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ToshiRomster: make check -> okay02:14
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janobonoHello I'm new CRUX user and I have some questions06:45
RyoSquestions that are explained in the handbook, or other questions? :P06:46
RyoSand hi :P06:46
janobonoIs there any way to download ports from windows OS because I don't have internet connection at home06:46
janobonoand at work I have to use Win06:46
RyoSthats gonna be a shitload of work i guess, no idea about the rsync repos though, should be possible06:47
RyoSyou need to fetch a) the ports trees you want to use, and b) the distfiles you will need06:47
janobonoI'm java programmer06:47
janobonobut we develop for win users only06:48
RyoSuncool :P *SCNR*06:48
janobonoat home I'm using linux about 3 years06:48
RyoSwell, like i said, you gotta fetch the port trees and distfiles06:48
janobonowas first06:48
janobonoand now after LFS I'd like to use CRUX but I dont want to build everithing from script06:49
RyoSwell then crux is not for you06:50
RyoSthere are no packages provided06:50
janobonoI don,t need packages06:50
janobonoonly ports but not through rsync06:51
janobonovia ftp maybe06:51
RyoScore/opt/contrib/xorg/.. are rsync only06:51
janobonoor via http06:51
janobonolast two weeks I spent with base CD ank Kernel .configure etc06:52
janobononow everithing run correct06:52
janobonoxorg was installed from CD06:53
janobonoOk so I have to take my PC somewhere where is internet connection ;o)06:56
RomsterToshi, 4 of 19 tests failed, oil_test_check_impl(): illegal instruction in mmxCombineAddU, all the time for me on this K7 :/06:57
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Romsterjanobono, tricky but if you can install virtualbox/qemu or vmware on windows and install from the 2.4 cd then a ports -u and cd /usr/ports/xorg; pkgmk -r -do. and do that for core opt xorg and any other repos you use, would work then save all the files onto cd the ports tree and sources.07:02
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RomsterToshi, what cpu/flags do you have too.07:03
juejanobono: that's a snapshot of the core ports-tree, use opt/xorg/contrib.. to fetch the others07:04
Romsteranyone else willing to add in 'make check' and recompile liboil i'm hiting a bug and it's anoying me and wanting to know what's affected, i'm thinking all non sse instruction set cous are affected.07:04
Romsterjue, ah nice idea, he still needs some way to get all the distfiles too in windows.07:05
Romsterhmm my batch writing code shouldn't be too rusty to knock something up...07:06
jueyep, right07:06
Romsteri have xp instaled in virtualbox here.07:06
Romsterso i can test.07:06
Romsterand write a wiki page on it.07:06
Romsterthen again might be lucky to get all the files from here
janobonothanks I will try to download them07:15
Romsterno garrentee they are all there07:16
janobonono there isnt KDE port07:17
janobonobut its better than nothing07:17
Romsteroh you need the kde tree too.07:17
Romsterand files07:18
janobonognome is fine07:18
Romsteri used to use kde but i now use pekwm07:18
thrice`hm, haven't tried pek07:18
Romsterit's simple and fast.07:19
Romsteri'm still not happy with pypanel though07:19
thrice`yeah, I use it in openbox.  couldn't find anything better07:19
Romsterbmpanel but i dunno if i wanna try that.07:20
thrice`I'll let you do the testing :D07:20
Romsterhmm so far so good git tree gzip for windows, rusty bash scripting with google and now to find a wget for windows.07:29
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teKI got one07:36
Romsterwhatcpu are you on?'07:37
Romsterand error.07:37
Romsteri'm trying to treck it down... we are all on i386 i mean cpu07:37
Romsterand cat /proc/cpuinfo | egrep '^flags.*' | cut -d ' ' -f 2-07:38
Romsterjanobono, ya found tools now i need to work on my rusty batch coding and parse the Pkgfiles for the source=() string07:39
teKI thought you need a wget.exe ..07:39
Romsteryes ya do teK07:40
janobonoi have it07:40
janobonoafter wget -V version is
Romsterthat's one part of the equation need to be able to extract got gzip and looking for tar or some command line utility that i can use in a batch script07:41
RyoSwhich pci/ethernetcard is worth its money?07:42
janobonopeaZip is usefull to extract gzip07:43
janobonothank`s for help bye07:52
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cruxbot[contrib] zabbix_{server,agentd,utils}: fixed permissions for log rotation issue07:53
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RyoSsparta? uh - oh08:47
RyoSi'd better leave, dont wanna get hurt08:47
RomsterRyoS, are you losing it..08:53
RyoSnah, just kidding08:54
RyoSsorry ;)08:54
cruxbot[opt] minicom: updated to 2.308:59
ToshiRomster: just woke up09:13
Romsteri sware this is a stack alignment issue09:14
ToshiDo I run that command cat /proc/cpuinfo.. to get the flags?09:14
Romsterbut why does liboil use -msse when i don't have sse in my cpu flags.09:14
Toshifpu vme de pse tsc msr mce cx8 sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 tm pbe bts est tm209:14
Romsterk so seems to be for systems that lack sse, like mine.09:15
Romsterand i tryed -mno-sse in my CFLAGS09:16
Romsterand mmx died at compile with yet another error.09:16
Romsteri find bug reports for liboil but no fix.09:16
predatorfreakRomster: Just force disable sse until they fix it.09:18
predatorfreakor scout out Gentoo.09:18
predatorfreakTried that yet?09:19
Romsterpredatorfreak, i tryed i get mroe other errors.09:21
Romsterhmm no i haven't tryed that patch..09:21
Romsterand i was poking aorund the M4 macros too.09:22
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RomsterOIL: ERROR liboiltest.c 361: oil_test_check_impl(): illegal instruction in mmxCombineAddU]09:32
Romsterfscking crap...09:32
Romstersame shit :/09:34
Romsteri even tryed tood -mno-asm09:37
