IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-02-29

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Romsterhi pitillo00:04
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predatorfreakRomster: I decided: Fuck this00:18
predatorfreakI'm just going to use avsproxy through wine00:18
predatorfreakwith avidemux <_<00:18
Romsterwait utill they release the new version you say00:22
predatorfreakbe back in a minute, rebooting00:30
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predatorfreakRomster: Grrr, every single DVD release by this same core animation team always has the horribly-fucked-up-combine-all-episodes-into-one-title bullshit <_<01:01
pitillogood morning01:01
pitillolo Romster :)01:01
* predatorfreak morphs into Romster01:02
* predatorfreak eats pitillo01:02
* predatorfreak returns to human form01:02
predatorfreakmmm tasty.01:02
Romsteroi <<01:02
pitillotake care predatorfreak, I am bad herb :P01:03
predatorfreakI'm technically not human, so, won't hurt me.01:03
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Romsterbad herd rofl.. that made me think of wind <<01:07
Romsterhi namenlos fixed moc.01:07
predatorfreakRomster: at least this one doesn't have the horribly fucked up randomly changing framerate hard-telecined with randomly changing black borders of the other series <_<01:08
Romsterso a slight improvment.01:12
Romsteri'd so tell them to redo there shit, that's a mess.01:12
predatorfreakRomster: I would, but big companies never listen :(01:13
pitillolet's start building more ports01:20
namenlosRomster: thx01:22
Romsteri've done enough for awhile pitillo01:22
pitilloRomster, I rebuild some too, but not all. I let home's computer working a bit and if I see something strange, I write at flyspray (if it's related to you I tell you here xD)01:24
pitilloatm with opt... bit by bit01:25
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namenlosRomster: i will test it at home, and then report.01:26
Romsteri'll evently have all ports that will only ever have new files but never any missing when i get though them all.01:29
Romsterpitillo, <<01:29
pitilloRomster, , ummm I saw a few with missing and not much with new files (in a clean system is hard to have them) BTW my first objective is look for missing deps01:30
pitilloI am filling reports at fp and sometimes to the maintainer (I try contact you and til_man here)01:31
Romsteryeah i've jsut recently went over my gstreamer stuff.01:31
Romsterand a few other missing dependencys on ports.01:32
Romsterbut i know i do have more todo.01:32
pitilloummm your repo is too big, btw when I finish opt I will go over contrib, where you have lot of stuff too.01:32
Romsterbuilding ports on a normal desktop isn't such a wise idea.01:32
Romstertoo big ?01:32
Romsteri did remove a few ports just not long ago.01:33
pitilloummm I am building them in my destop, btw in a fresh and clean enviroment (in development by now) yeah, you have a lot of ports :P01:33
predatorfreakRomster: If nothing else, this should be a comparably fast job.01:34
predatorfreakI just gotta chop up the giant files.01:34
predatorfreakand pipe them through some denoising/cropping/resizing XD01:35
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Romsterpitillo, i won't be suprised if i got some serious issues still with dependencys.01:39
Romsteri haven't gone though everything i got so much to check.01:39
Romsterbut in all they work.01:39
pitilloRomster, don't worry about that, I feel that you are doing a great job, like other port maintainers01:39
pitilloRomster, I am trying to help in this way, to put all really needed dependencies (IMO opt is quite important)01:40
Romsterno mater how much i check there is always something some user reports01:40
predatorfreakRomster: If there's one thing you do well, it's maintain insane amounts of ports :P01:40
pitillopredatorfreak, +1 xD01:40
pitilloand in a good way IMO01:40
pitilloif with my help your ports (and opt and later other people's ports) can be done better, I will be glad01:41
predatorfreakWell if nothing else, with avsproxy avidemux works more like a stupidified virtualdub01:41
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah01:41
Romsterheh need some automation glue to do it all for you as a macro now <<01:42
pitillo(I mean better in the sense of put all the needed deps to get all footprint and prt-get powerfull)01:42
Romsterpitillo, yeah working on that and improving my safe-build more oto it now uses a Makefile too <<01:42
pitilloRomster, yeah, I readed it yesterday. We are working in other way you we'll be noticed01:43
pitillobtw I know you feel confortable with your tool and I must tell you something that may be you can find interesting01:43
