IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-03-07

Romsterthat wasn't fun..00:00
Romsterand i forget what i was gona say..00:00
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pitillogood morning01:01
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haolehey there... gnome-settings-daemon doesn't exist as a binary in my computer, but it gets launched somehow in gnome startup... now i want to use openbox and execute it, but can't find the path... where should i look?02:01
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pitillofile /usr/lib/gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon02:04
pitilloI don't know if he means this but updating the DB and searching a bit can help02:04
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pitillonipuL, pycrypto reporting MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Crypto/PublicKey/_fastmath.so02:35
nipuLcan you ldd it?02:45
nipuLoh wait, missing02:46
nipuLhmm, looks like it's caused by libgmp02:46
nipuLi'll setup a chroot tonight and fix it, but it's safe to ignore02:47
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pitillonipuL, I think safe-build from romster repo can be a good tool to that aim02:48
pitillo(I mean to don't mess with making a chroot by hand, btw, it's an alternative :)02:48
nipuLsafe-build makes too many assumptions at the moment02:50
pitilloummmm oki, I didn't know if you know about it02:50
nipuLyeah, i had a look today02:51
nipuLi think i might play with a unionfs02:51
pitillothat will be one of our next objectives to use02:52
pitillotime to take a bite02:54
Romsteryeah i'm working on it nipuL02:54
Romsteri'm making it more configurable.02:54
nipuLi know02:54
Romsterit's too assumptions to what my setup is02:54
Romsterbut it does work given it a bit of seting up atm.02:55
Romsterthat's why it's marked as beta still.02:55
Romsterand major code cleanup02:55
nipuLrewrite or just remobing hard coded values?02:56
Romsterremoving hard coded valuse for starters and cleaning up the code fixing errors adding in safety checks02:56
Romsteri've recently added command line option to choose what crux version to setup.02:57
nipuLi can do a bit of hacking now if you want02:57
Romsterand to be able to configure what cd image to use but i'm thinking of a --prime to get the core packages off a cd then work on then and a sysup02:58
Romstercode is in hg
nipuLugh, use git :P02:58
Romsterbut i'm still toying with the setup02:58
Romstereh prologic hates git..02:58
Romsterand i was on svn before moving to mercidal02:59
nipuLtoo much politics involved with git?03:00
Romsterno idea...03:01
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Romsterguess i could host my own web server but i'm on a slow 512/128 adsl connection.03:01
nipuLi can give you a git account if you really want03:02
nipuLgithub is pretty nice too03:04
Romstermaybe but not right now, right now it needs serious work done to it.03:06
Romsterbut i see protental when it's more stable.03:07
Romsterwell it's stable but code is a mess and as you said assumes too much.03:07
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nipuLsometime bash scripting gives me the shits03:41
Romsteri'm wondering fi i should code it in something else...03:47
pitillogive time to time Romster, may be you will make it grow with time03:48
nipuL seriously, why would that break things?03:48
nipuL$ sh safe-build -cf safe-build.conf03:48
nipuLsafe-build: line 420: [: -cf: unary operator expected03:48
nipuLi think bash is an appropriate language, it's just a pain to debug when it's being stupid03:50
Romsterand yet pkgmk is in shell..03:51
nipuLi used the exact same code for config file support that pkgmk uses03:51
Romsterand there is no -f you coding one?03:51
nipuLthat's the diff03:52
Romsteri'm gonna cut some chunks of code out that i haven't even used and i consider pointless coreonly is all that is required the rest can be done by the user.03:53
pitilloRomster, I see that point the most interesting one03:54
Romsterit was a idea and a silly one at that.03:54
RomsternipuL, why multiple config files?03:54
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nipuLwhy not?03:55
nipuLi'd need 2 chroots anyway03:55
nipuLone for x86_64 and one for i68603:55
Romsterand i'm trying to avoid using mroe than one char for each flag, so i can do -abc instead of -a -b -c later on.03:56
nipuLchanged it to -f and it worked03:56
Romsterbut there is the options to choose what cd image now on command line but not fully been tested.03:56
nipuL--config-file failes though03:57
Romsterah need to sort something out for that.03:57
RomsternipuL, keep an eye on the hg tree from time to time i'm pushing changes even now. but mostly not gonna affect what your doing.03:58
nipuLi just don't get it03:59
nipuLit should work dammit03:59
Romsterhe joys.03:59
Romsteralternate... don't you mean alternative?04:02
nipuLthe words are interchangable04:03
Romsterhmm mean the same thing i'm used to the later.04:04
Romstercase just matches a string afaik.04:04
Romstercan't see why --config-file would fail to match04:05
Romsterunless - means some specal char.04:05
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Romstermaybe it needs to be escaped?04:05
Romster--config\-file *shrungs*04:06
Romsterdunno i'll keep cleaning this other junk up.04:07
nipuLahh, sh safe-build04:08
Romsteri'm using ./safe-build04:08
nipuL$ ./safe-build --config-file safe-build.conf04:09
nipuL./safe-build: line 423: [: --config-file: unary operator expected04:09
nipuLREADING safe-build.conf04:09
RomsterPlacing quotes around things removes the "unary operator expected" message when just pressing enter04:11
Romsterah maybe -cf|'--config-file')04:12
Romsterwhy did you add a shift ;;04:13
nipuLto bypass the file argument04:13
nipuLotherwise it will be read as an invalid argument04:14
Romster*) would catch it?04:14
Romsterah ok jumps one across as that option needs two arguments.04:16
Romsterhmm man case says i should use the switch command instead...04:20
Romsterthe  case command is obsolete04:20
Romsterwhat the hell that's tcl shit.. not shell.04:21
Romstermust be in the bash page as a builtin...04:22
RedShifthi everybody!04:22
RedShiftI've got a new toy,
Romstercool so it's a setop box thing? or some meadia center but it's storage is low.04:27
RomsternipuL, pathname expansion in man bash04:31
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RedShiftRomster: it's a cobalt raq 550 server04:35
RedShiftit has a pentium 3 1 Ghz04:35
RedShiftthese devices were very popular between 1999 and 200104:35
Romsterya saw that from the screen shot ah..04:36
RedShiftit makes too much noise to be a media box04:37
RedShiftit doesn't even have a VGA connector ;-)04:37
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RedShiftbut it is a beauty, that's certain04:43
Romsterdamn it wating time looking though docs...04:43
RedShiftthe blue front has a high gadget factor04:43
Romstereh it looks the part but it's got moderate power.04:43
Romsterand not much hdd space.04:43
Romsterand that looks like sd ram04:44
RedShiftyes, registered ecc pc 133 sdram04:44
RedShiftthose sticks are just for testing, I intend to replace them with 2 x 512 MB04:44
RedShiftRomster: you can replace the harddrives04:45
