IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-02-28

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pitillogood morning01:15
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pitilloI have noticed that pidgin-xfire uses convert from imagemagick in its source... impressive01:24
pitillohas someone this network card? Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5752 Gigabit Ethernet. I am having problems with softlockups (I updated the kernel and tried to review irq's conflicts, but I have always the same result)01:38
Romsterhmm is it a pci card or on board?01:40
pitilloRomster, it's a laptop's network card01:40
Romsterbecasue i was gonna say dirty contacts.01:41
pitilloummm I don't know what can I test... I am a locked like it01:42
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Romsterwell that blows new nvidia driver dosn't work on glx at all just like 7 and 9 did so back to 100.14.19 again02:27
Romster is my output dosn't say much.02:40
pitilloRomster, no error at buildtime? and what about when you insert the module, is there interesting info at logs?02:44
pitillomay be trying to debug it with strace and look fot the ilegal instruction can give you a clue02:45
Romsternope builds fine.02:46
pitilloand what about when inserting the module? nothing strange?02:46
Romsteri just reverted i couldn't be bothered.02:46
Romstersays it dosn't exist so after a reboot it then modprobs fine.02:47
pitillooki, I would take a look to that info and I would try to strace it to look for the instruction02:47
Romsteri haven't messed with strace.02:47
pitillostrange that was build fine and then doesn't exists... (I think you ran before depmod)02:48
Romsternope i ran depmod -a then modprobe nvidia02:49
Romsterand says dosn't exist even as it was installed.02:49
Romsteronly after a reboot did it modprobe from rc.modules02:49
Romsterso no idea.02:49
pitilloummm did you try to ran with insmod instead of modprobe?02:50
Romsterhmm no02:50
Romsterhmm most users will want ot use modprobe itself as that is cleverer02:51
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Romsterwhat is the diference of insmod and modprobe.02:51
pitillowell, I think strace can give clues02:53
pitillomodprobe resolves modules dependencies02:53
pitilloinsmod only insert 1 module02:53
f1yman insmod: "Most users will want to use modprobe(8) instead, which is cleverer." :)02:53
Romsterah strace glxgears02:54
pitilloin this case doesn't matter because nvidia hasn't mod deps, btw can be interesting to insert it by hand to see why modprobe can't find it02:56
Romsterf1y, did that <<02:56
pitilloRomster, I prefer to strace glxinfo02:56
pitillotime to take a bite02:56
Romsteranoy options or just that02:56
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Romsteri'll do that some time but i wanna use my system right now02:56
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Romsterhi jtnl03:07
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pitilloRomster, can you tell me where is kde-config? seems to be a missing dep for k3b03:25
Romsterit's in kdelibs you need the kde repo.03:26
Romsterfor rights that k3b should be in the kde repo but i don't have access to that.03:27
pitilloummm oh true, I didn't take a look to deptree, sorry03:27
Romsterkdelibs is listed as a dependency03:27
pitilloRomster, yes, that is what I said it. Looking at deptree show that kdelibs isn't in my ports tree, sorry.03:30
pitillonow added kde repo to start first with k3b and after it, I will start with kde03:30
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pitillo(I am trying to fill this computer that will be disconnected from internet)03:31
Romsterah k03:31
Romsterbe hard to update it offline03:31
pitillothank you for your tips03:31
Romsterthat one is quite obvious or do i need a README saying to have kde repo?03:31
pitilloRomster, it will not be update, that is why I am trying to install all (and this is good for port testing too)03:31
pitilloRomster, I think it was my fault because I didn't take a look to deptree to see that kdelibs wasn't in contrib too03:32
pitillobtw I am thinking in doing something like you did with repos... I need ta bit of time and then, may be I will use repos in my own way03:33
Romsteri oftern wonder if port sin contrib should't be there that depend on other repos other than xorg core and opt.03:34
Romsterhow i split mine up03:34
pitilloRomster, that was a discussing started by sepen03:34
pitilloRomster, something about keeping my own ports tree, modifing opt and contrib03:35
Romsteri got ports that orverride the core,opt,xorg that i keep seperate out of my personal ports.03:35
Romsterah i do that now.03:35
pitillowell I think this will be a little pain to maintain, moving updates by hand from the official repos to my own repos03:35
pitillobut it's only an idea by now03:36
ryuohey Romster03:36
pitilloyes, that is the idea, but put my own repos over the official ones03:36
ryuoDid you try that theme yet? O_o03:36
Romsterhi ryuo03:36
Romsterugh i'll get on to it now03:36
pitilloonly keep core the first and then split opt03:37
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pitilloI think this is the best way to go in my case, or at least this is my opinion about. I understood that the own way is the way to go03:38
ryuoman this stumpwm reminds me of sawfish03:38
ryuobecause its based off lisp too it looks like03:38
RyoSanyone here knows how to start games from xinit in an seperate X server?! Oo i only get blank screens03:38
RyoSlike xinit game -- :1.003:39
Romsteri do startx -- :103:39
ryuoRyoS: why not start them in your  existing xorg session?03:39
RyoSryuo: perfomance testing :>03:39
pitilloRomster, in that way you will exec your wm too, instead of a clean X server03:39
ryuoyour method is like initiating it in the framebuffer03:39
