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Romstercontrib update01:45
RomsterSiFuh_, dunno how you managed todo that.01:48
SiFuh_and i forgot to specify what $dest_dir was01:56
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Romsteroh gawd...02:13
Romsteryour ment to use $PKG02:14
Romstershould be using fakeroot <<02:14
Romsterthat would of stoped that from happening.02:14
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SiFuh_Romster: OpenBSD02:44
Romsterfigures why are you in a crux channel wehn your running OpenBSD...02:45
Romsterand don't bring the BSD problems here << you keep making me think it's a CRUX issue..02:45
Romsterand seems to me it's mainly user error in your case <_<02:46
aonlike it didn't say i386obsd-nat.c in like the first message02:48
Romstereh i didn't pay that much attention to it. i was busy at that time with many of things that required thinking so i payed that little thought.02:49
andariuscrap, sorry :(02:55
Romsterah ya fuck i did a commit with the wrong word in the message grr..02:59
andariusis ok, we forgive you ;)03:03
Romsternot good enough i should pay more attention <<03:04
andariusperhaps, but we all make mistakes03:05
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andariusnight all03:20
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teKis there anonymous access to contrib.git and I'm stupid or not?04:56
tilmanfosdem ftw05:04
tilmanpre-fosdem friday beer event ftw^205:04
treachpost-friday hangover ftl^3 :p05:12
* treach ftw for never getting hung-over :p05:12
tilmanyes, i'm a bit hung over05:14
tilmanteK: yes, there's annymous read-only access05:14
teKso I'm stupid. Great. ;)05:14
teK% git clone git://
teKInitialized empty Git repository in /home/tek/src/contrib/contrib/.git/05:15
teKfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly05:15
teKfetch-pack from 'git://' failed.05:15
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treachwrong number? :p05:15
teKI tried the crux:/home/... thing but I won't let my sync for obvious reasons (no valid user etc.)05:16
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teKtilman: git:// is wrong vs. git:// in
clickonceWhat do you think is the future for software? Qt, MySQL/Asterisk or MS style? Qt: Free for non-commercial. MySQL/Asterisk: Free for all, extra services cost. Ms: Pay per license.06:18
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treachqt is free for *gpl* licensed projects iirc. Not "non-commercial".06:23
clickonceOkay, has been awhile since I used it. Anyway, you get the idea.06:24
treachsure, just wanted to make the difference clear.06:25
treachIe, if you want to go closed source, qt is not an option, unless you pay up.06:25
clickonceWell, I was more asking, if a company is to release a new piece of software, which model, of the above mentioned, it should use. Which one is the future...06:28
clickonceWhich will be the dominant way of release software in the future...06:28
treachI don't think any of those models will go away. It seems like in the long run everyone releasing sw for windows gets eaten by ms, though.06:30
treachIe proprietary sw on windows have to be very specialised to have a future, or not be successful enough to show up on the ms radar06:32
treachfwiw, the shareware crowd seems to already have taken a huge hit by floss06:32
clickonceI have some ideas about software, but I have lost the motivation to actually write some code since I'm not sure I'll be able to make a living out of it.06:34
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clickonceI.e. if I choose the Qt style... I might not get any money. If I choose MySQL/asterisk I might not get any money since people may use it for free. If I got the MS way I know I will make money as long as people use the system. Problem is, it's hard to make them use the system since they have to pay for it.06:34
treachnothing ever stays the same. welcome to the world of change06:35
clickonceBottom line, I want to make money. How the software is release has somehow lost importance to me the past few years. :)06:35
treachI would say wether you make money or not is more dependent on other factors than how you relase things.06:42
clickonceThen I need to find someone who shares my values but has more social skills than me :P06:45
treachmarketing is everyting. MS at least proved that. :P06:46
clickonceMaybe I can sell this system if I make an MS Windows 1.0 style ad ;)06:47
clickonce"get this, get that, not 10000, not 1000, not 100, just 99.99" and blah blah06:47
