IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-03-03

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pitillogood morning01:17
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mike_kpredatorfreak: your mail has no port attached in fact04:04
predatorfreakmike_k: Damn it.04:07
mike_kI am having troubles with opt/firefox for ages: it drops some extensions here or there. Binary build works for me. I hope your port will solve this issue.04:09
predatorfreakmike_k: I can't guarantee that.04:11
Romsterwaddup dudes04:12
predatorfreakSHIT ROMSTER RUN FOR IT04:14
* mike_k wonders: is it about someones dup or just native speakers don't give a shit?04:14
predatorfreakmike_k: Native English speakers don't give a shit.04:15
Romsterif it's understandable it's good enough.04:15
mike_kwaddup == what's up ?04:16
mike_kIt is recognized only because of "Budd" beer commercial04:17
* predatorfreak smacks Romster 04:21
predatorfreakYou're confusing people!04:21
Romsterit's a simple blood slang yeash.04:23
predatorfreakRomster: Slang sucks!04:23
predatorfreakI used slang referring to slang.04:23
* mike_k 'll have to read some English classics intead of this channel conversations to improve spoken english.04:25
predatorfreakDon't, you'll never understand Americans then04:26
predatorfreakThey'll be a mess of garbled slang and YO BRO04:26
Romsterhay bro what's dising.04:27
Romsterthere's too much crap out there to learn.04:27
predatorfreakNUTIN BRO, NUTIN.04:27
Romsteri'm sure predatorfreak hears alot of it too.04:27
namenlospredatorfreak: haven't you forgotten something? e.g. an attachment?04:28
predatorfreakI only go out in the world like twice a month.04:28
Romsterah shoping day eh04:28
Romsterstock up for another 2 weeks.04:28
predatorfreaknamenlos: I sent a reply04:28
predatorfreakIt'll probably get there in a few04:28
predatorfreakYeah, basically.04:29
predatorfreakOf course, I look like a royal crazyman when I go out into the world.04:29
predatorfreakSo people avoid me.04:29
predatorfreakWhich is good :D04:30
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Romsterwell i think i've got around all of sudo pkgmk so now i can just do pkgmk without being root.05:13
Romsterand it goes though fakeroot for me.05:13
cruxbot[contrib] vobcopy: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.105:19
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thrice`predatorfreak: I didn't get an attachment with your mail07:01
predatorfreakthrice`: I've only said this twice already: It's in a reply07:01
predatorfreakIt's being delayed for "moderator approval" due to size07:02
thrice`oh, sorry.  shoulda scrolled up07:02
predatorfreakthrice`: For now07:04
thrice`predatorfreak: neat.  my ssh apparently didn't start itself this morning, or I'd check it.  will test later tonight :)07:06
predatorfreakthrice`: I don't expect it to fail, but I do want some further testing before I go hog-wild.07:07
thrice`ah, just got the mail, too07:08
thrice`predatorfreak: which WM do you prefer, out of curiosity?07:11
thrice`man, I really should give that another try07:11
predatorfreakWhatever floats your boat :P07:14
predatorfreakI like it because it works.07:14
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thrice`i just remember generating the menu seemed like too much work07:15
cruxbot[contrib] wesnoth: added and updated to 1.407:15
cruxbot[contrib] wesnoth: renamed to wesnoth1207:15
predatorfreakthrice`: I made a menu once07:18
predatorfreakand since I use all the same apps07:18
predatorfreakplus/minus some console apps07:18
predatorfreakI haven't needed to change it :D07:18
thrice`yeah, I'm the same way07:20
predatorfreak"Islam is just particularly bad, at this moment. Way back, the Muslims where very progressive with their ideas of just torturing your wife into submission, instead of killing them, as the Christians were apt to do (the Bible even recommends it in many cases)."07:20
predatorfreakThat's an improvement?07:21
predatorfreakBy God, we might as well just be Pagans sacrificing humans to Thor.07:21
predatorfreakOh fuck I just mixed two religions in one sentence.07:21
jjpkGood luck defining pagan since it refers to anyone not following an abrahamic religion. ;)07:24
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predatorfreakjjpk: I prefer Norse Paganism.07:24
predatorfreakor Greek.07:25
predatorfreakEither way, more interesting tales than Christianity :D07:25
thrice`hm, maybe I should just use binary-firefox07:29
predatorfreakGo for it.07:29
predatorfreakI won't stop you :P07:29
predatorfreakIt's less annoying than building firefox.07:30
Romsterpredatorfreak, your firefox port is working ok on that old 450MHz pc.07:30
Romsteri should build it for my desktop.07:30
Romsteryes it works on a i586 K6II <<07:30
* predatorfreak steals more of tilman's emoticons07:30
Romsterwith only 256MB of ram.07:30
predatorfreakI need to make a Zerg emoticon07:31
Romsterprotos <<07:31
Romsterspawn more overlords... ok nwo i'm being silly.07:31
predatorfreakor alternatively07:32
Romsternot enough vaspine gas07:32
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predatorfreakAND my favourite.07:33
predatorfreakgetting breakfast07:34
mike_in my country people believe that anyone who is constantly holding shift or capslocking is actually a blondie07:34
* Romster got myself a coffee07:40
Romstermike_, rofl.07:41
Romsteri prefer bold over CAPS07:41
Romsterpredatorfreak, dosn't use caps lock he superglues down the shift key <<07:41
ryuoremember kids, on IRC, no one can hear you scream.07:42
ryuothis time when i loaded NVIDIA07:46
ryuothe kernel didnt complain =p07:46
Romsteri had the could nto be found all of 169.xx didnt' work for me.07:49
ryuoi'm using 169.1207:49
ryuoit might be proprietary, but at least it works well07:50
Romsteri tryed 7 9 and 12 all gave the same result for me.07:50
Romsterand i haven't bothered to strace it yet.07:50
Romsterso i'm on 100.14.19 still.07:51
Romsterdunno if it's anyting todo with my video card07:51
Romsteri have a geforce 7600GS07:51
