IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-02-26

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cruxbotcontrib.git: ddrescue: 1.7 -> 1.800:12
cruxbotcontrib.git: mjpegtools: fix removal of /usr/share00:12
SiFuhRomster: at uni i always taught beginner crux00:38
SiFuhbecause it was fastest way to learn linux00:38
SiFuhno need for bullshit apps like linuxconf or yast00:39
SiFuheverything they learned was configuring from vi00:39
cruxbotcontrib.git: gst-plugins-ugly: fix dependencys and clean Pkgfile00:40
cruxbotcontrib.git: gst-plugins-base: fix dependencys and clean Pkgfile00:40
cruxbotcontrib.git: gst-plugins-bad: fix dependencys, clean footprint and Pkgfile00:40
cruxbotcontrib.git: gst-plugins-good: fix dependencys, clean footprint and Pkgfile00:40
cruxbotcontrib.git: gstreamer: add missing dependencys00:40
RomsterSiFuh, ah yeah crux gets to the point without the bullshit <<00:41
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)01:08
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cruxbotopt.git: sudo: updated to 1.6.9p1302:07
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RedShiftthinking of names is difficult03:10
aonfor what?03:14
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RedShiftaon: webhosting firm03:28
RedShiftactually it's two existing firms merging03:32
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nipuLyou should call it compu-global-hyper-mega-net03:41
RedShiftnipuL: where have I heard that before...03:44
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prologicgreat idea actually04:06
Romsterprologic, how about ML about ports?04:14
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prologicI have no time to read them :/04:19
prologicbut tek is welcome to take over some or all of my ports04:20
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Romstertilman, you wernt wrong with the huge wait for installing winxp in qemu...05:33
Romstertis is taking a long time, luckly it has sp2 slipstreamed in05:33
RedShiftRomster: use kernel qemu acceleration05:35
RedShiftmakes it go nearline fast05:35
Romsteri got kqemu loaded.05:36
RedShiftRomster: you need to specify with the commandline you want to use it05:36
Romsteroh crud05:37
Romsterdosn't it use it if it's been modprobed.05:37
Romster qemu -hda win_xp_home.cow -boot d -cdrom ...05:38
Romsterall i've used hmm05:38
Romsteri need to setup a tun device too.05:38
sepenanyone experienced with snd-hda-intel?05:38
sepen00:1b.0 Class 0403: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)05:38
Romsteri may aswell let this finish it's nearly done.05:38
Romsternot really05:39
Romstercan't find the module in the kernel?05:39
sepenRomster, Starting sound driver: snd-hda-intel WARNING: Error inserting snd (/lib/modules/ Invalid module format05:39
sepenIm trying to add this module to a fedora box05:40
Romsterdepmod -a first?05:40
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sepenI can compile/install the driver cleanly, but I can't use it05:40
sepenRomster, yeah depmod -ae was the first action to do05:40
Romstercompiled to the glibc on the system?05:41
sepenno idea, alsaconf gets the correct config but when tries to load the modules fails05:41
Romsterwhere is the module from?05:41
Romstersame version kernel i'm guessing.05:42
Romsteri'd try a file on that snd.ko and then on a module on the system05:44
Romsterfile /lib/modules/
Romster/lib/modules/ ELF 32-bit LSB relocatable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV)05:45
Romstermakes me think you might be mixing relocatable and not relocatable or something.05:45
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namenloshm, it is not finished, but do you think, this would fit into the public area in the wiki?
