IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-03-18

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nipuLheh, just put a cd in and mount it works00:00
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RomsternipuL, i think you can use hdpram or something to lock cd drives02:46
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sepenmy daily reports
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Romsterwhy is teK updating ports and not changing the maintainer line..04:08
RomsterteK, also rm them .packlist there junk files of perl.04:08
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Romsterdarn it i got more fixes todo..04:10
Romstersepen, it's never ending..04:10
teKRomster: cauz i'm a prick :>04:13
Romsteris it that you don't watn them ports but want them working?04:14
namenlosRomster: i got some problems updating your repository:
Romsternamenlos, give it a day or two, servers are being moved yet again.04:24
Romsteri was told this be the last move.04:24
Romsterin the mean time i'm just doing a few edits here and there and it's in my hg repo to push when it's back up.04:25
namenlosk, i just wanted to inform you.04:25
RomsterteK, answer my question god damn it..04:25
teKhey I'm at work04:26
teKI gonna EAT YOUR SKIN!1104:26
Romsterwell your on irc which means you got time to chat too... simple question do you want them ports you edited but not changed the maintainer lines?04:26
Romsteror are you just editing them for the hell of it.04:27
teKI wanted them to be functional in the first place04:27
Romsterthis shit ends now what you want rename the maintainer or risk losing them.04:27
teKso what.. I will pick "them" up, the py*, too.04:27
Romsteryou said you didn't want the py* ones?04:28
teKnot really but nobody else seems to care or are there *any* replies on the ML?04:28
sepenhmm now here04:28
Romsteri might pick a few more up and looks like the rest will get removed if no one else picks them up soon04:29
teKand I think they are quite easy to maintain04:29
Romsterstill avoided my question *sigh*04:29
Romsternamenlos, what ports are you using out of my private repo i might consider moving a few more to contrib.04:30
Romstersepen, need todo something about them 404's at least 2 files arn't 404's on my list in contrib.04:31
Romstersetuptools and xdelta urls work.04:32
sepenRomster, yeah, too many work these days04:32
sepenRomster, also I applied your 'sed' patch for getting maintainers, but still is broken04:32
sepensee contrib report04:33
sepenso, bit a bit04:33
teKjust a sec04:33
namenlosRomster: moc, but it isn't important04:34
cruxbot[contrib] warzone2100: remove redudent dep libvorbis04:34
Romsterah it wont change that fast.04:34
Romstersepen, oh..04:35
Romsteri'd of thought that would catch all the maintainer lines.04:35
Romstermaybe they have bad formating on them Pkgfiles.04:35
Romsteri think we need a prtverify module for checking meta tags.04:36
sepenRomster, sure, sounds that we need an unified format for header on Pkgfile's04:36
Romsternamenlos, i was pretty much toying with moc isn't my primary player just someting i found that looked interesting to have and try.04:37
Romsteri keep to # metaname: item04:38
Romsterwth a single space after the :04:38
sepenhere the same04:38
sepensee report for prologic ports, pffff04:38
Romsteri used to use tabs but got told off and for those that say it's mess and prefer more spaces so it' looks like prt-get info04:38
Romsteryes there horrable.04:38
Romsteri told him a very long time ago and repeated times to fix that.04:39
sepenwe have errors too, but james is a particular case04:39
Romsteri'm tempted to go over them all now actually and unify them and set the mainter to unmaintained.04:39
Romsteri got a couple of errors but i fix mine <<04:39
Romsterbut there not the bad type more cosmetics.04:40
sepenwell, if someone is interested, I've a beta release of 'repoverify' script in my 'crux-scripts-sepen' port on my own repo04:42
