacim hugs his router05:41
joacimeven tho it is slow and can crash several times a day05:42
lucifer4uRomster, as i remember i have not used anything it just appeared as eth105:42
joacimit mentions usb modem, but cant see any real "howto" for getting usb modems to work05:44
pitillolucifer4u, can't you connect via ethernet?05:45
Romstermsot devices have usb and lan conection.05:46
Romsterusb is ony for computers that dont' have a lan conection.05:46
lucifer4ui have lan connection on my computer but it is already used05:46
prologicthen buy a switch05:46
prologicthey're cheap as05:46
lucifer4ui have switch :)05:46
prologicor anotehr nic05:46
prologicI genearlly discourage the use of usb networked devices05:47
Romsteri'd say you need this
Romsterbut i'd even go out of the way to get a pci lan card if you don't have lan on that computer.05:48
pitillodo you know the difference between using ethernet or ub?05:48
prologicif you can help it, don't use usb networking05:48
Romsteri avoid it at all costs.05:48
pitilloRomster, all cost are 6E05:48
prologiclucifer4u, seriuosly, use ethernet.05:49
lucifer4uthis is my notebook ) i cannot install another lan card into it. i use current ethernet connection to link with my switch. i used proxy in windows so another home network computers had access to the internet only throw my computer. and internet was available with usb modem.. that what i had  ..05:50
sepenpcmcia cards are also a nice alternative05:50
sepenI've running ethernet through this card on my old laptop05:50
lucifer4uwell. i think i understood.05:52
lucifer4uthank you friends05:52
Romsterlucifer4u, are you using the laptop as a firewall bridge?05:54
Romsterwell s/bridge/gateway/05:54
lucifer4uRomster, yes05:55
Romsteryou can do it on one lan socket but it's a bit more work.05:56
lucifer4uRomster, +proxy +web server with external ip address05:56
Romsterah k.05:57
lucifer4uwell. as i understood right now i have 2 abilities: work with usbnet or add external lan card to connect modem with it05:58
Romsteryou can have a internal mask and a diferent external mask and put the cable modem to the switch and it'll only work though the laptop.05:58
Romsteror work from the one lan card.05:58
Romsterbut it's not as secure as any pc could be pointed to the other netmask and go directly to the cable modem.05:58
clickonceLenovo sponsored the Torino Olympic Games with hardware, at that time they also released Olympic Games branded computers (ThinkPad Z-series). Do you think they will do the same this year? (Considering the Olympic Games being held in China)05:59
joacimHope not06:06
clickonceI did, 5 minutes ago before finding information about ThinkPad X300.06:07
clickonceThe X300 is exactly what I want.06:07
clickonceAn X series laptop with DVD builtin.06:07
joacim"4 hours of battery life"06:08
joacimI demand 6 or more =)06:08
clickonceThe X61 laptop has about ~3 hours.06:08
joacimand i want 12" or less06:08
clickonceI demand mini-size. :) I don't go higher than 12", (with rare exceptions).06:08
joacimmy 13.3" macbook is larger than i would like06:09
clickonceI would have hoped the X300 could have been 12" wide instead.06:09
jjpkclickonce: well, Lenovo is a china-based company therefore it would make sense for it boost its image by branding with the olympic "spirit".06:16
clickonceJesus, The US government is really childish...06:17
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC06:17
clickonce"Concerns over the fact that Lenovo is a Chinese company have caused the US State Department to restrict the use of ThinkPads for classified work."06:17
jjpkBelieve me, every government is guilty of that quality.06:17
clickonceThat's just bullshit.06:18
jjpkAh yes... national security concerns.06:18
clickonce"National myass"06:18
clickonceJesus, Americans must really suffer from minority complex or something... "oh, everyone is after us"06:18
jjpkI suppose that is what the leadership wants the masses to believe.06:19
jjpkIt also serves as an excuse for other secretive, perhaps domination related projects and goals.06:19
clickonceMost likely.06:21
RedShiftwell it isn't entirely not justified06:23
RedShiftthings like TPM make me uncomfortable06:23
jjpkRedShift: the "they are out to get us" attitude you mean?06:24
RedShiftno the not trusting of foreign hardware06:24
clickonceWhat's so bad with TPM?06:24
RedShiftremember the riot intel's processor serial number caused? :)06:25
jjpkWhat's the difference even? A good chunk of hardware is manufactured in china.06:25
clickonceRedShift: Each CPU had a UID?06:25
jjpkThe US government is pissed because they do not have sole access to any information a thinkpad might convey because Lenovo is foreign. ;)06:27
RedShifttpm is basically the same thing, only worse featuring a cryptography engine06:27
RedShiftofcourse they are06:27
RedShiftand I would be too06:27