Romsterhmm i should of added -kernel-kqemu05:55
Romsteri'll have a better read soon gonna cook me some food.05:57
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namenlosanyone got an idea, how to register an account for the public wiki?07:02
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Romsteri don't think ya can without geting an account. i have a feeling ya gotta email sip about that.07:06
namenlosRomster: ok, thanks07:06
Romstervipper didn't really know but sugested to email sip when i asked.07:06
namenloscould be written in the wiki ;)07:07
Romsteryou got to enable, you need to enable07:07
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Romsteri think PCIE is PCIe but i could be wrong.07:07
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Romsternamenlos, looking nice on the layout.07:15
Romstersome bits seem to be generic kernel stuff but it's nice to have on one page.07:16
Romsterthan to chase things around the links07:16
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namenlosRomster: i only meant them for further information (since not everything will be covered in the document, but maybe later will)07:18
namenloslucifer4u: hi07:19
namenlosRomster: you mean to remove the links section?07:19
Romsterhi lucifer4u07:19
Romsternamenlos, k07:19
namenlosRomster: thx for the review07:20
Romsternah i was just saying some looks general kernel config but ti's nice to have a complete codument than to click here and there to get at each section.07:20
Romstermight be more but i just glossed over it.07:20
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namenlosyes, there is much general stuff (like ipc, network, and so on)07:21
namenlosyou mean a separate page in the public area, where is written the absolute minimum of kernel modules to successfully boot crux?07:22
Romstermight be a future thing yeah.07:23
lucifer4uRomster:  i have not finished script still.. was no time to do it. going to finish it today. will you be here?07:23
Romsteri'd keep them on that page untill/if that happend07:23
Romsterlucifer4u, just going off to bed actually but will be back in 8 hours.07:24
namenlosRomster: k. unfortunatelly i am not that deep into the crux internals, that i know all the needed modules...07:24
Romsteri've applied the missing dep to xdelta.07:25
Romsteri don't know all either last mrproper i tryed i failed <<07:25
lucifer4uRomster:  i will be here in 8 hours and i hope i will finish everything till that07:25
Romsterso i used my old config and did make oldconfig at each kernel 2.6.x version change...07:26
lucifer4uRomster: should i make special port for that script?07:26
Romsterlucifer4u,  no rush i've doen some other thigns to my safe-build script i got a config change in the next version i'm doing to clean and less confuse it all.07:26
Romsternot really needed.07:26
Romsternot yet anyways.07:27
Romsteryou can try if you like isn't much to a Pkgfile.07:27
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Romsterlol feels funny having qemu with win xp <<07:28
Romsterand then going to full screen and feeling like it's not a linux box.07:29
Romsteri'm just doing some stuff for a friend.07:29
Romsteri so arn't moving back to winblows.07:29
Romsterwhos up for solitare or mine sweaper lol.07:30
nipuLthat was fun, almost copped a wad of white lithium grease in my eye07:48
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clickonceHow many concurrent users do you think a  1GHz/512MB DDRII router/firewall can handle?08:22
jjpkDepends on how many users and how resource intensive their uses are.08:25
clickonceWell, 4 users tops. :) A few VoIP calls per day. QoS so that VoIP calls are always prioritized. (It will run iptables and probably DHCP, nothing else)08:28
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clickonceAt peak times there will be three VoIP calls (handled by another Asterisk server), 1 video being downloaded from youtube and possibly some torrent (legal) downloading.08:30
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jjpkI would say even a box with half of those resources could handle the load without problems.08:31
clickonceGood :D08:31
clickonceThen I'll probably get this working, wiee :D08:31
clickonceGuys, shouldn't iptables -P INPUT DROP drop everything on any interface?08:58
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cruxbotopt.git: libpng: updated to
