IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-03-02

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TRIBBmorning guys03:10
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predatorfreakRomster: Hi03:15
predatorfreakI want one so I can hook it up to my PC.03:15
Romsterpredatorfreak, mplayer has a mismatch still..03:15
predatorfreakand play Yuri's Revenge.03:15
predatorfreakWITH MY MIND!!!03:16
predatorfreakRomster: Pastebin it?03:16
Romsterhaha i love Yuri's revenge it's my favourte expansion.03:16
predatorfreakRomster: How awesome would it be to control units in Yuri's Revenge WITH YOUR MIND?03:17
predatorfreakthe mismatch?03:17
Romsterin my safe-build env and i did remove /usr/ports/opt and ports u opt03:17
Romsteryeah i wanna play that game again.03:17
predatorfreakIt's kind of impossible to debug if I don't know what I'm looking for...03:18
Romsteroh ya fucken wgetpaste..03:18
predatorfreakoh don't bloody tell me the md5sum on the mplayer patches changed AGAIN.03:18
Romsterno idea...03:18
Romsteri don't know what's going on i just noticed it as i'm going though my ports fixing errors.03:19
predatorfreakwell for YOU they did...03:19
predatorfreakbut redownloading them here... they don't...03:19
Romsterodd i rm -r /usr/ports/opt03:19
predatorfreakDelete patches, redownload?03:19
predatorfreakRomster: Those are downloaded03:19
Romsterhmm maybe my stupid squid cache...03:20
predatorfreakfrom the mplayer site.03:20
Romsteroh fuck03:20
Romsteri have to deleate the old cunts then...03:20
Romsterthat's very smart pkgmk...03:20
predatorfreakRomster: Anyway, I need 300 dollars.03:20
predatorfreakSend me it :D03:20
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predatorfreak"Piracy on the high seas is pretty extreme. You can obtain DRM-free music simply by downloading it with BitTorrent - no looting, raping or pillaging necessary. "03:23
Romsterseriosuly need some shit done about them files that don't have versions on them.03:25
predatorfreak"Also, the way to break any audio DRM that can be played on your computer, regardless of how many millions of dollars were wasted in coming up with that "protection", is the Analog Loophole"03:25
Romsterthe way wget is in pkgmk it can't even redownload files if they are not the same size or mtime.03:25
Romsterloose quality though.03:26
predatorfreakRomster: In both your case and the analog loophole case.03:26
predatorfreakNot a giant perceivable loss in most cases.03:26
predatorfreakIf you took the analog data and put it in say, good-ol FLAC.03:26
predatorfreakIt'd be pretty-darn-similar03:26
Romsteryeah precivabe but not bit exact.03:26
predatorfreakRomster: If I cared about bit-exact.03:28
predatorfreakI wouldn't buy a DRM-protected music file.03:28
predatorfreakI'd buy a CD and rip to FLAC!03:28
predatorfreakThey ALREADY raped bit-exact :D03:28
Romsterthere now mplayer compiles.03:29
predatorfreakI favour bittorrent and buying CDs.03:29
predatorfreakDepending on whether or not I can actually find the bloody band in a store <_<03:29
Romsteri'll buy a cd if it's good.03:29
Romsterbut i do like to bittorrent to find new bands.03:29
predatorfreakRomster: My problem is two-fold: I'll buy it if it's good and if ANYONE BLOODY STOCKS IT.03:29
Romsterand p2p03:29
Romsteryeah sometimes they can't stock or order it in.03:30
predatorfreakYou find me a store in the U.S. with Los Natas and I'll stop pirating it.03:30
Romsteri know the feeling.03:30
Romsteri'd be happy to pay for flac files.03:30
tilmanpredatorfreak: new stable dbus (1.1.20 or so)03:30
Romsternot bloody horrid mp303:30
predatorfreaktilman: Yay! work :D03:30
tilmanpredatorfreak: the version number is strange, but j5 said on his blog this was teh stabl03:31
tilmani understood the code was basically 1.2 ready, but they are waiting to pull some relicensing stunt ;)03:31
Romstergpl v3?03:31
predatorfreakOh no.03:31
predatorfreakHere comes the03:31
predatorfreak"GIVE US MONEY OR NO DBUS" license03:32
predatorfreakand the eventual "OH FUCK YOU FORK" time.03:32
Romsterthey better not pull that stunt.03:32
predatorfreakWell let's see if it builds :D03:33
tilmannp: kataklysm - beyond salvation03:33
tilmanRomster: grab some katakysm :D03:33
predatorfreakMan Or Astro-man? - Nitrous Burn Out - Is It Man Or Astro-man?03:33
predatorfreakmmm SURF!!!03:33
predatorfreakI love surf music soo much.03:34
predatorfreakIn fact... can I marry a genre of music?03:35
Romsterman my music varies
predatorfreakand then cheat on it with another genre of music?03:35
tilmanpredatorfreak: nein!03:35
predatorfreaktilman: Well someone once tried to marry a Ford Mustang!03:35
tilmanrofl, scooter03:35
Romsterya i like scooter.03:36
tilmanomg favourite tags: eurodance03:36
Romsteri have a crazy techno/meta/ and rock styles03:36
Romsterhah i hadn't added more yet.03:36
Romstermetal nto meta wtf03:36
Romsteri relaly can't decide what my real style is it's always varying.03:37
predatorfreaktilman: My favourite tags are worse.03:37
tilmani just looked at them03:37
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predatorfreakoh bloody dbus03:39
predatorfreakI JUST RESTARTED YOU03:39
predatorfreakDON'T KILL XCHAT YOU DOLT!03:39
tilmanplease cut down on the caps yelling ffs03:39
tilmannote how i used 'please' and 'ffs' in the same sentence :D03:39
predatorfreaktilman: Please stop swearing, ffs.03:39
tilmanpredatorfreak: would you like to take over opt/win32-essential-codecs?03:40
Romstertilman, openft arn't dead yet either Status: Online Users: 875 Files Shared: 290.52 thousand Total Size Shared: 1.40 thousand GB03:41
predatorfreakI thought I already did?03:41
tilmani just grepped for Housh03:41
tilmanand it found th Packager lines03:41
* tilman shakes fist at the treacherous Packager03:41
predatorfreakWell, since xchat is going to die again, brb, restarting dbus again XD03:41
Romsterdeja vue03:42
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tilmanRomster: does it work though?03:42
tilmanRomster: iirc the openft stats were *always* unreliable :)03:42
Romstertilman, eys it works.03:42
tilmanare you downloading something?03:42
Romsterah maybe i find the ares one that shoes the wrong stats.03:43
Romsternot atm but i have in the past.03:43
Romsterlooks like i need to refresh my nodes for gnutella03:44
tilmans/nodes/web caches/ ? :)03:44
Romsteri'l get a screen show when i get them all conected.03:44
Romstertheres a site i got the ndes from last time that tells it who to try and connect too.03:44
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predatorfreakWell, aside from having to hit it over the head when it killed all my dbus-dependent apps.03:45
predatorfreakNo problem :D03:45
tilmanproblem is that noone maintains openft nodes files nor gnutella webcaches list for the plugins iirc03:45
cruxbot[opt] dbus: Update to
predatorfreakI would strongly suggest that if you restart dbus, you exit X first ;)03:46
tilmani'm just looking at the remaining ports that claim to be maintained by jaeger03:46
tilmanso scorched3d is something like the awesome gorillas.bas? :)03:47
tilmanwith tanks instead of gorillas of course03:47
Romsteri thought i asked for that port.03:47
predatorfreaktilman: Yeah, jaeger needs to get off his lazy ass and maintain his ports! :(03:47
predatorfreakYou did.03:47
Romstersince i seem to be the game port maintainer now.03:47
predatorfreakIn fact, I deleted it.03:47
tilmanyou're not serious, are you? :P03:47
predatorfreakor not.03:47
predatorfreaktilman: and no, I'm never serious.03:48
predatorfreakRomster: You asked for it.03:48
predatorfreakI forgot to delete it.03:48
predatorfreakSo you could move it to contrib.03:48
