IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-02-25

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Romsterso much for encryption.00:12
Raghu_how to dwnload crux easily00:12
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Romsteroff the site and burn to a cd.00:27
Romstereither use one of the mirrors or the torrent00:28
RomsterRaghu_, ^00:28
Romsterhi pitillo00:28
Romsterjust reading this about breaking encryption
Romsterintersting read and the fact of cooling memory chips makes them store data for longer.00:29
nipuLweee, just turned the not so secret google weather api into a rox applet00:30
Romstercare to share a package to add to the rox repo?00:41
Romsteri dunno what ryos is upto looks like it's only me to add more packages to rox.00:41
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pitillogood morning01:19
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nipuLRomster: any rox packages i have are at
Romsterno updates since 2007...01:53
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nipuLis your rox repo in git?02:06
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Romsterit's in mercurial02:17
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namenlosdoes anyone know the kernel configuration responsible for the module firmware_class?03:37
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namenloshm, i think it is CONFIG_FW_LOAD...03:43
Romsterhmm maybe i have that enabled.03:44
Romsterzgrep CONFIG_FW_LOAD /proc/config.gz03:44
namenlosit is because of: line 149... i got no idea, what's wrong...03:46
mike_knamenlos: is that firmware in place?03:47
mike_kI had to:  echo 100 > /sys/class/firmware/timeout; /sbin/modprobe ipw2200;03:50
namenlosls /lib/firmware/: ipw2200-bss.fwipw2200-ibss.fw  ipw2200-sniffer.fw03:50
mike_know it's autoloaded within udev and that line is commented out.03:51
namenlosmike_k: which line?03:52
mike_kalso be sure to have compatible fw version for the running kernel, though the error message would look another way03:52
mike_knamenlos:  echo 100 > /sys/class/firmware/timeout; /sbin/modprobe ipw2200;03:52
mike_kin rc.modules03:52
namenlosi have compiled the ipw2200 driver into the kernel.03:52
namenlosthere are no modules.03:53
namenlosthe versions match03:53
namenlosit is the ipw2200-fw port and kernel v2.6.24.203:53
mike_ktry to increase /sys/class/firmware/timeout somehow before driver init/fw load starts03:54
mike_kwhy to have all stuff compiled in? sound, wireless, joystick and such stuff gives more flexible system when they are modules03:56
RedShiftehlo Romster03:58
RedShiftwhat's up?03:58
RedShiftor from my point of view, what's down?03:59
nipuLit would also depend on which way you went03:59
namenlosmike_k: since it seems, that i can not remove the wlan card, i think i can compile it into the kernel.04:00
mike_kit can cause some problems at some point and avoiding loading module is easy. nevermind.04:02
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bdfyHi All!04:12
bdfyI had some problem. I can't start printer. There is not parallel port04:12
RedShiftsomebody set you up the printer04:13
pitillobdfy, check your kernel config and add support to it04:13
Romstermodprobe lpt04:13
Romsterand if it arn't in the kernel you'll need to edit and compile kernel..04:13
RomsterRedShift, who knows you could be upside down depends on whos perspective.04:14
bdfymodprobe lpt FATAL: Module lpt not found04:14
RedShiftall is relative04:14
Romsterwhy use lpt if you can use usb.04:14
Romsterbdfy, make menuconfig04:14
Romstergoto your devices enable the lpt module04:15
Romsteryou'll have to install the kernel as per normal, depmod -a; modprobe lpt04:15
bdfyLpt module is not set in kernel? I understand04:15
bdfyI am needing reconnect. See you!04:16
Romstercan't get much simpler...04:16
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Romsterdidn't even need a reboot for that.04:16
RedShifthe survived and made his time04:17
Romsteri mean come on missing lpt module... that's easy stuff.04:17
Romsterunless someone else set his box up.04:18
RedShiftsomebody set him up the bomb04:18
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bdfyI don't understand...
