IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-03-17

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cruxbot[opt] nss: Don't symlink nspr/nss.pc to mozilla-nspr/nss.pc, conflicts with other mozilla products.00:13
predatorfreakRomster: Well, almost got all the petty details worked out XD00:16
predatorfreakGot it working, just tweaking all the packaging bits.00:17
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treachtilman: you can stop wasting time on the keyboard issue. I'm not sure how I managed it, but it seems like I fixed it myself. :>02:16
Romsterred hearing02:22
treachwhat's that? Listenling to old Mao Tse Dung speaches?02:22
Romsteri problem that dosen't exist02:24
treachah, you must mean a "red herring" then. :)02:24
Romsterah yes..02:25
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treachand btw, it wasn't "a problem that didn't exist". It was a very real problem, but unfortunately I'm not sure what triggered it and not exactly how I managed to fix it.02:34
treachbeing cut off from stuff like @\{[]}~ etc is a real PITA..02:35
treachaaaaand, let's not forget "|" :/02:36
Romsterthat would be a pain for programming.02:41
Romsteractually how it it i can do alt+letter and alt+shift+letter in xterm but i can't in xchat i have no idea about this meta key stuff.02:42
predatorfreakRomster, treach: I finished that there firefox 3.0 port thingie02:42
Romsterya i see in the ML02:43
predatorfreakRomster: Test it and tell me if it works? :D02:43
Romsteri'm on firefox3 beta4 and i'm quite liking it other than missing my extensions.02:43
predatorfreakWorks here, but I provide no guarantee's :P02:43
treachRomster: you probably won't ever hit that problem, since you don't have an alt-gr key.02:43
predatorfreaktreach: You can test it too :P02:44
Romsterpredatorfreak, did you use internel apng?02:45
treachpredatorfreak: k, will look at it later, but it definitely seems like a good idea.02:46
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, I can't be arsed with system png with apng support yet.02:46
Romstertreach, i can use my alt key for a meta gr thingie dunno how ya configure all that.02:46
Romsterpredatorfreak, good i vote you keep apng internal..02:46
Romsterunless it becomes standardised.02:47
Romsterthey should use mng.02:47
predatorfreakYeah, I'm not much for fucking around with it.02:47
Romsterwhat about cairo ? you on the new 1.5.12 ?02:47
predatorfreak1.5.12 isn't a stable release.02:49
predatorfreakKept that internal until it's stable.02:49
Romsterit's a snapshot and it's stable enough.02:49
Romsterah k so you on internel i have 1.5.12 so has treach and i've not hit a problem yet02:50
predatorfreakRomster: When it goes into opt I'll enable system-cairo.02:50
predatorfreakI'm trying to keep the number of ports to the "bear minimum to get it working".02:50
Romsterwhat option is that i wanna enable it now <<02:50
treachthat's "beer minimum"02:50
Romsterin the engine itself?02:50
predatorfreaktreach: No, bear :D02:51
Romsterbeer yay.02:51
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, in xulrunner02:51
Romsterrebuilt libpng without apng support.02:51
predatorfreakand I'm running cairo 1.5.12 too, I just don't wanna put cairo into the repo.02:53
Romsterwhat have you done to it lol... you molsted them <<02:53
predatorfreakI changed them to the proper build system.02:54
predatorfreakIn fact, should really get changed too.02:54
Romsteryeah i've updated cairomm gtkmm etc but i can't put them in contrib yet.02:54
predatorfreakExcept I don't wanna do the whole move-shit-and-fix-file-locations crap for firefox
predatorfreakRomster: I didn't molest firefox, I built it the "official" and "proper" way.02:55
Romsteryou get a file from ubuntu.....02:55
predatorfreakAlso known as "horribly fucked up and crazy" way.02:55
predatorfreakRomster: Snapshot.02:55
predatorfreakMozilla are too damn lazy to provide proper snapshots02:55
predatorfreakBut they can provide automated builds..02:55
Romsteri give up thinking aobut mozilla..02:56
predatorfreakJust happens that Ubuntu has the most easily accessed proper snapshot :P02:56
predatorfreak(I'd steal one from Gentoo, but Gentoo don't have a 1.9 snapshot)02:56
predatorfreakRomster: oh and yeah, that's best, logic fails on Mozilla.02:57
Romsteri'd be careful with gentoo they patch everything.02:57
predatorfreakThey separate snapshots and patches, wisely enough.02:57
Romsterah so it's easy to not apply them.02:58
predatorfreakRight, they have a separate tarball of insane xulrunner/mozilla/firefox/thunderbird patches02:58