Romsterah that's why i didn't take it over as it's still in opt..03:48
predatorfreakWant me to do that now?03:48
Romsteri'll do that then today03:48
tilmanalready did03:49
Romsterdrop it i'll pick it up soon03:49
cruxbot[opt] scorched3d: removed.03:49
tilmanpredatorfreak: ^03:49
Romsteranyone playing warsow yet.03:49
predatorfreakOh you bastard!03:49
predatorfreaktilman: Stop doing my job!03:49
cruxbot[opt] ncftp: removed.03:50
cruxbot[opt] esound: removed.03:50
tilmandie esound die!03:50
predatorfreakDIE DIE DIE!!!!03:50
tilmanpredatorfreak: would you be interested in opt/gnutls?03:51
tilmanwe should keep that03:51
predatorfreaktilman: Shouldn't viper be picking that up?03:51
predatorfreakIt's in his territory really..03:51
tilmaneven though 'prt-get dependent gnutls' yields no results03:51
tilmanpredatorfreak: mmh yah03:51
predatorfreakIf I take it, I'm moving it to contrib then, since nothing in opt needs it.03:51
tilmanwait a sec03:52
predatorfreakNo point cluttering up opt with it if nothing needs it.03:52
tilmanprobably a missing dep03:52
predatorfreakMe and sip talked over e-mail about pidgin moving to gnutls, but we both agreed it was pointless.03:52
tilmanatm it uses openssl?03:53
predatorfreak(I already maintain nss)03:53
tilmanthat's the mozilla ssl library, right?03:53
tilmanah yeah03:53
predatorfreakWhen the next firefox rolls out03:53
predatorfreakI'm switching Firefox to use the nss in opt.03:53
tilmansounds like gnutls would be better than mozilla crap03:53
Romstertrust me mozilla is a headache03:54
predatorfreakand hopefully sip will switch thunderbird too do that.03:54
predatorfreaktilman: nss is a bitch to build.03:54
predatorfreakBut functionality-wise.03:54
Romsteri can't even update thunderbird bah03:54
predatorfreakThere's no difference from nss or gnutls with pidgin.03:54
tilmanpredatorfreak: good work on the firefox cleanups btw03:54
Romsterbustardised configure system.03:54
predatorfreakIt operates the exact same, just a different depend :)03:54
predatorfreaktilman: Thanks, I have a few more saved for the next version03:55
predatorfreakthat warrant a proper rebuild.03:55
predatorfreakPrimarily disabling the stupid build-shit-to-support-xprint-despite-the-fact-we-nuked-xprint bit.03:55
Romsterwe don't have xprint anymore.03:56
predatorfreakFor some idiotic reason, Firefox will build with support for xprint even when it's not present..03:56
Romsterlike i said stupid configure system. seriously and why do they have to bundle so many libs.03:56
predatorfreakI would absolutely love to change the build to static, since with the Mozilla build system that basically means "all their internal libraries get statically linked, all external stuff dynamically"03:57
predatorfreakand it DRASTICALLY cuts down the size of the Firefox installation.03:57
predatorfreakBut it has high memory requirements for building.03:57
Romsterpredatorfreak, and memory footprint.03:57
predatorfreakRomster: Not sure about that, all I can say is with my personal Firefox port.03:58
Romstereh dosn't bother me if it needs 2GB to compile.03:58
predatorfreakMy installation is about 14MB ;)03:58
predatorfreakRomster: Needs like 768MB minimum.03:58
tilmanwhat line is the xprint stuff?03:58
Romstermore responsie too?03:58
predatorfreakor 512MB with swap.03:58
Romsterbah that's nothing.03:58
predatorfreaktilman: ac_add_options --disable-xprint to mozconfig03:58
predatorfreakRequires a rebuild, so I withheld it.03:59
tilmanpredatorfreak: wrt nss/gnutls: i prefer gnu crap over mozilla crap anytime03:59
Romsteri'm sure users can handle that.03:59
Romstertilman, agreed03:59
predatorfreaktilman: nss is needed for Firefox anyway.03:59
predatorfreakYou'd just be wasting disk space on two things doing the same.03:59
predatorfreakWith no discernible difference in performance or functionality for Pidgin.03:59
tilmancan firefox use gnutls? :D04:00
predatorfreakSadly, no.04:00
predatorfreakBut really, pidgin is the only app in opt that can use gnutls.04:00
predatorfreakand that's sip's territory.04:00
predatorfreakSo whatever he wants to do.04:00
tilmannew stable libtool04:03
predatorfreakEnd of world?04:04
tilmanmaybe, there's a nice storm here anyway04:04
predatorfreaktilman: Mind if I try with enabling the extra stuff for Firefox that might possibly lead to people bitching at me? :)04:06
tilmanhow about taring up the changed port and posting it to the crux list for testing?04:06
predatorfreakWell, I know firefox with the respective options WORKS and RUNS fine.04:07
predatorfreakIt's the memory requirements when it does the final link that I know will be problematic.04:07
tilmanso what do you think people will bitch about?04:07
tilmanis this about the nss dep?04:07
predatorfreakIt's about switching firefox from building all it's internal libs shared to static.04:08
predatorfreak(None of it's internal libs ever even get touched by other apps <_<)04:08
tilmanare they in the footprint?04:08
predatorfreakPretty much every .so in there...04:08
tilmanyou mean the stuff in usr/lib/firefox/components/?04:08
tilmank, and more stuff :p04:09
tilmanpredatorfreak: don't other browsers like kazehakase use those libraries though?04:09
tilmanother gecko based browsers04:09
predatorfreakOnly libxpcom and shit04:09
predatorfreakThose aren't built static.04:09
tilmananyway, i'd post the port for review04:09
predatorfreakIt's stuff like the firefox XUL renderer and shit.04:09
predatorfreaktilman: isn't even out yet.04:10
tilmananyway, i'd post the port for review when it's out ;)04:10
predatorfreaktilman: :P04:10
predatorfreak.12 with all the respective changes04:11
tilmani'll try to build it later04:11
predatorfreakexcept a few that I'll get rid of.04:11
tilmanbut i don't have a machine with little ram04:11
predatorfreakNamely the no-xinerama bit, which I only disabled 'cuz I don't have 2-monitors :P04:11
predatorfreaktilman: If you've got at least 768, I wouldn't expect it to not-build.04:12
predatorfreakEven at 512, with enough RAM, it SHOULD build.04:12
cruxbot[contrib] scorched3d: picked up droped port from opt04:12
predatorfreak-RAM +swap04:12
tilmanpredatorfreak: yeah, that's what we should confirm04:13
tilmani mean if this explodes the ram requirements it might not be the best move04:13
predatorfreaktilman: Besides the initial build though, it makes Firefox a lot nicer.04:13
predatorfreakImproves start time, reduces disk footprint, etc.04:14
predatorfreakMozilla's upstream builds are built similar to how I build mine in fact.04:14
tilmansounds good04:14
Romsterhmm i can test that port on my K6II 450MHz <<04:15
Romsteronly has 256MB ram04:15
predatorfreakRomster: It'll be FIVE YEARS by the time you even get to the linking.04:15
Romsteri'd have 384MB if i knew where i put that other stick of ram04:15
predatorfreakFirefox 9 will be out before you finish!04:15
Romsteri'm goona try.04:15
Romsteri do have distcc setup on it.04:16
predatorfreaktilman: I suppose I'll post a cleaned up version of my current port for testing to the ml now, then when .13 rolls around I can know what to do.04:16
Romsteri'll time it <<04:16
*** Rotwang has joined #crux04:16
predatorfreakJump on it or avoid it :P04:16
tilmanpredatorfreak: good04:17
Romstertilman, users are uploading off me on openft <<04:17
predatorfreakRomster: Stop serving kiddy porn via openft!04:18
Romsterpredatorfreak, dunno why i ever did think of linking it staticly for the libs.04:18
Romsterlol it's music <<04:18
predatorfreakBecause their wording is shit.04:18
predatorfreakBut in fact, tons of shit is dynamic <_<04:18
predatorfreak55 things in fact..04:19
tilmanpredatorfreak: the caps lock thing really is damn annoying04:19
