IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-02-20

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pitillogood morning01:22
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jtnlhello lucifer4u06:02
Rotwangand salutations06:05
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RedShiftehlo lucifer4u07:05
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Romsterhaole, >> import gtksourceview207:23
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Romsterjaeger, your like clockwork <<07:43
Romstersleep well.07:43
Romsteri woke up like a hour ago.07:43
jaegersometimes :)07:44
jaegerdidn't sleep well at all07:44
Romstersomething worrying you?07:45
jaegernah. allergies, most likely07:45
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Romsteroh you suffer from that stuff.07:57
Romsteri get bad cases of hay feaver.07:58
jaegermost of them aren't so bad that I'm miserable but they mess with my sleep occasionally08:09
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Romsterah i get that sometimes i really want to sleep like a log but keep waking up it's very frustrating.08:16
sepencruxbot is still down!08:33
Romsterdamn it..08:38
Romstertilman, has to write some don't die on disconnecion and retry to reconnect.08:38
Romsterbad bot hasn't got that basic functionality.08:38
sepenor maybe it hasn't added it to the box as a daemon service08:39
Romsteri think tilman wrote it from scratch and it wasn't made as a daemon.08:44
Romsteror it lacks the reconnect attempt.08:45
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RyoSis there somebody in here that could help me out with postfix for a second maybe?09:16
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RyoSfixed it :)09:37
Romstersorry i arn't no mail guru.09:40
RyoSno problem Romster :)09:40
Romsterone area i lack in.09:40
RyoSnobody's perfect ;)09:40
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Romsterlol at a man page10:04
Romster       Do  not  use this program while sleep-walking, or before your first cup10:04
Romster       of coffee.10:04
Rotwangwhich one?10:04
Romsterman espdiff, out of patchutils10:05
haolejaeger, i was messing with the gnome ports, and i found out something: the packages for gnome-python-desktop and gnome-python-extras installs different things depending on which dependencies u have on your computer... like, yesterday, i needed bindings for gtkspell, so i had to make a package for it and reinstall gnome-python-extras... is this right?10:07
Romsterhaole, that's normal. make a note of it in a README to recompile gnome-python-extras after adding in depinst pygtkspell10:08
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Romsteror gtkspell not sure where the bindings come from.10:09
jaegerhaole: yeah, it's fairly normal10:09
Romstermaybe gnome-python-extras can use gtkspell to make the python module?10:09
haoleyeah, i didn't install pygtkspell... i installed gtkspell and the gnome-python-extras configure told me that he was going to install the bindings for it10:10
Romsterjaeger, are you stll doing gnome and your packages in contrib?10:10
Romsterah good :)10:10
Romsterhmm could of taken some of them ports i took over out of opt and put in contrib..10:11
Romsterunless oyur happy for me to maintain them10:11
jaegercould have, you're10:11
haolethere is no pygtkspell package :S10:11
jaegerbut I'm fine with you maintaining them, I have less time than I used to10:11
Romsteri hate to intrude.10:11
jaegerso I'll keep up the contrib and gnome ones10:12
Romsterjaeger, k and cd ios?10:12
jaegerneed to update gnome at least but haven't the time quite yet10:12
Romsterjaeger, care if i sometime give you some fixups for dependencys i built some stuff in a chroot and found some depends on lines not right.10:12
jaegerthat's fine10:13
Romsterhad to manually install some stuff.10:13
Romsterthen restart the compile.10:13
jaegeras for the iso, I don't mind building/bootstrapping since I have fast machines but I doubt I'll develop it more10:13
Romsterah so you'd just maintian it as is.10:13
Romsteryou do use it alot still yourself?10:14
thrice`i forget; did netinst make it into the official iso?10:14
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Romsterpersonally i hadn't needed the updated iso but i'm sure others find it useful.10:14
jaegerwell, I haven't made an updated one recently10:15
jaegerthrice`: yes and no. nobody has maintained it but it's still built10:15
jaegerit may not actually work with 2.4 without some tweaks10:15
Romsteri'd like to see the option of a netinst iso in the Makefile10:15
jaegeryou should take a closer look, it's there10:16
Romsterah so it would need soem fixups still?10:16
jaegerpossibly. it might even work as is10:16
Romsterbeen awhile since i did look at that Makefile10:16
Romsteri can't beleave this if anyone has some time to look though patchutils and tell me there is no tool what so ever to edit the offsets that the patch command reports from patching the source to clean a patch up so it's got corrected patch lines in each hunk.10:18
Romsterfuzz is another thing too would have to output the diff of the affected hunk for verifying with the user that it's safe to correct.10:18
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Romsteri think nothing exists todo that :/10:23
Romsterthan to do it manuaklly or write my own tool.10:24
Romsterthe whole espdiff tool is a complete joke O_o10:25
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* tilman doesn't care enough10:38
tilmannipuL: ssh business done10:40
