IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-03-06

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jaegerodd that sometimes even if the bot is running it won't reconnect14:07
predatorfreakjaeger: In my experience, vlc is a bitch.14:07
predatorfreakand mplayer is far superior :D14:07
jaegerI've never had trouble with it until 0.8.6c14:07
jaegerand mplayer blows at dvd navigation. otherwise I agree, it's great14:08
predatorfreakI don't need no DVD navigation :P14:08
jaegerI do, hence this effort14:08
treachxine has worked well enough for me.14:09
treachonly problem I had with it was .mkv files, iirc14:09
jaegerat least it built this time but it froze after playing about 2 seconds of mpeg2 video14:10
predatorfreakjaeger: Yay vlc?14:11
tilmanit's funny how mplayer has sucked at dvdnav since forever14:12
jaegeryou'd think by now someone would have fixed mplayer+dvdnav14:12
predatorfreakThey're too busy developing ffmpeg to care.14:13
predatorfreakSo long as they can watch the main track, most of the devs don't bother.14:13
tilmanseems so yeah :)14:13
treachseems like the correct priority to me. :)14:14
predatorfreaktilman: For the most part, that's all I do anyway.14:14
predatorfreakSo I don't need any fancy dvdnav.14:14
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-libxfont: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xtrans: updated to 1.1.14:16
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-util-macros: updated to
Rotwangha! I have something to do at the weekend!14:17
Rotwangmy life is going to be exciting!14:17
Rotwangsplashutils is the shit14:18
tilmansplashscreen stuff?14:18
predatorfreakRotwang: Fancy pretty boot logo stuff, yeah14:20
Rotwangyep ;]14:20
predatorfreakRotwang: you and your fancy pretty boot logo14:21
treach!KISS :>14:21
tilmanmy system boots so fast, i think a splashscreen would be pointless14:22
treachmore or less.14:22
tilmanthough i should get that login manager again14:22
tilmanthe one by cptn and sip14:22
* tilman disappers14:23
Rotwangyou can do more things than only bootsplash14:24
predatorfreakRotwang: FANCY PRETTY STUFF!14:25
Rotwangfbcondecor - It is a kernel patch that adds eye-candy by making it possible to display pictures in the background of system consoles14:25
predatorfreakRotwang: FANCY PRETTY STUFF!14:25
predatorfreakRotwang: FANCY PRETTY STUFF!14:25
Rotwangpredatorfreak: i love fancy pretty stuff14:25
* predatorfreak shows Rotwang the door to Ubuntu14:25
Rotwangespecially pretty girls14:25
* treach calls people in white coats, tells them to bring two jackets14:25
Rotwangbut they dont want me14:25
predatorfreakRotwang: Wrong distro.14:25
Rotwangpredatorfreak: i dont think so :\14:26
predatorfreaktreach: HAHAHA YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME!14:26
treachoh, yeah?14:26
Rotwangcrux might contain fancy stuff14:26
predatorfreakOkay I'll stop being crazy now14:26
Rotwangso why gnoime ports ;]14:27
Rotwangor kde?14:27
Rotwangevery cruxer should use dwm or wmii or awesome14:27
jaegerjesus, everyone uses it their own way, get over it14:28
treachkde and gnome(i suppose) isn't about eyecandy, thus the comparision falls on it's face14:28
predatorfreaktreach: Yay sanity!14:28
predatorfreakBut whatever, Rotwang, if you like your fancy pretty crap.14:29
predatorfreakGo for it.14:29
* Rotwang likes fancy pretty crap14:30
Rotwangtreach: but gnome or kde are not KISS, are they?14:31
treachthe more I see people rant about prettyness and eyecandy, the more I long for CDE..14:32
treachRotwang: depends on how you define "simple" :>14:32
jaegerthey would only rant then about how ugly CDE is or something else14:32
treachjaeger: I guess it would give them something to whine about for real :P14:33