Romsterthere configure system sucks the most.04:19
predatorfreaktilman: Caps lock filter?04:19
predatorfreakand how dare you!04:19
Romsterwhy not use bold instead of SHOULTING :P04:19
predatorfreakI USE SHIFT!04:19
Romsteri reallydon't get that.04:20
predatorfreakKids these days and their cruise control for cool.04:20
predatorfreakBack in my day, we engaged the clutch!04:21
predatorfreakand MANUALLY shifted into cool!04:21
Romsterthese days it's drop the cluck at 5000rpm's04:21
predatorfreakKids these days and their automatic transmissions and their cruise control...04:21
predatorfreakand their loud "rap" music!04:22
predatorfreakYes it bloody has bass, you twats! I get it! We had bass when I was a youngster too and it didn't annoy the living fuck out of anyone in a bloody 500 mile radius!04:22
predatorfreakRomster: If nothing else.04:23
predatorfreakI'll be a convincing ranting old man.04:23
predatorfreakWhen I turn old.04:23
RedShiftI don't have automatic transmission04:24
RedShiftI like driving manual04:24
treachbasically it's only americans who are to stupid to handle 3 pedals. :P04:25
predatorfreaktreach: Correction: Modern Americans.04:26
treachthat might be true.04:26
predatorfreakWe got along fine until the bloody dolts went and invented the "Automatic transmission".04:26
predatorfreakThen the stupid element in driving went WAY up.04:26
RedShiftautomatic transmission is something you do want when you're constantly in traffic jams04:26
predatorfreakIf freaking people had to operate a clutch and transmission.04:26
predatorfreakThey wouldn't be fucking talking on cellphones04:27
predatorfreakand getting into horrible accidents because they weren't paying attention04:27
treachoh, yes they would..04:27
predatorfreaktreach: With what?04:27
predatorfreakTheir feet?04:27
RedShiftpredatorfreak: I see people talking on their cellphones all the time even on manual transmission04:27
predatorfreakactually scratch that.04:27
predatorfreakYou need both your feet to drive a manual.04:27
treachI don't know how they do it, but I' ve seen some horrible driving because of that combo04:28
predatorfreakRedShift: They're bloody terrible drivers then.04:28
RedShiftyes they are04:28
RedShiftI tried that once and my driving was horrible04:28
predatorfreakProbably just put it in the highest gear and go "durrrrr...... okay this works."04:28
treachbloody idiots who should be flogged04:28
RedShiftyes, agreed04:28
predatorfreakRedShift: I even have a cousin who owns a dirt bike and rides the thing in the highest gear, all the bloody time, like an idiot.04:29
treachI mean, if you're going to talk on the phone while driving, at least get a fucking handsfree04:29
predatorfreakand wonders why he's had to get the transmission replace twice already04:29
predatorfreakOperating a simple bloody manual transmission is not rocket science...04:30
predatorfreakI did it the first time I drove a blasted four-wheeler when I was like 10..04:30
tilmanif it was, we would have a lot of rocket scientist in europe ;)04:30
predatorfreaktilman: Yes, you'd be building giant Space Colonies.04:31
predatorfreakand saying "Oh fuck earth."04:31
treachtilman: don't you think we have, compared to the average american? ;P04:31
predatorfreaktreach: there are times I'm glad I'm not an average American.04:31
predatorfreakActually... that's all the time.04:32
treachheh, I can understand that. :)04:32
Rotwangpredatorfreak: what makes you think that you arent average american?04:34
predatorfreakRotwang: By virtue of me being horribly adnormal and out-of-touch with everything "average" in my own country.04:34
treachRotwang: simple, he's aware that there is something outside the US.04:35
predatorfreakThat too.04:35
Rotwanghaha, and he probably knows where is europe located on the map04:37
tilmana reason to visit CeBit04:37
predatorfreaktilman: I linked that forever ago!04:37
predatorfreakYou're slow!04:37
predatorfreaktilman: BTW, send me 300 USD worth of gold?04:38
treachbetter stay focused while connected to that thing. :p04:38
Rotwang ;]04:38
predatorfreak(Just to make sure that in the time it travels, it doesn't go down to 200 USD in value)04:38
Rotwangcountry beggining with the U A: Utah ;]04:39
predatorfreakLOL UTOPIA04:39
predatorfreakI WANNA LIVE IN UTOPIA!04:39
treachSorry, that's not available, would you like to try Etiopia instead?04:40
predatorfreak"What's the Religion of Isreal?"04:40
predatorfreak"Catholic, probably."04:40
predatorfreakJewish, you bloody bolts!04:40
predatorfreak-b +d04:40
tilmannot sure i could stand watching that04:40
predatorfreak"How many sides does a triangle have?" "Four"04:41
predatorfreaktilman: Got a place for me to stay in Germany? <_<04:41
tilmanthere's always the benches in the park04:41
predatorfreakBetter than here...04:42
treachI heard they tore down spandau, otherwise that might have been an option. :>04:42
Rotwanggerman zoos are very nice ;]04:42
predatorfreakRotwang: I'll sleep with the bears :D04:44
predatorfreakHaha "In the War On Terror, who do you think should be the next country to invade?" "Ummm... I'm thinkin' Italy."04:45
predatorfreakBecause everyone knows, Italy is really terrorist central04:45
Rotwangsicily ;]04:46
predatorfreakPlus, they put the invade flag.04:46
predatorfreakOn "Iran"04:46
predatorfreak(Really Australia labeled "Iran")04:46
predatorfreakOh man, this is both funny and saddening at the same time04:46
Rotwangpredatorfreak: dont worry i like u s and a and american people ;]04:50
Rotwangand i'd like to go there some day04:50
RedShifttilman: that thing looks awesome04:50
RedShiftlet's hope they ship linux software for that too...04:51
predatorfreakRotwang: Don't.04:51
Rotwangpredatorfreak: id go to america but there is one problem, your women are ugly and fat =[04:56
predatorfreakRotwang: It depends.04:57
Rotwangnot all of them i hope ;]04:57
predatorfreakTBH, I find the male population better on average.04:57
predatorfreakSo I decided cherry pick the best of both sides.04:57
predatorfreakNo pun intended...04:57
predatorfreakRotwang: Obviously, not for everyone though ;)04:59
RedShiftif you leave out the fat chicks, american women are prettier than british women imo05:00
Rotwangive heard british woman are not too beutiful also05:00
Rotwangand german05:00
predatorfreakRedShift: IMO, Go Russia.05:01
RedShiftugh russians, they have weird teeth05:01
Rotwangbut women here are really national treasure05:01
Rotwangthey are beautiful =]05:01
predatorfreakRotwang: You bury them underground?05:01
predatorfreakand dig them up?05:01
Rotwangno, we keep them in tight boxes05:02
Rotwangso they wont escape05:02
predatorfreakI like.05:04
predatorfreakRotwang: Where do you live again? :P05:04
Rotwangsmall country in central africa05:04
Rotwangfor those who dont know where poland is located ;]05:04
predatorfreakRotwang: I know where Poland is!05:05
predatorfreakIt's in Asia :P05:05
predatorfreakHE'S NOT DEAD...05:05
predatorfreakwell, semi-up-to-date...05:05
treachmaybe he's semi-dead?05:06
predatorfreak!seen Han05:06
predatorfreakErr don't we have a bot here? :(05:06
treach@seen predatorfreak05:06
clbtreach: predatorfreak was last seen in #crux 10 seconds ago: <predatorfreak> Err don't we have a bot here? :(05:06
treachbut that bot won't know of han05:06
predatorfreakPoor thing05:07
treachbtw, we have at least 2 bots here. don't forget the industrious cruxbot :)05:08
predatorfreakcruxbot: Work more!05:08
treachhe will, as soon as you put in a gear yourself. :>05:09
predatorfreaktreach: We should just make cruxbot maintain all the ports05:09
treachheh, you could try persuading tilman to add that functionality. :P05:09
Romster /whois han05:11
