IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-03-27

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cruxbot[contrib.git]: atanks: 2.8 -> 2.902:20
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namenlosis the plain swfdec package able to run as a plugin for firefox?04:22
RomsterFlash isn?t really a showstopper, but it would be nice to be able to see all the funny video clips people are refering to. None of the free flash plugins seems to work (swfdec, libfalsh-mozplugin), but youtube-dl and mplayer do the job.04:26
Romsterfound that doing a search04:26
Romsterswfdec would be sued to decode not run in firefox without a wrapper i'd imagine.04:27
Romsteri could be wrong though04:27
Romstergnash might worth a look at too.04:27
namenloswhy can't they unify their work/experience?04:30
namenlosthere are: swfdec-mozilla, gnash, mplayerplug-in...04:32
namenloshm, mplayerplug-in doesn't seem to play flash files04:35
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RedShiftgood morning04:41
cruxbot[contrib.git]: syslinux: Moved 'mtools' as optional dependency || mtools: Added 'texinfo' as dependency (thanks to Thomas Penteker)04:44
sependone. teK too many thanks04:44
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namenlosok, swfdec-mozilla doesn't seem to work here...05:06
RedShiftopenoffice 2.4 looks nice05:12
* RedShift approved05:12
Romsternamenlos, not alot of swf browser does work..05:26
Romsternamenlos, what's wrong with using firefox-flash-plugin ?05:27
Romsteri have flash 9 runing in firefox3 right now.05:28
Romsterall works.05:28
nipuLsure, if you run an x86 box with windows/linux/mac05:28
nipuLeveryone else has to suffer in their jocks05:28
Romsterah the damn 64bit issue..05:32
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nipuLplus all the other architectures05:35
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rehabdollgnash works quite well06:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: svn2cl: Adopted. Downgrade to oficial release 0.906:24
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teKsepen: good (your mail)06:35
sepenteK, np, many thanks for your notes06:37
teKno problem but you should do one commit per port06:37
sepenalso I think I should do a full review of syslinux and all contained files on it06:37
sepenyeah 1 per commit06:37
teKnot port1: ... || port2:  ...06:38
teKWhat do you want to review? Necessary files?06:38
sepen$ file /usr/lib/syslinux/cpuidtest.c3206:48
sepen/usr/lib/syslinux/cpuidtest.c32: COM executable (32-bit COMBOOT)06:48
sepenIll remove win32 executables06:48
sepen$ file /usr/lib/syslinux/syslinux.com06:49
sepen/usr/lib/syslinux/ COM executable for DOS06:49
teKgood idea :-)06:59
teKIF they are not needed06:59
namenlosRomster: i just want to use a open source one to see, whether it works.07:10
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)07:42
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Romsterwhere is predatorfreak when ya need him...08:52
Romsterhe made a booboo in firefox port.08:53
Romsteractually he should be on soonish it's nearly 8am there.08:53
RyoSjaeger: aaaah sorry didnt ment to querry ._.08:54
jaegerno worries08:55
jaegerhaven't pushed it yet but I may today, it'08:55
jaegerit's built fine on 3 of my machines so far08:55
RyoShehe alright08:56
RyoSwould be great :)08:56
Romstercan anyone build pinentry with current gtk, i thnk there is a problem allso libpth wouldn't install untill i added -j1 to make install09:02
thrice`there's a bug in flyspray about pinentry09:02
tilmani just hit that, too09:04
RyoSdoesnt build here09:04
tilmani just assigned the bug to viper09:05
tilmanthat should increase the chance that he sees it09:06
thrice`I think he pointed to a patch, too09:06
Romsterbut will tell predatorfreak when he comes on.09:07
thrice`I didn't try updating FF yet09:07
thrice`then again, I use mozilla's binary o.O09:08
Romsterhe named the firefox-2.0-add-ldflags.patch in the build as patch -p0 -i $SRC/ldflags.patch09:09
Romsteri'm on firefox3 on this box but the other desktop pc has firefox209:09
Romsterthrice`, slack to not compile it yourself <<09:10
thrice`no, just don't see the benefit09:11
thrice`and, my poor athlon 2600 doesn't like doing it :-)09:12
treachit's just lazy. "Move those electrons!"09:14
Romsterpfft i compile on this old 1.4GHz box09:16
Romsteryou have no excuse <<09:17
treachwho needs an excuse?09:17
jesse_Some users want it all customized while some just want it to work without an extra hassle.09:19
thrice`agreed.  the binary port is about 5 lines long, and takes about 10 seconds to complete :)09:20
jesse_That is probably the single most influential reason in my case as well.09:22
Romsterguess some all want binary ports of everything then.09:22
treachYes. Without doubt.09:22
treachThose who run arch, for example.09:23
jesse_If that is the case, why would I even be running crux?09:23
treachor other random $BINARY_DISTRIBUTION09:23
jesse_Some software is not worth spending the time compiling, especially when you have aging hardware.09:24
treachand some isn't, even if you don't. :>09:25
jesse_Which should not imply you should ONLY run a binary distribution.09:25
Romsteronly thing i'd agree to there is openoffice09:26
