IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-03-13

Romsterdid something stupid did we <<00:00
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Romsterhi morlenxus00:06
Romsterman it's warm here 33C inside00:06
Romsteronly got 800rpm reserve on my cpu fan.00:07
racerRomster, nah, I tought my first linux class tonight00:13
racerit was actually fun00:13
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nipuLRomster: that's the only thing i like about armidale, current temp 2700:39
nipuLbut then our winters suck nuts00:40
nipuLugh, i think i need to write an ordering system for work, getting too many missed orders00:41
Romsteryeah the k7's run hot.00:41
Romsteri hit about 71C when it's 100% load and fan is at 5200rpm00:42
nipuLthere's a note on the desk here, a motherboard was ordered 3 weeks ago, and the boss hasn't put the order in00:42
Romsteron this hot day of course the case temp is 42C00:42
Romsterif i take the side off it'l run cooler00:42
nipuLi have all my servers in the shed, they'll never overheat in there00:43
Romsterand if i let the cpu fan run flat stick at 6000rpm my cpu would be cooler too.00:43
Romsterthis wont overheat it's close to limits though.00:43
Romsterbut it's lasted years like this in summer.00:44
Romsterwhat is 'SBr Temp' ?00:47
Romsteri should google but i can't be bothered sensors show it.00:47
nipuLsystem board?00:47
Romsterbut i have a 'sys temp:'00:47
RomsterCPU Temp:    +66.2°C  (high = +71.8°C, hyst = +70.8°C)00:48
RomsterSYS Temp:    +42.2°C  (high = +146.2°C, hyst = -70.9°C)00:48
RomsterSBr Temp:    +24.9°C  (high = +25.9°C, hyst = +31.6°C)00:48
nipuLso google it00:48
nipuLsouth bridge00:49
Romsterah yeah found it....00:51
Romsteri never did think of southbridge, and most new board have northbridge heatsinks too now?00:52
Romsterto bad lm_sensors didn't handle all tempatures.01:01
Romstergot two other commands for gpu and hdd temps.01:02
Romstermaking myself a small script for sysinfo01:02
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teKRomster: what's up?01:54
Romstermetanames on ports <# metaname>:<space>item, or how others have done with the look of prt-get info <port>.  as it is now it looks ugly. i prefer a single space i'm not sure what the guidelines are but no tabs in meta names. also i prefer tabs in the build() section but you can use spaces if you prefer.01:58
Romsterpick a style and stick to it so there all consistant.01:59
Romstercheck with prtverify and findredudentdeps when you get time after you update them. i would of thought you'd clean all the metaname stuf up when you edited the maintainer line.02:00
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teKyeah. As already mentioned core/ uses aligned items/columns, the example in the wiki uses one single space which looks ugly to me02:04
Romsterbut easy to parse02:06
Romsterand you don't see that from prt-get's output but pick one not how it is now.02:07
Romsterguess i'm gonna have to allow for extra spaces in my tools.02:07
teKwhich should not be a big deal02:08
Romsterprt-get info <port> and copy that to the Pkgfile02:08
teKbut I will come back at you tonight02:08
Romsterjust make sure cleaned up that's horendious how prologic left them02:08
Romsteri know it arn't your fault but you can clean them when you got time.02:09
teKyes, I'm crawling through all ports atm02:12
Romsteri just cooked myself a nice chicken rice dish02:19
pitillogood morning02:20
Romsteri got a problem updates but opt has 2 older versions of ports, so dunno if i should push these or what..02:20
pitilloteK, I don't know if someone noticed you this (I haven't readed the log), can you remove the cacti port or at least, take a look to mruiz port?02:21
pitilloto keep a port like that in ports tree I think you can remove it and let the user install it reading docs from the website02:21
teKI planned to have a look into cacti and possibly create a functional port02:22
pitilloteK, check mruiz's port :)02:22
teKI see02:23
teKshould I/we adopt it for contrib or rather drop it?02:23
Romsterlol welcome to port maintaining.02:23
pitilloI am using it here at work and works very well, and it's a real port02:23
Romsterpitillo, maybe send a patch to tek if you modifyed it.02:23
pitilloteK, I think it's a good idea to put it in contrib (it's only my impression) and if you plan to keep cacti there.... I prefer see manolo's instead of yhafris02:24
pitilloRomster, I didn't touched it, manolo did a great job02:24
teKI will contact mruiz if it's okay with him02:24
pitillobtw, if you can take a look to it and if you see something bad, send him a mail too to notice about02:25
Romsterif manolo dosn't want to coe into contrib then pick it up teK02:25
pitilloteK, I think there will not be any problem02:25
Romsterpitillo, always nice to ask if it's ok.02:25
pitillo(if you follow the policy of respecting packager line like you did with yhafri's port)02:25
pitilloRomster, ok, btw I think he will be happy to see his port there :)02:26
Romsterif only yhafri did with other peoples ports.... he got one of main and clamed he packaged it.02:26
Romsterfrom contrib.02:26
pitilloRomster, that shows how is people, and how they respect others work02:26
pitilloin this case, how they don't respect02:27
