IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-03-16

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Rotwangwho maintains vpnclient and vmware-workstation?04:12
Romsterprt-get info <port>04:14
RotwangRomster: i know that :[04:14
Rotwangbut prologic isnt anymore in contrib right?04:15
Romstervmware-workstation i'm not sure if tek wanted that or not, else it's currently unmaintaind04:15
Romsterno but the first one vpnclient Rene Lengwinat, rugek at dirtyhack dot net04:15
Rotwangk, thanks04:15
Romsterwhats the go with vmware-workstation? does it need a version bump?04:16
tilmanRotwang: rugek is in here, too :D04:16
Romstertilman, did tek say he'd take vmware-workstation04:16
Rotwangno, both ports has /opt in footprints04:16
Romsterfor rights it should be /usr/etc/cisco-vpnclient/04:18
Romsterand the rest could go to either /usr/share/<port> or /usr/lib/<port>04:19
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Romsterhi predatorfreak04:29
predatorfreakRomster: Morning04:29
predatorfreak(For you, I haven't slept yet)04:29
Romsteri just thought of something for your libvorbis_autov port04:30
Romsteri've been asleep.04:30
Romstercat 'libvorbis_autov: libvorbis' >> /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases, in a post-install file.04:30
predatorfreakI don't use the version in opt myself :P04:32
Romsterwould have to have a check if it's there or not though04:32
predatorfreakWell, technically I do.04:32
predatorfreakBut I named mine libvorbis.04:32
predatorfreakTo avoid that problem.04:32
Romster[i]           libvorbis (provided by libvorbis_autov) -->04:33
Romsteri added it in manually but it might be nice for others if it had a post-install to add to the prt-get.alias file if it doesn't exist. just a thought.04:34
predatorfreakRomster: I think you're probably the only one besides me using it :P04:36
Romstermaybe lol..04:37
Romsterthat's always wondered me some poll or something on what everyone runs.04:38
cruxbot[core] dhcpcd: update to 3.2.304:38
cruxbot[core] nfs-utils: update to 1.1.204:38
predatorfreakRomster: Better yet, insert backdoors in all your ports so we can bitch about how you hax0red our systems :D04:39
Romsterlol predatorfreak04:42
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Romsterhi teK04:45
RomsterteK, are you taking the vmware ports?04:45
f1ygood morning04:45
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teKat least I almost finished creating my ck4up.conf yesterday.04:46
teKimho the vmware ports are heavily broken, I'll have  a look at them today, promised. Ok?04:46
teKYesterday I faced some hickups with git ...04:47
Romsteryou got git sorted or you still stuck?04:50
teKI added a new file, modified Pkgfile and so on, did the git -m " .. " file1 file2; git push but the changes were not pushed (ports -u was unchanged, git fetch etc., too)04:51
teKbut I was just to impaptient, I think04:52
teK00:11 < cruxbot> [contrib] ntp: 4.2.4p0 -> 4.2.4p4 + new ntpdate script <-04:52
tilmanthe git-to-rsync export scripts run every 5 minutes or so04:52
teKnow everything just seems fine. :)04:52
teKtilman: yeah, too impatient04:53
teKbut Romster, I do have a question on git which I will keep for later (today) :)04:53
teKbtw does anyone of you use ck4up to track based ports?04:54
tilmanoprofile md5 @SFID@16191 @TAR@04:54
tilmanthat's the best you can do these days, unfortunately04:54
RomsterteK, yeah the git to rsync is on a cron job.04:55
teKtilman: which does not work for me as each run of ck4up gives a diff04:55
Romstertilman, can't you use a git hook to run the git fetch or whatever for rsync?04:55
teKI tried that, also04:55
cruxbot[core] findutils: updated to
teKbtw who introduced ports -u [repo]? Rocks, imho! :>04:56
tilmanteK: ah, then your regex needs tewaking :)04:56
Romsteryou can use
tilmanteK: seems there's nmore text surviging the regex filtering than necessary04:56
teKI virtually skipped all Ports that don't have a customized project page for this reason04:56
tilmanor maybe i just didn't see this problem yet04:57
tilmanteK: you're using @TAR@ (from the manpage), right?04:57
teKck4up can't handle redirects, btw. Cost me about two hours to figure this out ..04:57
teKtilman: yep04:57
Romstertek name-[.0-9]+ useally is enough.04:57
tilmani think i asked jue to implement redirect support recently04:58
tilmanit bit me badly, too :|04:58
Romsteri got the gnome stuff to work i had to extend the timeout from 20 to 30 seconds in ck4up file.04:58
teK vs. for my testport. It worked the other day..04:58
RomsterFtp_time    = 30    # timeout in seconds for ftp requests04:59
teKtalking about the timeout reminds me of pkgmk which should have a lower timeout + (iirc) just three retries for fetching sourcefiles05:00
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tilmanpredatorfreak: trying your firefox port now05:01
predatorfreaktilman: Last hold out? :P05:01
predatorfreakBasically everyone else has by now :D05:01
tilmani know05:01
Romsterit's been fine i'm messing with the firefox3 beta 4 now.05:02
tilmanpredatorfreak: nice diff of the footprints05:03
tilman3413 vs 4685 files/directories05:03
tilmancan't say that startup time improved though05:03
predatorfreaktilman: Final package size is nice too :D05:03
predatorfreaktilman: It's not massive OMG INSTANT05:04