treachheh, or ballmers win 3.0 commercial. :>06:48
clickonceYeah, that's the one06:49
clickonceI wonder if that would work today..06:52
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tilmanteK: tell me again next week ;)07:11
teKI will try. Anyone else with a wiki account that can change this?07:12
tilmanoh well i'll do it07:14
teKthx a lot, maybe it will some one else spare *some* time the next time *g*07:17
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jjpkThere's plenty of ways to make money out of software.07:31
jjpkThe key is finding a niche that is profitable.07:31
treach...and make your customers find you.07:31
jjpkor go the hard way: create demand for your services.07:32
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treachnow, now, it's illegal to spread viruses in order to offer decryption software after it encrypted all the files on the disk. :p07:33
jjpkIF they can trace it back to you, then it is illegal. ;)07:35
treachsigh, a sound in the forrest is still a sound, even if nobody hears it.07:35
jjpkThere has been a shady side to business and it will always be there in the shadows.07:35
jjpktreach: sure, but if no one hears it, they would not know about it.07:36
treachbut it's still a sound07:36
jjpkIt exists but does it matter if no one is aware of it?07:38
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treachyes. you know that butterfly that causes all the hurricanes?07:39
treachI bet nobody knows when it flutters it's wings. :p07:39
jjpkThey might feel the effects if they are unlucky. ;)07:39
treachno action without reaction.07:40
jjpkAfter that, its contemplation time. "oh noes, god hates us all and is punishing us" GIT THE BIBLE07:40
jjpkbeg for atonement and forgiveness!07:41
treachtank:~% git fetch bible07:41
treachfatal: Not a git repository07:41
treachdang. god is such a sloppy fellow07:41
jjpkSo it seems in this case. :p07:42
jjpk"git the bible" was a sneaky attempt to pinpoint the south and the midwest of the US since they are in the hurricane and tornado corridoor.07:43
treachsure, I got that07:43
jjpkOthers might have not, you never know. :p07:44
treachjaeger is the last outpost of sanity in OK, apparently. :p07:44
jjpkHopefully not the only one :D07:45
treachsometimes I wonder. :>07:45
jjpkFools are everywhere, independent of culture.07:46
jjpkIt would not be farfetched to say they might view sanity as crazy and undesirable. :D07:48
jjpkI'm sure it is a quite mutual feeling.07:50
treachinteresting to see how lowly rated individual thought is in these individ-focused times :>07:51
treachgroupthink is as strong as ever, if not more so.07:52
jjpkGo back a few hundred years in time. I'd say the difference is that dissident thinkers tend to stay alive today a bit better. :p07:53
treachthe more indiviual you are the more a lemming you become. That's an amusing thought. ::D07:53
jjpkBack in those days it was a crowd event to watch someone executed for not following the mainstream. ;)07:53
jjpkChurch sanctioned family fun indeed.07:54
jjpkYep, he's possessed. Get rid of him.07:54
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jjpkAn individual lemming? how peculiar. ;)07:57
jjpkI think the lemming attitude has always existed.07:57
jjpkThe difference is that the focus has shifted from the collective to the individual.07:57
treachof course, humans are herd animals, didn't you know that?07:58
jjpkIt does not mean thinking has changed into something else.07:58
jjpkNope, that bit of news is beyond shocking to me! ;)07:58
treachBut it's amusing the more the focus has shifted to the individual, the more the individual is going, or supposed to go with the crowd. Especially since you have to make so many decisions you never get enough time to think them through.07:59
treachok, I'll stop spamming the channel with philosophical crap. Thank you everyone, you've been a lovley audience. :P08:00
jjpk##ranting exists for that reason.08:01
clickoncetreach: ##ranting, you can bitch all you want ;) No language or time limits.08:05
treachI wasn't bitching, the paradox just struck me as jjpk noted the crowd thing.08:06
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clickonceyay! I got some ad crap in my mailbox (physical) today about a Belkin WLAN ap with a built-in 4-port GIGABYTE Switch!08:17
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bjohanI'm having trouble building the totem port, it complains abuot missing playbin plugin, any ideas?08:45
bjohanit says the plugin should have been instlled with gstreamer-plugins-base which builds and installs properly, no footprint error etc.08:47
