IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-03-28

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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)02:36
teKhi there02:36
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cruxbot[opt.git]: whois: update to 4.7.2503:16
cruxbot[opt.git]: dropbear: update to 0.5103:16
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nipuLeek dropbear!05:05
nipuLbest name for a software project ever05:06
* tilman reads up on drop bears05:11
RomsterSmall and secure SSH2 server and client05:11
Romsterbut we alredy have sshd...05:12
tilmani meant the animal...05:14
RedShiftlinux doesn't compile against gcc 4.3 :(05:16
Romstertilman, oh <<05:19
Romsterah well they'll find the bug i guess.05:19
Romsterwhat kernel version did you try the 25rc7?05:20
nipuLtilman: they are a carnivorous koala that drops out of trees and eats unsuspecting tourists05:20
tilmannipuL: yes, i read the wikipedia article :D05:21
Romstera what O_o05:22
Rotwangdont go to australia :D05:22
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tilmanRomster: so are you the only australian who doesn't know drop bears?05:25
tilmanmorning jue05:25
Romstereh it's been a long time05:26
juehi tilman05:26
Romsternot really important.05:26
Romsternot once have i been around one.05:26
tilmanuh, n/m05:26
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RedShiftRomster: no,
RedShiftthere's a patch available though05:34
RedShiftits just some include missing05:34
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sepenyou're amstrad?07:22
tilmanteK: *that* is why i leave work at sane times and you don't :D07:41
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M0E-lnxhi guys... quick question... is prt-get the same thing as running ports -u?07:55
M0E-lnxI mean prt-get sysup07:55
M0E-lnxdoes prt-get get the information from ports -u?07:56
aonyou need to run ports -u before prt-get sysup so that you have up-to-date ports before upgrading07:56
M0E-lnxahh.. so prt-get will *install* upgraded versions of packages, rather than simply updating the ports list?07:57
aonor well, build and install them07:57
aonbut it won't update your ports tree before that07:57
aonso that's what you need ports -u for07:57
M0E-lnxtrying to learn how prt-get works08:03
M0E-lnxcompared to pkgmk08:03
* mwansa thought prt-get was a frontend to pkgmk ..08:06
M0E-lnxthey're both CLI apps afaik08:07
aonyes, it automates the tasks you can do with pkgmk08:07
aonie. dependency handling and such08:07
M0E-lnxok.. then yes.08:09
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M0E-lnxaon: for a port to build deps, how does prt-get know which deps to build?08:13
M0E-lnxare these listed in the Pkgfile?08:13
M0E-lnxdoes it read the "Depends" line?08:13
aonas you can see if you look at one08:13
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M0E-lnxbut de Depends line doesn't list versions right?08:14
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aonno.. why would it?08:14
M0E-lnxso it would just build whichever version is available?08:14
aonsince updates are tested with an up-to-date tree before they're put into the tree08:15
aon(usually :)08:15
M0E-lnxand what if for instance xchat depends on gtk+-2.0.10 or greatet... but the version available is older than that?08:15
aonhow would it be?08:15
tilmanvista-capable lawsuit o_O08:16
aonM0E-lnx: we have some version of gtk in the tree, the xchat maintainer builds it with that one08:17
tilmanM0E-lnx: as aon said, ports assume that the latest version of the ports is installed08:17
tilmanopt/xchat tracks opt/gtk eg08:17
aonif a gtk upgrade breaks xchat it's notified about and fixed08:17
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sepenwhich is the fist step for being familiarized with pcmcia installation? I never used ago10:16
sepenohh yes10:17
sepenmy english sucks10:17
treachwell, you managed to put that correctly. :P10:17
sepenseems pcmcia-cs is deprecated10:17
mrkssepen: just activate the pccard options + your driver(s) and you should be ready to go10:34
sepen'pccard options' for each module you mean?10:35
mrksno, generic pccard/pcmcia support10:36
sepenoh ok10:36