tilman11 mb05:04
tilmanbut i don't remember the old pkg size05:04
predatorfreakBut I noticed it personally.05:04
predatorfreakAs long as it works, that's all I care about :P05:04
predatorfreakDebloating and such are the important bits too me.05:04
Romsterunlike that ML entry lol05:08
Romsterman that was funny.05:08
tilmani didn't know they didn't use pango by default on linux05:08
Romsterpredatorfreak, what was it you told me to add if i tryed firefox3?05:08
predatorfreakFor some reason, they don't.05:08
predatorfreakRomster: All my modifications :P05:08
predatorfreakWhich requires a new nss and modified mozconfig05:09
predatorfreakI'm waiting for firefox 3 proper.05:09
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teKno, it's just the timeout for pkgmk that should be lowered05:10
Romsterwell i got the new nss so i just gotta review the mozconfig05:12
Romstertimeout for pkgmk?05:12
Romsterwhat are you on teK i don't get what your saying exactly without assuming.05:12
teKtimeout uses a specific timeout (the default) for its wget -... operation which is much to high, imho05:13
teKlol tilman05:13
teKich kann leider nicht antworten weil 'tek' schon belegt ist ...05:14
teKaber ich werds mir merken, danke :P05:14
predatorfreaktilman: Also, I hate to sound like a broken record, but any ETA on the meeting? XD05:14
tilmani badly need to write paper1, and afterwards i badly need to write paper205:15
predatorfreakYay summer break then? XD05:15
predatorfreakSince everyone should be decently calm then.05:15
teKtilman: schreib mir bitte nochmal was du genau mit affe meinst05:15
tilmani don't have a summer break05:16
predatorfreaktilman: Oh.05:16
predatorfreakNazi joke urge.05:16
teKhaha tilman, check ich05:17
cruxbot[opt] libc-client: update to 2007a105:19
cruxbot[opt] uw-imap: update to 2007a105:19
tilmanpredatorfreak: saying youw you need to resist that urge is pretty much equally retarded to actually making some nazi joke. so just don't.05:19
predatorfreaktilman: :(05:20
predatorfreakIt's an American thing, you wouldn't understand05:20
tilmanno need to bring it up then05:21
predatorfreaktilman: I'm only joking, jeez.05:22
teKAmericans seem to live nazi-stuff more than german's nazis do05:22
teKlive/love .. whatever05:22
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teKsilence. oops. ;)05:24
tilmanpredatorfreak: yeah, but i figured i'd let you know that i don't appreciate it :D05:26
predatorfreaktilman: Hey, I wasn't going to call you a nazi, I was going to call the German Educational system a nazi!05:26
tilmanof course i got that05:26
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tilmanit's still retarded05:26
predatorfreaktilman: You're no fun05:27
tilmanno, retarded nazi "jokes" are no fun05:27
predatorfreakSo what political analogue would be better/05:27
tilmanteK: for how long have you been using this nick on freenode?05:27
predatorfreak-/ +?05:27
tilmanteK: if it's > 12 months i think you can claim it even though it was registered before05:28
* tilman rolls eyes at predatorfreak 05:28
aonwhy do you have to have political analogues of everything in the first place :)05:28
teKI don't know if has been a year but I will see what I can do. The other guy is online as 'tk' so it's useless anyway..05:28
predatorfreakaon: It's more American to define everything by political ideology.05:28
aonyes, i have noticed that05:29
predatorfreak(Note I'm joking)05:29
aon(I'm not)05:29
predatorfreakWell, perhaps the majority prefer to define everything by political ideology, but I like mocking more.05:29
predatorfreakSo, I joke about political ideology ;)05:30
teK"Sendung mit der Maus"! brb05:32
aoni'm a bit surprised by such an urge anyway, since you don't really have real politics or know much about anything else going on in the world05:32
aonnot you specifically, but in general05:32
tilmanteK: o_O05:32
predatorfreakaon: Sigh, it was a JOKE.05:33
predatorfreakNot a serious comment.05:33
aonyeah, i'm never really serious here05:33
aonunless otherwise specified i just troll and break stuff05:34
aonwhen i find the time for it :)05:34
predatorfreakBut, yeah, Americans are dumb :D05:34
predatorfreakI'll vouch for that first hand.05:34
teKtilman: mein Kleiner will das sehen und heute sprengen die ein Haus05:34
predatorfreakBut I doubt the majority in any country are much better05:34
aonyeah, perhaps not05:35
tilmanteK: awesome \o/05:35
aonthe american majority just gets more publicity :)05:35
predatorfreakYeah, because America is constantly fucking up other countries and not just their own.05:36
predatorfreakIf we were just fucking ourselves over, no one would care ;)05:36
teKtilman: yes06:00
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jesse_God damn it is annoying when when a few years of history throw everything else out of the window.06:23
jesse_Then others become fixated with central figures of those times and slap Germany in the face at every turn.06:24
jesse_How would you like to be reminded of a fuck up for the rest of your days simply because you have the same citizenship?06:27
teKI don't want to flame but imho 'we' had to delivery those nuclear submarines to Israel :-)06:29
jesse_teK: law is a good place to start looking for answers as to why Americans are much more enthralled by national socialim than Germans.06:29