predatorfreakRomster: If no one claims prologic's other ports.04:42
predatorfreakThey should just get deleted.04:42
predatorfreak(We should make an attic repo or something like that, for temporarily-unmaintained-ports)04:42
sepenpredatorfreak, no, we should write to ML's a full report of his ports04:42
predatorfreaksepen: Doing so doesn't guarantee anyone will pick them up.04:42
predatorfreakIf no one takes them, they should be pruned as cruft.04:43
sepenpredatorfreak, wait a moment04:43
cruxbot[contrib] rocksndiamonds: remove redundant dep smpeg and junk file04:43
predatorfreakand it's been a decent amount of time since he left <_<04:43
Romsteryes i'm gonna go though whats left and pick a few more.04:44
sepenI remember when other devels disappear, jue sent a complete list to ML04:44
Romsterthe rest should get droped at a set date if no one takes them.04:44
predatorfreaksepen: and now ports that jaeger dropped are being pruned from opt, etc, etc.04:45
predatorfreakAfter awhile you prune the ones no one takes.04:45
predatorfreakWe can't just leave unmaintained ports sitting in opt/contrib forever, give it another week or so.04:46
predatorfreakThen prune them.04:46
sepenor move to the attic04:46
predatorfreakWe have no attic repo.04:46
predatorfreakI said that would be a nice thing to have, but it's up to the CRUX core folks to implement such a thing.04:46
cruxbot[contrib] wesnoth: remove redundant dep python04:46
sepenpredatorfreak, we have it04:47
predatorfreakThat hasn't been modified in TWO YEARS04:47
sepenthis is the time to modify it04:47
predatorfreakand I doubt anyone outside of the core developers have commit privilages.04:47
sepentilman, ping04:47
predatorfreakPlus that repo would need a total purge for everything in there.04:48
Romsterattic would fill up fast if everyone could use attic.gi04:48
sepenyeah sounds pretty nice for me04:48
predatorfreakMost of that stuff got picked up or is so old no one would even use it anyone.04:48
sepenpredatorfreak, are you sure that 'opt' maintainers can't use attic.git?04:50
sependid you try it?04:50
predatorfreaktilman had to give me commit privileges for CONTRIB when I was in opt.04:50
predatorfreakI'm pretty certain I don't have the ability to push things into attic.04:50
predatorfreakand I'd be overstepping my authority if I did.04:51
sepenactual prologic's ports
sepenohhh little mistake04:52
sepenIll pick atitvout if no one is opossed04:53
nipuLso tek has taken his pick?04:54
sepenwhat do you think about having a .attic file with these contents at contrib.git/ topdir?04:54
sepennipuL, ports -u on my box and then "" $ find /usr/ports/contrib -type f -name Pkgfile -exec grep -H 'prologic' {} \; | grep Maintainer | cut -d':' -f1 | sort | uniq > prologic.ports ""04:54
predatorfreaksepen: I think an attic repo is a better idea04:55
sepenI think is uptodate04:55
sepenpredatorfreak, yeah04:55
sepenbut at these moment we can control and reasign ports using a file (with control version with git)04:55
sepenno sys devels here04:55
sepenno rules for doing better04:56
predatorfreakAlso, this is 150% gay, the entire film on this DVD is NTSC FILM, but the intro sequence ISN'T.04:56
predatorfreakThey're going to force me to deinterlace because they FAIL at making DVDs.04:56
sepenwhy you use capitals?04:56
predatorfreaksepen: To emphasis their failure.04:57
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nipuLsepen: such a messy commandline04:58
nipuL grep -r "Maintainer:.*James Mills" * | cut -d/ -f104:58
sepennipuL, not all Pkgfiles have James written correctly04:58
sepensee my lastest contrib reports
nipuL grep -r "Maintainer:.*prologic.*" * | cut -d/ -f104:59
predatorfreakI mean, come on, why master a DVD like this? :(04:59
sepenWARN contrib/ccze ............. invalid Maintainer-header: ames Mills prologic at shortcircuit dot net dot au04:59
predatorfreakShittons of film grain, mosquito noise and occasional other age artifacts.04:59