Romsteryou can't performance test unless your system is running minimal stuff03:40
RyoSAUDIT: Thu Feb 28 10:39:50 2008: 3424 X: client 1 rejected from local host (uid 100)03:40
RyoSNo protocol specified03:40
RyoSwtf? ^^03:40
Romsterpitillo, ya done that testing other wm/de's in a new console.03:40
ryuoRomster: I did some research, ANY sdl based apps, wesnoth, mplayer, zsnes, etc, can output to the frame buffer, provided...03:40
Romsterryuo, odd03:40
Romsterryuo, ah03:41
ryuo1) you have kernel frame buffer enabled03:41
ryuo2) you have the access rights to it as a regular user03:41
Romsterryuo, gonna write up a wiki page on a howto <<03:41
ryuoon what? frame buffer?03:41
ryuoor kernel?03:41
Romsterhmm setup fram buffer in the video group03:41
Romstercould make a good gaming system without xorg.03:42
ryuosdl is probably the most common app you can utilize in the framebuffer03:42
ryuowithout much modification03:42
Romsterya i think it is.03:42
ryuotheres directfb03:42
ryuobut i dont know how that works03:42
ryuoif your games are simple enough, you don't need hardware acceleration03:43
ryuosomething like tuxracer won't run though03:43
ryuomaybe if you use directfb03:43
ryuobut thats it03:43
ryuoon modile laptops with little power, you may just wanna ditch xorg and use the FB for what GUI you need03:43
ryuoframebuffer also has other nice stuff like03:44
ryuospecial virtual console effects03:44
ryuoi've seen distros that placed the virtual console text in a bubble like environment and a03:44
ryuobackground behind it03:44
ryuoi think it was zenwalk i saw that in03:44
ryuowish i knew how to manually do that =p03:45
ryuoprobably a guide somewhere03:45
Romsterwould be cool.03:45
ryuoit gives you ways to spice up the virtual consoles03:45
ryuoRomster: also note, if you use the FB for displaying anything but text, you need to up the # of colors it has.03:46
Romsterah yeah03:46
ryuoand a higher resolution is a good idea too03:46
Romsteri've actually wanted terms and the console to have mroe than the boring what 16 colours?03:46
ryuoi'm using a FB of 1024x76803:46
ryuoinitialized with 25603:47
ryuoi noticed with wesnoth03:47
ryuoi set the depth to 16 million and03:47
ryuoset wesnoth to03:47
ryuo16 bpp03:47
ryuoat 32 bpp03:47
ryuoit acted wierd03:47
ryuokinda sad how people have forgotten about the framebuffer03:48
ryuoxorg isnt totally worthless, but on some systems, if your GUI needs are minimal, you get by with just FB03:48
ryuoheck, even mplayer works on FB03:49
Romsterso does xine03:49
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ryuobut xine doesnt have an encoder too ;)03:49
Romsterand i think there are even wm/des that do too.03:49
ryuoi heard you can run xfce in the FB but03:49
ryuoi dont know how practical it would be03:49
ryuomain problem with FB is...03:50
ryuousually you can only have one app using it at a time03:50
ryuothere might be an approach similar to xorg that fixes that though03:50
ryuodirectfb can provide hardware acceleration in the framebuffer, but its drivers are mostly for really old video devices03:51
ryuolike i81003:51
ryuoor 3dfx03:51
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Romsterok i'm on the theme now.03:57
Romstermaybe the top bar could be a little less height.03:58
DarkNekroshi everybody ;)03:59
ryuoits a port from a theme that was this tall =p03:59
ryuoi'm not taking it in for title bar reduction surgery <_<03:59
Romsterhmm the menu looks like commodore64 blue screen <<04:00
Romsternot a BSOD either <<04:00
ryuois that bad?04:00
Romsternah i like.04:00
Romsterreminds me of the old games i used to play.04:00
ryuotook me awhile to find decent colors for the menu :o04:00
ryuothat fit with the decor04:00
Romsterquite clsoe actually to the shade04:01
ryuothere arent many theme for pekwm that are pretty :o04:01
Romsteryeah there missing alot.04:02
ryuomost of them are bland/simple04:02
ryuothen again, i guess thats what most people seem to expect04:02
Romsterheh i like nice themes04:03
Romsteri could get used to this one.04:03
ryuoremember, you can tweak it if you dont like something04:03
Romsteri was using vita04:03
ryuoi used pekwm's builtin coloring commands where i could04:03
ryuolike solid black 1x104:03
Romsterbasicly i liked the silver xp theme04:03
ryuoRomster: aka, silverado?04:04
Romsterhadn't looked at.04:04
ryuoi've seen the silverado theme in some WMs04:04
ryuolike icewm04:04
ryuocheck themes.freshmeat.net04:04
ryuoand search for silverado =p04:04
ryuoelberg was also interesting one04:04
ryuomy only grievance with pekwm is04:05
ryuothe title bar cant be anything complex like04:05
ryuoa specific middle/right/left end pixmaps04:05
Romsterya i had tryed icewm04:05
ryuothen again i bet its because of how it groups windows04:05
ryuothe only window grouping i do is automated04:06
ryuoi set the window divider as this: solid black 1x2904:06
ryuotab divider04:06
ryuoonly shows up if you group windows04:06
ryuobtw, Romster, bmpanel pans out quite nicelty04:07
ryuoits that panel i told u about earlier04:07
ryuoit feels like fluxbox's panel04:07
ryuoonly grievance i have is, you cant disable any of its parts04:08
ryuoit has 4 parts04:08
ryuoworkspace switcher, taskbar, system tray, and clock04:08
Romsterhmm i'm on pypanel atm but i'm not over happy with it.04:09
Romsteri found another but i dunno about trying it yet.04:09
ryuoRomster, bmpanel seems to know about respecting WM hints04:10
ryuorox-filer's desktop window does not show up on it for example04:10
ryuoand its workspace switching works well with pekwm04:10
ryuoits really buggy04:11
Romsterya i found it not long ago.04:11
Romsterthought so..04:11
ryuoi remember using it before04:11
Romsteri'll keep an eye on it if they work on it more.04:11
ryuofbpanel/lxpanel are pretty much the same04:11