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haolein crux, outdated packages are considered bugs?10:16
clickonceCrap software that doesn't understand multi-monitor systems.10:17
clickonceI fucking hate it. God damn sloppy developers who can't do anything properly.10:18
teKmake it better, it's open source (i think)10:20
treachhaole: generally speaking, yes.10:25
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Fiscalhi all11:23
Fiscalhelp me please11:23
Fiscalno inglesh11:23
Fiscalportuguese ?11:24
thrice`no mind read either11:24
Fiscalclickkonce please crux install hdb11:24
Fiscalcrux boot hda11:24
clickonceFiscal: Jesus, you'd better work on that English.11:24
Fiscalcrux = /dev/hdb ?11:25
clickonceWhy is there all of a sudden so many spanish,brazilian,portuguese people on this network? Not that I have something against it, but I'm just abit curious...11:25
clickonceFiscal: mv /person/fiscal /gov/public/schools/${home-city}11:26
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FiscalI am looking to install the crux is to meet him in the boot enter into hda want to go get hdb believes not speak almost no English11:28
clickonceYou want to meet him in the boot? Stay the fuck away from me please...11:28
Fiscalto switch to root = / dev / dhb yes or no11:29
treachFiscal: there is a crux-es I think, if that helps.11:31
Fiscalthanks treach11:34
Fiscalvery good11:34
treachno problem.11:34
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clickonceI was better at English when I was 3 damnit... and it's not my native language.11:37
joacimI was awesome when I was 1211:41
joacimalmost god-like11:42
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treachhaving it as your native language, or at least having your native language in the same family helps I guess.12:28
treachor at least not living in a country where tv is dubbed. :>12:29
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RedShifttv dubbing teh suck12:48
RedShiftluckily they don't do that here12:48
RedShiftthe french dub virtually everything12:49
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rawaon: wine is at 0.9.56 now12:54
jjpkLet me guess: plenty of bugfixes.12:55
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rawjjpk: no, lots of bugfixes12:55
rawjjpk: ;)12:55
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Tor_mentorhello all12:56
jjpkA lot or a little, they are still bugfixes. the same old story with wine.12:57
rawthe same with every software I'd say12:57
Tor_mentorhi thrice12:57
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jjpkhi and bye? :p12:58
treachmaybe he thought he lagged out. ;)12:59
jjpkRight, especially since this channel is not hyperactive on a 24/7 basis.13:01
treach"Nobody said anything the last 2 seconds. Damn, I'm lagging out!" :D13:02
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andariusgreetings and salutations13:32
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Rotwangif there is no configure (i can't pass --libexecdir=/usr/lib to make), can I simply edit makefile to do that?15:48
Rotwangor should i put libexec things to /usr/libexec?15:49
predatorfreakRotwang: Read the handbook :P16:47
Rotwangi see, but it wont have any negative effect?16:49
Rotwangthat may be stupid, but im not sure ;]16:49
predatorfreakIt won't.16:51
predatorfreakBut it's not CRUx proper.16:51
Rotwangok, i get it16:52
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* jkr got a new notebook \o/17:12
jkrI'm just installing CRUX and I wondered if there is a way to make pkgmk tell make that it should run more processes at a time (-jX)17:13
teKnever tried it but maybe you could do MAKEFLAGS="-j3" pkgmk17:13
teK+ some things did not build when I tried this some yonks ago17:13
jkrSo I just export it at the shell instead of setting up something in the pkgmk.conf?17:14
jkrAnd does this even make sense?17:14
jkrI have a core 2 duo now, I thought using -jX would help getting the most out of all cores17:15
teKit does make sense if  you have got n>1 CPU (cores). It *may* work when you set in pkgmk.conf.. give it a try ;)17:15
jkrOr is this just nonsense?17:15
jkrAlright, thanks :)17:15
teKno guarantee, though...17:15
jkrI never had such a core foo duo before17:15
jkrIs this a i686 at all?17:15
jkrAnd is it a "Pentium M" in the kernel config?17:16
jkrOr a P4?17:16
jkrShould be an M IMO17:16
teKhave a look at /proc/cpuinfo17:17
jkrAh, right :)17:18
teKat work I tested a dual-dual core Xeon setup with make -j5 for compiling the linux kernel and it ran faster than make iirc *g*17:18
