IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-03-23

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cruxbot[contrib.git]: videotrans: clean dependencys00:58
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Romstermorning (in just under a hour)07:34
Romsteranyone with gtk theaming expeareance?07:44
Romsteri can't seem to find how to set the colour for the GtkScrollbar stepper butons.07:45
Romsterand i've been though the gtk manual for hours so now i'm gonna go look though a few themes.07:46
Romsterstarting to think the only way to even colour them is to use a png image08:02
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Romstergee don't all talk at once in here..08:29
Romsterhi destruct08:29
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cruxbot[opt.git]: grub: When the boot partition is mounted, you should use --stage2, as explained in the GRUB manual.09:47
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turnschuhhey there, how can i configure the locales on my system, like locale.gen or sth. like that in most distributions?10:25
turnschuhok has it...10:26
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pedjajaeger: Will you be updating Gnome repo to 2.22 (when you find some spare time, of course), or you stopped maintaining it?12:38
jaegerpedja: it's already compiled, actually, finished building it yesterday... but the laptop I built it on is up at work so I won't get a chance to test it until tomorrow12:46
jaegerI plan to update the repo as soon as I'm sure it's stable enough12:46
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Romsterjaeger, you could havwe a testing tag?12:48
Romsterand finaly i'm making progress on gtk theming12:49
pedjajaeger: OK, thanks.Maybe you should wait for 2.22.x before you update it :) ?12:50
jaegerI'll go ahead and tag 2.22.0 when it's ready, it's at least newer than 2.20.2 or whatever12:52
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Romsteryou have to be kidden me news, there considering to put lables on alcohole like they have on cigerates, warning of binge and underage dinking...14:06
Romsterwhats next warnings on coffee jars...14:06
RyoSRomster: what would it say on a coffee jar?14:08
RyoScant imagine something, but it sure could be damn funny14:08
Romsteras far as there going now to stop the high alcohol and sweet drinks and considering to put warnings on them... i oculd imagine they could think of something stupid to put on coffee.14:10
Romsterlike 'too much caffeeine is hazards to your health'14:10
RyoSoh thats not funny...14:11
predatorfreakRomster: Well it's true :D14:14
predatorfreakBut, they should also slap that label on just about everything.14:14
predatorfreak"Too many Apples are bad for your health because you'll shit too much!"14:14
Romsterseems like the term 'common sense' and 'in moderation' means nothing anymore.14:15
predatorfreakCommon whut? :P14:15
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RyoSjaeger: little question, can you make gstreamer ports names match the names in contrib? ^^16:08
RyoSfor the next gnome release :)16:08
jaegerAlready did16:09
RyoSoh thats great16:09
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jesse_rehabdoll: you can tell jerry springer has spent quality bucks on that.16:42
thrice`hrm, I with I could get rakt to have a desktop entry16:43
tilmanyou mean raktpdf.desktop?16:44
thrice`yes, doesn't show up here16:44
* tilman shrugs16:44
RyoShow can i get rakt? i want to try it ._.16:44
thrice`it took epdf's and edited it by hand, and send it to /usr/share/applications/16:45
tilmanrehabdoll has a port16:45
RyoSoh nice16:45
thrice`tilman: works very well, btw.  much quicker than epdfview16:45
tilmanyeah, that's because i use poppler's cairo backend16:45
tilmanepdfview uses the gdk backend or something16:45
treachnumber of users seems to be increasing. :)16:47
thrice`hey, if I get the desktop entry working, i'll be sold16:48
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RyoSworks fine here16:49
RyoSone suggestion though: switching the page doesnt show the top but the last position if you do not view the complete page in a window ;)16:50
treachtilman: If this continues you'll have to solicit a logo contest soon. ;)16:50
tilmanRyoS: don't hold your breath :D16:51
tilmantreach: mmh16:51
RyoStilman: just that you start viewing the top of the page ;)16:51
RyoSthats all ^^16:51
tilmanmaybe you can implement it yourself? sounds easy16:52
thrice`bah, typical OSS dev answer16:53
RyoShave you forgotten how good i am with programs? :P but yeah i will somehow try it ;)16:53
treachIOW, expect nuclear explosions in germany shortly. :D16:54
tilmanduck & cover \o/16:54
* tilman hides under his deks16:54