predatorfreakI'd just download the snapshot tarball :P02:58
Romsterhmm would this change any gecko rendering things in css?02:59
Romsterat least gentoo has some sanity.03:00
predatorfreakNo, snapshot is essentially the same underlying engine as in the beta 4 tarball.03:00
predatorfreakJust packaged separately.03:00
Romsterjust wanted to confirm it.03:01
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predatorfreakoh crap, I just noticed something.03:03
predatorfreakI accidentally swapped the "stable/unstable" idl/include shit around XD03:04
predatorfreakRomster: Don't finish building xulrunner :P03:04
predatorfreaksepen: morning.03:04
sepenI read your mail03:05
Romsterwell it's still downloading..03:05
predatorfreakGood :P03:05
sepensounds interesting03:05
predatorfreaksepen: Don't build it yet :D03:05
predatorfreakIt'll fail on firefox03:05
Romstersepen, got improvments to dev8603:05
predatorfreakBecause I messed up some symlinks03:05
Romsterhadn't tested though but they should be ok.03:05
sepenRomster, yeah03:05
sepenabout .nonstrip files03:06
Romstercan i pvt you?03:06
Romsteronly a few changes.03:06
predatorfreakas soon as I rebuild xulrunner from cache so it picks up the changes, I'll commit XD03:06
predatorfreakwell, push.03:06
Romsteri'll stop this as soon as it's downloaded.03:07
predatorfreakIn addition to a tiny remove-junk-file bit for firefox.03:07
Romster+1 debloating03:07
predatorfreakWell, it's like 10KB03:07
predatorfreakbut hey, I could use that 10KB for music.03:07
predatorfreakor porn.03:07
Romsteri prefer system stuff03:07
Romsterif it's a empty file even that dosn't need to be there it's using a inode number03:08
predatorfreakNah, it has shit in it.03:08
Romsterdarn typed it wrong again.03:08
predatorfreakBut it's just telling me the "stupid shit that doesn't need to be there that make install removed" info.03:08
predatorfreakWhich, oddly enough, is generating a pointless file.03:08
sepen<Romster> can i pvt you? me?03:09
predatorfreakAhh mozilla, you never change.03:09
predatorfreakaw crap libpcap is borked03:13
predatorfreakerr libcap*03:13
predatorfreakFixed it, sent an e-mail to aon with the fix.03:17
Romsterhmm what was it?03:23
predatorfreakRomster: changes pushed.03:23
Romsterlibcap fix?03:23
predatorfreakRomster: Some dumbass thing where it tried to use a non-existent program because it saw gperf.03:23
predatorfreakNo, pushed the xulrunner/firefox fix.03:23
Romsterah some stupid configure bit.03:23
predatorfreakMakefile bug actually, but close enough :P03:24
Romster+ make -f configure03:30
Romster/usr/ports/work/xulrunner/src/xulrunner-1.9-1.9~b4+nobinonly/mozilla/ *** missing separator.  Stop.03:30
predatorfreak... oh god damn it.03:34
predatorfreakIt works here, but not for you.03:34
predatorfreakYou sure your make is up-to-date?03:34
Romsterhmm *checks*03:35
RomsterGNU Make 3.8103:35
Romsterunless it hates fakeroot03:35
predatorfreakautotools shit all fancy and proper?03:35
predatorfreakBuilt in fakeroot here.03:35
Romsteryeah everything else compiles fine.03:35
predatorfreakStop magically breaking things!03:36
Romsterwhat the hell...03:36
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predatorfreakRomster: Huh, I just noticed this: The scrollbar is gone in firefox 303:45
treachyour ff is br0ken then03:45
predatorfreakShouldn't be...03:46
treachbut it is03:46
predatorfreakSo you have a scrollbar in firefox 3 beta 4?03:47
Romsterif the page is long enough03:47
predatorfreakhuh, damn extensions.03:47
predatorfreakIt's one of my bloody extensions...03:47
predatorfreakDamn extensions! DO WHAT I TELL YOU!03:48
predatorfreako.o it's my theme03:50
predatorfreakSince when did damn themes disable the scrollbar! Demons!03:50
Romsterwon't compile and i can't be bothered to see why.03:54
Romstersudo -H -u pkgmk nice -n10 fakeroot pkgmk03:55
predatorfreakWell it works here...03:57
predatorfreakMy only thought is you're using a make that is built differently from mine03:57
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Romster.stock core standared.03:59
Romsteri'll try in my safe-build later03:59
predatorfreakAll the depends are installed?03:59
predatorfreakwait got a theory03:59
predatorfreakone sec.04:00
Romsteri beleave so.. prt-get deptree firefox04:00
predatorfreakDo you have jdk/jre installed?04:00
Romsteronly shows that xulrunner isn't installed unless having treach 's firefox installed is messing it yes i have jdk04:00
predatorfreakNo ideaer, I had it setup to utilise jdk earlier and forgot I left a variable in there.04:01
predatorfreakBut I just did a quick prt-get remove jdk04:01