bdfySorry, I am beginner :-\04:26
Romstersis you do make modules_install; cp /boot; cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz04:28
Romsterthen run lilo04:29
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bdfyThanks, but why I am ned to use
Romsterits got all the symbools for any modules you use. that depmod -a; loads04:32
Romsterso modprobe works.04:32
Romsterunless you got modules disabled completely.04:33
bdfyThere is no modyle name "LPT".. only parport04:33
Romsterhmm then it's parport..04:35
Romsteri'm used to calling it LPT as that's it's proper name.04:35
Romsterbut you have it compiled into the kernel with a *04:35
Romsterso after doing those commands and rebooting you should have a /dev/lp device.04:36
Romsterif you make it as a M module then you need to modprobe.04:36
Romsterbut you haven't.04:36
Romstereither way works.04:36
Romsterif you wanna have a read.04:37
bdfyI am reading it04:37
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bdfySee you (I am using modem :( )04:38
Romsterfunny person, and hmm i'm a bit off on my information is required regardless.04:41 is only needed for debugging04:56
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cruxbotcontrib.git: syslinux: Updated 3.60 -> 3.6105:16
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RomsterRedShift, ah is that it.05:43
Romsterto map to what address the function is at.05:44
RedShiftit isn't required for normal operation05:44
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Romsterpython 2.5.2 is out07:15
Romsterand g'night all, and thanks for clearing that up RedShift about
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clareHi, I have been looking on the 2.4 download page for the 586 version., but it doiesn't seem to be on any mirror.07:20
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thrice`that's the first one I clicked on.  looks good :-)07:21
clarevery nearly sure.07:21
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clarethrice: thank you, It never occurred t me to look under contrib, I looked under 2.407:23
thrice`clare: ah, makes sense.  no problem :)07:23
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sepen@seen mike_k07:55
clbsepen: mike_k was last seen in #crux 3 hours, 53 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <mike_k> it can cause some problems at some point and avoiding loading module is easy. nevermind.07:55
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tilmanRyoS: no09:45
RyoStilman: haha ok ^^09:45
RyoSthis maildrop does not work yet.. i dont get it why some mails bypass To,Cc,Fcc09:45
RyoSanything that i missed? List-Id does not work too (works with maildrop too)09:46
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tilmanblah blah09:47
tilmanchecking list-id works perfectly :P09:47
RyoS#if (/^List-Id:.crux\.lists\.crux.\nu)09:49
RyoSif (/^List-Id:.*<crux\.*crux\.nu>/)09:49
RyoSi saw one with those < brackets on the manpage, doesnt work, too Oo09:49
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tilmanif (/^List-Id:.*
tilmanworks for me09:56
RyoSthis is procmail?10:00
tilmanno, maildrop...10:00
tilmanobviously o_O10:00
RyoSoh, rly..10:01
RyoSsorry :/10:01
tilmanyou asked about maildrop, didn't you?10:01
RyoShavent had my sleep that night and coffee seems to be a double-edged knife if you consume too much10:02
RyoSi did10:02
tilmanit's okay, i'm not really awake today either10:02
tilmangot home from fosdem at 1 or so last night, and i went to work at 11 in the morning or so10:02
tilmanso with the sleep deprivation from the weekend it wasn't so good :P10:02
RyoShaha.. well, i wanted to sleep, but after being awake for 3 hours, unwanted, doing nothing, i thought "ok fu-- it" and got up to do at least something10:04
RyoSdrank three cups of coffee before i went to school, another 3 in school and 1l coke to feel atleast somewhat awake haha10:05
RyoSnow i am kinda druged out to the edge10:05
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jjpkGood choice :D10:06
teKif coffee was prohibited streets were full of coffein zombies :>10:07
teKI can see it at work.. some have special cups + holders in their cars for both office and 'mobile' use10:08
sepentilman, and what about breakfast at fosdem XD
RyoSteK: haha, true =)10:08
teKI'm a non-coffee drinker, btw10:10