RedShiftwhat if it is able to sneak some information from memory to the ethernet card and broadcast it somehow06:28
clickonceThat's just bullshit...06:28
RedShiftyes I know, 99,99% chance of that not happening, but you can't know for sure untill you've seen the schematics they used to build those chips06:28
clickonceLenovo is still owned by IBM and a few other US companies.06:29
Romsteri would not trust anything from China06:29
Romsterlook at all the tanted pet food, candy that has metal in it even...06:29
jjpkclickonce: orly?06:29
Romsterand the recent toys with lead paint and the beads that ya could get high off.06:30
RomsterChina is one plase i'd wipe off the map if i could.06:30
Romsterthey do it all on pourpose.06:30
clickonce7.9% by IBM, 10.1% Texas Pacific Group, General Atlantic LLC and Newbridge Capital LLC, 39.6% is public shares.06:30
Romsterwhats to stop them doingsomething to chips to get access to something.06:31
Romstersome of the best hackers are in china.06:31
Romsteroh not that stupid defination...06:31
jjpkor they just allow it to happen because they do not seem to care much about securing their IT.06:31
clickonceSure as hell "that stupid definition"06:31
Romsteri know the diference but the media call it hackers.06:31
clickonceWell fuck the media. We're not the media.06:32
jjpkPopular does not mean correct, Romster.06:32
Romsterthat's true to.06:32
jjpkCommercial media does not have any requirement to present objective information.06:32
jjpkIf it did, they would be out of business.06:33
aonobjective or correct06:33
clickonceThey just present whatever makes them sell a few extra magazines.06:33
jjpkDownplay, blow out of proportion, pad information, whatever it takes to make a story more interesting.06:34
jjpkGive it a nice tilt and turn it into entertainment. ;)06:35
jjpkToo much is irrelevant these days. It is better to turn that shit off and ignore it.06:38
teK"know your enemy"?06:39
jjpkWho/what is the enemy?06:40
teKthose greedy people?06:42
clickonceNo, the stupid average man who doesn't realize they are greedy. (And believes whatever shit he/she reads)06:43
clickonceIn other words, 99.99% of the population/06:43
jjpkThe so-called greedy owners are not too important in the picture. It's just business from their angle.06:43
clickonceOf course.06:44
jjpkThey do not even do much, set up the company, hire the management and let them loose. They reap the economic benefit out of that, end of story.06:44
Romsteri rarely watch the news anymore06:44
Romsterall junk other than weather damage and crashes etc.06:44
jjpkclickonce: I can agree with that point. Read / listen to whatever you wish: the worst quality is not being critical about what is said.06:46
joacim <- I fail06:46
joacim/pub/zsh-4.3.4.tar.bz2 has been moved to /pub/old/zsh-4.3.4.tar.bz206:46
jjpk4.3.5 is out, that's why.06:46
joacimshould i file a bug or wait until someone else does?06:47
clickonceJesus, the HP Compaq 2710p Business Notebook PC comes delivered with either Windows Vista Business, XP Tablet or FreeDOS (depending on country) :)06:47
jjpkI could consider updating as I keep my own port.06:47
joacimall its hardware works in freedos?!06:48
clickonceDon't have a fucking clue. It was listed in the spec sheet PDF.06:48
jjpkFreeDos? o_O06:49
Romsterjoacim, inform the maintainer and you can bump the version on the port for yourself.06:49
* clickonce needs a bigger iPod06:51
Romsterfreedos O_o06:51
joaciminform him via email?06:51
Romsterjoacim, yes unless you can contact the person on irc.06:52
jjpkYeah, that is one way of proceeding.06:52
Romsterlike any of my ports a quick message and i useally see it.06:52
Romsteras pitillo pointed out one just earlier.06:52
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haolehey there... im trying to compile Scribes, a text editor for gnome, but the configure fails with this message: Error: gnome-python-desktop was not found.09:37
lucifer4uuhh .. i rebuild kernel. now i have eth1 for my modem.. still got some troubles with dhcp :(09:37
haolehowever, im sure that gnome-python-desktop is installed... what can i do?09:37
Romsterhaole, look at the config.status and or ./configure --help; of Scribes and look for a spot to speficy the path to gnome-python-desktop files it's looking for.09:42
pitilloRomster, can you try to build nss in a fresh enviroment?09:43
haoleRomster, usually, how is this fixed?? by passing an argument to .configure?09:44
Romstersomething like that look though ./configure help09:44
Romsterpitillo, won't build for you?09:45
pitilloin a fresh enviroment (only core, it doesn't build)09:45
lucifer4uanyone here use dhcpcd ?09:46
pitillo(by now I am checking only my ports and their deps, but bit by bit I will do some test in opt/contrib)09:46
pitillolucifer4u, yes09:47
lucifer4upitillo, what do you place into /etc/rc.d/net to get your ethX work?09:47