predatorfreakand it still worked XD04:01
predatorfreakRomster: You use MAKEFLAGS, right?04:03
Romsteryes just -j604:03
predatorfreakEvery idea I come up with isn't turning up shit :(04:03
Romster+ sed -e 's/#CFLAGS#/-O2 -mtune=native/g' -e 's/#MAKEFLAGS#/-j 6/g' /usr/ports/work/xulrunner/src/mozconfig04:04
predatorfreakStop being magic rape!04:04
predatorfreakoh wait.04:05
predatorfreakThat's the problem.04:05
predatorfreakRomster: The space after -j.04:05
predatorfreakFucks shit up.04:05
predatorfreakDue to my own stupidity.04:05
predatorfreakRomster: Fixed.04:06
predatorfreakmk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=#MAKEFLAGS#04:06
predatorfreakshould have been04:06
predatorfreakmk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS="#MAKEFLAGS#"04:06
predatorfreakNow try :D04:07
Romsterwhy didn't i look for that....04:08
predatorfreakRomster: Because you expect more of me :P04:08
aonpredatorfreak: i'll commit that fix on thursday04:08
aonif i happen to remember :)04:08
predatorfreakaon: Yay!04:09
Romsterand i'm lucky seems most of it is already cached <<04:09
predatorfreakI'm being helpful.04:09
predatorfreakRomster: xulrunner's engine basically equates to Firefox 3.0 beta 4's engine.04:10
predatorfreakSo, yeah, most is going to be cached :)04:10
Romsterk so msot objest be the same.04:10
treachpredatorfreak: so is Romster, finding your bugs for ya.. :>04:10
treachRomster: that was one *miserable* sentence. :>04:10
predatorfreaktreach: Hehe.04:11
Romsterk so most objects be the same in the cache04:11
predatorfreakRomster: "Most objects are the same as in the cache" :D04:11
predatorfreak</English Corrector Mode>04:12
Romsterthis will be done in a few minutes.04:12
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Romsterstill compiling...04:24
predatorfreakRomster: No one said it would be instant, plus you probably hit the non-ccache'd area04:25
Romsteri think i have but ti's nost distcc-ing on me.04:25
Romsterbah i can't type04:25
Romsteroi why am i seeing  -Os and no traces of my CFLAGS in this....04:28
Romstergcc -o Linux2.6_x86_glibc_PTH_OPT.OBJ/wrap.o -c -Os -fPIC -DLINUX1_2 -Di386 -D_XOPEN_SOURCE -DLINUX2_1  -ansi -Wall -Werror-implicit-function-declaration -Wno-switch -pipe -DLINUX -Dlinux -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D_BSD_SOURCE -DHAVE_STRERROR -DXP_UNIX -UDEBUG -DNDEBUG -D_REENTRANT -DNSS_ENABLE_ECC -DUSE_UTIL_DIRECTLY -I/usr/ports/work/xulrunner/src/xulrunner-1.9-1.9~b4+nobinonly/mozilla/dist/include/nspr -I/usr/ports/work/xulrunner/src/xulrunner-1.9-04:28
Romster1.9~b4+nobinonly/mozilla/dist/include  -I../../../../dist/public/nss -I../../../../dist/private/nss -I../../../../dist/include  -I../../../../dist/public/nspr  wrap.c04:28
Romsterpredatorfreak, this needs more hacking there stupid build system..04:29
predatorfreakThat's their nss/nspr bits.04:29
predatorfreakand you think I wanna hack their makefiles to hell?04:29
Romsterhaven't you already <<04:30
predatorfreakIf CFLAGS are so important to you, YOU touch those things!04:30
predatorfreakNo, I just beat them with a stick.04:30
sepenRomster, vbox runs fine with this new dev8604:30
predatorfreakI wouldn't touch them with my hands if you PAID me.04:30
Romstermaybe it depends how i PAY you <_<04:31
predatorfreakBut honestly, once your past nss/nspr, it'll go fine.04:31
predatorfreakRomster: Going to put a gun to my head over CFLAGS? :P04:31
Romsteri might go changing -Os to -O204:31
Romsterlol no you got the wrong idea.04:32
predatorfreakRomster: Quick thought, if nss works anything like I THINK it should in their build system04:40
predatorfreakexport XCFLAGS="$CFLAGS" should fix that.04:40
predatorfreakWithout hax0ring the makefiles04:40
predatorfreakBut then again, this IS mozilla we're talking about :D04:41
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Romsterheh worth a try.04:43
predatorfreakYou humans and your cellphones.04:46
predatorfreak(Yes I know that's not about cellphones)04:46
RomsterAlthough the above example would compile, the results are undefined04:47
predatorfreakAlso, I'm an idiot, I see cell and immediately think cellphone <_<04:48
predatorfreakDAMN YOU AMERICA!04:48
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Romstermaybe they mean cell processor?04:49
predatorfreakRomster: Who cares about PPC processors? :P\04:51
Romster+ chmod -x /etc/gre.d/1.9b4.system.conf04:54
Romsterchmod: cannot access `/etc/gre.d/1.9b4.system.conf': No such file or directory04:54
Romsterpredatorfreak, oi04:55
Romster# Fix file perms.04:55