Romsterand reading and
Romsterbut i'm so out of my expeareance level here.09:39
* Romster gets coffee09:39
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Romsterwhat i don't get is the compiler will compile sse* stuff but my cpu does not support sse...09:55
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predatorfreakRomster: Hey, GCC isn't smart!09:55
predatorfreakIn fact, GCC is horribly stupid! :D09:55
Romstercan't it look up cpu flags...09:56
predatorfreakRomster: You're asking for the GCC developers to not-be-lazy.09:57
Romsteri'm seriously feel like nuking them header files for the cpu flags i don't have..09:59
Romsterbut will that break shit.09:59
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predatorfreak"Wikipedia is not a crystal ball" <-- Aww, wikipedia can't predict the future :(10:19
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, I wanted Wikipedia to tell me when I'd rule Australia and be crowned King Of The Kangaroos.10:21
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Romsterhmm i hope i nailed this...10:49
Romsterwating pacently for compile to finish10:50
Romsterbugger again...10:53
thrice`tilman: gcc 4.2.3 runs well here (and builds fine)11:01
RyoShere too11:03
tilmanah, thanks11:03
* predatorfreak just got around to building it and is giving it a workout by building xulrunner11:04
predatorfreakLet's see if I can kill it.11:04
RyoSpredatorfreak: tried that :P works fine11:04
* tilman just bottet a kernel that was built with 4.2.311:04
predatorfreakAww, ruin my fun.11:05
thrice`tilman: can I ask how much power you have running to your AM2 + 4 gigs memory?11:05
tilmanthrice`: you mean what kind of power supply i use, or how much watts my system is actually sucking?11:06
thrice`watts :)11:06
tilmani don't know11:07
predatorfreakthrice`: Not many folks monitor that on desktops :P11:07
thrice`well, I'm looking to build a new desktop, and struggle with selecting PSU's11:07
thrice`my athlon 2600 is not getting any faster :)11:08
tilmani'm running with a 400W psu fwiw11:08
predatorfreakGo by how much power your system draws and get one with Active whatchamacallit.11:08
predatorfreakI always forget what it is.11:09
predatorfreakBut my box runs off (basically) a 380 watt PSU11:09
tilmanRyoS: why did you reply to my mail in english?11:09
tilmanRyoS: please tell me you do remember that i'm german ._.11:09
thrice`predatorfreak: which cpu?11:09
predatorfreakthrice`: Athlon64 X2 4400.11:09
predatorfreakIf you're building new though.11:09
predatorfreakGet an Core 2 Duo.11:09
thrice`that's the chip I was looking at, actually :)11:09
RyoStilman: i didnt ment to reply you personally but to the ml :s11:09
tilmanRyoS: okay then :)11:10
RyoSi know you are german ;D11:10
tilmanno, get an AMD11:10
predatorfreakthrice`: Get a cheap Core 2 Duo and overclock it.11:10
thrice`too much work11:10
predatorfreakMore bang for your buck.11:10
predatorfreakNot really.11:10
thrice`um...AMD 4400 is $6911:10
predatorfreakMost decent motherboards have basic overclocking in them.11:10
predatorfreakthrice`: You can get an Allendale for 75-90 bucks, depending on where you buy it.11:11
predatorfreakand it outperforms an Athlon 64.11:11
thrice`hm...perhaps I have some more looking around to do11:11
thrice`that's not 64-bit, is it?11:11
predatorfreakAll C2D's are.11:12
thrice`oh, I thought allendale was Pentium11:12
predatorfreakNot that x86_64 has seen decent uptake.11:12
predatorfreakAllendale is a scaled back Conroe.11:12
predatorfreakThe chopped a bit of L2 cache off and underclocked them.11:12
predatorfreakWith just about any P35 board that's not meant for OEM's you can overclock those things easily.11:13
predatorfreakand get a lot of power out of them11:13
predatorfreakBy comparison, overclocking a 4400 for more power is hard, they're pretty highly clocked already.11:13
Romstermost new cpus are either 90-120watt, no idea what 4gigs of ram at say 800MHz would draw11:13
tilmanthe 4400 is definitely below 90 watt11:14
predatorfreakRomster: 64W on Intel's next batch.11:14
tilmanand it will be idle most of the time anyway, so -> less11:14
predatorfreakActual draw is generally a lot better.11:14
predatorfreakand I use a tweaked setup with cpufreq :311:15
predatorfreakWhen my CPU isn't needed for demanding stuff, it runs at 1GHz.11:15
tilmantweaked what?11:15
predatorfreaktilman: powernowd.11:15
tilmanuse the ondemand scheduler, and be done with it11:16
Romsteronly 64watt...11:16
predatorfreaktilman: Not as tweakable.11:16
Romsteryeah at full load, new cpus shutdown parts and can underclock when not needed.11:16
tilmanyes, it just works11:16
predatorfreakand is sluggish to notice when I need power.11:16
predatorfreaktilman: My tweaked powernowd setup is indistinguishable from running at 2.2GHz constantly.11:17
predatorfreakComparatively, I could notice the difference between starting an intensive job and it actually ramping up the CPU.11:17
predatorfreakUsing ondemand.11:18
predatorfreakPlus I don't really loose anything besides the need to build a userspace daemon.11:18
predatorfreak(RAM usage, given the size of powernowd, is probably comparable)11:18
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turnschuhi am new to crux, so i have installed crux on my hard disk and all works great, my compiled kernel is in /boot and all fine, but when i am trying to boot crux i get the following error: “VFS: Unable to mount root fs” kernel panic and restart .| . maybe sth. is missing in my kernel, but it looks good mhhh but i wanna try crux ;)11:34
jaegerpredatorfreak: mind updating dbus-glib to 0.74? :)11:35
predatorfreakjaeger: Sure.11:35
jaegerpredatorfreak: thanks11:35
predatorfreakBut first, let me help turnschuh :D11:35
jaegerno hurry at all11:35
thrice`new ff needs dbus?11:35
turnschuh:D thx11:35
predatorfreakturnschuh: What drivers are you using for your HD?11:35
