IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-03-19

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predatorfreakRomster: If you're around, according to a friend of mine, glibmm won't build against the glib in opt due to version differences05:54
predatorfreakand needs to be updated to 2.16.005:54
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cruxbot[contrib] glibmm: 2.14.2 -> 2.16.006:20
Romsterwas on my todo list to push when cairo got updated, guess i didn't realise glibmm doesn't depend on cairo06:21
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lucifer4uI found dwm is good for me :)06:28
predatorfreakRomster: Hehe, last I checked, it doesn't :P06:29
Romsteri updated them all and put them aside wating on slow cairo... and i did them all at that same time and didn't think much of it.06:30
Romsterdwm is written purely in C and, for simplicity, lacks any configuration interface besides editing the source code. This is not as inconvenient as it sounds, however: one of the project's guidelines is that the source code will never exceed 2000 lines, and options meant to be user-configurable are all represented by macros and contained in a single header file.06:32
predatorfreakYou people and your tiny penises errr WINDOW MANAGERS.06:33
predatorfreakWindow manager size in no way reflects penis size, just to clear that up.06:33
lucifer4upredatorfreak: i found it useful not because of it is 2000 lines06:33
lucifer4upredatorfreak: just to make it clear too :)06:33
lucifer4upredatorfreak: it have good functionality06:33
predatorfreakI found it useless because it doesn't fit my needs.06:34
predatorfreakand got in the way of doing shit.06:34
predatorfreakI want my WM out of the way so I can mess with more important things :P06:34
lucifer4upredatorfreak: what needs it cannot suite?06:34
RyoScan i change the ff3 navigation bar to ff2 default somehow? i _hate_ this fat new monster06:35
predatorfreaklucifer4u: Staying out of my way.06:35
predatorfreakRyoS: It's any larger than the FF2 one? o.O06:35
lucifer4upredatorfreak: hm. can you give an example please? Maybe i have not figured some bad things about dwm. It will be good if i will know it now not after :)06:36
RyoSwhen you type in it, you will see what i mean :P06:36
RyoSsome like it, but i hate that "feature" :D06:36
predatorfreaklucifer4u: Key bindings are needed for too much, you have to RECOMPILE IT to change something as simple as a config option.06:37
predatorfreakShit like that.06:37
predatorfreakIt's time consuming and annoying.06:37
predatorfreakAnd it has no menu for quick launch-this-program shit.06:37
predatorfreakWithout resorting to some half-hacked in plugin that you need to launch via a key binding.06:37
predatorfreakPlus tiling window managers don't fit how I work.06:38
predatorfreakRyoS: Oh that thing, no, welcome to Firefox 3.06:38
predatorfreakLand of gloriously useless sqlite.06:38
predatorfreakmmm Howlin' Wolf06:39
predatorfreakI swear they switched to sqlite just to add in useless features no one cares about.06:40
lucifer4upredatorfreak: yes. recompiling annoy me too. :) And i do not need menues. I do not use it at all. I can execute anything from terminal if i need it. If i do it every day or rather regular i can recompile it. It takes 20 seconds.06:41
RyoSoh i bet i could name some usergroups that doo ;)06:41
lucifer4upredatorfreak: do you use tiling wm?06:41
predatorfreaklucifer4u: No.06:42
predatorfreakThey're annoying and get in my way.06:42
predatorfreakI've tried, multiple times and with multiple window managers.06:42
predatorfreakThey all annoy my equally.06:42
predatorfreakNone of them are smart enough because everyone fights about having the smallest program.06:42
predatorfreakThe only way I could possibly use one is if it had decent logic and resized windows with some intelligence, moved others to other desktops when a desktop is becoming too fragmented, etc.06:44
predatorfreakand the people developing the tiling WMs atm are all too busy boasting how small the code is to care about things like usability.06:44
lucifer4uWell. This is not the point i think. wm size do not matter for me. I just like tiling ability.. Among number of managers (ion3, awesome, dwm, larswm, wmii, ratpoison) i found only this one rather simple and useful. wmii is not compiling at all and Hackel xmonad i was unable to compile too :)06:45
predatorfreaklucifer4u: oh and executing programs that don't detach is annoying, having to type blah & disown every damn time I want to start something and be able to close the terminal is annoying.06:46
