IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-03-12

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jaegerI wonder if there are any irc bots that are actually actively developed now15:34
tilmansupybot isn't?15:34
jaegernot for like 3 years15:34
tilmanoy, heh15:34
drijensepen, jaeger is correct15:34
drijensepen, gnome is AWFUL about interdependancy15:35
jaegermight just toss together my own bot, would be simple enough15:35
treachwell, what about cruxbot? :P15:36
jesse_Wasn't that a quick script rather than an external bot software? :p15:37
tilmanit's not really a proper bot ;)15:37
jaegerdunno much about it, myself15:37
jaegerI find it highly amusing how so many bot pages say "still actively developed" but the last update was in 2005 or 200615:38
jaegereggdrop, supybot, blootbot15:38
jesse_Maybe they reached their peak or their devs were swallowed by the earth.15:39
tilmanor maybe IRC is getting old15:39
jesse_Right, messenger took over.15:39
treachheh, yeah, we should all get on msn instead. :)15:39
treachgotta go with the times. :>15:40
tilmanprt-get install pidgin15:40
drijenmsn is the devil15:41
jesse_If your sofware or protocol is older than a year, you're doing something wrong.15:41
treachwell, I guess most of us already did that..15:42
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jesse_irc is in the grave according to that ideology :D15:42
jesse_You are not with the times unless everything is a GUI.15:42
jesse_Things are getting out of hand in complexity imo.15:45
jesse_Interestingly enough, they are not adding too much functionality either.15:45
treachbut, but, I *have* a gui for irc..
jesse_irssi flew out the window ;)15:47
treachonly temporary though.15:47
Rotwangpitillo: thanks that worked15:47
treachit's too fricking slow. :D15:47
jesse_For an xchat gui, that is minimal.15:47
jesse_Not too different from running let's say, irssi in kde's konsole.15:48
treachwell, I never were one for fancy eyecandy15:48
jesse_Considering if you've patroned dwm, that says plenty. :p15:48
treachyeah, but that's ob, actually. :)15:48
treachdwm doesn't play nice with systrays15:49
jesse_Yeah, the menu gives it away but it's not entirely obvious.15:49
treachI wonder why. :>15:49
jesse_Missing titlebars perhaps? ;)15:50
treachas you can see, I like the 1 million toolbars approach to ff as well. :D15:50
jesse_Yep. Disneyworld on your screen.15:51
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jesse_You're just missing the kitchen's sink. :D15:51
jesse_Suggesting a systray to dwm would certainly put Anselm in a tailspin shouting BLOAT.15:55
treachlol probably. :)15:56
jesse_Then again, it's been quiet at the dwm camp recently.15:56
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jaegerah ha! EnergyMech was last updated 4 days ago15:57
treachotoh, I presume he doesn't have to keep in touch with people in msn hell.15:57
treachor maybe he uses bitlbee.15:57
jesse_I recall he even blasted jabber in the dwm mailing list a while ago.15:58
treachis he related to Tuomo in some way? :D15:58
jesse_I'm sure tuomo would hate jabber simply because it uses XML.16:00
jesse_Everything sucks if you ask tuomo :D16:00
treachmore or less. :)16:01
treachapparently digital tv is the latest target for his ire. ;D16:02
jesse_They've been choking on that issue for months.16:03
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jesse_TV programming is useless anyway, and definitely not worth the yearly permit.16:04
treachindeed not.16:06
treachI don't think I've watched any tv since september or so.16:06
jesse_"you mean you don't look at those mindless reality tv series? ZOMG how can you?!!"16:06
jesse_They never tire of hitting you with that response when you say you don't even have a tv.16:07
treachnot those stupid "entertainment" shows either, nor those stupid "debate" programs with participants only marginaly more stupid and less knowledgeable than a locomotive.16:07
jesse_Whenever that transition from fact and seriousness to entertainment and fun happened, it's been nothing but downhill.16:08
treachat least news are still news here afaik, and not "based on a real event" or wtf they excused themselves with.16:09
treacheven if the news are carefully chosen to be as insignificant as possible16:10
jesse_News these days consists of gossip and trash media reporting on the Finnish prime minister's fling with some gold digger.16:10
jesse_The same pattern repeats everywhere it seems.16:10
treachyep, tell 'em what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.16:11
jesse_Death in the middle east, "entertainment" sections of the news (why do they bother when it's nothing more than sensationalism to begin with?) and other drivel.16:11
