IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-03-08

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brian|lfshey got my kernel working Romster01:19
brian|lfstook a few trys but I did need the vga=normal option01:19
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Romsteryou must of turned on framebuffer or something01:30
brian|lfsmaybe not sure01:31
jaegermust have/should have01:34
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bitwise_FINALLY got sound working in my new kernel01:58
* nipuL gives bitwise_ a cookie02:01
* bitwise_ munches happily02:03
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nipuLanyone know if it's possible to slice an array in bash?04:23
nipuLor do i need to loop through the array04:24
Toshiprobably have to loop04:33
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)05:25
RedShifthi Dr. DarkNekros!05:45
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sepentilman, whats the problem?06:19
tilmanno problem06:19
sepenif you mean that we should discuss all crux questions here Im agree, but some things are not yet ''released'' and could be talked in private06:20
tilmanyou can use #crux-devel to talk about it, no? :p06:29
tilmanit's pretty silent over there atm anyway06:29
sepenyeah nicest06:32
sepenwhich is the best way to resize a file image?06:33
sepenmaybe by appending more bytes?06:33
tilmanseek & write(0)06:33
tilmanyou'll get a sparse file06:33
sepenusing dd with seek that right?06:35
tilmani was thinking of basic io calls06:35
DarkNekrossepen, has you think in data loss when resizing?06:35
tilmandunno about dd06:36
nipuLyou could do it with dd06:36
sepenand the reformat the image file?06:36
tilmani'd recommend to write that thing in perl/python/ruby instead of crappy shell script06:36
sepennot sure, Im think in tilman point06:36
sepenbut why another language06:36
tilmanbecause shell script is a pain in the ass :D06:37
tilmanbut if it works, stick to it06:37
sepenI should do my first steps in bash, and then if needed ported to another interpreter06:38
sepenlike my portdb-search scripts06:38
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sepenI find portdb-search very useful too, and implements kiss my portdb plains06:40
sepennipuL, did you write another script similar?06:40
nipuLyeah, in python06:40
nipuLdoes a bit more than yours i think06:40
sepenyeah I known06:41
nipuLit also parses the pkgfile md5sum and footprint06:41
sepenalso pretty for me06:41
sepenI should use 'curl'06:41
sepennot all .footprint can be parsed (rsync isn't)06:41
sepenthats what I write only the search function06:42
sepen*for what ?06:42
nipuLmine search tool catches that06:43
sependownloading a temporal file06:44
sepencan you paste me an example output, mine $ portdb-search mplayer ->
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tilmannice, there's a proper xcompmgr release now07:10
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Rotwangmy whole filesystem blown up :\07:26
Rotwangwhat may be cause of that?07:26
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RotwangI've newer did reiserfsck tho :/07:27
tilmanyou should run fsck periodically07:27
Rotwangmy bad :{07:28
tilmandid you disable that manually?07:28
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tilmanRotwang: is it totally fucked up? :/07:29
RotwangI've lost a lot of Gigs of my precious data ;[07:30
tilmandid you try to fsck it now and see what happens?07:30
Rotwangi tried, it didnt detect any partitions07:31
Rotwangit was like they just dissapeard07:31
f1yAnd all pr0n is lost, btw. hi Rotwang07:31
tilmanRotwang: not sure i should believe that it was never fscked07:32
Rotwanghi f1y ;[07:32
tilmansounds very weird07:32
Rotwangtilman i never did that manually, and its true :D07:32
Rotwangthat taught me to do fsck periodically and backup important data from time to time07:34
Rotwangespecially my favourite asians :P07:34
tilmanRotwang: with sane filesystems/sane configurations, they are automatically fscked every now and then07:34
tilmaneg every N mounts, or every N seconds07:34
Rotwangi said i never did that manually, and never saw that happen07:35
tilmanRotwang: maybe you should switch to ext3, too07:35
tilmani understood, i'm just saying that usually you don't *have* to run it manually07:35
Rotwangbut ext3 is slower07:35
tilmanwho cares whether it takes 20 seconds more to copy your porn07:35
tilmanyou copy it only once, right?07:36
tilmanand when you play it, speed doesn't matter that much07:36
sepenwhy not add your script to prtutils?07:40
sepenIts really fine and useful imo07:41
nipuLit's not finished07:41
nipuLi get distracted easily07:42
nipuLhaven't touched portdb in 5 weeks07:42
nipuLwriting a script to create clean build environments right now07:43
nipuLsort of like romster's safe-build, but the way i want it to work07:43
tilmansepen is doing the same07:43
sepencrux need it07:44
sepenbut I think they are some differences07:44
nipuLmine's using unionfs07:44
sepenit has more development07:45
Rotwangi guess wrong configured kernel couldnt do any harm to my partitions?07:58
f1yKernel is only for managing hard disks, not partitions i hope08:03
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nipuLpkgadd: could not read directory core/var/lib/pkg: No such file or directory08:14
nipuLbash-3.2$ ls -l core/var/lib/pkg/08:14
nipuLtotal 008:14
nipuL-rw-r--r-- 1 root users 0 Mar  9 01:03 db08:14
tilmanmaybe it's locked08:15
nipuLshouldn't be, nfs mount with nolock08:15
tilmandoesn't pkgutils lock the directory though?08:16
nipuLhmm, might try an absolute path08:16
nipuLthat was it08:17
nipuLno it wasn't08:18
nipuLmight be a locking issue, first pkginfo doesn't fail08:18
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tilmaneax has the address of a large buffer full of zeroes08:25
tilmanmov  ebx,[eax+0004]08:25
tilmanthat makes this a null deref, right?08:25
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nipuLsearch me, i haven't touched assembly in years08:28
tilmani think it does08:28
tilmanstrange enough, it doesn't make the program crash08:29
tilmaninstead it's filling some other buffers with interesting/useful data08:29