jesse_That entire time period is essentially banned and so are the symbols.06:30
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jesse_Israel is milking collective guilt to their own benefit, simple as that.06:31
teKin Bavaria and germany in general everyone warns about the left wings but right extremist motivated crime went up in bavaria drastically..06:31
teKbtw does anybody plan to go to ?06:32
jesse_Outlawing so-called undesirable opinions and ideologies will not remove them.06:38
tilmanteK: security, bleh06:39
teKjesse_: german government failed to prohibit racist and right extrimisit party "NPD" some years ago06:39
teKtilman: hm?06:40
jesse_The topic is of interest because yet again some of the high-level lawmakers have the urge to monitor every communication and retain data.06:40
teKI'd like to spezialize on security :>06:40
teKjesse_: well terrorism.. blah blah more security. .. bla forces .. security06:40
jesse_Security is an empty word in this context.06:41
teKas almost all of them.06:41
jesse_It's just hot air, but it sure does sound nice when terrorism is thrown together.06:42
jesse_Besides, they all have their public reaons and some hidden or outright clandestine plans as well.06:42
jesse_by public reaons I refer to official reasons. ;)06:43
teKterrorists and child molesters are the 'persilscheins' for them at present06:43
jesse_Yeah. There's a sickening child "protection" and worship syndrome occurring these days.06:44
tilmanteK: the whole subject seems rather boring to me06:44
tilmani'm looking at ccc's talk list almost every year, but so far i never wanted to go ;p06:45
teKthe really interesting stuff is presented in the US, imho.06:46
jesse_I suspect this child cult is nothing more than a cover up for bad parenting and blaming others for their own incompetence.06:46
teKI'd *love* to see Dan Bernstein live ;)06:46
teKjesse_: cult? I'm talking about molsters (which are really a bad problem..)06:47
teKtilman: your *perfect* and stable system / infrastructure is nothing without security06:47
tilmanteK: i'm relying on the output of security researchers, i'm just not interested in the process. i guess.06:49
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jesse_tilman: restrict or remove networking and you're good to go :D06:55
teK2cm air == best security measure06:55
jesse_I don't understand what you mean.06:56
teKeth0 | <-2 cm-> Ethernet cable06:57
tilmanah :p06:57
nipuLnot really, physical security is always more important06:58
nipuLnot being connected to the internet won't stop someone breaking into your house and stealing your computer06:59
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jesse_Indeed. physical security is not the same as virtual security.07:10
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teKyou will notice physical security intrusions much earlier *g*07:49
pacman"hey man, who tipped over the server?"07:50
* treach throws a handful of valium pills at pacman 07:50
jesse_You can't trip like treach.07:52
Romster maybe someone decided it was more secure unpluged?08:05
pacmanRomster: only way it would be secure is if you buried it.08:06
pacmanphysically at least08:06
pacmanwonder if i can get my old USB 1.1 flash memory to work08:07
pacmanonly 64 MB but whatever08:07
treachwhy shouldn't it work?08:07
pacmanit wont let me mount it08:08
pacmanand i have no idea what i need to enable other than USB 1.1 support08:08
treachscsi disk support08:08
pacmantreach, it doesnt even recognize it as a block device08:08
pacmanmy USB 2.0 flash memory does work08:08
tilman why is that still alive08:08
Romsterdoes other usb sticks work?08:08
pacmanmy usb 2.0 ones work08:09
tilmanit was started in 2005-08 damnit08:09
pacmanall that happens when my 1.1 is inserted is08:09
pacmanthe kernel says something08:09
Romsterthen that should work too.08:09
Romstermanually mount it?08:09
pacmanit doesnt even get recognized as a block devices08:09
Romstertilman, wtf08:09
pacmanusb 2-6: new low speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 508:10
RomsterInstalling programs is easy with windows because there is a standard hah08:10
pacmanusb 2-6: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice08:10
pacmanthats it08:10
Romsterthere's like what 50 diferent installers.08:10
tilmanthere's 3 major installers...08:10
tilmanor maybe 408:10
treachtilman: people are idiots? :)08:11
pacmanlets face it, linuxs diversity is part of its weakness in some ways08:11
pacmantheres like so many different package management schemes its not even funny08:11
treachyou can make any kind of eyes you want, it doesn't make it any more true.08:12
jesse_Ever thought it might be a refelection of many tastes?08:12
* pacman shrugs.08:12
treachpacman: you need to engage your brain and think.08:12
treachbut then again that might hurt, I guess.08:12
pacmanERROR: brain not found.08:12
treachIMO, that "there are too many versions of linux" is just plain stupid trolling, and should be rewarded with banning.08:14
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* Romster smirks08:17
jesse_Confounded by an argument you cannot win? QUIT QUIT QUIT!08:18
aoni think that was that guy who called himself miqorz at some stage08:18
aonat least reminded me of him08:19