Romsterchmod -x /etc/gre.d/${version}.system.conf04:55
predatorfreak... oh what the shit.04:55
Romsterwhere is the $PKG04:55
predatorfreakOH GOD DAMN IT04:55
Romstermy fakeroot picked up on it.04:55
predatorfreakRomster: Hit me in the head with a hammer.04:56
predatorfreakMight jumpstart my brain04:56
Romsterit's ok..04:56
Romsternow to compile again..04:56
predatorfreakRomster: There, fixed.04:57
predatorfreak(with changed footprint to reflect that)04:57
predatorfreakIt's faster to manually edit the footprint on those one-file-things <_<04:57
Romsteroh and i'll try that export XCFLAGS="$CFLAGS"04:57
Romsterheh cheat <<04:57
Romsteri sware if oyu did use fakeroot you would of found that...04:58
Romsterand you said you used fakeroot...04:58
predatorfreakI do.04:59
predatorfreakI don't have any idea WHY I didn't catch that...04:59
Romsterdid you run fakeroot as root?05:01
Romsteri run fakeroot as pkgmk user.05:02
predatorfreakRomster: with pkgmk called from my standard account, I just do fakeroot pkgmk.05:02
predatorfreakFrom prt-get, pkgmk user.05:03
Romsterand add export XCFLAGS="$CFLAGS" to the Pkgfile that does the nspr/nss05:03
Romsterso i don't have to get my hands dirty afterall.05:04
predatorfreakRomster: Test it, make sure it works.05:05
predatorfreakThen sure :P05:05
Romsterit's building right now.05:06
predatorfreakTell me if XCFLAGS="$CFLAGS" works :D05:06
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mike_kpredatorfreak: I guess, only e2fs_stage1_5 is affected by the last grub patch?06:34
sepenteK, ping06:40
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lucifer4uHi all09:08
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lucifer4ushit. i still cannot configure proprietary ati. PreInitDal error.09:31
Romsterno idea that's sepen's domain.09:32
lucifer4usepen: can you help me with ati issue?09:34
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sepenlucifer4u, pong09:48
sepenlucifer4u> sepen: can you help me with ati issue? NOW, NOW, NOW, I can't wait a second09:49
jaegerwell, so far he's waited more than 15 minutes09:50
sepen""You may have to wait more than 3 seconds for an answer, be patient.""09:54
sepenwell, more than the official wait time x[09:54
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sepenRomster, after adding .nostrip file, now 'strip: Unable to recognise ...' message uses absolute paths instead the relative one11:14
sepenbut it also breajs11:14
Romsterdidn't for me meh i'll do a diff of what i've done. figures i try to save soem time not making a diff and i end up wasting more time.11:15
sepenI read about .nostrip files and the pkgmk function for this, but not sure why its happened11:16
Romsterhm i didn't add in the ^ or $11:17
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sepenRomster, same result without ^ and $11:20
Romsterhmmz i dunno what you've done to the expressions but the two lines i showed you worked.11:21
sepenas I read;  FILTER="grep -v -f $PKGMK_ROOT/$PKGMK_NOSTRIP"11:21
sepenand  find . -type f -printf "%P\n" | $FILTER | while read FILE; do11:21
Romsterand you went and changed them and didn't work11:21
Romsterthought it used egrep11:22
Romsterthem 2 lines work11:22
sepen$ cat .nostrip11:22
sepennot here11:23
Romstersee you changed it..11:23
Romstereh wtf11:23
Romsteri can build it it dosn't come up with them warnings why...11:23
sepenohhhh thats my problem11:23
sepen# PKGMK_NO_STRIP="no"11:23
Romsterbut it's commented out...11:24
Romsteryes is the default.11:24
sepenyeah, so ...11:24
sepenit should be ok11:25
tilmanso dbus is really mandatory for firefox3?11:25
Romstershould be i can compile it over and over just fine and it dosn't strip said files..11:25
Romstersepen, did you give the .nostrip file some odd permissions.11:26
Romsterthat should be fine... i can't explain why it wont work for oyu and for me then.11:27
sepenpff Im going to try on my safe env11:27
sepenone moment11:27
Romstertilman, i don't have dbus in my list.11:27
Romsterprt-get deptree firefox |grep dbus11:28
Romsterreturns nothing.11:28
mike_kRomster: btw, zsnes is failing like: "make: *** No rule to make target `EST/charset.h', needed by `initc.o'"11:29
mike_kI haven't look inside though11:29
Romsterit built the last time i tryed...11:30
Romsterwhat fontforge version are you on?11:31
Romsterhmmz but that's in EST...11:31
Romsterthat dosn't make sesne.11:32
mike_kfontforge 20080309-111:32
mike_kthat doesn't make SNES!11:32
Romstergood at lest you arn't on the broken version.11:32
Romsterfontforge has a charset.h11:32
mike_kRomster: leave it, I am going to look at that later11:32