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lucifer4uheh.. no more proprietary ati till next version.. do not want to spend more time on it :)11:09
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lucifer4uFriends. By the way. I want to learn some editor functionality. vim vs emacs. Need to use it for coding.. What is your suggestion?11:18
lucifer4uRotwang:  :)11:19
lucifer4uRotwang: i hope it joke? :)11:20
Rotwangyes, it was a joke ;]11:20
lucifer4ujoacim: vim vs emacs ;) no edit.exe11:22
Rotwangsed is very nice also11:22
lucifer4ujoacim: is edit.exe is your favourite editor? :)11:22
joacimno.. vim is =)11:22
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joacimI should learn to use zsh in vi-mode =)11:23
lucifer4ujoacim:  why do you choose vim not emacs?11:23
lucifer4ujust tried vim first?11:23
joacimI dont know emacs11:23
joacimbut i do know vim11:24
Rotwangwhat is emacs?11:24
joacimyeah.. tried vim first =)11:24
joacimgot nothing against emacs11:24
f1yRotwang: better do not ask...11:24
Rotwangsome kind of expensive food or something?11:24
lucifer4uRotwang: prt-get install emacs; emacs;11:25
joacimplural for
thrice`joacim: lots dislike emacs because it is *very* big for an editor11:25
Rotwangits very nice operatking system11:25
Rotwangbut lacks of good editor11:26
joacimI guess emacs fans like it because it can do everything11:26
lucifer4uRotwang: why do you ask what is emacs if you know already what is it?11:29
joacimI think he made a funny11:30
Rotwangyeah thats my weird sence of humour11:30
lucifer4uwell. maybe i have absence of humor..11:37
tilmanis it april already?11:37
Rotwanglucifer4u: you're lord of the hell, and all infernal things, you cant have sence of humour11:38
Rotwangi understand11:38
joacimcausing pain and suffering is serious business11:41
lucifer4uRotwang: in my underground world everything is like in mirror - funny things are not funny and not funny things are funny.. the strange thing is why i choosed Crux among all distibutions.. is it because of it worst among all? :)11:41
lucifer4uHehe. That idea was funny for me.. Maybe i have unsence of unhumour and it resulted in the sence of humour :)11:42
lucifer4uAnyway thanks for the clear thoughts about vim vs emacs.. It was very funny..11:43
lucifer4uRotwang: and about my nick :) it do not mean Satan name.. it mean light bringer or something like this .. do not know how to tell it right in my bad english..11:47
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thrice`that sounds decent enough11:47
lucifer4ufor you :)11:48
joacimDunno what my name means11:49
joacimsomething biblical i think11:50
lucifer4uand i thought it was about rock festival :)11:50
lucifer4umaybe linked with the HammerFall11:52
Rotwangsolomnislucet4u ;]11:53
f1ysolsemperlucet4you :]11:53
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f1yRotwang: btw why lucet?11:54
Rotwangsolomnislucet >:{11:54
Rotwangsun shines on everyone11:54
f1yno, this means sth different11:55
f1ysol omnis means the whole sun11:55
Rotwanglucet - shines11:55
Rotwangsol - sun11:55
Rotwangomnis - everything11:55
f1yomne is everything11:56
Rotwangale to jest odmienione ;]11:56
f1yno it isnt :]11:56
f1ybad form for accusativus pluralis11:56
f1yeverything is neutrum, not masculinum or femininum11:57
Rotwangsorry it should be sol omnibus lucet ;/11:57
Rotwangbut its not #latin chanel11:57
joacimlucifer4u: Joacim Cans =)11:57
joacimI share my name with lots of cool people =)11:58
f1yjoacim: with lots of bad ppl too, like everyone does :]11:58
joacim"Joacim" is exceptionaly cool =)11:59
joacimover 900011:59
f1ymy name is rare12:12
f1yso it is difficult to say if this is cool or not12:12
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lucifer4uhehe. my name is Kirill :)13:10
RotwangRomster: warzone broken link13:12
Rotwangand new version is available13:15
lucifer4uRotwang: is it good strategy?13:16
Rotwangi like it, the best strategy for playstation13:17
lucifer4uI'll try it when i will configure X13:19
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jjpkhi cptn.13:31
predatorfreakcptn: Since when were you not dead? o.O13:33
pitilloummmm there are some signals of live in ML too13:34
predatorfreakpitillo: Not much :P13:35
pitillothat's true, they are a bit expensive, but at least there is a bit of time to follow them13:35
sepenI wish his signals where more often13:36
predatorfreaksepen: I wish CRUX had more developers again :P13:36
cptnI wish I had a cookie13:37
pitillocan be hard when there isn't enought time13:37
predatorfreakcptn: Here, have a cookie.13:37
* predatorfreak hands cptn a cookie13:37
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tilmanhi cptn14:01
cptnhey tilman14:01
tilmanwill you be at fosdem by chance? :D14:02
cptnno, unfortunately not... you?14:03
tilmanyes :)14:06
cptncool. there are a couple of talks that would have interested me, but I just don't have the time ATM14:08
predatorfreaktilman: Send me money and I'll come instead :P14:09
tilmansome of the xorg talks sound interesting14:09
cptnpredatorfreak: well, I took the money already14:09
tilmanand we'll have an xmms2 hackfest, which will be awesome14:10
cptnpredatorfreak: I'm just not going ;-)14:10
cptntilman: nice; there's also "Women in Java Technology"14:10
tilmanalso beer event on friday :D14:10
predatorfreakcptn: Give it to me then? :P14:10
mike_ktilman: you should promote crux among brave ones out threre14:10
predatorfreakcptn: Uhh..... they exist?14:10
treachpredatorfreak going out side teh US. The horror. The utter horror.14:10
predatorfreaktreach: Better than being IN the U.S. :)14:10
sepenwell cptn did you see these logs from the actual status of ports/repos?