jesse_It is a silly arguement, firstly because there CAN be so many as the source code is available.08:19
treachIt's a bloody silly argument in so many ways we could spend all day ripping it apart.08:19
treachbut it's not worth it.08:20
jesse_Certainly not worth the effort.08:20
tilmanaon: interesting theory ;)08:20
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aoni mean, with all the <_< and stuff08:21
Romsterryuo i thnk he used to clal himself.08:27
Romsterthink* call*08:27
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tilmanpacman: are you miqorz?08:28
pacmanand who is that?08:28
tilmandon't play dumb08:29
pacmando you seriously expect me to know who that is?08:29
treachonly if you've used that nick previously08:29
pacmani'm guessign it doesn't matter what i say, you'll just believe what you want to believe08:30
treachyou're evading the question.08:30
* treach puts turns on the spotlight 08:31
treacheh -puts08:31
tilmanThere is no such nick miqorz08:32
*** destruct has quit IRC08:32
pacmanif you must know08:32
*** pacman is now known as ryuo08:32
tilmanseems you could be him!08:32
ryuoits my alternate nick08:32
tilmanwow, romster was right08:32
ryuosorry about earlier, i was being a bit careless and some stray thinking popped out08:32
ryuotilman: about?08:33
treachInspector Romster, good work. :P08:33
tilman<   Romster> ryuo i thnk he used to clal himself.08:33
tilmanof course i totally didn't get wtf he meant08:33
Romsterthought so.08:33
tilmanryuo: anyway, that miqorz guy was active in the arch linux community some time ago08:34
ryuoi find arch too big to be worth any contribution from me08:35
ryuoi'd rather donate my time to a smaller project08:35
Romsterand yet you hated crux...08:35
ryuonot really08:35
Romsterwanted something where things just work.08:35
*** ryuo is now known as pacman08:36
pacmanguess i should be leaving then08:39
pacmanseeing as how i'm not welcome here :o08:39
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cruxbot[contrib] libcdio: 0.79 -> 0.8009:01
RyoSits time for cubuntux09:17
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treach"cubuntrucks, running over the competition since 2000"09:18
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct09:19
treachdpkg/apt-get here we come, anyone volonteering to do the packaging? :P09:20
teKI want to be responsible for bugs and slow releases :>09:21
RyoSwhen you install it, you'll shit brix09:21
treachabout as plesant as making .debs.09:22
RyoShehe, i guess so09:22
cruxbot[contrib] abe: picked up port09:23
teKresolving deps for RPMs09:26
jesse_Get Shuttleworth on the phone: give us cash!09:28
jesse_There's a world to win out there.09:28
treachI'd rather go with .rpms than .debs...09:29
treachmaking a .deb is about as fun as pulling teeth09:29
jesse_Pulling teeth is fine when you have anesthetic running and a competent toothpuller :D09:32
treachI prefer to keep my teeth anyway, thanks.09:34
jesse_Despite being off the mark, creating .debs the orthodox debian way, no thank you.09:34
jesse_Still better to keep your teeth and your sanity, thank you very much. :D09:37
treachwell, imo rpms aren't that bad, and you can do some pretty nifty things with it, like suse doing updates with delta-rpms.09:40
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan09:40
cruxbot[contrib] dia: picked up port10:03
treachgrrrr, stuff that presumes access to some damn website during buildtime is really annoying. :/10:15
tilmanxml/xslt stuff?10:15
tilmanyup, that's craptastic10:16
treachoy, either it's just my computer which is significantly faster than the last time I used dia, or enabling cairo definitely helps.. :]10:20
jesse_I haven't touched dia in years.10:22
jesse_Refused to build last time and there has not been a need to use it either.10:22
treachradical improvement since last time I used it. :)10:26
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andariusgreetings and salutations10:51
RedShiftehlo andarius10:56
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger10:59
cruxbot[contrib] rocksndiamonds: picked up port11:00
Romsterhmm wonder if i can kill that stupid http crap in the Makefile...11:00
rehabdollsounds like a useful port :)11:00
Romstergreat for making diagrams.11:02
treachrocksndiamonds, diagrams over your riches. :>11:02
Romsterloved the old bolderdash games.11:03
Romster--with-cairo           compile *experimental* cairo plug-in11:09
rehabdollsuggestions for a imap daemon?11:18
RedShiftrehabdoll: dovecot11:19
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cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xproto: updated to
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*** sepen has quit IRC12:42
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*** treach has joined #crux13:27
treachhmm, tilman around?13:28
tilmandepends on whether i broke something or not13:28
treachseems like you broke my alt-gr key. :p13:29
tilmanare you using a weird keymap?13:29
tilman(weird being anything custom :D)13:29
treachdepends on whether you consider a standard swedish keymap weird, ;)13:30
treachI've tried rebuilding all the relevant packages, but no luck.13:30
tilmani get the danish o/ with alt-gr-o13:30
tilmanis that good or bad?13:30
tilmano/ as in beer, i mean13:31
