IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-02-19

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Romsteryou did do append="quiet acpi=off" ?00:02
ryuoi appened acpi=off00:03
ryuoand then it refused to boot up00:03
ryuohung at something00:03
ryuoafter saying00:03
ryuounknown bus type 600:03
ryuocould i be having these issues because i enabled "Allocate 3rd-level pagetables from highmem"?00:04
ryuoi figured with 2 GB it might be a good idea to use it00:04
Romsterhmm dunno.00:05
Romsteri've enver known acpi=off to make a pc hang like that.00:05
ryuocould my memory model be causing these problems?00:06
ryuoI'm using sparse memory00:06
Romsteri'm using sparse memory no issues there for me anyways00:07
Romsterbus type 6 is PCI00:08
ryuostill confused as to what i can do to fix my VGA issues00:09
*** pitillo has joined #crux00:09
ryuorofl, lspci lists an ISA bridge00:09
ryuosays its an PCI to ISA bridge00:09
Romsteryou using CONFIG_PCI_GOANY=y00:10
ryuothink i need to be more specific?00:11
Romstermaybe it wont hurt to try the other options.00:11
Romsterand you only slecected your chipset right?00:11
*** errdil has joined #crux00:11
ryuoi believe so00:12
Romsterand not generic device support?00:12
ryuogeneric support under what?00:12
Romstergrr wait i'll get in my config on my already over laoded pc...00:13
Romsterno not ata00:13
Romsterchipset for pci etc.00:13
Romstermeh that's only for ATA noting todo with PCI.. nah I2C is something diferent again.00:16
Romsteri can't think of what i was thining now...00:16
ryuocould there be an irq problem00:18
Romsterwell i do have enable LCT on..00:18
Romsterand adeptic extensions but try the PCI access mode00:18
Romsteralso isn't yoru video though AGP?00:19
ryuoi have via-agp enabled00:19
*** maxus has quit IRC00:19
RomsterMTRR etc.00:19
Romstereh try PCI modes since it seems to be PCI issue.00:19
ryuowell i dont have I20?00:19
Romsteryou don't hmm.00:20
ryuodidnt sound like something i needed00:20
Romsterprobbably not.00:20
Romsteri'd try forcing pci modes and see if something works.00:21
Romsteri can't think of anything else to try..00:21
ryuoi'll start with bIOS00:21
Romstermaybe see if oyur bios is set to pnp.00:21
Romsterplug n pray <<00:22
ryuorebuilding the kernel00:22
ryuoi usually use Any mode00:22
Romsterso have i.00:23
Romsterbut maybe your hardware is being picky.00:23
ryuoit is an everex stepnote...00:23
Romsterif that fials maybe downgrade the kernel.00:23
ryuoi did enable some experimental drivers..00:23
ryuonamely namely the VIA powersaver00:24
Romsteri'd have a good look at them.00:24
ryuoits new to the kernel00:24
Romsterwell seems ACPI / PCI related.00:24
ryuoi think VIA boards hate a lack of ACPI00:24
Romsterif it's a problem or not is another question.00:24
Romsterno idea on that one.00:25
Romsterwish this compile would hurry up.00:25
* Romster goes to make coffee.00:25
ryuoin russia, the coffee makes you00:25
ryuomy laptops BIOS is rather limited...00:29
ryuoonly lets you change amount of video ram, boot order,...00:29
ryuoand thats about it00:29
ryuomaybe it is picky00:31
ryuoafter all, it came with windows vista, not linux00:31
Romsterthat's not alot of options.00:33
Romsteri'd of expected more.00:34
ryuopersonally i think vista sucks =p00:34
Romsterwhat is it some sort of budgit system?00:34
Romsteri don't like Vista00:35
Romsterit's slow and buggy.00:35
ryuoit only cost $450 for the laptop so whatever00:35
ryuoits original price was $50000:35
Romstermaybe there isn't very good linux support..00:35
Romstertryed to google around?00:35
ryuoeven so, i can probably make it work00:35
ryuowont do any good, this laptop isnt very popular :p00:36
Romsterand if not throw xp pro on it or something.00:36
ryuoit already has nlite windows xp slipstreamed onm one partition00:36
ryuoi put it there for a backup00:36
ryuotook forever to find a WLAN driver that windows xp would accept00:37
ryuounichrome is okay under windows xp...00:38
cruxbotcontrib.git: gtkmm: 2.12.3 -> 2.12.400:38
ryuoit handled mapelstory without much trouble00:38
ryuolooks like my kernels done00:38
Romsterah k.00:38
ryuohmm smells good :=p00:38
Romstermatrix <<00:39
ryuorebooting now00:39
ryuoif i mess with lilo i can rescue with crux CD00:39
Romsterheh or install more than one kernel and use tab at the lilo: prompt00:40
ryuoKernel panic00:40
ryuowell BIOS is out of the question00:40
ryuoi'll try direct next00:41
ryuosides BIOS seems to be bugget here00:41
Romsterthat rules one out.00:41
ryuobooting old kernel00:41
ryuoi only remove old kernels if they are no longer needed00:42
Romsteryeah same.00:42
Romsteri always keep one as a fall back.00:43
Romstersaves messing with the crux cd.00:43
Romsterand any remote pc i use the /sbin/lilo -R label00:43
Romsterif it dies a reboot and it's back up again.00:44
Romsterman gnome repo needs some work done to it mainly footprints being out.00:45
Romsterand some missing deps on some packages.00:45
Romsterit isn't a prtoget depinst --install-scripts gnome and leave process.00:45
Romsterdunno if matt will keep maintianing.00:46
ryuofor some reason00:46
ryuolilo seems simpler to maintain and use than grub00:47
ryuobut is less feature packed00:47
Romsterless bugs too <<00:50
ryuoDirect is working00:55
ryuosame error00:57
Romsterdamn so try the next mode then <<00:57
ryuoi have a better idea00:58
ryuoi'm gonna take a live CD from a binary distro and see if this problem repeats on their CD00:59
cruxbotcontrib.git: yacy: moved config and data files to /usr/etc01:01
*** namenlos has joined #crux01:02
Romsteryeah grab a ubuntu cd <<01:03
Romsterwtf gnome-python-desktop conflicts with pygtk...01:04
pitillogood morning01:10
ryuothat does it01:15
ryuoi'm fed up with source distros right now01:15
*** ryuo has quit IRC01:20
*** errdil has quit IRC01:21
joacimat least something does it01:29
*** mike_k has joined #crux01:38
Romstermore like trying to run linux on a barely supported laptop isn't wise to even try.02:02
teK=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:02:04
teKNEW       drwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/info/02:04
teKNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/info/dir02:04
teKNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/info/libc.info02:04
teKNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/info/
teKfor glibc.. my error or yours? :)02:04
Romsterwell texinfo isn't instaled when the cd is made so that wont happen unless you recompile.02:05
Romsterwith texinfo installed.02:05
teKI'll go with a pkgmk -uf02:07
*** sepen has joined #crux02:08
teKI did sed -i -e 's/2.3/2.4/g' in /etc/ports anyways.. let's see what happens ;)02:08
mike_kcrash test dummy02:09
teKI still can mount the 2.4 iso and have a look to see what the update script would have done :>02:10
Romsteroh no teK i hope you know what your doing by rebuilding the tool chain.02:15
Romsterif _I still can mount the 2.4 iso and have a look to see what the update script would have done :>_ is your only guide i'd say stop right now <<02:16
