IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-03-05

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haolehey tehre00:16
haoleRomster, my friend had connect my keyboard on my mouse ps2 port... the most incredible thing is that linux can actually work perfectly under these conditions00:16
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haoleany shell script guru could help me recompile all of my packages?00:17
Romsteri can do that stuff.00:17
Romsterso it was on the mouse port and not keyboard O_o00:18
Romsteri wouldn't of guessed that as i never do anything that stupid <<00:18
Romsterall packages meaning entire system?00:18
haolebut it was worth the discovery that linux can detect and correct this00:18
Romsteror a select few?00:18
haoleentire system00:18
haolei think i missed some post-install scripts00:19
Romsterwhy would you wanna do that.00:19
haole-but i want to recompile everything!!!00:19
Romsterah is that all?00:19
Romstertool chain too (risky)?00:19
haoleok, i would be glad to do all the post-scripts correctly00:19
haolei configured prt-get to make post-script installation only after my crux was almost complete00:20
Romsternot everyting uses post-install.00:20
Romsterdepends what you use.00:20
haolei know, but im having some strange error messagens in gnome...00:20
Romsterah gnome and xorg would be your best bet.00:20
haolelike, when i shutdown my computer, it tells me something about a binary problem00:20
Romsterno need to mess with core.00:20
haoleis there a way to recompile them?00:21
Romsterprt-get update --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep xorg gnome`00:21
Romsterwould just do the scripts and any out of date packages.00:22
Romsterprt-get update -fr -if --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep xorg gnome`00:22
Romsterif you also want to recomple that lot.00:22
Romster(hope you got ccache installed and it's cached it all)00:22
haoledon't know if i have00:23
haoleu know what makes me pissed? it's when i bump into a problem, find the solution and then, later on, the problem comes back and i can't remember what i did00:23
haolei think i will control my system through svn :D00:23
Romsterit'll miss any aditional fonts you added manually so if you added any you'll need todo pkginfo -i |grep xorg-font, and redo there post-install scripts.00:23
haolemy compiz configurator lost it's icons again :(00:24
Romsteri use mercurial now svn uses a server.00:24
haolenever heard of00:24
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haolesvn is a fever in my college00:25
Romsterwhile mercurial is distrubted and it's hg <ommand> syntax is nearly the same.00:25
haolepeople are demonizing cvs and darcs00:25
Romsterhave a look at prt-get info mercurial00:25
Romsterit would be better than svn for tracking such things as /etc00:25
Romsteruses the pugh/pull type of git thing but it's alot less complicated.00:26
haoleu know, im responsible for maintaing the laboratory of the robotics groupo i participate00:26
Romsterah i see00:26
haolei want to use crux on it's machines, but the president of the group will only allow me to use debian00:26
haolehe said: "if u die or exit the group, nobody will ever be able to maintain this system"00:26
haolewich is a dumb excuse, cause linuxes are the same00:26
Romstercould it be possable to add it to a few computers and give him a demostration?00:26
haolejust the package management and some configuration standards change00:27
Romstereven dualboot the things.00:27
haoleim gonna do that and i want to impress him with pkgsync00:27
haoledon't know if it is this name00:27
haolei read on the site00:27
Romsterya you could sysc the lot.00:27
haolefound it interesting00:27
Romsterwell there is also sshfs-fuse00:27
haoleim gonna do this after i figure out how to make the nfs + nis server for our users00:28
Romsteri use that to mount my /usr/ports/distfiles on all my machines00:28
Romsteryou could with packages too but all my pcs arn't the same so it's not wise for me but for a room full of identical pc's00:28
Romsteryou could even setup distcc on the lot <<00:29
Romsterand you'd have yourself one fast compile farm.00:29
haolethe thing is: i have to study a lot about the robots too... so i have to divide my time00:29
Romsteri'd love to et to be a admin to maintain a network like that.00:29
haoleim responsible for the communication of the robots with the computer00:29
Romsterkernel based?00:30
Romsterusb or something?00:30
haolei have to do the schematics for the transmission board, the robot main board, program the microcontrollers...00:30
haolethe transmission board?00:30
haolei use the parallel port to communicate with our radio device... pretty fast :)00:30
Romsterugh old standared00:31
Romstershould get into usb chips there is dev kits to devalop that now.00:31
Romsterso you have a custom frequency/protocol you use?00:32
haoleyeah, but im in brazil... short budget :D00:32
haoleyes... similar to usart ones... but with very high baud-rates00:32
Romsteridon't think there that expensive.00:32
haolewe have to buy them from outside the country, and we pay a lot of taxes00:32
haolebut we are going to migrate, eventually00:32