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cruxbot[opt.git]: openoffice: updated to 2.4.010:55
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j^2woot updated oo!11:40
j^2thxn cruxbot11:40
j^2thx i mean11:40
treachI don't think he cares.11:44
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teKtilman: hehe12:07
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sepenbt::Font: couldn't load Xft0 'Bitstream Vera Sans-9'13:41
sepenblackbox: XftFont* bt::FontCache::findXftFont(const std::string&, unsigned int): Assertion `ret != __null' failed.13:41
sepenany idea?13:41
thrice`predatorfreak: I ran into the same snag as jaeger; dbus-glib needs /usr/sbin in path to build (ie, won't work from sudo)13:42
tilmanjue mailed him about it already13:43
thrice`ah, sorry13:43
tilmanyou couldn't know :P13:43
tilmanpredatorfreak: btw, does that mean you don't use fakeroot to build your stuff?? :)13:44
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M0E-lnxhey guys, I'm having a problem here13:58
M0E-lnxprt-get is not installing stuff13:59
M0E-lnxfirst lemme say it clearly.. this is not crux... i'm trying to make vectorlinux use prt-get13:59
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Rotwangwhats the point of that?13:59
jaegerdid you make sure pkgutils worked already?13:59
M0E-lnxERROR: File not found: irssi#0.8.12-1.pkg.tar.gz13:59
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M0E-lnxjaeger: pkgutils?14:00
treachpkgmk etc14:00
M0E-lnxahh.. that works14:00
M0E-lnxpkgmk works14:00
M0E-lnxthe ports build and stuff14:00
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M0E-lnxI can install them using pkgmk -d -i <port_14:01
M0E-lnxbut prt-get install <port> wont do it14:01
M0E-lnxit's looking for a .pkg.tar.gz file14:01
M0E-lnxany idea what this file is or should be?14:01
treachdoes the package exist?14:01
M0E-lnxbut not as a .pkg.tar.gz14:01
M0E-lnxit exists as a .tlz14:02
thrice`you can see what it's trying to install14:02
M0E-lnxwe use lzma compression14:02
treachmmh? pkg{mk,add} doesn't support lzma afaik.14:02
treachyet translates as "doesn't"14:03
thrice`yep - you might have to patch it14:03
M0E-lnxwell, I'm trying to modify this stuff to make it work, so I modified the stuff to make it build an lzma package14:03
treachafaik - correct me if I'm wrong - prt-get only calls pkgmk, pkgadd and friends.14:04
tilmando you use our pkgadd on vectorlinux?14:04
M0E-lnxno.. we use installpkg14:04
M0E-lnxso I modified /etc/prt-get.conf to use installpkg instead14:05
M0E-lnxbut it's giviing me that error14:05
M0E-lnxare crux's packages in .pkg.tar.gz format?14:05
M0E-lnxor .tgz?14:05
thrice`.tgz *is* a .tar.gz14:05
jaegerprt-get and pkgutils expect .pkg.tar.gz filenames, though, not .tgz14:06
treachpkg.tar.gz is only a name used to distinguish it from a source tarball.14:06
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M0E-lnxso I'd have to patch prt-get then14:07
M0E-lnxpkgutils is already patched14:07
M0E-lnxwait.. just for testing purposes..14:08
M0E-lnxit *should* work if i rename a .tgz package to .pkg.tar.gz right?14:08
tilmanin doubt, UTSL :D14:09
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M0E-lnxnope.. not doing it14:11
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jaegerhrmm... the poppler update broke the evince build14:31
* jaeger looks for a patch14:31
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thrice`or just use raktpdf :-)14:34
tilmanor epdfview14:34
tilmanthen again, i didn't try to recompile epdfview14:35
thrice`sh, i'm trying to convert people14:35
tilmani'm not sure i like that much ;)14:35
tilmanthey will just be disappointed14:35
tilmanand think i'm lame for publishing such crap :p14:35
tilmanepdfview still builds.14:35
treachwell, maybe someone sends in a patch or two. :p14:35
thrice`I noticed it wasn't advertized on your site much14:35
tilmani didn't really consider it release-worty14:36
tilmanbut maybe i will ...14:36
treachand it's not lame afaik. It's pretty much a prefect example of a unix tool. :P14:36
tilmanhaha, i didn't even update poppler yet14:36
treach"Do one thing, and do it well."14:36
tilman"well". deptable.14:36
