IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-03-14

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pitillogood morning02:04
RyoSgood morning pitillo ^^02:16
pitillogood morning RyoS :)02:18
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Romsterfound the fix for wine and the new fontforge.02:22
pitilloRomster, tell us :)02:22
pitilloI can check it here02:22
Romsterkill that patch in wine and use this patch in fontforge or use my port that i've already patched
pitilloRomster, checking your port02:25
Romsteri've fontforge and wine in my chroot both in02:31
Romster /both in/d02:31
pitilloummm I am testing in my system directly02:36
Romsterthat'll work too.02:36
Romsterbut itested in a clean chroot just to make sure02:36
pitillonice to know that02:37
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pitillolet me some pedals to put them here....03:03
Romsteraon, you here?03:04
Romsterread the log found a decent fix for fontforge finally for wine.03:04
Romsterbefore it would build but lose all the font files on my system but fail to link wine server in my chroot.03:05
Romsterwith that wine patch that i nuked and applied the fontforge one and all seems fine.03:05
Romsteralso with the deps listed in fontforge it makes a missing lines.03:06
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Romsterbut i installed xorg in the chroot when i built it all.03:08
Romsterso some dep i didn't go looking for what.03:09
aoni'll look into that03:10
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treachmmh, I wonder what's up with dev86..03:17
sepenwhats the problem?03:17
treachIt doesn't build, but there are no (helpful) errors.03:18
sepenIll try here03:18
sepen=======> Building '/usr/ports/contrib/dev86/dev86#0.16.17-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded03:20
sepenwell so Ill try newly on a fresh environment03:20
treachI get some warnings related to "dbprintf.c"03:21
treachthen it ends with :03:21
treachcp -p bcc/bcc-cc1 lib/bcc-cc103:21
treachmake[2]: Leaving directory `/var/build/dev86/src/dev86-0.16.17'03:21
treachmake[1]: *** [all] Error 203:21
treachmake[1]: Leaving directory `/var/build/dev86/src/dev86-0.16.17'03:21
treachmake: *** [all] Error03:21
treachthat's it03:21
sepenstrip: Unable to recognise the format of the input file03:21
treachit warns about implicitly declared functions; could it be a missing dep?03:22
Romsterhmm won't build it dies on a linking point.03:23
pitillohere was built too03:23
Romsterandit dosn't use CFLAGS from pkgmk.conf03:23
treachyay.. "dbprintf.c:110: warning: implicit declaration of function 'strlen'"03:24
sepengentoo notes for dependencies of dev86 are bin86 and gperf03:25
sepenI don't have gperf but my system runs fine03:25
pitillosepen, dev86 was built fine in a clean sysntem too03:28
sepenohh thanks pitillo03:28
treachit builds manually, but not the port03:30
Romsteri didn't try..03:34
Romstermaybe i'll try it does not build in a clean chroot for me.03:34
treachsepen: I tared up the tarball in /tmp and ran "make", no problem. :/03:34
Romsterbut it did build on my system fine.03:35
sepenok and PREFIX etc?03:35
pitilloRomster, here in both was built fine (my system and a clean system too)03:36
sepentreach, when appears 'Select config option to flip [or quit]' what did you select?03:36
treachsince I didn't want to flip any options what I knew.03:36
treachand then it just continued03:36
Romsterfound it03:38
Romstermake -j103:38
sependon't using it here03:38
sepenpitillo, treach you?03:38
Romstersince treach and myself use multiple make jobs.03:39
Romsteri must of added -j1 and forgot to tell you sepen03:39
sepenthanks for reports03:40
Romsterand see if you can fix the CFLAS and remove -g?03:40
pitillosepen, :?03:40
treachow, right. I thought it already set -j 1, must have confused it with some other port03:40
treachnow the port works fine, after changing the makeflag03:41
sepenIll try to fix it for multiple jobs03:41
treach"make -j 1 install" :P03:43
treachbah, "unset MAKEFLAGS" ofc03:46
Romsterecho "quit" | make -j 1 CFLAGS="-O2 " PREFIX=$PKG/usr03:47
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treachok, next step.03:47
Romstercan't use the CFLAGS="$CFLAGS", as when it gets to CC=ncc, it breaks on -march=i68603:48
treachsepen: iasl gives a 403 on acpica-unix-20061109.tar.gz03:48
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sepenalso this night I worked in these new reports
treachsepen: btw, aisl also doesn't like multiple make jobs.03:58
sepenthis is the old url source03:59
sepenI can't download it here04:00
treachmaybe it's the license page that pops that makes problems. :/04:00
treach*pops up*04:00
Romsterok i got a few to clean.. xdelta is not a 404..04:02
sepenyeha I wrote this in the README file treach04:02
sepenI don't remember that04:02
treachsepen: doh, sorry. I'm not that sharp today. :/04:02
treachI've got a cold and an allergic reaction to dust on top of it. :/04:03
sepenRomster, sure, I need more reviews of code before make a release04:03
sepentreach, np for me, I like all kinds of reports04:04