lucifer4ui have tried to use dhcpcd -T -t 10 -h $HOSTNAME eth1 but it failed :(09:48
pitillolucifer4u, in the start section. What is your problem?09:48
thrice`lucifer4u: does ifconfig -a show eth1 ?09:48
lucifer4udmesg | grep eth1 showed me it09:49
pitillolucifer4u, what is the exact problem? what do you mean by "it failed" ?09:50
lucifer4upitillo, it do not get ip address09:51
thrice`lucifer4u: check ifconfig -a for eth109:51
pitillolucifer4u, timeout? /sbin/dhcpcd -I "" -t 10 -h $HOSTNAME eth009:51
lucifer4upitillo, yes. it is timeout09:52
pitillocheck that command and read the ML
lucifer4uthrice`, i do not have eth1 before dhcpcd execution. but i am able to do ifconfig eth1 up09:52
pitillochange eth0/eth1 in your case, btw, read that thread if ou can09:53
*** Viper_ has quit IRC09:54
lucifer4upitillo, thrice` thank you. going to read and try09:54
*** f1y has quit IRC09:54
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haoleRomster, i was missing a dependency... the error message just wasn't clear enough :)09:55
Romsterfigures <<09:55
haoleoh, great... the dependency won't compile >:(09:55
haoleit gives an error in compilation... this looks hard to figure out :(09:56
haoleit's gnome-python-extras09:56
Romsterpitillo, ../../../dist/public/dbm/mcom_db.h:46:21: error: prtypes.h: No such file or directory09:56
pitillohaole, using depinst to install these ports?09:56
pitilloRomster, oki, confirmed then09:56
haolepitillo, sure... i missed a dependency because i was building my own package with pkgmk09:56
Romsterhmm i think it depends on firefox O_o09:56
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/opt/firefox:09:57
Romster  /usr/include/firefox/dbm/mcom_db.h09:57
pitilloRomster, I don't know too much, but can be removed that file in build time?09:57
pitilloRomster, nss port adds that file too09:57
pitillosorry, that file no, adds prtypes.h09:57
lucifer4upitillo, going to try the solution i read thread09:57
haoleRomster, can u give a quick look at my compilation error?
pitilloI mean, can be removed prtypes.h by nss or is it really in another port?09:58
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC09:58
Romsterpitillo, not sure there without digging more.09:59
Romsternss to me seems like a mess to compile.09:59
pitillooki, I think the best way to go is telling predator about this10:00
Romsteri wouldn't know without digging more not sure what dbm is some sort of database?10:00
Romsterhaole, i haven't got browser access right tis moment..10:03
pitilloRomster, I am not sure, I can confirm the error, but I don't know why. I tried to fix it but I haven't the needed knowledge10:03
pitillo(and the needed time to stop here now)10:03
Romsterdoing a update to my firewlal and it's kiled my squid process off due to low hdd space.10:03
Romsterpitillo, i'd say install firefox then try to compile nss10:03
Romsterhmm hang on.10:04
pitillowell, I can try it10:04
Romsteryeah it seems it needs nspr that's in firefox.10:05
Romsterdosn' that not make sense nss is a sant alone lib of firefox?10:06
Romsterbut it still depends on firefox for nspr...10:06
Romsterprtypes.h is in nss port too hmmz10:06
pitilloRomster, seems that may be prtypes is in nss source, but it delete before using it10:07
Romsteror it's not seeing it due ot a missing -I10:08
Romsterin the gcc line..10:08
pitilloummm yeah, I think it can be more possible10:08
Romster-I../../../dbm/include is there.10:09
*** soro has joined #CRUX10:09
Romster-I/usr/include/nspr but there is no port that addes that..10:09
Romsterit finds itself if nss was already installed otherwise it wont find that header file that's in the nss port.10:11
*** mike_k has quit IRC10:12
*** f1y has quit IRC10:13
Romsterah he added nspr into the package but it's not finding it. so it's missing a proper include for gcc.10:15
Romsterpitillo, and we have a winner i'm sure this is it.. --includedir=/usr/include/nspr \10:16
*** treach has quit IRC10:16
Romsterbeing that nspr is in the same package and not yet installed it should be looking in the package and not on the system.10:17
*** soro has left #CRUX10:22
cruxbotcore.git: exim: fixed rc script10:23
*** drijen has quit IRC10:33
haoleRomster, the dependency i was missing didn't solve the issue... so, should i look at config.log to figure out what do i do?10:40
Romsterpitillo, i fixed that fault with export NSPR_INCLUDE_DIR="$SRC/nss-$version/dist/include/nspr"10:41
Romsterbut then later on i get a linking error.10:41
haoleit looks like it is missing gnome-python-desktop, but it appears to be looking for it at /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages, and my gnome-python-desktop seems to be there too10:41
Romster/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lplc410:41
Romsterhaole, didn't you have this same issue like weeks ago...10:43
* Romster looks at pastebin.10:44