jesse_Those debate programs are nothing more than pathethic shows full of so-called emotion, sympathy and self-pity.16:12
jesse_The noise to signal ratio is unmeasurable these days, it's rubbish across the board.16:13
jesse_Now the hot button topic is save the planet.16:14
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treachaye. thus the telly stays "OFF".16:14
jesse_I simply love the self-deception in believing a nation of 5 million will save the planet.16:16
jesse_The one thing that never gets old is the green thumpers who purely run their own mouth and condemn everyone else.16:17
sepenjaeger, sorry I was away for a minutes, now Im reading16:17
jesse_Thy themselves do absolutely nothing, but they get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.16:17
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Toshi"Go green" is being pushed here in the US too16:21
teKsell the jeeps would be a better slogan16:21
jesse_The Finnish green party wants endless fields of wind turbines and solar panels.16:22
treachToshi: difference being that it would probably make a significant difference if you guys started acting a bit more friendly to the nature. :>16:22
jesse_yeah, that will fix everything. :D16:22
treachalso, getting the chinese and indians on that train could also make a difference.16:23
jesse_Get rid of those pesky forests, replace them with those massive turbine monoliths.16:23
treachbut for small countries like us and the finns -- it's almost insignificant16:23
jesse_Better yet, put more of those wind farms in the seas and oceans!16:24
jesse_Give it a few hundred years, humanity will cannibalize itself off the face of the earth :D16:27
Toshiyeah, yeah,  I blame my fat neighbors16:27
jesse_Resources are wasted, too many people on ill-planned futures, massive natural and/or nuclear war. take your pick. :p16:30
Toshioh and the chinese16:30
jesse_You must have forgotten about India and the other heavily populated southeastern Asian countries.16:32
treachsee above16:32
jesse_They also have plenty of industry.16:32
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jesse_Think about this as well. Plenty of the transport equipment used in developing countries is old and holding together by a thread.16:39
brointemixnot true, we're a developing conutry and our transport equipment's very fine :)16:40
ToshiI wouldn't mind a few more months of summer16:40
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cruxbot[contrib] contrib/: big update of maintainer lines16:55
sepenteK, could you avoid extra spaces or tabs?16:57
sepenlike # Maintainer:                  foo16:57
teKit's a matter of taste. Romster told me I should align everything..16:58
teKI'll have a look at packaging guidlines16:58
sependon't sounds nice this +# URL:          
teKthis commit is extraordinary as no real updates (as versions/packaging) are included16:59
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sepenok isn't a real problem for me16:59
sepenonly I suggest you if you're agree17:00
teKas already said, I will adhere to (if existing) packaging guidlines17:00
sepen+1 for this17:00
sepenmaybe we need a more complete guideline covering all points of view or a devel discussion17:01
teKmost people won't have a look at Pkgfiles as long as ports work, which is my goal17:01
sepenpitillo, you knwon about 'genmenu' port, recently adopted  by teK?17:03
pitilloteK, no I don't, taking a look17:03
sepenmaybe you want it for the e17 repo17:03
sepen# Description: Menu generator for Flux/Black/Openbox, WindowMaker and Enlightenment17:03
sepen# URL:
pitilloI will take a look, btw I think I will not duplicate it (isn't directly related to E, I see it like something general)17:04
sepene17 is not dependent of contrib repo17:04
pitillo(I mean you can just generate the menu editing by hand like the others wm or with the gui provided by E)17:04
sepenas sysdevels says17:05
pitillosepen, that's true, but I prefer to keep all related to E on the repo, things that aren't directly related to it, I thing are redundant17:05
teKthe example port in the wiki uses URL: http:// without spaces. core/gcc core/glibc and so on use URL:     http:// ..17:05
sepenteK, and you think its fine this line?   # URL:          
sepenfrom my personal point of view ins't17:07
teKI fear there are tabs in it, it's aligned for me.. :\17:07
sepen*it isn't17:07
jesse_Did a quick ports -u contrib, and bind's Pkgfile does have a tab of difference in the header section.17:08
jesse_What are you using to edit your Pkgfiles, tek?17:08
teKI think there is need for :retab ...17:09
teKspaces should work fine for everyone17:09
sepen$ grep tab ~/.vimrc17:09
sepenset tabstop=217:09
sepenset expandtab17:09
teK% grep -E "(ts=|expandtab)" ~/.vimrc17:10
teKset ts=2 " review17:10