Romsteri'm building it now.11:33
Romsteri'm seriously gonna make a automated test for all my ports..11:35
Romsterto rebuild them agenst updates of dependencys.11:36
Romstermike_k, =======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/zsnes#1.51-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.11:36
Romsterand my system is upto date.11:36
mike_kRomster: so is mine. I'll dig into that later.11:36
mike_kanyone having troubles building latest samba? It seems do dislike our libcap version11:37
Romsteryeah i hadn't had luck with samba..11:38
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treachmike_k: btw, it's "symbolic", not "symbolik" :)11:42
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mike_ktreach: sorry?11:52
treachthe readme to kvm. :)11:52
treach"This port installs symbolik link"11:54
treach"a symbolic link"11:54
treachI know it doesn't matter, but I thought you might want to change it the next time you update the port-11:56
cruxbot[contrib] kvm: fixed a typo in README11:56
mike_ktreach: in fact, it is a little bit outdated. newer version had a loop in build process. I hope they've fixed it in a more recent version.12:01
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*** destruct_ is now known as destruct12:05
Romstermike_k, sometimes 'rm -r missing' will be a fix for a looping configure.12:34
mike_kRomster: that was not at configure stage12:34
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juemike_k: got a report about the samba/libcap problem already. This patch should fix it ->
RomsterError code: sec_error_unknown_issuer13:03
mike_kjue: ok, rebuilding13:03
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tilmanziomg, wine 1.0 planned fto be released in june13:13
treachwhee. :D13:14
treachtilman: btw, did you see my message wrt the keyboard issue?13:14
tilmanit magically fixed itself?13:14
*** jtnl has quit IRC13:15
treachapparently :/13:15
jesse_the bzero's did their intended task :D13:15
tilmanthe bzero bitching was entirely unrelated13:16
treachat least tilman found some funny looking code, so it wasn't all in vain I guess :)13:16
tilmanit wasn't in X13:16
tilmanxkb code isn't "funny", it's "disgusting" and "horrible"13:16
jesse_*everything* has a funny side, even the disgusting and decrepit. ;)13:17
treachk, anyway, annoying that I couldn't find out what triggered it. :/13:17
treachall I know is that it didn't work last night, and I tried to rebuild pretty much every package that was related, and restarting X.13:18
treachwithout any progress.13:18
jesse_of course it is annoying when some symbols can't be used from the keyboard.13:18
treachand when I booted up today, it was working all right again. :/13:18
treachjesse_: yeah, especially when it's keys like @${[]}\ and | !!!13:19
jesse_That's pleasing...13:19
tilmanwow, no exclamation mark makes the "!!111oneone" thing hard to pull off13:19
jesse_Yeah, you mentioned those keys earlier.13:19
tilmantreach: does raktpdf render things correctly for you these days?13:20
tilmani remember it didn't work at all for you in autumn-ish13:20
treachit works fine now.13:20
treachI had to reinstall the system at some point there and that fixed the issue.13:21
treachhaven't had a problem since then.13:21
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:22
tilmancool, there's 2 (two) comments in rakt-window.c13:22
treach3 ;)13:24
tilmanlicense header doesn't count13:24
*** pacman has quit IRC13:24
mike_kMy laptop's keyboard does not respond (I am not sure it is xorg-related) after boot sometimes (while ACPI/PWRF is working). does anyone have an idea? Here is a diff of dmesg failed against working boot:
*** jtnl has joined #crux13:25
tilmani just *love* reordered messages in dmesg13:25
mike_kyep, and thats most stuff compiled in and a few modules.13:26
tilmani have no idea on the problem though :/13:26
tilmandoes it work on the console?13:28
tilmanie is it only x that has problems?13:29
mike_ktilman: AFAIK, console was affected too. I have this problem for ages, since 2.6.16 or near that.13:31
tilmantreach: n/m, it doesn't work13:31
treachmike_k: hw problem maybe?13:34
mike_kjue: samba build ok with that patch.13:36
mike_ktreach: maybe. It shows once in 15 bootups or like that.13:37
treachtilman: I fail. I applied the patch, but it doesn't do anything.13:38
treach(raktpdf:6155): Poppler-CRITICAL **: int poppler_document_get_n_pages(PopplerDocument*): assertion `POPPLER_IS_DOCUMENT (document)' failed13:39
tilmansrc/raktpdf ~/blah/blah/blah.pdf13:39
tilmanit needs an absolute path though13:39