ryuo8500GT here07:52
Romsteri'm stil on agp lol...07:52
ryuoi feel like these kids shows are brainwashing 'em =p07:53
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RedShift=== This letter is the Honor System Virus ====09:33
RedShiftIf you are running a Macintosh, OS/2, Unix, or09:33
RedShiftLinux computer, please randomly delete09:33
RedShiftseveral files from your hard disk drive and09:33
RedShiftforward this message to everyone you know.09:33
predatorfreakRomster: 8800GT woo! Bragging rights09:37
predatorfreakRomster: BTW, I push down my shift key like everyone else!09:37
cruxbot[contrib] vala: Remove .sha256sum file.09:40
Romsterjust a little to oftern not like everyone else.09:43
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predatorfreakRomster: I like shouting :(09:46
mike_predatorfreak: FYI: got quite a few NEW lines in firefox footprint.  I guess it is ok.09:46
predatorfreakYou don't have nss installed.09:47
predatorfreakThat's why.09:47
Romsteri got none but new lines isn't as bad as missing lines.09:47
Romsterdepinst <<09:47
predatorfreak# Depends on: libidl, gtk, libpng, libjpeg, zlib, nss09:48
predatorfreakIf it can't find system nss it falls back to it's internal nss/nspr09:48
mike_damn, It took more than hour. hope, ccache will improve the second build.09:49
predatorfreakusr/lib/firefox/components/imgicon.xpt <-- No idea on that.09:49
predatorfreakDoesn't generate that for me.09:49
predatorfreak(Not related to nss/nspr, I know that)09:49
Romstermike_, ccache works well with firefox.09:51
Romsterhmm imgicon.xpt resides in thunderbird and sunbird wtf sunbird is.09:52
Romsterjaeger, imlib2 is missing freetype as a dependency.09:53
predatorfreakSunbird = calender app09:53
predatorfreakRomster: How do you operate safe-build? :P09:57
Romstersudo /usr/sbin/safe-build -i09:58
Romsterthen do what ever you need in the chroot.09:58
Romstersafe-build --clean, to remove packages back to core only depinst another port test fix etc.09:59
Romsteri need to write a man page for it.09:59
Romsterthere is a -h for help09:59
pitilloRomster, can you test sane ? :P10:00
predatorfreakDang you and your fancy iso-needing-crazy!10:00
Romsterthere is the system option but last time i tryed it it's broken but maybe i should fix that.10:01
Romsterpitillo, sure ust a sec i'm redoing transcode atm10:02
Romsteris about time i got that upto date.10:02
pitilloRomster, thank you a lot, don't worry about time, here I am missing some files (I think config files for some device)10:02
Romstereen i have some stuff a bit out of date.10:02
tilmanwhat the fuck is wrong with flyspray10:03
* Romster shrugs10:03
predatorfreak <-- I am appalled by the lack of me on there.10:03
Romsterlol i should go though my logs again man that's been ages ago since i touched that.10:04
tilmanteK: please giev prefered username & ssh key10:04
predatorfreakRomster: Well call me if you need one of the awkwardly creepy yet funny ones.10:05
jaegerRomster: I'll check it out, thanks10:05
Romsternp i just picked up on it as i'm redoing transcode.10:06
predatorfreakmount: mount point /mnt/cdrom does not exist10:06
predatorfreakDang you and your mountpoints!10:06
Romsternot that i was pourposely looking though other ports.10:06
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, that's sepen's job.10:07
Romsteri should make that less spefic and do something consistant.10:07
Romsteror not use the iso image and use the system only maybe?10:07
Romsterpredatorfreak, if you got any ideas/sugestions let me know10:08
predatorfreakUse the ISO image, good idea there10:08
predatorfreakClean, un-fucked basic setup.10:08
predatorfreakRomster: safe-build -OPTION portname10:08
predatorfreakand it'll automatically chroot10:09
Romsterya especally when Jue goes off at me for loooking over opt ports and sepen goes though the lot and dosn't get told off!10:09
predatorfreakand do prt-get depinst blah10:09
tilmani can has xfsprogs testers?10:09
predatorfreaktilman: No one uses xfs!10:09
mike_Romster: well, if it works, you can rewrite it on plain lisp from scratch. That will require some time =)10:09
Romsteri'm on jfs and ext here.10:09
* mike_ is still on reiserfs regardless of "who killed who"10:10
* RedShift too10:10
Romsterpredatorfreak, ah i could do that to build a port i guess.10:11
predatorfreakRomster: would be nice for quick tests :D10:11
pitillopredatorfreak, ummm but you must keep the chroot up to date (no way to do that from iso)10:11
predatorfreakpitillo: It's a good starting point.10:12
predatorfreakAfter you've got a clean, basic chroot up-to-date.10:12
predatorfreakJust do prt-get sysup10:12
Romsterpitillo, i got that covered.10:12
Romsterand when you exit the chroot do safe-build -b, and it'll back the packages up10:12
predatorfreakor if jaeger is still making those fancy current isos, use those :P10:13
Romsterthey get restored when you run it again.10:13
Romsteror that10:13
Romsteri've been thinking of a cut down core packages only for safe-build and avoid the iso *shrugs*10:13
pitilloI prefer making a core installation, ports -u and sysup, that is the way we are going on.10:13
pitilloRomster, that is the perfect way IMO, and is the way we are going, only core and here testing opt10:14
predatorfreakNow for the LONG build of firefox in safe-build!10:15
cruxbot[core] xfsprogs: updated to
tilmanthe klingon way.10:16
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Romsterbeen thinking of intergrating ccache into it, i think it would be safe to symlink ccache directorys and then copy back the aditions in safe-build back later on, not sure on the second part.10:17
Romstermaybe later on i can write it in C too lol...10:18
tilmanmaybe better use ruby, or python ;)10:19
Romsterthat way i could make it into a daemon too. and have it pass some data between the chroot and system.10:19
Romsterhmm dunno then the clean chroot isn't so clean...10:19
pitilloRomster, have you think about fcheck? how do you see it?10:19
Romsteras it'll have python too.10:19
tilmanpredatorfreak: did you test 1909-1.patch?