namenloswhat was the command again, to trace system calls? (shame on me)11:25
namenlos... thx, thrice`11:26
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clickonceJesus, guys, do you know if the Adobe Flash IDE itself is made in Flash? The GUI is lagging like hell.. the other CS3 apps don't.11:39
clickonce(I know this isn't #win, I just had to bitch)11:39
jkrIt's probably just an IE window that shows the page with the Flash-Adobe Flash IDE on the in fullscreen11:40
jkrOr it's a Java Applet that pulls JS from a JSP-page and evaluates it11:42
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clickonceDamn crap. The other CS3 apps (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) are native C++, why can't they make Flash native as well.11:43
clickonceIt flickers, redraws slowly more than once everytime I move the window, etc.11:44
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jkrI don11:50
jkr't think that's the app11:50
jkrThat's windows11:50
clickonceIt's only Flash CS3.11:50
clickonceThe rest works fine.\11:50
jkrMaybe the others pay "don't sabotage my app"-money to M$11:51
jkrOr that's Microsofts way of saying thank you for Adobe to distribute Linux versions of Flash :)11:53
clickonceYeah, haha. :)11:53
clickonceIs CS3 available for Linux? (The IDE)11:54
treachthat would be contraproductive no?11:54
jkrI don't even know what that is :)11:54
treachyou distribute this product for an other  os, therefore we will make it suck on our platform.11:54
treachbullet -> foot11:54
jkrThat's Microsoft11:55
clickoncejkr: CS3 is the latest version of Flash. (9.0)11:55
clickonceAs well as Photoshop CS3, InDesign CS3, etc.11:55
clickonceJesus, I still use Notepad (or vim) for my HTML :P11:56
clickonceBah, Wine is crap, I'll use VMware instead.11:57
treachquanta is pretty nice imo.11:57
sepenquanta requires all kdelibs installed11:58
clickonceKDE is bloat..11:58
clickonceKDE is huge, way too huge.11:58
sepenweb editing with dav tools sounds better for me11:58
treachno, it isn't11:58
clickonceYes, it is.11:58
tilmanfight fight!11:59
clickonceAnd it has a ton of features that I never use.11:59
clickoncetreach: Damnit, I've beed coding KDE applications, I know it is huge.11:59
jjpkFeatures do not imply bloat.11:59
treachclickonce: so what? There are a ton of features you use.11:59
clickonceNot in KDE.11:59
clickonceWhen I'm in X11 I don't use anything more than FVWM and xterm. Hence, KDE is bloat.11:59
jjpkBloat is ill-used resources. Sure KDE is massive in source size, but it works nicely when it runs.12:00
treachto you maybe, but in the end it comes down to the apps12:00
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clickonceWell, I sure as hell wouldn't install the kdelibs just to get one application.12:00
treachof course. but are you really use console apps only?12:00
clickonceWhen I'm in Linux at least.12:01
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treachk. because that's the *only* scenario a wm can win, wrt bloat12:01
treachessentialy the wm loses out the moment you start up firefox. :p12:02
tilmanhow so?12:02
jkrFluxbox + Firefox work fine here12:02
* clickonce wonders too12:02
treachbecause it's really big and bloated.12:03
treachkonqueror for instance reuses so much kde stuff, that it's very ligth comparetively.12:03
jkrProbably because they both start with F and end with OX12:03
jkrSo does Internet Explorer - still doesn't make it better :)12:04
treachthat's what you never get with a wm, the code reuse, so in the long run it loses out.12:04
treachjkr: got a problem?12:04
clickonceMan, my needs could be fulfilled with a 5GiB drive and a 200MHz CPU :P12:04
jjpkFirefox really could use a re-engineering to make it much more efficient and less likely to go on a memory rampage.12:04
jkrNah, I'm not using it :)12:04
treachI don't see the point with that compairsion.12:05
clickoncetreach: What possible code reuse could be made in FVWM? It provides virtually nothing... hence there's no code that can be reused nor reuse any other code.12:05
treachexactly my point.12:05
treachyou don't get any code reuse, because it's *impossible*12:05
jkrI don't get that12:05
clickonceFVWM / Xterm does exactly what I need.... KDE is way too much for me.12:06
jkrSo using more code (or bloat) is better than being small=12:06