treachok, then I'll report that xalan-c *also* needs make -j 1 :p04:05
sepenwell Ill return in a couple of minutes04:06
sepenlaunch time04:06
treachwhere to? :P04:06
treachhave a tasty lunch. :)04:06
Romsteri'm aware of warzone2100 i'm still trying to compile the new version.04:08
Romsteri'll do some cleaning soon on them errors.04:12
Romsternot too shabby with the number of ports i got.04:13
Romsterwish there was some easy way to use ck4up on the skipe site...04:23
Romsterah i can... why didn't i think of that i can grep the line below Technical details04:23
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cruxbot[contrib] skype: ->
pitilloRomster, wine was built fine. Thank you for that patch04:31
Romsteryep it fixed it good <<04:31
Romsteri was on the hunt to find the fix for that.04:31
pitillothat is the fix not what I said of downgrading fontforge, good job :)04:33
Romsteryeah i wanted to find a fix for the new fontforge.04:40
pitilloRomster, and you did a great job :)04:40
sepenRomster, do you like the new by_maintainer reports in my site?04:48
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sepenaon, can you take a look?04:48
cruxbot[contrib] bmp: remove junk file04:49
aonat what?04:50
Romstersepen, the very first one hasn't even got a name on the contrib one.04:50
Romstermust not of parsed corectly.04:51
sepenRomster, there are ports in which maintainer line isn't readed fine04:52
sepenyeah exactly as you say04:52
Romstermaybe this would work sed -e 's/^# Maintainer:[\s\t]*\(.*\)$/\1/'04:58
sepentoo many redundant deps here04:58
sepenRomster, hmm sounds pretty04:58
Romsteryeah xorg has always been like that.04:58
sepenIm going to try your patch04:59
nipuLugh, just doing some broadband speed tests, not getting more than 800kbps to servers outside of australia05:02
nipuLwith australian servers i get 3-5 mbps05:03
RedShiftmysql sucks05:03
rxiyou got adsl2+?05:03
RedShiftor at least, innodb sucks05:03
nipuLnah 8mbps adsl05:03
RedShiftit crashed during a full table scan05:03
nipuLrarely get over 60Kb/s when downloading05:04
rxinipuL: im hoping to get adsl2+ at my next place05:05
rxigetting a ping test on the line atm05:05
nipuLthought it might of been my crappy wifi, but even on the firewall i only pull 60K05:05
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rxii was getting ~800Kb/s on my 8mb05:06
nipuLso was i05:06
nipuLwell 500k05:06
nipuLbut i'm about 5km from the exchange05:06
nipuLbut the last week or so speeds have died in the arse05:07
rxiis your line attenuation and snl margin ok?05:07
nipuLaustralian servers get full speed, so i'd assume so05:08
nipuLwell east coast servers05:08
nipuLi hit one on perth and only got 1mbps05:08
nipuLwell, 2.2mbps that time05:08
rxinew filters?05:08
nipuLwhy would i need new filters? clearly it's not my end05:09
nipuLas soon as my packets leave the country they die in the arse05:09
nipuLseems the optus network in general is running slow05:12
nipuLi think my isp buys from optus05:12
rxigive me a link and i can confirm .. optus cable here05:12
RomsterRedShift, always backup before doing a table scan...05:16
RedShiftthe table scans *are* the backup05:17
RedShifthow else can you backup databases?05:17
pitilloRedShift, with mysql dump? (or that is the scan?)05:18
RedShift(that is the scan)05:18
pitilloRedShift, I didn't know, sorry.05:19
RedShiftit's probably innodb foobaring05:19
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rxinipuL: avg: 31 peak: 4005:23
pacmanwow, longer than 3 seconds? *leaves*05:25
nipuLoh noes! the arch package manage has become sentient05:26
rxinipuL: yeah05:26
nipuL what speeds do you get off there?05:27
Romster2.0.0.10 is out but it fails to compile.05:27
Romsteri'm stuck on it...05:27
Romsterdriving me nuts.05:27
pitilloummm btw, the url needs to be modified (2.0.8_rc1)05:27
RomsterRedShift, oh thought your doing a repair on a table05:28
pitilloafter /releases/$version must be changed by /releases/2.0/...05:28
Romsterthe url used to be fine... i'm trying to compile 2.0.10 then push tha but i can't get 2.0.10 to compile05:28
pitilloRomster, check it, here it resolve the url with ../releses/2.0.8_rc1/source.tar.bz2 and must be .../releases/2.0/source.tar.bz205:29
pacmannipuL: 6822 kbps down/485 kbps up05:30
Romsterand i checked arch's pkgbuild and it's way old05:30
Romsterfien i'll fix the god damn url but i want to build the new version and push that05:30
pacmanRomster: what seems to be the problem?05:30
cruxbot[opt] wpa_supplicant: update to 0.5.1005:30
cruxbot[opt] ruby: update to 1.8.6-p11405:30
cruxbot[opt] ocaml: update to 3.10.205:30
cruxbot[opt] msmtp: update to 1.4.1405:30
cruxbot[opt] libc-client: update to 2007a05:30
pitilloRomster, perfect, don't worry, I only want to notice it to you05:30
nipuLpacman: i was talking to rxi05:31
pitilloI will try to build 2.0.10 here05:31
Romsterbeen aware of it for a long time..05:31
pitilloRomster, here 2.0.8_rc1 crashed at build time05:31
pitillolet's see what happen with 2.0.1005:31
pacmanRomster: want me to see if i can get it to compile?05:32
