IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-03-15

Romsterawesome i wanna build one
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Romsterwhat the hell spam on crux-contrib ML03:47
Romsteri hate spam <<03:47
predatorfreakRomster: YOU WANT LARGER RUSSIAN PENIS TODAY?04:03
predatorfreakCLICK HERE!04:03
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Romsterhi treach04:07
treachpredatorfreak: if you're playing with ff3 I found a couple of nice configure switches; --enable-{jemalloc,system-sqlite} :)04:07
treachhi :)04:07
predatorfreaktreach: I'm not atm.04:08
Romsterwhat's the first one do? some memory allocation?04:08
predatorfreakStill lacks my important things04:08
treachjemalloc actually makes quite a diffrence speedwise IMO.04:08
Romsterso faster again.04:13
Romsterso how fast is this firefox3 to v2?04:14
Romsteri've been meaning to install it still.04:14
treachyep, quite a lot actually, unless I'm all fooled by the placebo effect ;)04:14
Romsteri'd probbable install it along side since some extensions wouldn't work on it yet.04:15
treachand since pretty much all my plugins works if I disable the compat. check, I'm not going back. ;)04:15
treachno crashes yet at least04:15
Romsteri'd be able to import my firefox2 profile?04:15
treachI haven't touched mine at all04:16
Romsteri guess i can try wonder if it'll bork on about 8000 urls <<04:16
Romsterand no kidden i'm serious about that figure.04:17
treachheh, never tried that many. :>04:17
Romsterall i directorys sorted too.04:17
Romsteri have the bookmark tags extension.04:17
treachbut since it uses sqlite3 it should handle stuff like that better I think.04:17
Romsteri'm hoping so.04:17
treachjust remember, if you try my port that you have to install sqlite04:18
Romsteronly thing i might do is use the firfox3 inteanal apng i don't fance having apng systemwide.04:18
predatorfreakSwear to god avisynth's error messages at times are strangely creepy...04:18
Romsteri got sqlite3 and already04:18
Romsteri'll have new cairo etc this sunday that's when i do my sysup04:19
Romsteri got like 12 updates todo.04:19
treachI have all the ports needed otherwise.04:19
Romsterso once i do that i'll throw your repo in my prt-get.conf and try it out.04:20
Romsterand move my existing mozilla directory.04:20
Romsterso it dosn't mess that up04:20
treachwell, just backing it up would probably be a better idea. ;)04:20
Romsterhmm cp -r it.04:21
treachtar -c .mozilla > Mozilla.bak.tar04:22
Romsterah could do that too.04:23
Romsterbe less messy.04:23
Romsterah Terminator 2 is on <<04:39
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RomsterMozilla.bak.tar 79MB and hell wating i'll do a sysup now.04:46
Romsterhi lucifer4u04:46
lucifer4uhow are you friends?04:46
aonRomster: experiencing any problems with fontforge-20080309 and wine?04:47
aoni ran some quick tests and didn't run into anything04:47
Romsteraon, not as yes04:47
Romsterseems ok looks like the guy saw all the errors and decided to update.04:47
Romsterguy in winehq said there been having issues with fontforge alot.04:48
Romsterseems fontforge doesn't do any unit testing for regressions.04:48
tilmanthe fontforge guy explicitly states that he has no interest in QA04:49
treachsounds great. :/04:49
tilmanhe's a font designer04:49
tilmanhe's using libXt ffs :D04:49
aonwhat does the world need font designers for as it already has fixed04:49
* tilman hits the hotkey to issue his 'fixed is just an alias, not a font' speach04:50
aonwow, has linux development slowed down?04:50
aoni'm only ~ 0.0.1 behind with my three-month-old kernel04:50
treachmost work apparently goes into .25 now.04:51
lucifer4ui have a little question.04:52
treachso, give it a few days or so and you'll be 0.0.1 back for real. :>04:52
tilmanlucifer4u: 4204:52
treachand not ;)04:52
aonah no, i'm at .23.13, so it is quite close to real 0.0.104:52
tilmanbtw, the problem with 'fixed' and x core fonts in general is that you cannot get hardware acceleration for them easily04:53
treachI thougth you were on .24.2 or so.04:53
tilmanttfs (resp evrything that uses xft i think) can04:53
