IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-03-26

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tilmanthat's the automake guy's project02:03
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Romsterhmm interesting.02:07
RomsterError: Authentication failed. on all but one ML i changed the email on. does this mean i've bee deleated off the other lists?02:17
* Romster assumes so and signs up again.02:18
Romsternevermind i think i got it sorted.02:29
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racerdismissing the obvious security concerns, is there a telnet server daemon in ports/03:22
racerI'm hunting through them and I don't find one...03:22
raceralready found vsftpd for the ftp daemon....03:22
racernevermind -- looks like netkit-telnet has one, it's just not installed with the current Pkgfile...03:24
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Romsterracer, why would you want telnet?03:29
racerRomster, teaching a class03:29
racerstep 1: How we used to do it03:29
Romsterteach themit's insecure too.03:29
Romsterah going back in time.03:29
racerStep 2: If you do it this way ever again, I'll beat you with a spiked stick03:29
Romsterlol good one.03:30
racerStep 3: Show them ssh03:30
Romsteralso show them ftp is insecure too.03:30
racerthis lab is all about telnet vs. ssh, ftp vs. scp, etc.03:31
racerI also plan to show them that wget is a viable alternative to ftp in many cases if all they are doing is downloading source files.03:31
racerI know what I'm doing :)03:31
racerbelieve it or not...03:31
Romsteri'm having a fight with iptables so far i think i'm winning.03:35
racerOh yeah?03:35
raceryou just think so?03:36
Romsteronly gotta do one rule wrong and bam all hell breaks loose.03:36
racerI figure you haven't been dumped out of IRC yet because you've blocked port 6667, so you must be doing something right...03:36
racerRomster, check out:
Romsteroh i've advanced at not locking myself out of it <<03:36
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racerRomster, not me :)03:38
racerI always run default deny policies...03:38
racerthen I have this tendancy to run /sbin/iptables -F03:38
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racerwhich, of course, locks me out totally.03:38
Romstermy rules are alot more complex than that.03:39
Romsteryeah i got policy drop03:39
racerRomster, that's an example firewall script for a first level linux class :)03:39
racercan't get much more complex than that and keep their eyes uncrossed03:39
Romsterf you showed me that a few years ago i'd be lost03:39
Romstertc gives me hell even.03:40
Romsterhorrable syntax03:40
sepenRomster, did you use l7-filter?03:40
Romsteryeah i got it but i haven't put it into service.03:40
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Romsterthought ti's time i block out china03:41
sepenRomster, Im using l7-filter to mark each proto and then QoS with tc03:41
Romsterout of my repo or some other port.03:41
raceroh... tc the traffic shaper stuff...03:41
sepenRomster, out of crux, Im using this at work in fedora's03:41
racerhaven't messed with it03:41
Romsterracer, yeah03:41
Romsterah k03:41
sepenwe develop network appliances03:42
Romsterracer, major headache look up the wonder shaper script i've gone more complex than that.03:42
racerthat would make it reasonable for you all to use it :)03:42
Romstersepen, neat03:42
Romsterit's great for trafic shaping.03:42
racerokay... I gotta get back to finishing this lab, it's nearly 4:00am here and I've gotta get some sleep at some point.03:42
racerso who the hell thinks it's a good idea to create a linux distribution these days that has a vi included that doesn't support yy, p, or dd?03:47
racerI really like Slax, but started a vi lab last week expecting those commands to work, and they didn't... so I had to build a vim module to add into it...03:48
Rotwan1vi is the shit03:48
racerI can't speak intelligently about emacs -- I learned vi 14 years ago, and never saw a reason to learn emacs03:52
RomsterMar 26 19:53:07 fire kernel: ftp banned ip detected IN=ppp0 OUT= MAC= SRC=xxxxxx DST=xxxxxx LEN=46 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=112 ID=24595 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=1180 DPT=21 SEQ=1570881 ACK=349726155 WINDOW=9107 RES=0x00 ACK PSH URGP=003:55
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Romsterall good now i can keep the darn idiots out of my ftp03:55
Romsterwhole of china <<03:55
Romsterthey kept hamering it.03:55
Romsternano or pico03:56
Romsteri used to mess with nano03:56
teKvim is teh P0WNZ04:17
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Romsteryeah i use (g)vim04:23
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hejhejhejCan anyone help me with linux fonts :).. how do i add a font that i downloaded? Where do i put it?05:03
teKwhich file (type) do you have?05:50
Romsterhejhejhej, make a port and have a look at one of the xorg font ports as a guide05:57
hejhejhejmake a port? :)05:58
hejhejheji just want like a *.pcf.gz font that works with xterm :)05:58
hejhejhejname one please :D05:58
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thrice`Romster: did you finish checking out videotrans deps?07:26
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Romsterthrice`, ages ago yes08:05
Romsterthrice`, maybe pay more attention to contrib gitweb.08:07
jaegerI'm uploading a new updated iso now for anyone who uses that08:14
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thrice`Romster: oh, sorry :)08:19
thrice`Romster: I just did it myself, and wanted to compare results08:19
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thrice`jaeger: bah, I just did one las tnight with your old :)08:31
Romsterthat always happens.08:35
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* racer needs a nap09:04
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DarkNekros_jaeger, I find out your web page :D09:06
* DarkNekros_ downloading lastest crux iso :D09:07
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jaegerok, great, hi, bye09:09
DarkNekros_short, but true ;)09:10
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jaegerI just realized after typing that you had two logged in but it still struck me as amusing09:12
DarkNekros_I think it's something about my wifi connection or something like that :S09:12
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DarkNekrosdone :D09:13