rxinipuL: what server?05:33
Romsterhang on my pc is quite loaded compiling atm05:33
Romstermaking it slugish05:33
Romsterpacman, sure05:33
nipuLrxi: doesn't matter, i'm getting 900-1200 depengind on which one i choose05:34
Romsterdies on physfs05:34
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concorrhi Romster05:34
Romster21:34:53 up 4 days,  9:54,  1 user,  load average: 3.57, 3.14, 1.8805:35
Romsterloaded alright.05:35
Romsterhi concorr05:35
nipuL 03:36:15 up 334 days,  5:57,  1 user,  load average: 0.05, 0.14, 0.5405:35
Romsterthis si my desktop though nipuL05:35
Romsteri don't care for uptime.05:35
rxinipuL: 600kbps down, 100kbps up05:36
pacmani wrote a nice shell script for switching my cpu governors05:36
nipuLi know, i was just wondering how long that server had been up05:36
Romsterpacman, i build in a clean chroot prt-get depinst warzone2100... and yeah bombs out.05:36
pacmancalled it govsw =p05:36
nipuLRomster: who's your isp?05:36
pitilloRomster, here building it in a dirty system05:36
nipuLconnection speed?05:36
Romster512/128 adsl05:36
Romsteri don't have a adsl2 modem...05:37
Romsteri got this modem before adsl2 even existed.05:37
nipuLneither do i05:37
nipuLi bought mine in 200405:37
pitilloRomster, crashed here too05:38
pacmandownloading the source code now05:39
pacmangonna see if i can compile it as a regular user05:40
cruxbot[opt] a2ps: removed junk files05:41
Romsterbeen looking around for a package of some other distro of it.. found out arch has  very old version.05:41
pacmanman crux's xorg needs some patches05:42
Romsterug compile faster lol...05:42
pacmanmy scroll lock, etc, dont work in xorg05:42
Romsteron what?05:42
pacmanthe lights at least05:42
Romsterah i got a patch for that05:42
Romsterand tilman wont add it no idea why05:42
pacmanbecauses its not a "critical function"?05:42
pacmancompiling now05:43
Romsterno idea...05:44
pacmanand it crashed already05:44
Romsterbut that keyboard patch works for me.05:44
pacmanlooks like it has issues with phyfs05:44
Romsterdunno why my my scroll light don't work but at least my num lock and caps lock leds are working.05:44
Romsterpacman, yeah05:44
pacman/usr/include/physfs.h:1867: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'size_t'05:44
Romsterand i've looked on the net and can't fid the fix.. :/05:44
Romsterno idea i arn't that advanced in coding.05:45
pacmani got an idea05:46
pacmanone moment05:46
Romsteri've tryed for days trying to figure it out.05:47
Romsterseems physfs has gone dormant..05:47
Romsteri'd of thought they fixed the new cmake of 1.1.1 by now...05:47
Romsteractually i think i shoudl of gone and looked at the other physfs ports of other distros... i never thought of that...05:48
nipuLjust browsing the whirlpool problems, seems that comcens international speeds is a well documented problem05:48
Romstermaybe i'm looking at the wrong program.05:48
Romsterthere's suposed to be a new fibre optic cable put in too.05:48
pacmanRomster: maybe the new version breaks it?05:49
rxiyeah its common for the links to die in the arse05:49
pacmanthe aur has version 1.0.405:49
pacmandid you try downgrading?05:50
Romsterbut i'll try that.05:50
Romsterbe nice if the darn configure would tell me it's too new..05:50
Romsteri've had that 1.1.0 version in there for ages..05:51
pacmanis 1.1.1 buildable?05:51
Romsteri can't remember i think it was broken..05:52
Romsteryou can try it.05:52
Romsterit uses cmake.05:52
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pacmanthe developments gone dormant, huh?05:53
pacmantrunk/  939  37 hours  icculus  Yet another attempt to patch to compile.05:53
Romsterhmm well they haven't released a new version for a long time.05:54
Romsteri don't see a 1.0.4 listed on
pacmano wait05:57
Romsteroh 1.0.1-405:58
pacmankinda odd how05:59
pacmantheir timestamps are the same05:59
pacman[   ] physfs-1.0.1.tar.gz     23-Jul-2005 20:27   527k06:00
pacman[   ] physfs-1.1.0.tar.gz     23-Jul-2005 20:27   483k06:00
pacmanmaybe physfs needs to be changed?06:00
Romsterthe thing is lincity-ng builds just fine on that version of physfs06:02
Romsterbut i'll try the older version...06:02
Romsteri might of been searching for warzone2100 and i didn't even think to look at physfs06:03
Romstersince lincity-ng built fine agenst it.06:04
Romsterwhy would there time's be the same...06:04
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pacmani built the new physfs, and now the game say SDL isn't present06:15
pacmanRomster: find the problem yet?06:19
pacmanGOOD GOOD06:20
pacmanIT COMPILED06:20
pacmani downgraded your port to 1.0.1 and this game you've been trying to compile06:20
pacman... compiled06:20
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cruxbot[contrib] wesnoth: remove junk files06:37
cruxbot[contrib] jack-audio-connection-kit: remove redudant deps06:37
cruxbot[contrib] tuxracer: remove redudant deps06:37
cruxbot[contrib] nvclock: remove redudant deps06:37
cruxbot[contrib] warsow: remove redudant deps06:37
Romsterbloody hell why didn't i try to downgrade that port :/06:38