predatorfreaktilman: I'll give it the run-through10:20
predatorfreakBut I'm sticking with mpd as my primary player10:20
predatorfreakbecause I need a solid client besides the command-line program XD10:20
tilmanyou filed the bug, you're supposed to test the patch10:20
* treach hands predatorfreak the "patch-impaler +12" :)10:20
predatorfreaktilman: I will, I will.10:21
predatorfreakDoesn't mean I'll use xmms2 long term :P10:21
tilmandon't care10:21
predatorfreaktilman: Works.10:27
Romsteronly thing i can think of is turning off read access from python etc to the programs being built.10:27
Romsteror put a copy in a non-standared path hmm.10:28
tilmanXWD-file /tmp/haha.xwd has format 2, depth 32 and bits per pixel 32. Currently this is not supported.10:40
tilmanhow very lame is that!?10:40
tilmaneverybody uses 32 bitz on their x these days10:40
predatorfreak"someone with an account Pirate Bay bitching about piracy. Never thought I'd see that."10:41
predatorfreakAlso, yay Trent Reznor!10:46
predatorfreakReleased his latest stuff under a Creative Commons license10:46
Romsterhmm i never did finish messing with transconductance operational amplifiers, although i've thought of learning DSP and doing it digitally.10:48
Romster(looking over my project on my site.)10:48
predatorfreakRomster: What I find funny is, Reznor released everything under the Creative Commons license, then chose to only offer the first EP for nothing and less than 2 hours later10:49
predatorfreakall the EPs were on tbp.10:49
predatorfreakand it's totally legal!10:50
RedShiftwho's trent reznor?10:50
tilmanhe released *everything* under the CC?10:50
tilmanhow awesome is that10:50
tilmanROFL RedShift10:50
tilmanEPIC FAIL10:50
RedShiftis that that guy from qmail?10:50
predatorfreaktilman: All of his new stuff.10:50
predatorfreakYear Zero is still partly-owned by his record label.10:51
tilmanright, djb releases EPs10:51
predatorfreakwell, former record label.10:51
predatorfreaktilman: You never know.10:51
predatorfreakMaybe secretly djb wishes he was an industrial music10:51
tilmanhow can you not know trent reznor? he deserves to be mocked :P10:51
RedShiftEP's? TBP's? what the hell is this still about computers?10:51
predatorfreakRedShift: EP = Extended Play.10:52
predatorfreakSmall album, term originates from vinyl days.10:52
predatorfreakWhen smaller discs were used to contain a small number of songs.10:52
predatorfreakTBP = THE PIRATE BAY10:52
Romstergood ol' vinyl i still have a recorld player here.10:52
predatorfreakWhere do you live, in a CAVE?10:52
RedShiftcave sounds nice, no technology, no bullshit10:53
* predatorfreak fires up Running Wild and downloads music he ISN'T legally entitled too.10:53
RedShiftjust sleep and make drawings on the wall10:53
RedShiftand the occasional hunting and raping women10:54
predatorfreakRedShift: and beat lions to death with a stick and a rock.10:54
predatorfreakAlthough, real men use their hands.10:54
predatorfreakSticks and rocks are for fake-men.10:54
predatorfreak(By extension, knives are for gay men and guns are for women)10:54
RedShiftwhich would be a better solution, food for guns or guns for food10:55
RedShiftguns for food would probably solve the problem earlier than food for guns...10:55
* Romster plays NIN songs <<10:56
predatorfreakRedShift: Neither.10:56
predatorfreakGo out and strangle a bird or something.10:56
treach...and heavy artillery is for.. children? :p10:56
predatorfreaktreach: Even worse.10:56
predatorfreakChildren use tank cannons.10:57
predatorfreakand embyro use orbiting ion cannons.10:57
RedShiftI wanna fly in a rayhunter10:57
RedShiftI don't know what the correct name is in english10:58
* treach prefers the leopard tank.10:58
treachgives the word "traffic jam" a new meaning. :P10:58
treachbtw Romster did you get virtual box sorted eventually?11:00
RedShiftjetfighter, that's what's it called in english properly11:00
RedShiftman that must be awesome, flying around like a bird faster than the speed of sound11:00
Romsteri installed it but i haven't bothred to log out and back in to get myself into the virtualbox group..11:00
predatorfreakRedShift: The g-forces are a bitch11:00
Romsterthat's a pain in the arse that bit.11:00
predatorfreakand the inertia is too.11:00
predatorfreakHell, if you went from full speed to full stop in ~5 seconds the inertia alone should kill you.11:01
treachpredatorfreak: without inertia there wouldn't be any g-forces..11:01
Romsterhehe *thinks of spaceballs*11:01
predatorfreaktreach: Whatever :P11:01
treach"I say, isn't that spaceballs?"11:01
* RedShift wonders11:02
Romsternow i rememebr a song i don't have, must find song by 'funkjunkies'11:02
RedShiftif you move the space around the craft, would you feel the inertia?11:02
predatorfreakTechnically no.11:02
predatorfreakThat'd be like a wormhole.11:02
predatorfreakYou don't move, space does.11:02
predatorfreakBut the problem is.11:02
predatorfreakWe don't have wormhole fighters yet :P11:03
RedShiftgod I wish I lived 1000 years in the future, where we have decent spacecraft and all11:03
RedShiftthat's just gotta be so awesome, stepping on another planet11:03
predatorfreakI wish I had an army of idiots to conquer worlds for me!11:03
RedShiftpredatorfreak: but you have!11:03
predatorfreakRedShift: Oh, I command #crux?11:04
predatorfreakI didn't know that.11:04
RedShiftpredatorfreak: the only problem is that they are between your legs right now11:04
predatorfreakOkay, #crux, go conquer Pluto.11:04
predatorfreakRedShift: My balls are not sentient.11:04
predatorfreak... Yet.11:04
RedShiftthink further11:04
predatorfreakI know.11:04
predatorfreakBut I refuse to reproduce.11:04
RyoSpredatorfreak: better ask /b/ to conquer something ;)11:05
predatorfreak$DEITY knows you don't need more of me.11:05
RedShiftpredatorfreak: you're missing out ^_^11:05