lucifer4uwould it be helpfull for somebody if i will write a script which check is some package exist in some port and show ports in which it exist?04:53
lucifer4uthis time if i need some port i do next steps:04:54
treachotoh, fixed is so much quicker "lacking" hw acceleration hardly feels like a problem..04:54
lucifer4u1) go to
lucifer4u2)inter name or port in the search04:54
aonnot that you really get any significant hw acceleration on a gf4mx440...04:54
lucifer4u3) look at the results and if i found it i download port04:55
tilmandepends how much video ram it has ;)04:55
tilmantreach: not sure on that. in a composited desktop, stuff that has to be done in software really hurts you04:56
tilmanbecause you need to copy all the data to system ram, do the operations, and copy it back (si teh slow)04:56
treachheh, ok. maybe.04:56
tilmanalex deucher started implementing render accel for r3xx+ btw04:57
lucifer4ui think it can be made automatically04:57
treachSince I don't patron such fancy stuff, I don't feel that particular pain that much. :D04:57
cruxbot[core] libarchive: updated to
lucifer4uin a way psearch portname for example04:57
lucifer4uwhat do you think about it?04:57
tilmanthere's already some scripts that query the port db04:58
tilmansepen has one, but i forget the name04:58 XD04:58
Romsteri used to have a gf4mx440,i gave it away <<04:59
Romsteron a 7600GS now.04:59
treach8500 here, still have a r280 pci laying around if I ever get around trying to set up a hydra again.05:00
Romsteri d have a few older cards about.05:01
Romster a s3 368 and a nvidia geforce 2, and some other isa cards..05:02
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-font-xfree86-type1: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xprop: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xev: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-x11perf: updated to 1.5.05:02
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-rendercheck: updated to 1.3.05:02
tilmani've got about 5 to  7 matrox cards, 2 or 3 nvidias, 3 radeons ;)05:02
Romsteranother update flood i'm glad i've holded up updating everything.05:02
tilmanand i will *never* give away or sell a video card05:02
tilmanyou never know when they'll come in handy05:02
Romsterthe radeons anygood?05:02
Romsteri mean driver wise with linux.05:03
tilmanas soon as r3xx gets render accel it will be the awesome for my desktop05:03
Romsteri know the card themselfs are good.05:03
treachI have a few laying around too, but those are the only ones I'd rate as "useful".05:03
Romsterthe older vid cards are good for servers.05:04
tilmani wonder what idiot is maintaining the pango wiki (
treachI have a cl 5424 laying around together with a tnt2 and a banshee card too, but those are mostly useless. :>05:04
tilmancirrus logic?05:05
treach1 MB. :)05:05
Romsteryeah seems there missing the css or something didnt look at the source code.05:05
Romsterlol i have a 1MB ISA somethng that at the time 512KB was the norm.05:05
treachRomster: If you're running a server why would you need a gfx card?05:06
Romsteris in my 486 i use for ms-dos games.05:06
treachIsn't serial console good enough? :P05:06
Romsterah because i hadn't messed with the serial console yet.05:06
tilmansome bioses will fail if they don't find a vga device, no?05:06
treachI suppose so.05:07
Romsternot what i know of..05:07
treachno idea though, what happens if you tell it to "halt on no errors"05:07
Romsterjust beep at ya but you can turn off the error thing halt on no errors.05:07
Romstertreach, is onto it.05:07
treachI always found that formulation a bit funny. :D05:08
treachread it properly. :D05:08
treach"Halt on no errors" :D05:08
treachie, stop if nothing's wrong. ;D05:08
Romsteryeah never did word it corectly.05:10
Romsterthat's like something i'd do..05:10
tilmani'm not sure i wanted to touch romsterbios05:11
treachtilman: btw, you're still an ob user right? What are you using composited stuff for?05:13
tilmanit uses an argb window05:15
tilmanie real transparency05:15
tilmanfortunately my new computer is fast enough to do render stuff in software05:15
tilmanso the missing render accel in hw doesn't hurt me as much ;)05:15