haoleyeah, but i went on vacation :D10:44
haolethe pastebin won't do u good anymore10:44
haolei already installed gnome-python-extras by using a newer version10:44
haolei will have lunch now... brb10:44
Romsterhaole, grep -r libnautilus /usr/ports/gnome/ to me it looks like you need nautilus-cd-burner10:46
cruxbotopt.git: dovecot: fixed rc script, install headers (FS#214)10:47
cruxbotopt.git: dnsmasq: fixed rc script10:47
Romsterand all the errors point to that port as being missing.10:47
pitilloRomster, prt-get fsearch libplc410:49
pitillotime to go home10:49
Romsteri found it have to set the path10:50
Romsteri'll let preditorfreak know about this.10:50
Romsterbasicly wrong include and lib path.10:50
Romsteris ok if nspr is already on the system though.10:51
Romsterso this is where a clean system is handy to check.10:51
*** sepen has quit IRC10:58
Romsterand it compiles.10:59
cruxbotopt.git: gtk1: fixed deps, thanks pitillo11:00
haoleRomster, i had nautilus-cd-burner installed from start11:07
haolemy problem is now the configure of scribes missing gnome-python-desktop... i have no experience in this type of bugs11:08
haoleim not used to compile complicated things like this :(11:08
Romsterthen it should be seeing it.11:09
Romsterall those warniengs point to that.11:09
Romstergrr do i have to compile it myself ot see the issue..11:10
Romsterand i can't if i don't see any scribes port to try..11:11
haolei have made one myself11:12
haolei'll pastebin it to you :D11:12
haolesince sending file through dcc doesn't work with me yet11:12
haoleanother thing: the gnome port of gnome-python-extras is in version 2.12, wich doesn't compile with because of version incompatibility with other packages in that repo... upgrading to 2.14 fixed it for me, here11:13
thrice`I'd ask jaeger...not sure if he's still doing gnome11:15
thrice`but he'd probably have the best idea of anyone :-)11:15
Romsteryou shouldn't need PREFIX=/usr when the configure script does that.11:17
haoleok, gonna try without that11:17
haolestill the same, but now it looks more elegant :D11:18
predatorfreakOh god damn it.11:19
predatorfreakPOS avidemux... I spend forever going through every bloody frame to cut at the right points11:19
predatorfreakand it reports the wrong bloody frame times <_<11:20
predatorfreakand frame numbers too...11:20
Romstergnome-python-desktop (not found in ports tree)11:21
predatorfreakBLOODY GREAT.11:21
Romsterpredatorfreak, your nss port is looking on the system for nspr when it should be looking in the source i found the two lines that need editing.11:22
Romsterexport NSPR_INCLUDE_DIR="$SRC/nss-$version/dist/include/nspr"11:22
Romster        export NSPR_LIB_DIR="$SRC/nss-$version/dist/lib"11:22
predatorfreakRomster: That is in the port.11:22
predatorfreakIt's for a reason.11:23
Romsternope it points to the system /usr/....11:23
Romsterand it dosn't build witha  core only system11:23
haoleRomster, gnome-python-desktop is in gnome ports11:23
predatorfreakRomster: Must be missing a dep.11:23
predatorfreakBut look at how that's USED11:23
Romsterpitillo and i both confirmed that.11:23
predatorfreakRomster: You're not seeing the whole picture.11:23
Romsterit can't find nspr as it's in the same port and not on the system <<11:23
predatorfreakThat variable is a place holder.11:23
Romsteryeah well what i did worked11:24
Romstertake it from there if i'm wrong your also wrong as it won't build.11:24
predatorfreakRomster: Eh whatever, I'll change it.11:24
Romsteryou build it in a clean core only system and see it complain missing header for for nspr11:26
Romsteronly reason it worked for you is because you had nspr on your system beforehand.11:26
Romstermy fix might not be right but i did it as a quick edit and test.11:27
predatorfreakRomster: Ugh, sorry Romster.11:27
Romsterso what ever you wanna do to it.11:27
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux11:28
Romsterall i was doing is point out a problem and you have a go at me saying i'm wrong.. <<11:28
predatorfreakI had some serious family problems Saturday/Sunday11:28
lucifer4uHello again11:28
predatorfreakand I'm a bit on edge.11:28
cruxbotopt.git: nss: Fix build problem on systems without nss (Thanks to Danny Rawlins).11:29
predatorfreakRomster: Plus I'm kinda snappy because of avidemux being a Piece of Shit and wasting ~5 hours of work.11:29
Romsterpredatorfreak, understandable.11:30
Romsteri wouldn't throw you crap jsut to anoy you dude :)11:31
lucifer4uThank you friends :) At the end i got CRUX installed.11:31
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, I know, I'm just pissed at avidemux :P11:31
lucifer4udhcpcd work great ( dhcpcd -I "" -t 10 eth1 )11:32
predatorfreakNow I need a NEW way of figuring out the bloody proper frame numbers so I can do this right...11:32
Romsterwhat exactly did it do wrong, i mean it can't get calculations worng.11:32