Romsterthat blows.00:32
haoleour goverment is so corrupt that it applies taxes over donations!!!00:33
haoleif you donate a devkit for me, im gonna have to pay the goverment to receive it00:33
haolethird world issues :(00:33
haolebut it's not that bad... we are getting a very high transmission rate00:33
Romsterwhat transmission module do you use?00:34
haoleit's just difficult to make one board like this... but once it's ready and mature enough, it does the job00:34
Romsterrf transmitter/reciver00:34
haoleat the moment, Radiometrix BiM200:34
haolebut we wan't to use another old thing: Laipac TRW 24G00:34
haolebecause Laipac has firmware embbeded00:34
haoleless work for us, more work for the machines :)00:35
Romsterhaole, you also know i do electronis too?00:35
haoleno, i didn't but i figured from your repo ;)00:35
haoleyou have a package for spice-ng00:35
haolethat's insane for anyone that doesn't work with it00:35
Romsteryeah hadn't messed alot with it.00:35
haoledamn complicated program00:36
Romsterwell electronics is complex too <<00:36
haoleim gonna make my personal repo online sometime00:36
haolejust gotta mature those packages :D00:36
Romstercool and run prtverify over it.00:36
haoleand make that damn kicad to work00:36
Romsteryou still haven't...00:36
Romsterlacking porting expeareance?00:37
haolethat too, but this program's script installation is a mess00:38
haolei think that, because everyone uses the binnary version of the site, they don't care a lot about the sources00:38
haolethe makefile tries constantly to enter directories that doesn't exist :|00:38
RomsterData rates up to160kbps, hmm that's a decent rate on 433MHz00:39
Romsterlook at the SUBDIRS= line.00:39
haolewe have to communicate with all the robots in less than 33ms00:39
haoleour communication with BiM2 takes 12ms00:40
Romsterremove what dosn't exist.00:40
haolewith laipac, it would go to 80us00:40
haolevery nice :D00:40
haolei did that, but it didn't work because of something i can't remember00:40
haolei got stressed with it and stoped trying for now :D00:40
Romsterheh don't worry i've had headaches poting programs too.00:41
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Romsterthe more ports the more headache of something not working00:41
Romsterbut expeareance helps with solving it fast.00:42
haoleyeah, i got a lot better already00:43
haolefound out the compiz icons problem:00:43
haolemy xorg won't open svg files00:43
haolewhy is that? no idea00:43
haolei have libsvg installed00:44
Romsterwhen did you install libsvg?00:45
haolecan't remember :)00:45
haolemaybe as a dependency for something00:45
Romsterbefore or after xorg/gnome.00:45
haoleprobably after00:46
Romsterthere ya go <<00:46
Romsterreompile all of ya gnome that depends on libsvg00:46
Romsterprt-get dependent libsvg |xargs00:47
haoleoh, i get it... it's those damn configure files that detects dependencies00:47
haolewhat does xargs do?00:47
Romsterand if it arn't there when it checks it won't build support for it.00:47
Romsterconcentrates words.00:47
Romsterman xargs00:47
Romsterto 'like this is'00:48
haoleoh, that's nice :D00:48
Romsterso you could even do prt-get update -fr --install-scripts `prt-get dependent libsvg |xargs`00:48
haolebut no package is dependent from libsvg00:48
haolei think that this is the beauty of the footprints00:48
Romsteri thought gnome depends on it.00:49
haolethey prevent you from falling for this traps00:49
Romsteryeah there ment too but there is a few short comings with them00:49
Romstersome don't add new files but the existing files change themselfs.00:49
Romsterso it fails to detect that.00:49
Romsterwould have to have sums for each file.00:49
Romstereven that would change on compiler options.00:50
haolewell, gonna recompile my xorg and gnome and go to sleep00:50
haolegood night... we continue the electronics talk later :)00:51
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pitillogood morning01:24
pitilloRomster, did you see the msg I let you here yesterday about fmod?01:26
Romsterya updated01:27
pitilloRomster, perfect, thank you01:27
Romsterand i'm seeing missing files from sane too.01:27
pitillorelated to dellXXX?01:27
Romsterdon't know if it's a missing dependency or someone forgot to update the .footprint01:27
pitillo(I don't remember well wich one were)01:27
pitilloI think it was built with support for 1 device01:28
pitillobut I'm not sure01:28
Romsteryep dellXXX missing01:28
pitilloummm same here then01:29
Romsterdon't think so either forgot to update the footprint or there is some dependency missing.01:31
Romsterhas libusb, so maybe something for LPT port maybe?01:32
Romsteralthough that's a kernel module.01:32
Romsterso i dunno.01:32
Romsteri didn't look into it other than the footprint missmatch01:33
pitillobut it's strange to be dellXXX, that was what made me think about some kind os scanner support01:33
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Romsterhere we go again with the netsplits01:33
pitillobtw, doesn't matter, I think it isn't very important (a bit scaring for users to see missing files)01:33
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