Romsteri think he hangs in bsd05:11
Romsterdosn't like us anymore.05:12
predatorfreaktilman: Make cruxbot maintain all the ports? :P05:12
predatorfreakAn automated port-maintaining robot would be quite useful :D05:12
predatorfreakMore time for all of us to contemplate Linux world domination.05:13
* treach installs solaris in a vm, and realizes he needs more ram. :P05:13
predatorfreaktreach: Try Vista instead :P05:14
tilmanRomster: i have some old cds from the 90s with eurodance shit. maybe i should ship them off to you :D05:14
predatorfreaktilman: Yes, please torture Romster some! :P05:14
Romstertilman, ah maybe <<05:14
Romsterwoldn't be torture predatorfreak i like some of that stuff.. not all though.05:14
predatorfreakWhy does MPD sometimes random beautifully.05:14
predatorfreakRomster: BDSM freak, eh?05:15
predatorfreakShould of known...05:15
Romsterlol that too.05:15
treachpredatorfreak: no thanks, I'm not even going to put it in a vm.05:15
predatorfreaktreach: It'll molest your virtual-machine family.05:15
predatorfreakand eat all your virtual-cookies05:15
treachit's also a complete waste of diskspace05:16
tilmangreat, i found a serial mouse05:16
predatorfreaktilman: Legacy technology!05:16
tilmanjust like your mpd05:16
Romsterpredatorfreak, looks like compiling firefox won't be so bad for the K6 it's doing it now and distrbuting the build with distcc05:16
predatorfreakHey, mpd is good.05:16
predatorfreakScrew your modern fancy flashy-thingiemabob players!05:16
Romsteri'm liking exaile.05:16
predatorfreakRomster: Wait for the final link :P05:17
tilmanxmms2 is much better05:17
predatorfreaktreach: FLASHY THINGIEMABOBS!05:17
Romsterpredatorfreak, hehe05:17
Romsterah yes the final link is the killer.05:17
predatorfreaktilman: You're an XMMS2 developer, of course it is!05:17
treachpredatorfreak: I like cmus as well. :]05:17
Rotwangtilman: is xmms2 still alive?05:17
Romsterdoubt it.05:18
predatorfreakHey I found a picture of Tilman on the front page05:18
tilman"doubt it" rofl romster05:18
predatorfreakSecond in, bottom row :D05:18
* tilman denies everything05:19
Rotwangwearing glasses?05:19
predatorfreaktilman: You look like the one about to murder everyone.05:20
Rotwangi like that guy with funny hair05:20
predatorfreakNote to self: tilman is secretly a mass-murderer.05:20
treachthe guy who gave "going postal" a face? :]05:21
Rotwangpredatorfreak: oh noes germans already had mass murderer05:21
predatorfreakRotwang: Not that type.05:21
Rotwangabout 60 years ago ;]05:21
treachso did most countries.05:22
*** joacim has joined #crux05:22
treachRotwang: let that be, it's stupid05:22
predatorfreaktilman: If there were an equivalent to say, ncmpc, that was functionality-wise pretty much the same for XMMS2.05:23
predatorfreakI'd give it a spin :P05:23
* tilman found a second serial mouse that looks like a hamburger05:24
tilmanthe guy with the funny hair and the going-postal look was just drunk/hung over05:24
treachhaha, unexpected archeological findings. :P05:24
Rotwangwhich console client for xmms2 would you recommend?05:25
Rotwangexcept CLI05:25
tilman"what religion are buddhist monks?"05:26
predatorfreakmpd bridge.05:27
RedShifttilman: islamic?05:28
RotwangCluck or GntXMMS2 ?05:29
RedShifttilman: buddhist, aren't they those suicide guys?05:29
RotwangRedShift: haha ;]05:29
tilmanRotwang: no idea. if the mpd-bridge works for you you could use that05:29
tilmanthough it won't allow you to use the full potential of xmms205:29
predatorfreaktilman: Call me when you get a decent ncmpc replacement :P05:29
tilmannp: hypocrisy - fractured millenium05:32
tilmanpredatorfreak: i think using the mpd bridge you can use ncmpc right now with xmms2d :P05:33
tilmanRotwang: i've heard some good things about both cluck and gntxmms205:33
predatorfreakAssuming it WORKS...05:33
predatorfreakprt-get depinst xmms05:34
*** namenlos has joined #crux05:34
predatorfreakand I see sqlite05:34
predatorfreakImmediate ctrl+c!05:34
Rotwangxmms2 compiles very nicely ;]05:35
Romsterwhats wrong with sqlite...05:35
predatorfreakRomster: I don't need no SQL database to playback music...05:36
Romstersuit yourself.05:36
Romsterjsut i get statstics of what i play etc.05:36
Romstercoffee time05:37
predatorfreakRomster: does that for me :P05:37
tilmanyou can do stuff like:05:38
tilman(artist='Metallica' AND year<1990) OR genre='Thash Metal'05:38
tilmanmaybe not the best example05:38
predatorfreakI don't even use the genre tag :(05:38
predatorfreakOh fine, I'll let it install the evil of sqlite on my box while I shower.05:40
tilmanmk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=-j205:40
tilmandoes that override $MAKEFLAGS?05:40
*** tri has quit IRC05:41
treachsounds like a reasonable assumption.05:45
*** namenlos has quit IRC05:45
treach-/+ buffers/cache:       1763        25005:46
treachSwap:         2306       1802        50305:46
* RedShift paperclip mode: I see you need more RAM05:46
treachthankfully I'm using a raid setup05:46
*** namenlos has joined #crux05:47
RomsterMetallica Thash Metal rofl <<05:51
*** maxus has quit IRC05:51
*** maxus has joined #crux05:51
treachThash? rofl indeed. :>05:52
* tilman falls off his chair05:52
tilmantreach: you have 2gig of swap?05:52
treachabout, yes :P05:53
Romsteri went nusts and made a 8GB swap...05:53
Romsternext time i redo it it'll be i guess 4Gb max05:53
tilmanthat was a nop :D05:53
treachtilman: as you see, I kind of need it sometimes. :P05:54
predatorfreaktilman: That option was added by jaeger a shitload of a long time ago XD05:56
tilmanwhat option?05:56
tilmanoh, -j205:56
tilmanpredatorfreak: maybe you could kill that, too. *if* firefox evals $MAKEFLAGS05:57
predatorfreaktilman: No idea if it does.05:58
predatorfreakWhat I COULD do as a stopgap though.05:58
predatorfreakIs replace -j2 with "#MAKEFLAGS#"05:58
predatorfreakor whatever05:58
predatorfreakand do the sed trick as-is done with CFLAGS atm.05:58
tilmansounds good05:59
tilmantreach: ziomg, even faster firefox builds05:59
treach hehe06:00
predatorfreakStarting XMMS2 phone home agent... MICROSOFT MICROSOFT MICROSOFT!06:01
predatorfreaktilman: Stop trying to find my pr0n with XMMS2!06:01
tilmana) you can easily disable that, b) check the wiki for what and why we do that06:02
predatorfreakI know.06:02
predatorfreakI was joking :(06:02
tilmanwe had one guy come in the irc channel who was really upset about that06:03
tilmani think it's in the irc quotes page on the wiki06:03
predatorfreaktilman: Disable it? :D06:03
tilmanwe could remove xmms2-et from the contrib port, yeah06:03
tilmanit's mostly useful to us in the pre-release phase06:04
tilmanto find out what plugins people tested and which aren't06:04
predatorfreakHaha "Hello I am russia."06:05
predatorfreakoh what the shit... git won't clone from the XMMS2 git..06:06
predatorfreaktilman: Well xmms2 goes, I can't get the mpd bridge! :(06:07
tilmanlet me try06:08
predatorfreaktilman: <tilman> blackpenguin: i own your ass dude :P06:08
predatorfreaktilman: Going for the Counter Strike responses?06:09
predatorfreaktilman: Everyone in FPS games always says "I OWN YOU!!!"06:10
tilmangit clone git://
tilmanworks for me06:10[0:]: errno=Connection timed out06:11
tilmantry again ;)06:11
predatorfreakI have.06:12
predatorfreakThree times...06:12
RedShiftpredatorfreak: noticed your hatred for a social system so it decided to ignore you06:13
predatorfreakRedShift: Welp bye-bye xmms2 :D06:13
tilmangit clone git://
tilmantry that06:14
* predatorfreak gives tilman money.06:14
tilmanhooray for distributed scms06:14
predatorfreakcan I bother you to mirror the lastfm plugin too? XD06:15
predatorfreakWhich you yourself wrote..06:15