predatorfreakRomster: Actually, apparently it can.11:32
Romsteri've messed with video bout your going even a more detailed level.11:32
lucifer4utilman:  temporary i still use usb.. but i will buy another lan adapter this week11:32
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, I'm trying to fix some problems in certain parts of the video.11:33
predatorfreakWhere the black borders go too far here or there11:33
predatorfreakand expanding the cropped frames to compensate11:33
predatorfreakSo I can eliminate all the borders11:33
predatorfreakavidemux SHOULD be able to do that, but it shits out and dies11:33
*** mike_k has joined #crux11:34
predatorfreakWell yatta here I come...11:35
predatorfreakI swear all the decent tools are on Windows <_<11:35
tilmankvm ftw11:35
predatorfreaktilman: Wine ftw11:35
tilman(well, depends on the app)11:36
predatorfreaktilman: For avisynth and shit11:36
predatorfreakWine is best11:36
lucifer4uby the way :) while i do ifconfig -a i have sit0 .. what is this ? ) i know lo i know eth but what is the sit? :)11:36
tilmank, i'll believe you ;)11:36
predatorfreak'cuz with avs2yuv and SoundOutput I can pipe the video to mencoder11:36
predatorfreakand not have to fuck with VirtualDub11:36
tilmanlucifer4u: no idea, google it ;p11:37
RyoSanyone knows about how to rip subtitles off a dvd? (while we are talking about it.. :D)11:39
RomsterRyoS, transcode can do it.11:42
mike_kI used too "mencoder dvd://$dvd_title $pos -aid $audio_stream -sid $sub_stream  -vobsubout subtitles -vobsuboutindex 0 -o frameno.avi -nosound -ovc frameno" long time ago11:43
predatorfreakRyoS: I use mike_k's method11:44
mike_kRyoS: mencoder is in mplayer port11:44
predatorfreakThen stick 'em in an mkv with everything else11:44
RyoSRomster: transcode can not only rip subs ^^ (as far as i know)11:45
RyoSmike_k: thanks, i will try that11:45
tilmani always found transcode weird and hard to use11:45
RyoStilman: ack11:46
haoledamn it!! i just wanted to compile scribes for fun and it has became a nightmare11:46
haolei simply can't... :(11:46
tilmanit's so frigging cold11:46
* tilman moves to cuba11:47
Romsterhaole, i'm bouilding half of gnome so i can test the port for you.11:47
*** haole has quit IRC11:47
Romsteractually looks like dependency hell in gnome repo.11:47
*** haole has joined #crux11:48
Romstertilman, it's not bad here in Australia.11:48
Romsterhaole, i'm building half of gnome so i can test the port for you.11:48
haoleRomster, thanks dude... it's not that scribes is vital to my machine, but it is quite frustrating... and the maing reason i am using crux is to get a little closer to the developers of open source software11:48
*** haole has quit IRC11:49
*** haole has joined #crux11:49
haoleok, i swear that that was my last time using slash quit to exit a channel :D11:49
predatorfreaktilman: They're ALL hard to use and weird.11:53
predatorfreakLinux encoding tools are cryptic.11:53
Romsterwith hidden comamnd line options.11:57
predatorfreakRomster: With mencoder they're not really "hidden"11:59
predatorfreakJust buried in the manpage11:59
predatorfreaknext to the "Doesn't do shit" option11:59
tilman'strings mencoder' to make them visible ;)11:59
predatorfreaktilman: :)12:00
Romsterstartup-notification  ... configure: error: X11 development libraries/headers not found12:02
* Romster installes xorg-libx1112:02
haoleif a program comes in a format that all binary and data files are in one folder, do i have to figure out where they should be on my system to make the package?? :S12:03
Romsterif there is on install target then yes.12:04
Romsteryou need to figure out what goes where.12:04
Romsterdepending on what it is.12:04
haoleoh, it has a file... how do i use this? python
Romstersome programs you'd do /usr/lib/program/all files here.12:04
tilmangrep /usr/ports/contrib/*/Pkgfile12:04
tilmanlots of examples :)12:04
Romsteryeah what tilman said there is alot of examples.12:05
haoleim looking at one right now12:05
haolethere! done :D thanks12:08
Romsterwhen i get stuck with sed or something i grep though the ports.12:08
tilmandoes anyone know an "image diff" program?12:09
Romsterhmm what todo exactly?12:09
tilmanthat tells me which pixels have different values12:09
tilmani could diff the hexdump of the raw rgba data, but that sounds too much work :D12:09
Romsterdon't think i have..12:09
haoletilman, wouldn't u have problems with compressed images? or the hexdump u are talking about is the decoded form already?12:10
tilmanhaole: yeah, that's why i said "raw rgba data" :)12:10
haolethis must be implemented already in some obscure command line program or some obscure option of a common command line programa :D12:11
tilman:D :D12:11
haoleit's like those foo2foo apps12:12
haolethey seem to reproduce on my machine12:12
Romstertilman, maybe this is close enough?