jkrI'm a bit jumpy because of this new accomplishment :)17:18
teKwhat have you accomplished17:18
jkrThis notebook :)17:18
jkrHaving a new cool piece of hardware always makes me jiggly17:19
teKI was happy receiving this dual xeon machine, too ;)17:19
jkrCompiling the kernel was fun17:20
jkrThe lines just flew over the screen :)17:20
jkrI've been using a 1.8GHZ P4 for the last 7 or 8 years, so this is something totally new to me17:20
teKI have got a AMD Dual Core 3800+ (windows mostly) and a AMD k6-III 400 (CRUX) :>17:21
rehabdolljust export MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf17:22
jkrDone :)17:22
rehabdollyou can expect the odd port to fail to build though17:23
jkrIt's extremely fast, but I don't know how to find out if it actually uses all cores17:23
jkrOdd port?17:23
teKNumber of cc processes17:23
rehabdollyeah, there might be some ports that fail to build17:23
jkrBut top doesn't seem to show the load of the single cores17:24
jkrOr does it?17:24
andariusman top17:25
rehabdollyou can toggle cpu usage of all cores with "1"17:26
jkrI see17:26
jkrYup, just found it, thanks17:26
jkrCan someone tell me a good sourceforge IP from his/her hosts? :)17:27
teK193.1.193.66 ?17:27
jkrStill getting used to the new keyboard :)17:28
teKI don't like laptops17:28
jkrI like the keyboards of most laptops, the problem is that the're all different and you have to get used to each one every time you switch17:31
teKi'd try to compile linux- on the xeon machine (suse) but it won't let me do menuconfig.. fu17:32
jkrIs this still about keyboards? :)17:33
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teKno. ;)17:33
jkrHave you ever used a framebuffer on a widescreen display?17:35
teKno. I have a 4:3(?) 19"17:36
* teK running time make -j517:36
teKKernel: arch/x86/boot/bzImage is ready  (#1)17:37
teKmake -j5  58,86s user 10,60s system 100% cpu 1:09,22 total17:37
* teK running time make -j117:38
jkrDon't forget to clean :)17:39
teK[x] done17:39
teKKernel: arch/x86/boot/bzImage is ready  (#2)17:40
teKmake -j1  60,60s user 10,93s system 100% cpu 1:11,21 total17:40
jkrI tried that with a port a few minutes ago, I think the load is put on all cores, no matter how many processes you start17:42
jkrAt least I head a good load on all CPUs in top17:42
rehabdoll-j1 resp. -j517:46
rehabdollquad core q660017:46
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jkrDid you ever compile in /tmp ? :)18:10
teKno bad idea if you got the ressources18:10
jkr2G RAM18:10
teKand no other applications ;)18:10
jkrYup :)18:11
jkrJust compiling18:11
jkrHe, compiling never made so much fun before :D18:11
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jaegeranyone able to successfully play DVDs with vlc 0.8.6c or 0.8.6d? the problem I'm having now is that the audio either plays completely garbled or doesn't play at all; video is fine20:25
jaegerliba52 is installed and seems to be used in the build20:25
rawjaeger: confirmation.20:49
jaegerraw: confirmation of success or of the same problem?20:50
rawsame problem20:52
haolejaeger, i had problems using mplayer and gstreamer with this, but not with xine20:52
jaegerI have no problems with mplayer, haven't tested gstreamer20:55
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andariusgreetings and salutations again :)21:05
andariuspretty quiet tonight huh?21:08
andariusi would say i could yell and scream but i dont think it would matter21:15
jaegerseems unlikely21:15
jaegerI remember xine being really annoying for some reason back when I used it but now that mplayer (which can't handle menus well) and vlc are both failing me, I might have to build xine21:16
andariusi use xine a quite a bit. it serves me well21:17
jaegerI just built a nightly vlc 0.9.0 and it still doesn't work correctly but at least the sound is steady static this time instead of garbled and sometimes extremely loud junk21:19
jaegertilman: the bt tracker seems to be down again21:20
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haoledamn, i just can't fix the fretsonfire port :(22:06
haoleit installs but the game crashes22:06
haoleand this machine used to have debian and it worked back then22:07
haoledon't know what could be wrong22:07
cruxbotcontrib.git: mrtg: Initial commit22:08
cruxbotcontrib.git: libzrtpcpp: Updated version 0.9.0 -> 0.9.222:23
cruxbotcontrib.git: commoncpp2: Updated version 1.5.7 -> 1.6.122:23
cruxbotcontrib.git: ccrtp: Updated version 1.5.1 -> 1.6.022:23
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