IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-03-30

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* mwansa forgot xchat doesnt function as xterm O_o03:25
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predatorfreakRomster: skype requires xorg-libxscrnsaver04:07
predatorfreakMight want to add that to the deps :D04:07
Romsterwhat on earth and it doesn't say that is required on the web site...04:09
Romsteradded i'll push when i've finished these other ports04:11
predatorfreakIt needs it.04:11
predatorfreakAlso, a tip for the future.04:12
Romsterlook on there site.. does not list it.04:12
predatorfreakGaming at night doesn't always give you the cream of the crop in players.04:12
Romsteryou had a bad time eh?04:12
predatorfreakIn fact, you get the insomniac crazies who basically shout "HEY MAN WHY HAVEN'T WE WON YET?" five seconds after the game starts :D04:13
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, I spent ~3 hours on one game of AOE.04:13
predatorfreakand my team lost it for me :(04:13
predatorfreakand yeah, their site is wrong :)04:13
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tilmanfrom gtk-engines 2.12 to 2.14 they introduced some change that made my checkboxes and radio buttons have a a red border when focused04:34
predatorfreakWelcome to GNOME04:35
predatorfreakLand of random stupid changes04:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: add yasm as optional dependency04:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: swfdec: 0.6.0 -> 0.6.204:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wgetpaste: 2.9 -> 2.1004:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: skype: add dependency xorg-libxscrnsaver04:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pygame: 1.7.1 -> 1.8.004:35
Romsteri guess they changed the default theme04:36
tilmanlooks nice though :D04:36
Romstereasily fixed.04:36
tilmangtk-engines has nothing to do with gtk's default theme04:36
tilmanlooks like they changed the clearlooks engine04:37
Romsteroh your talking about the engines...04:37
Romsteri'm working on my own theme.04:37
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marotilman: gtk-engines 2.10 -> 2.12 sucked too05:07
* maro liked clearlooks the way it was before it got included in gnome/gtk-engines05:08
RedShiftthat was the result of a bug05:08
RedShiftwell bug, the gtk people decide to leave some stuff behind that was in 2.10...05:09
maroonly regressions ever since :(05:09
RedShiftwhich caused a whole bunch themes to not work anymore05:09
RedShiftbut anyway, gtk teh suck imo05:09
RedShiftlove the clearlooks theme though05:09
RedShiftits very nice05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-net-ssleay: new port05:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-io-socket-ssl: new port05:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ddclient: new port05:24
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mike_kRomster: contrib/ddclient is missing ddclient.rc And btw, it's pretty uncommon for users to edit /usr/etc/* files.09:53
Romstercrap i thought i added that09:56
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ddclient: add in missing rc script09:58
Romster/usr/etc is ment for non system stuff..09:58
Romster /etc for system files.09:58
thrice`Romster: found a neat app last night - "tovid"09:59
Romsterhm k10:00
thrice`makes doing ffmpeg stuff pretty easy10:00
tilmanseems pkgfile and .footprint don't agree where ddclient.conf should be10:00
Romsteri honestly didn't fid it that hard as it was.10:00
tilmandidn't test it though10:00
Romsteri built the cunt a few days ago10:00
Romsterbet it's my ignore footprint pkgutils  patch10:01
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ddclient: fix footprint10:02
Romsteri shouldn't me messing with ports when my girlfirned is bitching at me meh... i arn't in the best of moods.10:07
Romsteri have it installed it works damn my patches to pkgutils...10:07
Romsterneed to add in a option to use it or not10:07
tilmanRomster: your patch sucks if it was really the reason10:16
mike_kRomster: /etc or /etc/ddclient seems a good place for that. I don't want to start a flame war, but can hardly remember when I had to edit something in /usr/etc. And it's kinda forbidden:
tilmansince you missed one file.10:16
tilmanmike_k: it's crux-ish though10:17