Romsterbut it'll fly faster when it's implmented.05:17
sepen<tilman> sepen has one, but i forget the name05:19
sepen<treach> XD05:19
sepen-> portdb-search05:19
sepenRomster, for updating 'pygame' I installed 'numeric' previously, if not build crash05:21
Romsterso pygame has numeric listed as a dependency.05:22
sepenyeah, but not for 'prt-get update'05:22
Romsterthat's prt-get's fault not mine.05:23
sepenall deps are picked for prt-get depinst not for the update05:23
sepenRomster, yeah05:23
Romsterupto you you to do a prt-get deptree pygame05:23
Romsterand see if it's missing.05:23
sepenno problems here, just I notify you this05:24
Romsterfor rights prt-get could say a warning that there are dependencys not installed.05:24
Romstersepen, minor issue. now all my ports incontrib should 100% pass all them tests you throw at it.05:25
sepenprt-get depupdate should do the trick05:25
Dreamer`what was the browser for linux that used webkit?05:25
sepenRomster, sure, my ports too05:25
treachDreamer`: midori05:26
Dreamer`aye, thanks05:26
treachkazehakase can use it too, but I don't think anyone have a port for that.05:26
Romstersepen, heh05:27
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Romsterhmmz what is going on with downloads... most of the net is acting slow.05:31
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jsRomster: <- what about that as an alternative to creating a rsync mirror? ;)05:41
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Romsterjs,  don't need hand holding to install the port and the "if [ $UID != 0 ]; then" is anoying i have a diferent user for building ports other than root.05:46
jsRomster: you don't build a port, you install one there05:46
jsand for that you definitely need root ;)05:46
sepenlike pkgmk user05:47
sepenjs, see postinstall documentation lines05:47
Romsterall i wanted to see was the hgup driver with the foo.hgup files that symlinked to the seperate subdirectorys of mercedal.05:47
Romsteri use pkgmk user and group now.05:47
jssepen: where?05:48
Romsterjs the chicken/egg thing is what your talking about it arn't hard to manually download the Pkgfile but i guess a helper script dosn't hurt.05:48
treachtilman: I think a lot of that depends on wether you use jemalloc or not.05:49
treachand that isn't the default right now.05:49
jssepen: yeah, but the script isn't only building it - it instantly installs it05:49
Romsterthat wasn't what i was wanting though. i could implment it myself from your work but i relaly got other things todo. and httup and rsync does work.05:49
sepeninitialy crux used .cvs files for ports -u05:50
Romsteri run prt-get as root though sudo but pkgmk runs as pkgmk:pkgmk05:50
Romsteryeah ages ago05:50
jsRomster: even if you specify -i?05:50
jsbecause then you'll get problems05:50
jsI don't do pkgmk -d there, but pkgmk -d -i05:50
Romsteri don't use pkgmk -i05:50
jsbut the script does to install ;)05:51
jsthat's why it needs UID 005:51
Romsterbut i could create a wraper than to use a alias to solve that.05:51
Romsterbah whatever... i got better things todo.05:52
treachhaha, nice graph for ie7 :D05:52
jseven nicer is the rendering engine of IE8 which displays nothing correctly :D06:00
Romstertreach, geez maybe firefox3 has hope afterall06:03
Romsterjust wish there build system wasn't so crazy.06:03
treachmmh, maybe.06:03
js3.0b4 works here just fine06:03
jsfor a port, look at my repo :)06:04
treachor maybe it's just ie that sucks elephant nuts.06:04
Romsterone thing buged me animations on tabs not in view eating cpu06:04
treachiow, comparing to ie doesn't say that much.06:04
jswhat I think is kinda braindead is that FF2 even kept images in RAM *uncompressed* that weren't even on the current tab06:04
Romsterso i installed the 'active stop button' extension ages ago06:05
jsI'm glad this is fixed in FF306:05
Romsterand that bookmarks should laod alot faster in sqlite306:05
jsyeah, bookmark handling is way better06:05
jswhat I like is having them finally searchable06:05
jsand the URI input bar also searches the bookmarks on typing06:06
treachI hate the new adressbar.06:06
treachit turns up all kinds of *completely* irrelevant urls just because some where they have the same letters as the ones you're typing.06:07