tilmani'll have a look, thanks12:14
Romsterhaole, gotta love searching every where for how todo something only to find some hidden program has a option todo that and it's been on the system all this time <<12:14
tilmansounds too smart12:14
Romsterwas a quick find.12:15
haoleyeah... i have a theory that mplayer is, in fact, a whole SO12:16
haolehave u browsed through it's man pages?12:16
haoleit must have a couple thousand pages12:16
haoleSO = OS12:16
*** lasso|qt_ has joined #crux12:16
jjpkemacs is closer to an OS than mplayer because it is clearly directed at multimedia use.12:17
jjpkmplayer is narrow but deep in its field. :)12:18
*** RyoS has quit IRC12:18
*** RyoS has joined #crux12:18
haolei have a friend that says that emacs even does blowjobs for its users12:23
RyoSpretty intresting, thats why i use vim and own a girlfriend i guess :P12:25
tilmanyou "own" her? woo12:26
RyoSi said that on purpose :P12:26
haolehe must have bought one from dealextreme.com12:26
tilmanyeah right12:26
haolebtw, do u know this site??12:26
haoleit has some very nice gadgets with freeshipping to the entire planet!! :D12:27
haoleyay hong kong12:27
RyoSi only know that "russian wife" site :D12:27
haolei have a girlfriend that is very jealous about my computer stuff12:28
haolei think that this fact determines me as a nerd :D12:28
haoledamn, look what i got from compiling that python program with
*** Rotwang has quit IRC12:32
haoledamn clipboard... wait12:33
haoleerror: supposed package directory 'emesene' exists, but is not a directory12:33
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC12:34
haoleoh, i figured it :D12:35
haoledamn... i can't compile anything today lol12:49
haolethis emesene guy is giving me trouble also... it fails to install with this output:12:49
*** treach has joined #crux12:49
haoleerror: can't copy 'misc/emesene.png': doesn't exist or not a regular file12:49
haoletried some stinky tweaks but with no success12:50
mike_khaole: I am about to order some shit from  Was it troublesome for you? =)13:00
haolei ordered my first deal at 1st february13:03
haoleit hasn't arrived yet, but my friends told me that they usually are a good deal13:03
haoleread the users feedback13:03
haolewhen the product sucks, they tell you13:03
mike_kI've read a few good replyys on local forums. sounds too good. to good to be true.13:07
mike_khaole: thanks13:07
haoleyeah, when i get my things (if i get they) i will feedback to u also13:07
mike_khaole: thanks again, but I'll make an order tonight or tomorrow.13:08
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:09
* mike_k waits for wii and wants to order additional wiimote & nunchack13:09
tilmannice,  USB Huggy Warming Slippers fo  $12 ;)13:10
haoletilman, they have socks too :D13:10
tilman USB Powered Piggy-Island Cooling Fan $813:11
tilmanoh noes, sold out13:11
tilmanthey have lots of piggies13:11
haoleyeah... look for "funny pen holder"... and look for the one that has a youtube demo13:12
Romsterwhat crack are you on...13:13
haolewell, gonna be away for some hours now... see u13:15
Romsterbye haole13:15
Romster100 colourful dice O_o13:16
haoleRomster, that was the one i bought for test lol... ok, now im really gonne :)13:18
*** Rotwang has quit IRC13:29
*** sepen has joined #crux13:33
*** onestep has joined #crux13:50
rehabdollwii rules14:17
lucifer4urehabdoll:  what is wii?14:26
rehabdollwii, the console14:26
Romsteromg what is WII...14:37
Romsternintendo WII.14:37
Romsteronly been all over the news.14:38
treachthat *might* depend a bit on where you are, and what kind of news you read... :>14:39
treachI kinda doubt it has made the headlines of "Rawanda Times" or so. :>14:40
Romsteri guess.14:41
lucifer4uRomster: Have not seen news about it :)14:45
Romsteramazing, must be not interesting in your country.14:52
*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:53
lucifer4uRomster:  i live in Belarus :) I will be in China in a 2 weeks. There are i think i will have ability to see wii and other stuff since i need to buy notebook there at the computer market. :)14:55
treach"Dire times are these when young men need to go to china to get a notebook" :/14:56
lucifer4u:) Is it really bad that i do it ? )14:56
treachwell, I guess not. Sounds just far, complicated and risky.14:58
Romsteri don't trust China14:58
treachbut I guess it depends on where one's standing.14:58
lucifer4uRomster:  everything is done in China :)14:58
Rotwangand taiwan ;]14:58
treachyep. Including cheap fakes. :/14:59
Romsternot with there 'Crackers' and there poisend exports.14:59
lucifer4uRotwang:  techically Taiwan is a part of China :)14:59
Romsterthat too rip offs from sweat shops.14:59
Rotwangah, i didnt know14:59
treach"American spaceships, russian spaceships, BAH, they're all made in Taiwan". :D14:59
Rotwangarmageddon ;]15:00
treachRotwang: yeah. Good line. :)15:00
sepenhollywood its also made in taiwan15:00
