IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-02-22

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pitillogood morning01:01
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SiFuh_haha nice02:47
pitilloRomster, hello, may be this can be interesting for you. I am waiting sepen to put it in contrib it it's well done
pitillo*/if it's well done03:32
sepenpitillo, perl its core related port, not required as dependency for fcheck03:39
pitillosepen, that's true, sorry and thank you for that tip.03:39
pitillocheck file permissions for both files, I tried to make them very restricted03:41
pitilloif can be done better, tell me about03:41
cruxbotcontrib.git: fcheck: Clean up.03:43
cruxbotcontrib.git: fcheck: New port.03:43
pitillothank you sepen03:43
sepenpitillo, I change some lines03:43
pitilloperfect, taaking a look03:43
sepenplease take a look03:43
pitillowhat happen?03:45
cruxbotcontrib.git: fcheck: Clean up. Fixed tab spaces.03:47
sepenpitillo, minimal issue03:48
pitillooki I saw it03:48
namenlosshort question: why not snort? it seems to be pretty standard (but never tried it)03:59
pitillonamenlos, snort is a powerfull ids, more than a file tracker (if I am not in wrong)04:02
namenlostracking filechanges?04:04
lucifer4uRomster: are you here?04:05
sepenkill -HUP 1 restart my init reading inittab?04:06
teKit's like telinit q:04:08
teK       Q or q tell init to re-examine the /etc/inittab file.04:08
lucifer4uevery time init will be envoked it will read /etc/inittab if this file exist04:09
teK.oO(of course)04:09
lucifer4uby the way.. what is -HUP ?04:13
teKSignal: hangup04:14
lucifer4ukill -l do not show it as his signal..04:14
lucifer4uthat is why i was asking04:14
teK% kill -l | grep -c HUP04:15
pitillonamenlos, take a look for both sites, there you will find more accurate info for both04:16
lucifer4uteK: yes. SIGHUP is there but there is not -HUP04:16
lucifer4uno HUP*04:16
sepensignal -104:17
mike_k/bin/sh -c "kill -l"; /bin/bash -c "kill -l"; /bin/kill -l04:19
teKthere's no _SIG_HUP listed for me. only HUP. The kill -HUP syntax is provided for backwars compatibility i think; it is not mentioned in the man page04:20
RedShift2008-02-22 10:30:43 (999 KB/s)04:23
RedShiftright on target :D04:24
lucifer4ucat /usr/include/asm/signal.h | grep HUP results in #define SIGHUP 104:24
SiFuh_RedShift: :-) good afternoon04:24
lucifer4ustill do not know ehre HUP defined..04:24
RedShiftehlo SiFuh_04:24
lucifer4umaybe it try to execute HUP and if this signal is not found it add SIG prefix and try to execute SIGHUP04:24
sepenls -al04:34
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SiFuh_anyone know where the atheros wireless chip is located in am ibm r50 pre lenovo is?04:52
RedShiftSiFuh_: inside04:57
SiFuh_i knew that04:57
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SiFuh_just wear..04:58
RedShiftdownload the hardware maintenance guide04:58
RedShiftI'm pretty sure it'll cover that too04:58
SiFuh_trying to find it04:59
SiFuh_all links so far are 40404:59
RedShiftjust search on the IBM site05:02
SiFuh_yeah i found it05:03
RedShiftSiFuh_: what type is it?05:03
SiFuh_with a pile of clauses static, this should not be here or thiis or that or this.05:04
RedShiftno the type05:04
RedShiftit's a number05:04
SiFuh_its almost doswnloaded05:04
RedShiftR50 is the series05:04
RedShiftyou can find the type on the back of the laptop05:04
RedShiftand now the model?05:04
SiFuh_no model its not written05:05
RedShiftusually two digits and an alphabetic character05:05
SiFuh_yeah i know. ive never found it05:05
RedShift"Service and Troubleshooting Guide - ThinkPad R50/e/p, R51/e, R52"05:06
RedShiftI think that's the one05:06
SiFuh_is what i downloaded05:09
SiFuh_hehe genreal safety. When lifting heavy objects....05:12
SiFuh_a notebook?05:12
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SiFuh_hmm by the way it does not mention wireless card at all05:12
RedShifttry pci addon card or somethin05:14
SiFuh_acording to this05:19
SiFuh_it is located under neath the PCMCIA vcard slot port05:20
SiFuh_which is not a nice place to put it05:20
SiFuh_screen would have been better05:20
SiFuh_oh it has an antenna in the screen.. 2 of them!05:29
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RedShiftSiFuh_: found it?05:49
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bullethey there06:04
bulletI've got massive spam in /var/log/messages and yet failed to find where it comes from:06:04