Romsteri was looking for a fix to warzone2100 not for physfs06:38
Romsteri'm cooking dinner atm06:39
Romsterugh and i'm talking to no one he already left...06:39
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pacmanwhen trying to use bridge utils, i get this error when i try to make one06:50
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan06:51
pacmanbr0: Dropping NETIF_F_UFO since no NETIF_F_HW_CSUM feature. <-- why am i getting this? sigh06:54
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thrice`wow, jue's a little busy07:07
juethrice`: ?07:12
thrice`updates :-)07:15
jueyep, after 4 cruxless weeks there's a lot to do07:17
thrice`ah, I suppose so07:18
cruxbot[contrib] warzone2100: 2.0.8_rc1 -> 2.0.1007:46
cruxbot[contrib] physfs: downgrade 1.1.0 -> 1.0.107:46
tilmanRomster: ?08:01
tilmanRomster: i won't add what?08:01
Romsterthe patch for xorg-server key leds but i don't care i made my own port of it with the patch, but evwerytime soemone says someting about keyboard leds in here...08:02
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:07
cruxbot[contrib] liboil: 0.3.13 -> 0.3.1408:07
cruxbot[contrib] libattr: updated to 2.4.4108:15
cruxbot[core] e2fsprogs: updated to
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux08:20
cruxbot[opt] lftp: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xkbcomp: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xinit: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xauth: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-mkfontdir: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-mkfontscale: updated to
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jesse_Update mania in full gear today. :o08:26
tilmani bumped those xorg ports yesterday08:27
tilmanand since x came up okay today, they must be okay!08:27
tilmanglib, gtk and pango updates coming soon btw08:27
thrice`new major glib, I noticed08:28
tilmanyup, GIO (gnomevfs replacement)08:28
*** jtnl has joined #crux08:29
*** destruct has quit IRC08:31
jaegeroh sure, go on a big update rampage right after I make an updated ISO :P08:48
jesse_You were a bit too quick to update. :p08:51
aonmake another one? :)08:51
tilmanyeah, including the new gnome08:51
jaegerI will, eventually08:51
jaegerinclude gnome on the ISO? /boggle08:51
tilmani couldn't think of another reason08:52
jesse_Introducing the brand new, super duper crux updated iso. Now featuring gnome! :p08:52
jesse_Good luck :D08:53
tilmancould call it "grux"08:53
jesse_"krux" and "xrux" should also be made in that case. ;)08:54
jesse_Step aside, ubuntu! You've got serious competition. rofl08:55
tilmanmaybe shuttleworth could send us a few millions08:56
jesse_Just imagine if even a piece of the ubuntu users would swarm in...08:58
thrice`new gnome looks very nice :)08:58
jesse_"I want to see pretty colors and videos during the boot process!"08:58
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cruxbot[core] man-pages: update to 2.7909:03
thrice`aah, too many09:04
jesse_The Grand Update Massacre of March 2008. :p09:05
*** pacman has joined #crux09:08
*** treach has joined #crux09:12
*** joacim has joined #crux09:13
treachwrong channel? :p09:21
thrice`maybe he's porting the wonderful pacman to crux? :PO09:22
f1yi used pacman on crux09:22
Rotwangthrice`: i already did it ;]09:22
thrice`aah, my worst fear09:22
thrice`it had already been done =)09:22
f1ybut only with packages, which didnt compile correctly and i was too lazy to fix it09:22
*** jtnl has quit IRC09:23
pacmanjust like the chuckles this name generates =p09:24
thrice`jaeger: have you tried the new gnome, by chance?09:24
jaegermessed with it a bit, yeah. started working on the update today09:25
thrice`some of the shadowing stuff looked neat09:25
*** namenlos has quit IRC09:30
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct09:33
Romsterseen the new glib any chance that cairo can be updated to the 1.5.10 snapshot?09:44
tilmanuh, no?09:44
Romsternew gairomm stable requires cairo >= 1.5.1009:44
tilmanthen cairomm sucks09:45
tilmancairo uses odd ersio numbers for development series09:45
Romster1.5.10 is nearing the stale 1.6 release09:45
Romstererr stable not stale..09:46
pacmanthe 1.6 release is so yesterday. SVN FOR THE WIN!09:46
pacmanone time i made a ports user with sudo and disabled root09:47
Romsterwell i got 3 ports wating to be pushed and it needs the new glib that tilman will do soon that' i've already compiled and the cairo i have to wait for so fun means i can't push updates yet.09:48
tilmanfor fucks sake09:48
Romsterwhy would they release a stable cairomm that uses a snapshot..09:49
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux09:49
treachfunny thing is that ff3 also needs a snapshot of cairo.09:49
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC09:49
treachthat's why I have a port for 1.5.1209:50
Romsternevermind i'll postbone them, juat seems odd09:50
Romster12.. i did 10 hmm09:50
Romsterwonder why i did the 10 when there is 1209:51
cruxbot[opt] gtk: updated to
