IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-03-04

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jnengland77so close... I still can't seem to access my cd drives for ripping.  :(  With sudo it works, but otherwise it doesn't.00:34
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Romsterjnengland77, use my udev port in core or edit /etc/udev/ruldes.d/60-cdrom_id.rules and add on GROUP=="cdrom", MODE=="0660" to theend of the line add your self to the cdrom group /usr/sbin/groupadd cdrom <username>00:49
Romsterrun udevtriggger logout andback into your account and it should work.00:50
jnengland77I have done those, but still no luck...00:50
Romsterthen i don't know it's worked for me00:51
jnengland77Do you have sata cd drives?00:53
Romsteryes00:53 confused then.  it should work fine.00:54
Romsterbut that rule will work with PATA/IDE too00:54
Romsterls -l /dev/sr000:54
jnengland77I have two sata dvd burners so it should be fine.00:54
Romsterpaste the result00:54
jnengland77brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 11, 0 Mar  3 16:27 /dev/sr000:54
Romsterk then k is sr1 the same permissions too?00:55
Romsterso that's ok00:55
Romsternow are you in the cdrom group?00:55
Romstertype groups00:56
Romsterand make sure.00:56
jnengland77wheel audio video cdrom users pkgmk00:56
Romsterok can you even do mount cdrom to mount it to your /mnt/cdrom directory on a data cd? and then do /s /mnt/cdrom00:57
Romsterls /mnt/cdrom00:58
Romsterand show files.00:58
jnengland77k just a minute I have an audio cd in it at the moment00:58
Romsterwell not paste them but does it list or go permission denied.00:58
Romsterya can't mount then <<00:58
jnengland77mount /dev/sr0 /mnt01:00
jnengland77mount: only root can do that01:00
jnengland77Do sudo mount blah works fine.01:00
jnengland77ls /mnt01:01
jnengland77boot  crux  crux-cd  crux.squashfs  etc01:01
Romstersudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt/cdrom, but you can't do mount cdrom?01:01
Romsterok edit your /etc/fstab01:02
Romstermake sure you got 2 lines simaler or exact to these:01:02
Romster/dev/cdrom             /mnt/cdrom iso9660  rw,user,noauto,unhide  0      001:02
Romster/dev/dvd               /mnt/dvd udf,iso9660 umask=022,rw,user,noauto,unhide  001:02
Romsteredit rw to ro if you only have a cdr/dvd-rom etc.01:04
Romsterman mount if you need to fine tune.01:04
Romsterthat should fix mount cdrom issue.01:04
Romsterso you don't have to use sudo then.01:04
Romsterso once you done that and sudo umount /mnt/cdrom, you should be able to use mount [cdrom/dvd] and umount /mnt/[cdrom/dvd]01:07
Romsterjnengland77, let me know when ya done that and if you still can't rip, here is another way that i find that works. prt-get depinst ddrescue, and run these two lines to extract a iso image of the audio cd and then loop mount the resulting iso to then extract the tracks.01:10
Romsterddrescue -n -b2048 /dev/cdrom cdimage logfile01:10
Romsterddrescue -d -b2048 /dev/cdrom cdimage logfile01:10
jnengland77mount /dev/cdrom01:10
jnengland77mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sr0,01:10
jnengland77       missing codepage or other error01:10
jnengland77       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try01:10
jnengland77       dmesg | tail  or so01:10
Romstermount -o loop cdimage /mnt/cdrom01:11
Romsterthen rip the contents of the cd.01:11
Romsterhmm those two lines might get reread untill you reboot i think there is a option to re-read fstab01:12
Romstersudo mount -a01:13
Romsterwill reload fstab01:13
Romsterwell should from what i read.01:14
jnengland77same thing. /dev/cdrom               /mnt/dvd udf,iso9660 umask=022,ro,user,noauto,unhide 0 001:14
jnengland77Is what I put in the fstab01:14
Romsterif your cdrom is a burner use rw instead of ro01:17
jnengland77mount /dev/cdrom01:17
jnengland77mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only01:17
Romsterthat's normal.01:17
jnengland77then the wrong fs type blah blah blah01:17
Romsterbut you wont' be able to burn if it's ro.01:18
Romstershouldn't... let it sit for your next reboot then try the ddrescue program or cdparanoia directly to rip?01:18
jnengland77I think abcde uses cdparanoia.01:19
Romsterk so try cdparranoia on it's own might give you some info.01:19
jnengland77/dev/cdrom exists but isn't accessible.  By default,01:22
jnengland77cdparanoia stops searching for an accessible drive here.01:22
jnengland77Consider using -sv to force a more complete autosense01:22
jnengland77of the machine.01:22
jnengland77More information about /dev/cdrom:01:22
jnengland77Checking /dev/cdrom for cdrom...01:22