treachno. It shows pdfs just fine, and quickly too.14:37
treachIt doesn't crash either.14:37
M0E-lnxpartial success:..14:37
tilmanfine fine14:37
M0E-lnxI've patched it and it now builds and install pacakges14:37
thrice`the only thing I miss is a hand-like click-and-drag14:38
thrice`but, that's bordering $bloat :-)14:38
M0E-lnxbut when I do prt-get depends irssi ... I dont see the package installed14:38
treachpg-up/down and "goto page" would be nice as well.14:38
treachbut that's rarely needed for me anyway.14:38
tilmanthrice`: ack, i'd like that too :D14:39
thrice`I really wish I could code and be able to help with such things14:39
thrice`rather than just bitching and providing nothing useful14:39
treachtesting is useful too. :P14:39
treach(if the developer cares about the program that is. :o) )14:40
tilmantreach: last time i worked on it, i wanted to write a 'page' widget14:40
tilmanie: "Page [x/y]"14:40
tilmanwhere [] would be a textentry/edit14:40
tilmanie like epdfview ;))14:40
treachseems like a good idea14:40
tilmanpgdown/pgup would be easier to implement14:41
treachyou can't lift any code from epdfview?14:41
tilmanit's mostly lazyness14:41
treachyeha, that's why one would nick working code from other projects. :P14:41
tilmani'm even too lazy to nick stuff14:42
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Rotwangay ay! harrrrrrr15:51
jesse_and so the mutiny began... :p15:53
treachajajajajaj jejejejejeje XD15:53
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* treach makes some other random noises15:53
jesse_Someone is clearly in the mutiny spirit xD15:56
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treachmmh, firefox officially lost the plot? ->
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jesse_mv firefox explorer.exe ;)16:05
treachmv explorere.exe /dev/null16:05
treachugh, oh well16:06
Rotwangcat /dev/urandom > explorer.exe16:06
treachahem, cat /dev/romster explorer.exe :p16:06
treach+ >16:07
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jesse_"make the browser more intelligent" This does not sound good at all.16:20
jesse_If it means ms office intelligence, no thanks.16:20
jesse_Next thing you know, mozilla will throw in a clippy equivalent. :D16:21
tilmanwebkit to the rescue16:27
rehabdolli bought a "get firefox" t-shirt pre 1.0.. i feel dirty wearing it :(16:34
tilmanthat's quote-worthy ;)16:36
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mwansaerr something wrong with sourceforge..17:02
mwansaim sick of retreiving packages manually17:03
* jaeger shakes his fist at poppler and evince17:07
treachmake that "evince" :)17:08
jaegerNo, I meant what I said17:08
tilmanjaeger: you checked evince svn trunk for a patch, right?17:08
treachwell, no other application has been broken by the poppler update afaik.17:08
jaegeryeah, I'm checking the evince svn17:09
jaegerViewVC annoys me17:11
predatorfreaktilman: I do.18:04
predatorfreakthrice`: For some reason, it builds fine for me..18:04
predatorfreakthrice`: If you're around.18:07
predatorfreakWhat's your /etc/profile look like?18:07
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predatorfreakWell, I can reproduce it now.18:09
predatorfreakApparently my normal user has /usr/sbin available in path..18:10
tilmanit shouldn't18:12
predatorfreakThar, fixed that18:19
cruxbot[opt.git]: dbus-glib: Add /usr/sbin to path, this fixes the reported build issues but doesn't require a patch.18:22
predatorfreaktilman: I'd rather do export PATH="$PATH:/usr/sbin" than add a formal patch to dbus-glib like jue suggested...18:23
predatorfreakSeems rather excessive for something so simple.18:23
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predatorfreaktilman: Jue didn't really clarify on exactly what the shit was going on with dbus-glib.18:28
predatorfreakHe just kind-of said "oh hey it's broke with fakeroot you should readd the patch from the previous version".18:28
tilmani guess he thought it was obvious from the patch that you removed18:29
predatorfreaktilman: I figured it was an old, crusty patch.18:29
predatorfreakand didn't look at it when dbus-glib build fine.18:29
Romsterpredatorfreak, sed -i -e "s|dbus-daemon --introspect|/usr/sbin/dbus-daemon --introspect|" tools/Makefile18:29