RedShiftit only has an LBA24 IDE controller so maximum size is ~137 GB04:45
RedShiftmaybe I'll put 2 x 80 GB in them04:45
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Romsterhmmp nipuL i think i'm starting to hate shell more...04:48
Romstersome expansion crap..04:48
nipuLthe problem seems to be with using --config-file04:56
nipuLnfi why04:56
nipuLf|--config-file) echo "set config file" ;;04:56
nipuL$ sh safe-build --config-file foo04:57
nipuLsafe-build: line 415: [: --config-file: unary operator expected04:57
nipuLset config file04:57
nipuLsafe-build: invalid option foo04:57
Romstertry with -config-file04:57
nipuLbut then -f does nothing04:57
nipuLit's munted04:58
Romstergoole isnt helping me...04:58
nipuL$ sh safe-build -f05:00
nipuLset config file05:00
nipuLbash-3.2$ sh safe-build -f foo05:00
nipuLsafe-build make a chrooted enviroment to test your own ports.05:00
nipuLwhat the hell05:00
Romsteri dunno :/05:00
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nipuLseems to be a problem with if [ ! "$@" ]05:09
nipuLin main()05:10
Romsterwhat the hell i'm testing in a small shell script and it won't match the --foo-bar05:13
nipuLi commented out the if ! "$@" test and it works05:13
Romsterah that worked... hmmz05:14
Romsteri got that out of another script...05:14
nipuLwhat about -z "$@"05:14
Romsterdoes it work with -z?05:15
nipuLstill unary operator expexted05:15
nipuLwouldn't if [ ! $1 ] suffice05:16
nipuL$1 implies $@05:16
nipuLand works as expected05:17
nipuLwell that was a pain, but we got there in the end :)05:18
nipuLhigh fives all round05:18
Romsterif [ "$*" > 0 ]05:18
nipuLif [ ! "$1" ]05:19
Romster$@ is all the strings of $1 - $905:19
Romster$* is a count of how many.05:19
Romsterhmm guess $1 is safe to use...05:19
nipuLdo you plan to override config file settings from the command line?05:22
Romsteron some options yes.05:22
nipuLok, it just makes a difference when the config file is read05:23
Romsternot over sure exactly what yet still toyingaround with options, and i've made that $@ to $1 change.05:26
Romsterthat was strange..05:26
Romsterat least i know not to fall for that one again.05:27
Romsteralso ya needto add in a check and take the .conf off the thing that'll be append later.05:27
Romster--config-file foo05:27
Romsterto use foo.conf05:28
Romsteror do ya prefer to type foo.conf05:28
nipuLyeah, KISS05:28
Romsteri jsut see it as redudent as .conf is default.05:29
Romstereh i guess say the full file name.05:29
Romsterlook at ck4up even that auto adds the .conf on ck4up -f foo05:29
* Romster shrugs05:31
Romsternot worried which ya choose. now to edit more code...05:31
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Romsterremoving all but core adition.05:31
Romsterdon't need opt or xorg that i've thrown in there i don't even use that.05:32
Romsterdon't even use system so that can go too.05:32
predatorfreakRomster: Morning Romster.05:33
Romsterhi predatorfreak05:33
predatorfreakStill terrorising #crux, I see.05:33
Romsterhacking at safe-build so is nipuL adding in a config option.05:34
Romsterand nipuL found a quirk of sh scripting..05:34
Romsteryeah if [ ! "$@" ] is a bad idea when ya get a --foo-bar option05:35
Romsterit threw a 'unary operator expexted'05:35
Romsterif [ ! "$1" ] was good enough and solved that.05:36
sepen[ $# -lt 1 ]05:37
Romstereh *shrugs* would work too.05:39
predatorfreak[ -n "$@" ]05:39
predatorfreakRomster: You should really use -n for that.05:40
Romsterif it works  and i already commited the change god damn it..05:41
predatorfreakRomster: Also, can you update libdvdnav to r997, to match the port in my repo?05:41
Romsteri really need sleep than messing with this but ugh05:41
predatorfreakmplayer svn will try to link against r996 libdvdnav05:41
predatorfreakbut fail.05:41
predatorfreak(Got a report of that)05:41
Romsteri haven't touched any scm port for a while now.05:41
Romsteri'll do that now.05:42
Romsteris it ok if i goto head revision or it has to be 996?05:42
Romsteror is 996 head.05:42
Romsteri hadn't looked yet05:43
predatorfreak997 is head atm.05:43
predatorfreakAt revision 997.05:43
Romsteris that ok?05:43
Romsterscript is preset to use head.05:43
predatorfreakYeah, I'm using 997 here.05:43
Romsterk i'll do that then05:43
predatorfreakJust edit the Pkgfile05:44
predatorfreakand change ./configure to ./configure205:44
teKRomster: I'm out till Sunday.. any questions/ suggestions? :)05:44
nipuLRomster: if you want to see where i'm at
Romsterno need i got that covered in the script i tarball it with <<05:47
Romsterk nipuL05:47
nipuLmaybe, it's kind of playing up05:47
nipuLnope not working05:48
nipuLit had to pass through 2 reverse proxies05:48
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teKgotta go. Have a nice weekend!05:49
Romsterlate teK05:50
Romsternothing really to think about other than have you marked all your ports you want and commited teK even if it's jsut a maintainer line now and fix them up during the week?05:51
Romsterthen we can post on the ML for adoption for the rest.05:51
cruxbot[contrib] libdvdnav: r966 -> r99705:53
predatorfreakRomster: Except.05:55
predatorfreakYou're still using ./configure.05:55
predatorfreakI told you, you need to use ./configure205:55
Romsteri said i fixed that in the script i use to generate the tarball.05:55
predatorfreakRomster: Look at the Pkgfile...05:56
Romsterrm configure2 and i run autotools.05:56
Romstertry to build it...05:56
predatorfreakThat's not what you're supposed to do.05:56
predatorfreakThey ship ./configure2 for a reason05:56
Romstert's been that since i've moved to the snapshots.05:59
predatorfreakAdmittedly mplayer will still build, but the mplayer developers ship ./configure2 because that's what they intended to be used..05:59
Romsteri raped there system.05:59
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cruxbot[contrib] x264: r736 -> r74506:40
tilmanwhy the hell do you guys litter up my away log so much lately?06:52
tilmanteK: not a biggie (@ wrong times)06:53
predatorfreaktilman: We like talking!06:54
tilmanpredatorfreak: what? mplayer switched to autoconf?06:55
tilmanomfg, hell freezes over06:55
predatorfreaklibdvdnav, their fork of it.06:55
predatorfreakand technically, you're not supposed to use autoconf :P06:55
tilmansome spam i received has Subject: Windows Vista Free Download for crux06:56
predatorfreakRomster just loves his autoconf06:56
tilmanwhee, vista for crux06:56
predatorfreaktilman: Vista? On my CRUX?06:56
* predatorfreak gets axe06:56
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tilmanokay, question:07:07
tilmanwhy is umount's "-d" switch not the default?07:07
tilmanmmh, there's a paragraph on it in the man page07:07
tilmann/m ;)07:07
thrice`glad we could help :)07:15
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predatorfreaktilman: Who's responsible for iptables? XD07:23
tilmanRomster: iirc you said you had an updated udev port?07:24
thrice`tilman: yeah, he does.  tested well here07:24
predatorfreaktilman: You mean the guy I don't like?07:25
tilmanare you serious?07:25
tilmani just pasted 'juergen', 'simone' and 'me' together07:25
thrice`predatorfreak: you should maintain pidgin, too :)  falls in with your nss app?07:26
predatorfreakthrice`: sip does.07:26