clickonceI don't need KDE for what I do.12:06
treachsure. if you're only using terminals, I've already said it's lighter that way. But only on those conditions12:06
clickoncetreach: FVWM + XTerm will use far less disk space and RAM when run than kdelibs + kwm + konsole.12:06
clickonceYeah, at least we agree on that :)\12:07
treachsee above12:07
thrice`lighter, too, in that you can use it without hours of compiling :)12:07
clickonceYeah :)12:07
clickonceFVWM is wonderful since I can hack the code and have the new version running in a few minutes :P12:07
treachbut what I'm saying is that the momet you start up some serious apps, you will lose with the "light" approach12:07
clickonceTakes about 1 minute to do make ; make install :P12:07
jjpkIt's as if kde does not even have its source open and available.12:08
jjpkOf course you can muck with its code.12:08
clickonceYes, but it's still too big for what I need and would take far more time to compile.12:09
treachbut that's not really the definiton of bloat though.12:09
clickonceEven though I do have 2GiB RAM I try to keep my memory usage to a minimum.12:10
clickonceTo me it is. :) E.g. using more RAM than neccessary is IMO, bloat.12:10
clickonceUsing more diskspace than required, is bloat.12:10
treach"it is what I say it is, no more no less"12:10
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jjpkKDE is extensive because it is an environment and a framework.12:11
pitilloall depends on needs, I think you are trying to compare a wm and a desktop enviroment12:11
treachclickonce: in your case, it's not about bloat, it's about kde being more than you need.12:11
treachpitillo: but it's wrong to make that distinction.12:12
treachbecause usually, a wm isn't used on its own.12:12
clickoncetreach: For a *NIX system KDE is bloat. *NIX has been used for years without all those GUI extras.12:12
jjpkExample: firefox2's binary is not even 10mb but it still is very able to make your system crawl.12:12
treachyou usually have a heap of apps going with that "light" wm.12:12
treachand in the end that approach is a net loss.12:13
clickonceI would like a way to tell the kernel to limit the available RAM for one process to X megabytes. :)12:13
pitillotreach, ummm I think it isn't, kde isn't only a wm, it provides more12:13
clickonceI.e. firefox can only allocate 100MiB tops.12:13
treachpeople just doesn't realise it, because they look in top at their "light" wm, and see, wow it's only using  2MB ram12:13
treachpitillo: you got it backwars12:14
pitilloclickonce, ... has no sense the last sentence about mixing *nix and bloat, at least in my opinion12:14
pitillotreach, ummm sorry12:14
tilmanyou claim that if i run openbox + gimp + firefox i end up wasting memory compared to gnome + gimp + firefox/12:14
treachnice example ;)12:14
treachgnome sucks for this reason, and you know that :p12:15
tilmanno, i don't get what you're saying12:15
treachcomparing openbox, gimp and ff with konqi, krita and kde would be more interesting.12:16
clickoncepitillo: UNIX has and can always be used using the console... no need to add fancy GUI's that do stuff which doesn't add any productivity. X11 / Xterm, Gimp, etc is fine imo, but I'm afraid it will change... Compiz is a proof, in the end Linux will become the new Windows and be bloated with a shitload of crapheads that don't know shit. (Hence I want to keep *NIX CLI based to keep people away from it) (Which leads to why I always diss all fance GUI app12:16
treachtilman: you might what to add acroread and kpdf to the mix as well. ;)12:16
pitilloclickonce, omg dude, don't compare a close and private philosophy with *nix and bloat12:16
jjpkThe major distributions might become windows unices, but as there is no central authority on linux... ;)12:16
clickoncejjpk: Which is something I hate.12:17
pitilloclickonce, the best of this world is the choice, you can choice the best for your needs.12:17
treachtilman: yoiu get what I mean, but gnome is a horrible example because it have very little real integration12:17
tilmanyes, now i get it12:17
tilmanit's not at all what you said earlier imo :P12:17
clickonceLinux is a threat to proprietary software... I hate it. I hate it extremely.12:17
treachit isn't?12:17
tilmanbut who cares.. i don't *want* krita12:17
clickonceYes it is.12:17
tilmani don't *want* konqi12:17