tilman(this is dos)08:29
bitwise_i've started to pronounce it like homer simpson...D'oh!08:30
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nipuLwell, wasn't locking, it was a renegade function changing directories and not changing back08:40
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nipuLany ideas what's up with this
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nipuLis it just me or is the pkgutils git repo a bit broken?09:43
tilmanbroken how?09:43
nipuLno branch points to head09:43
nipuLonly a tag09:43
tilmanright, what the fuck09:44
* tilman just ran 'git push'09:45
tilmanno idea how the hell i could forget that09:45
thrice`pushed after a few beers?09:45
tilmani only pushed the tag back then09:45
nipuLthat's better09:46
nipuLnow, to stay up all night figureing out why pkgadd -r is broken or get some sleep09:47
nipuLthe db commit works09:52
nipuLjust not file extraction09:52
RedShiftmain screen turn on09:53
RedShifthow are you gentlemen?09:53
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tilmanwhy is that bad?10:17
nipuLlook below10:17
tilmanbecause we never restore the original working dir?10:18
nipuLstring reject_dir = trim_filename(root + string("/") + string(PKG_REJECTED)); string original_filename = trim_filename(root + string("/") + archive_filename); string real_filename = original_filename;10:18
nipuLroot is used there10:18
tilmanso we're duplicating root?10:18
tilmanit seems to work though, doesn't it?10:18
tilmanthe crux setup uses it10:19
tilmanhow cna it be broken?10:19
tilmanyou're passing a relative path -> breakage10:19
tilmanwe're usually passing an absolute path -> works10:19
tilmanthat's my guess anyway10:20
nipuLi'll check10:20
nipuLeither way, it's definitely a bug10:21
nipuLyeah, abspath doesn't break10:21
nipuLremoving chdir works for both10:23
tilmansounds good10:23
tilmanlet me test it as well (later)10:23
tilmanand then i'll push that fix10:23
nipuLyay, sleep! that's where I'm a pirate!10:29
nipuLugh, s/pirate/viking/10:29
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cruxbot[opt] qt3: fixed dependencies11:27
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sepenRomster, footprint mismatch for contrib/numeric12:12
treachsigh. isn't the fastest to respond. :/12:15
drijenmorning folks12:23
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xcompmgr: initial release.12:27
tilmantreach: i *almost* figured out that video codec i talked about earlier \:D/12:27
treachwhee! :P12:27
treachhowever, "almost doesn't shoot any hares" :P12:28
* treach cureses again12:28
tilmanyeah. the remaining bits are a bit complicated12:28
tilmantreach: hmpf, fdo worked for me a minute ago, but now i cannot access xorg.fdo:80 either12:31
treachit works --- eventually12:34
tilmanthis is awesome12:35
tilmanthe dos program's memory changes randomly12:35
tilmanor dosbox' debugger has issues12:36
treachpredatorfreak: ping12:38
predatorfreaktreach: Pong.12:38
* predatorfreak launches nuclear pong retaliation strike.12:38
treachpredatorfreak: heh, just wondering if you got that variant on my ff3 port sorted eventually12:39
predatorfreaktreach: Sorta.12:39
predatorfreakIt needs a modified cvs snapshot of nss.12:40
thrice`FF3 is running very well here :)12:40
predatorfreakAside from that and some minor config changes12:40
predatorfreaknothing much12:40
treachdid you make your own port of libpng as well?12:41
treach(apng madness)12:41
predatorfreaktreach: I just told Firefox to use internal libpng.12:42
predatorfreakBut you could just bump to .25, it built fine with apng support for me.12:42
Rotwangdid he listen?12:43
tilmanopt/libpng is at .25 btw12:43
treachpredatorfreak: you mean you don't need to patch for apng anymore?12:43
predatorfreaktreach: No, the patch applied right.12:44
treachlibpng doesn't support apng without patching afaik12:44
predatorfreakYou still need a patch for it.12:44
tilmanoh, ok12:44
tilmann/m me ;p12:44
predatorfreaktilman: Go back to ruling CRUX-Land :P12:44
treachheh, or add the apng patch. ;)12:44
predatorfreakThe matters of peasants shouldn't concern you!12:44
predatorfreaktreach: TBH, unless apng goes mainline, I'd just tell Firefox to use it's own libpng.12:45
predatorfreakBecause it means less breakage.12:45
thrice`is that how mozilla packages it?12:45
predatorfreakThere's no guarantee as to how long the apng patch will apply.12:45
treachBloody annoying still. :/12:46
predatorfreakthrice`: They have .24 with apng support in their tree.12:46
predatorfreakThey have practically every lib in their tree12:46
predatorfreakEven when it makes no bloody sense, like zlib..12:46
thrice`predatorfreak: I mean, the official FF binary; do they use internal stuff?12:46
tilmanit makes (some) sense on windows12:46
predatorfreakthrice`: For libpng and shit, yeah.12:46
predatorfreaktilman: Ship a "windows build package".12:46
predatorfreakNot that many people build for windows besides a few performance nutters12:47
predatorfreakand Mozilla themselves.12:47
thrice`not many build on linux, either :)12:47
tilmantoo bad people support that broken piece of shit platform12:47
predatorfreakthrice`: Gentoo :P12:48
jjpkPlenty of reasons: 1) they are scared shitless about change 2) want to but for some reason can't :p12:48
predatorfreakand almost all distros roll their own packages, not Mozillas.12:48
tilmanwhy does xorg.fdo die just hwen i want to update a bunch of xorg ports?12:48
treachwell, when "broken POS" is 90% people tend to support it. :>12:48
treachtilman: it's not dead.12:48
predatorfreaktreach: In fact.12:48
treachjust almost catonic :>12:48
tilmanjust comatose12:48
predatorfreakThe only distro I know of which rolls Mozilla's build is Slackware12:49
tilmani just think (usually) that free software people shouldn't port their stuff to win3212:49
tilmanit makes windows idiots keep using windows12:49
predatorfreaktilman: It's Mozilla.12:49
predatorfreakThey love "cross platform" bullshit.12:49
tilmanwindows needs to die12:49
tilmanit's just a pita12:49
jjpkIt won't. :p12:50
tilmanno posix, no c99, no anything12:50