cptnsepen: no, not yet14:11
treachpredatorfreak: for who? :p14:11
cptnsepen: did you announce them somewhere?14:11
predatorfreaktreach: Me :P14:11
sepenIm using prt-verify as a base for my own script14:11
sepencptn, not yet, I have some bugs when getting url sources14:11
cptnah, okay14:12
cruxbotcontrib.git: dcraw: updated to 8.8214:12
sepenbut you can obtain the source from crux-scripts-sepen on my repo (its named repoverify)14:13
sepenwell, did you see META.* ? when Per designed crux how many meta's it was decided?14:14
cptnPer didn't want dependencies14:15
sepenand which are they really definition (i thinking in # Group, Nice to have)14:15
sepenI don't like this idea14:16
sepenI like prt-get depinst too much14:16
cptnheh, he just designed it with his needs in mind14:16
cptnas soon as you have large groups of connected ports like KDE or gnome, it's very hard without dependencies14:16
sepenyeah, but he didn't think in the actuall status14:16
predatorfreakcptn: Oh yes.14:17
sepencptn, also repodeps imho14:17
sepenfor avoiding duplicates14:17
cptnsepen: but what are the Meta.* exactly?14:17
predatorfreakcptn: The only person I've ever seen who can manage to maintain KDE/GNOME without deps is Patrick Volkerding.14:17
thrice`Pat dropped gnome awhile back :)14:17
cptnpredatorfreak: didn't he give up on gnome?14:17
sepencptn, only I think that needs an standarization14:17
predatorfreakBut he's practically the God of "Dep checking? Pfft, that shit's for noobs."14:17
treachcptn: yeah14:18
predatorfreakcptn: Yeah, but he's still got KDE14:18
predatorfreakand XFCE.14:18
sepenor a guideline for number of metas and usage14:18
thrice`those are cake in comparison14:18
cptnsepen: well, the rules are fairly clear14:18
sepenPer plained that situation?14:18
cptnor were, at least14:18
treachthrice`: or rather... gnome is so far out it's just totally bizarr. :)14:18
cptnwhatever's in the CRUX handbook is standard14:18
sepenthe portdb is growing more and more14:19
sepenwithout trying to avoid duplicates imo14:19
cptnthe Group idea was nice, but newer really took off14:19
predatorfreakthrice`: He dropped it because it was both horribly time-consuming to package and because it required a lot of fixing to package right.14:20
jjpkVolkerding has been following Torvalds' "just use kde" philosophy even before he essentially announced it ;)14:21
predatorfreakjjpk: I subscribe to the Cult Of Openbox14:23
pitillocptn, wich is the meaning of opt repo? Time ago and now14:23
pitilloall maintained by core devs that is optional to base?14:23
cptnpitillo: well, basically everything which doesn't belong to core14:23
cptnbut is maintained by official devs14:24
pitillowell, taking that, why not add xorg in opt and remove xorg repo?14:24
cptnnot "maintained by core devs", also non-core devs14:24
treachopt/contrib is a mess atm.14:24
cptnpitillo: don't know really14:24
predatorfreakpitillo: It's HUGE14:24
cptnpitillo: does it matter to users'14:25
predatorfreakThat's bloody why!14:25
cptnpitillo: it doesn't to me14:25
treachcptn: yes it does.14:25
pitillocptn, sorry about the naming and thank you for that aclaration, but I think you take the point14:25
predatorfreakpitillo: It's a shitton of ports, it'd clutter up opt needlessly14:25
predatorfreakopt should be split.14:25
treachcptn: since stuff in contrib isn't candidates to go on the iso for some reason.14:25
predatorfreakFrom non-X11 apps14:25
predatorfreakerr mixed apps*14:25
pitillocptn, well, doesn't matter for me too, but I don't understand things14:26
predatorfreakto non-X11 apps and X11 apps14:26
cptnpitillo: I think originally it was separate because xorg was in parallel to monolithic X1114:26
predatorfreakI.E. xorg-opt, opt14:26
pitillothat sounds nice, all things change with time, and more when they grow14:27
predatorfreakcptn: Personally I wouldn't want xorg merged into opt.14:27
surrounderwould be nice if opt slitted into groups really14:27
* treach looks around for some relevant benevolent dictator to settle things. :/14:27
treach100 opinions, nothing gets decided. :/14:28
pitillotreach, dictator in a comunity?14:28
predatorfreaktreach: Per is gone, no more dictator.14:28
predatorfreakTime to elect someone.14:28
treachpredatorfreak: I'd like to get cptn in that position. ;)14:28
predatorfreakI hereby nominate tilman, because he rocks.14:28
pitillotreach, I agree with that, the problem, no organization, no "rules" or standars" to follow, or at least I see this in this way14:28
sepenonly 3 sys devels?14:29
pitillowhy put there 1?...14:29
predatorfreaksepen: Pfft, that's overkill :P14:29
surrounder"tilman/cptn 2008!"14:29
cptnsepen, pitillo: what's the problem with the 3 sys devs?14:29
predatorfreakWe should just make it tilman.14:29
cptnthat was also in pitillo's mail14:29
predatorfreakand let him do all the work.14:29
cptnI failed to see the real issue14:29