lucifer4uI mean wm size minimization is not good idea06:46
predatorfreakNot to mention having to start a terminal just to start another program.06:46
lucifer4upredatorfreak: hm. you just need one terminal started. no need to start it every time06:46
predatorfreakI don't like needlessly leaving a terminal open just to start programs.06:47
predatorfreakIf I'm not using the terminal, it should go away.06:47
jesse_predatorfreak: dmenu exists to alleviate the need to constantly open a new terminal in dwm.06:47
lucifer4uwell. I use terminal all the time. I talk with irssi from terminal. i have htop over terminal06:47
lucifer4uyes. dmenu exist. i just do not need it :)06:48
predatorfreakjesse_: Keybinding bullshit with it.06:48
predatorfreakSorry, but it's nice to just go to my desktop, right click and have a menu.06:48
jesse_Inherently there is nothing wrong with dwm's design philosophy. One approach among many others.06:49
predatorfreakjesse_: Sure, I just think it's plain stupid.06:49
predatorfreakand distracts from what I'm trying to do.06:49
predatorfreakCall me crazy, but I like a WM that doesn't require me to execute a billion keybindings to do shit.06:50
predatorfreakI like my keybindings for launching programs :D06:50
lucifer4upredatorfreak: you can do Shift+Alt+Any Key to launch programs with dwm.  Is it bad?06:51
jesse_to predatorfreak it is, to someone else, who knows.06:51
predatorfreaklucifer4u: I'd over flood myself with keybindings for shit, in addition to keybindings to control the dang WM.06:51
Romsterheh root menu ftw06:52
predatorfreakI have a couple core keybindings for apps I use frequently.06:52
predatorfreakAnything more than that would be overkill.06:52
lucifer4uwell. i think touch mouse + go to menu + click menu element is the same as do not touching mouse do not removing hand from the keyboard type Alt+1 and type program name &06:52
* Romster makes coffee06:52
lucifer4ualso all programs that i use every day i start automatically with startx06:53
Romsteralt+z would be easier to type...06:53
predatorfreaklucifer4u: I can do a quick bring up menu and select shit faster than I can type.06:53
Romsterif i did that it would take forever to load everything.06:54
predatorfreakand most programs I use commonly, I.E. Firefox, claws-mail, xchat, etc.06:54
Romsteri depend on my mouse too much06:54
predatorfreakAre all bound to special keys on my keyboard.06:54
predatorfreak(Including xscreensaver-command -lock, too)06:54
predatorfreakApps I don't use commonly are in the menu.06:55
predatorfreak(Gimp and such)06:55
lucifer4uRomster: i use irssi, Firefox, mrxvt, mplayer and moc. I start them automatically. System start tooks me 10 seconds and all stuff go to the named workspaces.06:57
predatorfreakI prefer to start things as-I-use-them :D06:58
predatorfreakExcept mpd, that's started before even X.06:58
predatorfreakMusic before all else!06:58
Romsteri see minilist07:03
Romsterlucifer4u, thought you'd use elinks to fit in the theme of curses <<07:03
Romsterpredatorfreak, hehe gotta have music.07:04
predatorfreakRomster: Music or DEATH!07:04
* predatorfreak will die before giving up music07:04
thrice`does FF3 on linux have the new default theme?07:07
lucifer4uRomster: Hehe i use elinks to read documentation and so on. I need FF to test pages :)07:07
Romsterlooks more gtkish07:07
thrice`on windows, it is very different07:08
Romsteri have firefox, opera and IE6 in virtualbox07:08
Romsterhate suporting IE07:09
RedShiftmotherfucking snakes on the motherfucking plane!07:09
thrice`might as well install safari too :)07:09
Romsterwhat's wrong with snakes pfft07:10
lucifer4uRomster: i hate IE too :)07:12
Romsteryeah i should install safari07:12
lucifer4uRomster: i hate IE's css. Everything else with IE is not bad..07:12
Romsteri need to get my hands on OS X07:12
RomsterIE6 has margin issues with floats07:13
Romsterand other such anoying bugs07:13
lucifer4uRomster: that is all css07:13
lucifer4uRomster: how do you use IE from linux?07:13
Romsterand i sware IE phones home too.07:13
Romsteri've got win xp home installed.07:14
Romsterwine runs IE horrabile now.07:14
thrice`Romster: safari can be installed on windows07:14
lucifer4uRomster: thank you07:14
lucifer4uInstalling it right now. I need it.07:14
Romsterlucifer4u, proving you have a windows OS to install to it.07:21
predatorfreakRomster: We all know you have a creepy "thing" for snakes and IE combined.07:21