predatorfreakRedShift: You don't want predatorfreakjr in here.11:05
predatorfreakI guarantee it.11:05
Romsteri think one predatorfreak is enough <<11:05
predatorfreakRomster gets it!11:05
predatorfreakWorld barely handles one of me :D11:05
Romsterno one want's another Romster that kills everyones spelling too <<11:06
Romsteror i'm nearly like the language brainfuck.11:06
treachand grammar. :P11:06
Romsterya and gramamr11:06
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, one flesh-eating, port molesting monster of #crux is enough.11:07
Romsterand conquor all your ports.11:07
Romsteri wouldn't say i molest ports <<11:07
predatorfreakRomster: Well... maybe not molest.11:07
predatorfreakBut you take them out for dinner.11:07
predatorfreakthen slip knockout drugs in their wine11:08
treach#crux, where analphabetics die.11:08
predatorfreakand go to town.11:08
predatorfreakRomster: Although... on second though.11:09
predatorfreakIf you produce two kids.11:09
predatorfreakThey can maintain all of core11:09
predatorfreakand opt :D11:10
predatorfreakand you can maintain all of contrib!11:10
Romsterpredatorfreak, haha11:10
predatorfreakThe rest of us can sit around and bitch at you whenever something breaks :P11:10
thrice`Romster: is your udev port available?  I'll be happy to test11:11
Romsterthrice`, ya it's on my site.11:13
Romsteroh nice firefox crash11:13
Romsternot on predatorfreak's version yet11:14
Romsteri should do that compile.11:14
thrice`oi, just donwloaded new pidgin tarball at 2.14 MB/s \o/11:14
thrice`not used to fast net :-(11:14
predatorfreakRomster: I won't accept that it's my fault that firefox crashes unless you can reproduce it with no plugins on both the version in opt and my new version :D11:15
predatorfreakerr only on my new version*11:15
Romstercould be a extension maybe.11:15
Romsteri have a few loaded.11:15
predatorfreakthose too :D11:16
predatorfreakFirefox is a buggy piece-of-crap at times11:16
predatorfreakSo, any kind of problems need to only be reproducible on a CRUX build before I'd legitimately say it's something to do with how I build it/package it.11:17
predatorfreakYay hard-headedness!11:17
Romsterif i could use another browser, i can't get used to opera...11:19
predatorfreakRomster: Once I got used to Opera, going back to Firefox meant Firefox had to act like Opera.11:21
predatorfreakTook a lot of work XD11:21
predatorfreakSadly, the one thing I'm STILL missing is a decent Opera-like RSS extension11:21
mike_is there something similar to growisofs?11:22
thrice`mike_: that will do what?11:22
mike_that will do exact the same11:23
*** mike_ is now known as mike_k11:23
Romsterthrice`, you'll find udev in core here
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:25
Romsterit's on all 3 of my systems no issues yet.11:25
Romsterwho maintains udev anyways? i should submit in my version.11:25
predatorfreakNo one, I think.11:25
predatorfreakI thought udev was supposed to be jaegers domain XD11:26
jaegerIt was at one time11:28
predatorfreakjaeger: Come back to us, I'll do all your school work and run your social life so you can work on CRUX full time :(11:29
thrice`hm, binary FF is much smaller package then source FF11:30
predatorfreakthrice`: No development headers.11:30
thrice`wow, that's quite a bit; 14 mb vs. 9.6 mb11:31
*** mrks_ has joined #crux11:32
predatorfreakthrice`: My system generates a 12MB tarball XD11:32
predatorfreakUsing my modified-firefox port.11:32
tilmandamnit i forgot what band/song i wanted to listen to11:33
tilmanah, poisonblack :p11:33
predatorfreakGuitar Wolf!11:33
thrice`Romster: neat.  I'll update later tonight and let you know (rebooting over SSH scares me :)11:34
predatorfreaktilman: Basically.11:35
predatorfreakthrice`: Mozilla also build Firefox with -Os11:35
Romsterthrice`, also my cdrecord etc ports work as is to burn.11:35
thrice`predatorfreak: right...that I knew.  Didn't realize it was that significant of a difference11:35
tilmanpredatorfreak: did you even get that? it's the nick name of the running wild guy ;)11:36
predatorfreakthrice`: uncompressed11:36
predatorfreaktilman: I've heard it once or twice11:36
predatorfreakBut anyway11:36
Romsteri got sick of the warnings k3b used to show up with so i fixed it permently.11:36
tilmannot that important. running wild is gay anyway ;D11:36
predatorfreakthrice`: Uncompressed the official thing is 2511:36
Romsterthrice`, i can say all 3 computers not one issue.11:36
predatorfreakMy package built with -O2 is 32MB11:36
Romsteri also yanked out hotplug11:36
predatorfreaktilman: Screw you! Tortuga Bay is a good song :(11:37
thrice`Romster: ah, nice :)  i'll try it out11:39
predatorfreakoh fucking search feature.11:40
predatorfreakI type in "MC5"11:40
predatorfreakand the first result is MC Hammer11:40
tilmanis it hammer time already?11:40
Romsterman this is anoying transcode can't find imagemagick nor lzo but i told it where the headers are11:41
predatorfreakRomster: Use mencoder!11:42
Romsterpfft yeah i have that too11:42
predatorfreaktranscode is gay anyway :D11:42
Romsterthe fact is i have transcode oto so i need to update it.11:43
* Romster wallops you <<11:43
predatorfreak/wallops Transcode is gay?11:43
Romsterdamn you11:43
predatorfreakI get that alot.11:44
predatorfreakRomster: So far though11:47
predatorfreakGod hasn't sent me to hell.11:47
predatorfreakI think God secretly loves me more than all of you :D11:47
Romsteryou wish.11:48
predatorfreakConsidering how much humanity hates me.11:48
predatorfreakBy now, I should be in hell if he doesn't love me ;)11:49
*** mrks has quit IRC11:49
predatorfreakThen again.11:49
predatorfreakGod is imaginary.11:49
*** schniggie has quit IRC11:50
*** schniggie has joined #crux11:51
Romsterya all the bible bashers make ya want to beleave it.11:51
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:55