jaegerturnschuh: did you make sure to build your HD controller and filesytem support in instead of modules?11:35
predatorfreakturnschuh: Damn it! My job :P11:36
predatorfreakNow I'm confused :(11:36
predatorfreakturnschuh: Besides what jaeger said.11:36
jaegerI'll pipe down and let you help, working on gnome anyway11:36
thrice`hm, wonder if I can get away with not using dbus if I try FF3.0 binary11:36
predatorfreakMake sure you have SCSI support built in.11:36
turnschuhokay i will look thx11:36
predatorfreakand basic generic disc support built in.11:36
predatorfreakAs the new SATA/IDE drivers require that.11:37
turnschuhah okay thats maybe11:37
predatorfreak(They should really note that somewhere or force-enable it...)11:37
jaegerwell, not required if you don't use the new libata drivers11:37
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predatorfreakjaeger: I mean, if you enable the libata drivers.11:37
predatorfreakSince pretty much everyone does.11:38
predatorfreakThey should force-enable it.11:38
jaegeryeah, that would save a lot of headaches11:38
* predatorfreak should make such a force-enable thingie and put it in his patchset.11:39
predatorfreakThen once LKML stops being scary submit it for inclusion.11:39
predatorfreakBut first, dbus-glib.11:39
thrice`lkml; Mar, 2008: 7646 messages11:43
thrice`yikes, scary is right11:43
predatorfreaksip somehow changed the origin/master bit of opt to be the 2.2 branch!11:45
turnschuhthere is 'Include IDE/ATA-2 DISK support' but i can't find 'Genereic disk support'11:45
predatorfreakor someone...11:45
predatorfreakturnschuh: Enable SCSI, go into SCSI.11:46
predatorfreakIt's SCSI target support + SCSI disk support11:46
predatorfreakand SCSI generic support/SCSI CDRom support11:46
turnschuhyeah its a module ._.11:46
turnschuhthanks dudes11:46
predatorfreakNo problem11:47
turnschuhthe whole afternoon i am sitting in front of “VFS: Unable to mount root fs” D:11:47
predatorfreakwhat the hell.11:47
turnschuhokay cya11:48
predatorfreakI can't push to opt anymore.11:48
*** turnschuh has left #crux11:48
predatorfreakSomeone hit opt hard!11:48
cruxbot[opt] dbus-glib: Update to 0.74.11:48
predatorfreakI had to do git push --force to get it to accept a perfectly valid commit...11:48
tilmanugh, don't do that11:50
tilmando NOT use --force11:50
predatorfreaktilman: I didn't fuck up opt.11:50
tilmanwhatever, do NOT use --force11:51
tilman--force is for admin types11:51
predatorfreak... great now I did fuck up opt...11:52
Romster--force could break something even more IMO. but who broke it and the fix..11:52
predatorfreakWell there's some magical something going fucking wrong on opt..11:53
tilmanfucking hell11:54
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* predatorfreak hits self11:55
tilmanblindly using --force in any program is dumb11:55
predatorfreakRandomly having opt go fuckball isn't quite right either.11:55
predatorfreakBut yes, I fucked up.11:56
Romsterit refused for a reason..11:56
Romsterbut who messed up before was it sip?11:56
predatorfreakIt also can't do git rebase origin/master anymore because it thinks HEAD is the 2.2 branch11:56
predatorfreak(That happened before I did --force <_<)11:57
Romstergitweb says 2.411:57
predatorfreakMy tree said 2.211:57
Romsterwell it was only you and sip that's touched it recently.11:57
thrice`wish I could help; git gives me headaches11:58
Romsterit's a huge beast to tame.11:58
tilmanjust restored jue and sip's commit11:59
Romsterfrm a backup or a git revert?12:00
tilmanecho 81d87fb7c06175a4dde3d7efca3e360d7b397117 > refs/heads/2.412:00
*** treach has joined #crux12:00
tilmanthat was the old tip of 2.412:00
tilmanbefore predatorfreak overwrote it12:01
predatorfreaktilman: Sorry.12:01
Romsterthen why did predatorfreak have 2.212:01
predatorfreakI'll be less dumb in the future.12:01
tilmanpredatorfreak: rebasing worked fine here12:01
tilmandid you 'git checkout 2.4'?12:01
tilmandid you 'git rebase origin/2.4'?12:01
predatorfreaktilman: I did git commit -a -m "dbus-glib: Update to 0.74."; git fetch; git rebase origin/master12:02
predatorfreakI have a local 2.4 branch.12:02
predatorfreakand rebase that against master, but master changed somehow..12:02
tilmangit rebase origin/2.412:02
predatorfreakWell master worked fine for I dunno how long.12:02
tilmanrebasing onto master is always wrong with crux' repositories12:02
predatorfreakSince I started using opt..12:02
tilmanwith the usual ports repositories anyway12:03
predatorfreakMagical git magic.12:03
treachthrice`_: btw, (reading in the log) my system idles at < 70, never seen it draw more than 145 W or so. :)12:05
thrice`treach: which cpu and video card?12:06
treachbut then, I'm not a gamer, so I don't have 10 nvida cards in sli. :P12:06
tilmanpredatorfreak: not really. we just use one branch for each crux version12:06
tilmanthat's how it's done for core/opt/xorg/contrib at least, not sure about xfce12:06
predatorfreaktilman: Uhh now locally 2.4 doesn't show my commit...12:07
* predatorfreak or remotely.12:07
predatorfreakerr or remotely*12:07
* predatorfreak redoes update.12:07
treachthrice`: athlon x2 5600 and a nvidia 5700 (?, don't remember the model!), and 3 hardrives.12:08
tilmanpredatorfreak: i have a copy of your diff, if you need it12:08
predatorfreakNah, I have it locally.12:09
predatorfreaktilman: Sorry about that XD12:09
predatorfreakI feel bad for fucking up opt now..12:09
treachthrice`: err, make that 850012:09
tilmanpredatorfreak: yes, you should12:09
tilmanluckily cruxbot logs the commit ids ...12:10
cruxbot[opt] dbus-glib: Update to 0.74.12:10
cruxbot[opt] minicom: updated to 2.312:10
cruxbot[opt] samhain: udapte to 2.4.3a12:10
cruxbot[opt] scite: udapte to 1.7612:10
cruxbot[opt] squid: udapte to 2.6.STABLE1912:10
* treach hands tilman his whip12:10
predatorfreak..... uhh okay.12:10
