IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-03-25

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Services__my problem has been resolved [code]find . -iname "*" -exec sed -i -e "s/Jj/jJ/gi" "{}" \;[/code] thanks to00:24
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Romster'-iname "*"' redundent01:46
tilmanwhat's the point of using yasm?02:02
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Romsteri don't really know if it's not doing much diference.02:05
Romsterseems to be like a 0.2% improvment from predatorfreaks stuff02:06
Romsterprofilling is another thing though, seen it never did try messing with that.02:07
cruxbot[core.git]: wget: updated to
tilmanmavrick61: okay, thanks for the heads-up02:15
Romstertilman, i've found them mknod 3 lines aren't needed with current udev rules but without the /dev/null there is 2 modules that fail to load that usally get sent to null so i left that one and removed the other two and things are still fine.02:19
Romsterand not sure why /dev/zero has write access. that's not needed is it?02:20
tilmanah, i've got an udev bump in the pipe as well02:20
Romsterah cool02:20
Romsterhaven't sorted out the video group i've made a mknod for /dev/nvidiactl since that dosn't seem to get recreated on udevtrigger02:22
Romsterit's a xorg.conf thing for video permissions i assume.02:22
tilmanhaha, arch uses libarchive, too?02:23
Romsterlzma... heh02:28
Romstergrr why is nearly every net stream glitchy. i arn't at my net speed limits.02:30
Romsterand it's more than one server.02:30
cruxbot[core.git]: udev: updated to 119.02:42
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Romsterwhat the a ajax web site now03:00
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sepenmorning all03:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: dev86: Fixed some issues with stripped libraries. Also added no-stric-aliasing patch.07:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: fixed pid file location in config. version was not bumped. anyone running it has probably fixed the issue himself07:38
thrice`hm, haven't tried that one yet07:39
Rotwan1looks neat07:46
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cruxbot[opt.git]: nmap: updated to 4.60 (thanks pedja)10:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: truecrypt: added patches to build with linux 2.6.24. Hosting on my own server.10:41
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pebo_what network profile software crux-users are using? archlinux has netcfg2 which was very useful for me.11:10
thrice`vim and /etc/rc.d/net :)11:11
Romster$EDITOR /etc/rc.d/net11:11
Romstersaves the big editor debate >>11:12
Rotwangsed -i 'blahblah' /etc/rc.d/net11:12
pebo_I understand but I still assume, there are times, where people would like to do a simple `netprofile school' in order to do multiple changes at the same time.11:13 order to `automate' things..11:14
thrice`I would make an /etc/rc.d/, do /etc/rc.d/net.home stop && /etc/rc.d/ start11:15
treachor expand the /etc/rc.d/net script11:15
pebo_ok, thanks. sounds simple.11:16
tilmani recommend dto do it like thrice` suggested11:18
tilmanis anyone using iwl3945 (as opposed to ipw3945) on crux/11:22
tilmanon my laptop, the driver complains that it cannot load the firmware11:22
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jaegerpredatorfreak: for what it's worth, scsi target, generic, and cdrom support are not required for libata hard disk support11:23
predatorfreakjaeger: They're useful non the less.11:23
predatorfreakI don't want him coming back bitching OMG I HAVE NO CDROM DRIVE!!!11:23
predatorfreakand SCSI target support is.11:24
predatorfreakAs it's the basic everything-else option.11:24
jaegerthey're useful, yes, but not strictly required, just wanted to point out the difference11:24
predatorfreakjaeger: I know.11:24
jaegerI don't use target or generic on any of my machines except for one with a card reader11:24
predatorfreakBut I don't have five minutes to explain "you'll also want these if you want a usable system" :)11:24
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predatorfreakmm, err yeah target is for generic support.11:25
predatorfreakgod-dang kernel options.11:25