tilmandoes anyone know a binary diff tool that has support for resyncing the diff?11:59
tilmansay i have two identical files11:59
tilmanthen i insert one byte into file 211:59
tilmani need an editor like thingy11:59
predatorfreakwhoop, sorry, bsdiff12:00
predatorfreakIt used to be bdiff.12:02
treachis that what you use to debug a politician?12:02
predatorfreakBut the name changed.12:02
predatorfreaktreach: Might as well be.12:02
tilmani don't think that'm after12:04
tilmanwine hworks32.exe ;p12:04
Romsterresyncing the diff?12:05
tilman <@   tilman> then i insert one byte into file 212:05
predatorfreaktilman: Find your own program! :P12:05
tilman... and it would be smart enough to realize that12:05
Romsterdon't quite understand that bit.12:05
treachvim doesn't? :p12:06
tilmanthese are binary files12:06
tilmancomparing xxd output doesn't cut it ;)12:06
Romsterxdelta works with binary12:06
treachsurely there have to be some plugin for emacs for it at least. :D12:06
Romsterbut it's not a reporting tool like bdiff.12:06
treachRomster: welcome, you're just 10 min late12:07
Romsteryou jsut want a binary diff?12:07
Romstertreach, i'm bussy messing with shit..12:07
tilmani need a *SMART* binary diff12:07
predatorfreakxdelta and bsdiff serve the same job.12:07
predatorfreakjust differing implementations.12:07
predatorfreaktilman: Any proper thingie should produce decent output.12:07
tilmanoh goody, i already had it on my hdd12:07
predatorfreaktilman: I still don't get what you're looking for.12:08
tilmantilman@brimstone [/tmp/bsdiff-4.3] > make12:08
tilmanMakefile:13: *** missing separator.  Stop.12:08
tilmanarrogant bsd bitches12:08
tilmanbsdiff has no reporting at all12:09
Romstertry jojodiff then :P12:09
predatorfreakWhat the crap do you mean by reporting?12:09
tilmani'll take a sshot of hexworks...12:09
tilmaneven though video04.dat is one byte longer than video01.dat, hex workshop figures out that the last 16-ish bytes are equal12:12
tilmanmore like 32-ish maybe ;)12:12
predatorfreaktilman: Well, I'll tell you this much.12:12
predatorfreakYou don't mean a binary diff application :P12:12
*** tri has joined #crux12:13
predatorfreakOther than that, I have no idea of a similar application under linux12:13
tilmanhex workshop is pretty damn good12:16
tilmanits structure viewer rocks12:16
tilmanlet's you put a structure defined in c over the data, so you can see what the binary crap represents12:17
treachproprietary software?12:18
* treach falls off the chair12:18
predatorfreaktreach: tilman is a poor heretic :(12:19
predatorfreakWe should burn him at the stake12:19
predatorfreakbut he's useful.12:19
predatorfreakSo let him live for now :D12:19
tilmanhow much free software did *you* contribute to the world so far?12:19
predatorfreaktilman: Me personally? A couple scripts.12:19
tilmank, i win12:20
tilmanso burn someone else12:20
predatorfreaktilman: :(12:20
predatorfreaktilman: I wouldn't burn you anyway.12:20
* tilman listens to Covenant12:20
predatorfreakThen it'd just be sip and jue in the controlling seats12:20
treachtilman: not that I mind using proprietary stuff per se. (hey, I have an nvidia card and a solaris install in a vm..)12:20
treachbut that particular argumet doesn't hold water. ;)12:21
tilmanwhat argument?12:21
*** MzOzD has joined #crux12:21
tilmani'd use a free replacement if there was one12:21
treach"I did lots of good before, therefor I should be forgiven when I sin now"12:21
tilmanbut there isn't. and it's a really good application12:22
*** sepen has joined #crux12:22
predatorfreaktilman: Yeah I know the feeling.12:22
predatorfreakOnly more with games than anything else.12:22
treachtilman: Just taking issue with the argument, not your choices.12:22
predatorfreaktilman: Although, avisynth is free software, it's still Windows-only.12:22
predatorfreakand I have yet to find a decent Linux alternative.12:23
tilmanffs, northern light rocks12:23
predatorfreakNorthern Light?12:23
tilman[plugin/vorbis] artist = Covenant12:24
tilman[plugin/vorbis] album = Northern Light12:24
treach@google covenant music wiki12:25
clbtreach: Search took 0.28 seconds: Covenant (band) - Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia: <>; Halo 2 - Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia: <>; Covenant - Music on FoxyTunes Planet: <>; Covenant :Alva Myrdal - Music Wiki: <>; - Covenant - (1 more message)12:25
treachhaha, mixed results. :P12:25
tilmanis tehre a i-feel-lucky mode for @google?12:26
treach@google -lucky covenant12:26
treachnot so lucky this time I guess :P12:26
treachwtf.. "Helsingborg, a scenic municipality in southern Sweden"12:27
treachHelsingborg is a rather big city..12:27
treachpop: 90 000+12:28
tilmanit's pretty calm music, but very nice12:29
predatorfreakNight #crux, time for me to go hiberate for the rest of the day :D12:40
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC12:40
treachaction: Lid close12:41
*** errdil has joined #crux13:32
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux13:48
*** f1y has joined #crux13:54
f1yhm is there a way to install crux without cdrom?13:56
jjpkShould be possible.13:57
sependid you read web pages?13:57
f1yhm is there any howto? cause in docs the link is broken...13:58
sepenAlternative Installation Methods  <-
sepensurely you want 'How to install CRUX 2.2/2.1 without a CDROM by Mats Lundqvist'13:59
f1yyeah, but i guess doesnt respond13:59
sepenbut I think you should browse before nothing13:59
*** tri has quit IRC14:01
Rotwangcan i pass somehow some option to wget in Pkgfile?14:07
Rotwangi get the error: cannot verify's certificate14:08
thrice`could try another mirror?14:10
tilmanRotwang: sepen has a patch for that14:10
tilman--ignore-certificate or something14:10
Rotwangbut i cant do it with unpatched pkgmk?14:12
sepenimo that patch sould be applied to pkgmk14:14
thrice`Rotwang: or, grab it manually, and put it in the port DIR and run pkgmk14:14