tilmansepen: we had breakfast in the hotel10:10
RedShiftI love going to hotels10:32
RedShiftbeing served 8-))10:32
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cruxbotcontrib.git: virtualbox: Updated 1.5.4 -> 1.5.611:07
sepengoing to home11:07
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jkrAhoy again12:24
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clickonceDo you think Linux will run on the VIA C7 CPU?\12:35
rehabdollits a i686-cpu as i recall12:36
rehabdollso yes12:36
clickonceAh, nice.12:36
clare  error ?Unable to open initial console?. - answer refers to devfs. :)12:47
clickonceHmm, any Swedes in here that can recommend a website that sells miniITX motherboards as well as rack-mountable chassis for them?13:05
clickonce(I.e. 1U switch sized rack chassis)13:05
clickonceDustin has nothing while has the motherboards but only one desktop chassi.13:06
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predatorfreakclare: Should mention udev, stuff doesn't always get updated13:23
clickonceJust use the plain old /dev, works like a charm.13:25
thrice`i did see LFS put out new rules last week, speaking of udev13:25
thrice`perhaps we should update :-)13:25
clickoncemknod is always your friend ;)13:26
treachclickonce: btw, not sure if it still applies, but people have had to use the i586 version with via's because the cpu wasn't 100% i686 compatible.13:27
clickonceAh, okay, well, not a problem. :)13:30
clickonceNow I just need to find a rack chassi for it.13:30
clickonceI've found one, but they don't resell it.13:30
treachwell, it's  not a problem if you're aware of it. :)13:31
clickonceTrue :)13:31
clickonceA regular nano-itx 1U chassi would work, switch depth, but, what I'd really like is such a chassi with a built-in 16x2 lcd screen and perhaps a few button, 4 softs with 1 4-way nav13:32
clickonce That has the proper screen/buttons and the do sell the chassi only, but I want this one which they don't resell:
*** discomaxus has joined #crux13:38
clickonceOh, I've found them! :D13:40
clickonceExpensive as hell, costs more than the damn ITX card.13:41
Romster"and coffee seems to be a double-edged knife if you consume too much", that's very true.13:47
rehabdollsvensk, clickonce ?13:49
clickoncerehabdoll: Ja, självklart. :)13:50
rehabdollah, där ser man :)13:50
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Romsterudev 118-1, unless that is now old.13:55
thrice`Romster: find newer rules?13:56
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Romsterno still got the same rules except for the cdrom one i've modifyed for permissions.13:57
cruxbotopt.git: git: updated to
thrice`Romster: doesn't look like the rules file exists on the mirror anymore13:59
teKis anybody subscribed to crux-contrib?14:00
Romsternew version as predatorfreak said.. udev-config-20080217.tar.bz214:01
Romsterdunno if there any good will have to test.14:01
RomsterteK, yes i am predatorfreak pitillo tilman alot arel.14:02
predatorfreakRomster: Stop pinging me!14:03
Romsterlol sorry <<14:03
predatorfreakBut, yeah, I'm subscribed to crux-contrib14:04
teKgood. 'm intent about an answer.14:05
tilmani'm not subscribed14:06
Romsteri haven't looked yet i've only just woke up and i'm gonna go eat.14:07
Romstertilman, then how do you reply...14:07
teKfrigglin' time zones ;)14:07
predatorfreakI laughed hard14:07
predatorfreak4 GPUS14:07
predatorfreakand they STILL can't play Crysis14:07
RomsterteK, i've asked him on ocasion and he still is stuck to crux 2.314:12
teKhe said it's ok14:12
teKI should have included his reply..14:13
Romsterseems his girlfriend is more important and work and his pymills to even touch his ports.14:13
teKI agree. You may take over some of14:13
teKmy ports. All of them if you like ? :)14:13
teKI'm also happy to host your ports14:13
teKon my servers.14:13
teKand so on14:13
teKpymills? (Sounds like german pimmels *g*)14:13
teKah, python thingi. k14:14
thrice`hm, so we might want to update udev source to reflect a new host for udev rules, since it's no longer available?14:14
RomsterteK, yes you should of even better to get prologic to give permission to the devs instead of a relayed message.14:14
teKok, I'll tell him (if you don't trust me, why should I maintain contrib ports?)14:15
Romsterthrice`, i'm gonna test the new rules but yeah core should update too or host the old rules.14:15