ryuolxpanel has a run dialog but04:11
ryuowhy do you need it ? pekwm has one already04:11
Romsterlooked nice just it's not devaloped enough04:11
Romsteri was only after the pannel part <<04:12
ryuobmpanel is themed by png and the like04:12
ryuoits powered by imlibs and requires libev04:12
Romsterand systray bit and maybe a start button.04:12
Romsterlibev hmmz04:12
ryuobmpanel has no start button04:12
Romsteri  have libevent.04:12
ryuoits not the same04:12
Romsterand libev conflicts04:12
Romsteri had a look at04:13
ryuowhat do you use libevent for?04:13
ryuoI don't use that.04:13
Romsterunworkable and tor04:13
ryuofish is pretty cool04:13
ryuowhen i used grep, it showed me the lines that grep found04:14
ryuoin color04:14
ryuothe exact thing that matched04:14
ryuothat'll make my life a bit easier04:14
ryuoTOR? wierd04:14
ryuowhat is TOR04:15
Romsterpfft i got that now...04:15
Romsterprt-get info to04:15
ryuoyou sure libevent conflicts with libev?04:15
Romsteryes i tryed it04:16
ryuoin the AUR, libev package has no conflicts04:16
Romsterfiles clash04:16
Romsterlibev is ment as a replacement for libevent but isn't exactly the same.04:16
Romstersyas libev is "better" than libevent.04:16
Romsterbut not fully compatable and requires a header file change, i'll pass.04:17
ryuoin arch...04:17
ryuothey do not clash04:17
ryuoi tried installing libev/libevent04:17
ryuono file clash04:17
Romsteryhafris and lebevent did i didn't bother to move paths.04:17
Romsteri could of i guess. or found a solution i just didn't bother.04:18
Romsterthey both seem to be like clashing ideas.04:18
ryuobmpanel requires scons to build04:18
ryuoi guess you dont want to use bmpanel then04:19
ryuoyou see, i dont even use libevent04:19
Romstergot scons i think04:20
ryuoimlib2 is easy enough04:20
ryuocheck the AUR pkgbuilds if you want an idea of how to make a Pkgfile for them04:21
Romsterya dunno what to do with libev hmm04:21
ryuopkgbuilds/pkgfiles are effectively the same04:21
Romsterah i use it on one port of mine lol04:21
ryuoso we can cross-reference them without too many problems04:21
ryuoi just thought of a theme i could port that04:27
ryuowould work with with bmpanel's default theme04:27
ryuoinfidael from icewm04:27
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ryuowanna see what bmpanel looks like in its default theme?04:30
RomsterKDE tray is not supported04:31
Romsterwhy can't they support that too,04:31
Romsteri still use a few kde apps.04:31
ryuothey claim its because04:31
ryuothey only support the true tray04:31
ryuoaka gtk2/gnome04:32
Romstergnome.. don't even use gnome04:34
Romsteralthough guess gtk is gnome.04:34
ryuoin  way04:34
ryuobut regular gtk is not gnome04:34
ryuoin a way*04:34
ryuolike the gtk2 used by xfce04:34
Romstergnome tool kit04:34
ryuoactually it stands for04:35
ryuognu tool kit04:35
Romsteri always thought the g was gnome.04:35
ryuothere are gtk apps that have no ties to gnome at all04:35
ryuofirefox, pidgin, audacious, xchat, i can go on04:35
Rotwangand gnome stands for GNU Object Model Environment04:38
joacimi dont see firefox as a gtk app04:50
joacimbecause it looks foreign in a pure gtk environment04:50
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Rotwangomg, phun is soo addictive :D05:09
rehabdollgtk atleast used to stand for gimp tool kit05:42
rehabdollperhaps they changed it to gnu05:42
rehabdollno, still is05:44
rehabdollGTK+ was initially developed for and used by the GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is called the "The GIMP ToolKit" so that the origins of the project are remembered.05:44
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* clickonce hates his ITSP06:01
clickonceThey're the largest in Sweden and is more-or-less an "underground" operator, but they still don't support Asterisk.06:01
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haolegood day! im trying to make a package for kicad, but with no success06:49
Romsterlook an other Pkgfiles for ideas?06:50
haolei get an error like this: tar: *: no such file or directory after pkgmk succefully compiles the packaeg06:50
haolei looked at arch's package for it and at the documentation06:50
RomsterDESTDIR=$PKG or ROOT_DIR=$PKG something like that look in the Makefile06:51
Romstermore than likely you've just poluted your system with them files that didn't get put into the $PKG directory06:52
Romstershould use fakeroot when you build a package06:52
haoleim using fakeroot and my system is safe ;)06:53
haolei used $PKG and $SRC in the compilation, but it is not a common one06:53
haoleit looks like this: make -f makefile.gtk KICAD_STATIC_LINK=0 KICAD_PYTHON=1 || return 106:54
haolemake -f makefile.gtk PREFIX=$startdir/pkg/usr install || return 106:54
haolethis one from arch06:54
haolei just changed $startdir/pkg for $PKG06:54
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haoleand $startdir/src to $SRC06:54
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haoleRomster, would you test it in your machine?07:17
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*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:23
thrice`haole: also, || return 1 isn't needed; pkgmk will die on its own on errors07:23
haoleyeah, i removed that :) thanks07:24
haolewhich package holds pkgconfig in crux?07:26
haoleprt-ger fsearch has thousands of entries :(07:26
haoleoh, i found it... pkg-config07:28
haoleat least i think they are the same07:28
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Romsterpkg-config is in core no need to list that.07:51
Romsterhaole, and change PREFIX=$startdir/pkg/usr to PREFIX=$PKG07:52
haoleyeah, i did all that stuff... im trying to make packages for geda and kicad... im having troubles with both07:52
thrice`Romster: run into any snags with udev?07:52