Romsteras that is insane.09:26
thrice`I disagree.  in my case, firefox takes about 45 minutes to complete.  That doesn't make sense to me, either09:27
treachffs, even ff isn't sane either if you have, let's say a P2@ 233MHz09:27
treachwhich is technically supported by crux09:27
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Romsteractually i got a 266MHz P2 here butit arn't pluged in. and i've donea tool chain compile on it too.09:28
Romsterbig deal09:28
jesse_That is a very narrow and polarized POV to think you are polluting your crux installation with zomg, binaries! :p09:28
Romsterthen why don't we all use binarys for everything..09:28
treachstupid question, which you already know the answer to.09:29
thrice`Romster: have you actually *looked* at the differences between mozilla's FF build, and the one you do from source?09:29
Romsteri don't bother with the offical build.09:29
thrice`I woudln't immediately declare it as "inferior"09:30
Romsterwhy would i need too.09:30
* thrice` doesn't see the discussion going anywhere, and gives up09:30
treachwhy would you bother with building it yourself?09:30
Romsteri do't mind compiling the source one so why would i compare and i never did say it was inferiour, again with puting the words in my mouth09:30
joacimwhy do you care if he bothers or not?09:30
treachwhat's the point in doing something other than the standard?09:30
jesse_crux has the benefit that the user is in charge, instead of a very comprehensive design objective.09:31
Romsterseems builinding source files when we can all get binarys for some stuff.09:31
treachyeah, but *why* are we building it from source?09:32
thrice`I don't see how the point is now *complete* binary distros, versus 1 package09:32
treachAre we ricers?09:32
Romsterand maybe they made a back door in the binary version too who knows.09:32
jesse_It is not as simple as that. Most system apps are light and most computers will gladly churn a binary from source.09:32
treachis it -fomg-optimize that is the point?09:32
Romsteri don't know..09:32
jesse_For others, it is not worth the wait.09:32
jesse_openoffice as you said, firefox is sitting on the border.09:32
Romsterstart shit off goto bed done when you wake up09:32
treachmost people turn off their computer when they aren't sitting at it.09:33
thrice`I turn my PC off at night :)09:33
jesse_Not everyone has that type of luxury. what if you need it much faster than overnight?09:33
treachsurprise, surprise.09:33
Romstermine is on 24/709:33
jesse_thrice`: that too09:33
treachso? You aren't everyone, and everyone isn't like you09:33
Romsterjesse_, then stick to the blody old verison until you have time..09:33
thrice`I turn mine off while sleeping and at work.  that's 18 hours of electricity :)09:33
Romsterever heard of standby/powersaving.09:34
jesse_Those still consume power09:34
treachand how well does things compile while the computer is in powesave mode?09:34
Romsterless of09:34
Romsterafter it's done you moron09:34
RyoSget a hold of yourselves gentlemen09:35
thrice`alright, now I quit09:35
Romsterbah you lot are all pointless *goes todo something better*09:35
RyoSwhats the problem now again?09:35
treachI wonder who's the moron.09:35
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Romstertrying to pick a fight..09:35
joacimw. bush09:36
treachNow, wtf?09:36
RyoSinternet, serious biz09:36
* Romster relaly needs to get out more and off the net.09:36
treachRomster: you dare calling me "a moron", and then YOU accuse me of picking a fight?09:36
treachSeriously WTF?09:36
Romster[01:35:09] <treach> I wonder who's the moron.]09:36
treachLook up, you damn MORON!09:37
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brian|lfsI just upgraded to a new motherboard and an Intel qx9650 chip09:37
Romsterand you came here to just report that <<09:38
brian|lfsnah just to talk on IRC09:38
brian|lfsI wouldn't just log on and say that and log off lol09:38
Romsteri dunno anything about that chip09:38
treachbrian|lfs: ignore him, he just got told off.09:39
Romsterput a sock in it treach09:39
treachsame, same09:39
Romsternew topic.09:39
RyoSjesus christ09:39
RyoSare we back in kindergarden now?09:39
RyoSwtf is wrong with you two guys? thats so annoying09:39
Romsterguess we don't get along well.09:40
RyoSso what?09:40
RyoSput a end at it, i feel like i joined #ubuntu.kids09:40
Romsteryeah so? new topic09:40
Romsteroh not you too.09:41
treachRyoS: You might like getting called an idiot, and then be accused of trying to stir shit up when you don't like it -- I don't.09:41
RyoSi talk about the whole situation09:41
Romstermeh think i'll jsut go and leave oyu lot too it.09:41
RyoStreach: how ever, i guess you two just got youselves wrong - thats all09:41
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brian|lfshey sorry I was afk09:43
brian|lfsI'm getting a new central air system in my condo09:44
treachyou didn't miss anything. :>09:44
brian|lfsthe old one was put in 198709:44
brian|lfsand they guy needed a bromm and dust pan09:44
tilmanaw, i missed a flamewar09:44
brian|lfsbecuase there hole bottom of the closet was full of dust09:44
tilmanor fight09:44
brian|lfshow do I see if Linux is seeing all 4 processors on my chip09:46