thrice`treach: ah, I was looking at athlon 4400, nvidia 8600, and a single 500gig HDD12:10
predatorfreakcruxbot: Don't tell me I raped opt by doing a push :(12:10
Romstertilman, see not only i mess git up <<12:10
tilmanlooks good12:11
treachthrice`: well. you should't draw much more than those numbers then. :)12:11
Romstergit is like a woman.12:11
predatorfreakRomster: Explains my problems with her..12:11
predatorfreakI guess CVS and SVN are like men, then?12:11
Romsteroh screw you liboil... math_sse.c: In function 'add_f64_sse2':12:11
Romstermmx needs sse sse needs sse2 just what logic is this.12:12
predatorfreakHEHEHE Liboil hates you.12:12
treachRomster: reversed? :D12:12
predatorfreakRomster: Before long it'll say an 64-bit requires an 8-bit CPU :D12:13
Romsterif it was reversed it would make more sense kinda but sse predates mmx, why would mmx want sse.12:13
predatorfreakRomster: Technically MMX comes first.12:13
predatorfreakThen MMX extended.12:13
predatorfreakThen SSE.12:13
predatorfreakThen 3DNow!12:13
treachsse predates mmx?12:13
treachwhat are you smoking?12:14
tilmanonly in australia12:14
tilmanbut everything's upside down there12:14
predatorfreakRomster: I think you misinterpreted what I said in #ranting :D12:14
treachI guess the dropbears got him one time too many. :S12:14
Romstererr other way around12:14
Romsterbah i'm confusing myself.12:14
predatorfreakRomster: In reality, you're on the moon.12:15
Romsterpredatorfreak, i think too.12:15
predatorfreakand we're all on earth.12:15
predatorfreakonly I'm on Nuptune or someshit.12:15
predatorfreakHoly shit Firefox 3 finally fixed that annoying iana "reload the page because you referenced a reference tag in the page" bit :D12:17
predatorfreaktilman: oh and gcc 4.2.3 works here :P12:20
treachhere too12:21
thrice`thinking back, I do remember an older released updating gcc.  I think it was 3.4.4 -> 3.4.6 or something12:29
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xf86-video-voodoo: updated to 1.2.012:29
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xf86-video-vmware: updated to 10.16.012:29
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xf86-video-v4l: updated to 0.2.012:29
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xf86-video-tseng: updated to 1.2.012:29
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-xf86-video-trident: updated to 1.3.012:29
treach....and then everyone asphyxiated. :>12:45
predatorfreaktreach: Too busy enjoying music.12:45
thrice`only a couple more hours until the weekend :)12:47
cruxbot[core] gcc: updated to
tilmanthrice`: as usual, i'm way ahead of you in that regard ;))12:48
treachthrice`: btw, wrt your psu, I'd say 350 W is probably more than enough. But otoh, better safe than sorry I guess. ;)12:48
treachhaving a too small psu isn't something you want, after all. :(12:49
* treach looks for some good cpu cooler to replace the stock fan/coolingblock12:50
Romsteri had a low +5volt line to one of my hdd's and it keept randomely spin down. too many items on the one line.12:50
tilmantreach: i'm very happy with my noctua. a bit expensive, but i think it's worth it (si teh silent)12:51
treachactually you can damage components if you feed them too little current / undervolt them too much.12:51
treachtilman: I'm considering the NH-U12P. BUut it's expensive, as you say. :/12:52
Romstercan burn out motors but i can't see it damaging logic.12:53
Romsteranyways i've fixed my issue.12:54
treachheh, well.. where do you find motors in a computer..? :p12:54
treach...harddrives, cdromdrives, fans, etc. Not a good idea to break them. :>12:54
thrice`or overheat them12:55
treachwell, that tends to happen if you kill the fans. ;>12:55
thrice`treach: appreciate the input12:55
treachthrice`: ok. good luck then.12:55
treachdang 69 E for a cpucooler is pretty much. :/12:56
tilmantreach: oy, i paid 50 for mine. NH-9F or so.12:56
treachseems to be off the market currently.12:57
treachor at least not in stock where I've looked.12:57
treachalso, I worry abit about whether I can make those coolers fit in the case, whithout resorting to shoehorn and anglegrinder. :>13:02
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tilmancool, mutt decided to erase its heaer cache13:10
predatorfreakYay mutt!13:10
tilmanwhat's with the tiny edit area in current pidgin?13:29
tilmanam i too retarded to find the movable splitter control?13:29
Rotwangtilman: same problem here ;]13:30
treachseems like they removed it, in order to stop confusing it's users. :>13:30
tilmanwtf, it's way too tiny13:30
treachbitlbee to the rescue. :p13:31
predatorfreaktilman: Welcome to Pidgin UI design!13:31
treachmore like "the gnome Human Interface Guidelines." :D13:31
predatorfreakThey should stop fucking with that.13:31
predatorfreakGaim 1.5 -> Gaim 2 was enough of a change, they've just kept fucking it up since then.13:32
tilmani liked 2.013:32
tilmanerr, 2.2 maybe?13:32
predatorfreakI liked 1.5.13:32
predatorfreakWay back before they changed shit in the interface <_<13:33
treachmmh. dang.13:38
treachnew bitlbee. But it's apparently a bit odd about ssl libraries. :/13:39
treachpredatorfreak: It doesn't find nss! :p13:42
predatorfreaktreach: Rule out fucked up configure scripts.13:42
*** drijen has joined #crux13:42
treachhaha, well it works with openssl, so I don't care *that* much.13:42
*** treach has quit IRC13:54
*** treach has joined #crux13:55
cruxbot[xorg] xorg-libpciaccess: initial release.14:07
treachtilman: feel free to try out the new bitlbee port. :P14:10
thrice`is there a port for rakt, by chance?  I wanted to try it yesterday after going home14:10
tilmanrehabdoll ported it14:10
*** pacman has joined #crux14:13
thrice`ah, ok; thanks :)14:14
*** pacman is now known as yaourt14:16
*** yaourt is now known as pacman14:17
Rotwangyaourt: why arch linux packet managers?14:17