predatorfreakCombined with telecine..04:59
predatorfreakGods of DVD mastering, smite people who do this.05:00
nipuLthey do it on purpose05:00
nipuLto annoy people like you05:00
teKRomster: which question did you mean? :)05:00
predatorfreakSigh, I just want to make high-quality backups of my discs :(05:00
nipuLso do a 1:105:01
predatorfreakThat's not high-quality with this fucking source.05:01
nipuLyou have a magic codec that can do 1:2?05:01
predatorfreakand by backup, I mean a decent encode for archival on my HD.05:01
predatorfreakNo, I have avisynth.05:01
predatorfreakand filters to repair their idiocy.05:02
predatorfreakLots and lots of filters.05:02
cruxbot[contrib] pil: new maintainer05:04
predatorfreaknipuL: Most of my DVDs tend to look significantly better AFTER I post-process them with avisynth, sadly enough.05:05
nipuLhmm, chown -R root:root $PKG, seems a bit pointless in a pkgfile05:06
cruxbot[contrib] pil: removed unnecessary commands in build, release bump not required05:09
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nipuLi wish i was better at ripping, even my anime rips suck05:10
nipuLthey should be easy05:10
predatorfreaknipuL: Depends on the source05:10
predatorfreakI've seen some Anime DVDs mastered beautifully.05:11
predatorfreakand others mastered totally horribly god-fuck-shit-damn-it terrible.05:11
cruxbot[contrib] ccze: picked up droped port05:12
sepenguys, what do you preferer, 'patch -p0 -i $patch  or  patch -p0 < $patch' ??05:13
Romsteri prefer patch -p 0 -i $patch05:14
Romsterthe < thing is oh nows i can't remember what -i does on patch05:15
predatorfreakpatch -pBLAH -i05:15
predatorfreakFor two reasons, 1. it's proper, 2. it's actually faster.05:15
Romsteronly time it's useful to use < is if you wanna zcat a patch.gz05:16
cruxbot[contrib] hplip: Nuke /usr/share/doc.05:16
predatorfreakERROR Url '':05:16
predatorfreakworks here05:16
sepenyeah, Im still working on reports05:17
Romsteryeah all of mine except my site url works. but my site is off on a relocation again....05:18
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predatorfreakRomster: Stop relocating your porn server!05:22
Romstergo blame prologic...05:25
Romsteri need moniez if i was in the UK i'd have cheap 100Mbit calbe :/05:26
Romsteraustralia sucks for internet prices.05:26
rxiill probably getting adsl2+ .. $90/month 20/4005:28
cruxbot[contrib] atitvout: Picked up and cleanup.05:30
predatorfreakRomster: Move to Japan, even cheaper interwebs that's high speed.05:31
Romsteri'm paying $70 for a 512/128 but it is unlimited05:32
Romsterfuck going to 1.5/256 plan and get limited to 40GB a month05:33
Romsterfor $90 a month05:33
Romsteri should get a adsl2+ modem and find a better plan.05:34
Romsterguess i'd be happy with 150GB a month in downloads and damn faster uploads too.05:34
Romsterah terminator is on <<05:34
rxiif westnet had larger limit id go that05:35
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cruxbot[contrib] p5-term-readkey: picked up droped port05:37
lucifer4uHello :)05:37
Romsteri got onto datafast that later renamed to eftel05:38
Romstersince they got big there services has gone shit.05:38
Romsterplus then now block port 8005:38
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rxii avoid the cheap isps05:41
Romsterthey wern't cheap back then they were a small gelong reliable and frendly one then they moved to perth aquired another company and went shit.05:42
rxiyeah thats always the way05:43
Romsterand i've stayed with them as i got my origional plan and you'd think a loyal customer would mean anything thesedays.05:43
rxiatleast westnet notify you when the plan changes .. unlike telstra05:44
rxiive seen people paying like $100/month for 256k 10gb05:44
Romsteri wouldn't touch telstra even if they supplied fireberoptic to my door <<05:44
Romsterthat's more of a rip off than what i pay now.05:45