tilmancat /proc/cpuinfo09:46
brian|lfsit should be I compiled for 4 processors09:46
treachor top "1"09:46
brian|lfsyup it shows them09:47
brian|lfsthe vios had core 3 and 4 off as default lol09:47
brian|lfsnot sure why I was like thats lame09:48
RyoSindeed? intresting09:50
brian|lfsfor a motherboard I went witht he new Evga 790i ultra09:51
brian|lfsand tallent 1800 mhz ddr3 ram09:51
RyoShughe e-pen0r09:52
brian|lfsbrb rebooting to try something09:53
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jesse_tilman: clearly some are not having a good day.09:56
jesse_Out for blood is a better term for today.09:56
jesse_Not to mention throwing common sense out of the window :>09:59
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brian|lfsI was trying to turn my ram speed up10:06
brian|lfsI was running at 1333 and my ram is 1800mhz10:06
brian|lfsbrb again10:06
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux10:24 seems there is a typo in Pkgfile for opt/firefox.10:27
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tilmanjesse_: hopefully romster will come back soon, so that i can enjoy the 2nd round10:54
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jesse_tilman: it is tough to hold your breath since some people have seemingly limited volition and remove themselves.11:18
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thrice`hm, looks like the person who opened the FF bug did a backwards diff :)11:45
tilmanoh, new firefox?11:47
thrice`sh, don't get me started on firefox; I don't build it properly11:47
treachheh, it's not you who shouldn't get started. ;)11:48
thrice`hey, he called me a moron11:49
thrice`or was that at you ?11:49
treachIt was me.11:49
thrice`oh, I left because I thought it was directed my way11:49
treachAnd then he had the gall to accuse me of stiring shit up when I objected to it!11:49
treachdamn fucking idiot!11:49
* thrice` shrugs11:50
jesse_oh those poor source-only purists...11:51
jesse_What might be next? A deep-rooted carving between FSF and opensource loyalists? :D11:59
thrice`the horror :D12:00
treachGNU/EMACS vs x-emacs, and vimmers on the sideline cheering on both. :>12:01
jesse_down with non-free! zomg, the horrors.12:01
treachwe've already been though that GNU/CRUX thing, so I guess we could prepair for a rematch on that as well. :>12:02
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limpiohi, is there an option to automatically configure DHCP?12:02
limpioduring the installation, that is.12:03
tilmani think it's in the faq in the crux handbook12:03
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limpiook, thx12:03
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thrice`limpio: nope; just load your module, and the interface should become available12:03
tilmannot sure dhcpcd is on the iso12:03
treachtilman: it is12:03
thrice`it is12:03
jesse_automatize the automatic hmm.12:03
thrice`i use it during every install to grab a new kernel source :)12:04
treachjesse_: I'm sure he meant loading the driver module and calling dhcpcd12:04
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cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox: Fix typo pertaining to ldflags patch.13:03
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tilmanpredatorfreak: can you close the bug too? if you haven't already, i don't have a browser open atm13:22
predatorfreaktilman: I don't have that power for some reason.13:22
tilmanpredatorfreak: in any case, you should ask simone to do pf->privileges++ on flyspray, it says you're a lowly reporter13:22
predatorfreakI can only request closure.13:22
tilmanyou should be 'developer'13:23
predatorfreakWoo, I'm a developer!13:23
* predatorfreak queue's DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS13:23
tilmanpredatorfreak: so opt/firefox does the new ziomg-optimized build, right?13:24
predatorfreaktilman: Basically, yeah.13:24
predatorfreakI wouldn't call it zomg optimised, just improved.13:24
tilmanwill try it tomorrow13:24
predatorfreakzomg optimised will come with 3.0 and my xulrunner change.13:24
tilmanthrice` reported some build issues, but i don't know the details13:24
predatorfreakWell the exact same changes were tested by I don't know how many folks on the ML13:25
predatorfreakand I fixed the core problems that got reported there...13:25
tilmanyes, thrice`'s problem might be entirely unrelated13:25
tilmanjust figured i'd hilight him so he has a chance to talk to you if need be13:26
predatorfreakthrice`: Start bitching before I get bored with firefox and move onto fucking up other things :D13:27
thrice`sorry, back.  it was not me who had build problems, since I use binary (though that's another long story :-) )  I just noticed the bug on flyspray13:34
tilmanoops, i misunderstood then13:35
thrice`I mentioned that I just use moz's binary, and romster got upset and recommended switching to a binary-only distro13:35
thrice`long story :013:36
thrice`the only FF build issue I have is that it's slow, and my processor sucks (though I think the two are related ;)13:37
thrice`dunno what romster's issue was o.O13:39
predatorfreakthrice`: Go switch to a binary distro you lazy bum!13:39
thrice`treach too13:39
