IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-03-29

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cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
tilmanpredatorfreak: it would be cool if you could avoid long lines in git commit comments02:49
tilmanpredatorfreak: run git log on opt, and notice your dbus-glib isn't easily readable :D02:50
predatorfreakLooks fine here.02:50
tilmanpredatorfreak: in git, the first line is the summary. after an empty line, you can put more detailed blurb02:50
predatorfreakWell no one ever told me that was the formal rule.02:51
tilmani'm not blaming you02:51
tilmanjust a hint.02:51
predatorfreaktilman: I'd call it a suggestion, but same difference :D02:51
predatorfreakHint taken.02:52
tilmanpure awesomeness02:53
tilman"GDB version 6.7.1\nVersion 6.7.1 blabla is now available for download."02:53
tilman10 lines below: "GDB 6.8 released!"02:53
tilmanSupport for native x86/Windows, NetBSD/hppa and Xtensa GNU/Linux02:54
predatorfreaktilman: On a different note, whenever talks for 2.5 come around, I have some potentially useful changes for core ports that I think should have a serious look at XD02:54
predatorfreakBesides pkgutils02:54
tilmanlike what?02:56
predatorfreakChanges to glibc so that locales can be built after the fact, seeing as they consume a crapton of time.02:57
tilmanwe wanted to tweak the locale crap for a loong time02:57
tilmanthere might be an ancient bug about that02:57
predatorfreakglibc likes building them all instead of letting the user decide, I stole the Gentoo/Arch convention of locale-gen.02:57
predatorfreakBeen running it successfully here for awhile.02:58
predatorfreakI've got a minor cleanup for ncurses that works fine here and avoids some file duplication in the current version02:58
predatorfreakMy binutils shit isn't anything for outside of my repo, though02:59
predatorfreakI've also considered formalising my runit setup into a proper non-personal setup, however that would be a pretty drastic change XD03:00
predatorfreaktilman: It could be done transitional, but it's still a bit scary if I come in saying "Hey let's rip out the init system and replace it with this." :D03:01
tilmani can take a look at your stuff some time and evaluate it wrt merge-ability ;))03:02
predatorfreakSee glibc and ncurses in my repo :D03:03
tilmanthe diff to core/ncurses/Pkgfile is useless03:04
predatorfreaktilman: I changed it quite a bit, yeah.03:04
predatorfreakI think it looks nicer though03:04
predatorfreakCall me crazy, but the version in core is a bit hacky :D03:04
tilmanso what did you change?03:05
predatorfreaktilman: Essentially I just made the two builds go back to back and removed the pointless duplication of headers.03:08
predatorfreakThe widechar and non-widechar ncurses headers work the exact same way, so you really only need one set.03:08
predatorfreakYou just need separate libraries, one non-widechar, one widechar.03:09
predatorfreakno wait, damn it.03:09
predatorfreakI'm getting forgetful.03:09
predatorfreaktilman: Sorry, getting late here XD03:09
tilmannp :>03:09
tilmani'm responsible for the widechar hack btw03:10
tilmanrepeating the configure options seems silly and error prone ;)03:10
predatorfreakI build it non-widechar, install it, fix stupid symlinks, build it widechar, install it widechar, add a compatibility header and done.03:10
predatorfreakand yeah03:10
predatorfreakThat I should fix03:10
predatorfreakIn fact, give me a second03:10
* predatorfreak makes it look closer to core.03:12
predatorfreakDamn it.03:13
predatorfreakMy changes made it hard for even ME to read.03:13
predatorfreakI am going senile.03:14
tilmanepic fail :D03:14
* predatorfreak gets in his rocking chair03:14
predatorfreakWHAT'S THAT SONNY? EPIC FLAIL?03:14
predatorfreak mkdir $PKG/usr/include/ncursesw03:14
predatorfreak ln -sf /usr/include/ncurses.h $PKG/usr/include/ncursesw03:14
predatorfreakOkay those are the changes03:14
predatorfreakCompatibility header.03:15
tilmanwho/what needs that compat header?03:15