sepenwhat do you think?14:14
Rotwangthrice`: im going to put that port in my collection so it must be portable ;]14:15
Rotwangill simply download the package inside build() in Pkgfile14:15
sepenRotwang, thats the same that I applied for making pkgfile's14:19
sepenso with the patch you can make pkgfiles better than this solution imo14:20
Rotwangyep, but it must be applied on "client" pkgutils14:22
*** f1y has quit IRC14:23
Rotwangam i right or im missing something ?14:23
jjpkPatches usually are meant to be added in most cases. ;)14:25
sepenalias wget14:25
sepenif you are using pkgmk user try to aliasing wget with that option14:26
sepenno idea if could be ok for all the environment14:27
Rotwangbut not eweryone has such aliases, and thats the problem ;]14:28
treachaliases usually doesn't work that way either14:28
sepenmaybe I should open a new ticket, are you agree?14:29
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux14:41
Romsterabout damn time i find the problem.14:43
RomsterRotwang, override the function.14:45
Romsteri got that exact same problem too on a source all becasue it's in https14:45
Romsteror maybe get the certificate it needs to validate agenst.14:46
Rotwangwhole download_file function?14:47
Romsterit's either that or don't use the source=() at all and use wget or curl and save to $SOURCE_DIR14:49
Romsterbut that bypasses the md5sum check.14:49
Romsterthere is also a file wget can read from too.14:49
Romster~/.wgetrc or something..14:50
Romsteri'd try to see if you can get the certificate it's after and put that bit of code to get the certificate in a pre-install script.14:51
Romsteri never did look to far into that problem or host the source file on ya server and get it from there.14:51
Romster(if you got that option)14:51
Romsterdarn it that error again in libsdl in my safebuild because libsdl dosn't have mesa3d as a dependency..14:54
Romsteri've already filed a bug for that.14:54
* Romster recompiles libsdl14:54
*** mafarka has joined #crux15:13
*** tri has joined #crux15:15
*** maro has quit IRC15:44
*** haole has joined #crux15:54
haolehey there15:54
*** tri has quit IRC15:57
haoleim having troubles compiling kicad... could someone help me? i can send the package15:58
haolePkgfile ^15:58
Rotwangbetter tell us whats the problem15:58
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC15:59
haoleit doesn't use autotools16:01
haoleit compiles fine, but the package won't get created!!16:01
*** jdolan__ has quit IRC16:01
haoleit's a strange error...16:01
RotwangO_O maybe you could paste it somewhere16:01
haolesomething wrong with the install procedure16:02
*** jtnl has joined #crux16:05
haolehey there16:07
Rotwanghaole: maybe try installing files by hand ;]16:09
haoleyeah... i was looking at the gentoo ebuild, and they did it like that... :S16:09
haoleim also having troubles creating a package for geda, but that is due to my lack of experience16:10
haolei don't know how to update the mime database16:10
Rotwanggoogle it ;]16:11
cruxbot[contrib] transcode: 20070625 -> 1.0.516:11
treach@google -lucky update mime database16:12
Romsteryou don't need wxgtk listed as wxpython depends on it.  findredundantdeps -s16:12
Romsterhaole,  prt-cache cat shared-mime-info post-install16:14
Romstereasy peasy..16:14
haolesorry, i wasn't lazy, i just didn't had the time to study it16:14
* haole is scared after being scolded16:14
Romsternext time look at what it uses a bit better.16:14
Romsteri guess it's easily missed if you don't look for it.16:15
haolei think it's a mime update problem because the package creates some files that conflicts with the package "shared-mime-info"16:15
Romsterremove them out of the port or disable them. and put that post-install script into the directory.16:15
Romsterto update it when post-install is ran.16:16
haoleCan't open cache file: /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.cache16:16
haolePackage 'shared-mime-info' not found16:16
haolestrange... i think im screwing things up here :D16:16
Romsterah haole run sudo prt-get cache16:17
Romsteryou hadn't generated a cache..16:17
haolek :D16:17
Romsteror prt-get as root.16:18
Romsteri prefer to use sudo.16:18
Romsteri'm slowly moving all that stuff to pkgmk user/group16:18
Romsterbut i got bugs to iron out with permissions alot of fun.16:18
haolebut how do this update-mime-database program knows what it will add to my database? the syntax doesn't have any arguments in that way16:18
haolethe program im packaging wants to add some lines to some files in /usr/share/mime16:19
Romsteri thnk that program reads the stuff on the system and adds it to the cache.16:19
Romstereasy remove from the package them files that conflict and add in a post-install to run update-mime-database /usr/share/mime16:20
haolebut if my package won't install anything because of file conflicts, what it will add to the database, then?16:20
Romsterit'll regenerate the cache with the changes needed with any luck.16:21
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC16:21
Romsteryou can always do a diff and see if it's added in them lines.16:21
Romsterthat the package would of done.16:21
haoleok, gonna try... this looks interesting :)16:21
Romsteri'm pretty sure it will work.16:22
Romsteri think it would work like the font cache files too.16:22
Romsteradd a font post-install refreshes the cache. same principal for the mime-types.16:23
Romsterthere should be a post-remove too to regenerate the cache after that port is removed.16:23
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:23
thrice`Romster: udev appears to work well here :)16:24
Romsteryeah i've had it running since the date i made it and it's ok here.16:25
Romsteri had to edit a few things so i must of done a good job on it.16:25
Romsteranyone up to test transcode?16:25
thrice`Romster: hehe :)  haven't tried burning stuff yet, though16:30