Rotwangtilman tell us who ports xmms2 for windows ;]12:50
predatorfreakRotwang: It's basically dead on Winders.12:50
tilmansome guy from nj12:50
predatorfreakFrom what I saw.12:50
tilmanbut i think he's got some polish blood!12:50
predatorfreakMakes fuck-all of no sense either.12:50
tilmanyou so should not comment on xmms212:51
predatorfreakWindows isn't exactly a glorious land of server-client architecture design12:51
predatorfreaktilman: Basic xmms2 doesn't work as well on Windows.12:51
predatorfreakThe closest thing to "official" daemon support is services12:51
tilmanwho would have thunk12:51
*** flimmern has joined #crux12:51
predatorfreakBackgrounding processes works to an extent, but most winders users need some way of killing a process beyond ctrl+alt+del :P12:52
RyoSpredatorfreak: you destroyed the pretty look!12:52
predatorfreakRyoS: Blah12:52
tilmanpredatorfreak: we have a "control panel" or something12:52
tilmananyway, what's your point?12:53
jjpkxmms2 on windows? o_o12:53
predatorfreaktilman: The basic design of XMMS2 isn't suited to Windows users.12:53
predatorfreakWho don't care about the underlying architecture of their media player.12:53
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tilmani should put you on ignore right now :D12:54
predatorfreakor setting up media servers.12:54
*** treach has joined #crux12:54
tilmanjjpk: so they can have shiny win32 clients controlling the daemon who runs in the box in the corner12:54
predatorfreaktilman: My point is: How many windows users do that?12:54
predatorfreakMost just want winamp or foobar.12:54
predatorfreakXMMS2 is beautiful for me, except for the lack of clients that are 100% developed.12:55
tilmanat least one or two, otherwise they wouldn't have ported it12:55
tilmanso stfu12:55
predatorfreaktilman: You're the one who said Windows suck, we shouldn't port code to it, blah blah, let it die.12:56
predatorfreakI'm agreeing!12:56
predatorfreakand saying that UNIX-philosophy software doesn't fit the Windows mindset.12:56
predatorfreakI could port cat to Windows (not that I'd need to), but practically no one would use it.12:57
tilmanthere's lots of unix people who use unix tools on windows if they are forced to use it (it=windows)12:58
predatorfreaktilman: Yes, I do, in fact.12:58
thrice`tilman: did you want to see that udev port, btw?12:58
ToshiThey force me to use windows at work12:58
tilmannot right one12:58
predatorfreakBut the IT crowd is a minority :P12:58
tilman"practically no one"12:58
predatorfreaktilman: Compare the numbers.12:59
tilmanyeah, whatever12:59
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RyoSjesus christ12:59
predatorfreakIt's just a debate, jeez.12:59
RyoShe always takes things way too serious..12:59
Toshiput a virutal crux box on my windows box at work and I use that ;)12:59
thrice`predatorfreak: which mpd client do you use?12:59
predatorfreakthrice`: ncmpc and mpc.13:00
predatorfreakmpc for scripting, ncmpc for general use13:00
thrice`tried sonata?13:00
predatorfreakDon't need a GUI.13:00
predatorfreakI worked on the precursor to sonata once though.13:00
predatorfreakThen the Pygmy developers dropped it.13:00
predatorfreakand I just said fuck it and went to ncmpc.13:00
thrice`ncmpc is pretty nic13:01
predatorfreakthrice`: I'm still waiting for either a sound Sonata/Pygmy clone for xmms2 or a sound ncmpc clone.13:02
predatorfreakSadly, none exist yet.13:02
predatorfreakIt's annoying, because I like the core of xmms2 more than mpd :(13:02
thrice`hm, never looked into xmms213:03
thrice`i *only* use mpd as a single box / single client, too.  don't really use it for what it's geared for13:03
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman13:03
predatorfreaktilman: WB.13:03
predatorfreakthrice`: Neither do I really.13:03
predatorfreakExcept on my house jukebox system.13:03
predatorfreak(I've got lighttpd with pitchfork setup on that)13:04
thrice`I run mpd on box, connect to "localhost" :)13:04
predatorfreakthrice`: On this system I run mpd like that.13:04
predatorfreakBecause the house jukebox is in the basement XD13:04
flimmerni could never really get into mpd, i use cmus and screen instead13:04
treachpredatorfreak: btw, did you push that "firefox depends on nss" change?13:04
predatorfreakand winds up being more like the exercise-jukebox system.13:04
predatorfreaktreach: Waiting on .1313:05
treachah, ok13:05
predatorfreakThen I switch to system nss with all my other changes13:05
predatorfreakSupposedly, .13 is due next week.13:05
thrice`oh, I forgot to test your build of ff13:05
predatorfreakerr, testing begins next week.13:06
predatorfreakFinal release due 25th13:06
thrice`tilman: do you have a recommended client to try xmms2 with?13:06
predatorfreakthrice`: At the moment, the most complete that I found was abraca.13:07
tilmanstable abraca, gxmms2, esperanza13:07
predatorfreakand the xmms2 CLI client.13:07
thrice`i'll check it out :)  got some time to kill while wget fights with :)13:08
Rotwanggxxms2 is very nice13:08
tilmanthrice`: what do you need off xorg.fdo13:08
thrice`i haven't updated in a few days.  on the last pack now (util-macros013:09
predatorfreakthrice`: Oh btw, I'd suggest my xmms2 git port.13:09
predatorfreakBecause 0.4 has some nasty bugs lingering.13:09
tilmanminus two obvious typos13:10
thrice`ah, thanks :D13:10
predatorfreaktilman: Also, sorry, I didn't mean to get you so riled up.13:11
treachIs related to fdo? =|13:12
tilmanyes :)13:12
treachI guessed so. :/13:12
treachsame shitty behaviour13:12
tilmanwant me to upload a cairo tarball too? :p13:12
tilmanonly got 1.4.14 though13:12
tilmanactually, i don't13:13
treachPath:         /usr/ports/opt13:13
treachVersion:      0.5.613:13
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thrice`treach: for cairo?13:13
tilmanthat's glitz13:13
treachuh, yeah.13:13
treachgot stuff mixed up13:13
thrice`tilman: also, you finally got me switched to openbox13:14
predatorfreakWait tilman uses openbox?13:14
tilmanin 5s anyway13:14
treachtilman: thanks13:14
treachmd5sum error..?13:15
thrice`Romster: ping13:15
tilmantreach: download again, i announced  the url too quickly13:16
tilman459224 size13:16