tilmanand i did, i would still run them on openbox12:18
treachtilman: different point. ;)12:18
clickonceAnything that is open source is a threat to proprietary software. And in the end that's the only thing that drives me, money.12:18
clickonce(Hence I'll say anything to speak badly about it, even if it is incorrect)12:18
treach*BREAKING NEWS!* Buggywhip manufacturers hates automobile industry12:18
tilmanyour attitude sucks12:19
clickonceI care more about the extra $10 I may get somehow than about some poor fucks in the third-world. E.g. open source software help them, e.g. the $100 laptop.12:19
tilmancan i kick people for having a shitface retarded attitude, or would that be !okay?12:20
jjpkJust for your information: open source is not about helping others, it can be a part of that puzzle but it is not the main objective.12:20
clickonceMy GF told me today actually that I'm a "fucking cold son of a bitch".12:20
treachit's about cold, I would think.. more about being unable to see things in a larger perspective.12:21
treachor from some other angle than your own.12:21
clickoncetreach: Well, I told her I cared more about a runover cat than dying kids in afghanistan.12:21
tilmanjjpk: "open source" sucks :|12:21
clickoncetreach: Then she told me I am cold. :)12:21
*** clickonce was kicked by tilman (tilman)12:21
*** clickonce has joined #crux12:22
clickoncetilman: One question, what about free speech?12:22
tilmanwhat about it?12:22
clickonceI assume you kicked me for saying what I care about and not.12:22
predatorfreakclickonce: It's IRC12:23
predatorfreakNot the real world12:23
tilmanyeah, the shit you're saying pises me off12:23
predatorfreakHe can do that.12:23
tilmanirl i would have told you to fuck off and have walked away :p12:23
clickoncetilman: The shit you're and the rest is saying actually makes me more angry than I assume I make you. :)12:23
predatorfreakThere's no right to freedom of speech on the internet.12:23
clickonceSo, question two, does the CRUX community ever have IRL meetings, etc?12:24
treachwell, I guess we could all get kicked for being off topic...12:24
predatorfreakUnless CRUX-con is still going, no.12:24
pitillotreach, +112:24
clickoncepredatorfreak: Too bad.12:24
RedShifttilman: no reason to kick him12:24
tilmanomg, now it's RedShift again with the censoring speech12:25
RedShiftlots of people say things that piss me off, I'm not kicking them, I respect their freedom of speech12:25
predatorfreaktilman: Time to go Supreme Dictator?12:25
clickonceRedShift: If you don't like kicks and bans because of opinion and speech, you should join ##ranting, everything is allowed in there ;)12:25
* predatorfreak nominates tilman for Supreme CRUX Dictator12:25
clickoncetilman = BOFHSADFL12:25
clickonceBastard Operator From Hell Self Appointed Dictator For Life ;)12:25
RedShiftisn't a dictator self appointed by definition?12:26
clickonceIt would actually be quite fun to meet you guys in real life.12:26
predatorfreakRedShift: It depends.12:26
clickonceWasn't Hitler elected?12:26
predatorfreakA dictator that comes into power by force is self-appointed.12:26
predatorfreakIf a dictator is elected12:26
tilmanyou lose by godwin's law12:27
clickoncetilman: Wtf? Godwin? Who is he?12:27
Rotwanghitler somehow got to the power by some trick :\12:27
predatorfreakthen changes his countries laws to instate himself as a dictator, he's technically instated by the people.12:27
predatorfreakRomster: More like raping and ignoring German law.12:27
predatorfreakclickonce: Godwin's Law = The longer a discussion continues, the more likely someone references Hitler and/or Nazism.12:28
treachRedShift: the romans disagreed with you. =)12:29
predatorfreaktreach: They also fixed their dictators when they got out of hand.12:30
predatorfreakYe old fashion STAB THE MOTHERFUCKER.12:30
treachindeed. but that doesn't make them "self appointed"12:30
RedShiftI lol'ed12:30
predatorfreaktreach: Never said it did :)12:31
treachpredatorfreak: no. but RedShift did, and he was the one I adressed.12:31
RedShiftif you think about it a dictator always appoints himself12:31
RedShifteven though hitler was elected, he changed the rules of the system to allow him to become a dictator, regardless of the fact that people voted for him12:32
* clickonce really isn't made for this world12:41
jaegergodwin's rule wins again13:16
jaegeror law, if you prefer13:16