rxiits because telstra dont change the plan and force you off it when the price drops05:45
sepenlucifer4u, hi! I read this from gentoo wiki
sependid you have multiple monitors?05:46
rxiand westnet charge a reasonable price for an ip05:47
lucifer4usepen, no. i use it from notebook. only one monitor :)05:48
lucifer4usepen, from the solutions they talk about i tried: vbetools vgamode and recompiling without framebuffer support.05:51
sepenyeah vbetools
lucifer4usepen, maybe i should try aticonfig as in the suggestion05:53
sependidn't you tried yet?05:53
lucifer4usepen, since nothing else help right now.. Also maybe in the next ati driver release it will be solved..05:53
sepenplease read all carefully05:53
lucifer4usepen, yes. i have not tried aticonfig since i have not seen this post :( Thank you.05:54
sepennp, not sure if that can helps you05:55
sepenIm considering to pickup vbetool in contrib too05:55
sepenso vbetool is the same that disable vga= in your grub.conf05:57
RomsternipuL, you better look at twisted prologic has a dependency it requires.05:59
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cruxbot[contrib] enchant: picked up droped port06:06
Romsterjtnl, hi06:07
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lucifer4usepen, yes. vbetool is the workaround for fglrx + framebuffer. it is used to reset to the default resolution. if vga= not presented and framebuffer is disabled it will not help..06:23
cruxbot[contrib] renamed left over unmaintaind James Mills ports as unmaintained06:28
sepenRomster, nice idea06:32
Romsterless confusion06:32
sepenIll pickup amsn06:33
sepenthen its more easy pickup ports06:33
teKsending a message to the ML *is* easy, too06:33
Romstermaybe now contrib users will pick up what they want now.06:33
teKRomster are you pissed?06:34
Romsterin a crappy mood but i wont impose that on others.06:35
cruxbot[contrib] amsn: Picked up and cleanup.06:45
teKthaht's bad.06:57
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Romsterwhat's bad.07:20
teKwhen you're in a bad shape07:29
Romstereh nothing new.07:30
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namenlospredatorfreak: at home i got problems building firefox:
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Romsternamenlos, ports -u08:27
Romsteryou haven't got "" around mk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=#MAKEFLAGS#08:28
Romstermk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS="#MAKEFLAGS#"08:28
Romsterpredatorfreak, you can add in export XCFLAGS="$CFLAGS" to xulrunner, works fine.... and you forgot to quote that var MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS="#MAKEFLAGS#" in the firefox/mozconfig08:31
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*** destruct_ is now known as destruct08:34
namenlosRomster: the firefox3 repository is up to date.08:35
Romsterjsut edit it predatorfreak forgot to quote it08:36
Romsteri'll tell him later if he doesn't read this.08:36
Romsterone odd thing i've got right clicking on links sometimes opens other dialogs.08:38
Romsternot sure if it's the snapshot cairo or not doing this.08:39
jaegerRomster: is romster.shortcircuit down now or is there some issue outside your control? I cannot resolve it from work or home08:40
Romsterprologic is moving it again, says tis is the last move 1-2 days it'll be back up.08:41
Romstersometing you want i'll dcc you it?08:41
Romsteri need a fast reliable host really..08:41
jaegerwas trying to build the x264 port, I could grab the same snapshot it uses08:41
jaegeractually, I probably still have it on, r745 was the same one I used08:42
Romster736 ad the current one is 745 i can send you it.08:43
Romsterit's not jsut a snapshot it's had autotools ran on it too.08:44
Romstermaybe i should package the script i run on it in the tarbal in future too08:47
Romsterdcc send jaeger if you can use dcc.08:47
jaegerwell, that got x264 built, now looking for libdvdnav :)08:47