predatorfreakI remember encountering an application which looked for ncursesw (apparently some Red Hat convention).03:15
predatorfreakI can't recall off the top of my head.03:15
predatorfreakIt's been awhile XD03:15
tilmani'd rather fix the offending program03:16
Romsteri'd leave that out03:16
predatorfreakyeah, sorry, waste of time there.03:16
Romstertilman, +103:16
predatorfreakI am going freaking senile.03:16
Romsterpredatorfreak, may i sugest you sleep then report your findings03:16
predatorfreakRomster: You may.03:17
predatorfreakDoesn't mean I'll take your suggestion.03:17
Romsterbetter yet make your changes to the core/ncurses then send tilman a diff03:18
predatorfreakThere's nothing worthwhile now :D03:18
predatorfreakMy glibc changes are still worthwhile, though.03:18
tilmani'm happy to be of rm -rf assistance03:18
predatorfreaktilman: I do rm -irfV you insensitive clod!03:19
predatorfreakActually, I do rmd, I like my aliases.03:19
predatorfreakI have a nasty habit of going to install CRUX and trying to do rmd.03:20
predatorfreakThen it always tells me "rmd: command not found"03:20
predatorfreakand I go "DAMN IT, MAKE IT FOUND!"03:20
predatorfreakaliases are just sooo convenient for lazy bastards :D03:21
Romsteri got one for seelog03:23
Romstersudo tail -f /var/log/messages | ccze -A03:23
predatorfreakI've got a ton of them.03:25
predatorfreakPlus little function-wrappers in my zsh for shit.03:26
predatorfreakThings "not quite enough" to warrant a full script, but just enough to warrant a function03:26
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cruxbot[opt.git]: gdb: updated to 6.8.04:22
cruxbot[core.git]: file: updated to 4.24.04:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: net-snmp: keep autosplit.ix files05:42
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Kozakhi all09:13
Kozakhow to set "make -j4" variable ?09:14
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Kozakwhen use pkgmk or prt-get09:14
tilmanput 'export MAKEFLAGS="-j4"' into /etc/pkgmk.conf09:14
Kozakok - thanks09:17
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RomsterKozak, prt-get readme distcc09:33
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marois it possible to boot 2.4 on i586?14:43
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thrice`Romster: ping15:05
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predatorfreaktilman: Is Simone away or something? He hasn't responded to my request for a permissions bump on flyspray.15:31
tilmanno idea15:31
tilmanwhen did you mail him?15:31
predatorfreakCouple days ago15:31
treachhe recently bumped ooo, right?15:32
thrice`I never got a response when I sent mail to sip @ crux.nu15:32
tilmanpredatorfreak: i'd say if he didn't reply by monday, shoot him another one15:32
tilmanmta trouble again?15:33
predatorfreakI sent mine to XD15:33
treachROFL ->
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tilmanEmail: remove the "q"!15:33
tilmanoh ok15:33
tilmantreach: yar15:33
tilmantreach: your german is good enough to read that?15:34
predatorfreaktreach: Well, you'15:34
predatorfreakyou're ahead of me then*15:34
treachI'm pretty good at reading or vocal understanding it.15:34
aoni get 40415:34
predatorfreakDamn it, don't type after you just wake up.15:34
treachI just suck at speaking and writing15:34
tilmanaon: yeah, some referer check crap apparently15:35
tilmanhardware seems a strange category for it though15:35
treach"Wir empfehlen, die Abdrücke bei erkennungsdienstlichen Behandlungen, bei der Einreise in die USA, bei der Zwischenlandung in Heathrow, aber auch im örtlichen Supermarkt und \u2013 prophylaktisch \u2013 beim Berühren möglichst vieler Glasflächen zu benutzen"15:36
predatorfreaktilman: Slashdot needs a "hax" section :)15:36
tilmanjup :D :D15:36
tilmanthat's my favourite part15:37
treachlooks like he could start dating "everywhere girl". :P15:37
* tilman googles everwhere girl15:38
* Rotwang googles girl15:39
predatorfreakRotwang: Don't, you'll get fake girls doing that.15:43
predatorfreakGoogle "girl girl" instead.15:43