predatorfreakPersonally, I have a creepy thing for IE developers and venomous cobra's :307:22
lucifer4uRomster: can i use existent windows distribution on some partition to work with?07:22
lucifer4uRomster: or should i install vmware for it?07:22
Romsterhmm i just used my windows CD and installed to a virtual partition07:23
predatorfreakRomster: Awhile back I managed a miracle: I coded a W3C XHTML website that displayed PERFECTLY in IE6 WITHOUT any kind of trickery.07:25
predatorfreak(Complete with CSS and shit)07:25
predatorfreaka W3C compliant*07:25
predatorfreakI'm a voodoo master :307:25
lucifer4upredatorfreak: strict doctype?07:25
predatorfreakFuck that shit, strict is too annoying to use.07:26
predatorfreakIt's like coding a Perl program with use strict (Sure it's "proper", BUT I DON'T WANT TO BLOODY DEFINE EVERY VARIABLE'S SCOPE)07:26
Romsterpredatorfreak, lucky,.07:27
predatorfreakRomster: Admittedly, I don't use extra-fancy CSS-based layout nonsense.07:28
Romsteri always use strict..07:28
predatorfreakI prefer old fashion tables.07:28
lucifer4upredatorfreak: it depends. If you use tables for layout and you fix all sizes and you will not have margins, paddings and centering then everything is ok :)07:28
Romsterand stupid IE can't handly yhe xml line at the start without going into quirks mode07:28
Romsteri hate tables for layout07:28
predatorfreaklucifer4u: Then I need CSS bullshit.07:29
predatorfreakand I'm sorry, but CSS is too fucking annoying to use for layout.07:29
predatorfreakWith tables, I know where shit is and can effectively visualise it in my head.07:29
predatorfreakWith CSS it's more guesstimate.07:29
Romsterbad webdev07:29
lucifer4upredatorfreak: Here is your example with perl. You can make quick and dirty or you can make slow and valid. You choose from the task..07:29
Romsternot really you just fial to visulise it.07:29
predatorfreakRomster: I'm never going to be a webdev.07:29
predatorfreakRomster: Nah.07:30
Romsterthank god we don't need more that use tables for layout07:30
predatorfreakCSS is a bit magical with IE.07:30
predatorfreakThe secret to getting shit to work in IE is pull tables stricts.07:30
predatorfreakYeah yeah, propaganda bullshit.07:30
predatorfreak"# Tables are usually more bytes of markup. (Longer to download, and more bytes of traffic for the host.)"07:31
predatorfreakUnless you're in 1980.07:31
predatorfreakThat doesn't mean shit.07:31
lucifer4uto work everything in IE you should use only one thing. Conditional comments.07:31
predatorfreakPlus, I could make the argument that CSS scripts which work on all browsers are large as fuck too.07:31
nipuLfirst rule of webdev: write your page to comply with standards07:31
predatorfreakThe thing is, everything renders tables pretty much the same way.07:32
Romster# Once you know CSS, table-based layouts usually take more time to implement. (A little effort up-front learning CSS pays off heavily in the end.)07:32
nipuLsecond rule of webdev: hack it to work with IE07:32
predatorfreaknipuL: Tables ARE a standard.07:32
lucifer4upredatorfreak: tables are standard for tabular data07:32
RomsternipuL, yeah i make it standareds and use the if ie comment tag07:32
lucifer4upredatorfreak: it do not mean they are semantically valid in all cases :)07:32
predatorfreaklucifer4u: or decent, first-try works-on-all-browsers layouts.07:32
predatorfreakUnless I'm doing AJAX, I don't need fancy layouts.07:33
predatorfreakand tables will work right the first time, with no hacking later.07:33
predatorfreakRomster: BTW, that argument isn't valid. Even knowing CSS, I could spend a couple extra hours hacking it for IE.07:33
nipuLor just bounce all IE users to the firefox webpage07:34
predatorfreakor I could just know HTML and CSS and use something that I won't have to hack forever on.07:34
lucifer4ufor IE6 users can be bounsed to the update page :)07:34
predatorfreak# Tables are usually slower to layout for the browser. (Takes longer for the user to see anything on the page.)"07:34
predatorfreakDepends entirely on the rendering engine.07:35
predatorfreakand come on, that's another 1980's type claim.07:35
predatorfreakPCs are so fast today that CSS OR tables will be fast.07:35
predatorfreakJavascript is generally the slowest thing these days07:35
Romsterbut try to take a table cell and reposition it say on the other side of the pagt07:36
Romsternow do the same with css on a div07:37
Romsterwhich is easier...07:37
lucifer4uor having two or three styles for different devices07:37