predatorfreakI just removed it.18:29
Romsterthat fixed it18:29
predatorfreakRomster: export PATH="$PATH:/usr/sbin" fixed it too.18:29
Romsterprobablly a bettter way though18:29
predatorfreakBoth work.18:30
Romsteror that if you prefer18:30
predatorfreakSo it doesn't really matter which one I use.18:30
predatorfreak-build +built*18:30
predatorfreaktilman: Obviously, when things build fine, you don't expect that you should need a patch :D18:31
* predatorfreak fixed his environment though18:31
Romsterwtf firefox4...18:31
treachmore like "Whalefox"18:32
predatorfreakWhalefox, we're a fucking Sperm Whale.18:33
predatorfreak"Early examples of this intelligence include the "awesome bar," which is what Mozilla calls the new smart address bar in Firefox 3."18:39
predatorfreakIf that is ANY example of the "intelligence" of Firefox.18:39
predatorfreakIt can go take a freaking hike.18:39
predatorfreakI outright disabled that "intelligence" because it was downright annoying.18:40
predatorfreakThanks a lot Firefox, but I know the fucking site I want to go too.18:40
treachpredatorfreak: oh, you disabled it, where, how!?18:43
joacimSafari does everything i need18:43
joacimdisabled flash, and block ads thru my firewall =)18:44
predatorfreaktreach: browser.urlbar.maxRichResults in about:config18:44
predatorfreakSet that to 018:44
predatorfreakWhole thing's totally disabled.18:44
treachahah, great thanks18:44
predatorfreakOptionally, if all you want is to disable the smartness18:44
predatorfreakchange browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped to false18:44
predatorfreakerr true*18:44
predatorfreakdefault is false.18:44
treachno, I just want the fucking thing dead.18:45
predatorfreakFirst option then :D18:46
treachyeah. I got it.18:47
Romstermwansa, add a line to /etc/hosts ""18:47
jkrIs there already a FF3 port?18:47
predatorfreakjkr: See mailing list.18:48
predatorfreakIf you're too lazy for that.18:48
predatorfreakhttpup copy
jkrYou mean all those FF optimization mails?18:49
jkrI thought that's about FF218:49
*** Calidore has left #crux18:49
predatorfreakNo, I sent one explicitly about firefox 318:50
predatorfreakwith the title of "Firefox 3 repo"18:50
predatorfreakor someshit like that18:50
jkrOh :)18:50
predatorfreakYeah, "Announce: Firefox 3.0 repo"18:51
jkrThat URL gives me a 404, anyway18:51
predatorfreakI'm forgetting my own urls18:51
predatorfreakhttpup copy
predatorfreakPlus I typo'd18:52
jkrIt probably means "firefox" :)18:52
predatorfreakYeah :D18:52
jkrTook some time for me to realize too :)18:53
predatorfreakEssentially, when 3.0 official rolls around.18:53
predatorfreakI'm going to split the traditional Gecko-and-XUL bits out into xulrunner.18:53
predatorfreakand Firefox as "just Firefox"18:53
predatorfreakLike in that repo.18:53
predatorfreakHopefully, when a Thunderbird rolls around that supports it, sip will follow suit.18:54
predatorfreakBut I'll be sure to throw him an e-mail when I see a proper Thunderbird 3.0 or whatever rolling around18:54
jkrWho needs Thunderbird anyway? :D18:54
predatorfreakWhoever the shit uses it.18:55
predatorfreakI moved to claws-mail forever ago18:55
jkrI'm stuck with mutt18:55
treachI *stick* to mutt.18:56
jkrI recently realized that muttng is discontinued since 2006 :(18:57
predatorfreakmutt-ng? :P18:57
predatorfreaktreach: Yes, simone.18:57
jkrHowever, looks like all the good stuff it had was put into the old mutt :)18:57
jkrpredatorfreak: FF3 depends on Python?19:06
predatorfreakjkr: It depends on dbus.19:07
predatorfreakor so I've heard.19:07
predatorfreakBut not python.19:07
predatorfreakIt does need sqlite though19:08
predatorfreakIt has both dbus-glib and sqlite3 listed as deps though19:08
jkrdbus doesn't need Python19:08
jkrsqlite3 works fine without Python too19:08
predatorfreakprt-get deptree firefox | grep python19:11
predatorfreakreturns nothing19:11
predatorfreakSo where are you getting your it-requires-python from?19:11
jkrchecking for python... no19:12
jkrconfigure: error: python was not found in $PATH19:12
jkrThen it dies19:12
predatorfreakWhat package?19:12
predatorfreakLemme fix that19:13
Romsteri got python installed so i didn't see that <<19:18