Romsterbut then again i don't care if oyu break yoru tool chain <<02:17
Romstererrors on this port..02:17
Romsteroh fuxk that port....02:23
Romsteri'll mess with it later.02:23
Romsteri'm going around in circles.02:24
sepenhey, someone has tested my pkgmk patch?02:24
Romsteri'll work on it later.02:24
Romstersepen, what one?02:24
sependid you see ML's02:24
Romsterbah i look at it every day..02:25
sepenRomster, pkgmk -it02:25
sepenwith my patch, by default pkgmk looks for invalid directories and you can avoid this look using -it switch02:25
sepen"Package Guidelines - pkgmk patch - repoverify" thats the subject02:26
mike_k"-it" stands for Italian mode?02:26
Romsterah that i looked over it i think it's treating the person stupid.02:26
sepenmike_k, xDD02:26
Romsterseriously whats wrong with verifying and of course lookign manually thought the output too.02:27
Romstermeh then again alot blantently add in ports that have crap in them too.02:27
sepenIm using this patch to avoid some Fucked port from repositories02:28
sepeni.e. KDE02:28
Romsterso it's more of a end user thing than the maintainer?02:29
Romsteri dunno.02:29
sepen$ find /usr/ports/kde/ -type f -name '.footprint' -exec grep 'usr/share/locale' {} \; | wc -l02:29
Romsteri packaged my own kde.02:30
sepenand thats your solution?02:30
sepenI think we don't need more duplicated ports02:30
Romstermy private shit.02:30
sepenyeah, your private02:31
Romsterwhatever i got better ting todo than wait on someone to edit there shit.02:31
Romsterthre problem if they wont fix there stuff.02:31
sepenand for that I think was need some tool for verify every port02:32
Romsterther eis prt-verify now...02:32
Romsterwell prt-utils i mean..02:33
Romsternot hard to use.02:33
sepenRomster, my repoverify shows only that for kde
Romsterwhy stupidify pkgmk?02:33
sepenrepoverify its based on prt-verify and seems that it cant show all errors on ports02:33
Romstera few files wow..02:34
sepenRomster, I added -l log_level02:34
Romsterthen put it the flyspray as a feature enhacemnet liek i and preditorfreak have with patches02:35
sepennow its fine for me, but I need more fixes in order to use wget instead of curl -I02:35
RomsterO_o curl is more powerful.02:35
sepentry, curl
sepenand now curl -I
sepenwhat Im doing wrong02:36
Romsterman curl |grep -L02:37
Romsterand -O filename02:38
sepen$ invalid option -- L02:38
Romsteractulaly jsut _O will name as the remote filename02:38
Romsterit's in the man page02:39
Romsterand i just used it02:39
Romster$ curl -L -O
Romster  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current02:39
Romster                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed02:39
Romster100  3015  100  3015    0     0  27758      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 2775802:39
Romster$ ls -lh fpconst-0.7.2.tar.gz02:39
Romster-rw-r--r-- 1 romster users 3.0K 2008-02-19 19:39 fpconst-0.7.2.tar.gz02:39
Romster3k O_o02:40
sepenwhat why isn't right only the http return header?02:40
Romsterguess it si small file says it's a gzip file02:40
Romster-L follow redirects.02:40
Romsterno idea what your doing worng but it works fine.02:41
*** jtnl has joined #crux02:42
Romster-i only returns http headers02:44
sepenyeah! but should be enough02:44
Romsteryou need -L not -i02:44
sepenwell Ill try02:45
Romsteras you can see from my example above.02:45
sepenok thanks Romster02:45
Romstermight be that yoru curl needs rebuilding.02:45
sepen$ curl --silent -L -O
sepen$ du -hs fpconst-0.7.2.tar.gz02:46
sepen4.0K    fpconst-0.7.2.tar.gz02:46
sepenthats sound right for me02:46
Romsteror just -s02:46
sepenmany thanks, Im rewriting my curl lines in repoverify02:47
Romsteractually combining works in curl so -sLO02:47
Romsterjust it's a powerful tool and needs some time to learn.02:47
sepenpkgmk actually uses 'wget' for downloading sources02:49
Romsteractaully it's cool to look at headers.02:49
Romsteryeah i know it should use curl.02:49
teKRomster: X-Bender rocks ^^02:49
Romsterthen them download.php?id=5 would save the file and not download.php?id=5 s wget does now.02:50
cruxbotcontrib.git: removed sha256sum files as it's not a standared feature, as requested02:53
Romstersome people don't like change..02:53
Romsteractually i dont' know why pkgutils dosn't use libcurl.02:56
sepen+1 to use curl02:56
Romsterand make pkgdl02:56
Romsterfor all the downloading in C02:56
Romsterusing libcurl.02:56
Romsterseperate to pkgmk02:56
Romsterthat way prt-get can call pkgdl to fetch al source files whle pkgmk is busy compiling.02:57
sepenpkgmk -do -> pkgdl ?02:57
sepenthats sound nice for me02:57
Romsteryeah something like that//02:57
Romsterbut pkgdl file1 file2 file3 queued up.02:57
sepenthere are a few sys devels to working on it02:58
sepen3 sys devels only02:58
sepenand incoming members?02:59
Romsterwell i'm hacking away at another feature that i bet won't make it into main pkgutils but i don't care i'm making it anyways. is to use xdelta02:59
Romsterhaven't seen vkd in ages...03:00
Romsterno idea others may step up maybe.03:00
Romsterdosn't look like i'lll get into opt as mayeb i'm to radical on thoughts and ideas...03:01
sepenI don't like the idea of working on a distro with only 3 sys devels03:02
sepenimo you should take part of opt or sys03:03
Romstershould have more..03:03
Romsteras if they would allow me. <<03:03
Romsteri'd be a headache.03:03
Romsteri'm always finding improvments and changes but they don't like that.03:03
sepenwell, Im going to eat something, Ill return03:04
Romsterpreditors sha256sum for example i had that thought but since he already made a patch i started using it md5 has colisions but jue dosn't agree.03:04
Romsteri'm gonna get food too.03:04
*** Rotwang has joined #crux03:11
nipuLwell that was fun03:18
nipuLupgrading to the new kernel when my only outgoing net connection is an ath wifi card03:19
nipuLon the plus side, this one feels a lot faster03:21
pitilloand IMO there are few meetings03:24
sepen+1 few few meetings03:38
nipuLthere hasn't been a cruxcon for years03:38
sepenonly for 3 sys devels? jejeje03:39
pitillonipuL, that is a bit hard IMO, I find more interesting to have 2 meetings in a month (or at least try to be all in 1 meeting/month)03:39
sepenplease take a look
sepen1 meeting/month sounds also nice for me03:40
sepenbut we depedns on sys devels03:40
pitillothe first point is to make a list with all the needs, then bit by bit try to make meetings to cover all points03:41
sepen""We are a group of volunteers providing the core and optional packages for CRUX. We share a common philosophy regarding what an operating system should be, and we seek to achieve this in CRUX. We invite you to join us as a user, or as a team member, if you feel that CRUX is for you.""03:42
sepenjoins as a team member????03:42
sepenI think isn't possible at this momment, the fact is that are only 3 core maintainers03:43
sepen3 maintainers, and 1 contributor as it shown in About page03:43
nipuLwell tthat's out of date03:44