pitillocptn, there isn't enoguth and they are overworked14:29
sepencptn, too many work14:29
cptnI mean, what's the consequence for you?14:29
predatorfreakpitillo: There's enough people handling opt.14:29
predatorfreakIf anyone was overworked and wanted more time to work on core.14:30
sepenand in this case a worst distro due to14:30
predatorfreakI'd be happy to pick up ports in opt14:30
cptnI run a couple of machines, and I didn't run into major problems lately14:30
sepenis not all around ports imo14:30
pitillocptn, I don't look for a personal aiming, I think in CRUX14:30
sepenthey are a lot of task in a distro14:30
jjpkFor a distribution that seemingly lacks a decisive leadership, crux is doing just fine.14:31
treachThe *problem* is that things tend to be left hanging loose, because nobody cares or have the authority to deal with stuff.14:31
cptnbut why then complain about the lack of meetings, or the lack of sys devs?14:31
* sepen pfff my english14:31
predatorfreaksepen: I'm willing to do work if asked.14:31
pitillocptn, meetings for organizations, to share opinions, to talk14:31
predatorfreaksepen: No one asks me to rape things much though :(14:31
pitillotime to take a bite here14:32
cptnpitillo: enjoy14:32
predatorfreakpitillo: Those kinds of meetings would take up too much time to keep running.14:32
predatorfreakThe core developers couldn't show up constantly for those14:32
thrice`personally, I enjoy our low-maintenence approach :)14:33
thrice`it's nice being able to come yell at predatorfreak for breaking nss, rather then doing things "properly" :-)14:33
surrounderhehe true14:33
predatorfreakthrice`: I'm a sadist.14:33
predatorfreakSo it works out for me.14:33
surrounderlet it evolve14:33
predatorfreakthrice`: But now I hopefully won't commit in a hurry anymore :P14:34
treachthrice`: it's not so enjoyable when things are missing, and there is little hope of getting it fixed because there is no core maintainer who's interested.14:34
thrice`treach: perhaps my experience in that realm is lacking.  my stuff's been running fairly well lately14:34
jjpkThe core is the most important aspect of crux and that, imo, could use a bit more maintainers for robustness.14:35
cptnjjpk: fully agreed14:35
treachthrice`: well, I'm talking about little, basic things like lvm etc.14:35
cptnbut there was a call on the ML lately...14:35
treachthings that should be on the iso, but just isn't because nobody in core uses it that way14:36
cptnanyone knows whether there were any recruitments following that?14:36
predatorfreakcptn: I'm in opt.14:36
predatorfreakUhh Lukas Hazel is too14:36
predatorfreakand a couple others.14:36
cptnah, congrats14:36
sepenthe repository determines the devel level?14:37
cptnbut the two of you aren't on the About page yet14:37
thrice`treach: that much i'll agree with.  stuff necessary to get all systems up and going, with net (for ports).  never used lvm myself, so I can't say :)14:37
sepenand only 1 contributor :)14:37
predatorfreakcptn: I'm only in opt.14:37
predatorfreakcptn: I'm more like a glorified contrib maintainer :P14:38
sepenlike my contrib fucked ass14:39
thrice`and xfce!14:39
treachsepen: ?? ;D14:39
cptnway to recommend yourself :-)14:40
sepenis the repo determinating for the devel status?14:40
sepenyes I maintain xfce14:40
jjpkcontrib is a sexual predator? o_O14:40
predatorfreakjjpk: Yes, yes it is.14:40
treachjjpk: at least one should apparently be aware of sepen's ports in contrib. :P14:40
tilmancptn: epic fail on my part (wrt About page outdatedness)14:41
treachs/aware/wary of/14:41
cptntilman: epic it is!14:41
* surrounder wants to add he loves the way things go in this channel, big plus for the crux community imho14:41
predatorfreaktilman: So we should turn CRUX into
predatorfreakI nominate tilman as Supreme moot.14:42
tilmani didn't know "epic fail" was 4chan lingo :(14:42
predatorfreaktilman: Okay, I'm changing my nomination :P14:42
treach"supreme moot"? mmmh, anyway that makes sense to anyone..?14:42
predatorfreaktreach: Yes, browse /b/ a lot14:42
tilmani think it's better not to ask14:42
predatorfreakLoose faith in humanity.14:42
predatorfreakLoose sanity.14:43
* tilman wanders off14:43
sepenI want to propose you an irc meeting14:43
jjpk4chan is a very different beast and taking crux down that path is not relevant.14:43
predatorfreakjjpk: Sure it is, the development process can consist of copypasta14:43
cptn"path not relevant"14:43
cptnerr, related14:43
predatorfreakand rickrolling.14:43
predatorfreakjjpk: BTW, I'm just joking :)14:44
RyoShu, whats about 4chan? :D14:44
jjpkpredatorfreak: I know. ;)14:44
joacimnice song14:44
joacimi like it14:44
joacimi never visit /b/.. place is full or retards.. I prefer /c/ and /o/  =)14:45
RyoS/wg/ and /b/ here :P14:45
RyoShow can one ignore /b/? weird.14:45
sepensome has read this?