Romsterfuck around with nested tr td shit or a little css change.07:37
predatorfreakFor one, anything more than a design that can be described with basic tables is fancy dribble poop.07:38
Romsteryeah media type.07:38
predatorfreakand two, I despise exceedingly fancy web sites with a billion goddamn things here and there.07:38
lucifer4upredatorfreak: i mean media types.07:38
nipuLmedia type is a big one07:38
nipuLso easy to convert to print using css, i'd rather not be forced to print out some table layout07:39
predatorfreakYou humans and your bullshit.07:39
thrice`predatorfreak: do you work 3rd shift?07:40
lucifer4upredatorfreak: also when you have css in separate file it will be cached.07:40
* Romster downloads safri for windows.07:40
Romsterhmm i should dtry out firefox3 too on windows.07:40
lucifer4upredatorfreak: and if you have tables it will be used every time07:40
predatorfreaklucifer4u: and also, I have to memorise every bit of CSS and still hope it works right in all the browsers!07:40
nipuLones that comply to standards do07:41
predatorfreakIn addition.07:41
predatorfreakWe're talking about blasted plain text here.07:41
predatorfreakIf you have a decent web server, most clients can do a gzip-compressed http connection.07:41
predatorfreakand cut down the download time significantly.07:41
nipuLsure and rape the server cpu07:41
lucifer4upredatorfreak: css rules are common. Also if you have simple layouts as you said it is much more simplier to design page with css.07:41
Romsterthere is no hope...07:42
predatorfreaknipuL: Use a blasted cache.07:42
predatorfreakLike lighttpd does.07:42
predatorfreaklucifer4u: Right....07:42
nipuLi do07:42
Romstercached pages help there unless the content is dynamic07:42
predatorfreakOnly you need to know a billion bits of CSS to do something I can do really quick with tables...07:42
nipuLalso, nginx > lighttpd07:42
* nipuL ducks07:42
nipuLa billions seems a bit melodramatic07:43
predatorfreakRomster: Dynamic fancy dripplepoop.07:43
predatorfreakPlus, there's PHP cache's and shit.07:43
Romsterbull you only need some of the css and whats so hard to look it up if you forget...07:43
Romsterthere are quick reference guides07:44
nipuLremember when you had to whip out the html reference?07:44
Romsterzomg too hard07:44
predatorfreaknipuL: Yeah, about 6 years ago.07:44
Romsteri remember i had to look up the html reference because i forgot it's options07:44
predatorfreakWhen I first learnt HTML.07:44
Romsterfor a tag07:44
Romsternow it's the same for css07:44
nipuLwhats the point of learning html, you have to learn like a billion tags, just use plain text dammit!07:45
predatorfreaknipuL: Honestly, if I could get away with it.07:45
predatorfreakI would.07:45
Romster<tags. are plaintext07:45
nipuLtargs are markup07:45
predatorfreakI would make my entire site nothing but a text file.07:45
Romstermeh useless lot.07:46
lucifer4uEverything goes from the task. If you can do something for 10 minutes with tables and everyone will be happy - then ok. If you have task in which you should support different devices and reduce page sizes. Also SEO tasks and shit - you will use css.07:46
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predatorfreakRomster: <-- Recreate that only with CSS, let's see how quick it is to design an equivalent without using tables at all <_<07:47
predatorfreaklucifer4u: BTW percentage scales with tables.07:47
predatorfreakScales to page size.07:47
Romsterwhy would i waste my time..07:47
predatorfreakRomster: Prove to me that it's as fast as I could write the dang site in tables with CSS.07:48
predatorfreak(took me about 5 minutes to slap together my entire site)07:48
predatorfreakIf it's really just a matter of knowing all the fancy CSS stuff, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to recreate that with CSS and have the end result be "smaller" and all this bullcrap.07:49
predatorfreakAs well as have it magically work in IE6/7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.07:49
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nipuLor not08:02
nipuLof course i didn't seperate the css or add everything required to get IE in compliance mode, but still...08:03
predatorfreakPoint taken, let's stop fighting over it now.08:04
* predatorfreak admits defeat and runs for France08:04
clarehi folks, I am trying to make grub boot a usb connected hard drive with crux on it.  Has anyone done that?08:04
predatorfreakclare: If they have, they are08:05
predatorfreakaren't in here*08:05