jsand it feels more native with gtk2 now06:07
Romsteroh so it's not so gtk2 mongral half baked now?06:07
jsnope, feels way more native now06:07
jsand is way faster06:08
jsUI reacts instantly now06:08
jsand even the buttons etc. rendered by gecko use the gtk theme now06:08
jsRomster: <- give it a try06:09
Romstertreach, has a build of it.06:09
Romsterwith all the dependencys as source.06:09
* js prefers building it by hisself06:10
treachaye, ports are such a difficult concepts.06:10
Romsterhah exit firefox2 and it returns a shitload of ram.06:12
lucifer4uion3 port still cannot be installed. sources are not available. also it has available new version06:19
treachforget about it, and its madman creator.06:19
Romsterlucifer4u, email him than to tell us.06:20
tilmanrugek: contrib/ion3 needs a bump06:21
Romsteroh rugek is on..06:21
* Romster starts a huge arse sysup06:22
lucifer4uRomster: not right way06:23
lucifer4uRomster: right way is update ion3 to the new version or delete port which cannot be installed06:24
Romsterlucifer4u, noting stops you to bump the version and contact him in the mean time.06:25
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lucifer4utreach: can you suggest me another lightweight wm with the same abilities?06:28
jsdwm maybe06:28
treachwell, unless you're after extensive lua integration there's dwm or wmii maybe.06:28
Romsterdunno but i use pekwm06:28
treachRomster: not the same thing at all.06:29
Romsterit's lightweight and hasn't crashed.06:29
jseven more lightweight is evilwm :)06:29
jseven forked it once, but that fork's discontinued06:29
lucifer4ui have evilwm right now06:29
Romsteri don't like too lightweight.06:29
jsRomster: well, I use evilwm on slower machines and gnome on the rest :)06:29
treachI don't think size is the man reason to use ion.06:29
jsIMO, evilwm can even competete with gnome :)06:30
lucifer4uRomster yes. that is why i want another )06:30
jswith some patches, evilwm's just nice :)06:30
Romsterso lua scripting support is a must?06:30
jstreach: maybe you should clean your shift key, looks like it's stuck :รพ06:31
Romstercool down..06:31
treachright after the pekwm idots clear out their brains.06:31
lucifer4utreach: i use it to work only with keyboard + tiling + tabs06:31
treachlucifer4u: I got that.06:32
treachthat's specifically why I didn't start recommending fvwm, pekwm or something else completely irrelevant.06:33
Romster=======> WARNING: Footprint mismatch found: <- so love not having to use -if anymore.06:33
treachlucifer4u: there's ratpoison too, which is pretty nice.06:35
lucifer4uRomster: no. lua scripting is not a must. but ability to use some scripting is good..06:35
lucifer4utreach: does dwm wmii or ratpoison support some scripting ?06:36
treachI've never tried.06:37
lucifer4ugoing to try them all )06:38
treachgood luck :)06:38
lucifer4uthank you )06:38
jsRomster: anyway, do you think it might be possible to add my ports tree to the list now that there's an install script?06:38
Romsteryou'll need a REPO file for the portsdb to work and you'll need to contact viper for that as i said.06:39
jshm, does viper idle here sometimes?06:40
jsany documentation about the REPO file?06:40
tilmanhttup-repgen creates it06:40
jstilman: I don't use httpup, only hgup06:40
Romsterjs, rarely and when he does he is in #crux-devel06:41
jsRomster: ok.06:41
Romstergrep for his email he is in the Pkgfile's06:41
tilmanread the source of httpup-repgen06:41
jstilman: ok.06:41
tilmaniirc the format is pretty damn simple though06:41
jstilman: well, I never saw a REPO file so far06:41
Rotwangjs: a lot of information can be found at the crux site06:41
tilmanjs: run httpup-repgen in a random directory then o_O06:42
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treach@seen viper06:43
clbtreach: I have not seen viper.06:43
treach@seen viper_06:43
clbtreach: viper_ was last seen in #crux 2 weeks, 2 days, 13 hours, 32 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <Viper_> thanks for your hint, btw06:43
treachoccasionally. :)06:44
jstilman: so the REPO file needs to be updated on every commit as it looks06:45