predatorfreakthrice`: Noo don't awaken the beast13:17
tilmanthrice`: i thought you ran openbox :D13:17
thrice`no, fluxbox13:17
treachtilman: much better :)13:17
thrice`openbox seems to run much smoother, though13:17
predatorfreakBetter optimised code or somesuch, I dunno.13:17
* thrice` shrugs13:18
predatorfreakBut yeah, I noticed that Openbox felt smoother than Fluxbox the first time too :P13:18
predatorfreakThen you just kind of accept it13:18
predatorfreakand later on, you try to use something else13:18
predatorfreakand you go "Damn it. I really want openbox right about now."13:18
thrice`predatorfreak: sorry, can't seem to find the email; do you have your FF port available online at all?13:19
predatorfreakthrice`: It's in my repo.13:19
predatorfreakhttpup sync firefox13:20
thrice`ah, got it13:20
ToshiI like the openbox keygrabber.  The ui is a lot nicer than bb or flux tii13:20
thrice`thanks :)13:20
predatorfreakToshi: TBH, I use xbindkeys, because I like having interchangable parts.13:21
*** jtnl has joined #crux13:21
predatorfreakthrice`: BTW, procmail or claws-mail with proper sorting helps a lot :P13:21
predatorfreakthrice`: If I didn't sort my mail my inbox would be huge XD13:23
thrice`admittadely, I don't keep crux-ml stuff around too much13:23
teK+ hi people13:23
thrice`i thought I kept this one to try out, but must've deleted it13:23
* predatorfreak claws teK to death, since Romster isn't around to do it for him13:25
* predatorfreak drags teK back to his cave13:25
teKbut.. I didn't screw up.. :p13:26
treach..yet. ;)13:26
predatorfreakteK: We prune people from #crux :P13:26
predatorfreakCan't let the community get too big, then this channel will turn into #gentoo!13:26
treachfyi, we're shrinking13:26
predatorfreakand by-${DEITY}, I don't want #crux to be #gentoo13:27
predatorfreaktreach: Romster's been extra hungry lately13:27
teKpredatorfreak: CRUX has always been an elitist thing, I knew it!13:27
predatorfreakteK: Yeah, secretly, we're all xenophobic elitist pricks.13:27
predatorfreakWho love to troll Ubuntu forums and call them noobs13:28
Rotwangthats who i want to be!13:28
predatorfreakWhilst screaming "RTFM!!!"13:28
Rotwangwtf happened to dejavu fonts?13:29
*** lampyris has joined #crux13:31
jjpkRotwang: what do you mean? They don't look right or they won't install?13:32
predatorfreak <-- See what it redirects to :D13:32
jjpkHaha. I wonder...13:33
thrice`andrew   30877 24.0  6.4 168052 58764 tty1     Rl   14:33   0:13 /usr/lib/firefo13:33
*** maxus has quit IRC13:33
thrice`apparently 3.0b3 doesn't run too nicely on linux? :|13:33
Rotwangjjpk: they dissapeard from one of the official or halfoficial repos or they've newer been rhere?13:34
*** sepen has quit IRC13:38
Rotwangoh, they are in contrib ;] im tired after all day of updating/rebuilding13:40
tilmanfdo is alive again13:44
*** maxus has joined #crux13:46
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xf86-video-nv: updated to
jjpkhrm contrib's dejavu is a few versions out of date. Latest is 2.23.13:48
Rotwangtilman: xorg-font-adobe-75dpi is missing xorg-font-util in dependiencies13:49
tilmanthat's probably true for other fonts as well then13:50
*** jdolan has quit IRC13:53
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Haubetoday i have no problems :)14:07
Haubemy system works fine :>14:07
Rotwangthat means something is wrong!14:08
Haubemaybe ;-)14:08
Rotwanggo and mess with it until some problem occurs!14:08
Haubei try oO14:08
Haubebut now i just trinking beer and talk with my friends about pink elefants14:09
*** jtnl has quit IRC14:27
*** Haube has quit IRC14:32
*** Haube has joined #crux14:32
*** andarius has joined #crux14:35
andariusgreetings and salutations14:36
Haubehello american friends :)14:39
*** racer has joined #crux14:41
raceram I blind, or is the ISC dhcp server not in core or opt?14:42
*** andarius has quit IRC14:43
racerI'll look there next, was just surprised not to see it in opt...14:43
racerjust making sure I'm not doing something dumb....14:43
racerand, honestly, I was hoping I didn't have to use contrib14:44
racerI'm going to be using Crux to teach a linux class... trying to be minimalist if possible....14:44
teKrsync -aqz dhcpcd14:44
racerteK, that's the client14:44
racerI'm looking for the server14:44
tilmanheh, it's actually tek's port14:45
*** andarius has joined #crux14:46
* racer waits exactly four seconds for an answer14:46
racerso what are the guidelines for getting ports in core updated?14:48
racerfor example, rsync is now at version 3.x, so the path to 2.6.9 needs to be changed.  I emailed the maintainer on that one...14:48
tilmanthat works usually14:49
racermore problematic is the udev port, because one of the required .tar.gz files is simply no longer available from the website...14:49
racerlooks like they linked a daily build....14:49
tilmani'll fix udev tomorrow14:49
racerah, k... udev your baby?14:49
tilmani guess you're talking about the lfs scripts?14:50
racerummmm just a sec.14:50
tilmanthey aren't updated daily i think :)14:50
tilmanthrice`: can you mail me the updated udev port?14:50
tilmanthrice`: otherwise i'll forget ._.14:50
racerit's the udev-config stuff14:50
racerlinked to a 20070731 version, which is no longer on the website14:51
racerand yes, it's probably not daily, just versioned by date.14:51
racershould I send an email, or just not worry about it?14:51
tilmani'll take care of it14:51
racerI'm going to be teaching some complete linux newbs, so I'd like things as smooth as possible :)14:52
tilmanmmh well14:52
racerthat, and I haven't used crux since version 214:52
racerbefore version 2, actually.14:52
tilmandid we even update udev since the 2.4 release?14:52
tilmanno, we didn't14:52
racerdoubt it14:53
tilmanracer: so you can just use the udev package that's on the 2.4 iso14:53
racerokay, here's my situation...14:53
racersorry, phone.14:55
racerI'm going to have to work in a lab that's not connected to the internet14:55
racerso I'm trying to create a repository of all the .tar.gz files for all of the core, opt, and xorg packages14:55