jaegertilman: the bt tracker appears to be down again13:17
tilmanyes, thanks for reminding me13:17
tilmani saw your note on saturday, but didn't get to it13:17
jaegerah, ok13:17
tilmani think sip rebooted the box13:17
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lucifer4uhow to enable touchpad in the console?14:09
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pitillolo tri15:19
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pitilloRomster, can you update nvidia-legacy-96xx footprint? (or verify it, in my case I got some new version in mine)15:48
Romstersome new version?15:49
trisomebody from germany here ?15:50
pitilloRomster, I will try again15:50
RedShifttri: I'm from Belgium, close enough?15:51
pitilloRomster, MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/ NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/
pitillotri, may be is there a channel?15:52
Romsterhuh... did i even update the footprint..15:52
pitilloRomster, thank you a lot15:52
thrice`bad Romster !15:53
lucifer4upgm install failed15:54
lucifer4ufootping missmatch15:54
* Romster rebuilds it..15:55
*** discomaxus has quit IRC15:56
Romsterfucken info shit..15:56
Romsterwhy is it i have it as if texinfo is installed it removes $PKG/usr/info and without texinfo there is still a info file...15:57
Romsteron gpm15:57
Romster*** Unable to determine the target kernel version. ***15:58
Romsterwaht the..15:58
treachpitillo: the crux-de channel is dead.15:58
Romsteroh right fun update the kernel but haven't reboted so it messes up that stuff.15:59
pitillotreach, thank you. I thought you would be there (at least that channel sound for me)15:59
treachpitillo: sorry, I can't make head or tail of that.15:59
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pitillotreach, it's hard to explain. My grammar goes backwards.16:00
treachk, I understod that you thought I'd be there, but why escaped me.16:01
rehabdollyou give off a german impression :D16:04
jjpkCollected, rigid and systematic? ;)16:06
cruxbotcontrib.git: gpm: fix removal of info directory16:06
pitilloummm I don't know why, but I thought you were german treach. (sorry I didn't know if that was a question)16:07
treachok, don't worry.16:07
rehabdollRomster thought i was speaking finnish the other day. i found that offensive :)16:09
treachpitillo: Ich spreche sehr schlechter Deutsch, aber daß ist alles. :P16:09
Romsterrehabdoll, hay <<16:10
Romsternot my fault i'm english and dunno other languages bar a few german and maybe a couple itilian words.16:10
treachhow could anyone possibly mistake the language of heros and kings with the tounge breaking noises from across the baltic?16:10
pitillotreach, Ich denke, dass Sie es fein sprechen16:10
pitillo(cheating with the translator xD)16:11
*** jtnl has quit IRC16:11
rehabdollhaha, win16:11
treachwas it a game? damn, I had no idea16:12
Romsteri'd be laughing if a translation came out all wrong.16:12
* treach bites his tounge, hard.16:14
Romsterthen again i'm the one that's wrong with english <<16:14
Romsteri think that was my cal to go make coffee.16:14
Romsterpitillo, i'll cheak that port as soon as i got the right kernel unpacked runing ketchup. i think i need to get a mroe recent kerenl tarball than to run though so many patches.16:16
nipuLanyone do video editing with crux?16:16
Romsterbah i really do need coffee buti bet no amount of coffee would make me type any better.16:16
pitilloRomster, don't worry about. When you have time, take a look to it (now you know about :)16:16
Romsteri've only done a little16:16
Romsterdunno how i missed that.16:17
nipuLgot port?16:17
Romsterjust the regular tools, or are you after a complete program?16:17
pitillonipuL, seems to be one on portdb, cinelerra (I never used it in crux)16:18
nipuLi wonder if it will compile on amd64 nicely16:18
pitilloummmm there is 1 way to know that16:19
nipuLyah i know16:19
nipuLhmm, nope. ffmpeg is a dep16:19
Romsteri have lives in my private repo.16:19
nipuLi did an all nighter trying to get that to compile16:20
nipuL might give that a go16:20
Romsterhmm new version is out.16:21
pitillointeresting one too16:21
* Romster trys to update lives16:22
nipuLi don't need anything fancy, having a look at avidemux16:22
Romsternow togo get my coffee.16:22
ryuohey Romster16:33
ryuoI finished work on a pekwm theme. Wanna have a look?16:33