predatorfreaktilman: Thanks for the lastfm plugin? :P06:16
tilmanno, i wrote xmms2-scrobbler06:16
tilmanthe lastfm plugin is from someone else06:16
predatorfreakscrobbler I would assume connects to o.O06:17
predatorfreaktilman: I was referring to that plugin anyway XD06:18
predatorfreakor client or whatever the heck it is.06:18
tilmanxmms2-scrobbler is the client who submits the songs you played to last.fm06:21
tilmanthe lastfm plugins is used to listen to a lastfm station06:21
predatorfreakWell I'm looking for a scrobbler :P06:22
tilmanuse xmms2-scrobbler then06:22
predatorfreakOnly one problem, still hates me :D06:24
tilmangit clone git://
tilmanjust use the released tarball06:26
predatorfreaktilman: I see your Britney Spears filter.06:30
predatorfreakGot some dirty secrets you might like to reveal to #crux?06:30
tilmanit's something of an in joke06:30
tilmanin the early days of xmms2, there was a britney filter in the core06:30
tilmanit refused to play britney spears files06:30
predatorfreaktilman: Reintroduce it06:31
*** aon_ has joined #crux06:33
*** aon has quit IRC06:33
predatorfreakWelp mpd bridge is borked :D06:38
tilman<    tilman> rafl: is mpd-bridge borked?06:41
tilman<      rafl> tilman: yes06:41
predatorfreaktilman: Now I require a proper alternative to ncmpc :(06:41
tilmantry cluck06:42
tilmanor gntxmms206:42
predatorfreakNote to self: typing cluck into google returns odd results.06:42
Rotwangpredatorfreak: i couldnt compile cluck ;] if you manage to do it let me know06:43
Rotwangbut gxmms2 is very nice06:44
predatorfreakand xmms2d keeps bloody segfaulting...06:44
predatorfreaktilman: This is what I get for trusting you!06:44
tilmanRotwang: if you like gtk stuff, check out abraca06:45
tilmanpredatorfreak: the one from contrib?06:45
tilmani fixed a real nasty bug in january, maybe that's what you're seeing06:45
predatorfreakfutex(0xb7f2f648, FUTEX_WAKE, 1*** glibc detected *** xmms2d: corrupted double-linked list: 0x08102af0 ***06:46
predatorfreakJust doing a quick strace06:46
tilmanthat might be it06:46
predatorfreakWell I don't see an xmms2-git build or anything... not that xmms2 git likes me atm.06:47
predatorfreakerr port*06:47
tilmancan't you clone on ;)06:48
tilmansetting up clones on my box is getting a bit boring :D06:48
predatorfreaktilman: is on my connection06:48
predatorfreakThat's strange.06:49
predatorfreakRather than timing out.06:49
predatorfreakon my server "remote end hung up unexpectedly."06:49
predatorfreakOh what the unexplainable crap06:50
predatorfreakIt WORKS on my server06:50
predatorfreakBut it still won't work on CRUX...06:51
predatorfreako.O06:52 is blacklisted by my ipblocker...06:52
predatorfreakFucking weird...06:52
Rotwangabraca and vala not in portdb ;] and thats what i love in crux :D07:02
tilmanRotwang: use the older version of abraca that's in the hg repository on nooms.de07:03
predatorfreaktilman: \o/ it's not crashing with the git devel version07:03
tilmanwhen we have a released version of abraca i will likely port vala :P07:03
predatorfreakTo get it to play the proper dang song07:04
predatorfreakPerhaps xmms2 could use a play <NUMBER> bit? :)07:04
predatorfreakLike mpc :D07:05
tilmanxmms2 jump <NUMBER>07:05
tilmanyou could easily write a small client that emulates mpc though07:05
tilmanour client lib api is nice and easy and powerful07:05
tilmanand comes with bindings for every cool language07:06
predatorfreaktilman: I bet someone probably already has if I look hard enough07:06
predatorfreakMay I ask where your perl binding docs are? :D07:07
tilmanno idea07:08
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux07:13
Rotwangdoes xmms2 feature equalizer?07:22
Rotwangi see there is plugin07:23
*** destruct has quit IRC07:23
tilmanRotwang: i think there's a wiki article on how to enable it07:25
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:26
predatorfreaktilman: Irk, now the most annoying bit..... migrating a giant playlist.07:38
predatorfreakNow that's odd.07:41
predatorfreaktilman: \o/ I've already broken xmms2 twice in one day!07:42
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux07:44
*** errdil has joined #crux07:46
*** Rotwang has quit IRC07:48
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang07:48
jjpkpredatorfreak: that's because you are the resident software molestor :>07:53
predatorfreakjjpk: Yes, yes I am07:53
jjpkIf it works for you, then it is likely stable for everyone else \o/07:53
treachheh, his best bet is probably xmms in twm on solaris, or something. :D07:56
jjpkGuaranteed stability right there. ;)07:57
treachwell, CDE could pass too, I guess. ;)07:57
jjpkProbably, as CDE is default on solaris, isn't it?07:59
jjpkSeems fitting to the corporate neuroticism about standardization for all employees. ;)08:02
jjpkOf course, windows is boss in that area.08:02
treachyes. but iirc, the US goverment is the biggest hurdle to get rid of it08:02
Romsterpredatorfreak, hah it built fine, firefox that is08:02
Romsterreal    137m44.097s08:02
Romsteruser    37m57.479s08:02
Romstersys     12m14.035s08:02
Romsteron a 450MHz 256MB ram system mind you although it had distcc.08:03
jjpktreach: I don't think so. People are simply afraid of change or unable to allow change due to n+1 reasons.08:03
treachjjpk: do not underestimate burocratic regulations..08:04
predatorfreakRomster: How much swap?08:04
treachalso, it's usually used in some places where eregonomics take the back seat compared to functionality.08:05
RomsterSwap:       258008       4028     25398008:05
treachfirefox usually builds on any crap system, even if it takes a while. :P08:06
treachstill amazed that it actually built on that crappy old 166/32MB I tortured a few years ago. :P08:07
treach(ok, I think it was called mozilla back then, same crap though)08:08
jjpkBuilding a pkg is one thing, running it is another when talking about firefox. ;)08:08
treachyep. It swapped something horrible..08:08
treachbut at least it worked. unless you had more than two tabs open. :D08:08
jjpkKnowing firefox, it is not surprising. :p08:11
jjpkStarts out fine, then once you open a tab too much it will start hogging the system.08:11
jjpkFlash is also a pain in that regard with ff.08:11
treach1 tab was *painful*, 2 was torture, 3 would kill the freaking box. :D08:12
jjpkDents system performance noticeably.08:12
treachnoscript ftw.08:12
treachalso, firefox's singlethreadedness is a real pain on a slow system. :08:13
treachthe damn thing goes totally useless while it loads a new page. :/08:14
jjpkAll I can say is that the browser "market" leaves plenty to be desired in its current state...08:15
*** Rotwang has quit IRC08:16
*** namenlos has quit IRC08:17
treachyep. the fixation with the desktop environments these days is beginning to hit home IMO.08:17
jjpkEspecially if firefox does decide to become inseparable from gnome, so to say.08:18
jjpkDidn't they have a roadmap outlining what would happen with ff3?08:19
jjpkIn relation to gnome, that is.08:19
treachI guess, some place.08:19
Romsteri'll give it a spin on that pc in awhile.08:26
Romsterburing cd's viar raw cdrecord is fun <<08:27
jjpkcdrecord/cdrkit is simple and intuitive imo.08:31
predatorfreakjjpk: Nah, just adopting the icon set08:38
treachI guess that depends on how you define "intuitive" I presume. ;)08:39
* treach takes a break..08:39
jjpkcreate an iso image or just pipe it to cdrecord or wodim, tell it where the burning drive is and off you go.08:41
jjpkTo those who only know about the GUI it is a scary situation believe me haha.08:41
jjpkzomg no point n click?! noooo08:42
treachthat's what I meant with the "tank:~%_" :p08:42