predatorfreakRomster: Pull out your safebuild more! :P19:19
Romstereh i guess i should..19:19
Romsteri only use it when i build my stuff19:19
Romsterfor new ports.19:19
Romsterand i got a man page for safebuild nearly complete too.19:20
jkrpredatorfreak: Still the same error19:24
* Romster builds it in my safebuild19:27
*** RedShift has quit IRC19:32
predatorfreakOh god-damn mozilla.19:41
predatorfreakThey make python support optional.19:42
predatorfreakBut they force the configure script to accept it.19:42
jaegerso where are the webkit ports? :P19:42
jkrI'm not sure if this is mozilla only, I've seen this in configure scripts of other, completely unrelated ports too19:42
treachjaeger: in /usr/ports/predatorfreak :)19:43
predatorfreakjkr: Well, yes.19:43
predatorfreakBut mozilla do stupid fucking shit like this the most19:44
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC19:44
Romsterpredatorfreak, seems python is required19:44
predatorfreakNot really.19:45
predatorfreakYou can disable all the extensions which need it.19:45
predatorfreakThey just don't like accepting that.19:45
Romsterso the configure needs a fix to make it optional.19:46
*** Rotwang has quit IRC19:46
Romster2personalyl i use python.19:46
Romsterugh what sort of typing was that..19:46
predatorfreakThat's what kind it was19:47
treachromstertyping, no doubt.19:47
predatorfreaktreach: You mean romst4a4545rty1png19:48
treachwell, note that "romster" is only one character away from "monster". :P19:48
Romsternote my new email address <<19:50
treachwhat? ""?19:50, romster was taken so i needed a new email account name *shrugs*19:50
Romstertreach, hah19:51
Romsterwell that wouldn't be a bad dns name actually..19:51
Romsterbesides being a curse word.19:51 would work though19:51
treachError 407: World Wide Waste19:53
treachUse We don't believe in the www convention here19:53
* predatorfreak adds his "Fuckers" patch to xulrunner19:54
treachhehe, "Optional!? You really belived that? Sucker!"19:55
predatorfreakOh for fucks sake.19:57
predatorfreak.. oh those god-damn bastards19:59
predatorfreakThey require an out-of-date, old-ass god-dang autoconf.19:59
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC20:19
treach"your account has been disabled for excessive cursing"20:25
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux20:26
predatorfreakholy christ my connection just dropped or some kind of magic..20:26
treach02:25 < treach> "your account has been disabled for excessive cursing"20:26
predatorfreaktreach: Really now? :P20:27
predatorfreakWorks fine20:27
treachYou never know ;)20:27
treachyou've gotta think of the children, after all. :p20:27
predatorfreakI think Comcast just did a nosedive20:27
Romstermore like excessive shoulting.20:28
treachah,'ere I was, thinking Comcast *was* a nosedive..20:28
predatorfreakRomster: SCREW YOU MAN!!!20:28
predatorfreaktreach: It is.20:28
predatorfreakBut sometimes more so than others20:28
treachand Romster, it's "shouting".20:28
Romsterdamn it i always add a l20:28
treachI've noticed. :>20:29
* predatorfreak tests patch20:29
predatorfreakoh fucking hell.20:29
*** predatorhawk has joined #crux20:46
treachanother nosedive? :P20:46
predatorhawkFucking asshats.20:46
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC20:47
*** predatorhawk is now known as predatorfreak20:47
predatorfreakoh and Mozilla's build system is more fucked up than ever.20:48
predatorfreakxulrunner needs python to build itself so it can support python...20:48
predatorfreakfucking idiotic.20:48
treachtime to bump webkit? ;)20:48
predatorfreakIt'd probably bork something <_<20:49
Romsterand yet they say python is optional...20:51
treachwell, they claim ff is a lightweigth browser too.20:51
Romsternext they'll say g++ is optional20:51
treachat this point in time I wouldn't trust the ff people too much.20:51
* Romster chokes on that.20:51
Romsterreally makes me wonder what build systems google has.20:52
treachpredatorfreak: btw, your webkit port depends on "freetype2".20:52
treachthe port is actually called "freetype", no more, no less. :)20:53
predatorfreakSorry, followed their deps too literally.20:54