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predatorfreakjaeger: I'm just lazy and didn't feel like typing out a couple paragraph e-mail after just waking up :P11:27
treachI don't know about others, but I've had quite a bit better luck with using /dev/sg for my cdrecorder.11:27
predatorfreaktreach: /dev/sr0 works fine for me, but it probably depends on the drive.11:28
treachprobably. Just trying to tell that it's a handy thing to have.11:28
thrice`hm, fedora claims to ship ff beta511:29
* thrice` digs for source11:29
predatorfreakthrice`: Lies!!11:29
predatorfreakIt's a snapshot.11:29
predatorfreakGuarantee it.11:30
tilmanRomster: what was your problem with udev again?11:32
predatorfreakI wanna say cdrom group or somestuff like that.11:33
predatorfreakI'm using his port atm, so I don't remember :P11:34
tilmaniirc it was something about mknod calls11:35
Romsternothing major, but mknod urandom, zero are redundent rules create them. null is needed if ya wanna keep the 2 modules that show up if null is missing untill it's created but that's nonfatal.11:35
tilmanand something about nvidia (*vomit*)11:35
jaegerpredatorfreak: didn't really mean that to be a slap on the wrist, just figured it might help for future reference11:35
Romstercdrom group, zero has write permissions, is that required?11:35
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-amd: updated to
predatorfreakjaeger: I knew it already, I'm just lazy :D11:35
predatorfreakRomster: oh and you need those nods or you can't boot.11:36
predatorfreaknull, console and zero are needed until you fire up udev.11:36
predatorfreakOtherwise sh will fail outright.11:36
predatorfreakurandom probably is too.11:36
Romsterand yeah nvidia0 has global write and nvidiactl dosn't get recreated but thas a nvidia thing i'm guessing that can be fixed in permissions in xorg.conf and i've made a node for nvidiactl11:37
tilmani'll just assume it's okay that /dev/zero is writable11:37
Romsteri've pulled them out udev worked.11:37
Romsterso explain that one predatorfreak <<11:37
predatorfreakRomster: umount /dev11:37
predatorfreakls /dev11:37
* thrice` looks up the "if it isn't broke" clause11:37
predatorfreakObviously, not while you're in X or someshit :D11:38
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Romsteroh so keeping redundent crap is more important.11:38
predatorfreakIf you don't have /dev/null, /dev/zero and /dev/console, sh won't start.11:38
predatorfreakI may be wrong on urandom.11:39
Romsterudev creates them from the udev rules.11:39
predatorfreakRomster: Read the init scripts.11:39
Romsteron the udevtrigger part.11:39
tilmani don't see urandom in udev/.footprint anyway?11:39
predatorfreakThey're written in good ol' shell script.11:39
predatorfreakWe start a shell BEFORE udev.11:39
Romstereh i have removed the zero and urandom and i've not expeareanced any issues.11:40
Romstereh i'll look at it more later right now i'm off to bed11:40
predatorfreakThat's 'cuz filesystem makes them <_<11:40
tilmanfilesystem only has /dev/console11:40
predatorfreakerr yeah.11:40
tilmani'd find it a bit strange if bash required /dev/{u,}random anyway ;)11:41
Romsterwell my box is proff it works but maybe i did something wrong and something else is covering my arse.11:41
predatorfreakSpeaking of that.11:41
predatorfreakmknod -m 600 $PKG/dev/console c 5 111:41
predatorfreakYou don't need to call chmod after making the console bit if you do that :D11:41
Romster /dev is not static.11:42
predatorfreakRomster: For filesystem.11:42
predatorfreakand do me a favour, delete all your device nods from /dev/ after umounting it and try to boot :D11:42
predatorfreakYou won't get to udev11:43
Romsterhmm we'll see i'll try that after i wake up.11:43
predatorfreakRecord yourself screaming "GOD DAMN IT PREDATORFREAK"11:45
predatorfreak(or Brett, whichever works)11:45
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thrice`predatorfreak: sure enough - "firefox-3.0-0.47.cvs20080324.fc9.src.rpm"11:53
atealthacrux install gives me a kernel panic, something about USB, I think it might be my wacom. has this happened before11:54
RedShiftcrux doesn't give you kernel panics11:55
RedShiftyour kernel gives you kernel panics11:55
Rotwangkernel gives them ;]11:55
atealthawell the one loading during the install11:56
atealthanot one I compiled myself11:56
treachwell, that wacom is hardly needed for installation.11:57