jshm, guess I have to write a hook then06:49
* js puts it on his TODO06:49
treachif [ -n "$1" ]; then06:49
treachhttpup-repgen ~/web/files/crux/ports06:49
treachportspage ~/web/files/crux/ports > ~/web/web/table.xhtml06:49
treach sitecopy --update web06:50
jstreach: nah, the server doesn't work on crux ;)06:50
jsI'll just write a hg commit hook06:50
treachdoesn't need to..06:50
treachthat server runs win2k I think..06:51
Romsterwoot windows server..06:51
jsmine runs NetBSD :)06:51
treachdon't blame me, it's not *my* server..06:51
jsit's *my* server, so feel free to blame me :D I just prefer netbsd for servers :)06:51
Romsterjs thought you'd run OpenBSD06:52
jsdid so a long while ago, yes06:52
jsand still do so on my notebook because of WLAN06:52
treachthe point was that ftp access is enough.06:52
jsanyway, from where do you know I ran openbsd on my server?06:53
Romsterlol wild guess <<06:54
jslol. what made you assume I use OpenBSD, even though I said NetBSD? ;)06:55
tilmanhe's probably confusing you with another guy who has a similiar yet different name06:55
treachsj? :D06:55
jsmaybe js__? I often get highlighted in BSD channels because someone highlights js__06:55
jsanyway, I didn't want to start a flamewar which OS is best. :) Everybody should use what he prefers and what does the right thing for the job :)06:57
treachbullshit! Everyone should use solaris for servers!06:58
Romsterah doesn't bother me what ya use06:59
treachas long as it doesn't hammer everyone else with viruses, worms and trojans, who cares?07:00
Romsteryeah as long as it dosn't get rooted.07:00
Romsterbah i keep typing does wrong..07:00
treachDosNT, isn't that win2008? :D07:01
Romstersomething like that07:01
Romsterto used to dos.. so i type dosn't. instead of doesn't07:02
Romsteri don't think i'll ever get rid of my dos ways fully.07:02
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jesse_treach: you don't understand dwm/ion! you use it because it makes you feel elite and gives you warm, fuzzy feeling inside! :D07:07
tilman.oO(ziomg, it's written in only 1337K lines of code)07:08
jesse_ziomg my system resources are being wasted for nothing!07:08
Romsterziomg wasted bytes typing <<07:09
treachfrankly speaking though, why waste a ton of resources on a fscking wm? Eyecandy is teh sucks anyway. :D07:10
tilmani like soem eye candy07:10
jsI even have compiz running *duck*07:10
treachyou quack07:11
jsyeah, but only on my desktop, my other machines are running either evilwm or openbox as they are very limited in resources07:11
treachI use ob, rp, dwm et al because I *like* them. I hate rodent centric environments.07:12
treachkde is nice too, imo, but it's a bit backwards to try using without a mouse.07:13
jesse_Since kde tries to replicate common desktop archetypes, using it sans mouse is unlikely to be in their design goal.07:15
jesse_I like minimalist window managers because they do not get in your way and because I'm not a sucker for excessive eye candy. :p07:17
treacheverything has its pros and cons.07:18
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*** treach has joined #crux07:21
jesse_Indeed. It's about knowing your needs and trying the wms in order to find what works and what does not.07:23
Romstereverything has something good and alot of bad jsut wish i could program i'd pick all the good of each and put it into onw.07:26
Romsteranother word i always type out of sequeance.07:27
treachoh, like combining kde and ratpoison. :P07:28
Romsterwhy the hell do most of these programs not distrbute to distcc..07:28
Romsterwell kde has some nice points but ti's a ram hog.07:28
treachno it's not.07:28
Romsterbut no..07:28
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Romsterkde has this huge kdelibs that takes forever to compile it should be splitup like xorg is modularised.07:29
Romsteronly install what ya need then.07:29
Romsterbut on the other hand gnome is dependency hell.07:30
Romsterdunno if i'll ever finish off kde4 ports i started doing.07:31
cruxbot[opt] pango: updated to
Romstergah i'm in a sysup and more updates...07:35
Romsterah well that can wait.07:36