pitillowe are thinking in make a little wiki/public webpage to show other how to use it. I think this can be very helpfully in your case too, making a little webpage explaining how to use your tool01:44
Romsterpitillo, i can't say how badly worded that was *giggles*01:45
Romsterbut yes i need to also do a man page and a web page on how to use it.01:45
Romsterand it's still got bugs to iron out.01:46
pitilloRomster, well, both (man and webpage can be very usefull) but the point is to let others know about that tool to let them use it to make their own ports01:46
pitilloI think the aim of this is making bit by bit real quality ports.01:47
Romsterpitillo, yeah01:47
Romsteri do plan to move it to contrib when it is stable.01:47
Romsterafter i've ironed all the bugs out.01:48
pitillobtw, we have in mind making other things to make auto process to build ports, to check entire repos, report logs...01:48
Romsterand major code clean up.01:48
Romsteri have a plan for that with my little project to automate a buildbot.01:48
pitilloRomster, I hope you do that to let people know about this kind of tools01:48
Romsterpitillo, to move it to contrib so it gets noticed more yes.01:49
Romsteri know know of you that even has looked at it.01:50
pitilloyes, moving it to contrib and with a little reference at public section can do the trick01:50
Romsteri'm hoping and a ML entry.01:51
Romsterandi'd add in this is how i get all my ports nice and clean.01:51
pitilloRomster, I started with my own script (all must be done by hand) then I talked to you and you started yours (I commented some ideas about it), but since time ago I didn't use it and I didn't checked the source recentley too01:51
Romsteralthough you got other ideas.01:51
Romsterbut same out come.01:51
pitilloRomster, yes, bit by bit with sepen's help I think we will do something very interesting, at least for us01:52
Romsterif anyting i think we'll be both competing.01:52
pitilloI think our ideas can be implemented under your safe-build script too.01:53
Romsterjust how advanced is your code now?01:53
pitilloRomster, I don't see this like a competition, think about giving people choices, to see which one is more confortable for them01:54
Romstertrue, note i haven't setteled for a chroot i might find and have seen some limitations too.01:54
pitilloRomster, it's advanced, I am building ports under the enviroment, but we have little things fix and a lot to improve01:54
pitillothings to fix01:55
Romsteri'm happy with my clean function it took me some time to perfect that.01:55
pitilloI wait sepen's comments about it, he never stop thinking and fixing and improving01:55
Romsterbefore i sued ot destroy the entire chroot and redo it to test a neww prt-get depinst <port>01:55
Romsterya he is mroe ofr testing though.01:56
Romstermore for*01:56
pitilloRomster, my little script to clean ports it's working fine here, and wasn't hard to implement (with cptn's ideas and help)01:56
pitilloI started with a simple check of the path (/usr/ports/core) and if the port was there, then it was keeped on the system, else was removed01:57
pitillocptn gave me the idea to keep a list and use it to compare to the ports installed, in this way you can play with core or with core/opt, or core with a few needed ports from opt/xorg, taking snapshots when you want and using it to compare to your system status and revert it to that snapshot01:58
Romsterpitillo, ah02:00
Romstermine does pretty much that, but dosn't do snapshots.02:01
Romsterit keeps core and any aditional ports listed in the safe-build.conf file.02:01
Romsterthat i just recently moved so it's user configurable.02:02
pitillonice, it's another way to do it02:02
Romsterplus i added a --crux=<version>02:02
pitillothat is why I found interesting the fact of having a little explanation un a publib webpage02:03
Romsteroption so i could do 2.3 or 2.5 and it defaults to what the command 'crux' says02:03
Romsterya i'll get to that02:03
Romsternot much point when it's not fully working though.02:03
pitilloyeah, that is a good idea02:04
pitilloRomster, of course, you know its state02:04
Romsteri've jsut recently marked it beta though.02:04
Romsterworks but needs a few safeguards and some automation fixed.02:05
pitillowell, bit by bit, IMO  it will grow in all senses02:05
Romsterlike currently it could be too easy to nuke something on the system like all of /dev02:05
Romsterand i need ot add in a check that when it's in the chroot soit can't try to chroot into the chroot.02:06
Romsteranother words stupidity checks.02:06
Romsterand if someone ran --clena on there system *dies*02:07
Romsterthere gets removed all ports on them.02:07
pitilloummm that clean is to put it in a clean and minimal state?02:07
Romsterso yeah, i need to put in safeguards.02:07
Romsterpretty much does what your script does.02:08
Romsteri think nearly the same but dosn't do snapshots.02:08