treachman of today btw, Jussi Jääskeläinen. ;D08:44
Romsterjjpk, yeah i was looking at a guide and it had a few typos so i consulted man and found it.08:45
*** aon_ is now known as aon08:46
*** errdil has quit IRC08:48
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon08:48
tilmanpredatorfreak: where do you want to put it?09:11
predatorfreaktilman: Put what now?09:11
tilmanvala of course09:11
predatorfreakafter I initially port it.09:12
tilmanwhy not put it in opt?09:12
predatorfreaktilman: Does it really belong there?09:12
aonwho cares?09:12
predatorfreakEh... no one else apparently.09:13
predatorfreakBesides Romster.09:13
tilmanpredatorfreak: sure it does09:13
predatorfreakBut he doesn't count.09:13
Romstereh i'm here.09:13
predatorfreakRomster: You're always here!09:14
Romsterso what's this 'Besides Romster.' ?09:14
aonwell, why _would_ you have power over opt? :)09:15
tilmanpredatorfreak: oh well, contrib is fine, too. vala isn't that popular yet09:15
aonwhat's vala?09:16
aonexcept "oath" in finnish09:16
tilmanit's "angel" in sindarin or something09:16
treachwell, not that my opinion matters, but *why* are we having two distinct repos (opt/contrib) if nobody cares  what goes where?09:17
Romsterah you saying like i got power over contrib or something as i got so many ports?09:17
tilmantreach: obviously there are people who care...09:18
aonbecause everyone can't commit to op09:18
aonand for stuff that has deps in contrib09:18
aonor some stuff with functional equivalence to something in opt which causes mad bitching if you put it in opt09:18
rehabdollwhy not replace cdrtools with cdrkit?09:48
rehabdolli have09:48
tilmanwe planned to do that09:50
tilmani forget why it was delayed09:50
tilmanaon: do you remember?09:50
aonperhaps 2.5? :)09:52
Romsteri was on cdrkit but i switched back to cdrtools.09:52
aonthere's also the issue of incompatible file names09:52
Romsterwhats the big deal? between them anyways.09:52
rehabdollwhy? any troubles with cdrkit?09:52
aoni prefer not to do compat symlinks, and at least dvd+rw-tools work fine without them if you set one environment variable09:53
rehabdolllicense issues09:53
Romstercdrtools work why change.09:53
aonthere's also the deal of jörg schilling in general being annoying :)09:53
Romsterannoying how?09:53
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC09:54
rehabdollhehe, just search various mailinglists :)09:54
aonhis general solaris and cddl fanboyism09:54
rehabdollhes completely insane09:54
aonand frequent use of the age card09:54
aon"i have done this since 1980's"09:55
aonnot that i really care whether we use cdrtools or cdrkit officially09:55
Romstereh who cares what he thinks if the program does what it's ment too so what?09:56
aonbut i still use cdrkit09:57
Romsterdoes cdrkit have support for blu-ray yet for future proofing?09:58
aonno idea09:58
jjpkThey are likely to be working on it since hd-dvd is no more.10:07
Romsteryeah hd-dvd is loosing the battle10:08
jjpkAlready lost the war.10:10
Romsterhmm new iptables is gonna be due soonish.10:15
Romsterseen the commit for 1.4.110:15
tilmanteK: can you send me your prefered username and ssh key? i got viper's okay10:52
cruxbot[contrib] vala: New port.10:56
predatorfreakBlarg, enough messing around with xmms2, I'm going to bed, I require sleep!11:00
predatorfreakMy brain doesn't mess so well when it's drained :(11:01
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC11:01
*** namenlos has joined #crux11:30
*** mrks has joined #crux11:31
*** mrks_ has quit IRC11:49
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux11:50
RedShiftwhy was exim chosen to be put in core?12:33
rehabdollperhaps per's favourite mta?12:33
tilmannah, per went with sendmail12:34
tilmanRedShift: we wanted to kick out sendmail :)12:35
RedShiftimo exim is pretty complex12:35
RedShiftpostfix is a better alternative12:35
RedShiftmuch easier to configure12:35
rehabdollya, postfix is my mta of choice :)12:38
tilmansame here12:39
tilmanRedShift: juergen wanted exim, and we didn't object12:39
RedShiftwell I haven't looked at exim closely12:39
tilmanso you're running crux these days? :p12:40
RedShiftbut from what I'm reading exim is like sendmail, but a bit easier...12:41
RedShiftpostfix is documented better compared to exim and sendmail12:41
RedShift(imo the postfix documentation is one of the best out there)12:41
RedShifttilman: uhh no <shifty_eyes<12:42
RedShifttilman: I like hanging out here, overall intelligence is higher than in the other channels I'm in12:42
tilmanwe didn't spend a week discussing it12:44
tilmanbecause it's easy to switch anyway12:44
RedShiftwell my full opinion is that there shouldn't be an MTA in core12:45
RedShiftcore should be enough to boot your system, setup networking and install other packages12:45
RedShiftyou know... the core of the OS...12:45
rehabdollthen core should basically only be busybox..12:46
RedShiftnot a bad idea12:46
RedShiftbut doesn't matter that much, at least you can cross it off during the install12:46
RedShiftunlike other distros... :X12:46
tilmanany video codec buffs around?12:52
tilmani could need some help reverse engineering a video file ;)12:53
treachtilman:  depends on what you mean with "reverse engineer"12:55
tilmani want to figure out how to decode it12:55
rehabdollwheres the file?12:55
tilmani could upload it12:56
treachheh, if you dare google for it there's a windows program called "gspot" that could help maybe :P12:56
tilmanthis thing is used in a dos game from 9612:56
tilmani doubt it's any known codec, they probably brew their own12:56
tilmanwhich in turns means (i think) that it's probably simple :P12:56
jjpkexim is simply a default, there is nothing keeping a crux user from choosing a different mta.12:57
thrice`pkgrm is too hard :(12:58
jjpkbetter yet, leaving it unseleted during an installation.12:58
tilmanrehabdoll: do you have experience with stuff like this? i know the general structure of the file, and where each frame is stored... ;]13:04
rehabdollno, i was just curious :)13:05
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC13:05
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux13:06
*** drijen has joined #crux13:18
*** discomaxus has joined #crux13:33
treachtilman: I would guess it *some* kind of codec. really if you're a game developer on a budget it doesn't make sense to develop some kind of proprietary videocodec (for cutscenes?) imo.13:33
tilmanwell, here's what i know:13:34
tilmanthey store full image data for each frame, unlike eg mpeg which has a iframe every now and then and in between only stores differences13:34
tilmanand i know it's compressed. dunno how though :D13:34
treachugh. ok. :p13:35
tilmanthe compression table (if that's what it is) is always 768 bytes long. should that ring a bell? ;D13:36
treachnot really. :>13:36
treachseen that?13:39
treachscratch that, I guess that's not right13:40
tilmani can make still pictures out of the videos (by dupliating the frames)13:40
tilmanthat way i can take two frames with little differences, and compare the input data that's used to construct them13:40
tilmani have a 12x13 video(let) here13:40
tilmanthat might be little enough data to get somewhere13:41
treach24 compressed bmp images / s ;D13:41
tilmantreach: the disassembling hoops i jumped through helped *nothing* with figuring out the bitmap font format they use btw13:43
tilmanafter wasting 2 weeks i poked random bytes in the files again and figured it out that way13:43
RyoSanyone reported pkgutils compile error when linking against libarchive?13:43
tilmannope, what's up?13:44
RyoSdunno really.. wait, i'll post it13:44
tilmando you have some acl stuff installed?13:45