atealthaI just discovered that prt-get uses the ports you specify and not some central repo, kudos on that13:39
tilmanatealtha: i'll forward the kudos to cptn when he's here the next time ;)13:40
predatorfreakTreach builds firefox 3.13:40
predatorfreakLast I checked.13:40
tilmanenough with that already13:40
tilmanromster just lost it13:40
tilmanand started insulting people because they used binary packages13:41
thrice`no, wasn't trying to start anything.  just clearing up that I have no issues with firefox, as suggested13:41
tilmanyeah, i got it :)13:41
predatorfreakI'm only playing anyway.13:41
thrice`actually, out of curiosity, isn't mozilla's binary compiled more agressively than our standard flags?13:44
predatorfreakNot really.13:44
predatorfreakThey basically just build it -Os.13:44
predatorfreakdo about:buildconfig13:44
predatorfreakMy firefox 3 fancy stuff reports my xulrunner build options and flags, as it should, but Mozilla don't build like that.13:45
predatorfreakSo you should basically get the fancy mozilla upstream Firefox build shit.13:46
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atealthaI'm trying to pkgmk -d on opt/htop/ but stalls on downloading the tar.gz source file. I can wget fine on my other desktop but this is not working. Any ideas?14:18
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treachhurray, ooo2.4 is here. :p14:21
sepenatealtha, yes, try to ask better14:22
treachapparently you've got some local problem.14:22
atealthahmm lynx wouldn't even go directly to it14:26
treachdoes *ANY* networking er... work?14:27
treachfrom that host?14:27
tilmanmaybe just blame the crappy sourceforge mirror?14:27
atealthaI downloaded it manually with lynx and navigating the site14:27
atealthaI was able to use the exact same url with wget on a different machine14:27
tilmanyou can force your system to use a specific sf mirror by editing /etc/hosts14:27
treachatealtha: that doesn't gurantee *anything*14:28
atealthait was
sepenatealtha, i.e; $ grep dl /etc/hosts14:28
sepen193.1.193.66 dl.sourceforge.net14:28
treach1. Networking on the system you fail to get it from might be broken.14:28
treach2. sourceforge is a round-robin thing, so even if the url is the same you might hit a broken mirror14:28
atealthaI'll probably add a line to the hosts file14:29
treach...(and one frequently does so)14:29
treachSometimes I wonder what percentage of sf mirrors actually works..14:30
treachCan't be significant.14:30
sepenI should use heanet14:30
sepenalso I've my own script for check which is the best mirror for me14:33
sepen$ /devel/sepen/scripts/shell/bestmirror | wgetpaste14:33
sepenYour paste can be seen here:
sepencptn has also a nice script for doing the trick
*** jdolan has quit IRC14:35
atealthaI can expect all core/opt/xorg ports to use
treachthose who are relevant, yes.14:36
tilmani did:14:36
tilman213.203.218.122 dl.sf.net14:36
tilmannot everyone might use the abbreviated ones14:36
sepenatealtha, $ for i in core opt xorg; do grep sourceforge /usr/ports/$i/*/Pkgfile; done14:37
jesse_The xorg repo does not depend much on
treachxorg isn't core ;)14:38
sepentreach, <atealtha> I can expect all core/opt/xorg ports to use
sepenhe asks about not only core14:38
treachah, k.14:38
treachtoo tired to read straight, sorry14:39
jesse_Indeed not, but important for many users.14:39
sepenIm drunked now14:39
treachthat should probably be spelled "drowned" :>14:39
sepenIm afraid to have a lot of bear near me14:39
tilmandrink, drank, drunk14:39
treachtilman: nah, drink, drunk, drowned. :p14:40
tilmandrink, drunk, pissed?14:40
treachheh, that goes too. :P14:40
tilman(BE pissed, not AE pissed)14:40
sependrink drank drunk dronk drenk14:40
tilmandrunk, drowned, pissed, hung over14:40
treachthrice`: I don't think english have that many forms. ;)14:40
sepentwo beer or not two beer14:41
treacheveryone who is both drunk and bored might want to read the saga about ISO ooxml voting procedures. :P14:42
sepenwell, I've partitioned a 1G compac flash card, I copied a minimal installation of crux inside it, which is the best way to install mbr ? extlinux from syslinux ?14:42
sepenany idea?14:42
sepen(I've ext2 partition)14:43
tilmancan't you just install grub there?14:44
sepenhmm sure14:44
sepenbut Im not plained to compile the kernel inside this14:44
sepenmaybe grub is the best choice14:45
sepenI've rescued my old p133 laptop, Im happy14:45
sepen(I've rescued) ??? is that correct?14:46
teKit's not incorrect14:46
sepen'I rescue' sounds better14:47
sepenis a present form but not the present simple14:48
teK+ sounds totally strange14:48
treachyou claim to have done it, so it's in the past.14:48
teKI rescued..14:48
sepenIm a hispaniard14:48
treachdu e hispi14:48
*** pacman has joined #crux14:56
*** pacman has quit IRC14:57
* treach holds up remote14:58
jesse_Congratulations on the bull's eye hit.14:58
treachhehe, let's see how long it lasts. :)14:59
*** Romster has joined #crux15:02
sepenjau Romster15:04
Romsterah good predatorfreak fixed his typo in firefox 2 port. i edited it manualy anyways for that one box that has firefox2 on it.15:07
treachwoups. latest poppler is
tilman * Change glib public api to have a correct naming15:11
tilmani hope that won't break epdfview and raktpdf15:12