Romstermight of been jsut me not paying attention because i'm being bitched at anc can't concentrate grrr10:17
tilmanthough i'm not sure how consequently we do that stuff.10:17
teKRomster: fix the bug in $GIRLFRIEND and come back later10:17
Romsterwell considering we have a /usr/etc it seems obvious for a place for usere configs of stuff that is not the system.10:18
mike_ktilman: at least upstream put config in /etc/blah not in /usr/etc. why to change that...10:18
Romstermike_k, lok at dbus10:18
Romstergoes to /usr/etc10:18
mike_kI have never had to edit that by hand10:18
Romstergtk even goes there10:19
Romsterand your saying they all should be in the systems /etc ?10:19
mike_kupstream put it there. mostly because it is not supposed to be edited.10:20
Romsterso that would mean we can put programs in /bin instead of /usr/bin10:20
teK /usr/etc sucks10:20
Romsteryou can edit the gtk configs there that's a load of bull.. and all ports i do now goto /usr/etc10:21
tilmanmike_k: i don't think /etc vs /usr/etc has anything to do with whether it has to be edited or not10:21
teK /etc OR $HOME/etc .10:21
Romsterif it sucks why do we even have a /usr/etc in the first place.10:21
teKi.e. root vs. !root10:21
mike_ktilman: it should not. but it is the main difference I see now10:21
Romster /etc = system configs /usr/etc = usere added pogram configs10:21
Romsterhow i see it.10:22
teKwith what permissons?10:22
Romsterso unless /usr/etc is marked for removal i'll use it.10:22
teKsame as /etc? It's nonsense in my eyes10:22
mike_kFHS has different opinion.10:22
tilmanthe crux handbook overules the FHS, the LSB, the WTF, and the BBQ.10:23
RomsterteK, with your deductiosn you'd make /usr/{bin,sbin} pointless too and put everything to /bin and /sbin10:23
teK /usr/etc: -110:23
tilmanpersonally, i don't feel strongly about this ;P10:23
RomsterBBQ shrimps <<10:23
teKRomster: no, /usr *may* be a partition of its own which may not be available at boot time.10:23
Romsterhm tat would require all services to goto /etc and not /usr/etc10:24
mike_kat least, lets not repackage some configs from /etc to /usr/etc by hand10:24
teKomfg I do have files under /usr/etc.. irg..10:24
Romsterbah and i recently edited tor to point to the /usr/etc10:24
Romsterfucking everying pisses me off thesedays.. if it's not anyone else its me doing stupid shit.10:25
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Romsterok iptables is in /usr/ so that is wrong too it shouldn't be in /usr as it may not be mounted at that time10:27
teKthose rules are set during boot time? hu?10:28
Romsterthis whole split /usr out of the rest of the system is totally flawed as things are now.10:28
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teK /etc vs. /usr/etc concerns me as I have to give the right path to the .conf I'd like to edit. running executables does'nt make a difference for me10:29
mike_kregarding boot-time stuff - it is really should not be in /usr/10:29
tilmanservices aren't 'boot time' stuff though10:30
tilmaneg sshd lives in /usr/sbin, and that's perfectly fine10:30
teKyep tilman. It's /etc/rc.d which is done after /etc/rc10:30
Romsterso what 1 person agenst /usr/etc for config files...10:31
mike_ktilman: yes, at least it should be possible to boot in single mode without /usr10:31
* tilman bangs head against wall *and* desk10:31
Romsterit's listed on the directory structor so why not use it for it's intended pourpose.10:31
tilmanmike_k: right :)10:32
jesse_What is so unclear about /etc and /usr/etc? /etc according to the handbook is for daemons.10:32
jesse_Much of the stuff residing in /usr/etc/ are not daemons.10:32
teKjesse_: /etc/ports is for daemons?10:32
mike_koh daemons vs nondaemons will mess the situation even more10:33
jesse_not quite, but it is an essential part of crux.10:33
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teKah well, the famous 'buts'10:33
jesse_It's not a black and white situation.10:33
mike_kRomster: I didn't want to start that. I just wanted ddclient conf to be in /etc. You have different point. Thats all. Forget it. We can discuss FHS vs Handbook vs everyone's opinion next time (but hardly with any results).10:36
teK /etc ftw :P10:36
Romsterno your right al daemons should not be using /usr10:37
Romsteri never thought of that point.10:37
Romsterso now fuck around again with it..10:37
Romsterand fix my tor port back to using /etc and not /usr/etc that i did not that long ago too.10:37