treachunplug it, and fix things up, then plug it back in.11:57
treachif it works with other linux dists, it should work with crux.11:57
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treachnot good, the data appears to be corrupt. :/12:11
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sepenteK, pong13:47
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beestje-alphahi all13:59
beestje-alphacan i use kernel 2.6.24.x on crux?13:59
beestje-alphais crux useful for servers?14:00
sepenyes its is,14:00
tilmanbeestje-alpha: crux will always work with the latest stable kernel14:01
tilmancause most crux users probably like to run the latest stable kernel :)14:02
beestje-alphaim using no gcc 4.3.0 with kernel-form-crux14:03
beestje-alphatry to build 2.4.2614:03
sepenhehe, now Im installing crux-586 on my old laptop (p133, 16M) using a compact flash card14:03
tilmanbeestje-alpha: 2.4.26, or 2.6.24? :)14:03
beestje-alphait setup a pxe server with crux14:03
tilmangcc 4.3 is known not to work with 2.4.2614:04
sepenbeestje-alpha, see
tilmanbecause of that we-dont-clear-the-direction-flag bug14:04
beestje-alphatype error i 2.6.2414:04
beestje-alphais there a development release of crux ?14:05
tilmanwe didn't branch off 2.5 yet14:06
beestje-alphai love where can i donate>?14:07
beestje-alphacheck :D
beestje-alphacool is it?14:08
beestje-alphakernel/built-in.o: In function `getnstimeofday': :(14:08
thrice`doesn't load here :(14:08
tilmanno idea. i don't use gcc 4.314:10
beestje-alphaits it hard to make a linux distro?14:10
sepenbeestje-alpha, did you read about LFS ?14:11
tilmandepends on how sophisticated you want it to be :D14:11
beestje-alphalove it14:11
beestje-alphasimple  disrto kernel 2.6.x bash glibc 2.x make gcc busybox auto-tools bzip2 tar14:13
beestje-alphaonly the base14:13
beestje-alphano out of the box14:14
beestje-alphajust minimaal (keep it simple)14:14
beestje-alphajust a dream:D14:17
teKsepen: update for syslinux available14:20
sepenohh sorry14:20
sepenIll do14:20
sepenI have been off for a couple of days by holidays14:20
teKhey, nothing to worry14:21
tilmanRomster: you have been unsubscribed from (at least) crux-devel, because of Excessive or fatal bounces.14:21
tilmanie couldn't deliver mail to you for a good amount of time14:21
sepenstrange, my ck4up can't detect this new release14:21
tilmanRomster: i guess you know you have mail problems. just wanted to let you know that you'll have to subscribe again once you solved them14:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: syslinux: Updated 3.61 -> 3.6215:05
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mercurial: 0.9.5 -> 1.015:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: dsh: 0.25.7 -> 0.25.916:39
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libdshconfig: 0.20.12 -> 0.20.1316:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: mtools: Cleanup.16:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-net-dns: 0.59 -> 0.6317:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: spamassassin: 3.1.3 -> 3.2.417:25
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cruxbot[opt.git]: libglade: removed redundant deps17:41
cruxbot[opt.git]: poppler: removed redundant deps17:41
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rehabdollfirefox .1317:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: amsn: Updated 0.96 -> 0.97. Fixed missing deps, removed unnecessary patches and cleaned up.21:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: Romster: update email address21:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-plugins-bad: remove dep gst-plugins-base as swfdec depends on it21:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: Romster: update email address21:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: update source url21:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tidy: update source url21:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: nvclock: update source url21:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libdvdnav: update source url21:59
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cruxbot[opt.git]: p5-xml-parser: remove junk files23:15
cruxbot[opt.git]: p5-html-parser: remove junk files23:15
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