predatorfreakpacman: Go back to #archlinux14:17
predatorfreakThis is #crux, be pkgmk or prt-get.14:18
*** pacman is now known as prt-get14:19
predatorfreakGood boy.14:19
treachthat should our bot. :>14:19
prt-getthat makes 3 nicknames i've linked ;)]14:20
tilmani pondered it14:20
tilmanseemed like a too obvious dpkg rip-off14:20
predatorfreakYeah, then we can do !prt-get search tilman14:20
tilmancruxbot: i love you, you're so reliable14:20
predatorfreakEkk, keep it PG-13!14:20
treach!prt-get fsearch predatorfreak14:21
predatorfreakI'm not a file you insensitive clod! I'm a package.14:21
prt-getanyone here tried windowlab?14:21
prt-getits a window manager14:22
treachyes, a long time ago14:22
prt-getvery lightweight...14:22
predatorfreakYou humans and your non-openbox window managers.14:22
treachI think jaeger still have a port for it14:22
prt-geti'm using it now14:22
treachdo I qualify as human, since I'm using fvwm right now? :>14:22
predatorfreaktreach: Barely.14:23
predatorfreakYou're better than most :P14:23
prt-getif only we could pull off the background image framebuffer console in crux...14:24
prt-geta very neat feature if you ask me14:24
prt-getits setup on my arch machine14:24
prt-getyes, fbcondecor14:24
treachstart X, use mrxvt, fullscreen with some bg image. Bingo. :P14:25
prt-getf that :p14:25
treachyou can even still use a decent browser that way :>14:25
tilmanrehabdoll: -- i dislike git ports ;)14:25
prt-getmakes my virtual consoles much more pleasent to use ;014:25
predatorfreakBackgrounds on framebuffers! I never thought I'd live to see the day.14:26
prt-getplus i usually run my cmos from a virtual console14:26
teKdunno but fbcondecor (ohn SLES 10) makes output of e.g. dmesg(1) *really* slow14:27
predatorfreakteK: Because of rendering the text in software + the image + scrolling.14:27
prt-getwell, what else would you use a framebuffer for?14:27
predatorfreakNo hardware accel = shit for that kind of stuff.14:27
predatorfreakprt-get: Boot.14:28
teKbtw do you know which framebuffer device to chose for a ati radeon? vga=foo really does not work that great at all14:28
predatorfreakThen I login and do startx.14:28
teKradeonfb does not seem to exist.14:28
prt-getwell i'm using regular vesa14:28
treachteK: using the appropriate fbdriver doesn't help?14:28
prt-geti would use nvidia fb but14:28
prt-getthat conflicts with my nvidia driver14:28
predatorfreakteK: There's really no decent fb driver for Radeon's that doesn't conflict with their binary drivers.14:28
predatorfreak(Unless you were going to swear off X entirely, kind-of pointless)14:29
teKI don't want 3D acceleraton (for now)14:29
teKpredatorfreak: I mostly work without X (except for firefox)14:29
predatorfreakI need basic xv support on my boxes :P14:29
teKsee my fim port in contrib :>14:29
treachopen radeon drivers work more than well enough.14:29
teKtreach: speaking of X, right?14:29
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, 'cept xv on some cards.14:29
teKI'm 80-90% without X14:30
predatorfreakWhich, admittedly, they're working on.14:30
prt-getif i could run all my programs in the framebuffer14:30
treachbut the fb driver works well enough for me as well.14:30
prt-geti would14:30
prt-getand ditch X14:30
prt-getthe only 2 i can't really ar14:30
prt-getfirefox and pidgin14:30
teKtreach: which one?14:30
treachteK: I'm using the radeonfb driver on my laptop.14:30
thrice`tilman: ah, gotta call it version 0.10 or something more official14:30
predatorfreakFind me a fast and not-fuckity equivalent to mplayer that has hardware-accelerated video playback in an FB.14:30
treachteK: it's a radeon 750014:30
predatorfreakThen call me.14:30
teKtreach: could you hand over your /proc/cmdline to me, please?14:31
tilmanthrice`: that would mean i'd have to tag the git repo, write a readme, write a web page etc14:31
tilmanthrice`: ziomg, work ;D14:31
thrice`changelogs, etc14:31
treachteK: gimme a few minutes14:31
teKthx a lot14:31
predatorfreaktilman: I could always tag your git repo for you :P14:31
tilmanthrice`: ChangeLog is easy. "git log > ChangeLog"14:31
predatorfreakWatch it explode :D14:31
tilmanpredatorfreak: you don't have +w on my box ;)14:31
predatorfreakteK: Nah, break is too nice.14:32
predatorfreaktilman: I don't even have +r on your box.14:32
predatorfreakteK: More like "nuclear death"14:32
tilmanpredatorfreak: there's for anonymous suckers though ;)14:32
teKlol predatorfreak14:32
predatorfreaktilman: Bah! But then I only fuck up a checkout :(14:33
teKgit blast host:/14:33
predatorfreakgit commit -a -m "nuclear bomb"14:34
predatorfreakgit push14:34
teKgit drop *g*14:34
predatorfreakNah, push it out of the plane like a REAL man.14:34
teKwith ONE hand only!14:34
predatorfreakNo, one pinky!14:34
prt-getbrb reboot14:35
*** prt-get has quit IRC14:35
* Romster kicks ryuo as far as i can for changing nicks so damn oftern.14:36
teKhey Romster14:36
teKhow are you today14:36
Romsterok still chasing a mmx bug.14:37
rehabdolltilman: updated :)14:37
predatorfreakRomster: Stop being so mean :P14:38
treachteK: BOOT_IMAGE=CRUX ro root=301 quiet usbcore.autosuspend=1 video=radeonfb:ywrap,mtrr:3,1024x768-1614:38
treachyeah. stop being so mean Romster14:38
teKtreach: thank you I'll have a try14:38
treachgood luck14:38
tilmanRomster: checked the punpckldq?14:41
Romsterand i find this liboil/fb/fbpict.h typedef uint32_t CARD32;14:46
Romsterwhy isn't it using stdint.h14:46
tilmanunpack dword (4 byte) to quadword (8 byte)14:47
tilmanjust another mmx instruction ;)14:47
Romsterhasn't got anything to say it's a typedef unsigned   uint32_t;14:48
tilmani was referring to punpckldq ...14:49
teKhum. Doesn't work.14:51
teK[tek@basra][~]% zgrep FB_RADEON /proc/config.gz14:51
tilmanradeonfb doesn't work on non-ancient chips14:51
tilmani think it works with < r3xx chips14:51