jnengland77Testing /dev/cdrom for cooked ioctl() interface01:22
jnengland77/dev/sr0 is not a cooked ioctl CDROM.01:22
jnengland77Testing /dev/cdrom for SCSI interface01:22
jnengland77No generic SCSI device found to match CDROM device /dev/sr001:22
jnengland77oh opps I had a data cd in there.01:23
Romsteri've never come across this before..01:23
Romsterah lol <<01:23
Romsterthat wouldn't work too well.01:23
jnengland77:( same thing though.01:23
pitillogood morning01:24
Romsterjnengland77, ok either try ddrescue or try my cdstatus port in my repo and do cdstatus --rip --outputdir /tmp/ --start 5 --stop 501:25
Romsteror what ever numbers for the track you want.01:25
Romsteralso maybe you should run RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep01:25
Romsterover your system and see if you got and broken library links.01:26
Romsteri know ddrescue and cdstatus works for me.01:26
Romsterother than that, i can't think of anything else.01:27
Romsterthe drive has the right permissions as mine.01:27
Romsteryour in the cdrom group, you'd think it would just work.01:27
jnengland77yeah it does work with root01:27
Romsterhave you rebooted since editing stuff the last time?01:28
jnengland77yeah I rebooted not to long ago when I reinstalled your udev package just in case.01:28
Romstermaybe you need todo chown root:cdrom /usr/bin/cdparanoia01:28
Romsterah that udev package has the permissions fixed and works fine so no issues there as i can use my drive fine.01:29
Romsteryeah i think that might be it.. chown that program so it's in the cdrom group.01:30
jnengland77Maybe it's my kernel?  I built in most things and I noticed that sg doesn't get loaded when I boot up.01:30
Romsterhmm sg is just usb stuff?01:30
jnengland77oh I though it was for /dev/sg* .  Well I just must be tired...01:31
Romsterit's usb stuff like usb card reeders etc.01:32
jnengland77oh ok01:32
Romsterso maybe you disabled usb on that..01:32
Romsteror a driver your card reader uses MMC or osmthing.01:32
Romstersomething. but not related to this problem.01:33
Romsteri think it's the permissions on cdparranoia01:33
Romsterthinking of it who can read or write to the cdrom device..01:33
Romsteroly root or the group cdrom.01:33
Romsterso cdparranoia needs to be chown root:cdrom01:34
Romsterso it can read /dev/cdrom that's a symlink to /dev/sr0 usually or might point ot sr101:34
jnengland77-rwxr-xr-x 1 root cdrom 31328 Mar  2 13:26 /usr/bin/cdparanoia01:34
jnengland77/dev/cdrom exists but isn't accessible.01:34
jnengland77yeah /dev/cdrom points to /dev/cdrom-sr0 which in turn points to /dev/sr001:35
Romsteryep and only root or the group cdrom can use it.01:35
Romsterso cdparanoia needs to be in the cdrom group.01:36
Romsterlike i have cdrecord01:36
Romsterls -l /usr/bin/cdrecord01:36
Romster-rwsr-xr-- 1 root cdrom 376660 2008-01-12 12:24 /usr/bin/cdrecord01:36
jnengland77where's  the revdep package? I'll run that and see.  Maybe I somehow have a borken system.01:36
Romsterit's in prt-utils01:37
Romsterjnengland77, try this command first: sudo chown root:cdrom /usr/bin/cdparanoia01:37
Romsterand then see if cdparanoia works.01:37
jnengland77no different.01:38
Romsteralso /dev/cdrom is a symlink it should show full permissions.01:38
Romsterwhat on earth is going on here then...01:38
jnengland77not sure, but abcde worked fine when I was on Arch.01:39
jnengland77well I'm running revdep now01:41
jnengland77nothing broken except firefox... which appears to be working fine anyway.  Still doesn't relate to my problem though.01:42
Romsterrun: sudo chmod 4754 /usr/bin/cdparanoia01:45
Romsterthat'll give it -rwsr-xr--01:45
Romstersame as what my cdrecord uses.01:45
Romsteras the group root:cdrom01:46
Romsterthen you should be able to type cdparanoia ... as a normal user.01:46
Romsterif that don't work i give up.01:46
jnengland77I'm thinking that worked even with abcde (just have to remove something for abcde to work). :)01:47
Romsterwell my burning works as a normal user so seting that the same permissions should do it.01:49
Romster$ ls -l /usr/bin/{cdparanoia,cdrdao,cdrecord}01:49
Romster-rwsr-xr-- 1 root cdrom  31328 2008-02-17 21:01 /usr/bin/cdparanoia01:49
Romster-rwsr-xr-- 1 root cdrom 580136 2008-01-04 22:41 /usr/bin/cdrdao01:49
Romster-rwsr-xr-- 1 root cdrom 376660 2008-01-12 12:24 /usr/bin/cdrecord01:49
Romstercdrdao,cdrecord i have got fixed in my opt ports that i override opt with.01:49
Romstermaybe i should add in cdparanoia too.01:50
jnengland77yeah seems to be working now.01:50
Romsteri just changed that manually.01:50
Romsterlet me know when it's fully working <<01:50