aonanyone getting a 404 on udev+07:48
tilmanfor which url? the lfs scrpts? :P07:50
tilmanugh, indeed07:50
thrice`did they revert their rules, it seems?08:03
*** tr4 has joined #crux08:04
tilmanor they had to restore an old backup08:04
thrice`wonder why; didn't have issues here =|08:05
Romsteri've not had issues either08:07
Romsteron 3 pcs08:07
thrice`from their ML, it looks like they had people with older udev who were complaining, and a net-devices generation that wasn't working correctly08:11
Romsterthen they should update to the newer udev08:13
* Romster waits for browser to load08:13
cruxbot[core] udev: we're now mirroring the udev-config from LFS on
Romsteryeah i was thinking that..08:17
Romsterit's dumb of them to revert. they should just go update udev...08:18
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lucifer4ujesse_: system resourses is nothing. you can buy them. the only thing that make sense is your time. if window manager save your time you use it. if wm1 help you save more time then wm2 then you use wm1.. everything else do not matter08:21
Romsterwell i'd say if one WM was more productive to work in than the other.08:22
*** vico has joined #crux08:24
lucifer4uRomster: i think we should not care about WM productivity.. we should care about our productivity during some WM usage.08:25
Romsterah yes i ment that...08:26
Romsteri worded it wrong08:26
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*** destruct_ is now known as destruct08:36
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tilmangreat, ruby-gtk is broken again10:51
tilmanuh, stray commas in the source code o___O10:52
jaegercan't trust those commas10:53
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tilmanthank god ruby-gnome2 has a new maintainer now11:20
tilmanhopefully he'll do releases more often ._.11:20
cruxbot[opt] ruby-gtk: added a patch to fix the build with glib 2.16.11:35
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jesse_tilman: lucky you the maintainer is not as upfront about not giving a toss about QA :D11:59
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clickonceFucktards in ##linux saying Arch is *the* linux dist. We should attack them.12:57
Romsterthere brainwashed.12:58
Romsterwell could be worse they could of said ubuntu *quivers*12:58
clickonceDon't even mention that shit.12:59
rehabdollubuntu is great12:59
rehabdoll.. for some users12:59
Romsterfor new uses yeah.12:59
Romsteras a steping stone to then go try other distros.12:59
jaegerOr users who aren't tweakers12:59
rehabdolli installed it for my dad.. no more support issues for me! :)12:59
Romsteror that, that want something that works and don't care how it works.13:00
Romsterrehabdoll, <<13:00
clickonceUbuntu is crap. End of story.13:02
clickonceI'd be more ashamed if my mother used Ubuntu than I am now since she's using Windows.13:02
tilmanare you a troll, or are you dumb?13:02
clickonceI'm honest.13:03
tilmanokay, i guess that makes you disturbed or so13:03
Lectusclickonce: btw... arch is *the* distro. :P13:03
clickoncetilman: I've been using Linux since 1998 and Crux since 2004 so I am not just trolling.13:03
Romsteri'd say ubuntu be better than windows... but crux is better for tweakers13:04
clickoncetilman: Well, I do think Infected Mushrooms - Deeply Disturbed fits myself quite well.13:04
* Romster thinsk i might of started a flame war13:04
clickonceLyrics: "I am deeply disturbed"13:04
jaegerDeeply unhappy?13:04
rehabdollexactly why is ubuntu so bad?13:05
clickonceBut I am quite happy though. :)13:05
clickoncerehabdoll: It's targeted for less skilled people.13:05
jaegerI don't agree with that in the least13:05
clickoncerehabdoll: I like to keep them away from stuff since I hate them.13:05
clickoncerehabdoll: I am an elitist.13:05
rehabdollah, ok.. good to know13:06
rehabdollill just ignore everything you say from now on13:06
clickoncerehabdoll: Be my guest.13:06
tilmani need to invent a Really Smart /Ignore mode for irssi13:06
tilmanone that doesn't annoy the hell out of me but that still filters the crap from insane people13:06
clickonceWhat is so wrong with hating newbies?13:07
clickonceThey're highly annoying.13:07