treachah, ok.13:39
treachthat explains it.13:39
*** jtnl has quit IRC13:39
treachworks nicely now13:39
treachwhee \o/13:47
treachthanks a bunch. :D13:47
treachsome "critical" errors from poppler, but it seems to work alright anyway. :)13:48
tilmani don't see those13:49
treach ./src/raktpdf ../../file.pdf13:49
treach(raktpdf:6259): Poppler-CRITICAL **: int poppler_document_get_n_pages(PopplerDocument*): assertion `POPPLER_IS_DOCUMENT (document)' failed13:49
tilmanthat means the document couldn't be loaded i think ;)13:49
treachwell... it does open.13:50
tilmannot sure whether file:///home/tank/verkstad/raktpdf/../../file.pdf is a valid uri ;)13:53
treachmh..? that's strange.13:54
tilmananyway, does it happen when you run it like this13:55
tilmansrc/raktpdf /home/tank/file.pdf13:55
treachsince the uri should be file://home/treach/file.pdf13:55
treachit's just whe I torture it with strange relative pathways it's complaining.13:56
tilmanbut it works without errors if you select the file with the opend ialog?13:56
tilmanoh ok13:56
*** jtnl has joined #crux13:59
*** sepen has joined #crux14:04
treachhmm. still get the same errors.14:06
treachdon't know if it's related to patching file src/main.c14:06
treachHunk #3 succeeded at 62 with fuzz 2 (offset 22 lines)14:06
tilmangit reset --hard first14:07
treachok. now it worked. great. :)14:08
treachbrilliant. acroread, go screw yourself. :>14:10
*** jue has quit IRC14:22
*** jtnl has quit IRC14:23
*** thallium has joined #crux14:24
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux14:25
lucifer4uin the tuxracer dependencies tcl is not set14:25
lucifer4uHello all )14:25
f1yhi there lucifer4u14:25
Romsterlucifer4u, tcl is not set... what?14:32
treachit's not installed. you'll have to get over to him and fix it. :>14:35
* tilman prints romster's plane ticket14:35
Romsterthen lucifer4u should install it...14:36
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/tuxracer#0.61-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:36
Romsterdunno what the issue is.14:36
*** f1y has quit IRC14:37
Romsterreport when there is a real problem not some non-issue with the port.14:37
tilmansays the master of non-issue raising14:38
Romsternot in the mood.14:39
treachok, Internet, leave Romster alone, he's not in the mood.14:39
treachthat should take care of it14:39
tilmanyou misspelled intarweb14:40
treachmy bad14:40
lucifer4usorry. that was my fault.14:46
teKsepen, pong14:50
sepenteK, ping pong14:58
*** drijen has joined #crux14:59
sepenafter you update 'contrib/ntp' you should fix the FS ticket15:00
sepennow its closed by me15:00
teKt'was not assigned to me, so I did not notice it15:02
teKI can even fix bugs without knowing of their existennce, meeeooow!15:03
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:03
teKbut which one?15:04
*** acrux|G4 has joined #crux15:06
treachgreat.. so the maintainer will not be notified until he's assigned? And the reporter can't assign the bug..15:06
sepenthere are more ports from prologic, please take a look15:07
sepentreach, I can't asign to others15:07
treachIn the past you could chose who should get notified when you reported a bug. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.15:08
treach(At least not when I filed a new one regarding jre/jdk earlier today)15:08
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC15:09
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux15:10
sepenlucifer4u, pong15:12
sepenwhat about ati?15:12
lucifer4usepen: well. i had a problem with it. I installed ati following all the instructions. And in the log i got PreInitDal failed.15:14
sependid you set framebuffer support in the kernel?15:15
lucifer4umore then 2 years ago i had proprietary ati (fglrx) set on this notebook. and everything worked correct. so i think this is right this version issue.15:16
*** jtnl has joined #crux15:16
lucifer4ui disabled framebuffer15:16
lucifer4ualso i disabled mode= option and deleted it from the grub config15:16
sepenand whats your chipset?15:17
lucifer4ui added agpgart + Intel AGP (i have Intel)15:17
lucifer4uMobility Radeon 9600 M1015:17
sepenI've running 9600SE without problems15:18
sepensane chipset here15:18
lucifer4uwhat is your resolution?15:18
sepenfglrx                1472204  1815:19
sepenvia_agp                10176  115:19
sepenagpgart                32816  2 fglrx,via_agp15:19
lucifer4uyes. i had the same output ( right now i set radeon dri so currect output differs)15:19
lucifer4uexcept via_agp15:19
sepenmy actual conf15:20
lucifer4ui see the difference15:21
lucifer4uyou have 1280x1024 resolution15:22