tilmanRyoS: in on_action_go_previous, you probably need to scroll the "scrolled" thing up16:55
RyoSi will try it as soon as the movie finishes ;)16:59
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thrice`I had something close17:20
RyoSzsh: segmentation fault  ./src/raktpdf <- ;D17:23
Romsteri should fix all my ports with then desktop files.17:23
RyoSpatching is not as easy haha17:23
Romsterheh try it with bash17:23
thrice`ah, got it17:23
thrice`I had a bad install line :)17:24
Romsterthrice`, they can be pretty frustrating at times.17:24
Romsterthrice`, what desktop you using?17:24
Romstertoo bad pekwm that i'm using has it's own menu format.17:26
thrice`and got it so I can right click on a pdf and have "open with raktpdf" :)17:26
tilmanso did you fix the .desktop probleM?17:26
thrice`yep; I forgot to run update-desktop-database -q /usr/share/applications17:27
thrice`yeah.  works well :)17:31
thrice`jaeger: out of curiosity, are the packages used for the 2.4 updated iso available online?17:39
RyoStilman: no idea how to do that, i only break rakt when i try to "patch" it ^^17:39
thrice`feature bloat! :)17:40
jaegerthrice`: not at the moment, if you mean separate from the iso17:41
RyoSthrice`: dunno if thats just a feature bloat..17:41
tilmanthrice`: wanna paste the .desktop file somwhere? then i can put it in teh repo17:41
thrice`tilman: sure -
thrice`jaeger: ah, ok.  was curious if I could get the net-setup going on a new install17:43
thrice`probably could extract them and trick it to use localhost17:43
jaegernet-setup hasn't been maintained, it may not work with 2.4 without some tweaking17:44
thrice`oh, ok.  I assumed it just used wget on the dir with the packages17:45
jaegerIt basically does but there's setup-helper to be considered17:45
Romsteri have an idea but i'd need a host to throw built packages built in a chroot so they don't have anything but the depends on line support built in, that a net install iso could pull in17:48
jaegerWhy would you want to reinvent the wheel like that when the current iso already has those packages?17:48
jaegerThey just need to be extracted from the iso and hosted17:48
Romsterfor the people that go i don't wanna compile but want to be upto date. not all of core + other ports are current now. unless you keep your iso upto date.17:49
jaegerThat's kinda the point of the updated iso17:49
Romsteri wasn't sure how oftern you did update it.17:50
thrice`that was the beauty of net-setup, to not have to burn new update-iso's over time, too :)17:50
jaegerwhenever I feel like it, really, but I just found it odd you'd go to that trouble when the process is already in place17:50
jaegeryou could bootstrap the packages with the iso makefile and not create the iso and you'd have the same result17:51
Romsterjust an idea, i haven't done any thing more than thought about it.17:51
Romsterhmm true.17:51
Romsteri get alot of ideas i don't implament many of them17:53
jaegerfair enough17:53
treachI wonder why. :>17:53
thrice`Romster: hey, you can't even keep your ports online! =)17:54
Romsterthat's prologics fault he said 2 damn days...17:55
Romsterlooks like i need to pay for a shell account.17:55
Romsterbut i'm trying ot save up.17:56
jesse_You know exactly how much of a priority these things are for prologic: talk is cheap and actions take more than they should ;)17:56
Romsterhonestly sick of it.17:57
Romsterfuck it i'll just host them off my adsl.. and get myself a dynamic dns hostname or something.17:57
Romsterif only australia had cheap affordable net like other countrys.18:00
jesse_Telstra is hitting the brakes hard eh.18:02
jaegermaybe you could pay for a vps in the us or something18:03
jesse_That probably would be your best alternative.18:04
jesse_Wonder how much they run for.18:04
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Romsterthrice`, you don't need a absolute path with Icon18:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: clamav: updated to version 0.92.118:50
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predatorfreakRomster: Did you ever get around to fixing videotrans or am I going to have to hack it up? :)19:42
Romsteri think it's ok i've fixed the dependencys19:44
Romsterno idea why i had the dependencys as i did.19:45
predatorfreakRomster: Does it work? :P19:45
Romsterwell i can test it i gues as long as mplayer isn't broken it should work.19:45
predatorfreakRomster: If it doesn't work with the snapshot, it's not mplayer's fault, it's their scripts :D19:46
Romstermplayer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:50
predatorfreakYou updated x264 recently? :)19:50
Romsteryay recompile... maybe something todo with the recompile of my tool chain..19:50
Romstermight have <<19:50
predatorfreakThere's why :D19:50