treachlol, I first read "Ulrich Wehner von der Berliner" as a name. :D15:44
tilmanberliner ^^^^ \o15:45
tilmanand some girls, too15:45
treachYeah, I know what a berliner is, that's why I first got royally confused.15:45
treach"Ich bin ein Berliner", remember? :p15:46
teK.berliner-reigen. hm-hm,15:46
tilmantreach: i meant the food15:46
tilmanthis time.15:46
predatorfreaktilman: I take it they're something like a puffy donut type pastry?15:46
tilmanteK: grenzwertig :D15:46
treachme too.15:46
teKtilman: schraeg15:47
tilmanpredatorfreak: yeah. doughnut without the hole, filled with jam or similar stuff15:47
predatorfreakSounds tasty.15:47
* predatorfreak moves to Germany15:47
treachyeah, it's so good kennedy claimed to be one. ;)15:47
* tilman is going to bake some15:47
jaegerI think they knew what he was trying to say, heh15:47
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treachjaeger: sure, still funny.15:48
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predatorfreaktilman: Mind if I mooch of you while I try to learn German?:D15:48
tilmani forgot all i ever knew about grammar though15:50
* predatorfreak claims tilman's couch15:50
tilmanwhile (in_school) { ... }15:50
predatorfreaktilman: Same deal here, in fact, probably more so :)15:51
predatorfreakPlus, if Romster over there is any indication, English can be your first language and you can still suck horribly at it :P15:52
* treach breaks down shivering thinking about school and german grammar15:52
jesse_and now to butcher the following statement: "das ist nicht im ordnung!" in response to german grammar :D16:11
treach"in ordnung" I suppose16:11
treachand "dass" :D16:12
treachI have apparenly not forgotten it all. :P16:12
tilman"das" was actually correct16:13
treachoh shit.16:13
treachwell, you can't win them all. :>16:13
jesse_not in german you won't. :D16:13
treachtoo many arbitrary rules to keep track of.16:15
jesse_Three word geneders will eventually kill you. :p16:15
treachpff, if that was all. :D16:15
jesse_I realize it is not.16:15
thrice`predatorfreak: are you an ffmpeg user?16:16
treachcapitalize substantives, if something exists it dative, and if it moves in some direction its "ackusativ" :/16:17
treachetc, etc16:17
tilmanexistance, movement affect the casus? wtf?16:18
treachyeah. maybe I didn't word that properly, but essentially yes.16:18
tilmananyway, stop bitching and be happy that german doesn't 16-ish cases like finnish :P16:19
tilmandoesn't have*16:19
treachI'm very grateful my english is as good as it is. :D16:19
predatorfreakthrice`: I use mencoder for encoding videos.16:19
predatorfreakffmpeg's command line stuff is horribly cryptic16:20
predatorfreakand near impossible to understand at times16:20
thrice`predatorfreak: hm, ok.  I'm trying to do avi to mpg, basically, and keep it the same res. and quality, and under 4 gigs16:20
thrice`but man ffmpeg is too difficult :-(16:20
predatorfreakman mencoder :P16:20
tilmantreach: that existance/movement crap bugs me now >:16:21
predatorfreakPersonally, I mostly do avi -> mkv conversions with H264, DVD ripping XD16:21
treachtilman: I'll try to find examples until I return, afk for a while now16:21
predatorfreakRomster is better at avi -> mpg than I am16:21
tilmantreach: you didn't confuse it with the latin 5th case (ablativ, dont' know the english name), did you?16:22
thrice`predatorfreak: I'm basically trying to play an avi on a dvd player16:23
thrice`and dvdauthor can take mpg, do I'm trying to convert it16:23
predatorfreakRomster likes his videotrans stuff.16:23
predatorfreakwith the movie-to-dvd script in there16:23
thrice`for some reason, that doesn't work for me16:23
predatorfreakNo idea how to use it, never needed too XD16:23
thrice`it gets halfway and the sound quits16:24
predatorfreakthrice`: Well, you're shit out of luck then, 'cuz I don't know shit about making DVDs :D16:24
tilmanpredatorfreak: did you test gold yet?16:24
tilmanbinutils' elf ld replacement16:25