pitilloummm that must be fixed then to do it in a stable way... I think that function is quite important to don't dirt you enviroment02:08
Romsterthat could be a seperate tool for when a sysup goes wrong on a system.02:08
pitilloRomster, take a look to it, and use if you like it, or modify it to your needs02:09
pitilloor take ideas to fix your clean function02:09
Romsterfunction works fine it's the posability of accedently runing it outside of the chroot that i need to fix.02:09
pitilloif it can help you in any way02:09
Romsteronly thing i haven't sorted is the left over cache files etc.02:10
pitilloummmm well, here if you run the clean-system script outside the chroot, you can break your system too02:10
pitillowell, I think clean-system script must be reviewed and needs more work to track if there are files installed that myust be there02:10
pitillobtw, I think it will grow bit by bit, or at least I hope so02:11
*** sepen has joined #crux02:12
Romsterit will. i'm thinking of a hashing method to take a snapshot of files and any changed files i'll review. and figure a way to restore them after removing packages that use it.02:14
Romsterlike after all font packages are removed to also remove the font cache files.02:14
pitillowell, I thought on it too and found fcheck that seems to keep track of some configured paths02:15
pitilloI think it can be a good tool to keep track of installed files in a fresh system and compare the when ports are installed and then removed02:16
namenloscan i check somehow, whether my cpu supports "HPET Timer Support"?02:37
Romstercat /proc/cpuinfo02:38
Romsterbe my guess.02:39
namenlosi already made a grep hpet /proc/cpuinfo, but nothing returned...02:41
namenlosdoes hpet and apci concur somehow?02:41
predatorfreaknamenlos: Enable it and boot your system.02:52
predatorfreakIf your system doesn't have one, it won't do anything02:53
predatorfreakMOST systems have a HPET clock these days02:53
Romsterif hpet isn't aviable it'll just add some size to the kernel.02:53
Romsterwont slow the kernel unlike some options.02:54
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namenlosi just wanted to know, whether i could check it somehow03:29
Romsterno idea really04:03
Romstermaybe a chipset check be a way to find if one has HPET04:03
RedShiftmost chipsets have hpet04:09
RedShiftjust compile it in your kernel or as a module and it should tell you if you have a hpet or not04:09
RedShiftuh like predatorfreak already said...04:09
predatorfreakRedShift: Occasionally I'm right :P04:10
* RedShift didn't bother reading enough backlog04:10
predatorfreakRomster: oh and Romster, I still never quite managed to get the audio sync on that one series just right until today.04:10
predatorfreakSo, finally, I have a glorious DVD rip of that series!04:11
predatorfreakOf course, it's not really anything to be proud of when it takes this long to finish a damn DVD rip of a series...04:12
RedShiftpredatorfreak: which series?04:13
predatorfreakRedShift: Serial Experiments Lain.04:13
predatorfreakPotentially the most shit-fucked-arse-rape of a DVD mastering job I've ever bloody seen.04:13
RedShiftugh, anime04:13
predatorfreakCoincidentally, on the best anime series period.04:13
predatorfreakand the only damn one I actually have watched more than once <_<04:14
RedShiftI feel naucious when looking at anime04:14
RedShiftthe framerate's too low04:14
predatorfreakRedShift: Seems fine to me.04:15
predatorfreakMy problems with framerate tends to be when the bloody idiots start doing a stupid jump-up-and-down bullshit thing.04:16
predatorfreakIt is NOT fun to have to encode the bloody video once at ultra-high-quality settings only to even out the framerate04:17
predatorfreakso I can pump it through avisynth and fix their bloody idiotic black borders that pop up from no-where.04:17
predatorfreakand try maintaining A-V sync with that bloody mess <_<04:18
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol it shouldn't of been that damn bad04:22
predatorfreakRomster: You try ripping it.04:22
Romsteri'll gadly pass04:24
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bitwise_all right, so i wrote a quick hack that takes stdin and shoots it over a network socket06:11
bitwise_don't want to call it "ncat" out respect06:12
bitwise_don't want to call it "icat" cuz it's way too steve jobs06:12
bitwise_*out of respect06:12
bitwise_"netcat" is feeling too long06:12
aonand there is an app called netcat already06:13
bitwise_exactly, another perfect reason06:13
aonwhich makes me wonder why you didn't use it06:14
bitwise_never learned too much not doing it myself06:15
luxhnscat maybe06:16
bitwise_ancat "another network cat"06:17
aoncall it aqhttsasioans06:17
aonfor "a quick hack that takes stdin and shoots it over a network socket"06:17