Romsterwhy can't it use foo.so19:50
Romsteror some changes arn't compatable.19:51
predatorfreakBecause they like their versioned so files.19:51
* Romster rebuilds19:51
* treach feeds Romster into gdb19:56
treachthis is our chance!19:56
predatorfreakAww, but I like Romster :(19:56
predatorfreakEven if he does eat people19:56
treachat least we could debug his output module?19:57
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Romsterpredatorfreak, working fine.19:58
Romsteras i see it your interested in using that than to mess with mplayer flags.19:58
predatorfreakMess with what now?20:01
predatorfreakRomster: Stop raping English!20:01
treachspeak dutch!20:02
Romsterpredatorfreak, that you'd use videotrans than to mess with the tools directly.20:03
predatorfreakRomster: I already wrote my own tools for wrapping mencoder.20:04
predatorfreakand I know mencoder pretty well.20:04
predatorfreakIf I honestly needed a blah-to-DVD thing, I'd write my own that doesn't need mjpegtools :P20:04
predatorfreakmencoder is a bit cryptic, but less so than transcode :D20:05
treachtranscode is totally bizarre20:06
predatorfreak.... Oh fuck you Google.20:09
predatorfreakI type in Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground (a Willie Johnson song)20:10
predatorfreakand get "Lesbian strap-on sex"20:10
treach"Proper quoting helps" :p20:10
treachusually at least.20:10
* Romster is so laughing.20:11
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predatorfreakI want blues, not lesbian strap-on sex.20:13
predatorfreakBastards :(20:13
treacher, well, didn't it give you the blues? ;)20:14
predatorfreakNot the kind I wanted.20:14
treachpardon the poor puns, I should probably go to bed.20:14
predatorfreakThar! Found my bluezz20:14
Romsterman that was funny20:15
predatorfreakThat I find lesbian strap-on porn before blues music says a hell of a lot about today's culture.20:15
predatorfreakToo busy with the strap-on's to stop and listen to the acoustic guitarz!20:15
Romstervirus, cracking and porn these days20:17
Romsterand spam.20:17
predatorfreakYoung kids and their lack of love for the blues20:17
thrice`my movie-to-dvd didn't work20:39
thrice`only encoded the video halfway through20:39
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Romsterodd what did it do?20:41
thrice`worked well, video goes throughout the entire iso, but the sound just stops working at a point20:42
Romsterthrice`, if your using rc1 you should update to the version in opt.20:42
Romsterdunno about that.20:42
Romsteri didn't have that happen.20:42
thrice`Romster: you try encoding one with an svn version of mplayer?20:42
Romsterfor the first few minutes i did.20:43
thrice`ah, ok.  i'll try updating20:43
Romstermore likely mplayr bug i guess. but rc1 did work for me rc2 is broken but the snapshot in opt works.20:44
Romsterrc2 wouldn't even start to transcode20:44
thrice`nope, died instantly20:44
predatorfreakRomster: Like I said, bugs in rc2 out the butt.20:45
predatorfreakthrice`: Error?20:45
thrice`when I played the iso from a terminal, it said something about the audio being out of sync20:45
thrice`since removed it, and will try again later :)20:46
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah that's why i was on rc1 bu your snapshot works fine.20:46
predatorfreakI mean the error that mencoder spits out.20:46
predatorfreakI still have my bets on "badly written script" :D20:46
thrice`me too :)20:46
Romsterbah i'm not the programer...20:46
thrice`but it's soooo easy!20:46
Romsterbut i can go snoop out gentoo etc.20:47
predatorfreakI already did.20:47
predatorfreakIf I wasn't lazy, I'd write my own from the ground up.20:47
predatorfreakBut I have no need too, except to please you guys :P20:48
thrice`gentoo had videotrans still marked unstable20:48
predatorfreakthrice`: They have a ton of shit marked unstable20:48
thrice`predatorfreak: yep.  most of which I disagree with.  this one, however, I know why :)20:49
Romstergentoo has no patches20:50
predatorfreakRomster: <predatorfreak> nothing. <predatorfreak> I already did.20:51
predatorfreakYou could have just read IRC!20:51
Romsterafter i go looking20:51
Romsterslow cunt to type that out sooner before i go looking.20:51
predatorfreakRomster: Not my fault you don't look at IRC often!20:53
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clickonceHow serious is this: "Warning: Device 0x0800: Inconsistent partition table, 2nd entry" when running lilo?21:16
clickoncePre-partitioned ThinkPad HD, C: re-sized using Acronis Disk Director Suite.21:16
clickonceIt manages to add CRUX, but when it comes to writing the Windows entry, other=/dev/sda2 it gives me that...21:17
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