RyoSme~, sounds reasonable14:45
predatorfreakRyoS: /b/, /mu/, /co/, /cm (my dark shame)14:46
*** Rotwang has quit IRC14:46
RyoSuhm, need to look these up ;)14:46
RyoSi hate the new design14:46
predatorfreak+$PKG/opt \14:47
predatorfreakHow is opt a bad thing?14:47
joacimi hate everything14:47
predatorfreakI use it for binary-only programs.14:47
cptnpredatorfreak: it is according to the handbook14:47
predatorfreakcptn: Dang it.14:47
predatorfreakRyoS: BTW, don't go to /cm/ unless you're seriously gay.14:48
RyoSjoacim: congrats14:48
predatorfreakor like laughing at fanboys.14:48
predatorfreakwell... fangirls...14:48
joacimthank you.. feels great14:48
RyoSpredatorfreak: i will not go there then14:48
sepenpredatorfreak, read the handbook14:48
predatorfreaksepen: I read the important parts :P14:48
sepenabout /opt14:48
sepen""/opt directory is reserved for manually compiled/installed applications. Packages should never place anything there.""14:49
predatorfreakI use /usr/local for that.14:49
predatorfreakWhich is the INTENDED use of /usr/local...14:49
sepenpredatorfreak, /usr/local is not valid for prt-verify14:50
predatorfreaksepen: It shouldn't be.14:50
sepenand prt-verify was written by cptn14:50
sepencptn, is that correct?14:50
predatorfreakBut opt as a freaking directory for user files is kinda dumb.14:50
cptnyes, I wrote it14:50
sepenand what about usr/local?14:50
predatorfreakConsidering Linux convention is /usr/local fulfils that role.14:50
sepenFHS is not entirely used by ports14:51
cptnsepen: well, /usr/local is not to be used in packages14:51
predatorfreaksepen: I don't care about FHS.14:51
cptnand predatorfreak said he's using it for stuff not installed from ports14:51
cptnso I don't quite see where the problem lies14:51
predatorfreakIt's just kind of standard convention that /usr/local is not-installed-from-package-manager.14:52
jjpk/usr has been a design feature of crux the way I see it.14:52
predatorfreakI think /opt could be explicitly for binary-only applications14:52
predatorfreakI.E. Opera.14:52
jjpkThere is nothing stopping someone from using /usr/local or /opt as long as the cruc ports are local only.14:52
predatorfreak(That's how Gentoo uses /opt and it make sense to me)14:53
sepenwell and what about test some paths/files in pkgmk14:53
sepenI think could be useful for be sure its well ported14:54
predatorfreaksepen: Should be disabled by default.14:54
predatorfreakIt would annoy users14:54
sepenyeah its14:54
cptnwell, if it's off by default it's as good as having a tool like prt-verify14:55
predatorfreakNo it's not?14:55
sepenno no read the function14:55
cptnsince people won't use it then14:55
predatorfreakif [ "$PKGMK_IGNORE_TESTS" = "no" ]; then14:55
predatorfreakI believe I can read shell script, thank you.14:55
predatorfreakIt's enabled by default.14:55
sepenyes I understand you14:55
predatorfreakIt runs the tests by default14:55
sepenthats mine own idea14:55
sepenbut could be right with no as default action  for me14:56
predatorfreakShould be disabled by default, enabled by user choice.14:56
predatorfreakBecause it's only useful for packagers14:56
predatorfreakNot users14:56
sepenbut which tests to do?14:56
predatorfreakNone unless the user says so.14:57
predatorfreakStandard integrity verification/footprint checks, that's it.14:57
jjpkpredatorfreak: well, a crux user is likely to maintain a few personal ports but you are correct.14:57
jjpkit is not overly needed for users.14:57
cptnyou can always make it conditional in pkgmk.conf, depending on $PWD :-)14:57
predatorfreakjjpk: Most won't have over ~10 personal ports :)14:58
cptnsepen: I think it's a nice idea14:58
haolespeaking of pkgmk, is there a way to set the -jNUM variable of make for every compilation?14:58
predatorfreakIt's fruits like Romster that need their ~500 ports14:58
cptnhaole: yeah, in pkgmk.conf14:58
jjpkCorrect. Secondly, having your own ports does not mean you will publish them.14:58
predatorfreaksepen: I like the idea.14:58
cptnhaole: export MAKEFLAGS=-j<n>14:58
predatorfreakI think it needs to be finished.14:58
sepeni think is not a bad improvement for pkgmk14:59
predatorfreakcptn: Buggy hack prone to errors sooner or later.14:59
cptnpredatorfreak: how so?14:59
predatorfreakcptn: Busts some apps like all hell.14:59
haolecptn, thanks14:59
cptnpredatorfreak: sure14:59
cptnpredatorfreak: but he wanted to force it for all compilation14:59
predatorfreakcptn: His problem when things go BOOM :)15:00
cptnand that's what it does15:00
cptnif [ -z "$NOPARALLEL" ]; then export MAKEFLAGS="-j3"15:00
cptn^ that's what I have in there15:00
predatorfreakand REALLY, a better method would be to do alias make="make -j3"15:00
cptnNOPARALLEL=1 prt-get install ...15:00
predatorfreakBecause every time a sub-make is called it's -j3 too...15:01
predatorfreakWhich can cause weird problems with recursive make15:01
sepenenv NOPARALLEL=1 prt-get install ...15:01
predatorfreakBut anyway, I'm gonna run off now and relax for abit15:02
predatorfreakthen come back for heated debate :P15:02
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC15:02
haolethe only thing that makes me mad about crux is that the default gvim package doesn't come with a .desktop file to create that shiny little icon on my menu :D15:02
haoleit's perfect for the rest!!! lol15:02
sepenirc meeting then?15:06
haoleif crux is in need of mainteiners, i can help15:07