Romsterbecause of that i choose any of the other packagers if there is more than one duplicate of the port.02:27
Romsterso i avoid giving him credit where i can use another duplicate.02:27
Romsteri keep the packager line.02:28
pitilloI think that is the correct way, only if you don't do lot of changes to a port, then you can avoid the line. But I like respect others work (and if I don't do that I hope someone can correct me)02:29
cruxbot[contrib] libsigc++: 2.2.1 -> 2.2.202:45
Romsteri've never changed the packager line no mater how far i've modifyed a port.02:46
pitilloif you end in a point near of making a new port (making lot of changes) I think there mustn't be any problem doing that02:48
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;903:02
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cruxbot[opt] samba: update to 3.0.28a03:40
cruxbot[opt] cups: update to 1.3.603:40
cruxbot[opt] ghostscript: update to 8.6203:40
cruxbot[opt] swig: update to 1.3.3403:54
cruxbot[opt] gnuplot: update to 4.2.303:54
cruxbot[opt] mysql-ruby: update to 2.7.503:54
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pitilloRomster, I had problems in 1 computer and I am trying to rebuild the core. Is a good way to follow this? binutils, glibc, gcc and then a loop for all ports in core? (I am not sure if I missed a port from the toolchain)04:43
pitilloI think I did it in a bad order... gcc, binutils, glibc is the way04:48
cruxbot[contrib] materm: Cleanup. Fixed deps.04:54
teKI have a document here labeld crux-release-update. It states:04:55
teKbinutils, gcc, reboot, glibc, single user _install_ glibc04:57
pitilloummm teK do you have the link? (if you don't have it near I will look for it)04:58
pitillooh great teK, thank you. I will try to look at lfs too to contrast.05:01
nipuLagain with the libstdc++-compat, does anyone have any software what actually uses it?05:02
Romsterpitillo, just install the core tool chain ports from the cd05:02
Romsterand rebuild the rest.05:02
Romstersafeist option.05:03
pitilloRomster, I will try that in the last option (this computer cames from a 2.3 or a 2.2, not sure and it has the problem about updating time in files in pkgmk)05:03
nipuLrun: finddependent libstdc++-compat05:03
nipuLnothing i have relied on it05:04
pitilloprt-get dependent libstdc++-compat is the same, nipuL ?05:04
Romsterpitillo, if you must redo the tool chain read this
pitilloRomster, that link it's the same like tek posted before, but thank you a lot too.05:05
nipuLpitillo: prt-get dependent only uses metadata05:05
pitillonipuL, checking that link then, and testing, 1sec05:05
nipuLfinddependent uses ldd against actually installed files05:06
Romsterdamn it tek bet me to it bah... why do i even bother before i read every line05:06
sepennipuL, and what about script based ports?05:06
sepenldd can't use it on them05:06
RomsternipuL, things like java openoffice googleearth anything binary genearly uses that05:07
Romsteralthough i don't know exactly what.05:07
Romsterit's there as a convenience.05:07
teK% for i in `grep -lr Penteker contrib/*/Pkgfile`;do prtverify `dirname "$i"`;done | wc -l05:07
pitilloRomster, acroread (at least here with prt-get dependent)05:07
sepenif all port metadata were fine ...05:07
Romsterpitillo, i've edited mine a little to a few thigs i've came across so it wont be identical.05:08
sepenteK, $ repoverify contrib05:08
teKmine looks better :>05:08
Romsterfinddeps port05:08
Romsteranyways i wouldn't recomenda tool chain rebuild unless you are prepared to break an entire system and wait ages for it to compile.05:09
sepenteK, mine looks better
Romsterand ccache helps too.05:09
pitilloRomster, I am ready to break all always, that is what I know to do better xD05:10
Romsteronly thing i don't think is safe is usingmore than one make jobs on gcc05:10
teKwhat port is it located in, sepen?05:10
pitilloRomster, btw, I am lost with the error I posted here a few days ago, I don't know where to look and the only I can think now, it's rebuild the toolchain and start again05:10
Romsterwhat error i don't think i looked at it.05:11
pitilloRomster, I will post you a line, but all ports report more than 1 line like it05:11
pitilloteK, /usr/ports/sepen/crux-scripts-sepen05:11
pitilloRomster, pkgadd: could not install usr/: Can't update time for /usr: Function not implemented05:12
sepenteK, but Im rewritting it now05:12
pitilloRomster, if I touch /dir I have no problem, then I don't know where to look or what I did bad05:14
Romsterwhat did you do before the errors.05:16
pitilloprt-get install port gives some of that errors05:16
Romsterbut what did oyu do before all this started to happen05:17
Romsteryou did something bad.05:17
pitilloRomster, nothing, updated from 2.3 and started this errors05:17
Romsterfrom 2.2 to 2.3?05:17
Romsteror 2.2 to 2.405:17
pitilloI think it was from 2.3, but I am not sure05:17
Romsterthat's alot of help..05:18
pitilloI always move from 1 version to the next, without jumping05:18
Romstermount the 2.4 crux cd cd into crux/core05:18
pitilloI update/sysup the old version, use the cd to update to the next, rejmerge and revdep and then sysup05:18
Romsterfor p in *; do pkgadd -u $p; done05:18