pitillofrom server updates to new ideas... (going over new people that can add some efforts in lot of ways, helping maintaing the web, updating it, ports maintainers, ports reviewers/testers)03:45
pitillomaking a list with the project needs and more meetings to talk about this can be a good idea03:45
pitilloI think comunication keeps a project alive03:46
sepennipuL, web page shouldn't be out of date (imo)03:46
sepenbad maintain03:46
nipuLi agree, i'd update it, but i'm not sure what my role is03:46
nipuLshort of maintaining a few opt ports03:47
sepenI think there are a lot of people without a role for contribute03:47
pitilloand that can be one aiming of 1 meeting, look how many people can contribute and see in wich ways, the take decisions about04:07
nipuLwell i don't have wiki access so i can't add myself to the about page04:09
nipuLnp: jesu - old year04:14
nipuLsorry, just loving this band atm04:15
pitillomay be can be good to make a public( or at least for active users) list to write there points wich can be interesting for a future meeting. (sysdevels or all active users can mark them with priorities)04:26
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*** lasso|qt_ is now known as lasso|qt04:51
*** SiFuh has joined #Crux04:52
SiFuhanyone know what time I quit on IRC and what hostname i was using?04:53
*** namenlos has quit IRC04:55
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nipuLIgnorance List:05:01
nipuL2 *: JOINS PARTS QUITS MODES -network freenode05:01
lucifer4uHello :)05:03
teKRomster: it worked like a charm :-) JFYI05:10
RomsterX-Bender ?05:13
Romsteri hadn't looked at it.05:13
Romsterkeep finding Futurama <<05:14
* Romster goes back to watcging Kitchen Nightmares05:16
teK X-Powered-By: Slash 2.00500005:16
teK  X-Bender: Let's commence preparations for rumbling!05:16
teK  Cache-Control: private05:16
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*** mike_k has joined #crux05:18
pitilloSiFuh, at log 20:29 but no info related to host there05:18
*** SiFuh_ has joined #Crux05:22
*** sepen has quit IRC05:23
SiFuhi see05:23
SiFuhthanks pitillo05:24
SiFuhmy server crashed for an unknown reason..05:24
SiFuhand no more log entries between 5 am and 8 pm05:24
*** SiFuh has quit IRC05:24
*** SiFuh_ is now known as SiFuh05:25
*** errdil has joined #crux05:25
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux05:25
pitillostrange, I tried with nickserv to look or info related to your host, but your nick is private and doesn't show that info, may be you can try that05:27
pitillowell, not now because that info must be updated05:27
SiFuhyeah i tried that05:30
SiFuhit just told me  read error05:31
SiFuh for a quit message05:31
cruxbotcontrib.git: libebml, libmatroska, mkvtoolnix, libvorbis_autov, md5deep: Remove .sha256sum files (although they don't hurt anything).05:31
SiFuhi logged in as another user before joinging #crux05:31
pitillothat kind of crashes remembers me watchdogs timeouts (or something similiar) in obsd05:33
*** sepen has joined #crux05:47
*** maxus has quit IRC05:52
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rehabdoll03:29 -!- SiFuh [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection Timed Out)06:00
*** mrks has quit IRC06:03
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*** mike_k has quit IRC06:08
pitillopredatorfreak, in opt/smpeg port, here I got a missing usr/bin/glmovie (testing this in a fresh and clean enviroment) I think that port is missing mesa3d dependencie or you must build it in a clean enviroment without mesa3d to get the real footprint06:09
predatorfreaksmpeg isn't maintained by me.06:10
predatorfreakI never adopted it.06:10
pitillopredatorfreak, yeah, I'm sorry. I will send a email to maintainer.06:11
pitillo(I don't know why I saw you, sorry)06:11
Romsteri could adopt it since i use sdl stuff.. no word yet on a yes/no for opt.06:11
predatorfreakpitillo: No one maintains it ATM.06:11
predatorfreakRomster: Someone could probably just delete it from opt06:12
predatorfreakand you could move it to contrib06:12
Romsterand rss-glx yeah could do that.06:12
pitillopredatorfreak, oh thank you for that tip and sorry again.06:12
Romsterdunno what else there is left.06:12
*** mike_k has joined #crux06:13
predatorfreakRomster: grep it :P06:13
Romsterjust have <<06:14
Romsterthe other thing is i dunno what is up with matt's ports in contrib.06:14
Romsterif he is maintaining still or not.06:15
Romsteri'd guess he is still active in contrib?06:15
predatorfreakI dunno.06:15
predatorfreakRomster: Also. Me H8 people who don't master their DVDs right.06:17
predatorfreakSome black borders that are consistent, fine, I can crop it.06:17
predatorfreakI have a bible of an avisynth script to deal with this <_<06:18
namenloshm, smpeg is used by blender06:18
predatorfreakNo... bible is being too kind.06:18
predatorfreakIt's more like War & Peace06:18
sepenpredatorfreak, can you fix opt/mplayer md5sum?06:19
predatorfreaksepen: It changed?06:19
predatorfreakThat's NOT good.06:20
Romstersilent tarball change?06:20
predatorfreakthe security patches changed06:20
Romstererr thats horendes..06:20
Romsteryeah i just looked.06:21
sepensecurity patches with unsecurity md506:21
sepenpredatorfreak, I told you that yesterday too06:21
predatorfreaksepen: Well the patches are identical.06:21
predatorfreaksepen: I didn't see it?06:21
predatorfreakYou must not have said predatorfreak before it :P06:22
predatorfreakI tend not to notice if I'm not immediately here unless you do06:22
sepenso sorry06:23
Romstersepen, prefix the name helps.06:24
cruxbotopt.git: mplayer: Update .md5sum to match refreshed upstream patches (I think?).06:24
sepenI've a little confussion06:24
sepentoo many thanks predatorfreak06:25
predatorfreaksepen: It's supposed to be my job :P06:25
sepenwell, our job imo06:26
sepenI think that I can act as a reporter for other if ins't enough for they06:26
predatorfreaksepen: Well I'm supposed to maintain mplayer :P06:27
predatorfreakand I need to write a new script to automate the running of avs2yuv and mencoder for when I need avisynth's Godlike powers of cropping.06:27
* predatorfreak breaks out vim06:28
sepenimo you're doing a great work06:28
pitillowell, I will take note about this and if someone adopt smpeg, I will report about if it's not fixed.06:30
sepenthere aren't error lines in your maintained ports in my report
* sepen - time to eat06:31
Romsterok i got a list of what i can take that isn't in opt that i can throw in contrib predatorfreak. mind if i pvt you it?06:32
predatorfreakRomster: Sure06:32
predatorfreakIf anyone yells at me for giving them to you, I'll take the fall :P06:32
predatorfreakRomster: Make sure they're not deps of anything in opt though06:33
Romstersepen you should take libtheora06:37
Romsterthen againthats in contrib not opt bah i'm muddling thngs up.06:37
pitilloRomster, I think he will pick it up without problems06:41
cruxbotopt.git: smpeg: Remove from opt, Danny Rawlins is adopting in contrib (currently unmaintained).06:43