jaegerWell, it gains you absolutely nothing...13:07
clickonceSince you can't talk to them without explaining everything at least twice.13:07
Lectuseverybody was a newbie one day... I just hate newbies that don't like to learn13:07
Romsternewbies are fine but not the ones that don't read man pages or google first before asking.13:09
clickonceI was a newbie as well, but I learned through books and kept the questions to myself. (Just to not annoy the elite)13:09
tilmanwow you're awesome13:10
Lectusthan you lose the purpose of an IRC channel, which is to ask questions and get them answered.13:10
tilmanmay i build you a shrine?13:10
clickonceLectus: I'm here to talk to skilled people about Linux, not to help craptard newbies.13:11
rehabdolli thought you were here to troll13:11
Lectusme too13:11
clickonceI'm not trolling, I'm expressing my opinion.13:11
Romsterclickonce, is so prould that he arn't a noob and didn't ask questions in the past, and to offer your help... to what non-noobs so that means to the ones that already know linux. that's alot of help.13:12
Lectusyou don't need to insult newbies to talk to skilled people13:12
Lectusyou can always choose with who you talk13:12
clickonceLectus: The newbies and the talk about helping them makes me upset.13:12
Romsteri have to agree with Lectus too. now what else do i need to update...13:14
rehabdollclickonce: what do you do when a co-worker/boss asks you something about his wireless network, a pc thats "broken" or perhaps some windows-related issue they are having with their daughters pc?13:14
clickonceNever ever use Partition Magic, not even the non-pirated versions. It screwed things up.13:14
rehabdolltell them to fuck off?13:14
clickoncerehabdoll: Something like that, but in a semi-polite way.13:14
clickoncerehabdoll: I don't say "fuck off" I just shrug.13:14
clickonceand tell them repeatedly that they should be glad I'm doing it for free, etc, etc.13:15
clickonceEventually they stop asking me.13:15
Romsterand make yourself look dumb, that's smart.13:15
clickonceAs long as I don't have to help them with their easy shit I'm happy.13:15
rehabdollyeah, then they will think youre just lame and not l33t!13:15
clickonceSo be it, I still don't have to help them.13:16
*** andarius has joined #crux13:16
clickonceI think my girlfriend has given up trying to learn programming and Photoshop.13:16
andariusgreetings and salutations13:17
RyoSclickonce: time to get another one13:17
* Romster thinks i'll keepmy opinions to myself.13:18
clickonceShe's sick and tired of my comments when she asks for help.13:18
clickonceAnyway, I'm off to do something else.13:18
Romsteri wonder why lol.13:19
clickonceRomster: ?13:19
tilmanmaybe you shouldn't call her a cracktard noob :D13:19
Romsterwhat comments do you tell her13:19
clickonceMostly "ah, I've known how to do that for years", "I could do that when I was 7", "That's easy", "You just did that 10 minutes ago, how is your memory?"13:20
Romsterok all but the last one is being a ego up yourself smug...13:21
Romsterno wonder she gave up.13:21
clickonceI'm like that towards everyone but my little sister.13:21
Romsterclickonce, fails the being nice to newbies test :P13:23
Romsteranyhow checking with revdep.13:24
tilmanwould anyone want to email simone about updating opt/libsdl?13:25
Romsterhmm i'm already on 1.2.1313:26
Romsterhe is a version out.13:26
Romsteris it too hard to email him?13:27
tilmani'm lazy13:27
Romsterso am i but i guess i'll fire a email off.13:28
tilmanthank you13:28
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rugektilman: what do you mean? the port is up2date17:31
treachrugek: not that I care but would indicate otherwise17:44
jesse_Beware the wrath. :p17:45
treachhehe, "one does not just surf into!"17:46
treachtank:~% info ion317:47
treachName:         ion317:47
treachPath:         /usr/ports/contrib17:47
treachVersion:      3rc-2007092717:47
rugekah yeah, didn't pushed to contrib *sigh*17:47
rugekshame on me17:48
cruxbot[contrib] pekwm: fixed broken location17:53
cruxbot[contrib] ion3: updated to 2008020717:53
jesse_The updates marathon continues.17:54