predatorfreaktilman: I'm blind.07:26
predatorfreakI only dislike Juergen :(07:26
tilmanpredatorfreak: don't be so annoyed at jue because of the md5sum thing. he's a good guy07:26
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predatorfreaktilman: Well, since he's back, can we at least call a meeting so I can voice my case to him in real-time? :)07:27
tilmanyeah, RSN07:27
aonfighting is just what crux needs07:27
predatorfreakaon: I'll keep it civil.07:28
tilmansaying how you dislike him on irc is bad enough already07:29
tilmanconsidering he's working on crux with you07:29
tilmanimo :p07:29
aonusually ve only dislike non-members07:30
aonon secret channels :)07:30
tilmanhehe, when i showered last night i realized i gave tek shell access by accident07:31
tilmanhaha, rugek has shell access, too, w t f?07:31
aoneven i dont have shell access iirc :)07:32
tilmanonly admins and other people-who-need-it have07:32
tilmanrugek: thanks for not abusing your shell access to over the last few years! :)07:33
predatorfreaktilman: Speaking of accounts and stuff, Romster wants in opt.07:33
predatorfreakSo he can push x264/libdvdnav to opt.07:33
tilmanso much stuff to take care of07:34
predatorfreaktilman: If you don't want him molesting ports in opt, he's told me that I can move them into opt.07:35
tilmanwe should have a crux foundation that pays me to work on crux stuff half the day07:35
predatorfreakBut both need SVN snapshots to work right XD07:35
* tilman dislikes snapshot ports07:35
aonwe should have a crux state07:36
predatorfreaktilman: Well, there's really no alternative for x264 or libdvdnav.07:36
tilmancan't stupid upstream provide working tarballs?07:36
predatorfreakBy the looks of it, the x264 people have a stance of "When it's completely, perfectly done."07:36
Romsteri wish they did...07:36
tilmanaon: good idea. i think TPB didn't end up buying sealand, so maybe we can have it :)07:36
aonso i could serve in its crux army and pretend to work ond crux07:36
predatorfreaktilman: I nominate you for Supreme Dictator of CRUX-Land.07:37
predatorfreakand myself for Supreme General of CRUX-Land :D07:37
predatorfreakI've always wanted to lead an army07:37
tilmandictator is better than general, right?07:37
tilmanmight work for me then07:37
tilmanaon is probably better suited for that07:38
predatorfreakGeneral would by akin to leader of the Army, Navy and Air Force :P07:38
tilmanfor the general i mean07:38
tilmani guess he's got way more army experience than you07:38
predatorfreakAw, but according to RA2, I have experience leading troops to a hellish death07:38
aonwhoever has the highest rank :)07:38
tilmanpredatorfreak: you can be the Supreme Radio Operator07:38
predatorfreakThat works too.07:38
Romsterhehe good music for the masses.07:39
predatorfreakI also nominate Romster for Supreme Port Molester of CRUX-Land07:39
predatorfreaktilman: But more seriously, I'd like to get an rc.d script for iptables merged07:40
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct07:40
Romsteri have my own mess of firewall rules gotta look over yours yet predatorfreak07:40
tilmanpredatorfreak: kind of like a firewall script?07:40
Romstergawd i got too much to do.07:40
predatorfreaktilman: No, not really.07:41
predatorfreakIt's just a script to use iptables-save/restore07:41
tilmanwell, submit it to crux-devel@ and see what people think07:41
predatorfreakLike Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, basically everyone does07:41
Romsterpredatorfreak, if tc had a save/restore too i'd be all for that.07:41
tilmansounds good i guess :p07:41
thrice`predatorfreak: why not just have the user make on and start it in rc.conf?07:42
predatorfreakthrice`: Do what now?07:42
tilmani think that sentence is lacking 1+ words07:42
Romsterpredatorfreak, in my case i can have pppoe start a firewall script.07:42
predatorfreakthrice`: If I'm reading that right.07:43
thrice`vim /etc/rc.d/firewall, vim /etc/rc.conf ? :)07:43
predatorfreakYou mean why not let them write the rules and start their script?07:43
thrice`do you mean a default-firewall?07:43
predatorfreakThe idea for the iptables script is to let them write their rules07:43
predatorfreakSave them07:43
predatorfreakand do iptables-restore at boot07:43
thrice`ah, bbiab.  have to call motherland07:44
thrice`(german companies ftw :)07:44
predatorfreakthrice`: Our Glorious Leader Tilman requires you to work harder! :P07:44
tilmanwhat do you mean, german companies ftw? :p07:46
predatorfreaktilman: Sent the e-mail, it'll probably get delayed because of it's size though07:50
tilmanthere's some (2) interesting articles on nouveau on btw07:50
tilmanhint understood07:50
tilmanpredatorfreak: aren't you subscribed to crux-devel?07:53
predatorfreakI am.07:53
predatorfreakor at least I should me...07:53
predatorfreakyeah I am07:53
predatorfreakunless I magically got unsubscribed07:53
tilman"There are no pending requests."07:53
predatorfreaktilman: maybe it's not giant? :D07:54
predatorfreakattachment is only 27KB07:55
tilmanthat seems a lot for what should be a small patch :P07:56
predatorfreakI attached the full port :(07:56
tilmanthere it is07:57
RedShiftwhat could make a kernel not read the commandline?08:01
tilmana bug?08:01
RedShiftcrap :X08:02
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:11
tilman    * Q: Name one of the men described as "The Father of the Internet."08:12
tilman    * A: Any of: Vinton Cerf (TCP/IP co-designer), Robert Kahn (TCP/IP co-designer), John Postel (started IANA), Al Gore (made encouraging noises)08:12
tilmanjaeger: this might be for you:
jaegerwow, that's a new height of nerdy08:16
tilmansome questions are lame though (eg "what service uses tcp port 6667")08:18
RedShiftman I would get *so* drunk at that game I wouldn't even remember where I parked08:23
sepentilman, what returns the tcp port 6667 if I use grep in /etc/services¿? no idea08:28
tilmanepic fail08:30
Romster6667 gee i wonder <<08:33
j^2tilman: you should op me ;)08:41
tilmanorly? :p08:43
j^2i think i got tenure; and hell you like me enough :P08:43
thrice`tilman: I work for one, is all; nothing more :)08:49
tilmanokay :]08:51
thrice`and sometimes don't meet eye to eye on issues08:52
Rotwang/usr/5bin/yes /usr/local/diet/bin/yes etf is this?08:53
Rotwangsome yhafri ports have realle low quality08:54
tilmantreat yhafri's repository/ports with extreme precautions08:54
Romsteryeah libiconv08:54
Romsterbites hard.08:55
RyoSRotwang: some? :S08:55
Rotwangsome are ok :]08:56
RyoSnak :/08:56
predatorfreakRotwang: It's yhafri's ports.08:56
predatorfreakWhat do you expect?08:56
Romsterhe is a port monster08:57
predatorfreakRomster: Worse than you!08:57
Romsterhe can't maintain that many08:57
predatorfreakAt least you make them look pretty!08:57
Rotwang>2000 ports it is madness08:57
RyoSthis is sparta!!!!08:57
RyoScouldnt resist..08:58
* predatorfreak gets kicked into a pit by RyoS08:58
RyoShehe :P08:58
RyoSi'd never do that... :P08:58
* tilman plays 30008:59
predatorfreakRyoS: You're Leonidas though, you have to.08:59
RyoSi got choosen then, alright08:59
Romsterya yhafri jsut throws ports together i take pride in keeping them clean.09:00
predatorfreakRomster: I'm just a Junior Port Molester :(09:01
sepenanyone who has this list uptodate?