pitillothere is no need for meetings, things go well15:07
haolei don't have too much experience, but im not a noob either15:07
cptnsepen: with who do you want to meet?15:10
cptnI mean, what's the target audience?15:11
cptnthat wasn't clear to me in you mail either15:11
treach"the guy who calls the shots" :>15:11
pitillofirst I think, which is the obj of that meeting15:11
haolewhere do i set priotities along ports which are duplicated?15:15
cptnfirst match wins15:15
thrice`haole: /etc/prt-get.conf; it searches from the bottom down15:16
thrice`er, top down?15:16
haoleoh, ok... i remember i read this somewhere, but couldn't remember where15:16
haoleprobably in the handbook :D15:16
*** jtnl has joined #crux15:16
treach"bottom down design". I like that. :P15:16
* sepen eating something15:21
haoleman, im eating a cracker that tastes like shit15:23
haolehow the hell do they put this on the market?15:23
Romsteri'm a fruit?15:23
cptngood ads probably15:23
Romsterhi cptn ltns15:24
cptnhi Romster15:24
cptnyeah, indeed15:24
Romsteri use MAKEFLAGS haole have a look at the distcc README15:24
Romsteri think it coveres everything but i might have a few things i need to add i can't remember15:25
Romstercptn, what have you been upto?15:25
Romsternot much has changed for me.15:25
cptnwell, I've started a new job15:25
cptnso I've been pretty busy lately15:25
Romsteri think predatorfreak disaproves in me having so many ports.15:25
cptnhaole, Romster: I copied the export MAKEFLAGS=... line from distcc's README by the way :-)15:26
Romsterlol <<15:26
Romsteri happen to of taken that port over when it got removed from opt.15:27
Romsteri've not had major breakage except for compilers and a few ports but jsut set make -j115:27
cptnhaven't used it in a while, but it's a nifty tool if you have the hosts15:27
Romsterand that solves them15:27
Romsteryeah i have a few.15:28
Romstercptn, so whats the new job?15:28
Romsterand you should drop in here more oftern too <<15:28
cptnI write firmware for firewire and usb soundcards15:28
cptnfor a company called bridgeco15:29
haolethat must be hard15:29
cptn^ some of the products that use our chips and firmware15:29
haolei tried to do some ethernet interfaces in a microcontroler and it was a pain15:29
RomsterO_o that's a involved job15:29
cptnyeah, but you know, it's the kind of job people do who like the field15:30
cptnmusicians mainly15:30
cptnand because of that the team spirit is great15:30
cptneveryone in our team just likes what he does15:30
Romstercptn, should do a foberoptic to a sound card break out box.15:30
Romsterbest way to reduce computer noise.15:30
cptnyeah, but we're currently going from 1394 to usb to reduce cost, that seems more important for the market ATM ;-)15:31
Romsterit's good to have everyone enjoying there work.15:31
Romsteri'd prefer firewire than usb.15:31
Romsterusb would have more latency15:31
Romsterhmm then again there is a realtime transfer mode on USB?15:32
cptnthere's an isochronous transfer in USB which gives you a guaranteed bandwidth15:33
cptnof course, that BW is limited15:33
Romsterah that's what i was thinking of.15:38
Romsterso that means not many ADC/DAC's could use that interface15:39
Romstersorry USB ot me seems like a bad idea.15:39
Romstermsot pc's nwo have firewire.15:39
cptnwell, the macbook air for example doesn't15:40
Romsterand i just got myself a coffee.15:40
Romstermight be ok for a what 4 channel sound card?15:40
Romsterbut when ya want 24 channels nogo.15:40
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC15:42
Romsterah well can't do much about when business wants to save dollars <<15:42
cptnwe'll be a bit above that15:42
cptn4ch :-)15:43
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux15:43
cptn20 @ 44.1 ? 96 kHz15:44
cptnthat's what our marketing says15:44
cptnthat's 20ch @ 44.1-96 kHz15:44
Romsteron usb ah..15:45
cptnfirewire is quite a bit better :-)15:45
Romsterso that's not bad whats the latency like?15:45
Romsterso would be ok for most people.15:46
Romsterexcept those that require more channels and need to use firewire.15:46
cptncan't really comment on the latency in the USB case, since we have no tuned device yet15:47
Romstermax. 32 @ 176.4 / 192 kHz (24 recommended) on firewire at the 192KHz not too bad15:47
Romsterwould mean some users would need a few units.15:48
Romsterfor the most part USB would cover the home user.15:48
Romsterso you at work now?15:49
cptnno, I'm at home15:49
cptnit's 10:48pm here15:49
Romsterk dunno what time it is there.15:49
Romsternearly 9am here15:49
cptnI recently discovered a nice feature15:49
cptnon google15:49
Romsterso these devices gonna work in linux <<15:49
cptnif you search for 'current time in switzerland' it'll display it directly15:50
Romsteroh what's that?15:50
cptn(without quotes)15:50
cptnyeah, there's a project called ffado which provides drivers for many firewire devices15:50
cptnand this is actually based on the freebob project which was started by a former employee of our company15:51
cptnand those devices that I've tested so far worked fine15:52
Romsteri might go get me one <<15:52
cptnyeah, you maintain a couple of audio related ports right?15:52
cptnI updated jack and qjackctl manually the other day15:53
cptnsince only the latest versions support the ffado backend :-)15:53
Romsterthey should be current?15:53
cptnerr, wait15:54
cptnI have a 2.3 tree for contrib15:54