Rotwangtreach: ubuntu is KISS too in that case ;]14:34
treach"simple" isn't a simple word.14:34
predatorfreakPick a definition and stick with it :P14:36
treachtoo bad it changes with context. :D14:37
treacha tank is simple compared to a moonlander, an ak47 is simple compared to a tank, and a club is simple compared to the ak.14:38
predatorfreaktreach: I'd rather have a tank than a club ;)14:38
treachI'd say that depends pretty much on the terrain. :p14:39
predatorfreakFine, a Jet Fighter/14:39
predatorfreak-/ +.14:39
treachI can guarantee from personal experience that the club will work much better in a swamp14:39
predatorfreakFuck terrain, I'll bomb 'em from the air :D14:40
treachsorry that wasn't on the list14:40
predatorfreaktreach: Moonlander was.14:40
predatorfreakand Jet is the intermediary.14:40
predatorfreakYou just forgot one :P14:40
treachyour fancy jet will still be pretty useless quickly without extensive maintainence.14:40
predatorfreakSo will any gun,14:41
predatorfreak-, +.14:41
predatorfreakor any tank.14:41
treachbut not the club.14:41
predatorfreaktreach: But with the club14:41
predatorfreakyou have to close in, beat me to death14:41
treachpredatorfreak: ahe, you're discounting russian tanks..14:41
predatorfreakand hope I'm not stronger than you.14:41
treachbut it'll work. :)14:41
predatorfreakEven with a pistol, I stand a better chance against you than you do against me.14:41
Rotwangrussian tank dont need any maintenance14:41
predatorfreakExcept at point blank range.14:42
Rotwangthey just need fuel14:42
treachor, what's needed can be done with a sledgehammer14:42
Rotwangand someone inside to drive it14:42
predatorfreaktreach: or even simpler.14:42
predatorfreakA big rock.14:42
predatorfreakor, GASP, your fists!14:42
treachmight work too.14:42
predatorfreaktreach: Obviously though, in this day and age.14:43
predatorfreakYou wouldn't go to war wielding clubs ;)14:43
treachtrue. but one should never underestimate the necessity of field repairs.14:43
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, of course you have to maintain equipment.14:44
predatorfreakBut, my point is, right tool for the job ;)14:44
treachsure. or do the right job with your tool.14:45
predatorfreakLinux is the same way, you might be able to get something done with only a really-bloody-complex command line program coded by a monkey.14:45
treachyou mean transcode? :>14:45
predatorfreakBut obviously, a superior tool is the better choice.14:45
predatorfreaktreach: Hence why I use mencoder.14:45
predatorfreakor when I need a fighter-jet for encoding, avisynth.14:45
treachor when torrenting, azureus. :x14:46
predatorfreakPfft, screw that bloated POS.14:46
predatorfreakI'll keep deluge, thank you very much14:46
jaegerargh, why does media playing have to be such a fucking mess?14:55
teKfits (into) the whole image14:55
predatorfreakjaeger: I'd ask the same question of media encoding on Linux..14:59
predatorfreakClosest solution to fixing the madly disjoint and scatter-shot bullcrap is gstreamer and there's like no decent encoding tools built around it.15:00
jaegerwell, I'm done fucking around with it, can't make it work in a satisfying way15:09
jaegerRotwang: if you want to mess with it, feel free:{ffmpeg,x264,vlc}-svn.prt.tar.gz15:09
Rotwangjaeger: thanks ;]15:12
Rotwangill mess with it as soon as ill finish messing with my fancy pretty crap15:13
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drijengood evening gentemen16:05
drijenfuck it16:05
Rotwanggood evening16:06
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RotwangI've saw your nick before16:06
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drijensomeone tel jaeger i'll pay him $20 to update his iso :D16:06