treachno problem, just thougth you should know it.20:54
predatorfreakBTW, midori is still horribly useless for anything more than just viewing a site.20:54
Romsterrun prtverify over the repo for missing deps sometime.20:54
predatorfreakIt lacks things like netscape plugin support, proper extensions, etc.20:55
predatorfreakRomster: I don't use webkit, I just packaged it.20:55
treachit's good to keep an eye on things.20:55
treachespecially when the ff people seems to have totally lost the plot.20:55
Romsterhmm i got some updates todo.20:56
predatorfreakUpdated to latest snapshot and deps fixed.20:56
treachbesides aren't there any other browser that uses webkit? Kazehakase can use it iirc.20:57
treachbut it's a bit.. weird.. as well.20:58
predatorfreakKazehakase can, but it's very incomplete.20:58
predatorfreakand can't be built as "just a webkit" browser.20:58
predatorfreakEpiphany can be built as "just a webkit" browser.20:58
treach"Just webkit.. and Gnome" I presume20:58
predatorfreakBut fucking with GNOME shit, along with needing to get it from CVS for it to work with any recent snapshots.20:59
predatorfreakToo much for me XD20:59
treachmake[1]: Leaving directory `/var/build/webkit/src/WebKit-r31388'21:00
treachmake: *** [all] Error 221:00
treachI'm to tired to deal with interesting errors like that now. :(21:01
treachprobably ran out of space.21:01
treach.....and I think comcast had another.. "little moment". :D21:02
predatorfreakNo, I'm here.21:03
treachah, ok21:03
treachyour server is dead though, it seems.21:03
treachConnecting to Failed to download REPO: Operation timed out after 60000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received21:03
predatorfreaktry again? XD21:05
treachstill fails21:05
predatorfreakbrb <_<21:07
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:08
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux21:19
predatorfreaktreach: The problem with webkit is old-fashioned fucked up snapshot.21:19
predatorfreakI shouldn't have updated :(21:19
predatorfreaktreach: My server should be up now though21:20
treachit's not, apparently ;D21:22
predatorfreakCan you ping it?21:23
treachfunny though. When I try to update the ports I get " Failed to download REPO: couldn't connect to host" immediately for the ff3 repo, while it takes a bit longer for your normal repo to time out.21:25
treachsame error though on both21:25
predatorfreaklighttpd is down21:26
predatorfreakthat's why21:26
predatorfreakTry now21:27
treachno workie21:27
predatorfreakJust type in in your browser21:27
treachI'm pretty sure it will time out..21:28
predatorfreakwhat does it resolve to?21:28
predatorfreakcan you hit port 22 or anything else?21:30
predatorfreakOne god-dang second <_<21:33
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:33
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux21:35
*** Viper_ has joined #crux21:36
predatorfreaktreach: Try now21:36
predatorfreak... OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD21:36
treachstrange, really.21:36
treachnow port 80 doesn't work at _all_.21:37
jaegerresolves the same for me, can't reach it on 80 or 2221:37
treachpreviously the browser would time out, but I could *connect* with telnet.21:37
treachie on port8021:37
jaegerI take that back, finally got a fingerprint thingy from ssh21:39
jaegertook quite a while21:39
predatorfreakI see the problem21:39
predatorfreakTry now21:40
jaegerthe page finally came up just then, heh21:41
predatorfreakNote to self.21:41
treachsuccess :)21:41
predatorfreakDon't update firewalling rules WHILE COMCAST IS DYING21:41
predatorfreakIt makes things VERY CONFUSING to debug21:41
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol...21:49
* Romster addes more blocks to china ip ranges21:49
Romsterjsut how many god damn ip ranges does china have21:49
predatorfreakThree kajillion21:50
treacheh, "kanjillions" :P21:50
cruxbot[contrib.git]: fltk: 1.1.7 -> 1.1.821:53
cruxbot[contrib.git]: skype: ->
*** Viper_ has quit IRC21:58
*** Viper_ has joined #crux21:58
*** Viper_ has quit IRC21:59
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC22:08
*** HellDragon has joined #crux23:09

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