treachdepends on if that's what you want. :p13:31
tilmanthats with the swedish keymap13:31
*** sepen has joined #crux13:31
tilmanso is it what you want?13:31
treachmh, I don't get that.13:32
treachalt-gr is *dead*13:32
treachie I get + instead of backslash when I press altgr +13:32
tilmanyou could try downgrading xorg-xkbcomp13:33
treachtilde is also impossible, as is "at"13:33
tilmanaltgr-plus gets me the tilde13:33
tilmanafter hitting space, ie its a dead key13:33
treachhehe, that's weird..13:34
treachsince it's not on the same key at all. :D13:34
*** treach has quit IRC13:35
*** treach has joined #crux13:37
treachtried downgrading to 1.0.3, still doesn't work13:38
tilmanso this started breaking suddenly?13:38
treachbut it breaks in a different way with .3, in stead of getting "+" with altgr, I get nothing.13:39
tilmanis /usr/bin/Xorg setuid root?13:39
treachseems so13:40
tilmanyes, and it's owned by root13:40
tilmanthe changes since 1.0.3 are all boring13:42
treachmmh, but as I said 1.0.3 doesn't work either anymore13:42
tilmanbut you get a basic swedish keymap?13:43
tilmanit's not US that you're getting13:43
treachjadå, inga problem. :P13:44
treachåäö and the normal !"# friends works perfectly fine.13:44
treachit's just the stuff accessed via alt-gr that is deadl13:45
treachie, no brackets, curly brackets, dollar pound, at etc.13:45
tilmantreach: could it be some upgrade in xorg/ broke this?13:46
tilmanunfortunately i have no idea what it could be, other than xkbcomp13:47
treachmmh, it must be something you commited this evening13:49
tilmanthat leaves only xorg-xproto13:50
* tilman rebuilds xkbcomp13:50
tilmanthough i'm not sure it even uses xproto13:50
treach(WW) Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keyma13:51
tilmanunfortunately xkb is a bitch to debug ;)13:54
*** RyoS has quit IRC13:56
treachmh, it might be that alt and "super" are dead too, I don't use them enough to find out though.13:56
cruxbot[xfce] xfburn: Updated 0.3.0svn-26662 -> 0.3.0svn-26680 (removed patch, now its integrated on sources)14:03
*** RyoS has joined #crux14:04
tilmanrofl, i just saw bzero being used in newly written code14:08
tilmanoh boy14:09
aonno goto, though?14:10
tilmanthe 80s are calling14:10
jesse_"this worked in my day!"14:11
treachheh, people are reluctant to learn new tricks. :)14:11
tilmanthis guy also hasn't heard of short reads and file descriptor leaks14:11
tilmanalso, bzero'ing local strings like he does is just totally retarded14:12
jesse_"where's that memo?!"14:12
tilmanneed picard-headesk.jpg14:12
jesse_A suitable choice haha.14:12
aoni used goto in 2005 i believe14:13
tilmangoto has its uses. seldomly.14:13
treachthere's nothing wrong with goto.14:13
aonexcept if you start replacing every other construct with it14:14
aonlike, functions14:14
treachbut I don't know a better way to escape nested loops that obviously won't work.14:14
tilman+      data = (char *)calloc(size, sizeof(char));14:15
tilmanseeing shit like that makes me lose faith in mankind14:15
tilmani want to flame that idiot14:15
* treach gets the matches and carosene14:15
jesse_Fire in the hole? ;)14:16
*** tri has left #crux14:18
jesse_Buy more unnecesary items to increase your dick size.14:37
cruxbot[contrib] bind: cleanups15:30
*** rxi has quit IRC15:41
tilmantreach: nah, that wasn't related to xkb15:44
treachk, any other clues?15:47
*** mrks_ has joined #crux16:04
teKis there any chance that the default installation of xpdf is useful for the average pdf? (speaking of missing font files/configuration)16:05
treachit used to work for me16:10
teK does not work for me ootb, for example.16:11
teKI had to install ghostscript + s/local\///g /etc/xpdfrc16:11
*** vektori has quit IRC16:11
treachk, rakt takes it at least. :)16:12
treachtilman: please could you add the ability to run "raktpdf somefile.pdf" ? :D16:13
*** mrks has quit IRC16:20
*** drijen has quit IRC16:31
*** errdil has joined #crux16:32
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:47
*** Rotwang has joined #crux16:48
cruxbot[contrib] docutils: cleanups17:05
*** jtnl has joined #crux17:07
cruxbot[contrib] phpmp: cleanups17:09
*** errdil has quit IRC17:19
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux17:26
*** RedShift has quit IRC18:05
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:20
cruxbot[contrib] dev86: New release. Added patch and cleanup Pkgfile.18:23
*** acrux|pippicci has joined #crux18:24
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC18:25
*** treach has quit IRC18:28
*** acrux|pippicci has left #crux18:46
*** jtnl has quit IRC18:50
cruxbot[opt] grub: Add a patch to fix a problem with ext2/ext3 filesystems (thanks to Paul Ignatenko for encountering this and tracking it down).19:06
*** andarius has left #crux19:07
Romstersepen, you still didn't add the -j 1, to dev86...19:39
Romsterecho quit | make -j1 PREFIX=/usr19:39
sepenohh thats right19:39
sepensorry Ill update then19:40
Romstermaybe you forgot <<19:40
sependue to Melbourne F1 GP19:40
Romsterand it's best to build with -j2 to catch them errors even if you only are using the one cpu19:41
sepen-j2 ?19:41
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS='-j 6'19:41
sepenRomster, do you have -j1 selected in your makeflags?19:42
sepeno -j something?19:42