cruxbotopt.git: freealut: Remove from opt, Danny Rawlins is adopting in contrib (currently unmaintained).06:43
cruxbotopt.git: bmp: Remove from opt, Danny Rawlins is adopting in contrib (currently unmaintained).06:43
cruxbotopt.git: libtheora: Remove from opt, Danny Rawlins is adopting in contrib (currently unmaintained).06:43
cruxbotopt.git: openal: Remove from opt, Danny Rawlins is adopting in contrib (currently unmaintained).06:43
predatorfreakYay! Commit-bomb06:43
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux07:06
*** destruct has quit IRC07:17
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:22
*** Rotwang has quit IRC07:31
sepenRomster hmm07:38
sepenok Romster Ill do07:38
Romsteri'm about to do a commit.07:39
sepen<cruxbot> opt.git: libtheora: Remove from opt, Danny Rawlins is adopting in contrib (currently unmaintained).07:39
Romsteryeah i need it for gstreamer. and you need it for a port too i see. i'm about to commit soon.07:39
Romsteri'm just tidying them up07:40
sepenok its fine for me07:40
sepenwhat about opt/amule?07:50
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux07:50
sepenWarning: Couldn't delete libtheora (Directory not empty)07:52
sepenWarning: Couldn't delete openal (Directory not empty)07:52
cruxbotcontrib.git: rss-glx: picked up port from opt08:01
cruxbotcontrib.git: openal: picked up port from opt08:01
cruxbotcontrib.git: libtheora: picked up port from opt08:01
cruxbotcontrib.git: bmp: picked up port from opt08:01
cruxbotcontrib.git: freealut: picked up port from opt08:01
*** Rotwang has joined #crux08:01
Romsterdirectory not empty O_o08:03
Romsteraon maintains amule.08:04
sepenno reason to be in opt (imho)08:07
sepenmore reasonable mldonkey imo, but not in opt in both cases08:08
pitillohere starting reviewing opt08:08
sepenI'll do another repoverify report after these changes08:09
*** jaeger has joined #crux08:09
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:09
sepenhey jaeger08:09
jaegergood morning08:09
pitillohere rebuilding all in a fresh enviroment, my first obj is to look for lost deps08:10
pitillomorning jaeger08:10
predatorfreakjaeger: Come back to us, we're playing the ports shuffle without you :P08:10
sepenpitillo, well please tell me the svn path08:10
jaegerpredatorfreak: what do you mean? :)08:11
sepenjaeger, timeline08:11
predatorfreakjaeger: See the contrib.git/opt.git log :)08:11
Romstershh <<08:11
predatorfreakAlso aaaarrrrggghhhhh bloody avisynth.08:11
jaegeris it really that bad? heh08:12
predatorfreakDoesn't handle Variable Frame Rate videos properly.08:12
jaegerholy shit, nvidia built on this machine today08:12
jaegerI'm *SO* confused08:12
predatorfreakjaeger: Nah, just annoying.08:12
predatorfreakjaeger: Yay! +1 Magic cookie for it being maintained by me.08:12
Romsterjaeger, what changed :P08:12
Romsteror should i ask predatorfreak that <<08:13
jaegerRomster: nothing but the date and that I booted into windows for a few days because it was pissing me off08:13
sepenjaeger, please rejoin to core team :)08:13
Romsterpredatorfreak, i have no luck on the current driver glxgears bombs out.08:13
jaegersepen: I don't really have the free time at the moment... I'd be a fairly bad maintainer right now08:14
predatorfreakRomster: Did the normal gl-select x11; gl-select nvidia shuffle?08:14
predatorfreakjaeger: Better than me :P08:14
predatorfreakI'm a raging crazyman, after all!08:14
Romsterpredatorfreak, did that after reboots and before i tried the reboot i did the rmmod nvidia depmod -a modprobe nvidia08:15
Romsteri'll try it again sometime.08:15
lucifer4upkg-add install ion3 will fail since there is no sources at the servers. Also new ion3 version appeared. Can ion3 port be updated?08:15
Romsteri'm no kernel nowso that might change things.08:15
predatorfreakRomster: Probably a magical nvidia bug that isn't reproducible.08:15
lucifer4ui meant prt-get :)08:15
predatorfreakAnywhere but your box08:15
Romsterpredatorfreak, like the one jaeger got <<08:16
Romsterwell had.08:16
sepenlucifer4u, prt-get info ion3 | grep Maintainer08:16
sepenlucifer4u, you should send a mail to maintainer08:17
predatorfreakRomster: For him it just magically didn't build though08:17
jaegerwell, the driver built this time but I still don't get a working X for some reason08:17
lucifer4usepen can i send message here to him instead of mailing?08:17
jaegernow it's reporting that it can't initialize the device at PCI:1:0:008:18
sepenlucifer4u, yes what do you known his irc nick name?08:18
predatorfreakAlso, now I have this whole series, encode it to x264, chop off the credits and shit, run it through fancy-pants avisynth to fix up the cropping and THEN reencode the 5000-KB/s x264 files into 800KB/s x264 files08:18
Romsterwho is Rene anyways.08:18
sepenlasso|qt, ohhh rugek08:19
predatorfreakThen encode the audio into Vorbis <_<08:19
sepenlucifer4u, rugek  :)08:19
lucifer4urugek: hello. I found ion3 port is outdated. Can i update it?08:19
Romsterrugek ah right in the email part..08:19
predatorfreakand merge them all in pretty matroska containers08:19
lasso|qtsepen: ?08:19
lasso|qtah, nvm08:19
sepenlasso|qt, sorry was a little mistake with my completion08:19
lucifer4ulasso|qt:  it was lTab :)08:19
lasso|qtye, i realized that :)08:19
jaegerah, it's that retarded vmap() thing again08:20
predatorfreakRomster: Video editing and encoding sure does suck.08:20
Romsteryeah i've done some.08:20
predatorfreakEverytime I finally think I've gotten it "Just Right"08:20
Romstertakes bloody ages.08:20
predatorfreakSorry it's fucked up.08:20
Romsterthen there is that.08:20
Romsteroh goodie it's nearly done then as you said &^(* that's not right grrr redo.08:21
predatorfreakRomster: The one nice thing I will say is, most Hollywood releases are well-produced DVDs.08:21
lucifer4uBy the way. Which lightweight wm do you suggest? I like ion3 but i have not used it more then a year. Maybe it is something new good appeared?08:21
Romsterpekwm i'm in.08:21
predatorfreakSadly, Anime DVDs tend to have a ton of worms <_<08:21
predatorfreakor bugs or fuckups or idiots making them.08:22
predatorfreakWhatever you wanna say.08:22
Rotwanglucifer4u: awesome08:22
predatorfreakRomster: It's easier to rip DVDs of films from the 1920s than Anime...08:22
Romsterblack and white westerns.08:23
predatorfreakActually I'm a German Expressionist person, but same difference.08:23
Romsterah k.08:24
predatorfreakMost of the DVDs are at least mastered decently well so they're not hard/soft-telecined with randomly jumping frame rates08:24
Romsterhonestly i haven't had a dvd that does that yet predatorfreak08:25
predatorfreakRomster: Buy some anime series.08:25
Romsterit's all standared dvd riping i've ever done.08:25
Romstermy brother has dragonball z <<08:25
predatorfreakI swear they TRY to torture people with them.08:25
predatorfreakRomster: The series I'm trying to rip now is Serial Experiments Lain.08:26
Romstersuper sayen 5 fweee hair so long you'd trip over it lol.08:26