Romsterqjackctl i think i only have in my private repo i better check that. i'm keen to move to portaudio15:54
Romstermaybe i should still backport my ports to 2.3 too.15:54
cptnyeah, 2.4 is up to date of course15:55
cptnmy mistake15:55
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:55
Romsteryeah you could just use the 2.4 tree for contrib.15:56
cptnwell, I am on 2.415:56
cptnbut had the old tree for contrib15:56
cptnno idea why15:56
Romsteri don't think there is much in the way of compatability.15:56
Romsterno wonder you'll see a huge change.15:57
cptnheh, yeah15:57
cptnyeah, for qjackctl there's a qt4 version15:57
Romsterwell the opt core xorg would get changed by the rejmerge of pkgutils15:57
Romsteri'll have a look at that.15:57
cptnisn't the contrib one contrib.rsync.inactive?15:57
cptnand you have to rename it manually15:58
cptnso rejmerge wouldn't merge it in the right file15:58
Romsterthat's it.15:58
*** jtnl has quit IRC15:58
cptnstill, I should have checked that first15:59
Romsterit's cought another person out too predatorfreak got cought on that one too.15:59
cptnit didn't really bother me yet though15:59
cptnanyway, time to spend some quality time offline15:59
cptnhave a nice day15:59
Romsterwhats prt-get diff saying now after updating contrib to 2.415:59
Romsterlater m8.15:59
pitillosame for you cptn15:59
cptn# prt-get diff|wc -l16:00
*** cptn has quit IRC16:01
Romsterhe'll have some updating todo.16:02
Romsterit's sarcasm <<16:02
Romsteri use some when there is many.16:02
Romsteror i might go thats a few..... hundered.16:03
*** maxus has quit IRC16:05
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:17
*** jtnl has joined #crux16:19
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:24
*** Dreamer`_ has joined #crux16:38
*** Dreamer` has quit IRC16:39
haolesepen, i installed fretsonfire from your port16:39
haolebut i got this bizarre error as an output in my terminal16:39
haole File "/home/skyostil/src/cx_Freeze-3.0.3/initscripts/", line 27, in ?16:40
sepenis not a clean port16:40
sepenyeah thats hardcoded16:40
sepennot mine16:40
haolehow do i make it work? i guess im alone in this one :)16:40
sepenIm playing with it, but without trying to save my option changes16:40
sepenonly playing directly16:41
haolei can't even start it...16:41
sepenIll try to re-port when having more time16:41
haolegets lots of python errors16:41
sepenhaol did you installed all deps?16:41
haolei installed thourgh prt-get16:41
haolei hope he did the job :)16:42
Romsterhard coded?16:42
haolei'll use archlinux's port of it as inspiration for my own port :D16:42
Romsterya sure sepen didn't pkgmk it as the user skyostil?16:42
sepenwell Ill remove the port then16:43
sepenIll try your port instead16:43
Romsterheh maybe some sed line to fix it.16:43
sepenRomster, sure what no more time for that port16:43
Romsterodd line really.16:44
sepenthe only thing is for remember that I need a re-port of this16:44
Romsteri bet the dev didn't test it outside of hissetup.16:44
sepenthats for what I take this port on my repo16:44
haolearchlinux port is outdated and users are complaining it doesn't work16:44
sepenRomster, also I tried to compile sourcecode16:44
haoleguess im gonna start from the devs documentation16:44
sepenby many errors16:44
Romstersepen, oh that was a binary...16:45
sepenamanith is a dependency16:45
sepenRomster, that port yes, but it source code available16:45
sepenand py-amanith16:45
sepensurf the webpage16:45
haolewell, gonna eat some healthy mcdonalds hamburguers now16:45
sepensounds that devels cutted some parts ...16:45
sepennot gpl complete license then16:46
Romstercrap so souce isn't complete and binary is broken you'd have to file a bug report to them16:48
sepenRomster, here prt-get depinst fretsonfire does the trick with the actual status16:50
sepensurely Ill can do it better16:50
sepenbut when having some free time16:51
*** Rotwang has joined #crux16:57
Romsterk might have a look atm i have updates todo.16:58
*** jtnl has quit IRC17:19
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:26
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:27
sepenRomster, + rm -r /usr/ports/contrib/jack-audio-connection-kit/work/pkg/usr/share18:26
sepenrm: cannot remove `/usr/ports/contrib/jack-audio-connection-kit/work/pkg/usr/share': No such file or directory18:26
sepen=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/contrib/jack-audio-connection-kit/jack-audio-connection-kit#0.109.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.18:26
Romsteri hate using -f for force...18:39
Romsterdon't i check for texinfo on that port..18:40
Romsternope it's one i didn't do..18:41
sepenyeah Ive same problems often18:41
Romsteryeah i don't like the force arguments as it can hide other stuff.18:41
Romsteri'll add in a check for it.18:42
Romsterit'll be in contrib later.18:48
Romsteri need to check al my ports for that anoying texinfo crap.18:48
Romsterhmm actually it's doxygen in this case.18:55
Romsterhmm if that is the case doxygen/texinfo is bad to have...18:58
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:06
*** treach has quit IRC19:24
Romsterhmm i need to fix mount/dev/dvd, my directorys have no permissions....19:24
Romsterfirst time i decided to not use sudo lol...19:24
*** acrux|pippici has joined #crux19:39
Romsterah this is only UDF it needs a umask to work right how silly can't it use the system umask..19:41