bitwise_you know, you just might have something there06:18
luxhit's briliant06:18
bitwise_and with tab-complete on the command line....06:18
aonor better yet, aiaqhttsasioans, for "aiaqhttsasioans is ..."06:18
aon'cuz recursive acronyms are what it's all about06:19
bitwise_like the new m$ one, UNG for Ung'06:19
bitwise_Ung's Not Gnu06:19
aonit's going to take me like several minutes to crawl through those bugs06:37
aonoh, it didn't06:39
aonthere were two of them06:39
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tilmanoooh, new kernel07:07
aoni don't even remember which version i have07:08
RyoSuname? :P07:09
aonno access to linux uname07:09
aonor hmm ,do i?07:09
aonbeech[~]$ uname -a07:10
aonLinux beech #2 Mon Dec 24 17:03:01 UTC 2007 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux07:10
aonthe version is 23.12 and the date is 24.1207:11
aoni'm never going to compi8le a new one07:11
RyoScoincidence? i guess not.. *looks weird*07:11
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux07:12
RyoS*plays the x files midi*07:12
teKaon: jessica_beel_naked_in_my_bed.c?07:16
aonuhm. what?07:17
tilmanteK: did the contrib lazy persons handle yur qrequest?07:18
aonturns out that i have gprs on07:18
tilmanaon.bill += lots; // ?07:18
aondidn't notice that by looking at the phone but by typing 'w' on the server and seeing that i'm logged in07:18
aonnah, not over quota yet07:19
aonand there was quite little traffic anyway07:19
aonbbl ->07:19
teKtilman: nah07:20
teK< Romster> teK, prologic said it was fine i guess it's upto tilman if you get added or not. that was on Feb. 28th07:21
tilmanyeah, but it's *not* up to me07:21
tilmanRomster: ping07:21
tilmanRomster: can you please fix things wrt teK's account?07:21
tilmani think mailing viper would be good07:22
tilmansince he can ask an admin to create an account07:22
tilmanalso wtf07:22
tilmansepen: respond to tek's account request ffs07:22
Romsteri hadn't reported to viper guess i'll have to email viper, since prologic seems to be too damn busy.07:22
tilmansepen: you give me shit with all kinds of issues, and you're lazy yourself >:07:22
*** destruct has quit IRC07:23
Romsterfunny with sepen doing all them tests and scripting i'd of guessed he wasn't lazy07:25
teKit's jessica biel (of course)07:26
Romstertilman, any word on me geting into opt? or should i just stay in contrib only.07:26
tilmanRomster: contrib only for now please07:27
tilmanbecause i a) forgot to discuss this07:27
tilmanand b) jue is even away for some weeks now07:27
teKRomster: you first will have to bring me into contrib!!1107:28
tilmanaon: aren't you in contrib, too?07:29
tilmanoh, he left07:29
Romstertilman, k07:31
Romstermain reason is some ports like ntfs-3g lvm2 etc should be in opt imo.07:31
RomsterteK, <<07:32
Romstermight be a few of prologics ports i'd be intersted in too but he said you could pick what you wanted and i didn't bother to ask and i do have heaps now.07:32
Romsterwould explain why python and nasm hasn't been updated yet.07:35
tilmandid you mail viper yet?07:36
Romsterhmp i'll do it now but i don't see why i shoudl be when prologic should be.07:38
tilmanperson foo applies to contrib07:38
tilmanother contribuers are *supposed* to handle the application process07:38
tilmanbut all (i think?) other contributers just sit there ignoring it07:39
Romsterah yes but the taking over of prologic ports bit.. sorry i thought this was all todo with that.07:39
tilmani understood that prologic already okay'd it07:39
Romsteri haven't seen any of teK's ports so i don't know how well he is to maintain ports.07:39
Romsterarn't they ment to be reviewed. first but what happens when i beleavehe has no ports?07:40
tilmanpro: he's around irc all day07:40
tilmanhe seems sane07:40
tilmanall of prologic's ports are effectively unmaintained, so someone to take them would be teh awesome07:41
tilmancon: he's german. oh well.07:41
cruxbotcore.git: libarchive: updated to
cruxbotcore.git: nasm: updated to 2.02.07:42
Romsterhm i guess.. throw him in then but i can't say how good he is, but i guess better than prologic that dosnt' touch them anymore.07:42
tilmanviper should okay it, too though, since he's the contrib guy07:43
tilmanso please shoot him an email07:43
*** cruxbot has quit IRC07:43
Romsterdoing it now.07:44
Romsteralso can you fix that bot so it reconnects if it ever pings out.07:44
*** cruxbot has joined #crux07:44
tilmanthere's probably some generic "daemon" program that runs a program and restarts it if it dies07:45
tilmani don't think i have time to fix it myself07:45
tilmanin code, i mean07:45
Romsterhmm k you need a proper bot you can jsut add in modules too.07:46
tilmanwho cares if it's down for 4 hours?07:46
tilmanif anyone's live depends on these update notifications... o_O07:46
teK14:40 <@tilman> he seems sane07:46