Romsterand i'll drop a cdparanoia port in my opt.01:51
Romsterthat sets the permissions as that.01:51
Romsterbut it dosn't hurt to run revdep on ya system from time to time.01:51
jnengland77ok well it finished track 101:51
Romsterand prt-get -fr <port>01:52
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Romsteri think i'm getting better at this whole permissions thing.01:52
jnengland77mp3 turned out fine.01:53
jnengland77listening to it now.01:53
jnengland77Couldn't disable kernel command translation layer01:54
jnengland77is the only error I get from cdparanoia, but it's because of the libata and other changes in the kernel I believe.  Still works.01:54
jnengland77once cdparanoia 10 comes out it'll fix that and other stuff like the annoying dmesg crap.01:55
jnengland77"sg_write: data in/out 30576/30576 bytes for SCSI command 0xbe--guessing data in;program cdparanoia not setting count and/or reply_len properly"  As an example.01:57
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Romsterjnengland77, i find cdstatus works fine for me. but nwo i need to fix any program that read's or writes the cd with the right permissions.02:00
Romsterand i've added cdparanoia to my opt colection and fixed permissions.02:01
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Romsteri should submit all my findings to the opt maintainers.02:01
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jnengland77Yeah that would be nice.02:01
Romsterhi sepen02:01
Romsterjnengland77, i just override my opt ports over the offical opt repo.02:02
Romstersine some things are not right IMO or out of date.02:02
teKhave been ill since friday -> some time afk ;-)02:02
Romsteror was out of date.02:02
jnengland77ah I might add your repo then.02:02
RomsterteK, oh that's not good.02:03
teKHad the flu. Hard. :p02:03
pitillogoing better now teK?02:03
Romsteri've even provided a httpup for each repo i use just in case <<02:03
Romsterand all my pc's use that.02:03
jnengland77cd drive just attacked me and hit me the knee :P02:04
Romsterand i need to fix my ck4up configs too i'm still not tracking some files.02:05
teKpitillo: back from the dead, thx *g*02:05
Romsteri had the whole cdburning pain in the arse time why wont this work if i don't use root.02:05
Romstersince then i went fuck it and fixed the problem for myself.02:06
pitilloteK, jajajaa good to know :)02:06
Romsteri beleve i did it the right way.02:06
jnengland77well it works for me now.  :)02:06
Romsterjnengland77, bonus is only root or cdrom group can access the cd/dvd now.02:07
Romsterso +1 for securing.02:07
jnengland77yeah that's always good.02:07
Romsterbut i have also read sid should be used with caution too.02:07
Romsterlike giving perl suid is a bad idea.02:08
Romsterwould compromise the box.02:08
Romsterso it has to be used with care.02:08
teKtilman: give me a shout, when you are here02:09
Romsterlike spefic programs that only do the task that's needed.02:09
Romsterjnengland77, yeah i spend a few days searching, googling asking reading to learn it all.02:09
Romsteractually maybe i should write up a wiki page on cd/dvd permissions?02:10
jnengland77is it a wise or bad idea to add your repo before the opt?  Not sure if I'll do anything more tonight since it's like 1: 09 am02:10
Romsteri'm using it before main opt.02:10
Romsterthat's the whole idea but only if you trust me.02:11
Romsteri do that for al 3 of my pc's i have currently running.02:11
jnengland77Yeah seem like a nice guy and helpful.  You're not going to slip something bad in there I hope.02:11
Romsterand i do the same for core contrib-other xorg too.02:11
Romsternah never.02:12
Romsterand if i wanted to i'd have a good chance with contrib wouldn't i?02:12
Romsterbut i arn't the guy to do that.02:12
jnengland77  This the repo I add right?02:13
Romsteri just got sick of stuff not working for me and not always geting it fixed when i ask them about it. some get fixed.02:13
Romsternah that's my private one.02:13
teKRomster: the thing to fix is the people02:13
Romster httpup files.02:13
RomsterteK, ya02:14
Romsterbut i know they don't always have the same opinion.02:14
Romsterso i went and started my own modfications.02:14
Romsterif they get merged into opt etc good +1 to them if not i don't care i'l keep using them modifyed ports for myself and anyone else who cares to.02:15
teKin germany we say don't go to schmidl but to schmidt. (not to the small one but the big/boss one)02:15
RomsterJue tells me off i pick on opt ports so screw him... i got my own versions.02:17
Romsterothers have been helpful on some fixes/improvments but not all that's there choice.02:17