thrice`looks like they are also in
Romsteri can ask prologic when he is about i talk to him when he isn't darting off on something else.14:15
Romsterthrice`, ah.14:17
Romsteri'm gonna do a diff on them both and see what's changed.14:17
Romsterbut after i cook me something to eat.14:17
Romsterfood comes first.14:17
thrice`yeah, maybe an update is harmless :)14:17
Romsteri wnt say untill i test i can say my version works well did untill that url changed.14:18
Romsteron all of my systems.14:18
Romsterand it has the permissions for the cdrom group.14:18
Romsterthat should of been in the core udev package14:18
Romsteranyways food now then i'll look at my port.14:20
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RomsterReplace "dialout" with "uucp" on the remaining rules, strange..15:03
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thrice`Romster: is that it ?15:06
Romsternah is more mainly renames of files.15:06
Romsteri think all the sound devices are now on /dev/snd15:10
Romsterinstead of scatered in /dev aswell.15:10
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predatorfreakRomster: For alsa it's been that way FOREVER15:14
Romsteri still have oss shit in /dev/15:19
Romsterand not in /dev/snd15:19
predatorfreakRomster: It should be in /dev/.15:20
predatorfreak/dev/snd is ALSA's dir15:20
Romsterwhy do they insist on calling a cdrom group when burner or optical is more approate.15:21
predatorfreakI dunno15:21
thrice`maybe they figure it's getting tougher to find a cdrom that also isn't a burner these days?15:21
Romsterhmm maybe we don't need hotplug anymore.15:30
Romster+The rules in this file allow Udev to fully replace the old /sbin/hotplug15:30
Romster+script.  They automatically load kernel modules as devices are discovered15:30
predatorfreakRomster: we haven't needed hotplug since FOREVER?15:36
Romsterwell it's still in core.15:36
Romsterand i've said int he past do we even need hotplug in core anymore and all i get is a 'i dunno'15:37
thrice`yeah, I think it needs to be removed15:37
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jaegerI've said "no" each time I've been asked if it's still needed15:57
Romsterhmmz then why is it still in core.15:57
Romsteri remember you saying 'i don't know i don't manage that'15:58
* Romster shrugs15:58
jaegerI guess someone else thought it was still useful15:58
thrice`doesn't really matter until next iso, anyway15:58
jaegerI stopped updating it back when I was the udev maintainer15:58
treachor, more likely, nobody bothered with removing it.15:58
thrice`or didn't want to risk.  udev update was very close to 2.4 release, iirc15:59
rehabdolli dont have hotplug installed15:59
Romsterhmm no idea i did ask well before the release of 2.415:59
Romsteri'm gonna nuke hotplug and i should be ok.16:00
Romsterupdated my copy let me know if it breaks if anyone dares to try it.16:03
rehabdolli guess i'll know tomorrow if it breaks anything16:05
Romsterheh g'night.16:06
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:55
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andariusnullboy is not hotswappable :P17:02
andariusdohh, sorry  :(17:02
andariuswrong line in the wrong chan, bad me :(17:02
andariusso how are we today any ways :)17:03
treach*echo* "absent"17:03
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Romsteri turn CONFIG_HOTPLUG=y off and it sets it self back on after a make oldconfig...17:21
RomsterDepends on: EMBEDDED, i have that off...17:22
thrice`I thought you still needed it in kernel, just no hotplug pakage17:28
Romsterhmm it stays on no matter what but after the first failed attemt it gives up using hotplug...17:29
Romsterudev will handle it all so remove hotplug and i'm gonna see what happens on this other box and if all goes well i'll rip it out of my desktop too.17:30
jjpkI'd keep HOTPLUG enabled in the kernel.17:30
Romstereyah ya can't disable it unless you echo a empty string to /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug17:31
Romstercan't actually unset CONFIG_HOTPLUG=y itself.17:31
Romsterwhich is kinda dumb?17:31
*** errdil has joined #crux17:32
Romsterudev will handle the events so no need for hotplug17:32
*** errdil has quit IRC17:33
treach"Oh shit, Romster is talking! Bye!" :P17:34
Romsteryep no hotpug  in core and it works fine.17:34