predatorfreakFirst two episodes are a venerable buttfuck of "THEY JUST HIRED A MONKEY TO DO THAT DIDN'T THEY?"08:26
predatorfreakWell, in terms of DVD production08:27
predatorfreakBut anyway, back in a few, gotta shower08:27
lucifer4uRotwang: prt-get search awesome showed me nothing. Can you help me to know what port is it?08:28
Rotwanglucifer4u: check in portdb its in mxq collection08:29
lucifer4uthank you08:29
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC08:35
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux08:38
*** mike_k has quit IRC08:40
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC08:41
*** destruct has quit IRC08:42
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux08:43
lucifer4uHere again :)08:43
*** destruct has joined #Crux08:46
*** mike_k has joined #crux08:51
lucifer4uHm. startx tell me i do not have config file :) funny. I thought it is installed by default. Should i write it manually and place it into /etc/X11/ ?08:52
jjpkAccording to tilman, xorg has fairly good autodetection and a configuration file is not completely necessary.08:54
jjpkIf it works without a configuration file, you have nothing to worry about. :)08:55
lucifer4ujjpk well i added framebuffer support to see sources with elinks not 80 characters per line.. and now i need to specify BusID since default configuration will not work with framebuffer08:55
lucifer4ui just recompiled kernel :) 10 minutes ago it was working with the default config.. right still there are was some problems with AGP08:56
lucifer4uhehe. with the new config file it works :) still got 198 fps with glxgears :) need to do something else :)08:58
*** Rotwang has quit IRC09:08
lucifer4ui got open ACPI failed warning can i do something to avoid this warning?09:11
cruxbotopt.git: openldap: updated to  stable-20071118 (2.3.39)09:18
Romsterah you need to acpid09:21
Romsterin opt i think.09:22
mike_kcontrib/acpid.  But acpid only listens to ACPI events and performs some user-defined actions09:24
mike_kbtw, it is known to fail if started after xorg09:25
lucifer4uinstalling it right now.09:25
mike_klucifer4u: it won't fix anything09:25
lucifer4uhm. will it remove warning?09:25
mike_kit will can give you some nice things, like shutdown on PWR button press, if configured09:26
lucifer4umike_k:  thank you.09:36
lucifer4uhm. how can i be sure agpgart kernel module loaded before radeon?09:36
lucifer4uf1y: what do you mean by udev?09:48
lucifer4ushould i install udev?09:49
f1yyou already have it09:49
f1yin /etc/udev you have rules to autoload modules when booting os09:49
jjpkA simpler alternative is to load modules in /etc/rc.modules.09:50
f1ybut i wonder... you should have agpgart and chipset-agp modules loaded before radeon09:50
lucifer4uhm. here is the thing:09:50
lucifer4ui compiled agp and radeon into kernel09:50
lucifer4ui am sure since i do grep AGP /usr/src/linux- | grep y and i have AGP and AGP_RADEON =y09:51
lucifer4uwhen i startx i have error about AGP09:51
lucifer4uand there is informational notice that i should be sure agp module loaded before radeon09:52
lucifer4ushould i make them modules and place correctly into rc.modules or with /etc/udev or is it not the problem with them?09:52
f1yfirstable you have to recompile kernel and set agpgart, your_chipset-agp and radeon as a modules09:53
f1ywhen sth is compiled into kernel, you cannot load/unload it (or - for sure - i do not know the way to do this)09:54
sepenlucifer4u, did you read contrib/ati/README ?09:55
lucifer4usepen: no. i have not know about it. goint to read it09:55
f1yhm by the way setting peripheral devices as modules instead of compiling it into kernel is better i guess...09:56
lucifer4uyes. i going to move a lot of things into modules .. right now i have monolithic kernel.. and since it causes some problem i think i should use modules if it is possible..09:57
f1yyou are always able to load/unload/reload module, which causes problems or when device freezes, sometimes it helps09:58
lucifer4usepen as i understood i need ati driver.. so kernel is not enough.. right?10:05
f1ylucifer4u: xorg-xf86-video-ati10:05
sepenfor direct rendering10:06
sepenand the propietary driver10:06
f1ycatalyst sucks so badly... it freezes my machine 0_o10:06
f1yradeon 9600 pro - rv35010:06
lucifer4uhehe i have radeon 9600 too10:07
sepenrunning the same chipset here10:07
sepen<f1y> catalyst sucks so badly... it freezes my machine 0_o   ->> Im running catalyst really fine here10:09
f1ysepen: maybe this isn't fault of catalyst itself, i meant that it sucks on my machine; and i noticed that fglrx 8.28.8, 8.35.5 and 8.36.6 were the best, from 8.36.6 everything went wrong for me i guess10:11
f1ynewer versions = lower fps10:12
lucifer4usepen:  in README  direct rendering manager is not selected and support for the framebuffer devices is not set too. but i have them enabled right now.. am i forced to disable framebuffer devices and why should native DRI should be disabled10:12
lucifer4ui mean NOTE for kernel section10:14
f1yok time for a smoke ;]10:14
lucifer4uf1y:  :)10:14
sepenyou don't need framebuffer10:14
lucifer4ui use it with the console right now.. am i forced to disable it?10:15
f1ylucifer4u: no10:15
f1yi use framebuffer and have no problems with ati10:15
*** maxus has joined #crux10:15
lucifer4uand what about that Direct Rendering Manager ?10:16
pitillofly, you said it freezes your machine.... what do you mean? one version or all versions? In old fglrx versions, was insteresting to disable FB if you were using fglrx10:16
sepenlucifer4u, whats the problem?10:17
lucifer4usorry for so many questions :) i ask it because you have the same chipset10:17
sepen< > Direct Rendering Manager (XFree86 4.1.0 and higher DRI support)10:17
lucifer4uyes. that is what i asking about10:18
f1ypitillo: only catalyst freezes, previous versions were working fine with/without fb if not mentioning lower fps in every newer fglrx10:18
lucifer4uit is not checked here10:18
sepenmine VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AQ [Radeon 9600]10:18
sepenlucifer4u, ati propietary driver has his own dri10:18
f1yi have RV350 AP10:18
lucifer4ui have RV350 Mobility Radeon 9600 [M10]10:19
f1y01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AP [Radeon 9600]10:20
sepenI don't known what differences could have10:20
pitillosepen, mobility is used in laptops, i think10:21
sepenwell both of them should run fine with the lastest propietary driver10:21
sepenbut not sure10:21
lucifer4uwell. i am going to recompile kernel and install proprietary driver right now :) thank you all for help10:22
sepennp please report if you have some errors or troubles10:25
*** RedShift has joined #crux10:53
*** mike_k has quit IRC11:02
*** sepen has quit IRC11:04
lucifer4ugoing to test new kernel11:06
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC11:06
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux11:09
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:13
*** RedShift has quit IRC11:15
thrice`tilman: see this one?