haolekicad won't create a package for the error i described07:52
Romsterthrice`, 3 systems on my udev port and not one snag07:53
Romsterand i removed hotplug off my systems too.07:53
haoleand geda won't compile because it is conflicting with shared-mime-info... im looking for some configure option that avoids this, if it exists07:53
Romsterdon't need it when udev handles it.07:53
thrice`you should poke tilman about it :)07:53
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Romsterheh and i have the cdrom group and permissions set so i can use the burner with the cdrecord etc programs that are suid set.07:54
Romster-rwsr-xr-- 1 root cdrom07:55
thrice`ah, so users of cdrom can burn?07:55
Romsterwhy the ports in opt do not set this i don't know.07:55
Romsterbottom of this
Romsteri just set the permissions.07:56
Romsterand cdrdao too.07:57
Romsterdon't think i've missed anything else.07:58
Romsterot sure on growisofs though.07:58
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Romsteractually i'vr been thinking of renaming 'cdrom' to either burner or optical. optical seems more logical.08:00
Romstercdrom group with a dvd burner sounds really silly to me.08:01
Romsterhi jtnl08:02
haoleis there a way to easily install one package with pkgadd in another directory for testing purposes?08:03
haolelike another prefix?08:03
Romster-r path08:04
Romsterman pkgadd08:04
Romsterbut you also specify which package database to use.08:05
Romsterso you'd need to touch .../var/lib/pkg/db08:07
Romsteri use that method in my safe-build script.08:07
Romsterand setup on the cd does the same thing before you chroot into the system08:07
haolegeda-libs is conflicting with shared-mime-info... that's a problem that i never runned before08:09
haolei wanna see if the files are the same with diff08:09
haoleif they are, i still don't know what to do :)08:09
Romsterjust use pkgmk -kw08:10
Romsterthen you haev your work directory you can use with diff08:10
* haole is opening his terminal to look at man pkgmk08:10
Romster-kw will keep the working directory and just look in work/pkg/...08:11
Romsteror where ever you have set PKGMK_WORK_DIR= too.08:11
Romsteri use PKGMK_WORK_DIR="/usr/ports/work/$name" and that is a tmpfs location.08:11
haoleim doing that... but once i find out if they are the same or not, what would u suggest for me to do?08:12
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:12
haoleim lost in this one08:12
haolehummm it just adds some lines to my original files...08:13
Romsterrm them from the port...08:13
haoleis there a way to make a package add those lines and them remove then with the package removal?08:14
Romsternot easy but a post-install/post-remove be the best bet if they are indeed required.08:14
*** jtnl has quit IRC08:15
haolei think it makes your system (or at least desktop environment) recognize those new kinds of files that this suite introduces08:15
Romsteri keep forgeting if a pre or post ones are supported.08:15
jaegeralternative to keeping the work dir you could just untar the package into a temporary dir08:15
haolejaeger, i usually do that but i was looking for a cooler way :D08:16
Romsterya there is that too but it's just as easy todo pkgmk -kw08:16
Romsteranyways i'm off to bed.08:17
haolegood night to u and thanks for the help08:18
Romsteri'll help you mroe later if your still stuck08:18
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haolejaeger, what would u do with a package in my situation? i tries to install some files into /usr/share/mime, but it looks like it just wants to add some lines to these files... also, this files doesn't appear on debian's libgeda list of files, so i think they don't use them (don't know for sure)...08:31
haoleit tries*08:31
jaegeris it calling update-mime-database in a Makefile somewhere or doing it manually or what?08:32
haoledon't know... gonna look it... but it looks like it just create those files with the new lines on they08:40
haoleDISTCHECK_CONFIGURE-FLAGS= --disable-update-mime-database08:41
haolei found that in Makefile.am08:41
haolejaeger, ^08:41
jaegerupdate-mime-database calls are good to put in post-install scripts08:43
haoledon't know how they work, but im gonna see a package that uses it... do u know one package with this update-mime thing?08:47
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC08:49
haoleand what happens if i update the mime database and then, later on, i remove this package? will the mime database be updated again?08:49
haolelike, removing what the package added?08:49
jaegeryou'd need to run update-mime-database again08:50
haolewould you take a look at it when you have some time? i am trying to im really stuck in this one08:50
haolei can send u the Pkgfile08:51
jaegerwhat package is it08:51
jaegerprobably better to look at the makefiles than the Pkgfile08:51
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux08:51
haoleim creating the package right now08:56
haolewanna see the pkgfile?08:57
jaegersure, might as well08:58
haolemy dcc is misconfigured... gonna pastebin it09:00
thrice`haole: you don't need anything in core listed in your deps.  also, is having glib + gtk redundant?09:04
haolesorry... i copied from arch linux and didn't thought about those things...09:06
* haole is embarassed09:06
jaegerit also contains /usr/share/doc and /usr/share/locale, for what that's worth09:08
haolewhy is it common to remove those folders from package installations?09:08
Rotwanghaole: thats the crux way ;]09:08
haoleso, no share/doc and share/locale? :)09:09
haolethat would be just documentation... and share/locale? what's the use of it?09:09
haolei know that it is for internationalization, but don't know much more than this09:10
thrice`haole: yep.  crux doesn't do NLS stuff09:10
jaegerhaole: add --disable-update-mime-database to the configure line to disable the mime database update09:11