bulletFeb 22 13:05:14 district1 kernel: atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed (translated set 2, code 0xd9 on isa0060/serio0).06:05
bulletFeb 22 13:05:14 district1 kernel: atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e059 <keycode>' to make it known.06:05
bulletThese two repeat like a million times06:05
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bulletWhat confuses me is isa/serio stuff because I kicked everything remotely related to it from the kernel06:06
bulletI actually have a hard time telling you more/finding a resolution for myself, any support?06:06
pitillobullet, wich kernel version? have you tried with a newer one, or another one?06:11
bulletIt's the kernel from 2.406:12
aonyour motherboad could be failing keyboard-control-wise06:13
aoni have one computer which does that and the keyboard doesn't work always either06:13
aonbut if it's normal otherwise then probably not06:13
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bulletI've been pointed to some Ubuntu forum thread where they partially solve the problem by disabling some hotkey daemon06:27
bulletwhich I haven't got running I suppose ;)06:27
bulletI suppose my (wireless) keyboard is broken as it only sends such garbage when I'm regularly typing06:31
SiFuh_RedShift: ahift yes06:32
SiFuh_i found it all info i needed06:32
SiFuh_thanks for the help06:32
RedShiftIBM's docs are usually great06:33
SiFuh_and linux supported ;-)06:33
RedShiftfully detailed for ordering, replacing, etc...06:33
SiFuh_i just wanted to know where the antenna was located because the atheros recpetion is shocking..06:33
RedShiftas in bad or good?06:34
SiFuh_that's why i use it as a failover while the linksys pcmcia is the master06:34
SiFuh_location of antenna is in a good spot though06:34
RedShiftimo wireless sucks big time06:34
SiFuh_yeah  atheros performs a 1mps while the linksys performs at 36mps  from 500m away from the access point06:35
RedShiftthe intel chipsets also don't have great range06:35
pitillobullet, may be another device in the same freq? xD06:35
SiFuh_i use the wirelss at home so i can move the notebook around. the reception is good  i never noticed how bad it was till i came over here06:35
RedShiftI use wire06:38
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RedShift100 m range garanteed :D06:38
SiFuh_haha i have not enough wire. 4 ports all trunked to the server :-)06:38
pitillolinksys performs 500m?06:38
pitillonice, wich model?06:39
RedShift4 ports trunked to your server? why?06:39
RedShift4 x 100 mbps or 4 x 1000 mbps?06:39
SiFuh_but i am in 6th floor. and no trees or buildings blocking the way to the build06:39
SiFuh_not really.. just spreading the bandwidth at home06:39
SiFuh_file sharing as well as net access06:39
RedShiftwhat do you mean with trunking then?06:40
SiFuh_and for the linksyswireless i have a a large sheet of aluminium foil curved to direct the sugnal better. :-)06:40
SiFuh_kind of like linux bonding..06:40
RedShiftso why 4 ports?06:40
SiFuh_4 network cards sharing 1 ip06:40
bulletThanks for your help guys, I think I'll just ignore the message ;)06:40
bulletGood day!06:40
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SiFuh_cause i dont have enough pci slots to put in 5 or more :-)06:41
SiFuh_and the router has only got 4 ports also06:41
RedShiftwhy not just use gigabit?06:41
SiFuh_the switch is too far away for my families internet06:41
SiFuh_i have 12 network cards. Only 1 is a gigabit :-P  may as well use the others till the die06:42
SiFuh_and if i had 4 gigabit cards  guess what i'd be doing :-)06:42
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sepentilman, surely for this night
sepenRomster, same problem for jack-audio ... yet09:41
Romsterit's in git i can't push it untill i finish warsow09:42
Romsteri'm sick of how i got git atm i'm gonna work in a bloody branch then merge changes this way is stupid.09:42
sepenwhat why? you can commit only jack first no?09:42
Romsternope not untill i update warsow since it's not current now that i've edited it09:43
Romsterand my old method worked but tilman hated it.09:43
Romsterall my changes where in another local branch and i merged them in as needed that way i could do a quick fix and push still then jump back to my local branch and continue.09:44
Romsteri could copy warso hard reset git then pus then copy it back and continue to work but that's jsut as anoying too.09:45