Romsterand anything major i email or add a flyspray bug about.02:18
teK< Romster> Jue tells me off i pick on opt ports so screw him... .. hu?02:18
Romsterwish i could figure out thunderbird current one has a major security flaw and i can't compile the new version...02:18
Romsterlet me dig in my los <<02:19
Romsterwhat the hell looks liek i still haven't mastered RE's02:24
jnengland77well cya you guys later and thanks again for the help, Romster.02:27
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC02:27
Romsteras soon as i put in .* into egrep or gvim it don't bloody work bah02:29
Romsterand i thought i was geting good at RE's02:30
Romsteroh fuck loooking for it is pointless anyways02:32
sepenhmmm reading
sepenpfff SystemV02:36
teKminit wored quite nice for me02:37
* teK hast o measure the gain of minit vs. traditional init on crux02:40
teKI think it will be minimal, though.02:40
sepenalso could be nice for the install iso and their initrd02:43
teKactually I'm not using minit out of lazyness. But I do use fgetty02:44
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cruxbot[opt] [notify] thunderbird: updated to
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Romsterah sweet03:12
* Romster updates thunderbird.03:12
Romsteris that all the changes i did that and it failed to compile hmmz... i'll try anyways. and hope this works.03:17
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sepenanyone have an idea about 'gio-2.0' ?? (gnome i/o)05:53
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Romsternot into gnome sadly.06:19
sepenIm looking for a port that include them06:20
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Romsterhi treach06:36
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Romsterhmm thunderbid has a new file for me07:35
RomsterNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/thunderbird/libmozz.so07:35
Romsterany idea what port makes thunderbird uses to get that.07:35
cruxbot[contrib] tor: ->
cruxbot[contrib] libevent: 1.3e -> 1.4.2-rc07:45
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger07:50
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cruxbot[contrib] xscreensaver: 5.04 -> 5.0509:14
cruxbot[xfce] libisofs: Updated 0.2.8 -> (next generation)09:14
cruxbot[contrib] tor: fix tor.rc file paths for moved configuration09:44
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cruxbot[contrib] tor: add dependencys openssl zlib09:56
tilmanteK: shout!09:56
tilmanoh man10:00
tilmanpitillo: to assign bugs, just type in the name in the text box. it will autocomplete it with some ajax crap (so it might take a second or so ;)10:01
pitillotilman, do you mean in the summary?10:04
tilmanno, you have to click "edit this task" first10:05
sepenpitillo, in your posting ticket loop10:05
pitillosepen, xD10:05
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pitillotilman, seems that I can't edit tasks or I can't see the "edit this task" link, sorry. This isn't a good afternoon.10:11
tilmanmaybe you're missing the permissions10:11
pitilloor that or missing my brain somewhere... "I can't kick ball with feet today" sorry10:12
sepenpitillo's trying to shaving a egg today10:16
tilmanpredatorfreak: ugh, i think i'm the lame bitch who's responsible for the delays with your mails10:17
pitillosepen, xD10:17
sepenpitillo, not sure if has the same meaning in english10:18
pitillosepen, a literal translation does sense for me, but not sure if it does for english speakers (like the another expression I used before)10:19
pitilloRomster, fmod new stable version 4120310:26
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nuts_muntilman - hast du meine email bezuegl des mga video treiber bekommen?11:20
tilmanja, ich hab nur noch nicht geantwortet :p11:21
nuts_munuebrigens  die tasten  ctrl alt +  und ctrl alt - funktionieren auch nicht11:22
nuts_mun1.4.8 ist okay11:23
nuts_munwenn ich irgendwas testen kann - kannste ja ne mail schicken @ tilman  - so long und bye bye11:25
tilmanjo mach ich noch :D11:25
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tilmani'm being stalked :(11:26
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treacho.O ->
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Rotwanganyone here have ati catalyst and 2.6.24 kernel?12:27
jjpktreach: working hard and playing hard haha.12:31
Rotwangi got the error: kernel includes at /lib/modules/ not found or incomplete12:31
Rotwangfile: /lib/modules/
treachjjpk: ?12:32
Rotwangproblem is there is no version.h in that directory12:32
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jjpktreach: comment on the sundayindependent link you posted earlier.12:34