Romsterthrice`, ah well you need to set them programs to root:cdrom and set the sid bit andi removed access to others too.16:31
Romsterall been done in them ports in opt.16:32
Romsterwhich i think should be in the main opt like that.16:32
*** ryuo has joined #crux16:32
ryuohey Romster16:32
Romsteri hadn't bothered to contact them about it.16:32
Romsterwhat ryuo is that the only thing you can say when you join anymore <<16:32
*** errdil has quit IRC16:33
ryuoi'm trying to figure out why bmpanel is acting wierd on this other distro16:33
Romsterthem meta names don't work here but in xterm they do never figured out why yet.16:33
Romsteri hadn't thrown bmpanel on here i'm still on pypanel.16:34
Romsterwhats up with it?16:34
ryuowell when i tried it on arch16:34
ryuoit didnt have any issues16:34
ryuobut when i compiled it on my lunar box16:34
ryuothe clock/taskbar text won't show up at all16:34
Romsterhmm missing a font?16:35
Romstercheck ya xorg log.16:35
ryuono i defined the font properly16:35
Romsterand messages.16:35
ryuoit wont run if it cant find the font16:36
ryuoi used the same font for every place16:36
ryuoand it works fine for the workspace switcher16:36
ryuobut the other 2 have no text16:36
ryuocould it be my xorg is missing something?16:36
Romstersame CFLAGS?16:37
ryuoif you wish to see what i mean16:37
ryuocheck this16:37
Romsternot missing any dependencys.16:37
ryuoxorg could be missing something but i doubt bmpanel is16:38
ryuoi installed it via lunar's stuff16:38
ryuomaybe its some obscure extensionn16:38
ryuoodd thing is16:38
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:38
ryuobmpanel didnt complain about anything missing16:38
ryuoand my other panels work just fine16:39
Romsterwhats up with the ble text on the term it's all blury.16:39
ryuoi used 50% quality <_<16:39
ryuodidnt think it was relevant16:39
treachand the blue one sucks to begin with.16:40
treachsomeone needs to fix their .Xdefault. :>16:40
Romsterand yeah could be a missing xorg module.16:40
ryuoif only i knew what =p16:43
ryuocompiling qemu... zzz16:44
Romsterlol oh noes, tell me it kqemu eats your shm and dosn't return it.16:45
Romsterand if you ever get net work on it.16:45
Romsteri had fun with that qemu..16:46
treachwould you like it returned after it had been eaten?16:46
*** andarius has joined #crux16:54
andariusgreetings and salutations16:59
Romstertreach, not really but in the case of memory yes.17:02
Romsterhi andarius17:02
andariusgreetings Romster17:02
*** Rotwang has joined #crux17:03
*** joacim has quit IRC17:17
*** jtnl has quit IRC17:17
thrice`anyone use pypanel?17:19
*** haole has quit IRC17:20
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:20
ryuoRomster does17:21
ryuoi once did17:21
thrice`is it best to load form ~/.xinitrc?17:21
ryuonot the first time...17:22
ryuoonce you've configured it17:22
ryuowow my sensors say my cores shoot up to ~55 degrees celsius when17:22
ryuothey are compiling but when idle17:23
ryuoits ~2517:23
rehabdollmine approach 7017:30
rehabdollidle around 42-5017:30
rehabdollthey run in lower frequencies when idle though17:31
ryuomine run cooler than yours? how odd17:31
treachIdle at ~35 here, compiling at 54 or so17:32
treachryuo: not really...17:32
rehabdollwell what cpu do you have?17:32
treachunless you have the same cpu, case, fans etc17:32
rehabdollmine is a quad core :)17:32
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:33
*** haole has joined #crux17:34
Romsterthrice`, yes i got pypanel17:36
Romsteridle at 56C 3200RPM17:37
Romstercurrently 64C 3500RPM 100% load.17:37
Romsterfan can goto 6000rpm <<17:38
Romsternever ever got past 4500 on a hot 40C day with 100% cpu load.17:38
Romsterlike 67-68C cpu was it.17:38
rehabdollmy fan(s) run at 1100rpm17:39
Romsterrehabdoll, 70C on full load how hot is inside the case/room for that.17:39
rehabdollbut i dont have to contend with the aussie weather :)17:39
Romsterrehabdoll, ah i was gonna say you hit a hot day with that it sounds like it would fry or shutdown.17:40
Romsterths pc can handle 40C 24/7 full load and still have reserve fan rpms.17:41
Romsterso i'm covered. providing i out it out once in awhile.17:41
Romsteri dust it out*17:41
rehabdollwell i guess temps depend on what sensors you use to read. core2 has internal sensors.. according to my motherboard the cpu currently idles at 38C17:41
rehabdolland case temp is 49C17:41
ryuoso does my AMD17:42
ryuok8-temp =D17:42
rehabdollhowever i would not bet on the accuracy of the asus sensors :D17:42
rehabdollmy other machine might struggle this summer though. its trapped in a 0.5m2 closet :D17:43
rehabdollwith 6 harddrives and a core2 cpu :/17:44
rehabdollair-temp in my closet is currently 37.5C :D17:44
Romstercase temp 49 is high..17:45
Romstersounds like you need more case fans.17:46
rehabdollyeah, but its not accurate at all.17:46
Romsterman them hard disks must be cooking.17:46
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux17:46
treachcurrent cpu temp; 37, workload; running a solaris vm with sun studio. :D17:46
Romsterand gpu if it's passive cooled.17:46
Romstertreach, lucky.17:47
rehabdolli have good airflow in my desktop, a total of 4 120mm fans17:47
Romsterrehabdoll, insane..17:47
rehabdollpassive gpu running at 62C according to nvidias tool17:48
jnengland77Hmm anyone else use abcde cd ripper?  I can't seem to get it to work.17:51
* Romster fires up nvdock17:52
Romster56C gpu17:52
Romsterrehabdoll, your temps concern me.17:52
Romsterthat pc so wouldn't last a day in the summer here.17:52
Romsteryou betetr be lucky you don't get any decent hot days.17:53
treachwith the current climate we rarely get any days over 35 degrees17:55
jnengland77nvidia-utils reports 63 C for my 8800 GTS.17:57
rehabdollRomster: relax, its really not running hot17:58
Romsterjnengland77, predatorfreak has a script he is working on to rip cd's17:58