Romstereven with mercurial i could push changes and have files wating to be commited.09:47
Romsterbut with git nope09:47
sepenRomster, the same I've with svn09:49
Romsterand the wiki page on contrib git is out dated.09:51
sepenwiki in general is outdated imho09:54
sepensee About page09:54
sepenyou're not a crux contributor09:55
sepenDanny Rawlinux09:56
sepenand you're not listed in the about page09:57
sepenand you Maintain 156 ports on contrib09:58
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Romsteri should be. i've been here a long time.10:02
Romstersince crux 2.110:02
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predatorfreakRomster: Yes, we've lost many humans to you.10:21
predatorfreakIn fact, I believe you ate Han and just haven't told us yet.10:21
haolehey Romster, i tried to install wesnoth-dev with no success for now... a little issue on the configure appeared: configure: error: Could not find Boost headers version >= 1.3310:21
haoleis boost a dependency in this case?10:21
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol10:22
Romstermust be install boost and then retry.10:23
Romsteri haven't checked everything for dependency hell yet10:23
Romstersome stuff in contrib i've fixed.10:23
haoleRomster, ok10:23
Romsterlet me know if that is all i'l fix that.10:24
haoleit is doing the configure again now...10:24
Romsteri'm so seting up the geoip match on my firewall some arsehole in china connected and quit my ftp server and i got a 35,000 line log from it.10:25
* Romster used sed to delete most of the useless lines.10:26
predatorfreakRomster: Oh and can I request that you don't ever eat tilman? :)10:26
predatorfreakWe kind of need him :P10:26
haoleRomster, it fixed it... so, boost is a dependency :)10:26
clickonceDo you think a 500MHz AMD Geode, 128MB ram, 512MB CF, machine will be sufficient for firewalling? It will route between 4 VLANs and WAN as well as filter packets.10:41
haoleRomster, another small thing that u probably won't need to fix, cause wesnoth stable is almost out, but... the bin you created in your package is wesnoth-dev, however the path in wesnoth.desktop is /usr/bin/wesnoth10:44
sepengoing to home11:00
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Romsterclickonce, should be unless you plan todo layer7 filter and stuff that uses alot of cup11:02
Romsterhaole, hmm never noticed that.11:03
clickonceRomster: Hmm, no, VoIP QoS only.11:12
clickonceRomster: So one entire VLAN will have priority above all other.11:13
clickonceTCP SYN and SSH to/from the firewall will be have the same priority as VoIP though.11:13
Romsteri have QoS on a 667 MHz pc.11:14
Romsteri could of done wiht less swap i even have squid and maradns too.11:14
clickonceAnother machine (same hardware) will run Asterisk.11:14
clickonceI plan to use a Linksys SRW224G4 L2 switch.11:15
Romsteri would like ot get a mini atk or osmething to replace this big P3 someting that sues like 2 watts of power.11:15
clickonceThese machines are nano ITC11:17
clickonceThey have one RS232, 3x10/100 RJ45, 1xDC-power :)11:18
Romstersata or ide?11:18
Romsterwouldn't be any good for squid then.11:18
Romsterprt-get info squid11:18
clickonceWouldn't compact flash cards be fast than sata and ide?11:19
Romsteri have squid in transparant mode.11:19
clickonceYou need space.11:19
Romsteryes but the constant read/write would kill quicker and not enough space.11:19
Romsterbut that would be fine for iptables.11:20
Romsterand maradns even.11:20
clickonceBut, for firewalling and Asterisk I think it should work.11:20
Romsterwhere would the logs be written to though ram?11:20
clickonceI haven't got a single clue... RS232 perhaps :P11:20
clickonceTo a printer or something :P11:21
Romsteras constantly wrigint to compact flash will shorten it's life.11:21
clickonce That's the switch I'm planning to use.11:22
clickonceIt has 802.1x features, (1q primarily), QoS, etc. Would be perfect for VoIP.11:23
clickonceIt's at least better than my current DLink crap.11:27
clickonceand an SPA 962 to go along with it all11:30
Romsteri got a crappy netgear adsl modem but it's ok in bridge mode the thing ran too slow and hot in modem mode.11:31
clickonceI had mine in bridge mode as well when I had ADSL.11:31
clickonceCrappy  shit lost it's lease all the time. Never happened when I used dhcpcd in Linux.11:31
Romsterunder powred cpu's thatn can barely handle any decent firewalling.11:31
Romsterwithout locking up11:32