predatorfreak"However, I have been told that it has problems building the Linux kernel, in that a kernel linked with gold does not boot.  I hope that people will be able to help identify and resolve this problem."16:26
predatorfreakand I won't until that's fixed :D16:26
jesse_Purely a minor hindrance :D16:27
predatorfreakCall me crazy, but I like it when my system BOOTS :D16:27
RedShiftlinked with "gold"?16:27
tilmandamnit, redshit16:27
predatorfreakRedShift: Read above!16:27
tilmani just said what gold is16:27
RedShiftyes I didn't read the backlog16:27
tilmanyes you suck16:27
RedShiftI know16:27
jesse_tilman: does this qualify for epic fail?16:28
RedShiftso how good is this "gold"?16:28
tilmanjesse_: gold failing to link the kernel, or redshift's suckage?16:28
jesse_RedShift's suckage.16:28
tilmanRedShift: it's much faster than the current one16:28
RedShiftI like faster16:29
predatorfreaktilman: For C++16:29
tilmanfor big executables afaik16:29
RedShiftbut how much faster is it *girl from brainiac -style*16:29
predatorfreakI'll let the Gentoo ricers run it first16:29
teKtilman: the guys at oracle will be hilariously happy about that16:30
predatorfreak"On large C++ programs, I have measured it as running five times faster."16:30
tilmandoesn't mean it isn't faster on non-c++ programs...16:30
predatorfreakI'm going to take it the improvement is much smaller on non-C++ programs16:30
tilmanfrom all i've read about it (quite a bit) i think it's safe to assume that it's faster in most situations16:30
predatorfreakAFAIK, C++ is infinitely more annoying to link.16:30
tilmanteK: why is that?16:30
predatorfreaktilman: What else have you read on it?16:31
predatorfreakThat's all I can find XD16:31
teK[thomas@titus][/]% ls -lh /u1/ora10/bin/oracle16:31
teK-rwsr-s--x 1 oracle oinstall 99M [2008/01/18] /u1/ora10/bin/oracle*16:31
teKone tool, one job16:31
tilmanteK: when i was a kid we had a cat called titus16:32
tilmanmy brother and i annoyed him a bit too often i think, he should have been called scratchy instead :D16:32
teKthe servers are called with rome's empereor's names16:32
thrice`predatorfreak: do you know if it's normal for output disk usage to appear larger than the file really is?16:32
teKyou're an arse16:32
thrice`ie, my file has been encoding for ~ 5 minutes, and already says 1 gig16:32
tilmanpredatorfreak: there's a bunch of threads on that list, and there's the authors blog at or so16:32
tilmanteK: i was 6...16:32
teKwe had five cats and a dog when I was six16:33
predatorfreakmencoder produces stupid output until it's got a more complete picture of what it can expect.16:33
tilmank, you win16:33
teKone of them jumped into my face (whith its claws) because I ran through the house prior *trying* petting it16:34
predatorfreakteK: My kind of dog.16:34
jesse_cat 1, face 0 :s16:35
teKI was confused in the first moment16:35
tilmandid you require facial surgery?16:35
teKlol jesse_16:35
predatorfreakor was that one of the cats?16:35
teKtilman: no, no16:35
predatorfreakIn which case, serves you right for getting a cat.16:35
tilmancats are inifinitely cooler than dogs16:35
predatorfreakDog's are always better.16:35
teK+ i was six.16:35
tilmanwe established that in #crux before.16:35
Rotwangi disagree dogs are better16:35
predatorfreaktilman: Go back to #female :316:36
tilmani need a little help from the cat faction here16:36
teKcats are arogant as french people :D16:36
tilmanteK: don't get me started on french people ;)16:36
predatorfreakDog's do not betray you if you train them well, cats, in my experience, do.16:36
jesse_Not all cats are arrogant french types. :p16:36
teKthey are able to show you this one: ,|, :p16:36
teKtilman: you do know Al Bundy, don't you?16:36
teKcatlovers == sissies :>16:37
predatorfreakteK: \o/16:37
tilmanmust be years since i watched that the last time16:37
teK"It's wrong to be french" :D16:37
jesse_macho man Al Bundy.16:37
predatorfreaktilman: You're out-numbered :D16:37
jesse_There's a success story.16:37
teKour last dog was a Great Dane ...16:38
tilmanteK: i once tried to ask directions from a french guy in calais. i tried sooo hard to explain, and all he said was "euueu, je sais pas eueuueuu" >:16:38