tilmanthrice`: frigging xorg-announce is late because the moderators are slacking11:17
tilmananyway, great news11:17
thrice`long time coming, it seems11:19
*** haole has joined #crux11:31
haolehey there, Romster... any news on that stuff??11:32
Romsterremade that patch11:33
*** namenlos has joined #crux11:34
Romsterthe other program is fun i got stuck goung around in circles found a few things but that's as far as i got.11:34 in the src it runs so run python and try to load the modues and what dosn't load means yur missing that module.11:35
namenloshi, anyone got a clue, which modules i got to enable in order to get /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug?11:35
haoleso, for scribes there is no solution?11:38
haoleoh, i have a doubt... when i put my e-mail into the Pkgfile, i don't know if i use . as dot before de @11:39
haolelike, me e-mail is: ivan.reche@gmail.com11:39
haoleshould be ivan dot reche at gmail dot com or ivan.reche at gmail dot com?11:39
Romsternot sure..11:42
Romsteruse a old config and do make oldconfig11:42
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:55
f1ynamenlos: CONFIG_HOTPLUG=y ?11:55
f1ydamn, too late11:55
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:58
f1yRotwang: <o12:10
haoleme e-mail is: ivan.reche@gmail.com12:29
haoleshould be ivan dot reche at gmail dot com or ivan.reche at gmail dot com? in Pkgfile12:29
*** RedShift has joined #crux12:29
lucifer4uhaole:  ivan dot reche at gmail dot com12:29
haolelucifer4u, thanks, i did it right, then :)12:30
RedShiftnickserv died?12:31
tilmanyeah, but you can give your password to me instead12:32
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC12:34
haoleRomster, i think i'll wait for another release of "emesene"... my package worked with your fix, but then it fails to launch by giving an error saying that Controller module couldn't be imported so i give up for now :) but thanks for all your trouble12:34
Romsterbah figures...12:35
*** haole has quit IRC12:35
*** raw has joined #crux12:36
rawcan someone take a look at kdebindings? QTDIR=/usr/share/qt is exported, so it searches for it's headers in /usr/share/qt/include/qt/12:37
rawwich does not exists, of course12:37
rawexist, even12:38
*** muerto has joined #crux12:39
*** deus_ex has quit IRC12:42
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux12:47
lucifer4uAfter i build proprietary ati it is not loading. Screen goes from black to green then to red and then to black.. Only reboot helps :(12:48
rawyou *build* prop. ati?12:49
lucifer4ui have done /usr/bin/prt-get depinst ati12:49
Romsterraw, do you even have qt3 installed?12:50
rawRomster: no, of course not12:50
rawlucifer4u: did you read the README file?12:50
Romsterraw, so whats the problem? install qt3 first.12:51
rawRomster: of course it is installed12:51
rawRomster: I was just being sarcastic12:51
lucifer4uraw. Yes. i recompiled kernel. Then i done /usr/bin/prt-get depinst ati and then i have done /usr/bin/gl-select ati12:52
Romsterlucifer4u, rmmod ati; depmod -a; modprobe ati; gl-select xorg; gl-select ai; startx12:52
Romsterlucifer4u, prt-get update -fr ati12:52
rawRomster: anyway, it's just that QTDIR=/usr/share/qt is exported, wich assumes there's and /usr/share/qt/include/qt file12:52
Romsterthe fiels are there or are them paths wrong?12:53
rawRomster: the problem is, that qt installs it's headers to /usr/share/qt/include/12:53
rawRomster: a simple symlink fixes that, but there's probably a better solusion, involving a discussion where qt should install it files12:54
rawRomster: yeah, the files are there, just not in the right path12:54
Romsterthere is symlinks as far as i know12:54
tilmanpretty awesome that nobody spotted this yet12:54
rawRomster: is qtdir needed for the moc stuff? if not it would probably enough to just delete the QTDIR line and use the /usr/include/qt path12:54
Romster/usr/share/qt/include/ -> ../../../include12:55
lucifer4uRomster:  i do not have ati module.. and i installed ati first time so i thought i do not need to do gl-select xorg; gl-select ati;12:55
rawtilman: awesome is my second forename12:55
tilmansome time ago you said it was "sarcastic"12:55
rawRomster: yeah, and that's exactly the problem, because setting QTDIR to /usr/share/qt/ assumes the header files in /usr/share/qt/include/*qt*12:56
thrice`I dont' think kdebindings is a common one to install12:56
rawthrice`: not really, but is that a reason to ship a broken Pkgfile? ;)12:56
tilmanit's a reason why the error went unnoticed12:57
rawyeah, I thought so12:58
cruxbotxorg.git: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to
* raw does a unnoticed dance12:59
Romsteremail the maintainer.12:59
tilmansetopt auto_cd13:00
tilmani think i like that13:00
lucifer4urrrhhh PreInitDAL failed..13:01
lucifer4uso i forced not to use framebuffer13:02
rawthe joy of prop. drivers13:02
rawfunny thing is, intel(4) forces you to use framebuffer13:02
tilmandoubt it13:02
tilmani'm using intel(4) on my notebook, and it's working just fine13:03
tilmanwithout a framebuffer console ;)13:03
rawi'm using intel(4) on my notebook, and it's working just fine, provided I set vga=<1024 or smth. like that> or the box freezes with a black screen after terminating X13:04
lucifer4uwho know what is vbetool?13:11
rawnot prt-get but I bet google does13:12
lucifer4uheh. never thought i will have monitor problem in linux ;)13:13
rawmost common problem for me13:14
tilmanvbe is probably video bios extension13:15
tilmanyou can use it to poke the video bios of the graphics card13:15
tilmaneg to force a POST'ing13:15
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux13:16
rawbtw, imagemagick is still outdated13:47
Romsterraw, i have a beta port
*** sepen has joined #crux13:51
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC13:51
rawRomster: ah thanks13:51
rawRomster: Pkgfile: line 20: cd: ImageMagick-6.3.8: No such file or directory13:56
Romstereh maybe you dont have lzma installed.13:58
rawRomster: would be a good idea to add it to depends then13:58
Romsteryeah just did now.13:59
rawstill the same error14:02
Romsteri can build it just fine..14:03
Romsteryou don't have lzma installed so it'll uncompress the lzma if you like change the lzma to bzip2 if you don't wanna mess around, but it all works as it is for me.14:04
rawno, I have lzma installed now14:07
Rotwangraw: i think problem is case of the letters ;]14:13
Romsteroh i know...14:14
Romsteri got a lzma decompress patch and i didin't edit that fix in the Pkgfile for when that isn't in pkgutils.14:15
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux14:15
Romsterfixed it14:15
*** joacim has quit IRC14:24
sepenRomster, nice!14:27
lucifer4uhm. i still cannot find workaround with my ati and framebuffer ..14:28
sepenalso could be fine more formats like .Z .tgz .7z ...14:28
Romstersepen, hmm maybe i'll add in more i'm working on a xdelta one to use a diff=() url too.14:29
sepensounds great too14:29
Romsterfirst 2 are covered in pkgutils already 7z isn't14:29
Romstertgz is covered14:29
Romster xdelta files are small for updates <<14:30
sepenohhh *.tar.gz|*.tar.Z|*.tgz)14:30
sependid you develop/test redhat .spec's fileS?14:31
sepenlucifer4u, whats your actual status? kernel compiled? ati installed? fglrx module loaded? aticonfig xorg.conf edited? gl-select applied?14:32
Romsteri hadn't looked at redhat spec files14:32
sepenwell they have a nice decompress flags14:33
sepenfor renaming the unpacked sources i.e.14:33
lucifer4ucurrent status:14:33
lucifer4ukernel compiled with framebuffer support14:33
lucifer4ui use this kernel right now14:33
lucifer4ukernel compiled without framebuffer support14:34
lucifer4uif i will not choose another solution i going to use new kernel14:34
lucifer4uati installed14:34
lucifer4ufglrgx loaded14:34
sepenprt-get depinst ati I suppose14:34
lucifer4uxorg.conf edited14:34
lucifer4ugl-select ati applied14:34
sepenwell, you should paste /var/log/Xorg.log (
lucifer4uPreInitDAL failed14:35
lucifer4ugrep "(EE)" /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:37
lucifer4uresults in fglrx(0) PreInitDAL failed14:37
lucifer4uthis is the only problem14:38
lucifer4uwhich right now can be solved with disabling framebuffer support from the module.. and i really do not want to do it..14:38
lucifer4ucp /var/log/Xorg.0.log /var/www/14:39