* Romster slaps treach <<17:34
predatorfreaktreach: RUN FOR IT!17:34
predatorfreakHe's going to eat you!17:34
treachgot a better explanation? :>17:34
predatorfreakRomster: NOOO DON'T EAT TREACH! :(17:34
Romsterok a full on wwf then.17:35
predatorfreakRomster: oh BTW.17:35
Romsterhotplug can be nuked.17:35
predatorfreakudev acts as the userspace hotplug.17:35
predatorfreakNot the kernel-space interface17:35
Romsterso why is it still in core.17:35
predatorfreakDon't ask me.17:35
Romsterthe kernel talkes to the udev daemon?17:35
Romsteror the udev daemon sees the shit itself from the /proc17:36
predatorfreakudev installs itself as the hotplug handler17:36
predatorfreakor something like that, I think.17:36
Romsterand hmm them /proc nodes i should change to /sys too as /proc is depreciated.17:36
Romstertoo, as*17:37
predatorfreakSince when the fuck was /proc depreciated?17:37
predatorfreakI track kernel development and I saw NOTHING about that17:37
Romsterlook in the 2.6.24.x kernel17:37
Romstersays in the menu when you configure it.17:37
Romsteryeah everythign is moving to /sys17:38
predatorfreakno it doesn't?17:38
jjpkWhere does it say so?17:38
predatorfreakRomster: Certain things are moving to /sys17:38
predatorfreakThings specifically dealing with HARDWARE17:38
predatorfreakGeneral kernel config shit stays in /proc.17:38
Romsterok where the hell did i see /proc (depreciated)17:39
treachI think there was some talk about that, looong ago.17:39
treachI pretty certain it all came to nothing as usual with revolutionary stuff. ;>17:40
predatorfreakold userspace hotplug handler = DEAD17:40
predatorfreakudev = new userspace hotplug handler17:40
predatorfreakkernelspace hotplug = Never died17:41
predatorfreakRomster: To sum it up :)17:41
Romsteri could of fucking swore i say it in the config menu marked as depreciated.17:41
* predatorfreak feeds Romster treach17:42
predatorfreakNow now, just eat treach and calm down17:42
predatorfreakLast thing we need is a rampaging Romster.17:42
predatorfreakoh wait I wasn't supposed to let you eat treach.17:42
thrice`hm, I think it's impossible /proc will go away :)17:43
* Romster makes a new kernel directory to then do make mrproper17:43
Romsterthen i'll damn wel see if i'm seeing thins or that /proc is marked as depreciated.17:44
treachnothing is impossible, except making Romster and predatorfreak make sense, I guess. :>17:44
predatorfreaktreach: SANITY IS FOR THE WEAK!17:44
*** Rotwan1 has quit IRC17:44
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:45
Romsteras i see it kernel hotplug is only good for embeded stuff so it should be able to disable it for non-embeded but can't. but it won't use /sbin/hotplug if it dosn't exist.17:45
*** treach has quit IRC17:46
*** treach has joined #crux17:47
predatorfreakKernel hotplug isn't what you're thinking.17:47
predatorfreakIt provides the necessary functions for userspace things to handle hotplug.17:47
predatorfreakIf you tried to integrate hotplug handling in the kernel it'd be a whole subsystem unto itself.17:47
Romsteri was reading
predatorfreakRomster: udev works via netlink based hotplug17:50
Romsterbbs shower.17:50
cruxbotcontrib.git: at: Updated 3.1.10 ->
cruxbotcontrib.git: virtualbox: Cleanup.18:08
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Romsternow it's not saying anything about depreciated so i dunno where the god damn hell i saw that now and i'm pissed off <<18:35
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sepennice version of iron maiden's fear of the dark
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:46
predatorfreaksepen: Totally shitty images to go with it.18:47
predatorfreakand terrible vocals :)18:48
sependo you like therion?
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nipuLhaha, just got a call froma telemarketer telling me he can get me "cheap calls and line rental"22:03
nipuLi told him i have voip22:03
nipuL"then you already have a good deal, good bye"22:03
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SiFuhmost of the people from the Ubuntu fest, have downloaded crux cd23:03
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Romsterbut are the geeky enough to learn how to use it.23:16
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:24
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