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atealthais there specific documentation on pkgadd? I want to make my own Pkgfile for the most pager but it's a tgz and it extracts into the current directory, not cleanly into a sseparate one09:21
atealthaI'm sorry, it's a tbz, not tgz09:21
jaegerThere's some documentation in the handbook but the short version is that you can access any of those files using the $SRC environment variable09:22
jaegerif the archive contains no subdirs everything will be in $SRC09:23
atealthajaeger: thanks09:23
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flambersvery nice the crux project.09:50
flamberswe have a project to .. slackports..09:55
flamberssorry for my english...09:55
flambersi'm from brazil... :)09:55
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Romsterhi flambers everyone else10:08
Romsterhi tilman10:08
Romsterbordish tired and dunno what i wanna do atm.10:08
Romstermessed with some ports earlier and my firewall.10:09
Romsterwatched tv.10:09
Romstermoved my email over. and gotta do my private ports sometime too not relying on prlogic to host my stuff anymore.10:10
Romster2 days.. told him it would be 2 weeks or longer10:10
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Romsterguess i'll browse freshmeat that always gets me into a mood to mess with ports or something.10:12
tilmanfreshmeat was the shit it the old days10:13
tilmani never browse it these days10:13
tilmanbut maybe it's just me :]10:13
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thrice`i usually just watch the program list on the side of distrowatch10:14
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Romsteri'm sure there are other sites but i don't browse many10:18
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Romsteroh lovely new kernel
Romstersays like 3 days ago hmmz every other time i look there is nothing new.10:23
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Romsteri'm gonna go read a book and see if i can fall asleep10:28
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rehabdollwow, version 22.2 of the emacs operating system has been released \o/12:41
aonupdate time if i ever manage to get home from here12:51
tilmanwhy, are there enemy snipers around your current position?12:53
aonforgot to put my name in the list for the buses12:55
aonluckily there are people going with their own cars so i can go with them12:55
tilmani see12:56
aonsucks anyway12:57
aoni could get on the lists but all the office guys are on a camp12:57
aonso i'd have to make a phonecall all by myself12:58
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teKwhere the fuck is sepen14:45
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thrice`hm, firefox-bin goes so much quicker than firefox-source :)14:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: getmail: 4.8.0 -> 4.8.116:22
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Romsterprt-get deptree startup-notification, xorg-lobxt (not found in ports tree) ??19:44
Romstersip's done a typo...19:45
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thrice`predatorfreak: see ff update?20:10
predatorfreakthrice`: Which one what now?20:10
thrice` :)20:10
predatorfreakWell, guess my changes get pushed into opt now.20:11
Romsterwhat are the changes?20:11
predatorfreakafter I build it and make sure it actually starts.20:11
predatorfreakRomster: See the mailing list you lazy bastard :P20:11
Romsterwell i got the darn mailing list but i could of lost some messages as you know i was using prologics server and it was out.20:12
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Romsteri'l have to pull the archive up wherever that is.20:12
predatorfreakI've summarised them like a billion times now and I don't feel like doing that anymore :D20:13
Romsterah there it is.20:13
Romsterjsut i don't have it in my email client.20:14
Romsterbut i found the archive.20:14
Romsteri also feel like rebuilding thunderbird to use the xulrunner and system cairo.20:15
predatorfreakRomster: As I've said before, you need one with Mozilla's new build system to do that.20:17
predatorfreakWhich the Firefox 2.BLAH and Thunderbird anything-besides-CVS branches do not have.20:17
Romsterdamn it so i'm stuck with thunderbird bloat for now..20:17
predatorfreakYeah, I can't push my xulrunner changes for Firefox either atm.20:17
predatorfreakBut I'll push my debloating and system nss/nspr changes for 2.0.0.X.20:18
predatorfreakSince they've been tested and confirmed to work :P20:18
Romsterwell if you got anything you think might break firefox3 but would otherwise improve it i'm up for testing.20:19
Romsteri don't think i wanna go back to firefox 2 now <<20:19
thrice`yeah, probably shouldn't push the big xulrunner change on people for a simple upgrade :)20:20
Romsterdoesn't bother me i have it cached <<20:22
predatorfreakthrice`: As I already said.20:22
predatorfreakI can't.20:22
Romsterit'll only work on firefox320:23
predatorfreakFirefox 2.X lacks the build system shit from Mozilla to facilitate using xulrunner as the backend.20:23
Romsterand cvs as predatorfreak just said20:23
predatorfreakWell, yeah.20:23
predatorfreakBut running straight CVS is insanity.20:23
Romsterbut that could be buggy as hell20:23
Romstererr corection 'will be'20:23
predatorfreakCorrection "Already is"20:24
predatorfreakRomster: oh and just do prt-get remove thunderbird; prt-get depinst claws-mail :D20:28
predatorfreakThere's your debloating.20:28
Romsterpredatorfreak, the ram issue i don't think is a issue ram is cheap and the fact i can build it in 256MB ram and 256MB swap.20:29
predatorfreakYeah, no one encountered that.20:30
predatorfreakSo I'm not worried.20:30
Romsteractually there probabbly is better gui frontend to a email daemon.20:30
Romsteron a k6 too lol..20:30
Romsteronyl thing that sped it up was distcc but the final linking passed fine.20:30
predatorfreakWell firefox starts20:47
predatorfreakSo, time to commit bomb it to opt.20:48
cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox: Update to, change build options to improve firefox.20:51
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Romster lol23:22
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Romsterdamn i only just found it.23:38
nipuLwtf, all of a sudden i can't log into msn23:57
nipuLoh well23:57
nipuLgood enough reason to jump over to xmpp23:59

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