lucifer4usorry :)14:39
sepenI need to eat something before14:43
sepenIll return14:43
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC14:52
*** f1y has quit IRC14:53
SiFuh2bwi0: error 2, could not read firmware bwi-airforce14:53
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux14:54
*** RedShift has quit IRC14:55
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC15:00
* jtnl is away: Estoy ocupado15:07
*** tri has joined #crux15:14
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux15:18
*** haole has joined #crux15:23
sepenhere, with my black tee15:26
*** boe has quit IRC15:33
*** f1y has joined #crux15:35
f1yis there any benchmark to test graphic card?15:35
lucifer4uglxgears ;)15:36
pitillofly, look for a game (here the best benchmark)15:37
jjpkglxgears is not really much of a benchmark.15:37
jjpkIt will tell you if direct rendering works but nothing overly detailed.15:38
f1yim going to test catalyst right now15:38
f1ymaybe enemy territory would be great to do that15:38
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC15:40
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux15:42
lucifer4ueven after i recompiled kernel with framebuffer disabled ati still do not work15:43
Rotwangf1y: teewars with enabled debugging XD15:43
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC15:44
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux15:49
*** f1y has quit IRC15:54
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux15:57
*** tri has quit IRC15:58
lucifer4uproprietary ati do not work at all16:03
lucifer4ugoing back to the framebuffer support and kernel radeon driver16:04
lucifer4ugoogle said that i should use vbetool vgamode & startx16:06
lucifer4utried. do not work16:06
lucifer4usimplified xorg.conf to the smallest number of lines. if driver fglrx then it fails16:06
lucifer4ueverything done as written in README. recompiled kernel to the same options..16:07
sepen*fails* is generic16:08
sepenwhere it fails? paste16:09
lucifer4uPreInitDAL failed16:09
lucifer4uthat is the line16:09
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:10
*** f1y has joined #crux16:13
f1ynot a chance, catalyst still hangs my pc16:13
f1ywill try without drm/framebuffer16:13
*** f1y has quit IRC16:14
sepenI don't use it here16:19
lucifer4usepen: hm. should i use via instead of radeon?16:19
lucifer4uVIA chipset16:21
sepenI've this chipset and you?16:23
pitillolucifer4u, do you have agpgart and via_agp modules loaded before fglrx?16:24
sepenI $ grep -i agp /usr/ports/contrib/ati/README16:24
sepen  <M> /dev/agpgart (AGP Support)16:24
sepen  <M>   Your_AGP_Chipset_Here16:24
sepenlucifer4u, see Your16:25
lucifer4upitillo:  i had agpgart and ati-agp16:25
lucifer4ubut maybe this is my mistake16:25
sepenplease read16:25
lucifer4uhow to understood what chipset do i have?16:25
lucifer4uVGA compatible controller: ATI technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10]16:27
*** Romster has quit IRC16:32
*** Romster has joined #crux16:33
sepenthe chipset from your motherboard16:35
sepennot you graphic card16:35
sepenthe agp slot is in your motherboard16:35
lucifer4uoh... i am idiot :(16:35
lucifer4ui thought it was graphic card chipset16:36
*** f1y has joined #crux16:41
f1yi hate ati proprietary driver...16:41
lucifer4uintel 855PM16:42
sepenlucifer4u, then compile the kernel with this agp chipset  support as module16:42
sepenf1y, x)16:42
f1ysepen: this isnt matter of framebuffer/drm, catalyst hangs pc no matter of combination of those (module/built in/without)16:44
sepenhmm never listen again16:44
lucifer4usepen:  thank you16:44
lucifer4usepen:  i think that is the main problem i had..16:45
lucifer4ui was thinking agp_ati is what i need16:45
sepenplease rebuild your kernel and test it16:46
lucifer4ugoing to do it right now ;)16:47
*** f1y has quit IRC16:50
*** f1y has joined #crux16:50
*** jtnl has quit IRC16:54
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:55
SiFuhcan't beleive i read the man page 5 times and missed "The driver needs a firmware file.."17:02
SiFuhthat's just stupid17:02
haoleRomster, may i ask for your advice once again? :D17:08
Romsterif it's not about that other program that's a pain <<17:08
* haole haole slaps tha man pages onto SiFuh17:09
haolelol, it is about it much more of a python doubt17:09
haolethe sources folder has several folder, like emesenelib, conversation_themes and so on...17:09
haolefrom your patch, the misses one of this directories, and this one is $SRC itself (/emesene)17:10
haolewhat's the best solution for this? a) move everything in $SRC to $SRC/emesene and add this package to setup.py17:10
haoleor b) do something i don't know to make it install $SRC at .../python2.5/site-packages/emesene instead of .../python2.5/site-packages?17:11
haolecause if i add "." as a package, it installs fine but at site-packages17:11
haolegot it? :)17:11
Romsterdo i always mess stuff up..17:12
Romsteri saw it installed ok so i thought it was fine.17:12
haoleit's just missing this directory, but this source stinks17:13
haolei talked to the developers and they agreed to me17:13
Romstercan't the dev fix there file?17:13
haolethey are going to make a new release in a couple of weeks to fix this things, but im glad since i learned a few things17:13
haolehe did it for me, but it didn't worked and i can't find him again17:13
haolethat was when i came to ask for your help the first time17:14
Romsterremoving the package name was the one that killed setup.py17:14
haoleyes, but if i add 'emesene' as a package, it complains that there are no $SRC/emesene folder17:14
haolesince this files are on $SRC/17:14
haoleis there a way to fix this crazy thing without doing some ugly "mv"s?17:15
Romsterhaole, info is here on distutils
haoleok, gonna read it... thanks17:16
Romsteri'm too tired to think but the info is there.17:16
haoleno problem :)17:17
sepen--- ping statistics ---17:18
sepen2 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 999ms17:18
sepenno ping here17:18
sepenpitillo, same?17:18
lucifer4uthe same17:18
sepenmaybe our isp17:18
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC17:18
Romster3 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 1999ms17:18
Romstergee ti's dead17:18
*** errdil has quit IRC17:19
*** Dudde has quit IRC17:19
sepenRomster, 1999ms17:19
*** cruxbot has quit IRC17:19
sepenhere 999ms17:19
Romsternow everyting pings off.17:19
sepencruxbot down too17:19
Romster 7 (  359.682 ms  361.462 ms  361.295 ms17:20
Romsternoting past hop 7 for me17:20
sepenyour rtt is bigger than mine17:20
pitilloRomster, what do you think about this: what do you this is better, build ports with packages installed and then if the user haven't them, got a missing error or build with less packages and then the user get new files error on footprints? first or second option?17:20
sepen 2 (  510.999 ms  267.384 ms  126.057 ms17:20
sepen 3  * *17:20
pitillowhat do you this/ what do you think ...17:21
Romster13  * * (  484.525 ms17:21
sepen22 (  75.875 ms  75.540 ms (  76.540 ms17:21
Romsternow it's back up..17:21
sepencouldbe or as its named17:22
Romstersepen, 22 man you go though alot of routers.17:22
sepenRomster, this is spain hehehe17:22
sepensurely your connection jump to europe via satellite17:23
lucifer4uhehe i have 18 steps to go to the crux.nu17:23
sepenPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.17:23
sepenFrom ( icmp_seq=106 Packet filtered17:23
haolehow do i make "diff" to write the name of the file it is comparing on the top of the file?17:24
sepensounds that a maintainement17:24
sependiff -pu /path1 /path2 ?17:24
Romsteractually i go over fibore optic cable from sydney to usa i think.17:24
haoleprobably :D17:24
Romsterforget exactly where to or it might be to uk17:24
Romsterdiff -pruN path.orig path17:25
pitillowell, may be the third option, none of the previous ones17:25
sepen-r ?17:26
sepenthats necessary?17:26
Romsterif your doing a entire directory yes.17:26
sepennot for that case17:26
Romstercp -r foo foo.orig; cd foo; edit files; cd ..; diff -pruN > /../../patchname.patch17:27
haoleFINALLY, MAN!!! lol17:27
haoleit is working Romster ;)17:27
Romsterif it's one file i jsut use diff -u17:27
haolegood material about python in their site :)17:27
Romsterhaole,  :)17:27
haolei just had to tell him about where the emesene package was17:27