Romsterjsut use 2 if oyu only got the one pc that way you can catch what ports need -j119:42
Romsteri use distcc19:42
sepenso Ill add -j219:42
Romsteradd -j119:43
Romsterecho quit | make -j1 PREFIX=/usr19:43
Romsteri was saying it's a good idea to add MAKEFLAGS='-j 2' to your pkgmk.conf to catch these problems.19:43
sepenyeah, but I thinking in something more transparent than put this directly onto Pkgfile19:44
sepenand then use MAKEFLAGS Exported value19:44
Romsterdunno it's the cleanist way imo.19:44
sepenRomster, why not directly in CFLAGS ?19:44
Romsteri just tack -j1 onto any of my ports that fail.19:45
Romsterit's a make option not a CFLAGS option...19:45
sepenohh thats right19:45
Romsternever tryed but i'd assume gcc would kick up a fuss.19:45
Romsterhmp dev86 still fialed to build...19:46
*** errdil has joined #crux19:46
cruxbot[contrib] dev86: Added -j1 to make command. (thanks to Romster)19:46
Romsterjust soem makefiles arn't made right and have a race condishion.19:47
Romsterone part waits on another and if it's out of order it fails, they didn't make it in a way that it should wait for that part to finish first.19:47
sepenRomster, did you tried 'geany' port? nowadays Im developing scripts with it19:48
sepennever listed again of that application, but its just I was looking for19:48
Romsterhmm never looked at that19:49
Romsterstill been using gvim.19:52
Romsterhmm looks ok.19:52
sepenand lightweight19:54
sepenI hate kate or gedit19:54
Romsteri have to add -j1 to 'make install-all -j1 DIST=$PKG' for it to even install too.19:54
sepentoo many dependent libs19:55
Romsteryeah i looked at them two and didn't think much of them.19:55
cruxbot[contrib] dev86: Added -j1 to make command. (thanks to Romster) -2step-19:56
sepenpfff my brain19:56
Romstersorry about that should test fully before reporting.19:56
Romstermost cases ya don't need to force one make job at install time.19:56
sepennp sorry my today mistakes19:56
Romsterbut that fixes it. major pitfull of using distcc and seting MAKEFLAGS19:57
Romsteryou got a pic patch yet i don't see any -fPIC -DPIC option on the compile.. guess it's how dev86 works.20:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC20:04
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC20:04
Romsterwarning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules, few of them not sure if there gonna be critical or not.20:04
sepenI got this patch from gentoo ports20:05
Romsterwhat's it ment todo?20:05
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux20:05
sepenwhats your suggestion?20:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux20:06
predatorfreakHoly shit Romster woke up!20:06
* predatorfreak hides the children and women so he doesn't eat them alive.20:07
Romsternothing yet i'm just poking aorund at that port.20:07
predatorfreakRomster: I'm working on a new firefox 3.0b4 port.20:08
Romstereat the women there good for other things than just eating <<20:08
sepenhe's more than a simple predator freak20:08
Romsterpredatorfreak, treance has one.20:08
predatorfreakI decided to split out the rendering engine and actual browser.20:08
predatorfreakRomster: I know, it's a straight port of the 2.0.0.X one in opt.20:08
predatorfreakThis is for "when 3.0 actually comes out"20:09
sepensounds nice for others like 'flock' browser20:09
predatorfreaksepen: If they can build against xulrunner, sure.20:09
predatorfreakI'm packaging beta snapshots of xulrunner separate from Firefox and building the basic Firefox stuff against xulrunner.20:09
sepenand running?20:10
predatorfreakThat way things like epiphany/galeon/kazehakase can just install xulrunner, build against xulrunner and not have Firefox for the folks who don't like firefox :D20:10
predatorfreaksepen: Still building xulrunner, I only started a little awhile ago.20:10
Romsterpredatorfreak, ah sounds nice20:11
predatorfreakRomster: Hoping it will be :D20:12
sepenpredatorfreak, please inform to ML's any advances20:12
predatorfreakOnce I have this functional, I'll produce a "firefox-beta" repo.20:12
predatorfreakEarlier I was fucking with nss 3.12.0 with firefox 3.0b4, but it's a bitch so I dropped it for now, until 3.12.0 is finalised I can't be arsed to fuck with it.20:13
predatorfreakI'll just let xulrunner build internal nss/nspr until then XD20:14
predatorfreak(Plus it breaks pidgin)20:14
Romsterman that dev86 is a touchy port.20:14
predatorfreakPlus I got thinking and if everything that would build against firefox builds against xulrunner and pidgin switches to guntls, I could remove a separate nss port from opt.20:15
Romsterbest to hold ya horses untill they fix it.20:15
predatorfreakand the things that really need nss because of mozilla craziness will be happy.20:15
Romsteronly reason you got nss seperate is for pidgin/firefox right?20:16
predatorfreakSince both use it, I figure it makes sense that once .13 comes out.20:16
predatorfreakI switch it to use external nss.20:16
predatorfreak(as I did in my repo)20:16
predatorfreaksip was SUPPOSED to make thunderbird use external nss too.20:16
predatorfreakBut I guess he forgot :D20:17
Romsterlol i wouldn't hld my breath with sip..20:17
predatorfreakBuild faster xulrunner!20:18
Romsterargh stupid CFLAGS works with both cc and ncc, no wonder it don't work when i mess with it..20:19