sepenIm interesting on 'ode' port? any objection?09:17
predatorfreaksepen: If no-ones taken it by now09:17
predatorfreakFree game09:17
sepenI want to play09:18
sepenalso it need an update to 0.909:18
predatorfreakTake it then09:18
sepenand blender (which I maintain) dependens on it09:18
predatorfreak"Unix is user-friendly. It just isn't promiscuous about which users it's friendly with."09:19
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haubehi, may someone can help me with the installation of gpgme, i ve isntalled crux2.4 made sysup and started the kdebase depinstallation ... at the installation of gpgme i got an make error with gpsm: unknown hash algorithm "some figures"  : general error. ive tried to make manually the first time i got the same, then i rerun make and it was build.. so ive added "-i" to make in the pkgfile to ignore the error10:15
haubeist this ok ?10:16
Romsteri've seen it but i can't recreate the problem..10:30
Romstercomnet out the make check line.10:30
Romsteri think that's the line it fails in something is missing the hases of sha but i have no idea what.10:31
haubei ve untared its and run make and got the error so it occours above make tests10:33
Romsterdamn it...10:33
haubebut what confused me was10:33
Romsteri've loked though the source but i can't pinpoint what10:33
haubei run make get the error10:33
Romsteri've narrored it down to a sha crypto missing but from what i don't know.10:34
haubeand run make again right after the error and it seems to make the rest without error10:34
Romstergoogle never helped and it builds for me..10:34
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/gpgme#1.1.6-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.10:35
Romsterprt-get: reinstalling gpgme 1.1.6-110:35
Romsterjust did it now..10:35
haubei ve got 1.1.5 in the contrib ports10:35
Romsterarn't you on  crux 2.4?10:36
haubeare there some new ports files? may i ve overwritten those from 2.410:36
Romsteris your system on 2.3 or 2.4?10:36
Romsteryou didn't edit /etc/ports/contrib.rsync10:37
haube but i ve copyed the files from a previous 2.3 installtation from /etc/ports/*10:37
Romsterwhat the...10:37
Romsterso you hae 2.3 ports tree files?10:37
Romsteron a 2.4 system...10:38
haubedidn't know that there have been changes to the ports files10:38
Romsterthere is a 2.4 branch10:38
predatorfreakhaube: We branch every new version.10:38
thrice`haube: did you update to crux 2.4, or fresh installation?10:38
thrice`fresh installation contrib driver should be fine.10:39
predatorfreakFucking hell, blasted neck pain.10:39
haubea fresh ok then i will get the new ports file10:39
Romsteror edit the existing one just change the 2.3 to 2.410:39
thrice`Romster: why do you think it's 2.3, out of curiosity?10:39
predatorfreakRomster: gpgme in contrib is 1.1.610:40
predatorfreakBTW Romster.10:40
Romsterbecause 1) he copied etc/ports/.. from a 2.3 system 2) if he was on a 2.3 system it would have the same problem for contrib predatorfreak expeareanced.10:40
predatorfreakYou still never fixed this mismatch:10:41
predatorfreakNEW       drwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/share/info/10:41
predatorfreakNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/info/gpgme.info10:41
Romsterthe contrib.rsync.inactive file gets rejmerged but not contrib.rsync10:41
Romstergod damn it...10:41
Romsterdidn't i edit it..10:41
predatorfreakRomster: I remember telling you "It installs it even without texinfo"10:41
Romsteri sware i hate info sht...10:42
thrice`Romster: oooh, good point10:42
predatorfreakWe should just make a "Purge bullshit" function for pkgmk.10:42
thrice`I thought he did a fresh install10:42
predatorfreakSo that you can run killinfo $PKG10:42
predatorfreakor something10:42
Romsterdunno i had the feeling he updated since he has old contrib 2.3 tree10:42
predatorfreaktilman: I've come to the conclusion that I'd probably be a horrible Supreme Radio Operator.10:44
predatorfreakI'd go from Howlin' Wolf to Amon Amarth10:45
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC10:45
Romsterit didn't change the .footprint and it hasn't got them 2 files in mine huh?10:46
Romstersomething is funky...10:46
predatorfreakRomster: Dowhatnow?10:47
predatorfreakOh, that's because of your check.10:47
predatorfreakYou probably have texinfo installed10:47
predatorfreakSo it removes them for you.10:48
predatorfreakI don't.10:48
predatorfreakHence, it doesn't.10:48
Romsterah but get this10:48
haubeso 1.1.6 makes the same error, but maybe it works after a sysup know10:48
Romstermy footprint has no info in git so how can there be those lines oh right you had new lines...10:48
predatorfreakRomster: Durr :P10:49
Romsterthat arn't in my footprint file... gawd that confused me.10:49
predatorfreakOf COURSE new lines aren't in your footprint! :D10:49
cruxbot[contrib] gpgme: fix removal of info files10:50
Romsteryeash i could do with more sleep if i could get tired..10:50
predatorfreakRomster: Just eat thrice` to refuel yourself10:51
predatorfreak(Sorry thrice`, sacrifices are needed to keep Romster happy :D)10:51
Romsteri'm going nuts with the little sleep i've been geting.10:52
predatorfreakMy penis is large enough, thank you Mr. Russian!10:53
Romsteroh man10:56
Romsterya now what aoyes me the most i try to do sane no force remove stuff and theres some catch.10:59
haubeok thank you for your help, if the problem persists after the sysup i may come back in here ;)11:00
Romstershould nuke texinfo nnd i make man pages for them ports that don't have one.11:00
Romstercheck with rejmerge too.11:00
Romsterports -u; prt-get sysup; rejmerge11:01
* predatorfreak commits new ports with "PORTNAME: CHEAP VIAGRA CLICK HERE"11:01
Romsterman rejmerge11:01
* Romster adds option --lasts-for-24-hours11:02
predatorfreakNever know, maybe I can make a couple thousand off poor CRUX users :311:02
Romsterya know any longer than 4 and ya gotta go see the doc with a embaressing problem.11:02
predatorfreak"Doc. I took too much Viagra."11:03
Romsterso how the fuck can they have one for a day..11:03
predatorfreak"and now my penis won't stop raping people."11:03
predatorfreak"You've gotta help me man."11:03
haube   this is the log from pkgmk in gpgme, but i am away know11:04