treachthere's always debian stable for those who find it troublesome. :>17:57
cruxbot[contrib] x11-fonts-dejavu: updated to 2.2417:59
cruxbot[contrib] ntp: 4.2.4p0 -> 4.2.4p4 + new ntpdate script18:11
*** RedShift has quit IRC18:12
predatorfreak <-- Awesome!18:12
predatorfreakNow I just need an army of them to conquer the world.18:13
*** vico has quit IRC18:17
Romsterlol predatorfreak neat18:26
Romstertreach, got firefox3 b4 running seems ok so far.18:26
Romsterdespite losing most of my plugins that are there but not compatable, knew that would happen though.18:27
Romsterseems light on memory so far.18:27
treachyeah, no problems so far here either. But I don't tend to have it running for extended periods anyway, so I guess there could pop up strange stuff that way.18:27
treachRomster: did you try disable the compat check?18:27
Romsternah not yet.. too tired to mess with that now.18:28
Romsteri'l do that later it's cached in distcc so it won't take muce to rebuild18:28
Romstererr ccache18:29
treachjust add a new value in about config; extensions.check.Compatibility, boolean, false.18:29
Romsterok defently shows i'm tired18:29
Romsterah in the config got it18:29
Romsterthis might void your warranty... what warranty lol18:30
predatorfreakRomster: Sleep more :P18:32
Romsterhmm made 2 extensions work but not the rest.18:34
predatorfreaktreach must use extensions that don't do things that are "low level"18:34
Romsterok i'm gonna try somethng insane open a shitload of tabs <<18:34
predatorfreakRomster: BOOM!18:34
treachhm, not sure what you mean with "low-level"18:35
*** rxi has left #crux18:35
Romster341 tabs *dies*18:36
predatorfreakThings linked to shit that changes every major release18:36
predatorfreakHonestly though, they COULD just make a SANE EXTENSION API18:36
predatorfreakand stop breaking it every major release18:36
treachI've got a screenfull of plugins, and I think they all work except vimperator18:36
predatorfreakWhat do they do? :P18:36
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:38
treachadblock plus and friends, compact menu, configuraton mania, cookiesafe, download statusbar (works with issues), noscript, refcontrol, stop or reload button, swedish and english wordlist, UA switcher.18:38
Romsterhmm i got a stack no in that list treach typed.18:39
predatorfreakadblock plus and shit worked here, my major gripe was tab mix plus and download manager tweak.18:39
Romsteri'll list mine sometime.18:39
predatorfreakI tried forcing download manager tweak, broke though18:39
Romsteri want all in one sidebar to work <<18:40
predatorfreakI need my everything-in-one-bloody-window shit.18:41
predatorfreakThat is the one ingenious idea Opera had, use tabs for EVERYTHING18:41
treach <- treach-like18:41
Romsteri'm suprised i can open diferent tabs weven with 341tabs open and some are still loading.18:42
predatorfreakPop music is the devil!18:43
* predatorfreak smacks Romster again18:43
Romsterbitch <<18:43
treachheh, "341 tabs should be enough for everyone"18:43
Romsteri'd say18:44
Romsteri'm just going a bit insanse to see how it handles it not that i'd do that many18:44
predatorfreakI go crazy when my tab bar becomes two rows.18:44
predatorfreakI start pruning tabs.18:45
treacher, how many tabs do you need for that to happen..?18:45
predatorfreakOver 10 or someshit18:45
treachI've only managed to get that "scroll-right-to-get-more-tabs arrow".18:46
Romster <<18:46
predatorfreak14 tabs here18:46
predatorfreakI disabled that.18:46
predatorfreakFelt clunky too m18:46
Romsterthe scroll wheel works good on that.. i didn't look for the make 3 rows of buttons option.18:47
treachhm, I've got 20 tabs, still all in one line and scrollig. :/18:50
predatorfreaktreach: I disabled scrolling on tab bar.18:53
predatorfreakLike I said.18:53
treach ah. ok.18:53
treachmissed that, I guess I should go to sleep18:53
*** thallium has quit IRC18:54
Romsteri'm off to bed too..18:55
Romsterlater all18:55
Romsteri'll see if i got any memory leaks when i wake up.18:55
treachI don't think we need to do any experiments to know the truth of that. ;D18:56
*** treach has quit IRC19:09
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