Romsterstupid move.10:38
Romsterinfact all daemons should not reside in /usr at all.10:38
Romsterso i will corect that if no one has any objections.10:39
mike_kbtw, I have to do --prefix=/usr but --sysconfdir=/etc in some ports. That is not a tragedy.10:39
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schniggiehi all11:10
schniggiei got a little problem, updated my 2.3 to 2.4 today11:11
teKhast du zuf. nen Account auf
schniggienow when i try to update kdebase, i get the following compile error11:11
schniggiegrep: /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/ No such file or directory11:12
schniggie/bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/ No such file or directory11:12
schniggielibtool: link: `/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/' is not a valid libtool archive11:12
schniggiemake[4]: *** [] Error 111:12
schniggiewhy it tries to look for that old version ?11:12
schniggiegcc is already updated to 4.2.311:13
treachapparently you need the stdc++-compat package.11:14
schniggieFound in /usr/ports/contrib/gcj: /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.2.3/libstdc++.la11:18
schniggieand that is installed11:18
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jaegernotice the different path11:24
jaegernot the same file it wants11:24
schniggieyes and howto fix it ?11:43
mike_kschniggie: have you run revdep after an upgrade? (followed by a prt-get sysup)12:06
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schniggiemike_k: yes i did a sysup and now fixing all revdep broken packages12:43
mike_kgcc is on 4.2.3 now, hope that is related12:46
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rehabdollnew curl release13:03
rehabdollwith a nifty 'make ca-bundle' addition13:04
tilmanwhat does it do?13:06
treach"It gives blue light"13:08
tilman'make ca-bundle' isn't as obvious as the blue light :\13:09
treachsorry, mixed stuff up, it should be "it turns blue." :)13:09
tilmanit's okay, i think i got the reference ;)13:10
schniggietilman: lot's of packages want to link against /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2 but i already updated to the new gcc13:28
schniggiewhat is my problem ?13:28
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schniggiejaeger: you still there ?13:57
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thrice`schniggie: your gcc version looks off. current is 4.2.314:00
schniggie gcc --version14:18
schniggiegcc (GCC) 4.2.3 (CRUX)14:18
thrice`have you rebuild hal stuff?14:39
schniggiehal ? why hal ?14:47
tilmancan you paste the error message somewhere?14:49
thrice`error 1 on "libhalbackend"14:56
tilmanschniggie: n/m, i used the magic pgup key instead14:59
tilmanfind out which library is still linked to the old c++ lib14:59
tilmanand rebuild that one14:59
schniggiemagic pgup key ?15:10
schniggieah now i understand ;)15:12
schniggieany clue howto find which lib sucks ?15:12
tilmanrun ldd on /usr/lib/*.so15:15
tilmanyou said the kde build failed?15:16
tilmanthen it's probably qt ;)15:16
schniggieah ok ;)15:16
schniggieok i make it the hard way ldd on all and grep 4.1.2 maybe then i get what i am looking for15:23
thrice`have you run the revdep tool ?15:23
schniggieyes but fixed all despite of those which fail cause of my linking error15:24
schniggieok brb tvv ;)15:25
tilmanschniggie: you can write a script like:15:28
tilmanfor i in `ls /usr/lib/*.so`; do15:28
tilman  echo "Checking $i";15:28
tilman  ldd $i15:28
tilmanmodulo syntax errors cause i suck at shell scripting ;P15:28
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j^2i've never played with 64bit processers with crux16:26
j^2will 2.4 work on a 64bit?16:26
Rotwangwhy not?16:28
j^2just checking16:28
jesse_The official 2.4 release won't run IF the 64bit proc is running in pure 64bit mode.16:29 had an unofficial pure 64bit crux release iirc.16:29
Rotwangwhich processors run in pure 64 bit mode?16:30
jesse_Don't know because I don't have a 64bit processor :p16:32
jesse_or I am confusing this at the os level, whether it is a 64bit binary or not.16:33
Rotwangprobably ;]16:34
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joacimMy core2duo run both 32 and 64bit binaries =)16:43
rehabdollif one intend to mix 32 & 64-bit binaries one needs the required libs in both 64 & 32bit16:45
rehabdolland that can get a bit messy sometimes16:45