RedShiftWARNING: Cron is out of sync with the Poller Interval! The Poller Interval is '300' seconds, with a maximum of a '300' second Cron, but 7749 seconds have passed since the last poll!11:05
RedShiftYES, I KNOW, STFU11:05
Rotwanghaube: have you edited pkgmk.conf?11:05
haubeignore footprint is yes11:05
Rotwangbut you hadnt customized cflags <<11:06
*** mike_k has joined #crux11:07
Romsterhaube, do you have all dependencys installed?11:08
Romsterprt-get deptree gpgme11:09
Romsterif any of them is [ ] then you haven't got all the dependencys installed.11:09
haubeall installed11:09
haubebut lets wait for the sysup11:09
Romstermight be that it won't build until everything else is updated first.11:10
*** haube is now known as Haube|away11:10
cruxbot[contrib] ode: Taken over port from prologic. Updated 0.8 -> 0.9 and cleanup.11:11
* Romster does more port raping.11:16
Romsterpredatorfreak, i need to make a automated mode to check though ports in safe-build too.11:16
predatorfreakRomster: Don't look at me, my one good idea for the day is up :P11:17
Romsterso i can start it let it log etc and come back a day later and review it all.11:17
sepenRomster, buildbot???
Romstersepen, kinda..11:21
cruxbot[contrib] bomberclone: 0.11.7 -> 0.11.811:39
*** joacim has joined #crux11:46
*** ZaB|SHC| has joined #crux11:46
ZaB|SHC|hi everyone. i'm looking for a script called i've found it in a special repo for crux, but as i'm running arch i can't access it. could someone please send me that file? (the address of the repo is
Romsteryou can download the source and extract it...11:49
Rotwangyhafri ;]11:49
Romsterlook in the Pkgfile for the source= line.11:50
ZaB|SHC|Rotwang: thx11:53
ZaB|SHC|i already thought he made it with xwininfo, but couldn't get the right parameters.11:54
ZaB|SHC|Romster: the source-line contains no address.11:54
Rotwangscript comes together with pkgfile footprint and md5sum ;]11:54
Romsterthen it's in the directory with the Pkgfile? *shrugs* never trust yhafri's ports11:55
Romsterthen why didn't ZaB|SHC| just download the file...11:55
ZaB|SHC|Romster: got it.11:57
*** sepen has quit IRC11:57
*** sepen has joined #crux11:58
ZaB|SHC|didn't know i had just to replace PkgFile with focustrans in the url.11:59
predatorfreakRomster: Never, ever even touch yharfri's ports unless you're willing to be anally raped with fire.12:01
Romsterhaha too late <<12:03
jjpkIt is good practice to review any port before installing.12:03
jjpkNevertheless in yhafri's case, the precaution is not uncalled for12:04
predatorfreakjjpk: In fact, it's mandatory.12:05
cruxbot[contrib] fuse-python: fix dependencys12:08
Romsterya i can say my ports at the most will have footprint missmatches.12:09
Romsterwon't destroy a system.12:09
Romsterexcept one my safe-build but new version has some safety checks.12:09
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC12:18
*** treach has joined #crux12:39
*** sepen has joined #crux13:07
*** RedShift- has joined #crux13:10
*** Dapper has joined #Crux13:16
*** RedShift has quit IRC13:25
*** RedShift- is now known as RedShift13:25
Romsterwhat the...13:28
Rotwangwhats wrong?13:28
Romsterthat page sepen pasted.13:29
Romsterwho or what is tracking that.13:29
*** maxus has joined #crux13:31
DapperI was checking it out. It's a way to join IRC through their website.13:34
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux13:34
Romsterah one of them cgi irc gateway things.13:35
DapperI've been wondering if you could get on irc through a web
DapperI like irssi better though... ;)13:36
Romsterya can..13:38
cruxbot[contrib] exiftool: updated to 7.2013:46
cruxbot[contrib] dcraw: updated to 8.8313:46
jjpkWonder how gogloom collects their stats.14:03
jjpkThe easy answer is to have a bot do the dirty work.14:03
*** drijen has joined #crux14:05
cruxbot[contrib] libetpan: updated to 0.5414:07
cruxbot[contrib] djvulibre: updated to 3.5.20-514:24
*** Dapper has quit IRC15:11
*** RedShift has quit IRC15:20
*** RedShift has joined #crux15:22
*** bitwise_ has joined #crux15:29
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:34
*** ZaB|SHC| has left #crux15:38
*** treach has left #crux15:39
*** treach has quit IRC15:39
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux15:58
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux16:14
predatorfreakoh great, I come back to find instead of Russian penis enlargement spam, I'm getting POLISH penis enlargement spam!16:14
DarkNekrospredatorfreak, you are going to have an international pennis enlargement (lol)16:18
predatorfreakDamn it, my penis is large enough!16:19
predatorfreakI don't need Polish Dong Enhencement.16:19
DarkNekrosneither me ;)16:22
jjpkMaybe they are selling polska kiełbasa haha.16:23
aoni got snail mail from poland today16:23
aonover 3kg of it actually16:23
predatorfreakjjpk: Not unless kielbasa helps to "pleasure your women more"16:23
* tilman likes kielbasa16:28
* Rotwang likes wurst16:29
* aon likes makkara16:29
aonespecially when cut into pieces and deep fried with potatoes16:29
aonand served with a mess of spices16:29
tilmanwhat's makarra? it's too late to hit wikipedia16:30
jjpk'sausage' in Finnish.16:30
Romsterjsut call then snags or bangers for aussie <<16:31
tilmanwell, kielbasa isn't just a random sausage16:31
Romstermaybe it's like karbana?16:31
tilmanit's really good and makes a great stew together with curly iforgettheword16:31
aoni know16:31
Rotwangtilman: kielbasa is certain dish in germany?16:32
tilmanRotwang: i have this recipe for a kielbasa "stew"16:32
tilmanoh, i just said that16:32
tilmancurly kale16:33
tilmanand potatoes16:33
tilmansoo yummy :)16:33
nipuLyou germans and your cabbages16:34
nipuLkale is a type of cabbage16:34
Romsterso basicly a saugage and cabage stew...16:35
nipuLsounds like something my dog would eat16:36
Romsteronly with a specal type of saugage.16:36
RomsternipuL, lol.16:36
predatorfreakRomster: Oh btw, I hear you have old nvidia drivers somewhere16:38
predatorfreakMight wanna do a is-my-shit-older-than-opts check :D16:38
Romsteri did that on pourpose none of the newer ones work for me.16:38
predatorfreakWell keep it internal! :P16:39
predatorfreakand what precisely is the problem?16:39