teKset expandtab " TAB == n * whitespace17:10
sepenI've only 'set expandtab'17:11
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sepenand set shiftwidth=217:11
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teKgot sw=2, too17:16
teKI will fix it in future commits by removing all tabs17:17
cruxbot[contrib] geany: New port.17:19
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cruxbot[contrib] freeciv: 2.0.8 -> 2.1.317:29
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teKok. psybnc is broken. Nevertheless I will go to bed NOW17:34
teKhave a nice time.17:34
pitillosame there teK17:34
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mavrick61is there a way to avoid mv /blabla/blala/* to not move underlying folder and files. Need only to move files in current folder.18:32
DarkNekrosanybody knows if the crux image has the latest kernel fixbug?18:35
Rotwangfor i in /blabla/blala/*; do; if [[ `stat -c %F $i` = "regular file" ]] then; mv $i ....18:37
mavrick61Wow.. Thank's18:37
Rotwangi bet theres easier way ;]18:38
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nipuLmv `find $PATH -type f -maxdepth 1` $NEW_PATH18:43
mavrick61Rotwang: Yes.. But this work's ok..18:44
nipuLfor f in PATH; do [ -f $f ] && mv $f NEW_PATH; done18:44
mavrick61nipuL: I'll test it..18:45
mavrick61for f in $IISXMLSITEPATH; do [ -f $f ] && mv $f $IISXMLSITEPATH/old/; done18:48
mavrick61It don't work18:48
nipuLtry  $IISXMLSITEPATH/*18:49
nipuLor `ls $PATH`18:49
mavrick61I have something that work's thanks any way...18:50
nipuLsomething that's ugly too18:51
mavrick61I'll try to create xml files for windows webbserver trough linux bash.. And it have been tricky any way.18:52
nipuLgit is supposed to care about content, not files. so why can't you commit only part of a diff?18:53
jesse_Try cutting up a patch manually and apply that, then commit if it turned out right.18:54
nipuLyeah, that's what I was thinking too, I was just having a rant :)18:59
nipuLcomes down to what linus says about git, that it's not actually a rcs19:00
jesse_I have the impression that git tries to advertise itself as fantastic and well-integrated with patches, at least compared to svn.19:00
nipuLrather a framework that an rcs can be built upon19:01
nipuLyuck, my coffee went cold19:01
jesse_meta rcs :D19:02
jesse_You do have a point there. git has much more flexibility and decision making compared to a more traditional rcs.19:03
jesse_It can function as any regular rcs, but you are not obliged.19:03
mavrick61Any onw who know if week number in date %V will be working in europe/sweden. Here is the first day of week monday.19:09
jesse_Depends on your locale.19:10
mavrick61Using timezone is europe/stockholm19:11
nipuLsweet, git diff > working.patch; vim working.patch; git apply --cached working.patch; git commit19:11
nipuLi might just check if i get an updated diff after the commit19:11
mavrick61I hade some issues with that some yeras ago.. I'll test it and see.19:12
jesse_success? \o/19:13
nipuLthrought i was being clever, then #git revealed git-add -i19:17
nipuLinteractive commits19:17
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jesse_You can really drown with the amount of options git has...19:21
nipuLwow, git add -i is pretty nice19:23
nipuLyou can even split hunks19:23
nipuLseriously, git-add -i ftw!19:36
nipuLgit's cli interface just got a hell of a lot better19:36
nipuLugh, guess i better do some housework19:45
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Romstermavrick61, man find20:24
Romsterfind has a maxdepth option.20:25
Romsterdarn and nipuL typed that grr why can't i read everything before replying20:25
nipuLi wouldn't worry about it, you don't ever read what you type before pressing enter ;P20:27
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RomsternipuL, as for cuting a diff up look at patchutils in contrib20:34
andariusbummer, keep betting a bolo on the ntp URI20:41
RomsterteK, you about.20:43
treachRomster: considering it's about 3:am and it's thursday, I would be surprised if he was.21:00
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Romsterah true didn't thnk of the time zones... it's after 1pm here.21:08
Romsterbut i'm like on at night or day time.21:09
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RomsterRequested 'cairo >= 1.5.10' but version of cairo is 1.4.1423:25
Romsterhmmz 1.4.14 is lateist...23:25
Romsterit wants to use a snapshot..23:27
Romsterso do i dealy updating some ports because cairo is too old or do i update the lot and let users update there own copy of cairo...23:28
Romsterif i leave them i'll be geting out of date..23:29
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racerwell that was fun23:59

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