teKwe did talk a lot about beer (overall)07:47
Romsternot really.07:47
tilmanerr, what? :p07:47
teKokay, I see.07:47
RomsterteK, do you have any ports at all?07:47
Romsteri knwo you've been here for awhile07:48
Romsterseems hard to approve someone that i haven't even seen any thing of.07:48
Romsterand i have my email open ready to send.07:48
Romsterit's like signing a contract without first reading the fine print.07:48
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:49
tilmanlike he could possibly do worse than prologic....07:49
teKI do have a private repo but lost motivation for keeping it uptodate (qmail IS uptodate, ALWAYS, eg) because it was private. On the other hand you can have a look at the patch I sent hin07:49
teKadditionally I did contribute a patch to prt-get that still is not merged (CRUXers are SLOWers? :( )07:50
teKWhat are you curious about? My Motivation or my skills?07:50
luxhwhat was the patch about?07:51
*** Falcon| has quit IRC07:51
tilmanteK: cptn is semi-maintaining prt-get. but i think you could poke him again by mail, it's been ages since you wrote it iirc07:51
Romstertilman, you have a point there.07:52
teKtilman: I resent it in January ;)07:52
RomsterteK, whats your name btw so i can be more formal in the mail to viper.07:52
teKThomas Penteker07:52
teKI do have a flyspray acc. and I am registered for crux-contrib07:53
Romsterfeels like i'm doing something bad without reviewing but tilman has a point can't do much worse than prologic07:56
RomsterteK, you know how git works?07:56
Romstertilman, that contrib howto page is in need of updating. i need to email sip to get a wiki account too hmmz.07:57
thrice`add it to our crux newsletter07:57
tilmanwhat's outdated about the contrib howto page?07:58
teKRomster: kinda.. the patch was generated by ``git diff''.07:59
teK+ don't be so distrustful. I will do my best (which is  not bad, i think)08:00
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Romster2.3 and 2.4 should be 2.4 and 2.5 now and 'git pull . 2.2' should be 'git merge . 2.3', but it's been so damn long that i need to refresh my mind again with the log i saved of the long chat i had in #git of also working in a sepearte branch locally than to work in the main branch.08:03
tilmanah okay i'll fix that08:04
teKweekend \o/08:05
Romsterthat 'git pull . 2.2' is old and not the best way anymore.08:05
Romsterso i got told.08:06
Romsterand i did the merge way and it worked.08:06
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:07
Romsteralso how the hell do ya register... on the wiki i pres that settings/register and i see no were to actually sign up.08:07
Romsteroh ya the heading on the flyspray being nearly the same shade than being white to be notice able is a pain. also the select operationg system seems silly.08:08
Romsterthe short description for the ticket thing, if i wasn't being clear enough.08:11
Romsterwho ever handles flyspray/server stuff.08:11
cruxbot[core] ed: updated to 0.9.08:12
cruxbot[core] hdparm: updated to 8.6.08:12
cruxbot[core] e2fsprogs: updated to
Romsterseems to be too much work for ~3 devs?08:12
RedShiftobviously Romster hates flyspray08:15
Romsterand some things on the wiki need editing i'd edit if i had a way to register.08:16
RomsterHow to install X11R7 by Tilman Sauerbeck08:16
Romsterseriously what is a wiki with no way to register.08:17
tilmantop right corner08:17
Romsterunlike wikipedia08:17
Romsterdid that.08:17
Romsterstill only a uwer and pass box.08:17
tilmanask sip for an account then08:17
Romsterand they don't even aling up.08:17
tilmanplease bitch some more about visual crap08:18
Romsterhehi could edit it instead of bitch an di'd prefer that.08:18
Romsteri can do html/css08:18
Romsterif i can pick the right words.08:19
Romstercertain things bug me and they been like that for a long time.08:19
Romstermore frustrating that i can't fix some of them myself.08:19
Romsterlook at other distros sites how they are, then look at crux's.08:20
Romstermeh i'l go test more of my ports and fix them.08:21
Romsteri feel like i'm being more of a nucicense than anything else at times.08:22
tilmani don't think we want to hack on the wiki/flyspray08:22
tilmanchanging things like that makes upgrading harder08:22
Romsterat lest the input field for the shot description shoudl have a ligher or white background.08:22
Romsterat the very least.08:22
Romsterthe choose a operationg system i can even pick windows...08:23
Romstersurely that is a configure option?08:23
Romsteron a conf?08:23
tilmanit's a joke ;p08:24
tilmanmaybe :]08:24
Romsterseriosuly i don't mean to intrude i'd fix wiki and what ever i could if i had access to. so i guess i'll email sip anyways..08:25
Romsterya can't jsut edit the wkiki like ya can on wikipedia.08:26
cruxbot[opt] wireshark: updated to