jnengland77Yeah I went to update nvidia and it wouldn't compile against 2.6.24 for me.16:39
nipuLworks for me16:39
Romstercompiled but16:39
nipuLi'm on 169.12 straight from opt16:39
Romster$ glxgears16:39
RomsterIllegal instruction16:39
predatorfreakRomster: Running pax or execshield or anything?16:39
nipuLwhat card do you have?16:39
Romsterand i dind't bother to strace it.16:39
jnengland77Yeah I was talking about Romsters old drivers didn't.16:39
Romsternope none.16:40
predatorfreakRomster: Current kernel?16:40
Romstergeforce 7600gs16:40
nipuLi'm using 7300gt,
jnengland778800 GTS16:40
Romster169.{07,09,12} all did the same shit.16:41
nipuLwell they should work in 16916:41
predatorfreakjnengland77: G92 core or the old core?16:41
jnengland77I think the old one.16:41
predatorfreakRomster: Did the usual kill X, rmmod nvidia16:41
Romsterthen why do i get 'Illegal instruction'16:41
predatorfreakmodprobe nvidia16:41
jnengland77I bought it like 8 months ago.16:41
predatorfreakgl-select xorg; gl-select nvidia16:41
predatorfreakRight? :)16:41
Romsteryep even reboots16:41
Romsteri didn't miss gl-select.16:41
nipuLmass recompile?16:41
predatorfreakjnengland77: Old G80something core16:42
predatorfreaknipuL: Whatever it is it's an nvidia bug then.16:42
predatorfreakand good luck getting their asses to fix it <_<16:42
Romsterrmmod nvidia; depmode -a; modprobe nvidia; glselect xorg; gl-select nvidia16:42
Romsteral that same shit and even ater a cold reboot same shit.16:43
nipuLheh, i'm still waiting for freebsd/amd64 drivers, not holding my breath16:43
Romsteri didn't care to fuck with it so i downgraded again16:43
Romsterand it instantly worked again16:43
predatorfreaknipuL: I couldn't even fucking get them to work with an AMD64 CPU in x86 back when I tried FBSD16:44
RomsterCFLAGS -)2 -mtune=native16:44
predatorfreakRomster: Hope you mean O the letter :P16:45
Romsterso no idea what i did wrong16:45
Romsteryes the letter O16:45
tilmanyou didn't get it16:45
Romsternot 0216:45
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC16:45
predatorfreaktilman: funroll-loops.info16:45
predatorfreakChanged domains.16:46
predatorfreak"Watching shit scroll by for hours makes me a Linux expert overnight!"16:47
predatorfreakWe must all be Linux Gods then.16:48
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux16:48
Romster"Yet, binary distros are riddled with bugs, and are much more annoying to fix given the the cumbersome edit/build package/install package cycle."16:50
predatorfreak"You will notice that even with that crazy MAKEOPTS=-j256 you won't be able to use your cores to the max. With the latest Xeon I was just able to make each one of my 8 cores work at 27%, having all of my cores sleeping at 73%!!!"16:50
nipuLgood one tilman16:51
nipuLnow they're all pasting crap from the site16:52
tilmanoh, hehe16:52
tilmansorry nipuL :p16:52
nipuLon an unrelated matter, all the new technicians at work are retarded16:53
nipuLnone of them know linux/unix16:53
predatorfreaknipuL: Tell them to run Gentoo, by tomorrow they'll be Linux experts :P16:53
jjpkStrap them to a console showing mountain upon mountain of compiler messages whizzing by. :D16:54
nipuLone guy built a spare parts machine to put xp on it because he couldn't handle linux on the workshop pc16:54
ToshiThey must be active directory pros16:54
Toshii can right click a username16:54
tilman:D :D16:55
nipuLthey call me up whenever the internet goes down "what do it do!?!"16:55
nipuLme: ugh, fix it16:55
nipuLwhich usually involves rebooting the adsl modem16:56
Romsterjust tell them to pull the power on the dsl and plug it back in... or is that too hard for them16:57
nipuLpretty tricky stuff, turning things off and on again16:57
jnengland77just train some chimps or something...16:58
nipuLno, it's my job to throw poo at the customers16:58
Romsterbetetr yet get a dsl modem that works.16:58
nipuLi'm not paid enough to care16:59
Romsteri'd say want me out here every time or replace it and not see me for a long time <<16:59
nipuLi'm about to go on call only16:59
nipuLminimal store contact16:59
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:04
Romsterimagemagick 6.3.9-0 <- out of date -3 is outnow and why is it on a beta anyways? 6.3.8-11 is stable.17:04
Romsterand i don't see a point in uping my own copy of nvidia when it breaks for me.17:05
Romsterplus 100.14.19 is considered stable the later ones testing.17:05
predatorfreakNo, current stable release is the one in opt17:05
predatorfreakLatest beta/testing release in 171.BLAH17:05
Romsterwell gentu says 169.x is testing..17:06
jaegernvidia says it's latest release17:06
Romstergent* but ah they are slow.17:06
Romsterwell it gives me Illegal instruction17:06
Romsterso it can goto hell unless that can be fixed <<17:06
predatorfreakRomster: Gentoo's testing tree is basically every stable release17:08
predatorfreakThey lie out their balls17:08
Romsterprobbably but the error i got i should of ran strace.17:08
Romsternot sure if it's because of the video card model i have.17:09
Romsterand i did try the port straight from opt.17:09
Romsterto rule out any mistakes to mine.17:09
Romstermaybe i should of droped my -O2 to -O017:10
* jaeger twitches17:10
RomsterIllegal instruction, and i'm on a althon thunderbird17:11
Romsteror is that a bad instruction on the GPU?17:11
Romsteri even recompiled xorg-server and mesa3d to bloody make sure i didn't have issues.17:12
Romsternoting worked except 100.14.1917:12
Romsterso unless someone has another idea for me to try.17:12
Romsteri'm not upgrading video untill a new relese comes out to test.17:13
Romsterren revdep no errors.17:14
Romsterran rejmerge noting to merge.17:14
nipuLwtf happened to soltek17:15
Romsterand i doubt i could read strace's output.17:15
nipuLthey dropped off the internet17:15
Romsterno idea.17:15
predatorfreakRomster: Maybe they started building in a way that borks thunderbird CPUs?17:15
tilmancompiling for an amd64 could cause SIGILL17:15
Romsterpredatorfreak, that's about the only ting i can tink of..17:15
tilmanso maybe check your cflags again17:15
predatorfreaktilman: Well, I didn't quite mean that.17:16
tilmanyeah, but i did17:16
predatorfreaktilman: Plus my bet is on it being the glxgears17:16