teKon two feet he was as high as ~1,80m16:38
teKno english is not the "world" language. Gotta be french.16:38
teKIt bit me once while I tried to fetch my shoes which stood behind him (while he was eating)16:39
teKTHIS was not fun16:39
teK+ no, no surgery was needed *g*16:39
predatorfreakteK: French sucks, learn a real language, like Old Icelandic :D16:39
teKpredatorfreak: german, english and a tiny bit of latin are enough I suppose.16:39
predatorfreakActually, I was joking.16:40
predatorfreakBut whatever :D16:40
teKTill that day I do pay respect to dogs16:40
tilmanasterix latinum? :D16:40
jesse_I've heard two explanations: 1) there are very few competent english teachers in france (education system sucks) 2) they just don't feel pressured to learn it 3) they don't want to look like fools for speaking broken english etc etc etc16:40
jesse_er s/two/a few :p16:40
teKtilman: we always had "Referendare" or non rigorous teachers16:40
teKjesse_: it's their proud in being french, I think16:41
teKjust like Zidane did with this stupid Italian :D16:41
teK"I won't make my hands dirty with you *headbutt*"16:41
tilman:D :D16:41
predatorfreakteK: Dog's have to be trained well, in my experience, most problems with them come out of bad training.16:41
predatorfreakMy father has owned numerous dogs and trained them all well, not one has been a problem.16:42
teKpredatorfreak: yes, especially the big ones.. he respected my father, though. He could take away the dog's food without any problems16:42
jesse_teK: for some french, yeah, that is valid.16:42
treachcats rock.16:42
predatorfreakteK: Some dogs respect their owner, but require training to respect others XD16:42
teKmonotypes do suck ;)16:43
predatorfreakOther's are just mild-tempered to begin with.16:43
treachtilman: no, I've never studied latin, so that risk could be very small indeed.16:43
teKpredatorfreak: I was too young at that time16:43
predatorfreaktreach: Bah, let's see you hunt with a cat.16:43
tilmanyeah, i'd appreciate if the dog lovers would realize they are wrong16:43
jesse_predatorfreak: won't happen. :D16:43
teKpredatorfreak: especially female dogs are much easier to handle (according to my experience)16:43
predatorfreaktilman: ^ :D16:43
tilmanotherwise i might employ /remove to cleanse the channel ;)16:43
predatorfreakteK: Yeah, my dad also tends to pick more mild-tempered breeds.16:44
teKoh well I could say something about strong geman leaders16:44
teKpredatorfreak: the great dane has been a devil (but we all loved him)16:44
predatorfreakVizsla, English Setter, etc.16:44
tilmanteK: yeah, but that would be stupid :D16:45
teK+ he really was a beatiful dog (I do still miss him after he died about ten years ago)16:45
predatorfreakMostly hunting dogs, since he's a hunter, but Vizsla are great family dogs.16:45
teKtilman: of course16:45
tilmanalso, it's caturday16:45
tilmannot dogday16:45
treachcats are smarter, have more personality and you don't have to get out with them several times a day. :)16:45
tilmanso shut up ;D16:45
teKtilman: __16:45
tilmanteK: mmh?16:45
teKtreach: lazy as hell and not very clever16:45
teKtilman: bad pun16:46
predatorfreaktilman: Go back to /b/.16:46
jesse_Take a cat hunting and it will probably tell you to piss off in its own way. Go its own path or just go back home and sleep the remaining 16 hours of the day. :D16:46
teKjesse is right16:46
treachEspecially not when they've managed to find something to eat outside and need to go out NOW, in the middle of the night. :P16:46
predatorfreakYep :D16:46
teKpredatorfreak: as he does not have sausage dogs (I "hate" them)16:46
predatorfreaksausage dogs? o.O16:46
teKs/as/as long as/16:46
jesse_Besides, cats are worthless for hunting. If you have a rodent problem indoors, well that's a more suitable task.16:46
teKIt's what says16:47
tilmanteK: wie kommst du auf sausage dog?16:47
predatorfreakYou mean toy dog types.16:47
predatorfreakSmall show dogs.16:47
teKjesse_: our cats bring the mice' or birds' livers to the kitchen door..16:47