treachthe gentleman finish is only two typos thick. :)16:06
ryuohey treach16:07
treachdrijen: you could tell him yourself, since he's here.16:07
ryuowhat tools do you guys use to make the CRUX cd?16:07
ryuois it like an automated process, to a certain extent?16:07
drijenjaeger, i'll pay you $20 to update the iso :D16:07
treachryuo:  I've actually never done it, but I think so.16:08
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drijenryuo there are several ways to do it16:08
ryuowould be nice if you could use bzip2 or lzma to package ports16:08
drijenlive scripts, a dd way and one mre16:08
ryuoinstead of just gzip16:08
ryuowhat? gzip sucks for compression :/16:09
nipuLryuo: who said you couldn't?16:09
* drijen flings cheezits at ryuo 16:09
treachdoes it make any *real* difference?16:09
nipuLpkgutils is opensource fool16:09
drijenalso, you are compressing mostly text16:09
drijennto much to do there.16:09
treachalso, k, those files are smaller, but I'd wager the difference is just a few MB, which makes ROI rather doubtful.16:13
jjpkText compresses well, but binary does not.16:29
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jjpkA minimal increase in compression is not worth the change.16:31
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RomsterteK, i/m here now17:33
Romsterryuo, if you had read once tilman adds in lzma after the rewrite of lzma and becomes stabe (t6he rewrite) he'll add it to libarchive then pkgutils will work transparantly with lzma17:36
Romsteralso i notice man pages can work in bzip2 and lzma too.17:37
Romsterbut bzip2 decompressions is slow while lzma and gunzip is fast at decompression17:37
cruxbot[contrib] setuptools: 0.6c7 -> 0.6c818:00
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teKwas not that important.. please have a look at my mail at crux-contrib18:29
teKI'm out (1:30 am again, dammit)18:30
cruxbot[contrib] remind: update Maintainer line18:33
cruxbot[contrib] x86info: 1.7 -> 1.2118:33
cruxbot[contrib] tig: 0.8 -> 0.9.118:33
cruxbot[contrib] thttpd: update .md5sum18:33
cruxbot[contrib] tcc: update Maintainer line18:33
Romsterjust saw it18:34
Romsterthers a few others i might take over that your not interested in.18:34
teKarg but my clock was set false18:34
teKI worked a bit .. <;a=summary >18:34
Romsterah the git log is out by 1 hour for me it goes by server time.18:35
teKmy BIOS seems to be broken...18:35
teKdo you think this is a problem?18:36
teKI mean the wrong point of time for my last commits18:36
Romsterhmm 1;30 out isn't too bad but it be nice if it was fixed18:37
Romstersetup ntpd that you taking over << i use openntpd personally.18:37
teKI will mail tilman -_-18:37
teKRomster: it IS except on this machine and the VMWare instance Iworked in18:37
teK+ on all my other machines18:37
teKI just copied it over to this here, too18:38
Romsterah k.18:38
Romsterthen others you jsut changed the maintainer line they didn't need updating?18:38
teKright. The ones I only changed the MT line are checked to be uptodate, though18:40
RomsterteK, can you refrmat the meta so you don't have crap like this "# Packager:            treach, treachster at gmail dot com"18:40
Romsterand there is a single space between : and text18:40
Romster# Packager: treach, treachster at gmail dot com18:40
teKI will remember it for future18:41
Romsterit's quite ugly how prologic has them.18:41
teKfuture commits will be more beautiful :>18:42
Romsterit's not a big thing i just like neatness and consistantant.18:42
Romsterand i use tabs for indentation, but not on the meta lines.18:43
teK'f course and it's no problem.18:43
teKbut NOW I will go to bed.18:43
teK< dead18:43
Romsterbut i don't think there is any rules if oyu prefer spaces there.18:43
Romsterhehe oh and them update lines18:43