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:35
*** tri has quit IRC16:35
*** ryuo has left #crux16:37
*** ryuo has joined #crux16:37
RomsterRyoS, sure16:37
ryuouh... you mean me right? XD16:38
Romsteroops yah you...16:38
Romsterdarn tab completion16:38
ryuocheck's pekwm section16:38
ryuoI just uploaded it16:38
ryuoi ported it from someone elses winxp port =p16:40
Romsternow this nvidia legacy won't build what gives..16:41
ryuoi got it from a xfwm4 port16:41
ryuothe main mod i did was16:41
ryuoi changed the X from red to blue16:41
ryuoits background16:41
ryuoi never could stand how windows's X was different than the rest of th buttons16:41
ryuostarting with winxp16:41
ryuothink its any good?16:42
Romsterah i couldn't handle that X in vista16:43
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:43
ryuoi like all my buttons to share the same general color scheme16:43
Romstercouldn't you put the 3 buttons like xp has on the right your missing the maximise button.16:45
ryuoits there, Romster.16:45
Romsteri currently have a theme with - + X16:45
ryuoi included it, but its commented out in the config file16:45
* RedShift likes to push ryuo's buttons16:45
ryuoi only use 2 buttons these days16:45
Romsterryuo, ah good16:45
ryuominimize, close16:45
ryuoi doubleclick titlebar to maximize16:46
Romster0 and 1 <<16:46
ryuoso you trying the theme out? :o16:49
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:49
Romsteri'm fixing up a kernel on a box atm16:49
ryuoi think this theme i put together is fairly good16:50
ryuothe color cordination i used in the menus i mean16:50
ryuohey redshift16:51
ryuoRedShift, i mean, what the heck happened to phrik?16:51
Romstergrr i hate sourcforge mirrors...16:52
RedShiftryuo: it's gone :-(16:52
ryuoRomster: thats why i always reroute to a good mirror ;)16:52
ryuoRedShift: why? any idea?16:52
RedShiftphrakture stopped being on IRC all the time16:52
RedShiftI read it in the newsletter16:52
*** onestep has quit IRC16:53
ryuoso phrakture is quitting?16:53
ryuoor is it just that he got tired of people abusin phrik?16:53
RedShiftno he's not quitting16:53
RedShifthe's just not idling on IRC anymore16:53
ryuoi get the feeling phriks gone =p16:54
ryuofor good16:54
* RedShift zzz16:55
ryuoremember all those fights people used to use phrik for? XD16:56
cruxbotcontrib.git: nvidia-legacy-96xx: fix footprint mismatch17:01
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:03
*** joacim has quit IRC17:05
Romsterno idea how i missed that footprint..17:05
Romstermaybe i was rushing to get it done.17:06
*** andarius has joined #crux17:06
andariusgreetings and salutations17:06
Romsterknew you would say that <<17:07
andariusi am pretty predicatble ;)17:07
nipuLhmm, what's the protocol regarding ports that already have a maintainer and packager17:10
nipuLbump the old packager and move the maintainer to packager17:11
nipuLor just replace the maintainer17:11
Romsterjust replace the maintainer17:11
nipuLor have 2 packager lines17:11
nipuLgiving a complete history of who touched the port17:11
Romsterlives is so far building fine for me.17:12
Romstereh dunno about the complete history thing.17:12
nipuLRomster: your ffmpeg port actually compiled for me, the trunk must have been broken the other night17:13
nipuLyay for snapshots17:13
Romsteri need to update that but yeah it works.17:13
Romsterhehe this is why i like snapshots.17:13
nipuLheh, if you can find a revision that works17:14
Romsteryeah that's the thing.17:14
Romsteri've had some bad ones.17:14
Romsterthen i just don't update or try a older revision or wait for a newer one.17:14
nipuLyeah, i have a few ports i'd like to install where the head is broken and has been for a while17:15
nipuLjust try again each weel until it compiles17:15
Romsterhmm lives- built for me just gotta fix the rm of directorys at the end bit then i can commit it.17:16
nipuLthat or try to fix it17:16
Romsteryeah good luck with that lol.17:16
nipuLlet me know when you put it up, i'll give it a go17:17
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC17:17
RomsternipuL, done17:22
nipuLnp: edIT - Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown L.A17:22
Romsteri'm not happy with the .py and .pl extensions in /usr/bin but removing them might break something not sure.17:23
nipuLjust updated, notice your using nrg2iso, you should have a look at iat17:30