clarehehe - bit quick that answer08:05
predatorfreakI don't even think GRUB CAN boot off a USB device.08:06
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:06
* predatorfreak steals and modifies nipuL's code08:07
clarethis is the firt time I have had a machine that seemed to be able to do it. in the bios I can select the order in which hard drives are booted,08:07
clareit knew because after i put the disk on it had it in the list, including its model number.08:07
nipuLno worries predatorfreak that'll be $20008:08
predatorfreaknipuL: Haha! No copyright notice.08:08
nipuLyes, but i have irc logs08:09
* predatorfreak hax0r's nipuL's PC08:09
clareevery time I run windows it sneakily changes the order badk so its drive is first.. Little does it know its days are numbered.08:09
predatorfreakBut in all honesty, I'm way too lazy to bother.08:09
nipuLho nose! my megahurtz!!08:09
predatorfreakMy site works and I'm not going to bother changing it.08:09
predatorfreaknipuL: I will steal your CSS magic so I can stop being a lazy fuck with a PNG file.08:14
thrice`off topic, but has anyone actually compared cost on their electric bill for running linux idle over night vs. shutting down?08:16
clarethrice and nipul thanks fr the URLs I will read them tomorrow.08:16
clarebye now08:17
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Romsteri didn't bother to clean the code up and it's quickish and i got something to eat in that time period too.08:23
Romsterlucifer4u, no where near what mine looks like is nearly identical to predatorfreak's08:25
Romsteri should of used list for the menu...08:26
lucifer4uRomster: i tried to write semantically correct html and just added some basic css stuff. I can make it look same with predatorfreak..08:26
Romsterand the ehading tag08:26
Romsterah well i did it quickish08:26
Romsteri should of done what you've done then make it look more like the table layout.08:27
lucifer4uthe main problem now is that i cannot copy paste links from irssi to browser :(08:27
lucifer4uThat is why i have not seen your variants still :))))08:27
Romsterand my server is down still08:27
Romsterfire up firefox.08:27
Romstercopy to a text file.08:28
Romsteri'd of thwon it on my site if it was on....08:28
Romsterdamn inconvenance.08:28
jaegeryou should sign up for a vps or something08:30
RyoSjaeger: will you update your gnome repo to 2.22.0? if you dont have much time i will be able to help you out quiet a bit, got some free days08:31
jaegerI'm in the process of updating it, actually. Had to recreate libtasn1 and trying to clean out some of the duplicated ports. Hopefully it'll be ready in a couple days08:33
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RyoSoh, alright08:33
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan08:33
RyoShows about esound? i saw its not in opt/contrib anymore08:34
jaegerI appreciate the offer, I'll keep it in mind if I do need help08:34
jaegeryeah, added that back to the gnome tree08:34
RyoSalright :) great08:34
jaegerRomster: swfdec complains about missing libsoup for me08:36
Romsterjaeger, i'll offer to build it in my safe-build and give you any missing dependencys and footprint mismatches but i won't run gnome08:36
Romsterhmm didn't i add the dependency08:36
Romsteryeah do a prt-get deptree swfdec08:37
Romsterit's there you just gotta install it08:37
jaegeroh, I see the problem. swfdec barfs on libsoup 2.4.008:38
Romsterhmm i'm on 2.2.10508:38
Romsterdoes 2.4 have a diferent API?08:38
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct08:40
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*** lucifer4u has quit IRC08:55
Romsterjaeger, i'll update libsoup to 2.4 and add in a addon existing version untill swfdec updates there file08:56
*** errdil has joined #crux08:59
Romsterhmm newer swfdec i think that will work with libsoup 2.4 and i was wating for that to update..08:59
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M0E`lnxhi guys... can ports build dependancies?09:48
Romsterprt-get depinst <port>09:50
jaegerprt-get handles them, ports does not09:50
M0E`lnxso prt-get is something different than ports09:51
jaegerit's a tool that works with ports09:51
Romsterprt-get is a program that uses pkgutils09:51
RotwangM0E`lnx: read the handbook09:52
Romsterfrontend if you must call it something.09:52
Romsterthere is a man page and there is information on the site.09:52
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predatorfreakRomster: Back10:56
predatorfreakRomster: oh and thanks for doing all that work :P10:57
