IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-03-09

Dapper_DanI'm loving Crux though.... It was very hard at first, but it suits me. :)00:00
Romsteryeah i struggled at first00:01
Romsterbut ya learn a hell of alot more than them do it for you distros.00:02
Dapper_DanBoy, that's for sure.... I come from Slackware. Slack was easy compared to when first trying Crux. I'm now getting the hang of it though.00:03
Romsternot at the mercy of the packages, when ya can edit ya system to suit your needs.00:05
*** racer has joined #crux00:07
racerso... my lack of sleep is obviously catching up with me...00:07
Dapper_DanI have a friend at Linuxforums who uses Arch. I tell him he needs to come over to the real thing... ;)00:07
racerwhy would a completely default ssh installation on crux be rejecting connections?00:08
racerlack of sleep also leads to closing xchat windows without realizing it too -- apparently...00:08
Romsterracer, ran rejmerge?00:09
jnengland77I used to use Arch.  Arch is pretty nice also.  But for the time being I'm enjoying my time with Crux.00:09
Dapper_DanWhat's the difference between romster-contrib-romster and romster-contrib-other? Should I put them both in?00:11
racerRomster, no -- not sure what that is... I think it's hosts.allow, looking at it.00:12
racerwhat's rejmerge?00:12
Dapper_DanHi jnengland77... I guess I need to try Arch. Most everyone I've encountered who uses it really likes it. :)00:12
Dapper_DanJust romster-contrib-romster then...00:13
racerwas hosts.allow... fun00:13
racernot used to default deny stuff in RHEL :)00:13
Romsterthat's the one with all my contrib ports in contrib.00:15
Romsteryou don't need that if you use contrib.00:15
Romsteralthough i depend on other contrib ports..00:15
Romsterracer, oh i should of told you that i thought that was obvious.00:15
racerRomster, it was -- I'm rolling about about 3 hours of sleep over the last 48 hours... need to shut down and sleep, but for some reason I think it's smarter to keep working and screw things up.00:16
racerrolling on about00:17
raceryou were at, right?00:17
racerIf so, is James Mills still active in contrib?00:17
Dapper_DanI have romster core, contrib, opt and xorg in prt-get.conf. Should I leave official core, contrib, opt and xorg below them?00:17
Dapper_Dan...or comment them out?00:18
Romsterah i had 16 1/2 hours sleep after being up for a good 36 hours.00:21
Romsterso i'm still feeling crappy untill i rehydrate.00:21
Romsteryes leave offical.00:21
Romsteri jsut put mine above offical00:21
Romsteri don't override all.00:22
*** andarius has left #crux00:22
Romsteractually i should put a note on that page about them.00:22
Romsterthere there as is.00:22
Romsterthey work for me.00:22
Dapper_Danokay...going to ports -u. :)00:23
Romsterfeel free to notify me of anything about them like improvments etc.00:23
Romsteralso my pkgutils is heavily patched00:23
Romsterlzma and sha256sum support atm.00:24
Romsterworking on xdelta support.00:24
Dapper_DanRomster... do you ever find time to sleep? ;)00:25
Dapper_DanThat's a lot of work...00:25
racerRomster, looks like you're the maintainer on contrib/icu, and I'm getting a 404 trying to download that stuff...00:26
racerstill looking in to why...00:26
racerI'm actually having issues simply reaching the server...00:26
RomsterDapper_Dan, yes00:26
Romsterracer, hmm i'll check it.00:27
Romsterit could be a temp problem if so try it later.00:27
* racer nods -- I'm assuming it's not since I got a 404 the first time, but who knows.00:27
*** mwansa has joined #crux00:31
Dapper_Danports -u completed sucessfully with romster-*. Shall I prt-get sysyp?00:31
Romsterseems the site is dead.00:31
Romsterya haev a look at prt-get diff00:32
Romstersee what you got to update.00:32
Romsteralways handy sometimes need to use install scripts.00:32
Romstergenearly not on sysups but depinst.00:32
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Dapper_DanSee nvidia in romster-opt... ;)00:39
racerokay... gotta head to bed -- can't type a command into the keyboard without falling asleep00:39
Dapper_Dangoonight racer. :)00:39
racerRomster, thanks much for the refreshers and reminders as I work through Crux again, I appreciate it.00:39
Romsternight racer00:40
Romsteryou're welcome.00:40
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