teKI don't care, to be honest18:43
Romsteroldversion -> new version18:44
teKwhat's with them?18:44
Romsterusing < is a bit backwards imo18:44
Romsteroh you did use ->18:44
Romstersorry i msut be seing things.18:44
teKmail to tilman is out.18:45
teKso am I18:45
Romsterit's nice to see old and new versions than some that do "update to x.xx"18:45
teKx86info: 1.7 -> 1.21 .. small bump ;)18:45
Romsterg'night teK  :)18:45
Romsterthat is bacwards18:45
Romster1.21 -> 1.718:45
Romstershould of been that way...18:45
teKDanny Rawlins pyopengl: 3.0.0a6 -> 3.0.0b118:46
Romsterthat says you went down a version18:46
teKlower -> higher18:46
teKRomster: no. its 7 vs. 2118:46
sepen!google sed1line18:46
sepen#google sed1line18:46
teKnot 1.7 vs. 1.2.118:46
sepen@google sed1line18:46
clbsepen: Search took 0.31 seconds: HANDY ONE-LINERS FOR SED (Unix stream editor) Apr. 26, 2004 ...: <>; USEFUL ONE-LINE SCRIPTS FOR SED (Unix stream editor) Dec. 29, 2005 ...: <>; Trailfire Guide: ...: <>; File - sed1line .txt: msg#00022: (1 more message)18:46
teKbut  1.7 vs 1.2118:46
Romstera = alpha, b= beta18:46
Romsterbeta is higher than alpha18:47
sepenI remember that I found a nice replacement line for removing extra spaces or tabs in this url18:47
teKlet's discuss this in appr. eight hours (zomg..)18:47
Romsterdespite the a6 -> b118:47
teKyeah I know.18:47
teKI'M OUT!18:47
sepen<Romster> teK, can you refrmat the meta so you don't have crap like this "# Packager:            treach, treachster at gmail dot com"18:47
Romsterg'night and i jsut had a 4 hour nap...18:47
sepenabout that18:47
Romstersepen, can do it with sed too.18:47
sepenwell night18:47
ryuoRomster: imagine how log the crux ISO can go if it was compressed with lzma18:49
ryuointernally that is18:49
ryuolzma: how low can your files go?18:50
Romsterya it'll happen if tilman adds support later on if the iso dosn't i'll package my own if i can be bothered too.18:50
Romsterryuo, also the xdelta thing i'm working on for source files to speed up changing versons.18:51
ryuolzma is pretty powerful18:52
ryuoi no nothing that can best the king of compression18:52
Romsterwell back in the day i used to use pkzip then rar lha and then the best tool then was jar same company that made jar18:53
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Romsterand then i found 2mgui to make floppys format bigger18:53
Romstersince then nothng bet jar18:54
ryuowhat about lzma?18:54
Romsterbut jar was stuck to dos.18:54
Romsterlzma wasn't around then.18:54
Romsteri should try a comparision between jar and lzma18:54
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Romsterand he is off again...18:57
*** ryuo has joined #crux18:57
Romsteryou always keep going on me..18:57
ryuoit crashes while i'm on the console18:58
ryuothen xdm reboots18:58
Romsterno idea graphics driver?18:58
Romsteranyways look at ya logs.18:58
ryuoNVIDIA 169.1218:58
Romsteri'm still on 100.14.19 none of the 169.xx drivers including 12 worked for me right.18:59
Romsterxorg and messages logs.18:59
Romsterthat jar link is what i used years ago that bet everything else.18:59
Romsterspecaslly with lare chunks of memory for compression.19:00
ryuoall i found is an stdin error19:00
Romsterwhats it say?19:01
Romsteri'd sugest drop back to nvidia-100.14.19 and see if that stops your random xorg crashes.19:02
Romsteri got a port of that in
Romsterall just downgrade the version string.19:03
ryuomaybe its the way i initiate xorg19:03
ryuonot xdm19:04
Romstermy only thought the 169.xx is still considered unstable.19:04
ryuoi mean my .xsession19:04
Romsteri symlinked .xsession to my .xinit19:04
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ryuolemme show you19:05
ryuobash: no job control in this shell19:05