jjpkThose consumer grade router/firewalls are limiting when you are used to having a dedicated box to handle your traffic.11:34
jjpkOf course it depends on what your needs are, but still.11:35
clickonceMy needs are extreme.11:36
clickonceI want to be able to do whatever I want... everything "consumer targeted" is crap imo.11:37
Romstermy setup is overkill for what i do but the point was to have a setup that i could deploy on a larger scale if i needed todo networking for a large company.11:38
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clickonceI don't consider SPA 962, Asterisk, iptables, 802.1q, QoS, VLANs, etc, etc is overkill for home use.11:39
clickonces/is //11:39
Romsterwell i don't use VPN's currently or Asterisk but i might in the future.11:41
clickonceVPN != VLAN11:41
RomsterVLAN is jsut a bigger version of a VPN11:42
Romsteras far as i've read usingtun devices or something.11:42
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jjpkI have not worked with vlans, but that sounds like a terribly simplified explanation.11:56
lucifer4uRomster:  ping ping ;)12:00
Romsteri'm busy with stuff here <<12:02
lucifer4uRomster:  i have news12:02
lucifer4uRomster:  i minimized delta 2-3x12:02
lucifer4ui thought it will be interesting for you12:02
Romsterah how?12:03
Romsteri did find a edelta program too but that's older in date and there is a newer xdelta in the works too.12:04
lucifer4uRomster: i will rewrite script in bash and send you if you want12:05
lucifer4uit can be minimized more.. right now i am looking for the strategy of files differentiation and different drivers for diffs12:06
lucifer4ui was using 2 drivers this time: xdelta and bsdiff12:06
lucifer4ui think there are some more like edelta as you said and maybe some another.. i can test them when they will i will find some of them12:07
Romsterhmm i see try it with 2 large tar's12:07
lucifer4ui will show your results of gettext12:08
lucifer4ui have 2 version12:08
Romsteri'm still writing the code to intergrate it into pkgmk to0.12:08
lucifer4uwhich language do you want script to be in?12:08
lucifer4ui will write it and send you12:08
Romsterwhat is it in now?12:08
lucifer4uit will work in next way:12:08
lucifer4usomething diff a b patch12:09
lucifer4usomething patch a patch b12:09
Romsteri just run the commands manually atm but it'll be automated in pkgmk once i finish my patch for it.12:09
clickonceRomster: jjpk: VLAN in switches are that ports can be grouped together to form one virtual lan, instead of having one switch for each lan (subnet).12:09
lucifer4uright now it is half php half bash :)12:09
Romsterwhy the hell in php?12:10
Romstermake it all bash <<12:10
haoledoes crux for ppc and x86_64 have more developers than the original crux?12:10
Romsterthats debateable since we have ~3 now.12:10
lucifer4uthat is why i told you that i need to rewrite it in bash12:10
Romsterhaole, is it hard for you todo it all in bash?12:11
haoleRomster, ??12:11
Romsteri mean why use php with bash in the first place and not all bash from the start.12:12
lucifer4uRomster: because i know bash not good but i wanted to test the whole idea and to write a skeleton..12:12
lucifer4uRomster: right now idea is tested and i will rewrite it in bash12:12
lucifer4uRomster: is bash will be good for you?12:13
Romsterargh haole nevermind i got the wrong name grrr i hate when i get confused12:13
Romsteri'm doing too much shit here.12:13
* haole finds it hard to do it all in bash :(12:13
lucifer4uRomster: so will bash script good for you? or should it be in c/python/perl/somethingelse?12:14
Romsterplenty of bah howto's but if it's working as it is i'll look over it i know php too.12:14
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haoleor lua! the only brazillian language that is really good :D12:15
Romsterbash is prefered but if your better at other languages?12:15
clickonceFirewall machine, Asterisk machine, Linksys IP Phone (SPA962), Linksys Switch (SRW224G4). Which one should I buy first? I can only afford one :P12:15
RomsterC,D,Python,Bash is about the only languages i'd ever use.12:15
Romsterand maybe ASM if i ever learned that.12:16
Romsternah perl is messy12:16
clickonceasm is quite fun :)12:16
Romsteri'd say firewall first <<12:16
Romsterwith the way china and other hackers out there i'd never trust them.12:17
clickonceI have one already, it's just that I need a new one to get proper VoIP functionality.12:17
clickonceMy current doesn't really keep up with my 100mbit lan. :)12:17