teKpredatorfreak: yeah, thos that look like cats :D16:47
treachdachshounds are not showdogs.16:47
predatorfreakteK: Yeah, he sticks firmly with the big hunting dogs.16:48
teKdogs are really the human's best friend. I did never have a similiar tight relationship to our cats16:48
teKyeah, I AM right, I know. Thx.16:50
predatorfreakteK: Yes, you are right.16:51
predatorfreakScrew cats, dog's are better :316:51
predatorfreakNow, </debate type="religious">16:52
teKhey, I heard there's a "new" (now freely available) text editor with a vi emulation mode16:52
* teK takes chips and runs16:53
tilmannot as good a topic though16:53
tilmani think the only crux users who use emacs are aon and cptn16:53
* predatorfreak sends hateful e-mails at cptn16:54
treachtilman: I think the proper term is "two way prepositions"16:54
predatorfreakHe shall repent for his sins!16:54
teKpredatorfreak: don't hit disabled people *ducks*16:54
predatorfreakHe's disabled?16:54
teK22:53 <@tilman> i think the only crux users who use emacs are aon and cptn16:54
jesse_emacs is about as close to a GNU os as it gets :D16:55
teKsome time ago I saw a /quit in IRC stating something like .. emacs IRC module 1.2.2316:55
treachtilman: wie, etwas ins Wasser werfen, vs etwas im Wasser sehen.16:55
teK-> wtf?16:55
tilmanteK: yeah, 'ERC'. i know a guy who uses it16:56
teKtreach: why would someone want to learn the german lingo?16:56
teKsick shit!16:56
tilmanteK: i didn't get the 'disabled' thing either though16:56
predatorfreakteK: He's not disabled, he's a sinner :D16:56
tilmantreach: um.16:56
treachwell, it's that or french. :P16:56
teKtreach: watch your tounge16:56
teKemacs people gotta be disabled (look at the "short cuts")16:57
tilmanoh, ok16:57
treachwhy? It's not my fault how our school system is set up. :/16:57
teKgerman > french16:57
rehabdolltreach: stuff's changed since we were kids :)16:58
treachprobably. :)16:58
rehabdolli talked with a coworker a few weeks ago regarding her son learning spanish :)16:58
rehabdollhand hes like 12 :D16:58
teKin germany they start teaching english in kindergarden (I heard. My son does not have to, yet?)16:58
rehabdollif germany wanted people to be better at english they should just stop dubbing hollywood movies :)16:59
jkrI don't think that decision us up to the government :)17:00
treachit isn't?17:00
jkrWell, they could forbid dubbing, but that's a lot of money for the industry :)17:01
treachwell, someone is going to save that money which will then be used for other purposes17:02
treachIt's not like that money dissapears. :>17:02
jesse_You sure? Germany does have a minor cash leak toward Lichtenstein ;)17:02
treachwell, I didn't say it stayed in the country. It'll just make some people in Lichtenstein happy instead. ;)17:03
jkrtreach: I mean, the dubbing is mostly done by german companies, so if everyone would watch the original movies, their business would disappear17:03
treachI'm sure they could find something else to do.17:04
jkrYup, translate manuals of open source software for free or something :)17:04
treachjust like the people once busy with making horse drawn carriages etc.17:04
treach......and there that discussion died on the operating table.17:06
jesse_D.O.A. :p17:08
jkrDoes anyone know a tool that prohibits network access to some chosen binaries?17:10
jkrLike a lib for use as LD_PRELOAD that overwrites the socket calls or something17:10
treachsounds like something for SE-linux17:10
teKjkr: don't think there is. Dan Bernstein proposed something like that somewhere at a while ago17:10
jkrI know there is a tsocks tool for Tor'ing binaries17:11
jkrSomething like that would be neat17:12
jkrHmm, I think I'll just sniff the target host of that app and redirect it in /etc/hosts17:13
RedShiftlike treach says, selinux is probably the way to go17:15
jkrToo much effort :)17:16
jkrHe, works :)17:18
jkrThat was almost too simple17:18
* treach celebrates the return of his keyboard problem.17:20
*** mwansa has joined #crux17:21
*** mafarka has quit IRC17:57
predatorfreak"Most people have two ears, so any audio will be downmixed to 2 channels upon hearing."18:08