predatorfreakBut you really didn't have too.10:57
Romsteri just wanted to prove a point *shrugs*10:58
Romsteri shoudl of made a list on the menu too.10:58
predatorfreakRomster: Point taken and stolen.11:01
predatorfreakThanks for rewriting my site :P11:01
* predatorfreak credits it as "The Danny Rawlins Version"11:02
cruxbot[opt] [notify] postgresql: updated to 8.2.711:12
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predatorfreaktilman: ping11:25
predatorfreaktilman: Did you get my mail with the attached tarball of patches for grub?11:25
predatorfreakI'd like to get that finished up today.11:26
tilmanpatience, young padawan11:26
predatorfreaktilman: It's only a handful of patches!11:27
predatorfreakI probably would have just commit them to git, but there's like 6 of them11:27
predatorfreakand that'd be a bit much..11:27
predatorfreaktilman: I consider it somewhat urgent because my friend couldn't even boot his system the way grub is right now11:27
predatorfreakThank you11:28
cruxbot[contrib] libdca: remove stupid -mtune=pentiumpro from configure11:29
predatorfreaktilman: 403 forbidden, FYI :D11:31
tilmansounds unaccessable11:31
tilmantry now11:32
predatorfreaktilman: Works!11:32
* predatorfreak commits and pushes.11:32
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xf86-video-apm: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-libxv: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-libxkbfile: updated to
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-libxscrnsaver: updated to
cruxbot[opt] grub: Reduce patches applied and don't utilise any external optimisations on grub, fixes some issues.11:39
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rehabdollsucks grub wont build on 64bit12:41
Romsterrehabdoll, add -m32 to CFLAGS ?12:46
predatorfreakrehabdoll: It hasn't really built on x86_64 forever...12:49
predatorfreak(Unless I'm missing something)12:49
predatorfreakPlus, CRUX doesn't officially support x86_64 :D12:49
rehabdollRomster: im not using any 32bit libs12:51
rehabdollbut the old 32bit install of grub works just fine :)12:52
Romsteri've always uses lilo12:53
Romsteronce ya learn not to forget to run lilo i don't see any issues.12:53
rehabdolli dont like the fact it overwrites the bootsector.. and the command-line stuff during boot with grub can really save one's ass :)12:54
Romsterpress tab when lilo boots...12:55
Romsterbingo command line.12:55
Romsterdosn't grub have to write to the boot sector anyways..12:56
*** namenlos has quit IRC12:56
Romsterand y acould use coreboot and boot from the bios.12:57
RomsterFast boot times (3 seconds from power-on to Linux console)12:59
Romsternow i'd like that feature.12:59
rehabdollyou just install grub once and then edit the config to point to your kernel13:05
rehabdolldidnt know lilo supported a commandline though13:05
predatorfreakRomster: Before I sleep.13:09
predatorfreakGRUB writes to the boot sector a tiny mini-boot program.13:09
predatorfreakBoots a mini-environment off the HD.13:10
predatorfreakand proceeds onto a full boot from it's mini-environment.13:10
predatorfreak(Goes stage1 -> stage2 -> Linux/Windows/BSD/whatever13:10
predatorfreakEssentially, that's why GRUB can not-be-rewritten-to-the-boot-sector-constantly.13:11
predatorfreakIt's booting itself so it can boot other shit.13:11
predatorfreakBut anyway, sleep time!13:11
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC13:12
Romsterso grub would be more suitable for windows dual booting than lilo or some shit?13:14
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jue13:49
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*** drijen has joined #crux14:05
cruxbot[opt] samhain: udapte to 2.4.3a14:20
cruxbot[opt] scite: udapte to 1.7614:20
cruxbot[opt] squid: udapte to 2.6.STABLE1914:20
*** jtnl has joined #crux14:25
*** treach has joined #crux14:31
jaegerRomster: did the newer swfdec work with libsoup 2.4?14:34
*** jtnl has quit IRC14:36
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC14:38
Romsterah half way though a full rebuild of all dependencys about to find out.14:42
Romsterswfdec depends on gst-plugins-base too so i just found out.14:43
Romsterfor mouse cursors i have to have a default directory or can i run some xorg command to set the cursor set i want to use?14:46
treachxsetroot -cursor_name blah.blah14:46
thrice`/usr/share/icons/theme.index, iirc14:46
Romsterjaeger, yes it builds i'll push the changes.14:47
Romsterthrice`, hmm i just used /usr/lib/X11/icons/14:48