pacmanhey Romster09:52
pacmanmadwifi needs to be updated09:52
pacmanit wont work properly with 2.6.24.x, the version in ports09:53
Romsterya i got warzone2100 sorted thanks for that..09:53
pacmantheres a month old release that fixes it09:53
Romsterand o think i got everyting upto date.09:53
pacmani manually setup a port to update to new version09:53
Romsteri got a few missing ck4up lines i need to go though them all and see what i'm missing09:53
pacmanstill trying to figure out how09:54
pacmanto setup a softAP with WPA09:54
Romstermadwifi is tilman's port..09:55
pacmanit is? okay then09:55
Romsterprt-get info madwifi09:55
Romsterlook at maintainer line.09:55
tilmani think i'll put you on my ignore list now09:55
pacmanme? why?09:56
tilmanno, Romster09:56
Romsterwhat i just pointed out....09:56
pacmanwell tilman, whenever you get a chance, please update madwifi.09:56
Romsteris that so wrong09:56
tilmanwonder when you'll realize09:56
tilmani'm taking bets09:57
Romsteroh sure sepen can go blah blah blah but i cant...09:57
Romsterall pick on me.09:57
Romsterwell i got news for ya i don't back down punk <<09:57
tilmanhow many times did sepen think i'm tillb?09:57
tilmanand how many times did *you* think i'm tillb?09:57
Romsterlol no idea09:57
Romsteroh fuck who the hell is till..09:58
Romsteri see till.... i think tillman...09:58
Romsterpacman, go email or flyspray the update....09:59
tilmanpacman: so, please e-mail the guy in opt/madwifi Pkgfile09:59
Romsteri shoudl read the whole name before saying who it is...09:59
pacmantilman: uh... your the guy...09:59
Romsterno i dea who tillb is. does he even come on irc?09:59
Romsterpacman, no09:59
*** tilman has left #crux10:00
Romstertillb is some other dude..10:00
Romsterthink we may of hurt tilman's feelings... damn10:00
sepenRomster, O.o10:01
Romsteram i just a damn menace around here or something.10:03
* Romster just goes10:03
sepenpff patience10:03
pacmanahh i like my new bash prompt10:04
pacmanthe regular crux prompt has no data so i dont like it =p10:04
sepenI think you're doing a great great job in crux Romster10:04
pacmanlike location, user, etc10:04
pacmansometimes i wonder why Romster isn't one of the big guys10:05
pacman(aka the developers of crux's  main ports)10:05
sepenalso imo you should be part of opt or core, but not idea how recruiments are working10:05
sepenyeah +1 here10:05
pacmanwhich ports are only updated once per crux release?10:05
pacmani've only seen gcc/glibc10:06
sepenI think he's potentially the more effective developer10:06
sepennot only for a big number of maintained ports, for he's ideas too10:06
Romstereh i'd just get under everyones feet so it seems.10:06
sepenlike safe-build environment10:06
Romsterstill working on that.10:06
pacmanwhat i'd really like are some more enhancements to prt-get heh10:07
sepenRomster, but I think you (we) should be patient10:07
Romsterwould like to really hack chroot itself but i arn't that advanced.10:07
sepenRomster, pitillo and me also we have a similar environment with a couple of addons10:07
pacmanmainly logging of all pkgadds/pkgrms and official optional dependency handling10:07
Toshihack chroot?10:07
pacmanbut eh10:07
pacmanwho knows10:07
sepenlike repoverify, clean-system, repodiff, etc etc10:07
Romsterpacman, got ideas on that..10:08
pacmanmain question is if it would get official acceptance and merge into the mainstream releases10:09
Toshiyou could wrap it in a perl/shell script in the mean time, or do you mean additional logging?10:09
pacmanToshi: I mainly mean pkgadd/pkgrm logging to a file with timestamps to keep a record of package manager activity.10:09
pacmanprt-get can only log compile stuff right now10:10
Romsterit's easy to alias the pkgrm and pkgadd commands...10:11
pacmanlets just say i like having logs to have for checking stuff10:11
Romsterand add in a script to log stuff.10:11
Romsterso instead of talkingabout it go do it <<10:11
pacmanif i did it, i'd want it to be featured in the official releases10:12
Romsterwell if it's a good feature it may get rewritten..10:12
Romsterand incorperated.10:12
pacmanwell i'd have to have a way to gather the data from pkgrm/pkgadd what is being removed/added and if it succeeds10:13
pacmanonly point in logging it if it "succeeds"10:13
pacmaneasiest way might be to write a shell script10:13
pacmanthen alias it to pass through it in bash10:13
Romsterwell pkgadd and pkgrm do exit 1 if they error..10:14
pacmanfor example10:14
pacmannon-existant package10:14
pacmanI think i'm gonna write some ports with some shell scripts i write to enhance crux or just linux in general10:15
sepenjue, ping10:15
pacmanshell scripts are easy to made, and dont require compiling10:15
Romsteryeah is why i'm messing in shell script atm.10:16
ToshiI've been messing around with a port manager, just a little program to help me learn C10:17
pacmanas for dependency handling10:17
pacmannot so simple to implement10:17
juesepen: ?10:18
pacmanwould be nice if optional depends could be added to prt-get's depinst subroutine10:18
sepenjue is that correct?