Romsterlucky igot a crappy 512/128 adsl connection12:17
lucifer4uRomster: ok. i will do it in bash.. need ~4-5 hours to finish it12:18
Romsterand i pay $70aud a month for it.12:18
Romstero rush i'm snowed under here in stuff too.12:18
Romsternah i'm in a town of 10,000 population approx12:18
clickonceJesus f-christ... that's ~400 SEK... I pay 299 for this 100mbit LAN connection.12:19
Romsteri could go to 1500/256 but then i get a 40GB download limit a month...12:19
Romsterplus more money $99aud a month12:19
lucifer4uRomster: you was asking about results on the big files.. i tested it on the gettext-0.14.5 and 0.16.112:19
Romsterclickonce, yeah tell me about it...12:19
lucifer4utheir sizes: 6.8M and 8.2M12:19
Romsternot alot of diference.12:20
Romstertryed a normal diff -u of the tarballs and lzma -9 it up?12:20
Romsterand see what size that is.12:21
Romsteralso i dunno how compressable a xdelta file is i hadn't tested that.12:21
lucifer4upatch sizes: xdelta - 3.4M my algo give - 1.4M12:21
Romsterthat's a improvement.12:21
* clickonce goes to enjoy his CTU ringtone and takes something to eat12:22
lucifer4uRomster: i tried it on the tar.gz from gentoo distfiles :)12:22
lucifer4uRomster: diff do not give right results on the binary data and i have not tried lzma but it is not a problem i can try it on lzma too.. have not installed lzma right now12:24
Romsterah k12:24
lucifer4uinstalling :)12:24
Romster-7 is default but -9 is super compression and time consumed to do that.12:25
Romsterlzma beats everything else at compression.12:25
* Romster just updated wine.12:26
clickonceIf one could find a way to reverse an md5 hash sum, that'd be the best compression ;)12:26
Romstercan't reverse it it's a one way alog.12:26
clickonceI know :)12:26
Romsterbut there is sites that post the hash and the test to make that hash so if you google a hash you may find what the text was.12:27
Romsterbut as soon as you use salt with a hash that screws that over.12:27
clickonceThe crackers get completely buttfucked with extra salt.12:28
Romsterwhich is a good thing todo, i'd actually use sha256 with salt, and really screw them over <<12:28
lucifer4uRomster hehe. patch creation in my algo tooks 3x more then delta.. and applying patch will take more time too.. is it very bad ?12:29
Romsteronly thing is y shouldn't use the same salt for all the hashes, but keeping track is a pain, i'e read of 3 dimensional arrays for handling that.12:29
Romster3x time compared to xdelta isn't too bad.12:30
clickonceNah, two db servers with passwords on one and salts on one.12:30
Romsterhmm intersting idea.12:31
Romsterif they get one there still no good without the other.12:31
Romsterand even then they need the alog to even make sense of it.12:31
clickonceOr having the salts in another table and the server doing the password hashing on another server. The salts are encrypted using a key only the hashing server knows.12:31
clickonceSo to get the salts you have to crack both servers.12:31
Romsterplus you could use some hidden value or string cut and modify in a spefic way to get the origional hash back.12:32
clickonceAnd the average user says a Thomson modem is sufficient... jesus, here I've come up with a solution requiring a database system and at least two physical machines for simple password management. :)12:33
Romsterlike rearage or alter values in another small table12:33
lucifer4ube back soon12:33
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC12:33
clickonceI'll buttfuck the guys over at Sears or Walmart in a second.12:33
clickonceCan you provide me with a complete VoIP system with an IP PBX complete with QoS and 802.1x for security? WOAH? You mean you want a microwave oven?12:34
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clickonceCan someone please join ##ranting? I need to bitch.12:37
Romsteris that the abuse channel where ya can say anything and abuse people?12:38
clickonceThough I'm the only one in it :P12:38
Romsteri've been looking for that fucking channel <<12:39
clickonceYou could have /whois'ed me ;)12:39
clickonceIt's in my ircname. :)12:39
Romsternever occured.12:40
predatorfreakRomster: So there's finally a channel where I can call people asshole rapists?12:40
Romsterapparantly but it's dead empty.12:40
predatorfreakAww :(12:40
predatorfreakI'll stick to abusing #crux :P12:41
Romsterget your arse in that channel <<12:41
predatorfreakmmm I love that channel already12:43