Romsterd--------- 3 root root 1.1K 2008-02-21 12:09 dvd19:45
Romsteranyone have a fix for this when mounting a UDF dvd?19:45
Romsteri can't even chmod the god damn thing after ...19:47
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC19:50
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux19:59
*** sepen has quit IRC20:09
*** acrux|pippici has quit IRC20:14
haolesomething strange is happening here... im porting fretsonfire, and i added freeglut as a dependency20:49
Romsteri haev a issue mounting udf dvd's20:50
haolehowever, when i do prt-get depinst fretsonfire, it doesn't install freeglut, and i double checked that the pkgfile into my usr/ports/blablabla/fretsonfire is right20:50
Romsterall my directory permissions are not there20:50
haoleare you mounting through hal?20:50
Romsterhaole, is fretsonfire already installed? remove it then do the depisnt again.20:51
Romstermount -t udf /dev/dvd /mnt/dvd20:51
Romsteras root20:51
Romsteronly on directorys files are fine at 064420:51
haolethis is a kernel issue, no? you should look at the documentation of this udf driver20:51
Romsterthis is anoying. umask wont work.20:52
Romsterdunno i'm on
haoletry looking into the Documentation folder inside your kernel sources20:52
haoleall the answer to all this problemas are there :D20:52
Romsterhmm good idea.20:53
Romsteri was looking at man mount and i did mess with my fstab before going fuck it i'll try on the command line.20:53
haoleone time i was having so much trouble with video4linux drivers... then i tried the documentation20:54
haole5 minutes after, everything worked20:54
Romster/usr/src/linux-; find . -name udf; nothing ...20:55
haolewhat happens if you try to use hal?20:56
haolemaybe it works and u can see what options it is using20:56
haoleone guy on the internet did it this way: dev/hdb /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,atime,noauto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 020:57
*** haole has quit IRC21:03
Romsterthat's rather alot of options.21:05
*** haole has joined #crux21:09
haolestrange... my fretsonfire package had numpy as a dependency, but as it didn't found this package on my ports, it just didn't installed and ignored it21:09
Romster mount -t udf -o nostrict /dev/dvd /mnt/dvd no go either.21:11
*** andarius has joined #crux21:12
Romsterif a port that depends on something is already installed it'll skip a missing dependency.21:12
andariusgreetings and salutations21:12
Romsteri have rw,user,noauto,unhide in my fstab it's been fine for everything except UDF that i find out now...21:12
*** acrux|pippici has joined #crux21:13
Romsterno one in linuxhelp :/21:13
Romsteruseless channel...21:13
Romsteroff topic but i'll go ask my friend in winehq21:13
Romsterdamn he arn't on.21:13
haoletry at debian21:16
haolethere are some good guys there21:16
haolejust tell them u use debian :)21:16
Romsterwont they help if i say another distro name? <<21:20
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC21:23
*** haole has quit IRC21:27
*** haole has joined #crux21:28
haoledamn... i finished my fretsonfire port, everything installs fine and the game crashes on startup... im missing something here21:29
haolewhat about the udf devil? :)21:29
Romsterman dead end on kerenl docs now i'm geting serious and looking at the source code for the driver.21:29
haolethat's painfull21:30
haolebut that's the beauty of open source ;)21:30
Romsterfs/udf/dir.c looks like a good spot to start <<21:31
Romsteroh and start your program in a term it might spit out messages.21:32
haoleit spitted out some messages that meant nothing to me :(21:32
haolesomething like MAJOR OPCODE REQUEST FAILED21:32
haoledunno what it means21:32
Romsteron what?21:32
Romstera file?21:32
haoledon't know... gonna save a log this time21:33
*** ivan__ has joined #crux21:37
Romsterwhat cflags are you using? sounds like the program wasn't compiled for that CPU that your using now.21:37
ivan__yeah... i was thinking about that21:38
ivan__CFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -pipe"21:38
ivan__its me, haole... my nick got stuck :D21:38
Romsterlol ok -confused.21:38
ivan__how do i tell nickserv that my nick got stuck?21:38
Romstermsg nickserv ghost haole password21:39
ivan__my name is ivan ;)21:39
*** haole has quit IRC21:39
*** ivan__ is now known as haole21:39
haoleso... look at the error i told you:21:39
haoleMajor opcode of failed request:  134 (XFree86-VidModeExtension)21:39
haoleMinor opcode of failed request:  10 (XF86VidModeSwitchToMode)21:39
haolethen he gives me some numbers about the failed request21:40
haolenever saw something like that21:40
haolei know what a opcode is... just don't know why it is wrong... seems like the program thinks i have a different processor21:40
haolewell... gonna play a little wesnoth with my brother now... brb21:42
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux21:44
*** acrux|pippici has quit IRC21:46
Romsterhmm video related.21:50
Romsteri think that's trying to goto full screen mode..21:52
*** acrux|pippici has joined #crux22:11
*** andarius has left #crux22:12
*** acrux|pi1pici has joined #crux22:16
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC22:24
*** acrux|pippici has quit IRC22:33
SiFuhthat looks horrible22:37
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** maxus has joined #crux23:45

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