sepenpacman, openbsd package system implements this optional idea10:19
sepenbut imo crux is kiss10:20
pacmani dont mind "kiss" but10:20
jesse_If you cannot be arsed to read the pkgfile before you install something, you should not be using crux in the first place.10:20
pacmanwould be nice if it added a basic implementation of it10:20
juesepen: sure, but we might chance that to the usual core maintainer some time10:20
jesse_Those populist hand-holding ideas do not have a place in crux.10:20
sepenjue, is not a big deal10:20
pacmanjesse_: wow, remind me not to cross your troll bridge. O_o10:21
jaegerIt's a bit confusing how the GNOME 2.22.0 release notes make mention of GIO a couple times but gnome-vfs hasn't been phased out yet10:23
pacmanjesse_: sides, its not like every port lists their optional depends, and besides, do you seriously expect me to wade through the Pkgfiles of hundreds of packages?10:24
* pacman winces.10:24
jesse_First of all, not every port has endless optionals, it all depends on the complexity and interdependency of one another.10:25
pacmanthen again10:26
pacmani usually dont miss the "optional dependencies"10:26
pacmanif i notice it missing, then its probably something i need to investigat10:27
jesse_When you've used crux for years and you know the guiding principles behind the project, those types of implementations go against the grain.10:27
pacmanthen why did they implement prt-get depinst in the first place? <_<10:28
jesse_Crux is not for everyone nor does it intend to please the general user.10:28
jesse_prt-get is merely a helper utility and I don't think it was ever meant to be a robust dependency checker.10:29
jesse_Just enough to get something working, but not a form of artificial intelligence to second guess the user.10:31
*** pacman has quit IRC10:37
*** f1y has quit IRC10:38
*** pitillo has quit IRC10:40
*** pitillo has joined #crux10:41
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*** tilman has joined #crux11:11
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*** f1y has joined #crux11:13
Toshijesse_: I'm working on a tool that allows you to keep track of which repo/port you have installed.11:21
ToshiThere were times before when I'd forget what repo/Pkgfile I used to install the port on my system.  Currently If I have anything extra (meaning besides core/opt) I pull the individual port down to my ports/<repo> and if needed add the entry to /etc/prt-get.conf.11:23
ToshiI have this idea of only having one entry (besides maybe core.. or) in prt-get.conf which points to a directory that has the ports I wish to install on my system11:25
Toshiand then I'd use this tool to add ports to it from my ports tree11:25
*** rantolo1 has quit IRC11:27
ToshiWhat do you guys do?11:27
thrice`Toshi: ports -d ?11:28
thrice`personally, I have /usr/ports/mine on the top of the list, and have those ports which I want to override core/opt in there11:29
Toshicool, yeah I do something like that too11:29
thrice`which isn't bad, as I don't really touch anything from core, and only have a few different from /opt11:30
Romsteri do the same but i have seperate opt,core etc..11:31
thrice`man, my poor crux box is going to be updating all nigh o.O11:31
treachports -d doesn't show what repo you've got things from.11:31
ToshiSo lets say you have two ports of the same name in your ports tree.  Is there a way currently to ask the system which ports is installed?11:32
thrice`yeah, I mentioned ports -d only after reading his first line11:32
treachToshi: prt-get info "port"11:32
thrice`prt-get info <port> will honor what's on top in prt-get.conf11:32
treachI think that's the easiest way11:32
treachproblem is, if the <portname> you installed gets removed you might be a bit mislead.11:33
ToshiRight.  I'd like to be able to get the info on all the ports of the same name. then decide which one I want to install.  AND know after it's installed which one it is.  That's my goal.11:34
treachyeah, that's why I and tilman did some thinking wrt using sqlite as a backend, a while ago.11:35
treachyou could store a heap of meta information there along with the stuff that normally goes into the prtdir11:36
treachI even began writing some (very naive) sort of paper on the topic.11:37
ToshiWhat i was thinking only in the file system somewhere11:37
treachwell, a db would make more sense IMO.11:37
ToshiI don't know if I want that as a dependency11:40
treachsqlite isn't much of a dependency.11:40
treachand it certainly makes more sense than 1 million files containing nothing but metadata.11:41
thrice`I didn't think there was SUCH a huge demand for this sort of thing11:41
ToshiProbably not11:41
treachthrice`: It's an idea worth thinking about IMO, it would simplify a lot of things.11:42
ToshiSeemed like a good side project for me11:42
ToshiIf you have that paper and don't mind, I'd like to take a look at it.11:47