lucifer4u:) Everything is made in china ;)) Trust me :)) Even labels for televisions which are created in my country are from china :) And here everybody belive that is the national techology and netional trade good :) I do not know what about spaceships and parts for them :) But almost everything all countries have is the things which are done in China :)15:01
Romsterlast i checked Hollywood is in the states.15:01
Rotwangsepen: maybe you ment bollywood which is in india15:02
sepenI can't imaginate some products made in china. like spanish 'jamon'15:02
sepenRotwang, yeah15:02
lucifer4utreach:  :) It is not so risky. I was there 2 times before..15:03
joacimnorwegian black metal15:03
sepenor grindcore metal15:04
treachlucifer4u: I didn't say it *was* risky. Just that it seemed that way.15:04
treachbut I guess the risk you get conned if you buy a laptop there...15:04
treachwell, maybe I'm just prejudiced.15:05
*** Viper_ has joined #crux15:06
jjpkNow where would the western world be without china. ;)15:11
jjpkWe are nothing without china. Kiss your sovereignty goodbye. ;)15:12
jjpkTurns the tables around, doesn't it not?15:13
RedShiftoh well15:31
RedShiftlife's a dream :)15:31
Romsterreality bites <<15:44
* RedShift zzz15:46
*** RedShift has quit IRC15:46
DarkNekrosRomster, I prefer bite the reality ;) much better :D15:53
*** sepen has quit IRC15:53
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:56
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:12
*** maxus has quit IRC16:14
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC16:32
*** treach has quit IRC16:32
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:47
*** bartek has joined #crux16:49
Rotwangahhh, egzams egzams egzams :[16:49
*** bartek is now known as f1y16:49
*** f1y has joined #crux16:50
lucifer4uRotwang:  what is you next exam?16:50
Rotwangaccountancy or something like that ;]16:51
Rotwangi donno english name16:51
Rotwangextremely boring16:52
lucifer4uRotwang:  haha. we have 2 problems. how to tell it right in english ( it is your) and how to translate then it from english ( that is mine ) :)))16:52
lucifer4uf1y:  hello16:55
*** Stx has joined #crux17:04
*** Viper_ has quit IRC17:05
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:30
*** f1y has quit IRC17:52
*** onestep has quit IRC18:43
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** drijen has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
nipuLhas anyone done any hacking on a usermode pkgutils?19:40
*** drijen has quit IRC20:09
*** vico has quit IRC20:16
*** SiFuh has quit IRC20:29
haolehey there Romster20:40
haoledid u have any success with scribe and gnome-python-desktop?20:40
Romsterit hasn't finished i went away and it had to stop part way though the install in a chroot..21:10
Romsterso it's continuing now.21:10
haoleman, u know im the greatest beta tester ever, right?21:12
haolei found the most bizarre thing trying to compile emesene...21:13
haoleit's written in python, and i was using normally21:13
haolethe was broken, so i wrote to the developer and he did a patch for me... wich doesn't change too many things...21:13
haolebut when i apply it, the script starts to eat up the first letter of some paths!!!! like:21:14
haoleerror: can't copy 'onversation_themes/irc/theme': doesn't exist or not a regular file21:14
haolehave u ever seen something like that, Romster ?21:14
haoleps.: it's written "conversation" everywhere, and he does it with other lines too21:14
Romstercan ya send it over <<21:15
haolei will pastebin and the patch... u will like this one21:16
Romsteri've messed with in python a fair bit.21:16
Romsteryour good at finding broken stuff <<21:17
Romsterman it's 30C in my room alone..21:17
haoleit's really hot here too21:18
haoleglobal warming :)21:18
Romster 14:18:19 up 6 days, 15:51,  2 users,  load average: 2.27, 2.02, 1.7921:18
Romster66C cpu <<21:18
Romstergranted i have a thermal fan and it's only on 4400rpm when it can goto 6000rpm.21:19
* Romster loads pastebins21:19
* haole enjoys his air-conditionary21:20
Romsterscripts      = ['emesene'], <- i'd be instered in what that does.21:24
haoleno idea21:27
haolei was thinking about the -pNUM option of patch21:27
haolebut i tried many combinations and the problem remains the same21:27
Romsterwould have to be -p0 or no -pN level as it's --- setup.py21:28
haoleif i comment the scripts line, it stops at the same place21:28
Romsterand not in a foo/bar/setup.py21:28
haoleyeah, i was using p021:29
Romsterdeleate that line all together.21:29
Romsterpointless to even state -p then <<21:29
haolewhen i comment it, it doesn't do a lot of things it would do21:29
Romsterpatch -i $SRC/file.patch21:29
haolehowever, it stops at the same line...21:29
haolei think it just misses a step, but this step that goes away with that line doesn't seem to be a problem21:29
haoledamn... this program is so great! this one is really worth for those who need MSN21:30
haolethe most strange thing is that the original doesn't have this issue21:36
haolealthough it won't finish the compilation21:36
haoleRomster, don't leave me here by myself!!! lol21:44
* haole is lonely21:44