predatorfreakerr libglx*17:16
Romster-O2 -mtune=native, that's all i have set.17:16
tilmanglx is just the stupid gl<->x interface17:16
tilmanit might be nvidia's libGL17:16
Romsterbut that works for others not me17:17
predatorfreaktilman: libGL, whatever.17:17
predatorfreakRomster: Others with Athlon thunderbirds?17:17
Romsteri don't know of any others and i only have the 117:18
Romsterguess old shit loses it's support.17:18
rehabdollwow, thuunderbird17:19
rehabdollthats very -01 :)17:19
predatorfreakrehabdoll: It's -O1, with the letter O, not the number 0!17:19
rehabdolldoh, 2001! :>17:20
*** Haube|away is now known as Haube17:20
Haubeok sys update is done, and now gpgme went fine!17:20
predatorfreakrehabdoll: 2001 needs optimisation too!17:22
Romsteri'm gonan get a AM2+/AM3 mobo right now it's worth to wait.17:23
nipuLi bought my mobo 3 months too early17:28
nipuLright before all the virtualization extensions17:28
Romsteri'm wating for quad core bugs to get ironed out.17:28
Romsterand DDR3 is hiting the market so no point in geting DDR217:29
rehabdollddr2 is dirt cheap though17:29
nipuLbut when ddr3 becomes affordable the new type of memory will be around the corner17:29
Romsterby then the quad cores will be less buggy.17:30
Romsterwhich is my primary concern and cost of a quadcore.17:30
nipuLi wish the small system boards would get cheaper17:30
nipuLa decent pico-itx is still over $50017:30
rehabdollquad core bugs?17:30
nipuLi want some small ones to run the firewall and fileserver17:31
Romsterthe chipset/software whatever else design faults.17:31
nipuLsave on the electricity bill17:31
nipuLrunn them on 12v dc17:31
Romsterya that would be nice17:31
rehabdollya i was also thinking of using a via board for a firewall17:31
Romsterrun them off a SLA 12 volt battery. with charger cheap ups17:31
nipuLi can get deep cycle sla's dirt cheap17:32
rehabdollmy current "firewall" has developed into the emacs of firewalls :)17:32
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:32
nipuLthe joys of being a jaycar distributor17:32
RomsternipuL, ah the 18Ah one or the 7.5Ah for like $25?17:33
Romsteractualy oatley electronics gets good deals on sla's17:34
nipuLretail for a 7ah is $2017:34
nipuL$65 for an 1817:35
Romsterbig price jump17:36
nipuLbut like i said, that's retail. i get them at cost+gst17:37
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC18:25
*** andarius has joined #crux18:28
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:28
andariusgreetings and salutations18:28
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** drijen has quit IRC19:05
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:06
Haubegood night19:10
*** Haube has quit IRC19:10
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux19:20
brian|lfshello everyone19:21
brian|lfsI haven't used my crux install much the pst few months and I did an update on it and a few packages failed19:21
brian|lfsI"m trying to figure out what tlv support is it fails on alsa-utils19:21
brian|lfsanyone know what tlv is19:21
Toshiwhat is the error?19:22
brian|lfswhen alsa util trying to configure the confiugre script says failed to configure tlv19:22
Toshidid you update alsa-lib before alsa-utils?19:23
brian|lfsthats what I'm tyring to see if it gives the same error19:24
brian|lfsI Know before alsa-lib failed19:24
brian|lfsahh ok there is a footprint mssmatch on alsa-lib19:25
brian|lfsits been a few months do I just do a -f to get it to ignroe the footprint missmatch I forget19:27
Toshiyou can just pkgadd it if you know it's okay19:28
Toshiyeah I think that's right19:28
brian|lfsoh its pkgadd19:29
brian|lfsok couldn't remember lol19:29
Toshiif you use prt-get it'll rebuild it19:29
brian|lfsok I got it I think I did pkgadd -u -f packagename19:30
brian|lfscool there goes alsa-utils19:31
Romsterprt-get update -uf <port>19:31
Romsterworks too19:31
Romsterdon't use pkgmk -f19:32
brian|lfsits been awhile liek 4 or 5 months lol19:32
Romstererr pkgadd -f19:32
brian|lfssince I used crux19:32
Romsterthat is bad19:32
brian|lfsI know19:32
Romsterpkgmk -u port, to update19:32
brian|lfsI find crux the hardest package manager to use rofl19:32
Romsteroh i find it easy hmmz..19:32
Toshiisn't prt-get -f just passing -f to pkgadd?19:32
brian|lfsI'm so use to apt-get lol19:33
brian|lfsand emerge rofl19:33
ToshiI usually do prt-get and when I get a footprint mismatch I look at it.  If it's okay I use pkgadd to upgrade19:34
nipuLRomster: got my hg web access working,
nipuLit passws through 2 reverse proxies to get there19:35
Toshibrian|lfs: op, g2g.  gl with your sysup19:35
brian|lfsno problem I'm good19:36
brian|lfsjust a bunch of failed packages I'm going through lol19:36
brian|lfsI got a weird one for you Romster everytime I reboot and crux is booting it complains my partitions are in the future and fixes them any ideas why19:38
Romsterhmmm bios battery needs replacing19:39
brian|lfsmy bios settings never reset and my time looks fine19:40
Romsteror you got some problem with ntpd? if you run one.19:40
joacimyoure dualbooting with windows?19:40
brian|lfsdual booting with windoews19:40
Romsterwindows is changing the time.19:40
Romsterof the bios19:40
Romsteri'd check your locale for time.19:41
brian|lfsoh ok and when crux see it it changes back lol19:41
Romstermust be way out..19:41
Romstermaybe DST?19:41
Romstererr daylight savings time or the times are at diferent regions.19:42
brian|lfsFri Mar  7 20:41:13 EST 200819:42
brian|lfsthats right my date and time and zone19:42
brian|lfsDST isn't until tomorrow night19:42
Romsterso linux is right what about windows <<19:44
brian|lfswindows had the wrong time zone until If xied it the other day19:44
Romsterthen there ya go <<19:45
brian|lfssee what happened was I bought a new hard drive and had to reinstall vista and didn't realize I was on paciifc and I fixed it and my time is right in windows now19:45
brian|lfsthe thing of it is I don't even have to go into windows19:45
brian|lfsif I'm in crux and reboot and go right back into crux it says my partitions are in the future everytime19:45
rehabdollwow, 2.6.0 was released over 4 years ago19:48
brian|lfskernel 2.6.0 you mean?19:48
brian|lfsmaybe it is my bios battery Romester no clue19:52