teKtilman: can you resolve
tilman88.198.45.137, for your immedate code monkey needs15:17
teK21:16 < CryptoCrack> Gerade aus'm #php-Channel: "21:15 < BrainkillerXL> poar ... nameserver von schlund platt ?!?!"15:17
teK21:16 < CryptoCrack> Tja, da scheint wohl was kaputt zu sein.15:17
treachtilman: afaics, it doesn't break rakt, anyway15:18
treachrather the otherway around.. if it was fast before, it's omfg-fast now. :P15:19
tilmanteK: not sure i've got anything to do with schlund's nameservers15:24
teKyeah I should have stopped stalking15:25
teKbut I thought to have seen schlund hosts your domain15:25
teKnever mind15:25
teKand w3m says Can't load *btw*15:26
teKbut I do NOT care15:26
tilmanthere's no www-subdomain15:26
tilmanmaybe i should add it for the n00bs15:27
teKso what :>15:27
teKfU! I usually try without www as its obsolete immo15:27
teKIIRC, was only available via http://www. for quite some time15:28
treachpredatorfreak: btw, any particular reason you decided to forgo "enable-system-cairo" in your firefox3 port?15:30
Romster resolved fine here15:42
Romstertreach, it requires the new cairo version and that's not in opt yet.15:43
treachshould be soon. :>15:44
Romsterhe said he will when 1.6 is released.15:44
Romsteryeah they are stabel on this snapshot.15:44
Romsterwel i don't see opt updating to 1.5.1215:44
sepentilman, iuuuuuuuuju! running fine with extlinux!15:45
treachforget it. my mind is going blank atm15:45
sepenpretty nice15:45
sepennow its time to configure my pcmcia card15:46
treachnow, all we need is the -x86_64 version. ;)15:46
treachhannes seems to have lost the pedals.15:46
Romsterhttp://www. would only be useful if you had other services like mail. wiki. etc.15:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ndiswrapper: 1.51 -> 1.5216:08
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, I need to stop changing patch names in my personal repo16:13
Romsterwel you could but you gotta change both <<16:16
predatorfreakRomster: I'm just a fruit who likes renaming patches.16:20
sepentilman, which is the minimal tree ports for using startx only? xorg-libx11?16:20
predatorfreakIsn't basically the xorg port just that?16:21
predatorfreakI guess if you wanted total smallness just use xorg-server...16:21
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah while you rename the patch $SRC/... bit but not the part in the source=() array..16:21
sepenpredatorfreak, I need a minimal (space) installation for a embeeded system16:21
tilmansepen: xorg-xinit and xorg-libx1116:22
tilmanxorg-libx11 is client stuff only -- xorg-xinit pulls in the server :)16:22
predatorfreaktilman: With no server how the shit will xorg-init be useful?16:22
tilman(22:22) <@   tilman> xorg-libx11 is client stuff only -- xorg-xinit pulls in  the server :)16:22
*** mrks has quit IRC16:22
predatorfreakYeah, I'm slow.16:22
predatorfreaktilman: Screw you! We don't all type so fast :(16:22
sepenvga-server i.e?16:23
tilmanpredatorfreak: it's okay ;)16:23
predatorfreakRomster: I renamed both in my personal port.16:23
predatorfreakI forgot about the patch -p1 -i BLAH shit16:23
tilmansepen: the server is the thing which talks to your graphics card16:23
sepenyep, so I need it16:23
tilmanyou'll need xorg-xf86-video-vga, or xorg-xf86-video-vesa or something that was actually written for the chip you're using16:24
Romsterpredatorfreak, hmm k, i find it easy to cp my/port/.. /opt/port/16:24
sepenok many thanks tilman16:24
Romsterand overwrite the existing Pkgfile that way you don't mess that up.16:24
predatorfreakRomster: That would be "wrong".16:24
predatorfreakBecause I'd have changed the patch name16:24
predatorfreakfor no apparent reason.16:25
sepenIm going to eat something and return inmediately for trying it16:25
Romsterproviding you copy everything over and git mv the other patch files then copy the new version over if required.16:25
Romsterother than consistancy <<16:25
predatorfreakThe patch didn't change an inch.16:25
predatorfreakI just had it as ldflags from previous hacking on firefox before the same patch entered into opt.16:26
RedShiftThy shalt not steal... because the government hates competition16:27
Romsterthen why not git mv it.. oh well..16:27
Romsteri fail to understand some actions.16:27
predatorfreakRomster: firefox-2.0-ldflags.patch is a more proper name.16:28
predatorfreakldflags.patch is kind-of vague.16:28
predatorfreakFine for a personal repo, not so for opt.16:28
Romsterbut it is in the /firefox/ directory gasp..16:28
predatorfreakRomster: The unspoken policy is most patches should at least be $pkgname-BLAH.patch/diff16:29
RedShifttreach: damn :(16:29
predatorfreakPreferably $pkgname-$version-BLAH.patch if it's tied to a specific version.16:29
Romsterpredatorfreak, hmm k i didn't see it listed in the requirments but i'll take your word for it.16:30
Romsteryeah i do that for a spefic version.16:30
predatorfreakRomster: Look at all the ports in opt/core.16:30
predatorfreakGenerally, they use that naming format.16:30
predatorfreakRomster: That's what I meant by unspoken policy ;)16:32
predatorfreakGenerally followed, seems to be the norm, not noted formally anywhere16:32