Rotwanghaole: read this
*** TRIBB has joined #crux09:13
haoleok, gonna read this reference again... thanks for the help :)09:13
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC09:13
haoleis this mime stuff important for the application? or is it just metainformation for the desktop environment?09:15
jaegerprobably differs for each app, not really sure09:15
haoleok, gonna test it and give u feedback :)09:15
haoleok, now i was installing the next package, geda-suite, with --disable-update-mime-database on every configure and it still created one mime file... although it worked for geda-libs09:20
jaegeryou might have to go through the makefile and find it, or perhaps it's harmless09:25
*** Rotwang has quit IRC09:32
haole>> usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache09:36
haoledoes this looks harmless? :D09:36
thrice`I'd leave that one :)09:36
haoleleave like dropping it or keeping it?09:37
thrice`I'd keep it09:37
haoleyeah... im having troubles to make this package coexist with shared-mime-info package09:37
haolepkginfo -o /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache09:38
haolepkginfo: no owner(s) found09:38
haolenow im confused... where does this thing comes from?09:38
jaegerprobably from updated-mime-database09:39
jaegerer, update-mime-database09:39
thrice`sorry, wish I could help more.  tough to try without access to a crux system while at work09:39
haoleso, i will have to do a post-install script with thie update-mime-database stuff... probably i will need to do this for geda-libs as well09:40
haoledamn... this is far more complicated than i antecipated09:41
haolebut it will be fun to learn more :)09:41
haolewhen someone gets some free time, take a look at this:
haoleit's a package for kicad, but i can't get pkgmk to create this package... it compiles fine but won't make the package09:46
tilmangah, away log terror09:56
tilmanteK: i am not a member of contrib, which means i have no say wrt new *contrib* applications :)09:56
tilmanteK: did nobody respond do your request or what? :(09:56
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman09:57
teKtilman: no10:06
teKdon't get me wrong. I really do want to contribute but I won't run after contrib's maintainers10:06
teK(I planned to send in other patches to get myself noticed ;))10:07
tilmanRomster: epic contrib fail apparently.10:08
teKbtw: there should be a notification for failed download's (just like it is for -dev) on crux-contrib10:08
*** errdil has joined #crux10:11
*** mrks has joined #crux10:16
*** maxus has joined #crux10:20
tilmanRomster: if you care about teK's aplication, i think it would be good if you could try to contact viper...10:23
teKoh, and if you don't, notice me. ;-)10:31
teKI can contact viper myself, too.10:31
teKIt's kind of sad things being that slow10:31
tilmanyes, it's fucking retarded10:32
tilmanteK: sorry :/10:32
*** mrks_ has quit IRC10:34
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC10:35
teKtilman: now I am here. Fresh dynamic and motivated. :>10:36
teKand now I'm off. cu10:36
thrice`aah, epic contrib failure o.O10:40
tilmanaon: can you have a look at the bugs in flyspray that were reported against your ports?10:51
tilmani cannot seem to assign them to you unfortunately :x10:51
*** muerto has joined #crux11:06
*** mike_k has joined #crux11:18
mike_ktilman: do you know why "man?p" are removed from core/man-pages? I've been stuck finding pthread_* things, which is not present because of that removal. As /etc/man.conf has: "MANSECT     1:1p:8:2:3:3p:4:5:6:7:9:0p:tcl:n:l:p:o", it is safe to keep posix man pages around.11:26
mike_kI guess nptl is OK these days, and at least the pthread_* stuff should have it's man pages at place.11:27
sepenmike_k, nice article in the public page (zabbix) but I can't download fping sources11:28
mike_ksepen: sorry, that not my fault. Try to find a mirror. You'll only need fping for simple icmp checks.11:28
sepenok Ill do11:29
mike_kI don't remember if the server will complain on fping's absence11:29
sepenat this moment Im going to home11:29
sepenjust in a couple of minutes Ill return11:29
*** sepen has quit IRC11:29
tilmanmike_k: no idea. i'll see if i run into issues with man?p and fix it otherwise11:31
mike_ktilman: thanks. I've just rebuilt v2.78 with no issues or file conflicts. man search path (MANSECT) works as expected.11:34
tilmanokay, give me a few11:39
thrice`hm, ati vs. nvidia on new PC11:39
tilmanfree docs ftw!11:41
tilmansupporting teh linux ftw!11:41
jaegerand maybe someday the drivers won't suck :)11:42
thrice`they are slightly cheaper, too11:42
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:50
*** Romster has quit IRC11:50
*** Romster has joined #crux11:51
*** Romster has quit IRC12:01
*** Romster has joined #crux12:03
haoleim having troubles switching users under gnome... it gives me a short error message telling me that there were problems trying to start a X server... how do i fix this or get a more detailed output error message?12:05
mike_ktilman: but I have no strong opinion on how MANSECT could be adjusted. Guess, current settings are sane enough.12:07
pitillohaole, what do you mean switching users under gnome?12:13
tilmanmike_k: i don't see a need to fiddle with MANSECT. the posix section is given less priority than the others, which sounds just fine :)12:14
tilmanmike_k: i didn't even know there were posix man pages. but i noticed that some months ago the pthread manpages disappeared12:14
haolewhen u lock your screen, u may give your password and unlock it or click the switch user button and start another X session with gdm12:14
mike_kyes, but trying to run just 'man read' will show page from section 1p, whenever people might expect read(2). Anyway, they can run 'man 2 read' now.12:16