Romsteri should see if i can get some hosting for them tarballs.08:49
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predatorfreakRomster: Oh god damn it :(08:57
predatorfreakRomster: Fixed.08:58
Romstergood <<08:58
predatorfreakand depending on the size, I'd put it on my server.08:59
Romsterbeing a little careless are we08:59
predatorfreakRomster: I don't always remember every little thing.08:59
Romstersomething like 300kb each. should for rights have a place on crux.nu08:59
Romsterno idea if i'll get accepted into opt...09:00
predatorfreakRomster: That'd probably thrash my server a bit.09:00
predatorfreakand I have no power to put tarballs on :(09:00
Romsterif nt i guess i got no option but to give them 2 ports up.09:00
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predatorfreakRomster: Well, I'm not the person in charge of giving people opt powers :P09:03
* predatorfreak points at tilman09:03
Romsteri know and i left it t him and to talk it though with the other devs09:03
Romsterseems others get in easier than i do. thinks i'm a git wrecker or something09:04
Romsteror the few ports i've had issues with..09:04
Romsterbut i've also been here since crux 2.1 too.09:05
Romsterso nothing i can do but wait.09:05
predatorfreakRomster: Well, you molest ports, but that's a different matter :P09:11
Romsterpredatorfreak, and you don't... lol.09:11
predatorfreakRomster: No, I don't, I outright rape them09:12
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jaegerRomster: for the short term I have them at which I use in PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS but it is not intended to be permanent09:28
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*** ryuo is now known as pacman09:50
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kLeohey im trying to setup a dial up connection, just not sure how to approach /etc/rc.d/net. any ideas ?11:30
pacmantack on the commands you would use to start your connection to /etc/rc.d/net start section and the commands you use to disconnect to stop?11:31
kLeomm how would i set username and passwd etc11:33
RomsterkLeo, install wvdial11:36
Romsteredit /etc/wvdial.conf11:36
Romsterman wvdial.conf11:37
kLeoah thanks11:37
Romsterif oyu can avoid using dialup for something better like isdn or adsl i'd go that route.11:38
kLeoYea. too expensive to get a adsl connection11:39
Romster$70 a month aud here11:40
Romsteryou'll probbably find dialup calls on top of the dialup account would make it just as expensive.11:40
Romsterwas actually cheaper for me on adsl.11:41
kLeoyeah around $60 aud for adsl aswell. but i have to pay $900 just to get the cable installed (long driveway(11:42
*** kLeo has quit IRC11:44
Romstercheaper todo that part yaself..hire a trench digger lay the cable get them to wire the ends up.11:47
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RyoSanyone got a fix for the recent nvidia drivers and ut2k4 with opengl?13:05
RyoSnewest beta drivers didnt fix it yet..13:05
rehabdolltry the nvnews-forum13:06
RyoSdid already, only complains13:07
RyoSand other opengl apps are affected too, thats all i know so far, since 169-series13:07
rehabdollhooray for non-free drivers.....13:08
RyoStrue, nvidia lacks in quality the last days13:08
tilmanr3xx/r4xx render accel has landed btw (mostly)13:08
tilman:P :P :P13:08
pacmanhey Romster13:08
pacmani noticed 169.x is a bit unstable for me13:10
* rehabdoll wants xvideo for r600 in radeonhd D;13:10
pacmanthe odd thing is13:10
tilmanrehabdoll: i have switched to texturedvideo, it's nice :D13:10
pacmanit only crashes xorg when i visit virtual consoles for a bit too llong13:10
* pacman is using 8500GT13:10
rehabdolli bought a radeon 2600 hd when they released the first docs. used it for about 40 minutes :)13:11
rehabdollperhaps i should give it a go again13:11
tilmantextured video means the window behaves like any other13:11
tilmanie i can now watch porn shining through my terminals13:12