*** jdolan has joined #crux16:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan16:41
*** atealtha has left #crux16:42
*** RedShift- has joined #crux16:46
*** RedShift- has joined #crux16:46
*** RedShift- has quit IRC16:49
*** RedShift- has joined #crux16:53
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:58
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:02
*** RedShift- has quit IRC17:07
*** RedShift has joined #crux17:08
sepenare really required libdrm and mesa3d for running xorg-video-vesa?17:15
predatorfreaksepen: I would say it's more likely that the xorg server requires them17:18
predatorfreakand not the video driver.17:18
tilmangreater good for the common case17:18
tilmansue me :P17:18
*** errdil has joined #crux17:18
tilmansepen: opengl will run SLOWLY on -vesa, as there's no hardware support17:19
tilmanthe drm dep is bogus in that case17:19
Romstersometiems wonder if i even need mesa3d when i got nvidia binary.17:20
Romsterbut i leave it there anyways.17:20
tilmanUse Free Drivers Or Die17:21
Romsteri would if they provided 3d acceleration.17:22
sepenhandbook says ....avoiding cluttering the filesystem with files you'll never us....  Im thinking in the case I never will use opengl17:22
Romsterxorg-video-nvidia is only good for 2d17:22
predatorfreak-nvidia +nv17:23
predatorfreakand it's 2D acceleration is gimped too.17:23
Romsteroh yeah nv/nvidia17:23
predatorfreakIt's slower than the binary drivers.17:23
Romsteryeah it's only got some 2D17:23
predatorfreakThe saving grace is that it has XV support <_<17:23
tilmansepen: yesyes, it's a compromise i made17:23
predatorfreakBut honestly, I'd just install the nvidia driver.17:24
Romsterjust wish it would improve.17:24
predatorfreakUnless it was some horribly old chipset that they dropped.17:24
predatorfreakIn which case, yeah, to avoid the annoyance of the legacy driver, I'd use the nv driver.17:24
sepentilman, so in this case, are there a lot of 'common case' deps for building a minimal x oriented desktop and minimal?17:24
Romsteri'm on the nvidia binary driver works fine so tilman as soon as xorg-video-nv supports 3D i'll change to it.17:25
predatorfreaksepen: 99% of people running CRUX would want OpenGL.17:25
tilmanxorg-video-nv will probably never support 3d or anything sane17:25
predatorfreakRomster: nv probably won't ever support it.17:25
sepenpredatorfreak, Im not disaccording with this17:25
tilmannvidia cripples it for a reason ;)17:25
Romstercrap :/17:25
tilmannouveau is what you want to put your money on17:25
predatorfreakAFAIK, Nouveau are the only ones working on it.17:25
predatorfreakBut they're still a LONG ways off from anything usable on all hardware.17:25
predatorfreak6*00 series works pretty well, but everything else is in varying states of usefulness.17:26
Romsterhmm haven't seen Nouveau before googled it.17:26
predatorfreak"Currently, there is 2D-support, and a very limited 3D support for extremely lucky developers. Yes, this statement has not changed for a long time, and yes, it is still valid."17:27
Romsteri'd go and get a ATI card right nwo if it had full 3D support on opensource drivers <<17:27
sepentilman, so after install xorg-libx11 which is the next port if I don't want to install all 'common case' ports but I want to run startx?17:27
tilmanxorg-xinit contains startx17:27
Romstersepen, try it if it complains of a missing lib install it.17:27
* tilman heads off to bed17:27
predatorfreakRomster: I wouldn't, I use my card for games.17:27
sepen$ prt-get deptree xorg-xinit | grep libdrm17:27
sepen[i]       libdrm17:27
Romsterg'night tilman17:27
tilmansepen: yes, because xorg-xinit depends on xorg-server17:28
tilmanxorg-server depends on drm atm17:28
Romsterpredatorfreak, i do sometimes game too.17:28
tilmanbecause xorg-server really wants to build DRI support17:28
predatorfreakSo I need a decent card and the best ones at the current prices of hardware are NVIDIA.17:28
predatorfreakAll around.17:28
sepenwell thank at all and night17:28
tilmanalso note that soon the drm will contain mode setting code17:28
predatorfreak9600GT and 8800GT are fucking awesome cards.17:28
tilmanso drm will soon not only be used for direct rendering and fast exa acceleration stuffs17:28
Romsterpredatorfreak, that's why this card i have now is a nvidia.17:28
tilmanand really... virtually noone uses -vesa or -vga17:29
tilmani bet it's < 10 crux users :P17:29
Romsterso drm will take over.17:29
sepentilman, thanks for your patience today17:29
Romsteri dunno if it's jsut me but libdrm gives me chills of the DRM encryption everytime i see it..17:30
Romsterinfact anything that says 'drm' does.17:30
predatorfreakRomster: I should change my nick to "drmfreak"17:31
predatorfreakThen I can be like "What? Direct Rendering Manager."17:31
predatorfreakWell, technically direct rendering modules.17:32
predatorfreakBut whatever.17:32
*** joacim has quit IRC17:40
*** maxus has quit IRC18:01
*** RedShift has quit IRC18:36
nipuLugh, nmap won't compile with ccache stupid18:40
treachnipuL: did you see the new poppler?18:41
nipuLis 0.8 out?18:41
treachno ill effects detected so far. :)18:41
nipuLmust be hot off the press, i just did a ck4up the other day18:41
treachmmh, the 26th I think the site said18:42