RyoSuhm not that i would know..13:47
RyoSi don't even know what i should call acl stuff :s13:49
tilmantry "man aclfoo" with one the acl function that are reported in the log13:50
*** maxus has quit IRC13:51
RyoSlol ok13:54
RyoSmh nothing XD13:54
tilmanyou know, i'm going to look into it13:55
tilmani'll spend 15 to 30 minutes on it13:55
tilmanonly to find out you're system is fucked13:55
tilmanor that you're building on netbsd13:55
RyoSwait a second13:55
tilmanRyoS: you could find out why libarchive decides to use acl stuff :P13:55
tilmaniirc it's disabled on "normal" crux systems13:55
RyoSfinddeps libarchive says it depends on acl13:56
RyoSprt-get info acl reports Package 'acl' not found13:56
RyoSbut depinst acl says its already installed :D13:56
RyoSW - T - F?13:56
tilmanyou did it agin13:56
tilman(20:46) <@   tilman> do you have some acl stuff installed?13:56
tilman(20:47) <      RyoS> uhm not that i would know..13:56
tilman(20:56) <      RyoS> but depinst acl says its already installed :D13:56
tilmanstop wasting my time13:56
tilmani should soooo put you on ignore13:57
RyoSlol come on, i have no idea what acl is13:57
tilmanand you didn't think of running 'pkginfo -i|grep acl'?13:57
RyoSwell, not pkginfo -i..13:57
RyoSprt-get listinst | grep ~13:58
* treach sentences RyoS to two years in #ubuntu13:58
tilmanRyoS: so, where does that acl port come from?13:58
tilmani'm guessing yhafri?13:58
treachah. him again13:58
RyoSjust checked that, yahfari has that port but i NEVER used his ports on this install13:58
tilmanRyoS: we probably need to add '-lacl' somewhere in pkgutils to make this work13:58
treachheh, this is a cool idea,
tilmanRyoS: so does ports -l show this acl port?14:00
tilmanwhat repository is it?14:01
tilmanso you just copied it to /usr/ports?14:02
RyoSjesus christ where the hack i got that from, i never installed that, i have no reason to have it, no matter i am fixing it right now..14:02
jjpkReminds me of the iconv problem quite a while back. :p14:04
RyoSjjpk: thanks for bringing this back :P this is why i probably hate yhafari14:06
tilmani like how you spell his name differently every time14:06
tilmandoes he still have more ports than romster, btw?14:07
jjpk2155 ports. :O14:07
RyoSsorry :D however, its not personally that i spell him wrong 0:) nooo14:07
tilmanjust thought it was funny14:07
RyoSthis seems to work... might need a revdep later :>14:09
tilmanit should fix your libarchive/pkgutils problem anyway14:09
RyoSi wonder where i got that **** from :/14:10
thrice`I wonder why ports -l still finds it14:10
RyoS-- Packages updated14:10
tilmani'm a goddamn psychic14:11
RyoSthanks #crux =P and tilman i NEVER use _his_ (yahahrafari) ports XD never again14:11
*** jaeger has joined #crux14:11
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger14:11
tilmanmaybe you manually 'httup sync'ed it14:11
tilmannp RyoS14:11
RyoScant be... ^^ really, never touched his stuff on that install14:11
RyoSi have no other maxime than "stay away from that" ;)14:12
treachmaybe it's a leftover from some time when you used yhafri's ports?14:12
treachports doesn't always go away when the original is nuked for some reason. :/14:12
RyoSlike i said, made a clean install after libiconv war II14:12
treachah, ok, that would presumeably do it. :)14:13
drijenmorning everyone14:14
treachgood evening drijen14:15
drijenhow do you do sir14:15
RyoSmorning =D14:15
drijenits actually 1415 here, but we won't mention how late i like to sleep :)14:15
* treach boots up his solaris vm, and surfs over to apple, just for kicks. :P14:16
tilmanhow come you installed solaris?14:16
tilmanand is it the real thing or opensolaris?14:16
treachit's the real thing.14:17
treachdeveloper edition though.14:17
Romsterffs yhafri is insane and why compare him to me...14:17
tilmanbecause you both have a lot of ports14:17
tilmanand that's *ALL* we compared14:17
Romsterwell mine are mostly upto date.14:17
treachI felt like checking it out, it's been a long time since I used it, so I kind of wondered how things were in solaris land nowadays.14:18
Romsterhis arn't except for a few.14:18
tilmantreach: so how is it? :p14:18
treachnot that bad for running in a vm.14:19
Romsteri'll gove some of mine away if anyone wants so then i don't get refered too all the time.14:19
tilmani wasn't judging there... just a fact14:20
Romsterwhile ya here any ida how to get networking in qemu working? do i need DHCP on linux to use that in qemu?14:21
tilmanit will 'just work'14:21
tilmanqemu includes its own dhcp server14:21
Romstertrying to avoid seting up a damn bridge/tup device bu...14:21
Romsterah well i set winxp to auto get ip and dns and it's lan wont work.14:22
Romstersays no conection still.14:22
Romsterqemu -hda xp.cow -boot d -cdrom /dev/cdrom -m 384 -localtime14:22
Romsteris what i used.14:22
Romstergoogled around too.14:22
Romsterhmm do i have to add '-net nic -net user' or something...14:24
thrice`i've never needed more than the above...usually works out of the box14:25
tilmanRomster: no14:26
treachRomster: I'd recommend virtual box, works far better here than qemu ever did.14:26
tilmanwith the default options you can talk to the host anyway14:27
treachunless you specifically need qemu14:27
Romsterand now kqemu had ate my /dev/shm again and won't release it, god damn it...14:27
Romsteri jsut got used to qemu and hadn't installed virtualbox.14:27
Romsterit's only the net i have the issue with and kqemu not releasing shm after it exits.14:28
treachwell, it's up for you to decide. I stand by my recommendation though.14:29
RomsterWarning: vlan 0 is not connected to host network14:30
Romsterqemu: fatal: triple fault14:30
Romsterfscking qemu...14:30
* Romster installes virtual box.14:30
tilmanhehehe, i had that recently14:30
Romsterso much for spending time learning its quirks14:30
Romsterplease tlel me virtualbox can use qcow2 images...14:32
tilmanqemu-image convert -O something_virtual_box_knows input.qcow2 output.blah14:32
Romstergotta install all the dependencys for vbox and then vbox before i even know what it supports or how it works.14:34
* Romster feels like i wasted my time on qemu14:34
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC14:35
RomsterERROR: Downloading '
Romsteryay 403 forbidden.14:36
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux14:37
Romsterbah now i find i have to download manually...14:37
Romsterarn't ports not ment to break prt-get depinst...14:38
Romsteri'd say screw there AUP/license and get the link directly..14:39
jjpkThe licensors would simply be delighted with that. ;)14:40
Romsteraslanalyze.c:120:27:aslcodegen.c:120:27: error: aslcompiler.y.h: No such file or directory14:41
Romsteryay after geting the archive it's broken.14:41
Romsterbet ya it's my MAKEFLAGS....14:42
Romsteryep gonna have to tell sepen about that.14:43
Romsterjjpk, who reads them i certantly didn't i jsut wanna use virtualbox now not like a week later.14:44
treachif you want stuff NOW, you're using the wrong dist. :>14:47
Romsterdon't you dare i goto the linkes of gentoo or arch <<14:49
Romstersugest that i*14:49
Romsterwow now i miss typing words in my sentances.14:49
treachI was more thinking along the line of "ubuntu" :D14:49
* treach takes cover14:49
Romsteri don't want a bloated desktop.14:50
Romsterthank you.14:50
Romsterand one that ya gotta wait for them todo the updates.14:51
Romsterand kbuntu is a mock up and isn't as good. sinc ei'm more familer with kde although i haven't been in kde for like 2 months now.14:52
treachkubuntu sucks nuts IMO14:52
Romsteryeah so i've been told.14:55
tilmani don't want to go back to staring at assembly code15:00