racerI'm also going to mimic the rsync stuff that ports uses, so they can run ports -u and get the info from my server14:57
racerthen run prt-get sysup and have it get all the packages from my server.14:57
tilmanthe systems in the lab will run crux 2.4, right?14:58
racerso, right now, I've written a quick script that rolls through all the folders in /usr/ports and runs pkgmk -do to download all the latest stuff... I'm seeing the errors, and reporting them.14:58
racerI realize that there's no need for the particular udev package I'm asking about, other than for completeness.14:59
tilmanalright :)14:59
racersorry, re-reading that it sounds rather jerky, I was just trying to cut the "you don't need it" arguement out :)15:01
treachheh, removing -pipe makes ff build < 15 min. :)15:01
tilmanracer: no worries ;D15:01
racerlove wrong windows15:01
tilmantreach: huh, that's unexpected15:02
treachnot on a tempfs, apparently15:02
treachnipuL gave me that tip the other day15:02
tilmanhow big is the speedup for you?15:03
treach5 min or so15:03
treachactually I don't quite remember. I think it built in 20-25 min before with -j 4 and on a tempfs.15:04
treachnow it was 14 something15:04
treachthat's with Os btw, I forgot to change it. :>15:06
tilmani'm trying that now15:09
*** jtnl has joined #crux15:20
*** Rotwang has quit IRC15:23
*** jtnl has quit IRC15:25
*** jtnl has joined #crux15:26
tilman27:37.38 total with -pipe15:31
treachand now, without. ;)15:32
tilmanthat was mostly a reminder for myself15:32
tilmanwhy open vim when you can use irc to keep notes ;D15:32
*** Rotwang has joined #crux15:34
Rotwanguhm, pidgin laks gtk dependency and also new version is available, shoul i mail maintainer?15:42
treachhitting the beer? =)15:43
tilmanRotwang: there's a bug in flyspray for the gtk dependency15:43
tilmanRotwang: but please mail simone, he ignored it for a while15:43
tilmanso the new version is a good reason to remind him15:43
jaegerwonder why he removed that15:43
tilmanoh, it was there before?15:44
jaegerpretty sure it was when I maintained it, but maybe it really wasn't15:44
predatorfreakI should propose to Simone to take some of his ports off his hands if he doesn't want them :P15:44
tilmanjaeger: he didn't remove it when he took the port fwiw15:44
racerjaeger, yeah, you're just a slacker :P15:44
jaegerwe already knew that :P15:45
tilmandeps weren't touched since the initial import to opt15:45
tilman<3 git15:45
jaegerhow odd15:45
treachracer: he's retired, so he's allowed to. :p15:45
predatorfreakjaeger: Stop having a life and dedicate your time to CRUX :P15:45
jaegerbecause it IS in my local port15:45
jaeger(not in the ports tree)15:45
tilmani'm looking forward to those sandbox tools15:45
tilmanhopefully they'll be fast and easy to work with15:45
tilmanso you can use them all the time for testing \:D/15:46
predatorfreaktilman: The one Romster is working on?15:46
tilmanromster, nipuL, sepen & pitillo15:46
predatorfreakDamn, I'm surprised Romster didn't eat them all already.15:46
predatorfreakWell, safe-build semi-works for me.15:46
tilmanthere's hope at least one of those parties will produce something cool15:47
treachtilman: btw, did you ever give midori a serious go?15:47
predatorfreakSets up a solid chroot and the other parts work.15:47
tilmantreach: huge download scares me15:47
treachI figured15:47
predatorfreaktilman: What do you use?15:47
predatorfreakYou can't complain then :D15:47
predatorfreakCome back when you use elinks or dillo :P15:47
racertreach, from what?15:47
treachpredatorfreak: eehh15:47
tilmanwhat do you mean?15:47
tilmanfirefox is a smaller download than webkit15:48
predatorfreakNot in my experience...15:48
treachpredatorfreak: apparently webkit is HUGE15:48
racerpredatorfreak, you don't actually believe jaeger has a life, do you?15:48
racerjaeger, you married yet?15:48
predatorfreakWebkit GTK is like 7MB.15:48
treachracer: from crux development.15:48
predatorfreakracer: He does.15:48
racerjaeger, you quit doing crux devel?15:48
treachpredatorfreak: give tilman the link to that..15:48
tilmangiev link15:48
jaegerif I were getting married you'd have heard about it =)15:49
jaegerand yes15:49
treachbecause we both only found that freakish 230+MB tarball15:49
predatorfreakYou need some depends, but nothing outragous15:49
racerjaeger, I hadn't heard that :P...15:49
tilmanwe didn't put it on the front page of crux.nu15:49
jaegernot a big deal, really15:49
racerjaeger, if you retired, then I can't introduce you as a crux developer :P15:49
tilmanotherwise all those "crux is dying!!!" people would have come out of their holes again15:49
jaegerI still use and will continue to use crux15:49
racerjaeger, just too time consuming?15:50
racerburnt out?15:50
jaegertoo little time. might go back to it later if I get more time and they want me back15:50
tilmancool, a link15:50
racerI'm sure they'd have to think long and hard... (not)15:50
tilmanlet me mark this in my irc logs: webkit link above15:51
tilmansmall webkit download url15:51
racerjaeger, how are the headaches at work?  Still hammering the crap out of things outside your office?15:51
predatorfreaktilman: The thing you probably saw was a tarball of the entire git tree15:51
predatorfreakComplete with .git directory15:51
predatorfreakand the giant-shit that comes with that.15:51
tilmansvn, no?15:51
predatorfreakThey use both.15:51
* racer is waiting for contrib to download over my slower than snot DSL atm....15:51
jaegerracer: yeah, still really loud. they were drilling holes both inside AND outside the 4th floor this week15:52
jaegerI'll be happy when that project is done15:52
racerany idea when the major crap will be done?15:52
predatorfreakI'd imagine either will be larger than the standard strip-all-the-crap-out tarball15:52
jaegerno idea, I should find out15:52
predatorfreakoh and for traditions sake.15:53
predatorfreaktilman: CRUX IS DYING!!!11!!@!@!11212!@!@!!!@1@1@!@15:53
tilmantreach: so, wanna give that small tarball a try? :]15:53
treachnot right now, thanks.15:53
tilmanyou overdid the exlamation marks etc15:54
predatorfreaktilman: A good prophet of doom screams it loud as hell15:54