treachah, right.12:35
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)13:01
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haolehey there, im looking for a good tutorial about using nfs to export /home directories... can anyone recommend one?13:09
haolethere are a lot over google :)13:09
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joacimhaole: man exports13:10
haolethe last time i tried to do that over lan, i couldn't mount the clients... but i didn't had time to test it properly13:11
sepenhaole, did you enable nfs in the kernel?13:12
sepen$ zgrep -i nfs /proc/config.gz | wgetpaste13:12
sepenYour paste can be seen here:
haolesepen, probably13:13
haolebut im gonna check later, when im at the lab13:14
sepenok, no more ideas about13:14
sepenand be sure you start daemons from your rc.conf -> portmap nfs nfsserver13:15
haolesepen, im sure i messed up cause i've never done it before... im still reading stuff about it :)13:15
haolein the clients too?13:15
sepenno for clients13:16
sepenthats my own config for my office box13:16
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treachhaole: technically you shouldn't need portmap on the clients, and docs usually doesn't mention it. However, IME it works very poorly without..13:18
treachlike mounting exports taking ages, etc13:18
haolei tried to mount the home folder of the server onto the clients through fstab... don't know if this is the way13:19
teKif you want this on a per-user basis u may try pam_mount <>13:20
haoleit's a simples lab... five clients and one server... i want location transparency... your home folder is the same in every computer13:22
haoleim reading stuff to be able to do that through nfs13:22
treachnfs + nis13:22
* haole goes to wikipedia to find out about nis13:23
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC13:23
haolehummm nis looks interesting13:24
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Rotwangthere is mistake in ati readme13:47
Rotwangsepen could you change it?13:48
sepenoooh surely13:49
sepenwhats the fix?13:49
sepenIm problems with english, is that the cause?13:49
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Rotwang<M> /dev/agpgart (AGP Support)13:51
Rotwang  <M>   Your_AGP_Chipset_Here      is under Graphics support  not Character Devices13:51
rehabdolliirc, agpart used to live under character devices13:53
Rotwangso it has changed ;]13:54
cruxbot[contrib] p5-digest-sha1: New port.13:55
cruxbot[contrib] ipw2200-fw: Fixed META in Pkgfile.13:55
sepenRotwang, I can't see the problem13:55
sepenfor what it has changed?13:56
sepensorry I didn't read graphics <- character13:56
sepenwell Ill modify13:57
Rotwangis disabling framebuffer support necessary?13:57
sepensome people experience problems with fbuffer13:58
sepenIm not using it here13:58
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sepenRomster, what kernel version are you using?14:00
cruxbot[contrib] syslinux: Added missing dependency.14:02
sepenohh sorry Romster my tabcompletion sucks14:04
sepenRotwang, whats the kernel version are you using?14:04
sepenI can't see this difference in 2.6.2314:05
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clickonceHmm, "time have prevented me" or "time has prevented me"?14:07
tilmanclickonce: ... because it's obviously singular ;p14:08
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cruxbot[contrib] ati: Updated README file (thanks Rotwang)14:12
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Rotwanghere is screen: ;]14:16
sepenok now its updated, thanks14:18
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treachis on the run from stalkers. :>15:25
teKi have nothing to with this15:25
treachnm, just kidding.15:26
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jjpktilman must have a fanboy if he is really being stalked. :p15:33
teKI'm off anyways15:35
treachsleep tight15:35
teKgood night.15:36
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*** MzOzD has quit IRC15:41
treachdrunk polish truckdrivers, no doubt. :>15:43
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux15:49
*** mwansa has joined #crux15:51
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*** errdil has joined #crux15:58
jjpkWonderful, Ott is back in action on the ML.16:14
jjpk"crux needs re-engineering" o_O16:14
treachindeed. :>16:14
jjpkuse flags + the latest batch of changes. \o/ :p16:15
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:15
treachwell, presumeably he's right; or rather he would be right about reengineering *if* crux would try fitting in all and every niche out of the box16:16