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teKViper_: could you please bump zsh (I had packaging problems regarding zshlovers, iiirc, though), thx12:46
teK< afk12:46
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Romstersweet we now have a abuse channel <<12:49
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Rotwangoh noes!12:59
Rotwangcruxbot please come back to us!12:59
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predatorfreakNOOOZ WE LOST..... who the shit was dudde?12:59
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Romsterwhats with the packet loss the past few days..14:36
rehabdollits caused by your speakers14:51
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Romsteri sold them.15:02
Romstergonna have a nice souround system later.15:02
Romsterpa speakers arn't over hifi quality.15:03
Romsterbut what i had was damn close.15:03
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morlenxusSomeone using bmp here? I have problem: When it is already running and i try to add a track to it using `beep-media-player file.mp3` i get: "GLib-ERROR **: gmem.c:154: failed to allocate 3086265552 bytes"16:29
morlenxusSomeone else experienced this problem?16:30
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:33
*** vico has joined #crux16:36
Romsteri use bmp16:38
Romstermorlenxus, it removes the other files and starts to play for me.16:40
Romsteri'd say either glib needs to be recompiled or you have a memory issue16:41
Romsterand that's alot of bytes what are you trying to play..16:41
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morlenxusRomster: Well i recompiled both and it still happens. This is since my upgrade to Crux 2.4 :-/17:59
Romsterdo a prt-get update -fr -if --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep bmp`18:12
Romsterrebuild everything that bmp depends on.18:13
morlenxusAh, good idea.18:22
morlenxusGiving that a try.18:22
Romsterand runign revdep over your system could be an idea too.18:23
*** andarius has left #crux18:42
Romsteris it me or did prtverify never exist..18:47
Romstermorlenxus, install prt-utils and man revdep18:47
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SiFuh_ I think I will go to the Ubuntu fest tomorrow19:52
predatorfreakSiFuh_: BURN IN HOLY FIRE!!!19:52
* predatorfreak burns SiFuh_ with the Flamethrower of CRUX19:52
SiFuh_I hate Ubuntu19:52
SiFuh_it ruins my google search19:52
predatorfreakYes, Ubuntu rapes google.19:53
predatorfreakKill Ubuntu, save Google19:53
SiFuh_i'll bring my own display.. couple of crux machines and a few BSD boxes :-)19:53
SiFuh_"If you really hate ubuntu, that's cool, cause we hate it too"19:53
predatorfreakSiFuh_: Bring an OpenBSD box and be like "BOW DOWN TO THE ALMIGHTY THEO DE RAADT, SINNERS!"19:55
SiFuh_acutually i am bringing OpenBSD19:56
SiFuh_i don' tknow about the bow down part though ;-)19:56
*** vico has quit IRC19:57
SiFuh_if it was really religious it would have to be "Bend over, for the almighty theo de raadt, sinners"19:57
sepenobsd rocks!19:59
SiFuh_except the gun-utils part20:00
predatorfreakSiFuh_: Personally I'd go for the total crazy20:00
predatorfreakand be like "YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE GOD OF ALL CODERS, THEO DE RAADT!"20:00
SiFuh_it seems that the GNU pcompilation doesn understand DESTDIR correctly.20:01
SiFuh_i386obsd-nat.c:68: error: structure has no member named `pcb_flags'20:05
SiFuh_i bet you it is looking at /usr/include/machine/pcb.h ranther than $DESTDIR/usr/include/machine/pcb.h20:06
Romsternasty error.20:06
SiFuh_yeah i just dod mv pcb.h pcb.h.0 && ln -s $DESTDIR/usr/include/machine/pcb.h .  and that worked..20:08
Romsterwhy not -I$DESTDIR/usr/include/machine/20:08
Romsterand make sure -I/usr/include/machine/ isn't on the path or it would mess up after it is installed.20:09
SiFuh_good idea.. :-)20:10
SiFuh_the mv was a test only ..20:10
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Romsterdamn it i need to figure a good way todo a var. but i can't think right.20:53
*** mwansa has joined #crux20:54
predatorfreakI just laughed harder than I have all day20:55
Romsteroh gawd21:05
SiFuh_Romster: :-) my bad spelling..21:44
SiFuh_I just installed release files, over the actuall operating system :-(21:45
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SiFuh_┬▒damn.. that took some time fix.. system back to normal23:38

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