tilmani mean i can hack leet code and watch porn beneath it13:12
rehabdollwhat else does one need?13:12
tilmanhow awesome is that13:12
pacmani got my kernel functioning with fbcondecor13:12
tilmanrehabdoll: and it means your mplayer window can stretch over both crtcs13:12
pacman<3 splash screen13:12
tilmanthe overlay is tied to one crtc ;)13:12
Rotwangtilman: fuc#ing wonderful \o/13:12
tilmanpacman: ziomg you're back13:12
pacmanback from where?13:13
tilmandunno, the abyss?13:13
*** namenlos has quit IRC13:16
* thrice` is also considering going ATI on his soon-to-buy video-card13:20
thrice`per tilman's advisory13:20
thrice`anyone tried out crux64, by chance?13:34
rehabdollim running 64bit13:34
thrice`working well?13:35
rehabdolljust make sure you dont need any 32bit binaries13:35
rehabdollgnash works quite well as a flash-replacement13:36
thrice`I haven't ever ran 64-bit, but was considering finally upgrading hardware13:36
rehabdolltheres no reason to unless you have lots o' ram13:37
jesse_64bit should be fine, but flash and installing java have been said to not work.13:38
jesse_Unless the java installer was already fixed.13:38
rehabdollbut since ram is pretty much free these days theres no reason to get any less than 4gb13:38
rehabdolljava works, just no browser-plugin13:38
rehabdollnot even for windows in 64bit13:38
rehabdollsame with flash13:38
thrice`I was thinking around an Athlon 5000+ and 2 gigs of ram13:39
tilman2 gigs of ram are for pussies13:39
tilmanget 413:39
tilmanoh, rehabdoll said that already13:40
thrice`what would i *need* 4 for!13:40
rehabdollddr2 is close to _free_ at the moment13:40
rehabdollget loads!13:40
tilmanthrice`: store doom3 pak files in ram for faster map loading13:41
tilmanbuild large packages in ram only13:41
tilmanput qemu images in ram ;D13:41
tilmanthe possibilities are endless13:41
thrice`tilman: which processor did you get for your recent upgrade?13:42
jesse_tmpfs ftw? ;)13:42
thrice`core2duo bus speed is hard to pass up =\13:42
tilmanthrice`: dunno, a cheap one :D13:42
tilmanAMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+13:42
thrice`and 4 gigs of ram?13:43
rehabdolli have a Q6600 + 4gigs o' rum13:43
rehabdollwroom wroom13:43
rehabdollmy online-penis is huge!13:44
tilmanthrice`: YES \:D/13:44
thrice`ok, I was going to call you a pussy otherwise :P13:44
jesse_Remember kids, the faster your rig and the faster your download, the bigger your virtual pecker is!13:45
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*** drijen has joined #crux14:01
jaegerwhat's the preferred lightweight pdf reader these days?14:09
treachif you only want a reader, rakt is nice. ;)14:09
treachtilman: you didn't commit yesterday's patch, did you?14:10
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:10
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan14:10
jaegerwhere do I get it? don't see it in the portdb14:11
treachtilman has it in git. :>14:11
jaegerah, ok14:12
tilmanjaeger: i recommend epdfview o_O14:12
treachextremely small (19k), and really fast. :)14:12
tilmanraktpdf lacks a bunch of features you'll really miss14:12
treachBLOOOAT! ;D14:12
jaegerall I really want is to be able to display and maybe a fullscreen/presentation mode14:13
tilmantreach: i'm using the rakt prefix for other awesome (well, not really) me productions :P14:13
tilmani don't think even epdfview has a fullscreen mode14:13
treachmh. why would one want that? :p14:14
treach1680x1050 is big enough without running stuff in fullscreen. :D14:14
tilmanbecause one wants to do a presentation/talk with a pdf?14:14
tilmanlooks stupid with the window decorations14:14
jaegerbetter than openoffice or microsoft office presenting14:15
tilmani should try out some latex document classes for my next presentation14:15
tilmani've been using oo presenter so far, but well.14:15
treachanyhow, I gathered that "lightweight", and "viewer" were the keywords.14:15