*** maxus has quit IRC14:52
*** maxus has joined #crux14:52
teKso in fact my vodoo I with tdfxfb is faster + doesn't bork with mplayer -vo fbdev compared to my Radeon x800. thx a lot15:01
treachhaha, the wonders of progress. :P15:02
teKso i will plug this PCI card into my dual core AMD system *roll*15:02
tilmanhow about you run x o_O15:02
teKjust for FireFox15:03
treachX kills battery time, if it's a laptop. :/15:05
teK+ just about everything sucks on this "new" installation. fluxbox looks simply crappy (>0.9.x), fb does not work. make oldconfig for kernels >2.6.23 does produce an _unusable_ kernel image15:05
teKI'm really pissed right now15:05
RomsterOIL: ERROR liboiltest.c 361: oil_test_check_impl(): illegal instruction in mmxCombineAddU15:08
Romstergrr screw you i gve up15:08
Romsterspent hours and get no where.15:08
treach"oil_test_chech_impl(); Engine Overheat" :>15:09
*** pacman has joined #crux15:09
* pacman pets Romster.15:09
teKsomeone pitty me!15:11
treachRomster: I thought you were using crux, not hurd. :D15:11
pacmanyou hurd me right!15:11
*** pacman is now known as yaourt15:12
treachYoghurt, you're getting annoying15:14
*** yaourt is now known as pacman15:15
pacmanfine me revert15:15
RyoScouldnt you at least try to speak a proper english? this is not *chan.org15:15
Romstertreach, i'm on crux but that describes the problem.. seems to happen on systems that don't have sse15:16
RyoSbtw, let me ask my question again: which pci ethernetcard is worth its money?15:16
treachopenended question15:16
teKe1000 and 3coms imho15:16
pacmanwell i have this old $15 ethernet 10/100 mbps pci card15:16
pacmanuses rhine15:16
pacmanthats what i paid for it15:17
teKolder but partially still valid:
treachRyoS: it all depends on what you're using it for, and what you're expecting from it.15:17
RomsterEthernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)15:17
treach"crap" :)15:17
RyoStreach: just a stable connection, lan and dsl15:17
pacmanthis machine uses forcedeth15:17
Romsterrealtek's work fine15:17
teKtoday I discovered that even RTL has a TCP Offload Engine :>15:18
treachRomster: on a desktop :P15:18
RyoSRomster: i checked netgears "fa 311" (i think) and they have realtek chips :P15:18
Romsteryeah on a desktop...15:18
RyoSthats why i ask which is worth the money ;)15:18
RyoSrealteks dont cost that much usually15:18
Romsterwell suported by the kernel15:18
treachand that's why we ask what you're going to use it for..15:18
Romsteri have 2 in my gateway/firewall pc aswell15:19
treachbecause if it's just your desktop, any crap $5 adapter will probably be good enough TM15:19
RyoSalright then ;)15:19
Romsteri should upgrade to gigabit.15:19
Romstersince i do transfers to other pc's here.15:20
*** ahyuwhiye has joined #crux15:27
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:30
*** ahyuwhiye has left #crux15:32
*** thallium has joined #crux15:37
rehabdollgigabit is sweet and not much more expensive than 100mbit stuff these days15:37
tilmanblast from the past. fefe's linuxeth page15:38
tilman"unless you have a 400mhz P2 or an equally overmuscled cpu"15:38
Romsterrehabdoll, yeah it was expensive when i got my 100mbit though15:39
treachhe obviously never tried to build firefox. :D15:39
tilmani wonder how retarded my sky2 chip is15:40
treach"the sky is the limit" :>15:40
tilmannow that you mention it, maybe i should watch some firefly15:40
*** jue has quit IRC15:48
teK< 400MHz AMD K6 + Vodoo Banshee - X15:50
rehabdollahahah k615:50
rehabdolli used to run voodoo 2 in sli!15:51
teK"sli" :D15:51
rehabdolllots o' fps in quake2!15:51
rehabdollyeah, it was the only way to run in 1024*768 :)15:51
teKjeez ;)15:51
rehabdolland of course a celereon 300a overclocked to 450mhz :)15:52
teKI remember trying to install RedHat on a TB 800 @ 880MHz which did not work :>15:52
Romsterlol i jsut got element properitys on right click link 3 times in a row i right click on another link then back to the one i was on then i get the right click menu in firefox 315:57
rehabdollfirefox3 felt surprisingly quick.. perhaps cause 90% of all extensions are incompatible :)15:59
treachdisable the check and you'll have to revise that 90% figure15:59
Romsterrehabdoll, maybe i only got 4 extensions that work so far16:00
tilmanare they getting close to a release?16:00
treachbeta 4. so, reasonably, yeah16:00
rehabdollnah, still got alpha and rc's to go16:00
Romsterdunno seems stable other than that right click menu issue.16:00
treachsince it's at beta4, I doubt there will be more alphas.. :>16:01
Romsterunless it's a cairo thing.16:01
rehabdolli bet theres a roadmap somewhere..16:01
Romstermaybe a beta5 or 6 before a rc16:01
predatorfreakLast I knew they were targetting for Q3 of this year.16:03
jesse_They still need to add the slowness and bloat!16:03
*** mrks_ has joined #crux16:04
predatorfreakThey test everything like fuck.16:04
predatorfreakand run a perfectly-working browser through a shitton of betas and a couple rc's.16:04
predatorfreakThen finally say "Okay it works" and do a final.16:04
rehabdollseems b5 will be the final beta before the rc's16:05
predatorfreakAccording to what?16:05
rehabdollme :). no but only b4 seems to have been planned in the roadmap16:07
predatorfreakIt's PAL, but it's made to NTSC specs... except interlaced...16:11
predatorfreakYet it's SUPPOSED to be a proper PAL DVD... I doubt it would even play on a PAL DVD player <_<16:12
jesse_A decent dvd player is ntsc/pal agnostic as long as the dvd is not region locked.16:14
predatorfreakWell, yes, but still...16:14
jesse_Although that does raise questions since a dvd marketed as pal but is ntsc practice. hmm16:15
predatorfreakWhy the fuck would you press a supposedly PAL disc to NTSC specs? <_<16:15
jesse_The dvd cover claims pal while it is ntsc with 29.97fps + 720x480 resolution? o_o16:16
predatorfreakHard interlaced, but still...16:16