*** f1y has joined #crux14:49
RomsterName = Crystal Blue14:50
Romsterxsetroot -cursor_name 'Crystal Blue'14:50
Romsterthrows the help at me hmm14:50
treachis there a pointer that is called Crystal Blue?14:51
treachI'd doubt it. :P14:51
Romsteri installed one...14:51
treachno, you didn't.14:51
treachI'm almost certain you did not. :D14:51
Romsteri ported a package yeash.14:51
RotwangRomster: use the /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme14:52
Romsterdoes it have to go there?14:52
treachdude, pointer_name is one thing.. and theme_name is something entirely different14:52
thrice`I got that right from tilman's wiki entry14:52
Romsterk so i got the rong path too.14:52
Romsterso it goes on directory name or the Name = ?14:53
treachfirst you set your theme. then you decide which pointer you want.14:54
treachlike this;14:55
treachin .Xdefaults.14:55
treachthen xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr14:56
treachthe final stage might or might not be needed, depending on your wm.14:56
*** drijen has quit IRC14:57
RotwangRomster: or you may simply create /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme14:57
Rotwangecho -e "[icon theme]\nInherits=your_icons" > /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme14:58
cruxbot[contrib] swfdec: 0.5.5 -> 0.6.014:59
cruxbot[contrib] libsoup: 2.2.105 -> 2.414:59
*** imitis has joined #crux15:14
*** pedja has quit IRC15:21
*** jue has quit IRC15:30
*** imitis has quit IRC15:32
Romsterok finally got that now hwo to get firefox to use it <<15:44
Romsterworks on xchat so it's not a gtk setting thing?15:44
treachit's an X setting. but ff wants to set things its own way :/15:49
treachgoogle knows how to fix it though.15:49
cruxbot[contrib] swfdec: remove redundant dep liboil15:52
Romsterk more googling.15:53
Romsteralso the reload thing xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xdefaults15:53
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux15:54
Romstertreach, ok restarting firefox fixed that.. some init issue i guess.16:03
*** mrks has joined #crux16:04
*** maxus has quit IRC16:08
*** andarius has joined #crux16:14
andariusgreetings and salutations16:15
*** mrks_ has quit IRC16:20
Romsteron time too.16:23
Romsterhi andarius16:23
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux16:29
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:50
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*** DaZ is now known as Rot16:53
*** Rot is now known as Rotwang16:56
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*** jdolan has quit IRC17:02
cruxbot[contrib] xine-lib: -> 1.1.1117:18
cruxbot[contrib] libidn: 1.5 -> 1.617:18
cruxbot[contrib] libsoup: remove redundant dep libgcrypt17:18
*** treach has quit IRC17:18
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Romsterfunky, right clcik on links in firefox3 beta 4 has unpredictable behavour, some times i can reproduce a 'save as' or a 'add bookmark' dialog box than the right click menu if i clcick on the same link after it does that the first time, and sometimes i need to click on 2 or 3 diferent links before the normal behavour happens again.19:29
*** vico has quit IRC19:29
*** jtnl has quit IRC19:31
andariusguess that is one of the reasons it is still a beta ;)19:33
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC19:33
*** bjohan_ has joined #crux19:38
Romsterhasn't crashed yet though19:42
*** bjohan__ has quit IRC19:56
*** acrux|G4 has joined #crux19:58
treachlol, here the menues are alternating. :D20:02
*** RedShift has quit IRC20:02
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*** tri has quit IRC20:07
Romsterneat lol20:12
treachbut only sometimes. :/20:13
treachnow I can't reproduce it.20:13
treachI only get the one with "open in new tab at the top, right now20:13
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC20:14
Romsteri havn't looked at the code but seems to be some race.20:14
*** Rotwang has quit IRC20:35
Romsteri found this line in prt-get << "\nIf this is a stale not, please remove "20:50
Romsterworded wrong a little.20:50
*** treach has quit IRC21:23
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*** andarius has left #crux22:39
Romstercan anyone check liboil with 'make check and report to me if any of the checks fail and on what cpu flags you have.23:13
Romsterand i'm off for a snooze so i'll read my log when i get back.23:15
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:20

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