haolei did it like this:17:27
haolepackage_dir = {'emesene': '.'},17:27
lucifer4ube back in minutes17:27
Romster. for current directory.17:28
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC17:28
haolethen it worked, but that's some strange source structure if u ask me17:28
Romstersee reading helps.17:28
* haole feels stupid about this comment ^17:28
Romsteri thnk the dev didn't know exactly what he was doing there.17:28
haolei did the opposite way to change to crux17:30
Romstertoo bad cruxbot dosn't have autoreconnect code.17:30
haolei liked gentoo and arch, and then i found out about this nice stuff here :D17:30
haolegentoo is nice, but it's way too difficult to create a package and the devs seems unstable... they are always fighting in the forums17:31
haolei had the sensation that they were going to end up their work anytime17:31
SiFuhsepen: :-/17:32
haoleand arch is nice, but my computer gets bloated after sometime... and it's nice to compile things over :)17:32
sepenSiFuh, yeah17:32
SiFuhflooding #openbsd :-P17:32
sepen5 lines == flooding?17:32
SiFuhcrux related i might add :-P17:33
pitilloand more in nonrelated channels17:33
pitillobad hours sepen17:33
sepenyeah I need some sleeping17:33
SiFuheither that or he got tired of my openbsd questions in crux17:33
pitilloSiFuh, that is impossible17:34
sepenwhat it openbsd?17:35
SiFuhi think it is a crux like OS17:35
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC17:36
sepenbetter kernel I suppose17:36
pitilloSiFuh, IMO more organized17:36
sepenyeah also CVS ports environment17:36
sepenIm very disagree with port development in crux17:36
SiFuhactually i like the way that all openbsd ports must be compiled against the full system. So no conflicts17:37
Romstersepen, all the inconsistant ports?17:37
sepenand could be insecure17:38
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux17:38
sepenyou known my lastest opinions about that17:38
lucifer4uadded intel agp17:38
lucifer4ustill do not work17:38
lucifer4uthe same error17:38
sepenohhh serious problem17:38
sependid you read carefully all the info?17:39
lucifer4ui hope so17:39
sepenand maybe ati support page?17:39
lucifer4ui was googling today a lot :) i think ati support page was one among others :)17:40
SiFuhothers? like viagra and ati support?17:41
sepentake your pills17:41
SiFuhhmm what kind of annoys me is googling for BSD questions and getting a 100 links to ubuntu forums17:42
lucifer4uSiFuh: i have normal potention :) but if will not install this ati i will be not happy for some days ;))17:43
sepenplease, someone for mainting this port? Im so tired17:44
lucifer4uone more attempt :)17:46
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC17:47
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:59
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux18:05
lucifer4urebuilding kernel once again :)18:06
haolewhat's the problem that is bothering lucifer4u18:06
lucifer4ustill hope it will work18:06
*** pitillo has quit IRC18:06
lucifer4ucat /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:06
lucifer4uoh sorry18:06
lucifer4ui cannot paste.. i am in console18:07
lucifer4uPreInitDAL failed. This is the error in my X log18:07
sepenno idea related18:08
Romstercat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |wgetpaste18:08
Romsterprt-get install wgetpaste18:08
lucifer4ui will write simple script to paste the whole config18:08
lucifer4uoh.. it exist .. great18:08
sepenand works nice!18:09
SiFuhhaha i have explained the same thing over and over again to this guy openbsd and he still doesn't understand.18:09
sepen...that's probably why round robin works18:10
sepenno comments18:10
sepencruxbot down too!18:13
SiFuhhaha i keep losing internet connection..18:14
SiFuhthe wireless card is right where my wrist is (with a metal plate)18:14
sepenlucifer4u, and your xorg.conf?18:15
*** muerto has quit IRC18:17
SiFuhTo get past the PreInitDAL error with >ati-drivers-8.27.10 run 'vbetool vgamode' right before you start X...18:18
SiFuhwhat ever that means18:18
lucifer4uSiFuh:  i tried it18:18
lucifer4ui installed vbetool18:18
lucifer4uand tried to doo vbetool vgamode & startx18:19
lucifer4uit do not help18:19
SiFuhso this is a resolution problem?18:19
lucifer4uwell. this problem as i understood belong to my monitor. i have LCD 1680x1050.18:19
lucifer4uLinux recognize it as a lcd panel or something like this18:20
lucifer4uso vbetool is an attempt to get BIOS specific information18:20
lucifer4uSiFuh:  moreover.. this solutions should be used if framebuffer used18:20
lucifer4uSiFuh:  and i compiled it without and it is still do not work18:21
SiFuhlucifer4u: did you read that guys topic about grub?18:21
lucifer4ui tried nofb vga=normal or something like this and so on.. i even disabled vga settings in kernel18:22
SiFuhno frame buffer.. i see what you mean..18:22
SiFuhwhat version driver?18:23
lucifer4ui have  /usr/ports/contrib/ati/ati#8.455.2-1.pkg.tar.gz18:25
lucifer4unext attempt.. be back soon :)18:27
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC18:28
SiFuhthere is like 500 options to fix it.. and most only work for some..18:32
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux18:35
lucifer4uNothing helped..18:35
*** andarius has joined #crux18:37
andariusgreetings and salutations18:38
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC18:40
lucifer4uI pasted xorg.conf .. Is it some problems there?18:44
SiFuhseen that yet?18:45
lucifer4ugoing read it18:48
haoledamn... i hate when i fix something, the problem comes back after some time and i can't remember what i did in the first place18:58
haolemy icons in compiz config manager are gone again and i have no idea what i did before18:58
sepenuse version control19:00
lucifer4uSiFuh:  i do not know. they say to rebuild without framebuffer. i do not have framebuffer right now..19:01
SiFuhyeah i was just reading that19:02
SiFuhthere was something i read about uvesfbs or something19:02
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
SiFuhseems orinocco and atheros cards conflict with eachother when i try to trunk them wirelessy19:11
*** acrux|pippici has joined #crux19:24
lucifer4uwhat should be used ALSA or OSS ?19:30
andariusalsa is the more prefered as of late19:30
lucifer4uthank you19:31
SiFuhbut it isn't really ALSA should be SLA :-)19:34
SiFuherr LSA19:34
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC19:39
lucifer4u:) not Advanced? :)19:42
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC20:05
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux20:09
*** raw has quit IRC20:14
nipuLadvance can also mean moving forward, not just highly technical20:22
nipuLand it's defintely an improvement on oss20:23
*** sepen has quit IRC20:27
* SiFuh slaps ni20:41
nipuLdmix, nuff said20:50
nipuLyou can slap me all you want20:51
nipuLanyhoo, off to lectures20:53
SiFuhAll CPU chips compatible with the Intel 80386 (i386) architecture, except for the 80386 itself, are supported:20:54
SiFuhwonder why they just don't say 486 and up :-)20:55
nipuLwell, that wasn't a lecture, it was a prac. and they don't start until next week20:57
nipuLgues si have another hour to piss away in the labs20:57
lucifer4ugoing to sleep21:07
lucifer4u:) thank you all for the help21:08
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC21:08
*** haole has quit IRC21:25
*** haole has joined #crux21:26
haolehey there... im trying to compile scribes here, but it fails at this point of it's python dependencies check:21:37
haole>> import gtksourceview21:37
haolebut i have this thing installed... what could be wrong?21:38
andariusnight all22:01
*** andarius has left #crux22:02
haoleRomster, i fixed both emesene and scribes22:14
haoleim getting good at this :D22:14
*** joacim has joined #crux22:51
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux22:59
*** acrux|pippici has quit IRC22:59
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** acrux|pippici has joined #crux23:24
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC23:24
haolejaeger, i wanna talk with you when u have time about your gnome ports23:45
jaegerhaole: I will be back in around 8 hours23:47
haolejaeger, k, no problem23:47
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:47

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