treachbut since it never was about that, he isn't. :>16:16
jjpkbut but but crux should be more gentoo like!16:17
*** tri has left #crux16:18
treachactually I can see the temptation in trying to bring crux everywhere; It's so simple there it's not nearly as much work as it would be with some other dists.16:18
treach*BUT* these people tend to forget about that there *also* isn't nearly as much development resources either..16:19
treachand if IMNSHO; bringing stuff into a dist is not just about you maintaining it, it's also about ensuring it gets maintained if you're forced to drop the ball.16:20
treachs if/in/16:21
treachargh, whatever16:21
jjpkIndeed, crux is not abundant in the manpower department.16:22
cruxbot[xfce] xfburn: Updated 0.3.0svn-26602 -> 0.3.0svn-26662. Also added patch for libisofs-0.6.2 (thanks p0llux from #xfce-dev)16:24
jjpkSecondly, ahat type of thought shown on the latest ML post has a very narrow viewpoint.16:25
jjpkcrux is more of a minimum base from where the user continues to customize it as needed.16:25
treachyes. that's what I meant when I said it would need some reengineering *if* you're trying to be everywhere.16:26
jjpkEnabling over forcing is representative of crux in this aspect. ;)16:30
treachI wouldn't call it forcing. but it's a pointless discussion anyway since it's not realistic in any way16:31
pitillothis answers will be moved to ML to talk about your impressions?16:32
sepenpitillo, +116:33
jjpkI am not writing a reply. Can't be bothered.16:33
treachrofl, was just about to say the same. :D16:34
pitillojjpk, you are writting your impression here, why not write them there to let him know about it?16:34
pitillowrite them/it16:34
pitilloor this must be known? do it yourself....16:35
treachI think it'll die anyway, since I doubt there will be any resoponses from people that matters.16:35
sepenI think ML's is the best place for devel discussions, surely better than read irc logs16:35
treachsepen: none of us is developers, just old dogs on the sideline :)16:35
pitillonot only for level discussions, it's a good way to share opinions16:35
treachs /is/are16:35
treachpitillo: talk is cheap, and generally doesn't lead anywhere.16:36
pitillotreach, I don't share that point, talk can give knowledge, more points of views, another ways to think or re-think about his question16:37
jjpkThe reason why I even said anything is that everytime he writes something to the ML, fundamental changes are wanted for crux.16:38
jjpkIt is somewhat amusing.16:38
pitillojjpk, I see16:38
treachpitillo: that might be true, but you have to talk to the right people, and they have to be willing to listen, or nothing will happen.16:39
treach(unless you fancy a fork)16:39
pitilloyeah, that is a big true treach, and seems that here talk is bad seen...16:39
treachNot necessarily. But people are short on time, and I can certainly understand why big discussions are avoided.16:41
treachafter all nobody gets paid to do this.16:41
sepenand why they not consideer a new sys devel recruiment?16:42
pitillotreach, all people is short of time, but how do you messure time in a ML? when you can answers days before without problems, to explaiin your point of view (from a user side or from a maintainer side)16:42
treachsepen:  I'm not a mindreader. But being short on time might be one cause. ;)16:43
treachpitillo: answers, and proper questions are not as easy as firing off an email, a certain amount of thought have to go into it too. And sometimes you need to think for a long time about things.16:44
treachat least I do.16:44
pitillotreach, yeah, that is the reason I said you can answer days before without problems16:44
pitilloyou have time to think about and reading other's opinions can give you another paths to think about16:45
pitilloI tried to e4xplain this with a mail in the ML, but I saw the point here in the same afternoon I sent it. And I see what happen with mails wich do people think16:46
treachSorry, I couldn't parse the last sentence.16:46
treachwhat kind of mails did you mean?16:47
pitilloI tried to explain my point of view about talking things without any compromise in 1 mail I sent to the ML (asking about more meetings too) I understood lot of things I asked there the afternoon of the day I sent it, talking here in irc16:48
*** mwansa has quit IRC16:49
* Rotwang see some readmies in thunderbird port16:49
treachI don't know, but presumeably emails that demands greater commitment will fall to the floor.16:50
pitilloto the floor no, go directly to trash....16:51
pitillobtw, that was usefull for me to understand things :)16:51