ryuostty: standard input: Invalid argument19:05
ryuopekwm: root window unavailable, can't start!19:05
ryuomy bad19:05
ryuoone sec19:05
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ryuookay here we go19:06
ryuo/bin/bash --login -i ~/.xinitrc19:06
ryuothats my .xsession19:06
ryuo.xinitrc is this19:06
ryuocat: .initrc: No such file or directory19:06
ryuorox -S & bmpanel ~/.bmpanel/native & pekwm19:06
Romsterwhy not run bmpannel in the ~/.pekwm/start ?19:06
ryuobecause everything pekwm restarts19:06
ryuoit gets run19:07
ryuoi only need to run these apps once19:07
Romsteri got pypanel in my ~/.pekwm/start19:07
ryuoi would end up with more than one panel19:07
Romsterhmm i see19:07
Romsterhasn't on pypanel.19:07
ryuoit doesnt do that19:07
ryuoit runs everytme u reset but19:07
ryuosince pypanel is present19:07
ryuoit doesnt run another one19:07
Romsterdunno if i wanna try bmpanel or not i can't decide.19:07
ryuobmpanel is fairly basic19:08
ryuodoesnt require python19:08
Romsterthat's not a problem as i have quite a few python dependencys now ruby is a bitch i only use it for ck4up19:08
Romsterya i'm thinking of either sh or python to write a new one if i can be othered i'm still working on my safe-build program.19:13
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cruxbot[contrib] python-xlib: 0.12 -> 0.1420:23
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haoleim trying to use openbox, but i can't get it to import gnome's settings... such as gtk themes and stuff20:35
haoleit looks for gnome-settings-daemon, but i can't find this file... is there an equivalent to it?20:36
Romsterhmm nort sure have you tryed prt-get [search,dsearch,fsearch] and greped the /usr/ports ?20:36
Romsterand looked on portsdb20:36
haoleopenbox's configuration files must be outdated regarding gnome20:37
haolei suspect that the same daemon is invoked in another way20:37
Romsterlook for openbox updates?20:37
haolegonna look now20:38
haolegirlfriend on the phone...20:39
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cruxbot[contrib] fmod: Updated 4.12.03 -> 4.12.0420:50
Romsteralready O_o20:51
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cruxbot[contrib] pygame: add missing dependencys22:27
cruxbot[contrib] numerc: readded from old contrib for pygame22:27
nipuLRomster: just looking at your safebuild script, you really should pull package locations from pkgmk.conf22:52
nipuLif [ ! -e "/usr/ports/packages/$name#$version-$release.pkg.tar.gz" ]22:52
nipuLbetter would be, . /etc/pkgmk.conf; if [ ! -e "$PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR/$name#$version-$release.pkg.tar.gz" ]22:53
RomsternipuL, yes that's on my todo list.22:54
Romsterif the seting isn't set in pkgmk.conf then default to what pkgmk uses internally.22:54
Romsterstill cleaning it up more.22:55
Toshihaole: There's an obconf also check out gtk-chtheme22:59
Toshidoes anyone who uses openbox with sloppy focus notice slow focus changing?23:01
nipuLToshi: i haven't used openbox in a while, but iirc there is an options to set the sloppy focus delay23:03
ToshiI'll check it out, thanks23:03
Toshithat was my only reservation from switch from bb23:03
Toshiobviously didn't look into it that deep23:04
Romsteri'd say a ms setting for that.23:04
Romstermiliseconds (not the other ms)23:04
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RomsternipuL, let me know if you find anything else but that use pkgmk.conf vars has been my intention.23:05
nipuLToshi: <focusDelay>DELAY_IN_MS</focusDelay>23:06
Toshithanks guys23:08
Toshinow I just need to resetup my keybindings23:09
Romsterheh you didn't look in the configs...23:12
ToshiI know, noob23:12
Romsterah it happens23:17
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