pitillohaole, here is working that12:16
*** sepen has joined #crux12:17
haolepitillo, here is not :) but i wan't to know where do i get a detailed error message so i can fix this12:17
pitillohaole, have you followed the doc at site?12:18
haoleyes, sure... this seems like a gnome problem12:18
tilmanmike_k: mmmmmh, that might be confusing indeed12:18
pitillohaole, I installed it yesterday and started it now the first time12:19
tilmanlet me ask the crux mailing list for comments12:19
mike_ktilman: sure, you're the boss12:19
mike_kAnyone having trouble can adjust it once and for all. Others just don't read those pages, IMHO12:21
tilmanright. fuck it.12:22
cruxbotcore.git: man-pages: updated to 2.78 and added POSIX man pages.12:22
tilmanmike_k: thanks!12:22
thrice`hey, I didn't even get the email!12:23
thrice`i feel ripped off12:23
sepenposix man pages?12:25
mike_ktilman: nice. Some misc. fixes are faster with fewer developers.12:27
tilmanmike_k: that's not it. feel free to prod me about misc stuff anytime :)12:28
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux12:42
*** tri has joined #crux12:48
jnengland77Hard to try Crux if my cd burning apps (Gnomebaker) crashes... anyone recommend a decent, easy to configure, one?12:56
haolegraveman, maybe?12:57
haoleor even nautilus-burner12:57
aontilman: yes, i can12:57
tilmanjust try cdrecord -scanbus12:57
tilmanthen cdrecord dev=whatscanbusgaveyou speed=16 crux.iso12:57
tilmanaon: \o12:57
aonproper assigns would be a treat :)12:57
thrice`too fancy ;)12:57
aonbut anyway, tomorrow i will12:58
aonif i remember/have time and strength/care12:58
tilmanaon: yeah i'm sorry. somehow flyspray breaks12:58
tilmanpitillo: did you try to assign those opt port bugs to the maintainers?12:59
aoni got moved to a room full of guerilla radists :(12:59
tilmanor did it not work for you either?12:59
aonyes, like they operate radios13:00
jnengland77Never done it the cdrecord way.13:00
jnengland77:P At least it doesn't crash...13:00
aonanyway, going to attepmt sleep13:01
pitillotilman, no, I didn't tried it. Next time I will do.13:03
*** jtnl has joined #crux13:04
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC13:07
sepenpitillo, check your FS permissions, after you login in FS if you move the mouse over your Login name, your details will be listed13:08
haolecould someone do me a favor and try to pkgmk this package that i have created? it has a problem that i can't seem to fix:
*** haole has quit IRC13:15
pitillosepen, checked it and I think I can't. Thank you for that tip.13:18
sepenI've the same status13:19
tilmantomorrow i will look at directfb13:19
tilmanand other stuff13:19
sepenthanks tilman13:20
thrice`tilman: so, on higher end ATI cards (I was looking at 3870), xorg support should be getting better, in theory?13:22
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:22
tilmanfrom r300 on it should be getting better13:22
tilmanmuch of the r500 3d docs applies to r3xx and r4xx, too13:23
thrice`and the 3870 falls into one of those chipsets?13:23
tilmancan you post the lspci output for it?13:24
thrice`oh, no.  havent' purchased it yet :-)13:24
thrice`just researching13:24
thrice`i'll dig further :-)13:24
tilmantry the wikipedia page on ATI_Radeon13:24
tilmanit has pretty detailed information13:24
*** discomaxus has joined #crux13:35
*** Rotwang has quit IRC13:38
jtnlhello, now someone who has wifi broadcom with crux13:47
*** haole has joined #crux13:51
haolehey, im back... has anyone tried my package?13:52
thrice`nope :(  no access to crux for me.  do you have an error?13:52
haoleyes... let me compile again to give it to you13:52
haole5 minutes13:52
thrice`judging from's ebuild, it should be a little more complex13:52
haole  cd $name-dev13:53
haole  make -f makefile.gtk KICAD_STATIC_LINK=0 KICAD_PYTHON=113:53
haole  make -f makefile.gtk PREFIX=$PKG/usr install13:53
haolethats the whole build13:53
*** maxus has quit IRC13:54
thrice`why do you run make twice, on the same file?13:56
thrice`oh, nevermind; I see now :)13:57
haoleone time to compile and the other to install :)13:57
haoleim trying again now with DESTDIR=$PKG on the install step13:57
*** tri has quit IRC14:01
*** jtnl has quit IRC14:12
haoleno success14:22
thrice`and, what error did it provide?14:24
haolethrice`, that i didn't have permissions to write on /usr/bin (thank god i didn't)14:35
haoleso, it's PREFIX variable works in some other way than that im used to14:35
haolelike, i usually do PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=$PKG14:35
haolethe previous (and still) error was: make: *** library: No such file or directory.  Stop.14:37
haolemake: *** [install-res] Error 214:37
haolemake: *** library: No such file or directory.  Stop.14:37
haolesorry, i posted the lines reversed... library: No such... comes first14:37
*** drijen2 has joined #crux14:41
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux14:53
*** drijen has quit IRC14:55
*** drijen2 is now known as drijen14:56
*** joacim has quit IRC14:57
*** drijen has quit IRC14:59
*** joacim has joined #crux15:00
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:16
*** mike_k has joined #crux15:16
*** boe has quit IRC15:18
*** drijen has joined #crux15:30
jnengland77VFS: Cannot open root device "sda6" or unknow-block(0,0)15:32
*** RedShift has quit IRC15:36
drijenjnengland77, ?15:43
jnengland77Just having trouble installing Crux.  I have the drivers built in (ahci, and intel PIIX built in and all file systems builtin )15:45
jaegerjnengland77: do you see sda listed when all the boot spam scrolls by?15:45
jaegeralso, after it fails, does it give you any suggestions based on what it found?15:45
jnengland77Not really.  Let me boot again.  I just inserted the Crux cd to mount the drives and check that I enabled file systems and what not.15:46