Romstersure private is private and t a select few. but come on the public wiki isn't even open. or i fail to see where i should be clicking.08:27
tilmanwe have that Public area where you can do that08:27
Romsteri haven't seen where i can edit pages.08:27
tilmandouble click the page...08:27
Romsterhmm or can i... i can hit the edit at the bottom and it didin't ask me to login.08:28
Romsterhmmp i'll edit later the publix wiki... i was expecting a darn login form..08:31
Romsterwhy didn't i try that sooner.08:32
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ryuohey Romster09:51
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*** mrks has joined #crux11:47
*** ryuo has quit IRC12:24
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux13:18
*** discomaxus has joined #crux13:35
*** treach has joined #crux13:37
luxhteh evening folks13:45
RedShiftehlo luxh13:51
luxhwhat's up13:52
*** maxus has quit IRC13:53
RedShiftnothing much13:55
* RedShift just wrote a spamfilter and mailing list manager in php13:55
treachpricecuts on windows vista. everyone run an buy a copy. ;>13:56
luxhfuck yeah, i bought three licences13:56
RedShiftwhy buy vista, they're going to release a new windows within 2 years or something13:58
RedShiftvista's like fscking worthless13:58
RyoStreach: thansk for the info! brb!13:58
treachRedShift: of course it's worthless, that's why they are lowering the price. Doesn't look too good spending "billons" on developing a turd _nobody_ buys. :>13:59
treachdesperation, anyone. :)13:59
RedShiftthey messed up pretty good with vista14:00
RedShifttreach: have you got flash installed?14:00
treachno, actually not.14:00
RedShiftdamn. On youtube you can find a demo video of what longhorn was supposed to look like. It looks awesome, and they totally screwed it up14:01
treachI'm not about to install a metric ton of 32bit libs, just to pollute my system with flash. :P14:01
RedShiftofcourse not14:01
RedShiftmaybe I can rip the video somehow14:01
treachbut it does have an air of desperation, doesn't it? First they *give* away their developent kits to students, and now this.14:02
treach*Gotta* keep 'em hooked14:03
RedShifthmmm, in you used to be able to download the video as the original format14:03
RedShiftcan't find that option in youtube14:03
luxhtreach: you try to stay 64 bit clean or what?14:03
treachyeah, no point in keeping a shitload of libs around for 1 thing.14:04
treachwhich would basically be flash14:04
luxhRedShift: afaik youtube doesnt have it14:04
RedShiftdamn you adobe14:04
luxhthere used to be a site, where you could download youtube clips easy14:05
RedShiftah excellent14:05
joacimI'd like to see that longhorn demonstration vid =)14:05
RedShiftbut that's the flv video14:05
RedShifttreach, can you play flv?14:05
treachhaven't tried, but I assume mplayer can handle it..14:06
RedShiftvlc probably can14:06
RedShiftthen use this one:
RedShiftto download the .flv file14:06
* treach sighs, javascript.14:07
RedShiftyou don't have javascript either?14:07
treachnot in konqy, had to switch browser14:07
RedShifttry this:
treachyay, that worked, thanks14:08
RedShiftnow let's hope you find something that plays flv :D14:09
joacimI came in your honor14:09
joacimmplayer can play flv, I do it all the time =)14:09
treach RedShift; worked excellently with mplayer14:09
tilmanmplayer has problems with the a/v sync with flv14:09
tilmanat least for all the youtube flicks14:09
treachI just did 'mplayer "http://blabla/"14:09
RedShiftwell, take a look at the vid and see how vista was supposed to look like14:09
treachwow.. "simply the greatest version of windows we've made" rofl14:13
treachlooks like you'd have a better chance to get that with kde4. :>14:13
drijen2what video :p14:14
luxhhavnt tried vista so i really dont know what differs from that clip :P14:14
treachbtw, I wonder why the presentation of win 98 wasn't in the historical expose part. :D14:14
luxhflashy looks though14:14
tilmanhave you seen the doom video?14:15
treachdrijen2: scroll up :)14:15
drijen2just did, my bad14:15
tilmanwhere bill gates is running around as the doom guy, shooting zombies?14:15
treachbah, it should be the other way around..14:15
tilmani think the wanted to promote windows 95 with it ,but i'm not sure14:15
tilmanmaybe directx14:15
treachtux running around and shooting bill gates zombies. ;)14:15
drijen2damn, can't use link wtf14:16
treachif you've got mplayer do as I did.14:16
drijen2in winblows atm14:16
drijen2for some reaosn its not letting me use the link -.-14:17
treachI'm sorry14:17
drijen2me 214:17
luxhworked for me on win14:17
luxhfirefox with flash..14:17
drijen2hmm, whats the video called, i'll just run a search14:18
luxhlonghorn concept14:18
luxhby arkmage214:19
joacimI liked the login screen, im glad they changed everything else :p14:19
drijen2how is everyone today :)14:19