jesse_Well, the interlace is hardly anything to be surprised over.16:17
*** thallium has quit IRC16:18
predatorfreakYeah, that I'm getting used too.16:18
predatorfreakStill though, who the fuck prints a DVD as being "PAL" but makes it to NTSC specs? <_<16:19
jesse_Someone somewhere during the production process blew it.16:19
jesse_or they simply assume that it will play as many if not most new tvs and dvd players have no trouble with either format.16:20
*** mrks has quit IRC16:20
predatorfreakjesse_: Dumbass move either way you look at it.16:21
jesse_Very unusual to say the very least.16:22
jesse_While the format differences are not severe, they still are differences...16:24
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux16:37
*** bjohan_ has joined #crux16:42
*** andarius has joined #crux16:42
andariusgreetings and salutations16:43
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:45
predatorfreakChrist I'm getting tired... I read "greetings" as "greatings"16:48
* predatorfreak should really sleep.16:48
cruxbot[contrib] libcap: disable gperf in build16:48
predatorfreakaon_: \o/16:48
predatorfreakI was helpful for once!16:48
*** bjohan__ has quit IRC16:49
*** aon_ is now known as aon16:50
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon16:50
cruxbot[contrib] cdrkit: updated to
predatorfreakThere, with my last obsessive-compulsive-finish-this-before-sleeping task complete, I'm sleeping before I get another task which I'll have to finish.16:54
aonis it really that late in your tz?16:54
predatorfreakNo, it's 6PM here.16:55
predatorfreak(5:55PM, technically)16:55
aonah, seems so, yes16:55
predatorfreakBut I got up at 12AM yes.16:55
aon12 am is 0000, right?16:55
predatorfreakSo, I'm awhile over 12 hours of being awake now :P16:55
aoni got up at 06:26 or so16:56
predatorfreakGone from 00:00 to 18:00 :P16:56
predatorfreakand I ain't going any longer :D16:56
aonthe wake-up is at 6:30 but the damn guerillas came in and started making noise16:56
treach../../gcc/predict.c: In function 'estimate_bb_frequencies':16:56
treach../../gcc/predict.c: 1786: Internal compiler error: Segmentation fault16:57
predatorfreakAnywhos, dreamland and treach.16:57
predatorfreakStop breaking gcc.16:57
aonestimate_bb_frequencies probably estimates the intervals between Big Brother seasons on tv16:57
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC16:57
treachgcc is getting bloated it seems. :D16:58
jesse_death to big brother.16:59
treachDeath to TV16:59
treachfscking fsckers.17:00
jesse_Death to ignorant entertainment.17:00
jesse_That should wipe out most media alltogether hah.17:00
jesse_Not much else is shown.17:01
treachfscking money grabbers.17:01
treachI say close down the shit, and fire the incompetents inside it17:02
treach(which would be everyone.)17:02
treachlet 'em live like beggars or something. maybe there's some monastary willing to accept them for tending lepra patients in some distant country? :>17:03
* jesse_ waits for the meanie name calling17:09
jesse_Guess it's not happening. :D17:09
treachnah, Romster is the meanie. ;)17:09
treachthat's already decided.;D17:09
jesse_fine. :D17:11
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang17:43
cruxbot[contrib] tig: 0.10 -> 0.10.118:17
thrice`jaeger: any chance gnome will be pushed in teh near future?18:18
Rotwangjaeger: grub readme is outdated ;]18:24
Rotwangand port contains empty directoryusr/share/18:25
thrice`Rotwang: grep maintainer on that one18:25
Rotwangpredatorfreak ;] readme is jaegers so i thought he is maintainer18:30
Rotwangbut hes no longer in dev team, i've forgotten that18:31
*** mike_k has joined #crux18:31
treachfuck sourceforge. :/18:35
*** maxus has quit IRC18:41
thrice`bah, I can't build dbus-glib now18:45
thrice`anyone else get an error?18:45
treachno, we're smart enough to avoid stuff like that. ;)18:47
*** andarius has left #crux18:47
thrice`i thought you needed it for ff3?18:48
thrice`ah, it only builds if you build from root...hrm18:48
treachyes it's needed for ff3, I was momentarily confused because sourceforge ¡?#!¤@! around with my laptop update.18:51
*** tri has quit IRC18:58
*** bjohan_ has quit IRC19:04
*** mike_k has quit IRC19:27
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC20:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC20:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux20:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux20:06
cruxbot[opt] polymer: fixed typo in dependencies20:09
cruxbot[opt] wmclock: added missing deps20:10
*** Rotwang has quit IRC20:12
cruxbot[opt] pidgin: added missing deps20:14
*** treach has quit IRC20:17
cruxbot[opt] startup-notification: added missing deps20:17
*** joacim has quit IRC20:25
*** joacim has joined #crux20:28
*** RedShift has quit IRC20:35
*** andarius has joined #crux20:47
*** jdolan has joined #crux20:49
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan20:49
*** william_ has joined #crux20:55
william_hi, i'm trying to install crux on an external usb hd and i'm running into an error upon boot up. in fstab i am specifying everything using UUID instead of /dev/sdb*. Here is the error i'm getting: Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)20:58
william_any pointers would be greatly appreciated20:58
*** william_ has quit IRC21:49
*** william_ has joined #crux21:49
william_anyone around?21:50
Romsterwould be that you don't have the right driver compiled in.21:50
Romsterand that's a general linux/kernel not distro spefic thing.21:51
Romsteri haven't used usb hdd but i'd suspect you need libata scsi subsystem usb support built in21:58
william_i made sure usb support and a bunch of other things were built in... i'll  go through again21:59
Romsteryou can start off with the kernel config off the cd if you prefer doing that.21:59
Romsterlsusb may of of some help too.21:59
Romsterof be*22:00