jnengland77after the VFS it has:15:48
jnengland77Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions:15:48
jnengland77Kernel panic ...15:48
jaegernothing's listed after the "available partitions:" bit?15:49
jaegerbesides the panic15:49
clickonceHOLY! A 1GBit/s connection directly to the core of the Stockholm GE switches of the Swedish IX operator Netnod AB isn't that expensive.. (well, cheaper than I'd thought)15:49
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC15:50
jnengland77If it helps I'm using grub.  I was confused on the root setup part of grub would it be root(hd0,0) or root(hd0,5)  I have sda1 as /boot and sda6 as /15:50
jaegerer, sorry15:51
clickonce$2623/month ex. vat.15:51
jaegerwherever boot is, unless you've moved the grub stuff15:51
*** discomaxus has quit IRC15:51
jaegerso 0,015:51
jnengland77I just moved them to /boot/grub/  like in the handbook.15:52
jaegerthat's fine15:52
jaegerbut if the kernel was already loaded grub isn't the problem15:52
jaegerit's most likely missing hardware support in the kernel15:53
jnengland77and the grub line is: kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz-2.6.23 root=/dev/sda615:53
jnengland77Alright I'll go through make menuconfig and check.15:53
*** namenlos has joined #crux15:58
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux16:02
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux16:13
jnengland77Does make menuconfig's exit not save it.  apparently not.  I think that was my problem.16:23
jnengland77:) Well that fixed it and it booted fine now.  Thanks for the clues.16:39
jaegerglad to help =)16:42
*** namenlos has quit IRC16:56
*** jnengland78 has joined #crux17:03
*** errdil has quit IRC17:12
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC17:21
jnengland78Hehe I guess I left the room (stupid wireless connection).  Anyway to set make -j3  or equivalent?17:25
pitillojnengland78, check pkgmk.conf17:25
jnengland78just make an alias or what?17:30
sepenusing CFLAGS ?17:33
jnengland78not sure if that would work.  I just want to use multi-procs to compile packages.  The CLFAGS are fine at the default settings.  I though make -j3 would do that so I put an alias make="make -j3".  Not sure if it's working...17:35
sepensorry but Im not using it17:37
sepenthe you can use your .profile then17:38
sepentoo many then's17:38
jaegertry exporting MAKEFLAGS=-j3 or similar in pkgmk.conf for package builds17:38
jaegeryou'll need to do it elsewhere for other stuff17:38
jnengland78ok thanks17:38
predatorfreakjaeger: MAKEFLAGS or aliasing make in /etc/pkgmk.conf  both work.17:47
predatorfreakaliasing make is safer for recursive makefiles.17:48
jnengland78freetype package can't be downloaded from .17:48
predatorfreak(If it recurses, each time make spawns it'll spawn another 3 processes)17:48
DarkNekrosnight everybody ;)18:04
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:04
jnengland78:( sourceforge is driving me nuts.  Now I can't download mesa3d.  I've tried several mirrors in /etc/hosts.18:07
jaegerI detest sourceforge's download mirror system18:08
jaegerstarted keeping my own local source archive18:08
jnengland78I managed to find a mirror for freetype, but mesa3d's page doesn't suggest any other download sites.18:08
*** mike_k has quit IRC18:09
jnengland78There has to be a mirror somewhere...18:15
jaegertry one of the gentoo mirrors18:15
thrice`predatorfreak: new t-bird out18:17
predatorfreakthrice`: Picture linkie?18:18
thrice`predatorfreak: oops, figured you took that one too.  looks like it's sip18:18
thrice`predatorfreak: ah, meant the mail-app :-)18:19
predatorfreakI was going18:19
predatorfreak"FORD THUNDERBIRD? ALIVE AGAIN?"18:19
predatorfreak"FUCK YEAH!"18:19
jnengland78Well that didn't help.18:20
predatorfreakLet's hope when sip does update, he remembers to put in the system nss/nspr bits I told him about.18:23
predatorfreakBecause nss is primed for that.18:23
predatorfreakand I'm just waiting on the next Firefox version to do that18:23
predatorfreak(No sense making everyone rebuild firefox for something like that)18:23
Romsterjnengland78, read the README for distcc18:26
Romsterhase the MAKEFLAGS= option listed.18:26
thrice`predatorfreak: yeah, for us with slow procs :)18:33
predatorfreakthrice`: Yes, I like to spare the little people every now and then :P18:33
Romsteri do that sometimes if there isn't gonna change alot.18:34
Romsteralthough ccache helps alot there.18:34
predatorfreakRomster: Hehehe, indeed it does!18:34
jnengland78grr I hate sourceforge.  And I though the compiling was going to take a while, just trying downloading the file took longer18:41
jnengland78oh well I have other things to do.18:42
jnengland78cya later and thanks for help.  Hopefuly I can download files later and finish compiling xorg...18:43
*** jnengland78 has quit IRC18:45
Romsterhmm ought to set a sourceforge mirror to use..18:47
Romstersince when do files for xorg come from sourceforge anyways?18:48
rehabdollwhat files?18:49
Romsterjnengland78> saying about sourcforge being a bitch to get files to compile xorg.18:51
predatorfreakRomster: Probably a non-xorg depend.18:53
Romsterhmm maybe.18:55
Romsterhe could of used that mirror option too.18:55
*** pitillo has quit IRC18:59
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:06
*** mrks has quit IRC19:51
*** mrks has joined #crux19:51
cruxbotcontrib.git: gcolor2: New port.20:00
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux20:01
*** sepen has quit IRC20:25
*** jnengland78 has joined #crux20:39
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC20:52
predatorfreakLet's see if I can package avisynth 3 CVS...21:20
Romsterdamn it warsow update todo...21:28
Romsterpredatorfreak, good luck with that one.21:29
predatorfreakRomster: Well, they packaged it for Gentoo.21:29