lucifer4uand my resolution is 1680x105015:22
lucifer4uX thinks that my monitor is a tv panel. and it fails to configure it.15:22
lucifer4ui think this is the main problem15:22
lucifer4ueverything else i have the same with your config (except some additional options in the Device section)15:23
sependid you use grub with any VGA combination?15:24
lucifer4usepen: i disabled vga in the kernel. also i deleted vga=0x318 from the grub.conf15:25
cruxbot[contrib] btpd: remove unneeded deps (#186)15:25
lucifer4udisabled vga settings*15:25
sepenyeah, but all seems correct, and disabled composite for the first test?15:26
lucifer4usorry. what is composite?15:26
sepen   Section "Extensions"15:27
sepen        Option "Composite" "false"15:27
sepen   EndSection15:27
lucifer4uhm. i do not have it in my xorg.conf15:28
lucifer4ualso i do not see it in yours15:28
sepenbut I haven't problems here, same chipset and I don't have any idea yet15:30
sepenIll try to find some to fix this problem15:31
*** rxi has joined #crux15:31
lucifer4ualso the difference is that you have AGP_VIA and i have AGP_INTELL15:31
sepenyeah, Im looking for this at this time, but not special results15:31
sepenalso reading
*** errdil has joined #crux15:32
lucifer4usepen: during googling i found solutions. The use vbetools and before starting x they do vbetools vgamode (this is workaround for fglrx and framebuffer support together)15:32
lucifer4ubut this bios solution do not work..15:33
sepenneed more time for reading15:33
sepenwell, sorry but Im going to prepare something to eat15:33
teKI can't close bugs15:33
teK(btpd fixed)15:33
lucifer4usepen thank you for help and your time. Hehe.. I am with this problem for more then 2 days. :) And i do not feel it will be solved fast :)15:34
cruxbot[contrib] tig: 0.9.1 -> 0.10 + cleanups15:41
*** jtnl has quit IRC15:45
*** errdil has quit IRC15:58
*** errdil has joined #crux15:58
*** mrks has joined #crux16:04
*** rxi has quit IRC16:04
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:05
*** mrks_ has quit IRC16:20
cruxbot[contrib] vmware-server: 1.0.3 -> 1.0.516:24
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux16:27
*** onestep has joined #crux16:28
*** onestep has quit IRC16:32
teKwhat's the policy for adding new ports to contrib?16:41
jesse_"if it does not exist, add it" ;)16:43
sepenteK, contrib rules and guidelines16:43
*** Rotwan1 has quit IRC16:44
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:46
*** Rotwang has joined #crux16:47
*** andarius has joined #crux16:49
andariusgreetings and salutations16:50
cruxbot[contrib] fim: initial import16:51
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:52
lucifer4uhow to reinit?16:54
Rotwangwhat can i use to play cdaudio?16:54
lucifer4ui mean i made some changes to /etc/rc how can i reinit system without rebooting?16:55
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC16:58
teKhave a close look16:59
*** aon_ has joined #crux17:01
*** maxus has quit IRC17:01
*** aon has quit IRC17:01
*** lucifer4u has joined #crux17:05
treachmh, whoever edited the vmware-server port forgot to change the maintainer line. :>17:08
teKby purpose17:09
treachthat's wrong.17:09
teKI won't pick it up unless I talked to Romster17:10
treacheither you maintain it or not, prologic does sure as hell not.17:10
teKthis will have to wait until tomorrow.17:10
teKwhen Romster is here17:10
teKI surely won't maintain vmware-workstation, I decided today.17:11
lucifer4uWhen i try to execute xterm from common user i have get_pty error: not enough ptys. When i do it from root - everything is ok. What can be the problem?17:13
lucifer4utreach: permissions on xterm or on pseudo terminals?17:15
treachdid you mount /dev/pts or mess with the permissions on it?17:16
treachor maybe you did something naughty with udev?17:16
lucifer4utreach: do you mean 'usermod -a -G tty username' ?17:16
treachsince we don't know what you changed in rc it's hard to have an opinion17:17
lucifer4utreach:  in rc i was changing only fonts :)17:17
lucifer4utreach: i was trying to add utf8 support to be able to talk in russian from the console :)17:18
treachyou must have done something else as well.17:18
lucifer4utreach: created user. installed X. installed blackbox. added blackbox into .xinitrc which placed in the user directory. Also i compiled kernel.. But i think i enabled all PTY options there..17:19
treachdid you mount /dev/pts in fstab?17:20
lucifer4uhm. no it is not mounted17:20
lucifer4ushould i do it?17:21
treachmaybe you forgot to include it in the kernel?17:21