predatorfreakaw crap I'm an idiot...20:19
predatorfreakI forgot to change the "/usr/include/firefox" bits when I modified the Pkgfile.20:19
predatorfreakThankfully I ccache'd this <_<20:19
Romsterccache for the win.20:20
Romsteri use it all the time.20:20
Romsteris it that slow of a compile?20:20
predatorfreakYes! ccache + -j3 = OMG FAST build for Firefox.20:20
predatorfreakIt's about as bad as Firefox USED to be.20:20
Romster-j6 and over 3 computers <<20:20
predatorfreakFirefox will now be fast, xulrunner will be slow :D20:20
Romsterso with any luck xulrunner will see less updates than firefox will.20:21
predatorfreakHopefully, but probably not :P20:21
predatorfreakThis IS mozilla we're talking about20:22
Romster@echo 'Sorry, no go; it was just wrong.'20:23
Romsteryeah the take a year to compile.20:23
predatorfreakI have no intention of patching xulrunner to fuck like Gentoo do though20:24
Romsterwhat does the gentoo do to it?20:24
Romsteri say he gentoo gcc port and i was all omfg..20:25
Romsterwhat have they done.20:25
predatorfreakThey apply their usual battery of pointless mozilla patches20:25
predatorfreakWOOOOHOOOO IT BUILT!20:26
predatorfreakNow for firefox :D20:27
RomsterBCFLAGS=$(ANSI) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) <- bah that's dopy20:28
Romstersome makefiles some programers make i sware <<20:28
Romstertieing CFLAGS between cc and ncc/bcc20:29
Romsterthat both take diferent options.20:29
Romsternow to find there bootstrap part and then find a sed for it.20:30
RomsterHOSTCCFLAGS hmmz mabe i don't need t resort to sed..20:32
Romstersepen, i got another minor improvment to dev8620:37
Romsteradd a '.nostrip' file add add these 3 lines.20:37
Romsterit'll kill all that dosn't reconise format.20:37
Romsterjust saves some warnings.20:38
Romsterstill poking around at cflags etc.20:38
*** j^2_ has joined #crux20:39
sepenRomster, not idea whats the objective20:39
sepenwarnings only?20:39
Romsterpkgmk strips by default and those 3 files strip/find dosn't reconise so it removes a alot of warning lines. throw it in and do a make and see for yourself.20:40
Romsterwarnings only.20:40
sepenohh nice20:40
Romsterdon't bother to git add it yet20:40
Romsteri'll see what i can do about these other warrnings.20:41
sepenRomster, here its too late, 02:41 and I need some bed adjusts20:41
sepentomorrow Ill be there20:41
Romsteractually it could be narrowed down to *.a20:41
Romsteri'll let ya know what else i ome across.20:42
Romsterdunno why i'm even messing with it lol..20:42
sepensurely Ill try to fix this collateral issues tomorrow, thanks for all oyur notes20:42
sepenIll continue, later20:43
Romsterk g'night sepen20:43
*** pacman has joined #crux20:43
sepennight Romster and @ll20:43
*** sepen has quit IRC20:43
*** acrux|G4 has joined #crux20:52
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC20:52
*** j^2 has quit IRC20:55
*** joacim has quit IRC21:25
*** andarius has joined #crux21:31
andariusgreetings and salutations again21:31
predatorfreakandarius: You could just sat "Hi".21:32
predatorfreak-sat +say21:32
andariusyou are very right i could. but i like the other method more ;)21:33
nipuL/alias hi /say greetings and salutations21:33
Romsteryou are like clockwork andarius21:33
andariusRomster: i am? how so ?21:33
nipuLi'd hate to think of all those wasted key strokes saying hello21:34
Romsteryou join you say your greeting <<21:34
andariuskeeps me on my typing toes ;)21:34
* nipuL types with his fingers21:34
andariusi should try that some time21:34
*** Services__ has joined #crux21:49
Services__crux-2.3.iso don't supporting Serial-ATA's?21:51
Services__I have fun with CRUX64!21:52
Services__and yesterday boot classic distro21:53
Services__And I see no any hdx sdx21:53
Services__what happens?21:54
Services__my chip nForce421:54
pacmanService__: its time to update, 2.4 is the new version21:55
Services__I known21:55
Services__but I don't download it before21:55
Romstertime to download it then.21:56
Services__2.1- Released 2005-04-2521:56
Services__- Installation/Bootkernel:21:56
Services__- Serial console now supported.21:56
Services__- Many new IDE/SATA/SCSI drivers added21:56
Romster2.4 supports more devices.21:56
Romsteryeah but that nForce4 would be in a later kernel..21:57
Services__It's sighn maybe my device not supportes symply&21:57
Romsterso it does support SATA but dosn't have your driver for the nForce421:57
pacmanhow new is nforce4? I'm using nvidia sata and amd/nvidia pata21:58
Services__Hans Mayer's distro is Good! Crux6421:58
pacmani still use x86 even thought i could use 6421:58
Romsterhmm if ya on crux64 you can't use the crux-2.4 as that's 32bit.21:59
pacmanRomster: 64 bit can run 32 bit if the processor supports it21:59
Romsteri was looking to to with nipuL's mltilib setup.21:59
Services__I always use CRUX64 only21:59
pacmanusually it requires 32 bit libraries to be present as well21:59
pacmanmy thoughts? its all or nothinmg21:59
Romsterpacman, hence multilib.21:59
Romsterbest of both worlds.22:00
Services__But I have interes use classic distro the same...22:00
pacmanthe only real point of 64 bit is if22:00
pacmanyou need more than 4 GBs22:00
pacmanof ram22:00
Services__ New Release: Version 2.3.5 work is propertlly22:01
Romsternot just that, 64bit is good at crypo and number crunching floats etc.22:01