treachbut ofc, there are others like epdf.14:16
jaeger"not suck" should have been in there as well, which rules out xpdf14:16
jaegerI'll give epdfview a try14:16
tilmantreach: seriously, you're the only one who thinks raktpdf is okay for daily use o_O14:16
treachhe should get his thumbs out and make a new release.14:16
treachtilman: aren't you happy with that? :D14:17
tilmanit doesn't even show page numbers14:17
tilmanit doesn't even support links14:17
jesse_raktpdf gets my vote. It still is in a rough state, but it does its job :p14:17
treachseriously speaking, I have *very* limited needs, so it's entirely fine for me.14:17
thrice`jaeger: what about the one in gnome?14:18
jaegerit's ok but no gnome installed in this case14:19
thrice`ah, the blasphemy! :D14:20
thrice`jaeger: could ship it to your os x and use preview14:20
treachif you have gnome or kde installed, I doubt the need for a "lightweight pdfviewer" would arise.14:21
jaegerI suppose14:21
*** bjohan__ has joined #crux14:28
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*** pacman has joined #crux14:32
rehabdollawesome til!14:34
teKawsum, k thx? ;)14:34
treachrehabdoll: you're missing the patch to make it accept commandline input I think.14:35
treachI don't think tilman commited it.14:35
thrice`is this gui?14:35
jesse_thrice`: yeah.14:35
*** bjohan_ has quit IRC14:35
tilmanokay, i committed and pushed that patch...14:37
* rehabdoll removes epdfview14:40
tilmanwoo, i guess i now have 2-3 users14:40
*** thallium has joined #crux14:41
thrice`perhaps it's almost time for a tarball release14:41
rehabdollseriously, what more does one need from a pdf-VIEWER?14:44
tilmansupport for links?14:44
tilmanbeing able to punch in a page number?14:44
rehabdollreal men type their own urls!14:44
tilmanthere's nothing to type14:44
tilmanand 3.), search supprt14:44
thrice`search is essential, I suppose14:45
rehabdollperhaps printing support.. if one owns a printer14:45
treachtilman: those things are *nice*, not necessary, unless you have pretty big pdfs.14:45
tilmanlp blah.pdf14:45
tilmantreach: yes. i've only read big pdfs lately :D14:45
treachmost pdfs I run into is < 10 pages.14:46
tilmanthose raktpdf can handle!14:46
treachyes, exactly what I said.14:47
rehabdollraktpdf = Really Awesome Killer Tiny PDF ?14:48
treachRak(e)tPdf :p14:49
tilmanpdf done rakt14:50
treachas oposed to g(ay)pdf? :D14:50
tilmanyou mean evince? :O14:50
tilmani've never tried gpdf14:51
treachthere used to be a program shipped with gnome called gpdf14:51
treachand since "rakt" == straight.. :p14:51
tilmani'll do snettpdf next year14:52
treachsounds like you'd need compiz to implement it properly. :>14:53
*** bjohan_ has joined #crux15:04
clickonceIs it too late to call someone at 09:14 PM?15:15
clickonceA friend, former colleague/partner.15:15
Romsterdepends if there a lite night person or not..15:15
*** bjohan__ has quit IRC15:21
Rotwangclickonce: its not too late15:22
Rotwangup to 10 PM usually15:22
* clickonce runs to the phone15:23
*** rxi has joined #crux15:23
tilmani'd rather hit locals with such a question instead of people on irc who live god-knows-where ;)15:24
Romsterdon't ask me i'm up all night and days.15:27
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andariusgreetings and salutations17:01
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jesse_hi andarius17:08
*** drijen has quit IRC17:09
thrice`hi andarius17:35
andariusgreetings thrice`17:38
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ahyuwhiyeRomster: ·_·17:39
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rehabdollnew bzip2 released17:55
*** bjohan_ has quit IRC18:05
Romsterirnoic maybe bzip2 fixed these issues already18:35
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cruxbot[contrib] tor: # -> #
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clickonceWiee... I think I have my hardware problem sorted.22:06

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