nipuLi was holding off on the 0.7 releases, i'll bump the version now18:44
*** jtnl has joined #crux18:45
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:46
cruxbot[opt.git]: poppler: updated to 0.8.018:51
*** jtnl has quit IRC18:54
*** errdil has quit IRC19:07
Romsterpredatorfreak, i see another error if firefox ... #MAKEFLAGS noticed it looking though my email..19:21
predatorfreakRomster: Should be right.19:22
predatorfreakmk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS="#MAKEFLAGS#"19:22
predatorfreakexcept the damn idioticness of the sed.19:22
predatorfreakClarify more next time!19:23
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux19:23
Romsternope it's missing a #19:23
Romstersorry it's the sed line..19:24
predatorfreakRomster: Clarify more next time! :P19:24
*** treach has quit IRC19:25
cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox: Fix MAKEFLAGS sed line, which is required because Mozilla's buildsystem doesn't like obeying standard conventions...19:25
predatorfreakRomster: Thar.19:26
Romsteri only noticed it from the emails if t wasn't for that i wouldn't of seen that.19:28
predatorfreakRomster: All I can say is.19:28
predatorfreakMozilla need to fix their bloody build system so I can stop doing brute-force hacks on it.19:28
Romsteryeah if they ever did.19:28
predatorfreakThe world would likely end?19:29
Romsteroh and your darn server needs fixing it forces gz encoding all the time...19:31
Romstereven a http sync gets gziped files...19:32
Romsteror more to the point httpup should support gunzip19:32
predatorfreakIt shouldn't force it unless the client says it supports it..19:39
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC19:40
predatorfreakRomster: Doesn't give me gzipped files....19:40
Romsterstrange the Pkgfile came back as gziped19:40
predatorfreakhttpup copy worked here :\19:41
Romsterbut the dot files didn't get gziped19:41
predatorfreakWhich port?19:41
Romstertry httpup sync19:41
predatorfreakWhich port?19:41
Romsteryour yasm one19:41
predatorfreakhttpup sync works fine19:42
Romster$ httpup sync yasm19:42
Romster$ file yasm/Pkgfile19:42
Romsteryasm/Pkgfile: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Tue Mar 25 11:04:04 200819:42
Romstermaybe my squid server is doing that...19:43
predatorfreakyasm/Pkgfile: ASCII English text19:43
predatorfreakFix your squid!19:43
predatorfreakor make calamari out of it.19:43
*** jmvr has joined #crux19:44
Romsterwell that is funky i do nto have any config option to force content encoding.19:55
predatorfreakRomster: Try disabling squid and seeing if the problem persists?19:55
predatorfreakMaybe it's a legitimate squid bug?19:55
Romsterdunno i'm digging around.19:58
*** drijen has quit IRC20:18
Romsterno mater what i try i get gziped and it's not my squid proxy...20:27
predatorfreakRomster: ISP?20:31
predatorfreakI dunno.20:31
predatorfreakMy server gives me a straight ungzipped file.20:32
Romsterno idea and i haven't noticed any other sites do that.20:33
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gsasl: Initial commit20:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libzrtpcpp: Updated version 0.9.2 -> 1.0.020:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: linux-pam: Updated version ->
cruxbot[contrib.git]: nss_ldap: Initial commit20:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wv: Initial commit20:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libwmf: Initial commit20:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dietlibc: Updated version 0.30 -> 0.3120:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: bluez-utils: Initial commit20:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: bluez-libs: Initial commit20:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: aspell-es: Initial commit20:37
Romsteri'm over it just use zcat20:41
Romsterupdate flood20:41
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC20:48
predatorfreakRomster: Well as I understand it, Australian ISPs cache quite aggressively.20:54
predatorfreakSo maybe your ISP's cache fucked up and stored the file gzipped.20:54
predatorfreakWhen it shouldn't have?20:55
*** atealtha has joined #crux20:55
atealthaI detached my wacom because install CD was giving me kernel panics, but I'm still getting them20:58
atealthaa bunch of 'cp: cannot create '/newroot/dev/...': No such file or directory' errors20:58
Romsterpredatorfreak, could be there is a squid in melbourne too.20:59
Romsterbut dosn't explain why not all files come in gziped21:00
predatorfreakRomster: Bug? Temporary fuck-up?21:00
Romsteri can reproduce it..21:00
predatorfreakRomster: if it's cached that way21:00
Romsterand in my safe-build chroot too.21:00
predatorfreakObviously you'll reproduce it.21:00
predatorfreakuntil they recache it.21:00
predatorfreakDuh :D21:00
Romsterthat could be it but i bypassed my squid.21:00
predatorfreakRomster: That's why I said your ISPs cache.21:01
Romsterso it's either the melbourne one or something.21:01
predatorfreakBecause I can confirm httpup sync works perfectly without any sort of proxy cache in the middle21:01
Romsterguess it arn't my problem just anoyes me.21:02
predatorfreakTell the Australians to lobby for more lines :P21:02