Romsteri've just used that the otehr day17:30
nipuLall in one 2iso17:30
Romsterhmm interesting.17:32
nipuLq: does lives *really* need win32-essential-codecs?17:32
nipuLor is that a nice to have that slipped into depends on17:32
Romstermaybe a nice to have that shouldn't be on the depends on line.17:35
Romsteri haven't fully reviewed dependencys.17:36
Romsterin my private repo thta's something i gotta do sometime i've been paying more attention to fixing dependencys in contrib.17:36
nipuLand it's a race between lives and cinelerra, who will compile first!?!17:40
RomsternipuL, this is what i came across
*** f1y has quit IRC17:41
Romsteri wouldn't mind trying out cinelerra.17:41
Romsteri dunno how you spent all night trying to compile lives17:42
Romsterwhen i did it in what 10 minutes?17:42
nipuLyou know you can do nrg2iso with dd17:43
*** morlenxus_ is now known as morlenxus17:44
nipuLnrg is just an iso with some data padded on the front17:44
Romsternrg is just some header info or something?17:44
Romsterah as i thought.17:44
Romsteri've found some other odd formats too.17:45
Romsterthat  i haven't seen before why can't they all use iso..17:45
nipuLcp -f ./menu-entries/LiVES.desktop /dev/shm/lives/pkg/usr/share/applications/17:45
nipuLcp: cannot create regular file `/dev/shm/lives/pkg/usr/share/applications/': Is a directory17:45
Romsteri have some blindwrite images i gonna convert sometime here too.17:46
Romsterwtf i didn't get that.17:46
nipuLiat does blindwrite aswell17:46
Romsteryeah i read.17:46
Romsteri'll port it.17:47
Romsterseems some things some people haven't ported yet.17:47
nipuLiat has been ported17:47
nipuLpredatorfreak has it in portdb17:47
Romsterhmm 3 people have it.17:48
Romsteri wonder if something like that would be suitable for contrib.17:48
nipuLwell it is rather useful17:48
Romsterbeen many times i've came across a darn image that i can't use without first converting it.17:49
nipuLgames of questionable origin?17:50
Romsternot really i had cd's backed up ages ago and i lost the origionals of some.17:51
Romsteror i wanted ot fire one up on qemu or something.17:51
Romsterwhen i moved to linux nearly every tool is there in free source so my cracking droped to nearly 0%17:52
Romsternow i'm messing with a xp OS for a friend to get around some crap in it.17:52
Romsterand so reminds me of the old days.17:53
Romsterby windows not having good programs to begin with and having to buy everything else even ones to windows crap that should of been working right in the fist place is what's casuing all this hacking/cracking stuff, and all the viruses.17:54
Romsteractually i got some games ya can't even buy anymore dos stuff. unless some swap meet sells them.17:55
nipuLyou can get a lot of cool old games from abandonware sites17:56
nipuLsometimes i get a bit nostalgic and fire up dosbox17:56
Romsteri got dune2000 <<17:56
Romsteror was it dune something can't remember17:57
Romsterlike a old game from time to time.17:57
nipuLthat old rts one?17:57
Romsteryep that's the one.17:58
jaegersome of those are abandonware now17:58
nipuLdune 2 i think17:58
Romsterjaeger, yeah i've found a few games i've downloaded17:58
nipuLi like the old adventure games17:59
Romsterheck i got a origional cd of pinball fantasys17:59
nipuLsam&max, day of the tentacle, gabriel night17:59
Romsterah them17:59
jaegeryeah, those are generally my favorites... monkey island series too17:59
Romsterpuzzle and stragity is my main area.17:59
nipuLspace quest was the best :)18:00
nipuL"It's you! Roget Wilco.....SPACE GUY!"18:00
Romstermakes me wanna fire a old game up, i got origional c64 gear here too.18:01
* nipuL has a colecovision18:02
Romsterah there going back too18:06
Romsterwern't as popular though?18:07
nipuLnot really, but it's where nintento and sega cut their teeth18:09
nipuLbefore they had their own consoles18:10
Romsterand later sega gave up on the consoles18:10
*** Romster has quit IRC18:23
*** Romster has joined #crux18:24
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jaegerRegistered: 5 years 28 weeks 6 days (16h 35m 29s) ago20:53
jaegerwrong window, sorry20:53
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andariusgreetings and salutations once again today :)21:11
*** clb has joined #crux21:19
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