Romsterkernels are always fun to mess with.22:00
william_usually i don't have this much trouble22:00
Romsterbecause there all done for you..22:02
william_well, i've used crux before :P22:02
Romsterhow long ago is before.22:02
Romsteri've ben on crux since 2.122:03
william_i think i've been on crux atleast since 2.122:03
Romsterthen you shouldn't have kernel issues22:04
Romsterunless you forgot how to configure them.22:04
william_just because i've been using crux for a long while doesn't mean i know everything about kernel configuration :P22:04
Romsterand why a usb hdd unit? dual booting where ever you move it too?22:05
william_actually this is for a company machine and we aren't supposed to wipe the hd :)22:05
william_use crux at work :)22:06
Romstergood move22:06
william_we got bought by a bigger company with tons of regulations :/22:06
Romsterbet they have vista or xp thee22:06
william_used to be able to install whatever we want22:06
william_yup, xp22:06
Romsterthats a pain22:06
william_yea, and we don't need windows for development so i like using linux there22:09
Romsterlikewise i gave up winxp for my desktop ages ago, but i was messing with linux servers longer before that22:10
Romsterxp wasn't too bad but vista scared me being so slow and crappy that i decided to make the move.22:11
william_i've never even used vista22:12
william_nobody seems to like it so no one i work with uses it22:13
Romstermy brother has it slow as, i find it hard to find stuff as i'm not used to the layout. i try to not touch that pc at all if i can avoid having to clean a virus..22:16
joacimVista is alright, but disk access is very slow, and its a pain to navigate the new control panel22:17
joacimcopying or moving a file causes explorer to freeze until it finishes22:18
joacimit is pretty tho.. if you can get your hands on business or ultimate =)22:20
Romsteryeah doesn't seem to be multiphreaded22:20
Romsteri just avoided and went to linux much easier.22:21
joacimwindows has far too many skinned applications22:22
Romsteri'd of prefered if all programs used a common skining engine.22:23
Romsterso ya could done one theme and have everything look the same.22:24
joacimwhy i try to use as many gtk+ apps as possible22:24
joacimon linux22:24
Romsterwell firefox 3 is looking more gtkish now.22:24
Romsterthan version 2 did22:25
joacimonly use windows for games because everything seems to be using a different skin engine22:25
Romsterwine <<22:25
Romsterbut sadly it doesn't run everything yet.22:25
joacimEVE Online ran quite well until CCP released their new revelation patch22:26
Romsteroh then there is game updates that break in wine too.22:26
joacimNow i got the urge to activate my EVE Online account again  :-/22:32
joacimmmorpg's are dangerous  :p22:33
william_i've been playing diablo 2 recently :P22:34
william_this kernel issue is annoying. still haven't figured it out :/22:34
joacimI've been playing neverwinter nights on a diablo server =)22:36
william_what does that mean?22:36
william_is there a diablo mod for that game?22:36
joacimsomething like that =)22:37
Romsterwilliam_, i'm sure someone here would of messed with a usb hdd if you hang about.22:40
Romsterhere's my
Romsterbit messy but it should help as a start.22:42
Romsternote to self tidy up senssors and uneeded devices.22:42
*** william__ has joined #crux22:49
william__my desktop machine overheats and then shuts down :)22:49
Romsterthen clear ot the dust out of the cpu heatsink...22:53
Romstermy pc runs at 100% load for hours on end in even 40C heat22:53
Romsterand still has reserve rpms for the thermofan.22:53
william__yea, my heatsink only attaches on one side so it sometimes comes off slightly22:53
Romstershould be cliped on both sides.22:54
william__but one side is messed up22:54
william__i turned off quiet boot22:54
william__that helps22:54
Romsterhmm sounds like you could kill that cpu if it idn't have thermal shutdown.22:54
william__i can see now that it isn't seeing the usb hd22:54
william__during boot22:54
william__yea, i'm not worried about it... it is an old cpu22:55
william__if it breaks that just means i can upgrade... right? :P22:55
william__this is weird though22:56
william__because there is usb stuff going on before the kernel panic22:56
Romsterhmm whats the panic?22:59
RomsterVFS still?22:59
william__same one22:59
Romsterfstab entry right?23:00
william__hmm... no it has a problem with what's in lilo.conf23:00
william__but it shows the available devices now23:00
william__and it is only showing the cdrom and the internal hd23:01
*** william_ has quit IRC23:02
william__luckily this machine is pretty fast so kernel compilation doesn't take that long23:08
Romsterccache helps23:09
william__is there anyway to scrool up the kernel output?23:18
william__that isn't working23:19
william__i tried it23:19
Romstercrap :/23:19
william__i tried about every combination i could think of :P23:19
Romsterdmesg |less23:19
*** andarius has left #crux23:19
Romsteror something.23:19
william__i can't get into the system though :p23:20
Romsteror vim /var/log/messages23:20
Romsterdamn it23:20
william__it can't find the hd to write to23:20
Romsteryou haven'tset somethng up right then23:20
william__well, yea23:20
william__i wish i knew what :)23:21
Romsterfile system compiled in.23:23
william__using reiserfs23:24
Romsterhmmz some howto would help you better.23:24
william__i found an howto for debian23:24
william__and i did it with debian easily23:24
william__but i don't like using debian23:24
cruxbot[contrib] gst-python: 0.10.10 -> 0.10.1123:34
cruxbot[contrib] gst-plugins-base: 0.10.17 -> 0.10.1823:34
cruxbot[contrib] gstreamer: 0.10.17 -> 0.10.1823:34
william__that's nea23:35
william__going to start kernel config from scratch and just hope i do something differently :)23:37
*** joacim has quit IRC23:57

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