Romsteri'm looking strange i'm on a hunt.21:45
haoleman, why everything that i try to do became some new and bizarre bug that nobody has ever seen?21:49
haolebah, at least this problem with emesene is the developers fault21:56
haolescrew them! :D21:56
*** andarius has joined #crux21:56
andariusgreetings and salutations21:56
haolegonna sleep... if u discover anything that might help with scribes or emesene compilation, please pvt me Romster21:56
*** tilman has quit IRC22:09
*** destruct has quit IRC22:09
*** joacim has quit IRC22:09
*** morlenxus has quit IRC22:09
*** rugek has quit IRC22:09
*** Auge^ has quit IRC22:09
*** Falcon| has quit IRC22:09
*** RyoS has quit IRC22:09
*** andarius has quit IRC22:09
*** aon has quit IRC22:09
*** surrounder has quit IRC22:09
*** Toshi has quit IRC22:09
*** tilman has joined #crux22:10
*** andarius has joined #crux22:10
*** RyoS has joined #crux22:10
*** destruct has joined #crux22:10
*** joacim has joined #crux22:10
*** morlenxus has joined #crux22:10
*** aon has joined #crux22:10
*** rugek has joined #crux22:10
*** Falcon| has joined #crux22:10
*** surrounder has joined #crux22:10
*** Toshi has joined #crux22:10
*** Auge^ has joined #crux22:10
*** sets mode: +o tilman22:10
*** haole has quit IRC22:26
Romstergreat i was gonna private him the fix..22:39
Romsterif anyone gets to him befor ei do paste this to him thanks
lucifer4uhehe. i am happy :)22:42
lucifer4ucrux do web work 10x faster then win box before ;)22:43
Romsterwindoze is slow with allthe junk it bundles in.22:45
lucifer4utested same apps one the same machine ;) just different OS22:45
Romsterat least with linux you can remove all the other junk.22:45
Romsteroh windows is relaly bad for cacheing and page swaps and everything else too.22:45
Romsterand them programs are ment for linux but they make them work in windows but not as good.22:46
Romsterdunno if it's the code or how windows works.22:46
Romsterwindoes is only good for games really.22:47
Romsternot for server stuff.22:47
Romsteri really need a compile farm.22:49
lucifer4ui was thinking about it but.. 10x .. i it is not 2 or 3 times ..22:49
Romsterwouldn't be suprised.22:49
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC23:01
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** ryuo has joined #crux23:20
ryuohey Romster23:20
ryuomy laptops xorg is giving me trouble23:20
ryuovesa won't work at all23:21
Romstermy firefox crashed again <<23:21
ryuosay shmget error function not implemented with vesa23:21
Romstertryed vga or a spefic driver for your chipset?23:21
ryuothen says screen found but none have  usable configuration23:21
ryuovga works23:21
ryuobut it still sucks23:22
Romsterwhat is it intel?23:22
ryuoVIA unichrome23:22
ryuoi keep getting some errors from the kernel about PCI23:22
Romsterdosn't xorg-xf86-video-via work?23:22
ryuotried that, X -config doesnt boot up23:23
ryuokinda hard when i'm limited to CLI now23:23
ryuoright now23:23
Romsterin contrib.23:23
ryuomaybe i can dcc you the file23:23
Romsteror that.23:23
ryuodo you want my dmesg log?23:23
Romsterwhy not. might tell me whats going on.23:24
ryuok done23:24
ryuobrb i'm gonna log on to elinks23:24
ryuostrange thing is23:31
ryuothe place where it complains about my mem resource #6 is exactly where my vga controller is located23:32
ryuoheres what lspci says23:32
ryuo01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. Chrome9 HC IGP (rev 01)23:32
RomsterError: could not find file 'test.log' for user Ryuo.23:33
ryuoone sec23:33
Romstermaybe it's not readable.23:33
ryuotry now23:33
ryuomy site likes to set these files as hidden :/23:33
Romsternope not even a forced refresh.23:33
*** andarius has left #crux23:36
ryuotry now23:39
Romsterok it's gona make me download it but i'll grab it anyways23:40
ryuoi managed to install windows xp on one partition and its available for booting via lilo =D23:43
RomsterPCI: BIOS Bug: MCFG area at e0000000 is not E820-reserved <- hmm23:43
ryuoany ideas?23:44
ryuomaybe a change in kernel config23:44
RomsterPCI: BIOS BUG #81[00000000] found <- never seen them before.23:44
ryuoi'm using kernel
Romsterare you using bios fixups for reboot?23:44
Romsterthat's what i'm on and i don't see that stuff.23:44
ryuoi dont think so23:44
ryuowant a copy of my config?23:45
ryuonot sure if i did23:45
ryuoenable "fix ups"23:45
ryuobut why would i need to? i currently reboot just fine23:45
Romsteri'd try disabiling smp and acpi on boot and see what goes.23:46
Romsteri was just wondering if it was off <<23:46
Romsterseems to be alot of error bugs pci related for my tastes.23:47
ryuoi didnt compile in smp23:47
ryuoi'll try acpi off23:48
ryuolemme reboot23:48
RomsterUsing ACPI (MADT) for SMP configuration information23:48
ryuoi didnt enable SMP23:49
Romsteryeah i got no idea..23:49
ryuotime to pass acpi=off23:49
*** ryuo has quit IRC23:49
*** ryuo has joined #crux23:53
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:53
ryuolaptop wont boot now23:53
ryuoundid my changes now23:55

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