predatorfreaktilman: oh and I'll at least do a quick build-and-run-the-demo test15:55
predatorfreaktilman: Well it's building :D16:02
tilmantreach: dropping -pipe didn't make any difference here16:03
treachok. interesting16:03
tilmanmaybe opt/firefox adds -pipe somewhere though16:04
tilmanwouldn't surprise me if the makefiles assumed that it's a Good Thing[tm]16:04
predatorfreaktilman: It does.16:04
predatorfreakI can guarantee it.16:04
predatorfreakBuild faster webkit!16:06
predatorfreakor break faster! Whichever it is!16:07
predatorfreaktilman: Also, a more complete solution for webkit would be epiphany, except it has nasty GNOME depends16:07
tilmanyeah, i don't want to depend on gnome16:08
predatorfreakkazehakase supports it too, but kazehakase is kind-of a weird browser.16:08
predatorfreakKazehakse is the proper spelling.16:09
tilmani doubt the tarball name lies16:09
predatorfreakor is it..16:09
predatorfreakBURN IN ETERNAL HELLFIRE!16:09
tilmandude, stop with the damn caps16:09
* treach hacks predatorfreak's box and remaps shift to ctr16:09
racersorry, had to teach my son how to find GCF...16:10
predatorfreaktilman: Hey, I get angry :(16:10
RotwangIM PISSED TOO16:10
predatorfreakWiki's aren't supposed to lie!16:10
treachso do we, eventually :>16:10
predatorfreakI mean, according to Wikipedia, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and ***ERIC IS A FAG*** founded the U.S!16:11
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:11
treachthat explains everything.16:11
treachdoesn't it?16:11
predatorfreaktilman: Yes, yes it does.16:11
predatorfreakBut not really.16:11
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux16:12
*** Rotwang is now known as Mafioss16:22
*** Mafioss is now known as Rotwang16:23
predatorfreakWell, webkit doesn't build much faster than Firefox :D16:26
predatorfreaktilman: It works!16:31
predatorfreaktilman: Hey, it even renders something that Firefox 2.0 barfs on!16:33
thrice`webkit is a complete browser?16:34
racerholy smokes... what contrib is > a 300MB download?16:34
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:35
predatorfreakthrice`: Nah.16:35
thrice`a game, perhaps?16:35
predatorfreakthrice`: I'm just running the demo.16:35
tilmanoh, distfiles16:35
predatorfreakDemo works beautifully though16:35
treachcontrib -> 9.6 MB16:36
* predatorfreak produces package16:36
racerthe contrib rsync is that small -- if you download all the sources for all of the contrib packages, one of them is > 300MB.16:37
tilmanyeah, probably a game16:37
racerhrm... nwn?16:38
tilmannah, nwn isn't free16:38
predatorfreakPretty much every game in there is pretty big.16:38
racerthat never winter nights or whatever? (I'm not a gamer)16:38
tilmanmaybe enemey territory16:38
predatorfreakand nwn downloading all the blasted files is 1.1GB16:38
predatorfreakor so16:38
tilmani had a 3gb nwn directory16:38
tilmanthat included the first two extension packs though16:39
predatorfreaktilman: Compressed.16:39
predatorfreakand without expansions XD16:39
predatorfreaktilman: Want me to package midori while I'm at it?16:39
tilmanyeah, that would be nice16:40
treachpredatorfreak: going to stick it in your repo or contrib?16:40
predatorfreaktreach: Repo for now16:41
predatorfreakI still gotta finish packaging it16:41
*** joacim has quit IRC16:41
predatorfreakPlus I have to build webkit a second time XD16:42
predatorfreakI just built it outside of pkgmk/ports to make sure it worked16:42
racerso what's webkit?16:42
predatorfreakracer: Google :P16:42
racerno, google is google16:43
treachracer: apples version of khtml, basically16:43
predatorfreakI'm too busy watching text fly by!16:43
racertreach, ah, cool16:43
racertreach, thanks.16:43
predatorfreakI'm off for dinner and such, I'll be back later tonight though.16:51
predatorfreakHopefully with a working midori/webkit setup.16:51
treachheh, good luck. :)16:51
predatorfreaktreach: I need it :D16:51
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC16:52
jjpkI can has unix expertism by watching hours of text flashing by!16:52
*** jtnl has quit IRC16:54
jjpkThere's enemy-territory and true-combat-elite that can get quite big in terms of distfiles.16:54
jjpkProbably some other stuff as well.16:55
jaegernwn is rather large17:02
jaegerhad to add largefile support to pkgutils for it17:02
racerso nwn is in contrib?17:02
treachheh, nothing drives evolution forward like the need to play. ;D17:03
racertime for dinner... bbiab17:03
jjpklibsexy: that's a proper name for a gtk2 lib...17:04
RotwangRequested 'libvolume_id >= 0.77' but version of libvolume_id is 0.66.0 ??17:10
Rotwangi try to build hal17:10
treachupdate udev17:11
jaegerracer: the distfiles for it are big, not the port itself17:11
jaegerthe port, like the others, consists of text files17:11
jaeger44K     nwn-diamond17:12
thrice`I think he's making a repo for all source in contrib17:12
jaegerwell, one of the distfiles for it was like 1.2G if I remember correctly17:13
thrice`er, all distfiles for core/opt/contrib17:13
Rotwanglink to udev-config-20070731.tar.bz2 is broken ;]17:14
treachyell at the maintainer. :)17:14
treachor fix it yourself17:14
thrice`that file is on the LFS site still...just gotta look in a few folders17:15
Rotwangi fixed it, just letting you know ;]17:15
nipuLdoes anyone have a tool to find what ports if any are _actually_ dependent on a port?17:28
nipuLlike finddeps in prt-utils but in reverse17:30
jjpkI have a feeling that the answer is no.17:31
tilmanprt-get dependent foo ?17:31
jjpkDoesn't that simply display what is on the Depends line?17:31
nipuLthat won't find all real world dependencies17:32
jjpkMy point being that it does not do any thorough checking.17:32
nipuLheh, i'm having a bit of a personal crux hackathon this weekend17:34
nipuLrather than the usual mundand port maintainence17:35
jjpkCarry on, no need to get caught up on insignificant spelling issues :p17:36
racerjaeger, I'm working on building the repo like we were talking about...17:38
* racer needs a drink...17:39
* treach needs to wash his eyes, before they glue shut.17:40
jaegerracer: yeah, I'd forgotten that for some reason17:41