treachby all means, I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade, but currently I think it's pretty much up to everyone to do things on their own if they want change16:54
pitillotreach, +1 do it yourself16:55
treachwas that a conclusion, or a suggestion?16:55
pitillotreach, my sentence was a conclusion (drom the other day and from your last sentece)16:56
pitilloor your last sentence doesn't meat that?16:57
treachindeed it did.16:57
pitillolearning bit by bit...16:58
nipuLoh crap, i forgot to use fakeroot17:01
nipuLthis port just dumped a heap of crap into /17:01
*** errdil has quit IRC17:04
jjpknice... what port caused that?17:04
nipuLit's an insanely fast web server/mail proxy17:05
nipuLit's benchmarks are intimidating17:05
nipuLperha[s if i drink some more coffee it will work17:07
*** jtnl has joined #crux17:09
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:11
* treach falls of the chair. Solaris just accepted "df -h"17:16
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC17:20
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:20
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:21
nipuLsolaris produces human readable output!?!17:22
treachyeah, someone must have made a mistake17:23
jjpkSome dev must be shaking a fist already. "oh noes, I've made the mistake of making solaris more user friendly than it should be.." :D17:24
jtnlhello all17:24
treachjjpk: silly sods. I'll never understand why it's so hard to understand that elitism is selfdefeating :/17:26
nipuLspeaking of silly sods, i have to go to a wiggles concert today....*shudders*17:27
treachoh? "governent orders"? :P17:28
nipuLno, 3 year old17:28
nipuLmuch scarier17:28
treach"the government" is a pretty common nickname for the significant other, in case that's not international. :)17:29
cruxbot[xfce] pyxfce: New port.17:30
nipuLive never heard that before, here it's "the boss"17:30
treachah, ok. :)17:31
nipuLthat or "old bag"17:39
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC17:51
cruxbot[xfce] thunar-volman: New port.17:54
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux17:57
treachmmmh.. "xface" and XD ? could there be a connection?17:58
treachanyway, time to connect to the pillow.17:58
*** treach has left #crux17:58
sepensame here18:06
*** sepen has quit IRC18:06
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cruxbot[xfce] thunar-volman: Cleanup.18:42
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Romsterafternoon all.20:16
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Romsterman freenode has issuses today.20:33
Romsterjnengland77, no more cdrom issues yet <<20:35
jnengland77nope.  Working on two other issues... flash has no sound and I added /usr/games to my path, but I still can't access the game with just the executable name.20:38
thrice`jnengland77: why /usr/games ?20:39
jnengland77Just a separate partition for my games.  So I don't have to reinstall them.20:39
thrice`which game ?20:40
jnengland77I have a couple in there.  Doom 3, Quake 4 (usually...), Dominions 3, and Termulous.20:41
thrice`should you have added /usr/games, or /usr/games/bin ?20:42
Romsterhmm k20:42
jnengland77/usr/games  since most appear to be /usr/games/name_of_game/exec_name20:43
Romsteri've seen /usr/games/<name>/bin instead of using /usr/share/20:43
thrice`jnengland77: then you can't add /usr/games, you would need /usr/games/name_of_game  to your $PATH20:44
thrice`could cheat by symlinking to /usr/bin; that might be easier :)20:44
jnengland77That's what I was thinking20:44
Romsteryou'd need to symlink or add ya games to /usr/games/binname20:44
thrice`yeah, that might be better20:44
Romsteror ln -s /usr/games/foo /usr/games/name_of_game/foo20:45
Romsterah other way around with source/destination bah..20:45
Romsteri somethines mess that up.20:45
thrice`I think you are backwards20:45
jnengland77yeah I think I'll link them to /usr/games/bin  that way I can just keep the partition.20:45
Romsteror yeah /usr/games/bin or alternitively why not symlink them to /usr/bin/game_name ?20:46
Romsterno need to edit ya PATH then and there still on another partiton.20:46
Romsterfor flash 9 you got no sound but 7 works correct? (i know what causes that)20:47
jnengland77Yeah that's what I meant.20:47
jnengland77umm haven't tried flash 720:47
Romstersome sites use flash 7 still20:48
Romsterwell you just have to set a default in /etc/asound.conf20:48
*** cruxbot has quit IRC20:48
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*** cohan has quit IRC20:48
Romsteri dunno if it's freenode or the network itself is having issues today.20:49
Romster my asound.conf but i have two sound cards.20:50