predatorfreakSo copying most of their ebuild shit.21:29
predatorfreakI think I can do it :P21:29
Romsterman i've had a look at gentoo the other day and i was horrifyed to see some of the crap they hd todo to fix broken libs etc.21:30
predatorfreakNeeds gstreamer, gst-plugins-base, gst-ffmpeg and some other shit XD21:30
predatorfreakBut nothing "giant" besides boost21:31
Romsterhaha <<21:31
predatorfreakRomster: Hehe, welcome to Gentoo.21:31
Romstertha's all been done for you.21:31
Romsterpredatorfreak, ya i so would enver run gentoo.21:31
predatorfreakI run it on my server, but I keep a tight grip on everything.21:31
predatorfreakIt's mostly 'cuz maintaining a "server" ports dir would be annoying21:32
Romsteri'd move that to crux.21:32
Romsterbut that's me.21:32
predatorfreakRomster: Too lazy to package netqmail, lighttpd, etc all how I want.21:32
Romsteri'm a late comer but i've just started ot mess with cups.21:33
predatorfreakGentoo do the majority of the grunt work for me, I just maintain a few personal things on my server.21:33
predatorfreakRomster: Jesus, you're like.21:33
Romsteri see.21:33
predatorfreakFive hundred years late.21:33
Romsterrofl yeah i know.21:33
Romsteri still haven't bothered with a scanner yet either.21:34
Romsterat least i don't use alot of paper <<21:34
predatorfreakWell aside from how BLOODY LONG it takes to build this shit... working so far :D21:34
Romsterlol boost takes a long time so does getreamer.21:35
predatorfreakAlready got boost done21:35
Romsterbut your lucky i've just recently cleaned up gstreamer stuff.21:35
predatorfreakHad that for another program.21:35
predatorfreakBut shit, gst-ffmpeg takes a BLOODY CENTURY to build21:35
Romsterboost was a bitch to get working.21:35
Romsterhmm i hadn't checked that for footprint mismatches yet.21:36
Romsteri doubt there would be any though.21:36
Romsterbah warsow mirrors piss me off.21:36
Romsternot even upto the new verion yet so another mirror hop... and one that dosn't do the click here to download bull crap.21:37
Romsteri really need to implment torrent downloads in pkgmk too.21:37
predatorfreakRomster: You get right on that :P21:39
predatorfreakThen let it get rejected.21:39
Romsteri don't care i'll keep it in my private repo and use it in my personal ports <<21:39
Romsterthere loss if they don't wanna add in a patch i make.21:40
Romsteralso i think i figured a way todo the signals but i need to do some hacking to test.21:40
Romsterbah i might wait for the mirrors to catch up on the file.21:42
Romsterslow arses they are.21:43
predatorfreakYay! haven't even started building and it's borked!21:47
predatorfreakStupid nasm patchlevel check..21:48
Romsteroh that..21:49
Romsteryeah that's blows21:49
Romsterthey changed the rechered option21:49
Romsterever since nasm got to v2.0021:51
Romsterjust patch the code to bypass the check.21:52
predatorfreakI just deleted it from the configure.in21:54
Romstergrr stupid server with a 5 minute download limit21:56
* Romster uses the torrent.21:56
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC22:00
*** haole has quit IRC22:00
*** j^2__ has quit IRC22:00
*** j^2 has joined #crux22:02
Romsterdamn it no torrent and the other links have a stupid wait to downlaod and other crap.22:06
Romsterit can wait.22:08
*** haole has joined #crux22:14
Romster added a task i'm buged about that pinentry having to require X11 when it's not listed. or made optional.22:23
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux22:27
predatorfreakOh god damn it, I forgot I had my "tiny-boost-for-personal-use" thing and avisynth doesn't like that <_<22:32
Romstereh did you modify boost to be extra small?22:43
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux23:11
predatorfreakRomster: I cut out some shit I wasn't using.23:12
predatorfreakAlthough rebuilding it did jackshit for the problem.23:12
predatorfreakavisynth STILL hates me23:12
Romsterdon't worry i've had programs that never wanted to work too.23:13
Romsteris it that much of a pain to get avisynth to work.23:25
Romsterdon't they have a release?23:25
*** jnengland78 has quit IRC23:26
predatorfreakRomster: 3.0 is still under development23:27
predatorfreakand 2.5 doesn't work on Linux unless through wine <_<23:28
predatorfreak3.0 should be decently usable for my needs...23:28
Romsteroh so 3.0 will run on linux too?23:28
Romsterif it'll compile.23:28
predatorfreakThey moved to platform independence with 3.023:28
Romsterif ya need a hand just give a hoy23:29
predatorfreakI've got a hunch that it's due to the fact my boost is 1.34.1 and the seem to have made this with the intention of running under 1.33.023:29
predatorfreakSo I'm downgrading23:29
predatorfreakAs a test though I'm building it with their ebuild on my Gentoo server23:30
Romsteri don't think there is a problem with 1.33.0 to 1.34.123:30
predatorfreakMight be, might not be.23:30
predatorfreakWorth a shot..23:30
Romsterah if the ebuild works then you should be able to figure itout.23:30
Romsterunless it detects soem stuff diferently.23:31
predatorfreakWell, if the ebuild works on Gentoo with 1.34.1-r223:31
predatorfreakI know that one of their patches fixes the problem23:31
Romsteri could apply a patch if it's worthwhile.23:31
Romsterso let me know what ya come up with.23:31
Romsterproviding the patch is sane.23:31
predatorfreakwe'll see what I get...23:32
Romsteralthough i know some users must hate me when i bump boost or some other long arse time to compile port.23:35
Romsteractually maybe i'll remove my version of firefox and use opt again since it's kept upto date now.23:37
Romsteri just did like 12 commits of updates to stuff i should check my private repo more oftern.23:38
*** maxus has joined #crux23:57

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