treachyep. provided that you're looking for a solid kde dist, I haven't found any better than suse.15:00
treachheh.  then you should probably forget about the dos world altogether. :P15:01
jnengland77Which group do I need to be to access scsi stuff?  Both CD drives are SATA.15:02
treachjnengland77: define "access"15:03
jnengland77$ wodim -scanbus15:03
jnengland77wodim: No such file or directory.15:03
jnengland77Cannot open SCSI driver!15:03
treachtry as root15:04
jnengland77Yeah works as root, but I don't want to have to access root to rip a audio cd...15:04
tilmanwhut? why would i want to losslessly compress my vorbis (lossy) files?15:05
treachhaha, one could wonder.15:05
treachjnengland77: set the correct permissions with the udev rules.15:05
treachyou could try using the "cdrom" group, and give it the same permissions as root.15:06 has some good information15:06
tilmanthough i doubt most of it is applicable to my case :p15:06
jnengland77Ok.  So I should have /dev/sg* or /dev/sr* set to the cdrom group?15:07
treachunless you plan on using sg15:07
jnengland77ok thanks15:07
treacheither works for writing, so it's your choice.15:08
jnengland77I'll just go with sr*15:08
*** ryuo has joined #crux15:13
ryuohey Romster15:15
ryuoboo :p15:15
ryuoso find a theme you like yet? :o15:15
Romsterjnengland77, /dev/sr*15:15
Romsterryuo, on yours still.15:16
ryuoRomster: its interesting15:16
Romsteri haven't messed with it though.15:16
ryuoi removed IDE support completely from my kernel15:16
ryuoand now my CD drive is sr015:16
ryuowierd, huh?15:16
ryuomy cd drive uses PATA i guess15:17
Romsterno idea.. so a ide drive on sr0?15:17
ryuoits connected via a ribbon15:17
ryuoit was an OEM cd drive15:17
Romsterman i really hate that PATA term it's a fscking IDE drive..15:17
ryuothen why is it recognized as SCSI?15:17
* ryuo boggles.15:17
Romsterdon't know..15:17
joacimI love to correct people who say "sata2"  :]15:18
jaegerbecause of libata15:18
jaegerthe kernel is doing that to it, not anything hardware15:18
ryuoi removed IDE support though so hrm15:18
Romsteryeah renaming it..15:18
joacimI disabled the old ata/atapi drivers and use the new libata system instead15:18
ryuoi only included some SCSI support/my PATA/SATA  controllers15:18
jaegersome of the libata drivers support both15:18
jjpkNothing weird about it. IDE/ATA was named /dev/hd* while the newer libata is handled as scsi (at least how I understood).15:19
joacim(+ scsi)15:19
jaegerit's not weird, it's intended15:19
ryuoits wierd15:19
ryuomy sata drive won't let me enable DMA it seems15:19
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC15:19
ryuohdparm returns about15:20
ryuo900 mb/s for cached reads and15:20
ryuo56 mb/s for buffered disk reads15:20
treachthe more amusing part is that if you disable scsi harddrive support, your sata drives won't work. :>15:21
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux15:21
Romsteryeah why should ya need SCSI when it's SATA15:21
ryuoisnt SCSI better than ATAPI15:21
jaegerwrite the kernel devs and complain15:21
treachbecause it's the same driver, but it's not entirely intuitive. :>15:22
ryuoRomster, any ideas if SATA can even be set to use DMA?15:22
*** Rotwang has joined #crux15:22
jaegernot with hdparm15:22
ryuoI'm trying to optimize my drive speed safely15:22
Romsterand no idea i think it's todo with the controler driver if it supports it or not i think15:23
jnengland77hmm changing it the group to cdrom didn't do anything.15:23
Romsteri tryed fucking with that ages ago int he end i left it.15:23
treachjnengland77: obviously you have to be a member of it..15:23
ryuoRomster, if i can enable it with sdparm, can i do the same on my cd drive?15:23
jnengland77I am part of it.15:24
Romstersolves all that.15:24
ryuoonce i get this source distro to a good point15:24
Romsterwhy it's not in the main udev for cdrom permissions i don't know.15:24
ryuoI'm backing up the data so if i need to reinstall15:24
ryuoit'll be more painless15:24
Romsterreinstall hah..15:24
jnengland77thanks Romster15:24
treachjnengland77: also, if you just joined the cdrom group, don't forget to logout and then back in.15:25
Romsteri should submit my changes.15:25
ryuoRomster, how can i tell tar to include all hidden files as well?15:25
Romsterif you look at the cdrecord port you'll see i set the suid bit too.15:25
jnengland77I was in the group the whole time.  As well as the disk group, which didn't help.15:25
ryuoRomster: or does it do that by default?15:26
Romsteryou dont' need to be in the disk group only cdrom.15:26
ryuocrux needs better udev rules by default15:26
jjpkCrux has working defaults, if you need to improve it, then do it locally to suit your needs.15:27
ryuoi know, but it usually won't detect your cd drive properly15:27
ryuothats the only flaw i've found15:27
ryuosides, regular users shouldnt have disk group access, only cdrom15:28
ryuoat most15:28
Romsteri guess you man tar and have a look though it's options wildcard match would be the best bet..15:29
ryuoi'll test it on a directory with hidden files15:29
ryuosee if it adds them15:29
ryuoah firefox is done compiling15:29
Romsterstill wating on vbox to compile.15:30
Romsterryuo, i fixed cdrom permissions and set the suid and group on the burning programs why this isn't done already i do not know.15:30
Romstersick of qemu pissing me off.15:31
ryuowhats wrong with qemu15:31
Romsterso i'm gonna try virtualbox.15:31
ryuoit has one advantage over vbox15:31
RomsterWarning: vlan 0 is not connected to host network15:31
Romsterqemu: fatal: triple fault15:31
ryuoit outputs to SDL so15:31
Romsterand that kqemu chews up shm and won't fucking realse it after.15:31
ryuoyou could use it on a machine with only framebuffer15:31
ryuobut eh15:32
ryuoRomster: did you try kvm?15:32
treachthat's a pretty minor deal... compared to not working at all..15:32
ryuono hardware support?15:32
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC15:32
Romsteri have a K7 i can't use KVM15:32
ryuo<-- i have k815:33
ryuobut i had k8 before on a 93915:33
ryuoonly AM2+ supports cpu virtualization15:33
ryuoAM2 or newer15:33
Romsteryeah i'm saving up15:33
ryuoi bought my virtualization hardware for ~25015:34
Romsterbut i got other shit to get sorted before computer.15:34
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux15:34
ryuomy mobo is a biostar one15:34
ryuosupports up to 8 GB it says15:34
Romsterya 4GB per a cpu core i bet.15:34
ryuoit has 4 slots15:35
Romsterthat dosn't say much.15:35
ryuoits a micro atx board15:35
ryuoi get the feeling USB 2.0 flash memory is replacing cd drives for transfering data =p15:36
ryuocurrently i got a 1 GB and 2 GB sticks15:36
Romsterya seen 8 and 16GB ones too.15:38
ryuoactually i've seen ones go much higher15:38
ryuoi have a feeling the USB ones probably last shorter than SSD15:39
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux15:42
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC15:44
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:48
jnengland77grr abcde it's not a data cd it's an audio cd... at least wodim -devices works.15:51
*** bro has joined #crux15:57
*** bro has left #crux15:57
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC16:14
drijenRomster, i saw a 32GB stick the other day16:43
drijen$300 but still16:43
Romsterah they'll come down in price, still wonder about the life expecenty.16:44
drijenim guessing 50K writes16:46
drijenlong enough to defray the cost16:46
drijenhonestly i'd probably break the usb port before it stopped writing/reading16:46
rehabdollnot if you mount it with sync :)16:47
*** errdil has joined #crux16:48
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