Romsterbut i think i'll write a patch for httpup to detect gzip and decompress it.21:02
predatorfreakMore bandwidth, less need to cache.21:02
atealthaanyone know what my error is about? searching came up with nothing21:03
predatorfreakI haven't encountered a single ISP in my area that caches yet.21:03
Romsteri don't mind a cache for pictures and files but for goodness sake... forcing gzip21:03
predatorfreakatealtha: Don't own a wacom.21:03
predatorfreakCan't help.21:03
atealthapredatorfreak: I detached my wacom, still get the error21:03
predatorfreakBut anything putting files in "/newroot" is fucking insane.21:03
Romsteratealtha, sorry might get help in #linuxhelp21:03
atealthathis is before I can do ANYTHING with the install CD21:04
predatorfreakRomster: Well, maybe they ain't forcing it.21:04
predatorfreakBut maybe they're still fucking up.21:04
atealthawhich is why I'm asking here21:04
predatorfreakatealtha: CRUX didn't magically rape the CD, if that's what you're implying.21:04
Romsteratealtha, grab jaeger's updated iso?21:04
predatorfreakNeither of us own a wacom, so it's unlikely we'll be helpful.21:04
atealthapredatorfreak: well I would like some help if possible, maybe it was brought up here or something21:04
Romsterfind out what kernel module it requires.21:05
atealthaguys, the wacom is not connected21:05
atealthaI mentioned it because you guys suggested it before21:05
atealthato detach it21:05
predatorfreakTBH, the best I can give you is "you probably have a fucked up CD or it failed to make a ramdisk or someshit."21:06
Romsterso what is the real issue can't detect your hard disk controler?21:06
atealthaI tried two21:06
atealthawhere can I get the updated iso?21:06
predatorfreakWell, try jaeger's ISO, I dunno.21:06
predatorfreakI never encountered that with the formal CRUX ISO, but whatever21:07
Romsterupdated iso on the right hand side21:07
Romsterif that works or not find out what module you need to load/compile21:07
Romsterand report back so the iso can be fixed.21:07
atealthaI just have a usb keyboard and mouse21:08
Romsteralready has usb support21:08
predatorfreakHoly fucking Jesus.21:14
predatorfreakMy server had 1GB of old distfiles on it O.O21:15
sepenhmmmm ..... could not open default font 'fixed' ....21:18
sependoing a minimal installation of xorg port by port21:19
sepenalso with /etc/rc.fix21:19
predatorfreakYou probably don't have the needed fonts.21:20
sepenyeah, but which is the correct?21:20
predatorfreakmisc package21:20
sepen  # prt-get depinst xorg-font-xfree86-type121:20
sepen  # prt-get depinst xorg-font-bh-75dpi21:20
sepen  # prt-get depinst xorg-font-util21:20
sepen  # prt-get depinst xorg-font-alias21:20
sepenthey are installed21:21
*** pacman has joined #crux21:21
predatorfreakpacman: Go back to #archlinux, you non-ports/prt-get package manager!21:21
predatorfreakWe dun take too kindly to you Arch package managers 'round these parts!21:22
* Romster sends off eny meany miny and mo to eat pacman 21:26
Romsterunless he finds a power up he's stuffed <<21:27
atealthathe updated ISO works! thanks again21:37
*** Toshi has quit IRC21:39
*** jmvr has left #crux21:40
Romsteratealtha, k so can you identify what modules you needed for the device21:58
atealthaRomster: well I couldn't lsmod on the faulty disc so nothing to compare it to21:59
jaegerif you boot with the good one and run 'lspci -k' that'll list the modules in use21:59
jaeger(by your devices)22:00
Romsterjaeger, oh neat..22:00
Romsteralways used lsmod.22:00
jaegerboth are useful, lspci just gives a bit more info in this case22:01
Romsterah can tell ya what it's for easier.22:01
*** pacman has quit IRC22:03
*** pacman has joined #crux22:04
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC22:05
*** Pip has joined #crux22:09
*** pacman is now known as yaourt22:13
*** yaourt is now known as pacman22:14
jaegerI think I've been downloading from for 35 minutes now22:16
Romsterwhat the...22:16
pacmanDing! jaeger wins a cookie.22:17
Romsteri arn't that loaded.22:17
pacmanSlowest download evar22:17
jaegerI had my mirror set wrong22:17
Romstermeh i need a decent net conection or a host...22:17
Romsteri can do 12kb/s out.22:17
jaegerdbus-glib doesn't want to build in fakeroot, that's annoying22:18
jaegerslows down my gnome builds :P22:18
* Romster trys22:19
thrice`jaeger: nope; needs something in /usr/sbin22:19
jaegerdbus daemon isn't invoked with a path22:19
pacmanRomster: the best i've been able to do is 50 kb/s out give or take 10 kb22:20
Romsterdbus-daemon hmm looking in Makefile22:24
*** pwUREs has quit IRC22:48
*** atealtha has left #crux22:59
*** pacman has quit IRC23:25
*** pacman has joined #crux23:26
Romsterjaeger, sed -i -e "s|dbus-daemon --introspect|/usr/sbin/dbus-daemon --introspect|" tools/Makefile23:29
Romstershould get that part patched out and run in a post-install script.23:29
pacmanwhy not in the actual install into the package?23:32
jaegerI fixed it right after I mentioned it23:32
Romstereh k23:33
Romsteri chased vars around and got no where...23:34
pacmanRomster: actually you did, you chase them around in circles, and got back to where you started. :o23:51
Romsterah well not the first time i've done that.23:52

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