predatorfreakYay slashdot18:08
jesse_The smart comment of the day.18:10
treachI guess he can only hear two sounds at the same time too. :P18:10
*** xorg has joined #crux18:11
predatorfreaktreach: You can hear more than 2, but you can only really have 2 channels :D18:11
* xorg is here to manage your GUI.18:11
treach"Sorry, couldn't hear ya, I've only got two ears."18:11
predatorfreakxorg: I already have a GUI.18:11
predatorfreakGo away.18:11
treachit's called screen18:11
xorggood luck running firefox without me.18:12
xorgchao :p18:12
treachmh, ff will soon include it's own gui at this rate.18:12
predatorfreaktreach: Positional audio is all just psycho-sensory tricks anyway.18:12
treachso that shouldn't be too much of a problem18:13
xorgit would still require a framebuffer to work18:13
xorgat the very least18:13
treachpredatorfreak: just kidding along the line of "two ears"18:13
predatorfreakAs well as spacing and volume, which in turn, are related to psycho-sensory perception :D18:13
treachxorg: well, that's not x ;>18:13
predatorfreakxorg: At this rate, Firefox will include it's own kernel18:13
predatorfreakand framebuffer drivers18:14
teKwell and even that it will be far behind emacs18:14
predatorfreakteK: They should just port it to emacs.18:14
*** xorg has left #crux18:14
teKof course18:14
treachtoo bad the editor sucks so badly in emacs. :>18:14
teKhaha, install vim *g*18:14
teKINTO emacs18:14
treachthat one always seemed kind of stupid to me.18:15
rehabdollwhy? all operatingsystems needs an editor18:15
treachtrue, but seriously. Why would one want to use emacs with a vim interface?18:16
predatorfreakteK: It's already included in the base system :P18:16
treachseems easier to just use vim.18:16
predatorfreaktreach: Logic + Emacs = DOES NOT COMPUTE18:16
*** mwansa has quit IRC18:18
predatorfreak"Long story short... I gently unscrewed my Creative X-Fi and throw it against a wall. Then I plugged in to my Gigabyte motherboard's built in audio, enabled it in the bios, and haven't had any audio issues at all for coming up to two months now."18:23
predatorfreakIntel HD Audio is actually comparable or better than my old off-board Audigy 2 ZS, without the annoying Creative bullshit.18:23
treachCreative Crap18:23
predatorfreakIf I honestly needed a high-end audio crap (and I don't), I'd buy the ASUS Xonar anyway.18:25
predatorfreakBetter quality card.18:25
tilmanwas that pacman?18:27
treachI don't think so.18:27
*** RedShift has quit IRC18:31
jesse_tilman: the hostname suggests it was.18:35
jesse_pacman alias yaourt alias ryuo alias xorg18:35
jesse_/whowas pacman also says very much the same.18:36
jesse_wait, no. /wi and /whowas do not show the same o_o18:37
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:56
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*** will has quit IRC21:04
cruxbot[opt.git]: yasm: New port.21:22
cruxbot[opt.git]: libxvid: Add yasm to nice-to-have's.21:24
predatorfreakjdolan_: Too brightly coloured! I wouldn't be able to see what I'm shooting at without my eyes dying :(22:33
*** brendan` has quit IRC22:33
predatorfreakjdolan_: But, sounds fancy and flashy.22:35
predatorfreakPimp it up some more and pretty it up, then you can compete with Crysis :P22:36
jdolan_haha, that's not my goal ;)22:37
jdolan_the default renderer looks nothing like that, either.22:37
predatorfreakAww, not trying to strain people's eyes?22:38
jdolan_that renderer plugin is for "hardcore" players who hate textures and other details ;)22:38
predatorfreakTextures? Pfft, I use sprites!22:38
Romsterthem screen shots look alright to me.22:40
predatorfreakRomster: Running around in a bright red world, not my thing :D22:40
Romsterbe like mars or something.22:41
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC22:58
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
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*** mwansa has joined #crux23:31

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