treachfiled with sadistic glee over the misfortunes of MS. ;P14:20
drijen2i like the commercial with steve balmr14:20
drijen2trying to sell 1.014:20
treachheh, damn psyco.14:21
drijen2*mutes music*14:21
drijen2whats sad, is looking at this14:22
drijen2linux de/s and OSX are still better by far14:22
drijen2just in terms of  usability - this looks confusing as hell14:22
treachImagine that guy knocking at your door, what would you do? A)Tell him you don't want his crapware, B) Buy it to make him go away or C) Slam the door shut quick as hell and call da police..? :P14:23
drijen2none o fthe above14:23
drijen2i grab my shotgun and hit him with buckshot14:23
treachk, different cultures, that would probably be the best solution, alas, it would also be illegal here.14:24
drijen2<- texas14:24
treach<- sweden14:24
drijen2we can shoot em in the back if we want14:24
drijen2watching the osx vid now14:24
aonso it's legal to shoot people who come and ring your doorbell at daytime there?14:24
treachwe can't even punch them in the face, unless they punch you first. :(14:24
joacimId let him in.. he seems like a funny dude =)14:24
drijen2aon, i'm exaggerating slightly14:25
joacimwe can punch in self defence14:25
drijen2if you harm anyone it goes to a grand jruy, who decides if you had legal justification14:25
drijen2but unlike the rest of the states, we can shoot to protect property14:25
drijen2comes in handy too, in the last couple of months a bunch of robbers/home invaders/theives have been shot doing their crimes14:26
drijen2usually by old folks/honest people14:26
joacimwho's married to their sister14:26
drijen2no thats arkansas14:26
joacimah.. sorry.14:27
treachok that discussion is quite old, off topic, emotionally charged, and better left alone.14:27
luxhit's legal to marry your sister there?14:27
treachI thought that was alabama..14:27
treachor maybe kansas.14:27
* drijen2 sighs14:27
* drijen2 flings cheezits at treach14:28
treachwhy, I thought you were from texas? :P14:28
treach"My mom is from alabama you insensitive jerk" :p14:29
drijen2kansas actually14:30
treachah, k. :)14:30
drijen2mums side of the family is extremely rich/powerful in that state14:30
RedShifttreach: and? what did you think of it?14:33
treachas I said, you're probably going to have a better chance at getting that with kde4.14:34
treachit might not be exactly what *I'm14:34
treachinteresting really if you compare footprints and resource useage. :)14:36
RedShiftugh yes well that video is kind of proof how they screwed things up14:37
* treach reads about a guy getting charged with 10 instances of "sexual assault" for having sex with ladys bikes. :D14:38
aoni found it funny when they removed the penis from the lion in the insignia of the swedish army14:40
treachno, that's not entirely correct14:40
treachAFAIK it was from the lion belonging to the "nordic battlegroup"14:41
aonfinnish nbg doesn't have lions with or without penises afaik14:41
treachI bet you don't have feminist fundamentalists in it too.14:42
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC14:42
* drijen2 ducks14:42
aonah, they do, but it's on a green base like that:
aon(the flag is  different, too)14:44
treachyeah, that's how they *did* look, until some dykes decided to make a fuss about it. :/14:44
luxh <- typical swedish14:45
treachCan't say I've ever been attracted to bikes, of any kind.14:46
luxhhaha it's funnyh to read about =)14:47
treachI imagine that guy is really looking forwar to the public trial. :P14:47
*** ryuo has joined #crux14:48
ryuohey romster14:48
drijen2O.o, "hackers penetrate police email accounts"14:48
drijen2the horror!14:49
treachconsidering the naivity of people using computers, that could be pretty bad.14:50
treachI even read about some cop who put secret material on his gmail account..14:51
treachkinda makes you wish flogging was still an option.14:51
*** luxh_ has joined #crux14:53
treachbtw, this incident was investigated, and the investigation found that the policeman hadn't commited any crime. :>14:53
treachI'm about to give up on this country.14:54
ryuothats wierd14:55
ryuoEterm is taking much longer than aterm to boot up14:55
joacimmove to norway :]14:55
treachThat cop can't be of swedish origin, he must be a norwegian under cover!14:55
tilmanryuo: why do you think that's weird? eterm is fatter than aterm14:56
ryuotilman: its MUCH slower to start than i recall before14:56
tilmanstupid menu system, stupid xpm background system, more powerful font crap14:56
tilmann/m then :)14:56
ryuomaybe it was this option i turned on14:57
ryuoone moment14:57
tilmanwhat i like about eterm is the font outline thing14:57
tilmanlooks really neat14:57
ryuoanyone know if theres a config option in Eterm to turn off the toolbar?14:57
ryuonot through compiling but14:57
ryuoin the config14:57