ToshiWhat do you do if you have two ports in two repos and you want to use one from each?17:41
racerand I figured out how not to buy a laptop17:42
jaegeryou were having trouble with buying one? hehe17:42
jaegerToshi: you can specify single ports with prtdir lines if needed17:42
racerI bought a 120GB USB drive that I'm going to put a VM on, then use linux + VMWare Server and home and during class to serve up the data....17:42
Toshiokay, thanks17:42
racerat home and during class17:43
jaegeror multiples: prtdir /usr/ports/myrepo:wtf, blah to use 2 from myrepo17:43
racerand the VM is just crux with rsync, apache, dhcp, and bind, with the entire repo available via apache and all of the /etc/ports/*.rsync available via rsync17:45
jaegerany port for that webkit gtk thing yet?17:50
treachpredatorfreak said he'd have a go at it after he had eaten something17:51
jjpkHopefully by tomorrow something will show up. :p17:52
treachshock, horror.17:53
treachone might start right here
jjpkMake wine use the kernelspace instead? o_o17:55
jjpkHopefully it is just that: text and an idea.17:56
*** errdil has joined #crux17:56
jjpkAlthough it does link to reactos.17:56
treach_everyone_ knows that it is when the alcoholic beverages reaches kernelspace the shit hits the fan..17:56
jjpkHrm. It is a reality already if you look at the reactos mailing list link provided.17:58
*** andarius has left #crux17:59
jjpkI doubt it's a good combination to make some NT system calls run in the kernelspace when the base of the entire thing relies on reverse-engineering and probably flat out guessing. :p18:09
*** destruct has quit IRC18:13
*** destruct has joined #Crux18:16
treachI bet ballmer and friends would love it too. :>18:22
jjpkThat is a company developing the unified kernel so they might even hunt them down. :D18:26
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux18:26
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:26
*** treach has quit IRC18:27
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:33
nipuLconclusion, do we still really need libstdc++-compat?18:38
nipuLin core18:38
*** f1y has quit IRC18:41
*** errdil has quit IRC18:45
*** errdil has joined #crux18:46
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC18:48
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
*** acrux|G4 has joined #crux19:25
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC19:39
Romsteri have a working udev that also addresses the cdrom permissions.20:14
Romsterwtf about this wine in kernal space O_o20:14
thrice`Romster: can you check md5sum on python-xlib ?20:15
Romsterhmm k20:24
Romsterwhere the hell did go i can't resolve it...20:27
Romsterbah i got some shit happening here20:28
RomsterHost not found: 2(SERVFAIL)20:28
Romsteronly about half the sites on the net resolve the dns...20:30
Romsterdon't think it's me.20:30
Romsterthrice`, what's the ip of ?20:30
RyoSthor:~$ host crux.nu20:32 has address
Romsterok site works but some thing is up with half of my dns...20:33
Romsterand i haven't touched maradns recently and it was working fine yesterday20:33
Romsterthrice`, i'll push it as soon as i got my dns working right. but first i'm gonna make me something to eat.20:41
rehabdollCongratulations!! you have won 500,000 GBP in The Microsoft International Online Lottery 2008 promotion.20:45
rehabdollIM RICH!!20:45
*** andarius has joined #crux21:06
racerrehabdoll, how exciting21:09
racerwow... downloading all the packages in contrib results in lots of 404 errors.... shouldn't be surprised I guess, but I still was.21:12
racerwell, lots is ~20, which in the scheme of things isn't that many actually.21:12
Romsterracer, if any of mine do report them here i'll fix them21:21
Romsterbut i run ck4up over all my stuff.21:21
racerI'll report all of them...21:23
racerI'm just writing a log file for each port... and grepping for "404 Not Found"... I'll go back and figure out what the problem is and try to determine the fix before sending an email....21:24
Romsterwhat ment was no need to eamil when i'm basicly here alot.21:24
racerRomster in the maintainer name I guess?21:24
racergood enough21:25
racerI'll certainly let you know.21:25
Romsteror Danny Rawlins21:25
Romstermy nick is on the romster@21:25
Romsteremail so it makes it easy to know21:25
Romsteri should be ok but i keep al my sources.21:25
Romsterso it could happen later that they do something, i've even had the source file alter before and mess up md5sum21:26
Romsterand makes it look lie i didn't do the md5sum right but in fact they change the archive silently wich is concern for alarm..21:27
Romsteras usally means it's been tampered with.21:27
racergenerally not good when md5 sums on the same filename are different.21:28
Romsteri need a curl check like opt/core uses.21:28
Romsterbtw you been here before, i can't recall seeing you other than te past few days21:29
racertwo in core -- rsync (which I've already emailed about and mentioned here) and udev (which I've at least already mentioned here), 30 in contrib -- I'll look at who maintains them in a minute, and so far none in opt21:30
racerRomster, long time ago21:30
racerpre Crux 2.021:30
raceror right around the time of Crux 2.021:30
racerjaeger and I have known each other since childhood... in fact his brother introduced me to linux in 199421:30
racerso I'm familiar, though by no means an expert, with crux21:31
racertrying to remember the guys name that was always on here... per maybe?21:31
racercould be confusing people.21:31
racerper linden or some such thing is the name I'm remembering...21:33
Romsteri've made a updated udev port.21:35
Romsteri'll email tilman it.21:36
Romsteri got into crux around version 2.121:36
Romsterjaeger, is mostly here althugh he retired out of the dev teem recently21:37
Romsterracer, so you've ran crux since then or did you do the distro hoping and come back to crux?21:39
Romsterper and cptn used to be here alot too21:40
*** Dapper has joined #crux21:41
*** ^racer^ has joined #crux21:44
^racer^that was enjoyable21:44
* ^racer^ writes a note to get a new battery ordered for the laptop first thing monday morning21:44
Romsterdamn what was the lst line you got from me.21:44