brian|lfsI'll reboot latter and see what happens19:52
brian|lfsright now qt is trying to compile19:52
joacimdo you save the hardware clock before you halt?19:52
brian|lfsnot sure how would I know19:53
brian|lfsis there a conf file I would check fo rthat19:54
joacimif you put hwclock in one of your init-scripts i guess19:54
brian|lfsI'm looking at my /etc/rc.d not sure what one I should put it in19:57
brian|lfshmm any idea how adjtime works19:59
brian|lfsmine looks like this -0.002997 1204938211 0.00000019:59
brian|lfsmaybe comment out the first two lines20:00
brian|lfsbbl dinner time20:01
Romsterbrian|lfs, you might like this for pkgutils
Romsterwarn on new files instead of error.20:01
Romsteri use it on mine.20:01
*** joacim has quit IRC20:13
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC20:30
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC20:52
*** bitwise_ has quit IRC21:07
*** haole has joined #crux21:08
haolehey there... i can't load my gnome-settings outside gnome's environment... can anybody help me with this? maybe jaeger :D21:09
haolei know that the binary for this is in /usr/lib/gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon, but if i execute it, i don't get my gtk themes and stuff loaded... however, if i execute gnome-appearance-properties, it executes another instance of gnome-settings-daemon that loads my stuff... maybe im missing some paramethers here21:10
*** haole has quit IRC21:14
Romsterhe is forever messing something up...21:26
*** Dapper_Dan has joined #Crux22:06
Dapper_DanHi, anyone here? :)22:17
andariusnope, you are all alone22:19
andariuswhats going on toninght Dapper_Dan ?22:21
Dapper_DanHi andarius. This is only my second time here. I was hoping someone could help me. Having problems when doing prt-get sysup.22:22
andariusi can try to help a bit. i am by far no where near an expert22:22
andariuswhat have you done so far?22:22
Dapper_DanAll my xorg stuff won't update. Everything else will. Mind you, I've only neen using Crux for less than a year.22:23
Dapper_DanAll xorg stuff gives errors.22:23
Dapper_DanThis seems to be in all of them:22:23
Dapper_Danerror: 'xDeviceAbsCalibCtl' undeclared (first use in this function)22:23
andariusodd. i have only been using crux for a few months. no issues updating anything core so far22:24
Dapper_DanThat's the thing. One box with 2.3... no problems. The other with 2.3, I cant sysup xorg packages.22:25
andariusperhaps something else has become corupt or damaged?22:25
Dapper_DanYes. I'm thinking, but am not experienced enough to figure it out. Perhaps 2.4 is in order? But except for not being able to update xorg packages, this 2.3 I have runs very satisfactorily.22:26
andariusthere is a tool to check what it depends on, which you could then rebuild those apps. i think "prt-get quick-dep" or something22:27
Dapper_DanHere's just one of the errors... Sorry for the length... 11 or so lines...22:28
Dapper_DanIs that too many lines? Is it okay?22:29
andariuspastebin it would be best22:30
Dapper_Danirc is fairly new to me.... pastebin?22:31
Dapper_DanAh... that's a good thing...22:32
andariusDapper_Dan: yes it is :)22:33
Dapper_DanGot it postmarked! :)22:34
Dapper_Danbookmarked... lol...22:34
Dapper_DanDrinking a little bourbon tonight... ;)22:34
andariusDapper_Dan: i am sorry, i have no idea there :(22:34
andariusaye, i am drinking a medium amount of beer ;)22:35
Dapper_DanK... Maybe 2.4 is what I should do. Been wanting to anyway. This is a great reason too. :)22:35
andariusi started with 2.4, i am pretty happy so far22:35
Dapper_DanI just love Crux... just suits me.22:36
andariuslol. so far it suites me as well22:36
Dapper_DanI started with 2.2 and quickly went to 2.322:36
Dapper_DanWhich distro did you run before 2.4?22:37
andariusslackware. i still run it on some of my machines22:38
andariusor one that is. and crux on my desktop22:38
Dapper_DanLove Slackware too. Ran it from 9 through 12. Still have it on two machines. Crux for my home box and one work box though. :)22:39
Dapper_DanDid you ever try CruxPorts4Slack?22:42
Dapper_DanIt was developed by Deli Linux... a way to run Crux ports on Slackware. Not core though... lol! That's how I found my way to Crux.22:45
andariushmm. through slackpkg and i have never needed anything else for slack. then again i am pretty particular about my machines.22:46
Dapper_DanYes... I wish I had time to be particular... ;)22:46
andariuswith my home machines i have plenty. at work i am forced to use win :(22:47
Dapper_DanDrag. Luckily for me I run my own businesses, so we use Linux on everything except for a few apps where we muxt have Windows.22:47
andariusif i may inquire, what is your business related to field wise?22:49
RomsterCruxPorts4Slack hmm *googles*22:54
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux22:56
brian|lfshello anyone there does anyone knwo what would cause me to get a blank screenw ith nothing on it in the new kernel22:57
Toshiright when you boot?22:57
brian|lfsright when I boot22:57
andariusappend "vga=normal"22:57
Romsterthat should be the default.22:57
andariusshould can be a very big word though22:58
brian|lfsthats an illegal append lilo says23:02
Toshiyou can put it in your lilo.conf23:03
brian|lfsit is in my lilo conf but lilo says its illegal23:03
andarius$imagename vga=normal23:03
Romsterappend="quiet vga=normal"23:04
Toshiif you look in man lilo.conf you can see some examples23:04
brian|lfsoh ok thanks23:04
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
brian|lfs        label=CRUX-2.6.24-323:06
brian|lfs        root=/dev/sdb223:06
brian|lfs        read-only23:06
brian|lfs        append="quiet vga=normal"23:06
Romster2.6.24.3 i use23:06
Romsterdepends how you save the file in /boot/23:07
Romsterappend="quiet" goes outside that block...23:07
Romsterbelow boot=/dev/hda23:08
Romsteron mine but anywhere outside the image= block23:08
jaegerworks fine in the block, and in fact that option makes more sense inside23:09
brian|lfsI moved the vga=normal to my imagefile line and lilo wrote fine23:09
brian|lfsI'm going to reboot and see what happens23:09
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC23:10
Romsterhmm k..23:11

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