Romstershouldn't be hard to follow to edit to your needs.20:50
*** Dudde has joined #crux20:50
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Romsteris /usr/games even a standared i keep moving everything to /usr/share/ but anythinng that has to execute i throw into /usr/lib/program/ sine we don't use libexec directorys.20:51
*** cruxbot has joined #crux20:53
Romsterand i have alot of ports to reorganise for directory layout.20:54
jnengland77Not sure.20:54
Romsterand also i need to edit ports -u needs to be root to work but i've changed all that to pkgmk user/group.20:56
Romsterso that darn check is stoping me.20:56
Romstershold more like be a can i write to directory check than a'am i root'20:56
Romsterif anyone is having issues with ck4up and gnome sources edit /usr/bin/ck4up and lengthen the ftp delay from 20 to 30 seconds.21:00
Romsterseems a long time but the gnome site is extreamly slow at picking a mirror.21:01
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC21:08
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux21:08
jnengland77$ ./doom321:11
jnengland77-bash: ./doom3: Too many levels of symbolic links21:11
jnengland77lol  well that failed... plus I'm still not getting sound from flash.21:11
jnengland77oh nevermind I messed up the links21:13
Romsterafter you add in the asound.conf corectly i don't know of a rehash/reload option other than reboot for that.21:13
jnengland77 /etc/rc.d/alsa restart is what I did.21:13
Romstercd /usr/bin; ln -s ../games/doom3/doom3 doom321:14
Romsterah maybe but i don't even have alsa in my services line.21:14
Romsteralso do you have more than one sound card?21:15
Romsterk as sometimes some programs pick the first sound device they see and won't pick anything else, providing you got default in /etc/asound.conf and picked the right sound card name, i'd bet it would work later on after you reboot.21:16
Romsternote on them symlinks if you got your own ports of the games add in the symlinks into the Pkgfile so later on you got a working system when/if you ever reinstall from fresh.21:17
*** haole has joined #crux21:18
Romsterhi haole21:19
haoleRomster, i did it... i bumped into the most bizarre hardware problem ever!21:19
haolehey there :D21:19
haolei came here to tell you this21:19
Romsterhaole, why dosn't that suprise me <<21:19
haolenot looking for a solution... im just amused21:19
haolelook at this: i wanted to change my boot priority in my bios21:19
Romsteryou have a habbit to find the most bizare issues.21:19
haolei rebooted the pc, and it told me that my keyboard wasn't connected21:19
haoleafter it booted to linux, my keyboard was working21:19
Romsterbios bug?21:20
haoleguess what: it doesn't work at all on the system startup21:20
haolemaybe... im trying to reset it without opening my pc21:20
haolei remember that there was a script that used to do that, but can't find it21:20
haoledo you know of such thing?21:20
Romsterfat chance on that jsut rip the cover off and find that jumper ner the battery short the other 2 pins for like 5 seconds with pc off and power cord removed and wait 20 10 seconds for standby power to run out of PSU21:21
haoleyeah... im just being lazy... gonna do that... but i never saw anything like that21:22
Romsteri just rip the cover off and do it. then try safe defaults if that works then you can start tweeking the bios for performance.21:22
Romsteri've had a crazy problem before.21:22
Romstera slave second ide cable hdd wouldn't work on a computer but it would work as a master on the second interface.21:22
Romsterspent some time trying to figure out why.21:23
haolethis kind of things suck21:24
haolewell, gonna try to solve it21:24
haolebye for now21:24
Romsterand went fuck it reset the bios21:24
Romsterand guess what it then worked.21:24
Romsterso my guess was the bios ram somehow got corupted.21:24
Romsterso now when i ever see strange shit i go straight for the bios reset.21:24
Romster(personal expeareances)21:24
Romsterbut try that bios reset it should work last resort is a flash upgrade if there is a newer one for it.21:24
Romsterbu that can be risky.21:24
haolethat gave me hope :)21:25
haoleim sure i entered the bios before, so this is a recent problem21:25
Romstershit i've picked up over the years.21:25
haoleprobably a corrupted bios21:25
Romstermost likely <<21:25
Romsterso a reset should fix it.21:25
haolegonna reboot21:25
Romstermight wanna check the battery too.21:25
Romstercould be running low.21:26
*** haole has quit IRC21:26
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cruxbot[contrib] gtkmm: 2.12.4 -> 2.12.522:09
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