thrice`treach: perhaps.  maybe switch to python and use catagories, too? :)11:48
jesse_Toshi: that has happened to me a few times in the past when you have multiple repositories in use.11:52
jesse_I put the non-standard ports into a separate /usr/ports/dir to avoid confusion.11:53
Toshiand bring them down one at a time?11:54
jesse_No, I've snagged the ports and maintain them myself. :p11:54
jesse_You could do that as well, but I like to update by hand.11:55
ToshiI don't adjust every port I grab, but the ones i do I move to my ~/ports dir11:56
treachthrice`: why python? That would be meaningless bloat. But the categories was actually something cpt was planning iirc, and if you use a db, bfd, it's just another collumn..11:56
thrice`treach: just a portage joke11:56
ToshiI was thinking of just having one directory that symlinks to the ports in my ports tree I want to have on my system11:58
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC12:00
Toshithat would give me a central ports location, repo name, and Pkgfile.12:01
Toshiof everything that can or is installed on the system12:01
tilmaneven without the categories (newly fandangled crap ;x) the local portsdb sqlite thing was a nice idea12:04
tilmantreach: you should pick it up again :]12:04
treachhopefully I get around to finishing that paper, but it would be nice if someone more qualified gave some input on it before it's made public.12:06
treachalso, I somewhat question how meaningful such a submission would be. :/12:06
*** acrux|G4 has joined #crux12:07
jesse_How bad can it be? It's not demanding USE flags is it? :p12:08
treachindeed not.12:08
tilmantreach: if you're afraid of wasting more time on it, then publish what you've got so far12:09
tilmanand see how the reactions are12:09
ToshiThrow it on the wiki, I'm sure if enough hands touch it it'll get somewhree12:10
treachwell. that's quite an optimistic pov, if history is anything to go by. :/12:10
jesse_can you say N and O? :D12:12
treachyeah. after all it's a pretty radical idea, and radical ideas and crux tend to mix as well as oil and water.12:13
* thrice` shrugs12:13
jesse_Maybe it's just my view, but the text db has not been a problem.12:13
tilmanthe idea wasn't to replace the *package* db12:14
tilmanthe idea was to add a *ports* db12:14
jesse_oh ok.12:14
tilmanto avoid major disk thrashing when doing 'prt-get fsearch foo' eg12:14
tilmanat least iirc :D12:14
tilmanjesse_: the package db isn't a problem in that regard, since it's small :)12:15
treachwithout having to rely on the prt-cache thing which frankly IMO is a bit of a hack12:15
tilman /usr/ports isn't, though. 45MB here :p12:15
tilmannext time a computer calls me to tell me i've won some crap i'll go on a rampage12:15
Romsterlol gotta be kidden with soruces and built packages in /usr/ports12:15
treachbut depending on how radical you want to be you could actually put EVERYTHING in the db.12:16
treachit's more work, but there isn't any reason you couldn't do it.12:16
Romstereven hashs of files <<12:16
thrice`prtwash helps12:16
tilmantreach: less radical is better for now ;)12:16
jesse_core+opt+contrib is already 31MB o_o12:16
thrice`portage is +/- 500mb12:16
treachthrice`: what I'm after is a "holistic" grip on the issue, not hackish "solutions" by adding a script here and a script there.12:17
treachsorry couldn't find a better word12:17
treach"helicopter perspective"12:17
jesse_In this case it might be worth giving it a shot.12:17
jesse_Especially since it does not change the frontend to the user.12:17
thrice`"enbodying the entire structure"12:18
tilmanhehe, i thought it was a typo12:18
thrice`replace the tire on your car, rather than patching it :-)12:18
treachyeah, you could think of it as using a db as having a view from a helicopter, as oposed to adding scripts that does this and that, which would be a frogs perspective.12:19
treachanyway, gotta go afk for a little while.12:19
*** j^2_ is now known as j^212:20
jesse_The 'ports' command would need some serious under-the-hood changes wouldn't it?12:22
tilmanmore or less serious, yes12:23
jesse_Hmm. Would this scenario work? Have the db created on, then synced via rsync to users, or am I completely off the mark?12:24
tilmani think the idea was to have the db represent the state of your local /usr/ports12:26
*** sepen has quit IRC12:27
ToshiWhat kind of performance increase would it provide to me as a user?12:28
jesse_I understand this to improve the recursive searches (dsearch and fsearch in particular).12:29
ToshiI'm not familiar with those?  where can i find info on dsearch and fsearch?12:35
thrice`_prt-get fsearch pidgin12:35
thrice`_should be similar to grep file /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint  :)12:36
jesse_Toshi: man prt-get. ;)12:38
Toshidoin it now!12:38
rehabdollwoh, lots of updates today13:00
Toshifind /usr/ports/ -name ".footprint" -exec awk -F/ '$NF ~ /pidgin/ {print $0}' {} \;13:04