luxh_urxvt has a daemon you can run to get fast startups14:58
tilmanryuo: look for 'mnu' ;p14:58
ryuoin the manual?14:58
tilmanmenu even14:58
ryuoi'm recompiling Eterm14:58
ryuosee if it helps any14:58
ryuotilman: i noticed something interesting when compiling my kernel14:59
ryuotilman: modular kernels build much faster than static kernels14:59
ryuomy all-static kernel build before took like 15 minutes to compile14:59
ryuobut when i switched it to modules, it dropped to ~614:59
tilmansounds unlikely tbh15:00
ryuosomething is causing Eterm to have a slow start15:00
tilmanmaybe you can find something using strace?15:00
ryuogood idea. i'll test it after a reboot in a moment15:01
ryuoif i cant get this to resolve itself15:01
ryuoi'm dumping Eterm15:01
ryuoi cannot tolerate ridiculious load times when i'm not on a 28615:01
tilmansurey it's fixable :)15:04
tilmanepic typing fail tonight15:05
*** luxh has quit IRC15:11
*** luxh_ is now known as luxh15:11
tilmanaon: omfg, we should fix fontforge's configure script15:14
tilmantrying to locate freetype source directory...15:14
tilmanmakes my disc go noisy15:14
tilmani suspect it reads the whole fucking directory tree15:15
tilmanand we never have the ft source around anyway15:15
*** treach has quit IRC15:18
*** treach has joined #crux15:18
*** ryuo has quit IRC15:21
*** luxh has quit IRC15:25
thrice`tilman: try --without-freetype-src   ?15:27
tilmanyup, that makes configure pass quickly at least15:33
tilmanaon: some basic testing showed no problems. please try --without-freetype-src15:37
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux15:42
jjpkYet another fontforge + wine update in the pipes? \o/15:47
tilman<      ajax> HOMERIAN EPIC FAIL15:54
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:14
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*** predatorfreak has joined #crux16:27
RedShiftLOL nipuL, nice one!16:32
jjpkBeware at the pier.16:36
*** namenlos has joined #crux16:50
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:52
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC17:18
namenlosanyone of you playing enemy territory quake wars?17:29
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-libxext: updated to
jaegernot I17:43
tilmanjaeger: what was the port again that you asked me about ages ago?17:44
tilmanopencdk? or something?17:44
tilmanwanted to talk to you about that earlier today but ofc i forgot again17:44
jaegerhrmm... probably openldap, which someone is maintaining now17:44
tilmanah, it's actually namenlos17:44
tilmanokay, i need to ask viper to adopt opencdk, since his gnupg ports need it17:45
namenlosjust a proposal: why don't just the maintainers take unmaintained ports, if their ports depend on it?17:47
tilmanthey should17:48
namenlosenemy territory quake wars is now running here *jump*. now i don't have to boot win for a while ;)17:48
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:48
tilmani thought id released linux stuff last year17:48
namenlosyes, but today i was fighting with it.17:49
namenloshad it once running here, but then i changed my computer17:49
namenlosthe problem was: i was copying the correct files to the wrong location ;)17:50
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:54
*** drijen2 has quit IRC18:13
*** drijen has joined #crux18:13
*** treach has left #crux18:22
*** treach has quit IRC18:22
predatorfreaknamenlos: Sadly, there's no equivalent to Age Of Empires on Linux yet :(18:25
predatorfreakThat game is my biggest time-sink when I'm not fighting with video editing or some shit18:25
namenlosage of empires?18:38
namenlosi played onls the first part18:38
namenlosand since i don't want to sponsor microsoft...18:39
predatorfreaknamenlos: If you don't wanna sponsor Microsoft.18:45
predatorfreakDon't own Windows.18:45
predatorfreakor run it.18:45
predatorfreakA good game is a good game, regardless of who makes it.18:45
predatorfreakI don't discriminate against good games :)18:45
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:05
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cruxbot[contrib] warsow: 0.41 -> 0.4220:38
cruxbot[contrib] libdca: change URL metatag20:46
cruxbot[contrib] avifile: fix dependencys and general Pkgfile cleanup20:53
Romsteris it just me or is down?20:55
cruxbot[contrib] memtest86+: 1.70 - > 2.0121:13
*** andarius has joined #crux21:51
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:52
andariusgreetings and salutations21:52
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
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aontilman: okay, i'll look into it23:53
Romsteri was gonna coment on that fontforge ages ago but i've been slack.23:54
Romsterwasn't a huge issue since updates didn't happen that oftern.23:55

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