Services__within sata22:01
pacmani doubt theres going to be 128 bit22:01
pacman64 bit has such a vast quantity of RAM at its disposal22:01
pacmani doubt we'll ever hit it in our lifetime22:01
pacmanits like over 1000 GBs at least22:02
Services__Is 2007-12-22: CRUX 2.4 released support nForce SATA correct?22:02
pacmanServices__: if its that bad for you, just compile your own kernel with support you need22:03
pacmanor better yet... boot another CD and just manually install it22:03
Services__setup before need? :)22:03
pacmansome apps won't work in 64 bit at all22:04
pacmanor have bugs22:04
pacmanas a result of being compiled in 64 bit mode22:04
Services__yeah good22:04
Romsterthere is 128bit to the ram.22:04
pacmansupposedly the normal maximum 32 bit memory can handle is22:05
pacman4.2 GBs22:05
Romster32bit can only see 3.2GB22:05
Services__My hw is amd x2 & 2Gb memory22:05
pacmanso then why does the 32 bit kernel support22:05
pacman64 bit?22:05
pacman64 GB22:06
RomsterGBs... that depends if ya running the bus at 64bit or 128bit and the speed of the ram and FSB22:06
Romsterit has to swap pages for anything over 3.2GB22:06
pacmankernel still labels 64 bit memory as experimental22:06
Romsteryeah it's not stable or something dunno.22:07
Romsteri've never had that much ram to test it.22:07
pacmanRomster: its wierd, jfs wont let me set 8196 or whaterver block size22:07
pacmanRomster says something about floating point22:07
pacmaneventually 64 bit will utterly replace x8622:08
Romsterso you used the wrong size22:08
pacmanso when can i use 8192?22:09
pacmanwhen partitions exceed a certain size?22:09
Romsterevently x86 will become obsolete but i arn't too sure some things run faster in 32bit22:09
RomsterARM has this 32bit mixed in 64bit code for a optomisation22:10
pacman64 bits already deployed in servers22:10
Romsterfor when 32bit would be faster than 64bit22:10
Romsterservers generaly use alot of ram22:10
pacmanone advantage of linux?22:11
pacmanit was much faster to provide 64 bit support22:11
pacmanthan commercial OSes22:11
Romsteri read that windows64bit used windows 2003 server.22:12
Romsterthan the nt base.22:12
*** Services__ has quit IRC22:12
Romsterto save time.....22:12
pacmanwindows has a poor 64 bit implementation me thinks22:12
pacmanwindows always seems to do a half-assed job22:14
*** andarius has left #crux22:15
Romsteraha i rule, found it.22:19
pacmanwow, Romster found... his pants22:20
Romsterlol no i'm messing with a port <<22:20
pacmanin russia, the ports mess with you22:20
Romsterwel i arn't in russia and sometimes the ports do mess with me.22:21
Romsterpredatorfreak, knows what it's like for a port to misbehave i bet. :p22:21
pacmanport: ah, so first i have to compile Romster's brain, disable common sense, and ...22:21
Romsteri have common sense thank you.. <<22:22
predatorfreakOh fucking mozilla22:27
pacmanseamonkey > mozilla22:29
predatorfreakpacman: I mean the organisation.22:30
predatorfreakThem and their god-damn fucked up broken build system.22:30
pacmanhow is it broken?22:30
predatorfreakThe "proper" way to build shit in it doesn't even work.22:31
Romsteroh man adding -Wall produces a shitload of warnings..22:35
Romsterpredatorfreak, damn22:36
predatorfreakWhat I completely DO NOT get is that the "proper" way to build mozilla products is make -f build, but for some reason I do not get, that will not work because the configure script fails to run claiming some insane shit.22:39
predatorfreakyet it works perfectly if you call it outside of their proper method.22:39
Romstersome path issues?22:48
predatorfreakI don't know.22:52
*** pacman has quit IRC22:58
*** pacman has joined #crux22:58
*** jaeger has quit IRC22:58
predatorfreakOh ffs this makes no sense.23:08
predatorfreakmake -f build fucks up configure.23:08
predatorfreakbut make -f configure works.23:09
predatorfreakBut if it works whatever23:09
Romsteri wouldn't fuss jsut do it however it works there sht is always unortherdox.23:10
predatorfreakRomster: Well it mystifies me because Arch, SuSE, Red Hat, etc all get make -f build to work23:15
Romsterso in theory should work for crux too.23:18
predatorfreakBut applying, you know, LOGIC, to mozilla's voodoo build system is well....23:20
predatorfreakLess than helpful <_<23:20
Romstervery true23:21
Romstermaybe ln -s Makefile; make23:22*23:22
predatorfreakThat would destroy the current Makefile.23:23
predatorfreakWhich is needed for make install.23:23
predatorfreakOddly enough.23:23
predatorfreakYou can only generate a make installable setup by using client.mk23:23
predatorfreakI know, that's PERFECTLY logical :D23:25
Romsterthat makes alot of sense.23:26
Romsterif ya on crack23:26
predatorfreakWell, they were when they wrote this build system23:27
Romsterhonestly why can't they jsut use the one Makefile...23:27
predatorfreakHonestly, why can't they just remake their build system from scratch23:28
Romsterthat would be the best idea.23:29
Romsterit even makes jam look neat.23:29
Romstermozilla would even do better to use cmake23:35
predatorfreakWell, shit, my firefox build works.23:50
predatorfreakNeeds more "tweaking" but it works.23:51
*** Romster has quit IRC23:53
*** Romster has joined #crux23:53

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