Romsteri said concerned not worried <<17:59
rehabdollhow hot are your hd's?17:59
jnengland77I had abcde working in Arch with the same configuration file, maybe I don't have one of the dependencies installed.17:59
rehabdollheh, the cores in my closet-pc report 37C.. the air temp in there is 3718:01
rehabdolli guess thats how accurate sensors are..18:01
jnengland77$ abcde18:02
jnengland77Warning: Something went wrong while querying the CD... Maybe a DATA CD?18:02
jnengland77The disc does not contain any tracks. Giving up...18:02
Romsterwhats the command on hdpram for drive temp again...18:07
Romsterbah i was looking at hdpram --help18:07
Romster$ man hdpram18:07
RomsterNo manual entry for hdpram18:07
Romsterbah my spelling.18:08
Romsterthat's alot of help only for hitarchi hdd's...18:09
Romsteralready tryed that.18:09
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:09
* Romster looks in /sys/block/sda/18:10
Romsterwtf that one goes on forever.... /sys/block/sda/subsystem/sda/subsystem/sda/subsystem/sda/18:11
rehabdollsymlinks ftw18:12
Romstermust be no end to that..18:12
rehabdollhddtemp is one of your ports ffs! :)18:12
Romsterdoh i hadn't used it so damn long..18:12
RomsterDrive /dev/sda doesn't appear in the database of supported drives18:15
Romsterbut it's saying 35C18:15
Romsteryou'd think ya could get the temp from the subsystem.18:17
treachtank:~% hddtemp /dev/sd[a-c] | gawk '{ print $4 }'18:18
RomsterWARNING: Drive /dev/sda doesn't appear in the database of supported drives18:20
RomsterWARNING: But using a common value, it reports something.18:20
RomsterWARNING: Note that the temperature shown could be wrong.18:20
RomsterWARNING: See --help, --debug and --drivebase options.18:20
RomsterWARNING: And don't forget you can add your drive to hddtemp.db18:20
Romsterya smart...18:20
Romsterthat program really needs a update.18:20
Romsterbeen on beta15 for ages.18:20
*** mafarka has quit IRC18:21
rehabdolloops, work tomorrow18:27
rehabdolltime flies18:27
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC18:29
ryuohey romster19:05
ryuois there a big loss in performance if you use -Os instead of -O2?19:05
Romsterok i added in my hdd drive to hddtemp.19:05
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:05
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:05
Romsteri hacen't measured it but you lose some speed for space reduction.19:06
Romster-Os was relaly ment for limited space like floppys.19:06
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:06
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:06
Romsteryou can also use lzo on executables too but that comes with a small cpu cost.19:07
Romsterbut smaller to read off the hdd in any case.19:07
RomsterA data compression library suitable for data de-/compression in real-time.19:07
ryuohow can you seamlessly apply it to all binaries?19:07
ryuoor is that not possible?19:08
Romsterlzo -9 binary list foo bar19:08
Romsterit won't do all only suported formats.19:08
ryuoELF supported?19:08
Romsterand it can be decompressed too.19:08
ryuoisn't elf the most common format?19:08
Romsterdon't use it on libs though19:09
ryuofor linux at least19:09
Romsteryes elf for linux it'll even do PE's19:09
ryuoRomster: how do i expect lzoed binarys?19:09
ryuocan i execute them like i did before?19:09
Romsterthay work transparantly.19:09
ryuofor example19:09
ryuoi lzo the firefox binary19:09
ryuowill it still be run by typing in firefox?19:10
Romsterit'll run jsut by typing firefox.19:10
ryuohow effective is it?19:10
ryuolike 50%?19:10
Romsteri hit mplayer with it and it's 284964019:11
Romsterorigional size i think was around 8MB19:11
Romsterlet me see i'll hit firefox <<19:11
ryuoonly problem it would cause with md5sum stuff is19:11
ryuoit would cause a disruption19:11
ryuoi'm starting to comtempulate dumping source distros entirely19:12
Romsterif i find the right firefox proggie damn symlinks19:12
ryuoRomster, how do you setup those fancy VCs?19:13
ryuoi've seen people who have backgrounds on their virtual consoles19:13
ryuolike uh images19:13
ryuoand the console is encased in like a rectagular bubble19:14
Romsterfirefox-bin 84K pfft not worth touching that..19:15
Romster9508403 <-   3209604   33.76%  linux/elf386   rosegarden19:20
Romsteri decompressed one.19:20
Romsterso 3.2MB packed to 9.5MB unpacked.19:20
Romsterthat si with -9 there is more compression but slower to compress too.19:21
Romstersome frambuffer thing i think they use a lilo boot image and define the region for the text.19:21
Romsternot sure how they do a console like that though.19:22
ryuolooks like you have to apply some special patches and stuff to the kernel19:24
ryuoi get the feeling gentoo is way too complex :/19:25
ryuoand i feel iffy about trying sourcemage =p19:25
Romsterah i doubt it be too hard might limit what version of the kernel ya can use maybe.19:28
Romsterso gentoo has this feature you talk about?19:29
Romsteri'll try it out in virtual box later, wanting to see how some of the other distros do things.19:30
Romsterand the command for file compression is 'upx' the lzo is the alog it uses.19:30
Romsteri guess -O2 + upx -9 would give the smallist binarys.19:31
*** treach has quit IRC20:17
*** bitwise_ has quit IRC21:02
*** bitwise_ has joined #crux21:03
ryuoRomster, i found a lightweight panel that is gtk based that has ROX panel app support21:22
*** andarius has left #crux21:24
*** jaeger has quit IRC21:42
haolethis tool findredundantdeps is so great :D22:09
haolewho wrote this wonderfull thing!?22:09
ryuoyour mom22:12
haolemy mom is great lol22:16
bitwise_hell, my mom couldn't have written it22:41
*** haole has quit IRC23:01
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:06
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux23:37

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