Romsterya can hack them open and replace the cells it is cheaper if you wanna spend the time doing that.21:45
^racer^nah, it's a work laptop, so I don't want to chance screwing up the warranty on the rest of the laptop...21:45
^racer^last line was.... hell if I know -- I just finished five straight minutes of cussing21:46
^racer^I think it was you telling me you had a new udev port posted21:47
^racer^but it wasn't in the "normal" place.... or at least not on crux.nu21:47
^racer^didn't catch the URL21:47
^racer^there it is :)21:47
^racer^heh... love that movie21:47
Romsteri have my own opt/core/xorg stuff i over ride from the offical ones.21:48
Romstergo back to crux/ and you'll see the other stuff.21:48
Romsteri'll email it off the udev in core should of got fixed along time ago21:49
Romsteri run that udev on 3 of my systems.21:49
Romsterall working fine.21:49
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux21:49
*** racer has quit IRC21:53
^racer^thank you sir21:54
^racer^that's a delay21:54
*** ^racer^ is now known as racer21:54
Romsteryou could of done /msg nickserv ghost racer <password>21:56
racerif I remembered my password I could :)21:56
Romsteryeah there delay is insanely long..21:57
racerI haven't been on freenode in about a year...21:57
Romsterrequest it.21:57
Romsteri think there is a email password option21:57
racerI'll have to -- was just trying to read the help on nickserv to find out what I needed to do.21:57
nipuLwtf, isn't there a function to convert relative to absolute paths in glibc21:59
Romsterno idea.22:00
Romstergrep the header files?22:00
predatorfreakhazaa, midori worksish22:00
Romsterpredatorfreak, say what ?22:02
Romsterdunno hazaa22:02
predatorfreakRomster: Tilman and thrice wanted me to port webkit and midori.22:02
Romsterso they kinda work.22:02
predatorfreakBoth work now XD22:02
Romsteri thought trench ported webkit.22:03
predatorfreakmidori is massively lacking on features though..22:03
predatorfreakRomster: says no :D22:03
nipuLgetcwd should work for my purposes22:05
raceralrighty... no staff on...22:06
racerwho runs this network since lilo passed?22:06
Romstergrr need to fix my dns..22:08
raceryou still having issues with missing dns for half the net?22:08
Romsternot sure ask in #freenode i guess.22:08
Romsteryeah lilo has left us.22:09
*** Dapper has quit IRC22:18
Romsterracer, atm yes22:19
raceryay, have my account again22:21
racerwow... the op said it'd been two years since I last authed...22:32
raceror that's how I understand what he said...22:32
racergotta love that.22:32
nipuLc++ hate++22:35
Romsteri'd avoid C++ if possable.22:37
Romsteri wish D would take off..22:37
nipuLtrying to fix a bug in pkgutils22:37
Romsterah you found one.22:37
Romsterwhat bug is that?22:38
nipuLyeah relative paths as root don't work with pkgadd22:38
Romsterah the pkgadd -u foo-x.x.x#pkg.tar.gz22:39
Romsteri've always had todo the /usr/ports/packages/22:39
nipuLpkgadd -r bar doesn't work properly22:39
nipuLpkfadd -r $PWD/bar will22:39
Romsterpkgadd should use the $PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR22:51
Romsterfrom pkgmk.conf22:51
Romsterjust like my safe-build should be using that too, which i need to fix.22:52
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC22:58
*** errdil has quit IRC22:59
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
nipuLok good it's not be. just something funky going on in pkgutils code23:09
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux23:13
Romsterthere fixed my dns issue.23:14
cruxbot[contrib] python-xlib: remove old files out of md5sum (thanks thrice`)23:15
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC23:26
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux23:27
*** Dapper_Dan has joined #crux23:28
Dapper_DanHi. :)23:36
Dapper_DanI  remember earlier you were saying you had your own core, opt and contrib ports over the ones from
Dapper_DanAre they different? If so, would it be advantageous for me to use yours first?23:38
Romsterif you care too and yes some are diferent some just have minor fixes and updates to others.23:38
Romsteror in some cases older version of something that is not working for me on the later version.23:38
Romstermine are good for cd burning as i've fixed all that.23:39
jnengland77*cough* nvidia drivers *cough* :P23:39
Dapper_DanI've had your ports in /etc/ports for a while.23:39
Dapper_Danah... :)23:39
Romsteryes that is on pourpose.23:39
jnengland77I know23:39
Romsteri should try strace that and see what it's dieing on.23:40
Romsteri use them over the offical ports.23:40
Dapper_DanI'll put yours in above the official ones.... see how it goes. I like what you have in the port I now have.23:41
Romsterthe udev one?23:41
Romstermy idea is i should be able to remove all ports and reinstall and have everything just work23:42
Romsterother than saving the configuration files.23:42
*** Haube has quit IRC23:42
Dapper_DanIs that the udev one?23:42
Dapper_DanI don't see udev in /usr/ports so I guess not huh?23:44
Dapper_DanI use IceWM so I'm sure that's initially why I added it.23:45
Dapper_Dan(that's why)23:45
Romsterudev is in core yes23:46
Romsterah my private repo dosn't have them ports i seperated them all on pourpose.23:46
Romsterthere is httpup files if you look <<23:48
Dapper_DanGot it. :)23:52
Dapper_Dan...them.... ;)23:52
racerI am a man of constant sorrow23:52
* racer starts to dig through errors23:53
Dapper_DanThat's where I got it.23:53
Dapper_DanI'm from the South... love that film.... good Southern humour.23:53
* racer nods... I'm an okie, not sure whether that's "south" or not, but I did appreciate the film23:54
racerof course, I love that kind of music anyway... have the soundtrack too23:54
Dapper_DanSouth enough. :)23:54
*** racer has quit IRC23:55
Dapper_DanHad a fellow in my business today from Oklahoma...23:55
Dapper_DanRomster... don't know how you keep up with all of it.... looks like a pretty formidable task.23:57
Romsteroooo rsync released.23:58
Romsterit takes alot of time.23:58
Romsterck4up is a big help23:59

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