joacimi'd prefer running a pure 64bit environment, but i "depend" on a few 32bit games :p16:46
Rotwangi preffer 32 bit on my cd less problems :P16:47
rehabdolli run a pure 64bit crux16:47
rehabdollmost ports builds without problems16:48
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nipuLif you want crux with multilib support
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j^2lame i get "Invalid compressed format (err=1)" triing to boot :-O17:51
j^2i think it gets past lilo17:51
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brian|lfsdoes anyone know how to get lgtkembedmoz? what it comes with?17:56
brian|lfsjor what it comes in I mean17:57
j^2yay i just had to re-run lilo17:59
predatorfreakbrian|lfs: What are you building that needs it?18:12
brian|lfsI did a search and there is a copy of it witht he second life source code but it don't like it I tired throwing it in /usr/lib18:15
brian|lfsits part of mozilla-runtime but how do I get mozilla runtime18:16
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predatorfreakbrian|lfs: Firefox 2.0 has mozembed, but they're deprecating that.18:21
brian|lfshmm I have firefox already18:21
brian|lfsand it don't have it in the fiurefox libs folder18:22
predatorfreakmm, wait, yeah they got rid of it in firefox 2 too.18:24
predatorfreakI forget where the hell it is then18:24
brian|lfsI have second life which has it in mozilla runtime18:24
brian|lfsbut where do I get mozzila runtime from lol18:25
brian|lfssecondlife comes compiled already and yelp didn't like it18:25
predatorfreakWell, stop using GNOME :D18:26
predatorfreakThat's my only suggestion.18:26
predatorfreakBecause the best solution I can give you is make an xulrunner 1.8 build.18:26
brian|lfswhats xulrunner?18:27
predatorfreakbrian|lfs: Google can answer that without needing to ask me.18:38
brian|lfsoh ok18:39
brian|lfsI downlaoded the xulrunner and mozilla-source18:41
brian|lfsI'll try xulrunner first18:41
brian|lfsbit smaller in size lol18:42
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brian|lfshey predatorfreak I have xrunner 1.819:13
brian|lfsI'm confused by these instructions19:14
brian|lfson this page19:14
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brian|lfsI copied and pasted the command it shows but I don't think it does anything19:14
brian|lfsam I suppsoe to pick a specific app19:15
predatorfreakDownloading that is giving you a binary.19:15
brian|lfsya I understand that19:15
predatorfreakBasically, you're getting a prebuilt xulrunner setup. I more meant to build it yourself.19:16
brian|lfsoh ok19:16
predatorfreakI doubt that includes the proper development headers.19:16
brian|lfshmm I didn't see source code for it19:16
brian|lfsI can look again19:16
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brian|lfsI don't see source code for it19:20
brian|lfsit comes in tar.gz format but when you downlaod it its binary already I'm prety sure19:21
brian|lfsguess I looked in the wrong folder19:30
brian|lfsfor an application should I just use browser19:34
brian|lfsor should I use something else19:34
brian|lfsmake -f build19:43
brian|lfsconfigure: error: The header jni.h was not found.  Set $JAVA_HOME or use --with-java-include-path={java-include-dir}.19:43
brian|lfsthe configure script went19:48
brian|lfserloaded-virtual -Wsynth -Wno-ctor-dtor-privacy -Wno-non-virtual-dtor -Wno-long-long -pedantic -fshort-wchar -pthread -pipe  -DNDEBUG -DTRIMMED -O   -DMOZILLA_CLIENT -include ../../mozilla-config.h -Wp,-MD,.deps/nsStackFrameUnix.pp nsStackFrameUnix.cpp19:49
brian|lfsnsStackFrameUnix.cpp: In function 'void DumpStackToFile(FILE*)':19:49
brian|lfsnsStackFrameUnix.cpp:101: error: 'JB_BP' was not declared in this scope19:49
brian|lfsmake[3]: *** [nsStackFrameUnix.o] Error 119:49
brian|lfsmake[3]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla/xpcom/base'19:49
brian|lfsmake[2]: *** [libs] Error 219:49
brian|lfsmake[2]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla/xpcom'19:49
brian|lfsmake[1]: *** [tier_2] Error 219:49
brian|lfsmake[1]: Leaving directory `/root/mozilla'19:49
brian|lfsmake: *** [default] Error 219:49
brian|lfs[root@crux mozilla]$19:49
predatorfreakbrian|lfs: For one, pastebin.19:56
predatorfreakTwo, I don't know, I haven't built xulrunner 1.8.19:56
brian|lfsya I know I should of pase bined20:17
brian|lfssorry about that20:18
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