treachit *should* be mounted by default, unless you've commended it out in fstab otherwise17:21
treachs /commended/commented/17:21
*** maro has quit IRC17:22
RomsterteK, take the vmware port i don't anyone else wants it.17:22
lucifer4utreach:  i have next options from the config17:22
teKso I will take -server, you will take -workstation, right?17:22
lucifer4uHehe. when i will know crux better i will be able to help in portworks :)17:23
Romsteri have no need for any of the vmware or use.. i don't have the hardware17:24
lucifer4utreach: can you show me pty line from the fstab? i have no lines in my /ets/fstab right now17:24
treachdevpts          /dev/pts  devpts    defaults               0      017:25
treachdamn colorcodes making trouble17:27
lucifer4utreach: thank you. it works. :) Still do not know how i deleted it from the fstab :)17:29
lucifer4u:) Yes. Anyway it was dd..17:31
*** racer has quit IRC17:46
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC17:49
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC18:06
*** thallium has quit IRC18:08
*** okias has joined #crux18:16
Romsterhdd to the extreme18:16
treachseen worse :>18:16
andariusbet that would keep your toes warm18:18
*** okias has left #crux18:18
treachand kill your ears. :>18:18
treachI remember seeing some maniac who not only filled the chassi with drives but also a couple of bookshelfs or something like that.18:21
treachcan't find the image now though.18:21
Romstertaht would of been noisy18:22
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:28
*** treach has quit IRC18:35
*** mwansa has joined #crux18:38
*** lasso|qt has joined #crux18:44
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux19:01
*** acrux|G4 has joined #crux19:06
cruxbot[opt] grub: Forgot to bump release, should have done this given the nature of this change.19:08
lucifer4uTheoretically after installing with deptree any port it should work?19:08
lucifer4uI installed ion3 but it is not working in my system. It do not find pathes to config files and libraries and its internal commands..19:09
predatorfreaklucifer4u: We provide no guarantee's than things will work :D19:20
predatorfreakor that CRUX won't molest your girlfriend, shave your hair in the middle of the night and steal your dog.19:21
lucifer4upredatorfreak: hehe. that was conseptual question.. Am i done something wrong or somebody else.. :)19:21
nipuLlucifer4u: yes it *should* work, but if it doesn't it's up to you to figure out why19:21
nipuLthus is the nature of crux19:21
* predatorfreak slaps nipuL19:21
predatorfreaknipuL: Let THEM figure that out!19:21
lucifer4uThen i have another question. If something do not work and i changed port. Or if i created my own port. Can i publish it?19:22
predatorfreakGo for it.19:23
RyoSpredatorfreak: firefox 3 repo works like a charm here19:23
RyoSwouldnt want to live without it already ;)19:23
predatorfreakRyoS: Yay! :D19:24
lucifer4uRight now i was looking for a tiling window manager. I found a number of them. I choosed ion3 and xmonad to try. First do not work and second is an old release. Ion3 is a part of the contrib and xmonad is the user port. If i found something wrong should i mail or contact port maintaner ? What is the common guildelines of the crux community about it?19:25
predatorfreakI contact the maintainer unless my changes aren't something for opt/contrib.19:26
predatorfreakUnlike someone I know (Romster), I don't just fork 95% of the system and say "Eh, screw sending this to the maintainer.".19:29
predatorfreakThen again, Romster likes work :D19:29
Romsteri'll give you work <<19:30
*** treach has joined #crux19:46
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC20:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC20:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux20:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux20:05
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*** Falcon| has quit IRC20:58
*** Falcon| has joined #crux20:58
*** andarius has left #crux21:13
*** mwansa has quit IRC21:17
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC22:00
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC23:15
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux23:22
brian|lfshow is everyone tonight23:23
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC23:50
nipuLugh, is there a way to lock the eject button23:59
nipuLmake linux think a cd is actually mouted23:59
nipuLbaby keeps pressing buttons, already had to disconnect power and reset buttons on the pc23:59

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