treachthat's pretty cumbersome and slow. :)13:05
treachbut ultimately that's what gave me the idea to suggest putting it all in a db.13:06
treachin a sense it already *is*. It's just scattered over a huge number of files.13:06
treachtake "prt-get fsearch something". If it looks in a db or in /usr/ports/*, it's all the same.13:08
treachit's just that one way is MUCH faster, more flexible and space efficient.13:08
treach....and scales infinitely better. :P13:10
thrice`sorta like slocate vs. find13:10
thrice`but would anyone know how to port sqlite backends?13:12
treachsorry, I don't understand the question.13:13
thrice`would the transition to port db be difficult to do?13:14
treachdepends on how you do it, but I don't think so.13:14
treachthe Pkgfiles are already structured, so it should be easy to import them.13:14
treachbiggest nut to crack afaics is how the syncing should be done, but I'm not a developer after all, so maybe someone else can crack it.13:15
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux13:16
Toshisyncing between file system and db?13:17
treachno, the upstream porttree and your local db.13:17
treachcurrently the transfer is file based, but I presume that wouldn't work anymore, or mayb it could...13:18
treachI think I gave it some superficial thought in my paper13:18
thrice`and if a Pkgfile is incorrectly written? "ie, with an extra space in the deps line, or something) ?13:18
treach"never assume correct input"?13:19
ToshiYou might have the use the file system as an intermediate to keep compatiability13:21
treachyeah, I think that's what I came up with too.13:21
treachToshi: if you're interested I can put up what I came up with.13:28
treachIt's not complete by far, and a lot of it is probably pretty stupid, but it's a starting point anyway.13:30
ToshiI'm interested13:30
Toshicool thanks13:33
ToshiI need to register with freenode13:33
treachyou're welcome13:33
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jesse_In its simplicity, the sqlite/whatever is chosen db would simply replace the text file prt-get cache function.14:32
treachit would do quite a bit more.14:33
treachbut you'd get the cache function for free implicitely with the db14:34
treachamong other things it gives a possibility to consolidate all or at least a lot of the various tools/scripts that are currently used.14:35
jesse_According to tilman, if it would simply depict the current state of /usr/ports/*, then the db would only need to be generated/updated locally.14:35
jesse_That just might be jumping the gun, but do continue explaining.14:36
treachtbh, I'm not sure *anyone* is 100% up to date with the various scripts that are sent along, and I'm not 100% sure there is no overlap between them either14:36
treachwhich is what happens when you solve your problem with random scipts. :>14:37
jesse_Yes, it does happen because the creators were atomized and working at different times.14:39
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC14:43
jaegerIs libxml2-python a drop-in replacement for pyxml?14:49
*** Lectus has joined #crux14:52
racerjaeger, my official response is "I don't know"15:21
jaegerthanks :)15:24
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux15:42
*** vektori has joined #crux15:43
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treachyay, vektori! Long time no see.15:52
vektoriHey. :)15:52
aonhi vektori15:59
vektoriHi aon.15:59
*** mrks_ has joined #crux16:03
tilmanhey vektori16:04
vektoriHey tilman!16:04
jesse_w00t the past is alive! :D16:06
*** mrks has quit IRC16:20
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*** thallium has joined #crux16:49
sepenhey vektori, nice to see you16:50
*** andarius has joined #crux16:50
vektoriHeya sepen. :)16:50
andariusgreetings and salutations16:50
sepenhi andarius16:51
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teKyou love lolcats, right?18:12
predatorfreakteK: Beep18:12
teKmaybe you don't know yet18:12
predatorfreakOld news.18:12
predatorfreakStalin cat is superior anyway!18:13
*** racer has quit IRC18:13
vektoriI prefer cats that look like Gandhi.18:13
joacimQueen Elizabeth II cats :318:14
teKI can haz urls? plz?18:14
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*** haole has joined #crux18:55
haolehey there! i have an off-topic question... does anyone know if it's possible to combine docbook and mathml to write math books?18:55
nipuLanything is possible19:13
haolenipuL, that was deep19:15
*** thallium has quit IRC19:17
sepenhaole, and why not latex?19:21
haolesepen, i need something that distinguishes content from presentation, and latex cannot give me that19:21
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Romsterwhat the now fontforge has a update under the old tag date...21:48
Romsterhi vektori ltns21:49
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