Romsterfor p in *; do pkgadd $p; done05:19
pitilloummm I will try to use these ports from the cd05:19
Romsterand also remove util-linux bfore doing the install.05:19
Romsteras util-linux-ng is what's used now.05:20
pitilloummm trying05:20
Romsterthen run rejmerge05:20
Romsterand at least then you should have a basic running system and check with revdep on what needs rebuilding.05:21
Romsterbit daunting if ya not used to doing that stuff05:21
pitillowell, let's see what tells05:22
pitilloRomster, with the loop I have lot of the error msg I told you...05:23
Romsterboot the system off the crux cd05:23
pitilloummm that's hard now then, I am at work and the computer at home05:23
pitilloI am using the iso to update the ports with the ones provided by the cd05:24
pitillobtw I will reboot it and cross my fingers to get it online again and see what happened05:24
Romsteryou'll have to boot off the cd chroot into your system mount the cd do all that rebuild the kernel lilo reboot... or use the pkgadd -u -r /mnt $p05:25
Romsterif you haven't chrooted over.05:25
Romstercouple of ways todo it but it's easier if your at the pc05:25
teKuhm.. sepen crux-scripts-sepen relies on svn05:26
sepenyeah, from my stable branch05:26
sepenis not the lastest development source available for this port05:26
sepenteK, Im rewriting it at these moments05:27
sepenfixing problems with ftp sources, and perform a better log functions05:28
pitilloRomster, seems to be fixed (tried update -fr with less and seems to don't show the error) Now I am forcing to rebuild all non up to date ports.05:39
Romstersepen, them 404's some of them are fine, i'd sugest a retry on them or lengthen the timeout. and why are they 404's if there just slow, should show timeout and not 404, and on timeout retry.05:41
nipuLheh, i thought my ftp-proxy wasn't working properly after several unsuccessful attempts to update some ports. Turns out my ISP's DNS is a little bit broken05:43
nipuLthe ftp server that pkgmk is getting the source from do host/ip matching05:43
pitillonipuL, with the script finddependent I got an empty answer vs the answer I got with prt-get dependent wich shown acroread05:44
sepenwell taking some notes05:44
pitilloI don't know if this can be usefull for you05:44
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nipuLi don't use acroread05:44
nipuLwhy on earth would you use it anyway? ;P05:45
pitillonipuL, it's an option, like xpdf or epdfview :P05:45
nipuLyeah i know, but nothing in core needs it anymore05:45
nipuLshould be moved to opt imho05:45
nipuLlibstdc++-compat that is05:46
sepenRomster, what are the options that you suggested me in the past for 'wget'?? -o ???05:47
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Romstercan't remember but i did say curl...05:59
Romsteryou said you hated curl and gonna use wget untill i showed you a few curl options.05:59
Romsternow your asking for options for wget again...06:00
cruxbot[contrib] atanks: moved from romster's repo06:10
cruxbot[contrib] allegro: moved from romster's repo06:10
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pitillono way, got the same errors in the sysup06:35
pitilloI will try to do something this afternoon in front of the computer booting the cd06:36
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Romstercan't fix a broken system when ya inthe system. i think you broke glibc06:40
Romsterif you can update the packages then reboot then log back in then maybe you got a chance.06:41
pitillowell, I will try using the cd's ports and if not I will try to play with the link you gave me before. I don't worry about that computer I can finally reinstall CRUX again without problem06:51
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cruxbot[opt] [notify] lighttpd: updated to 1.4.1909:13
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nipuLugh, dumb arse isp helpdesk17:18 can anyone resolve that isp?17:18
nipuLwithout cheating17:18
joacim[logos:~] host
joacimHost not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)17:24
nipuLthey're trying to convince me that their DNS has no issues17:25
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RedShift** server can't find NXDOMAIN17:48
RedShiftsame here17:48
RedShiftoh well, sleeptime17:48
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jesse_nipuL: nope, the hostname does not have a ptr record or anything.17:55
nipuLheh, finally got through to someone who knows what they're are talking about18:02
jesse_Doubt they care much since dns works, it's just their own hosts that do not resolve.18:06
nipuLthey should care if they want to keep my business18:06
nipuLi think 5 years of customer loyalty is enough to get them to fix their DNS servers18:07
jesse_You would hope it does...18:09
jesse_These days you don't get much unless you spend ridiculous amounts.18:10
nipuLoh crap, the baby is trying to bottle feed one of the computers18:11
nipuLgreat, it's covered in milk18:11
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RomsternipuL, Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)21:00
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Romsterstupid firefox won't load a huge page but opera will...21:41
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