IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-03-31

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cruxbot[core.git]: libarchive: updated to
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cruxbot[core.git]: curl: update to 7.18.102:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: fakeroot: update to 1.9.402:42
cruxbot[opt.git]: transmission: update to 1.1002:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: zabbix_utils: updated to 1.4.503:03
cruxbot[contrib.git]: zabbix_server: updated to 1.4.503:03
cruxbot[contrib.git]: zabbix_agentd: updated to 1.4.503:03
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cruxbot[core.git]: openssh: updated to 4.9p1.03:17
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namenlosRomster: i still can't syncronize your repository..04:00
namenlosok, it's not there any more...04:01
Romsteri'll host it on my box prolgic said 2 days and has been gone since.04:08
Romsteri'll post to the ML when i've got it setup. luckly i got all the stuff here.04:09
namenlosok. was was already looking, how to build a moc port ;)04:09
Romsteri'll be up in awhile i'll fix my apach logs since the last update and get it all runing.04:15
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Romsternamenlos, should be working.05:19
Romsteri need to setup rsync yet05:19
predatorfreakRomster: Slow as fuck :D05:20
Romsterbah... i need a faster plan.05:21
predatorfreakI'd offer my connection, but I'm afraid it won't be much better.05:21
Romsterstupid australin isps05:21
Romsteri would prefer to hsot my shit from now on can't rely on prologic.05:22
predatorfreakRomster: Buy out shared hosting space somewhere?05:22
Romsteri'll give it pirority in my QoS in awhile right now i wanna cook something to eat.05:23
Romstereh maybe.05:23
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namenlosRomster: thx05:57
Romsteri see a alpha release of moc but i won't try untill it's stable.06:00
Romsterstill cooking atm then i'll get my other repos on.06:00
rehabdolli could host someone if needed06:01
rehabdollno fancy rsync though06:01
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muskoti am getting a compile error when i try qt3 .. any one who can help med?06:06
muskotme :P06:06
muskotsvenska går bra :P06:07
tilmandepends on whether you can paste the error (on or wherever)06:07
muskotits just some of it06:11
muskottilman, du är svensk va?06:11
tilmaninte svenska :]06:12
rehabdollnä, han e tysk06:12
tilmanmuskot: do you have libmng installed?06:12
rehabdoll <- i bet that guy is someone from #crux06:12
tilmanit's not in the dependencies, but it looks like the port would like to have it06:12
tilmanrehabdoll: o_O06:13
mwansarehabdoll, lol06:13
muskottilman, i can check06:13
Romsterugh what sort of paste is that it's more mumbo jumbo than encrypted text.06:14
Romsterrehabdoll, lol06:16
muskoti got a new compile error and its complaining about mysqlclient.so06:49
muskotbut i got mysql installed06:49
Romsterrun a revdep over your system rebuild anything that's broken, things like openoffice and firefox will say error but those are ok.06:54
Romstercan be found in the pkg-utils port06:55
muskothmms i got pkgutils installed but i dont find revdep any where07:04
muskotnever mind :P07:06
Romstersorry it's in prt-utils07:06
Romsterprt and pkg confuse the hell out of me..07:06
muskoti google it07:07
Romsterya can find files with prt-get fsearch revdep07:07
Romsternote to self restart sshd after updating openssh07:09
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muskotstill got not found07:42
muskotdoes prt-get run ldconfig after compile?07:43
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cptnhey there07:46
muskotdoes prt-get run ldconfig after compile?07:46
cptnindirectly, yes07:46
cptnpkgadd does07:46
muskotoki .. becuz i am trying to compile qt3 and i am geting warning not found07:47
cptndo you have /usr/lib/mysql in ld.conf?07:48
muskothmms probebly not07:48
cptnokay, that would explain it :-)07:48
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Romstermuskot, pkgadd runs ldconfig07:49
Romsterprt-get calls pkgmk then pkgadd07:49
Romsterhi cptn07:50
Romstermuskot, qt3 in opt?07:51
Romsteris your system upto date other than qt3?07:51
muskotmythtv require it07:51
muskotshould i use another rsync ?07:52
muskotor port :P07:52
cptnmuskot: did you add the entry in
cptnbecause that's what causes/prevents this error07:53
muskotcptn, yes07:53
muskoti am trying to compile qt as we speak07:53
cptnyou'll have to run ldconfig manually though07:53
cptnno need to restart the build if you're fast enough07:54
Romsterah it can't see it you need the line in /etc/
muskotyeah  i did that07:54
cptnmuskot: okay, then it should work07:54
muskotthx every one07:54
Romsterhmm why don't we have a symlink or put them libs directly in /usr/lib anyways..07:55
Romsteror they have a mysql.pc file to handle it.07:55
Romsterthat was so obvious i didn't even think to tell muskot07:55
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Romsterplus there should be a LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the port perhaps.07:56
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Romsterhi jaeger i'm building gnome in my safebuild found a couple of problems so far.07:59
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tilmangrep Maintainer /usr/ports/contrib/subversion-perl/Pkgfile09:48
tilman# Maintainer: unmaintained09:48
tilmangah, subversion-perl sucks so much09:53
Romsterold prologic port10:02
Romsterno idea why anyone would want that one should be droped already10:02
tilmanrebuilding subversion-perl produced a working package o_O10:06
tilmanand i don't even have swig installed o_O10:06
Romsterodd and i never used that.10:09
Romsterdo you wanna take that port over10:10
Romsteror are you just poking around at ports.10:10
* Romster is reading the handbook10:10
cptntilman: hey10:21
cptntilman: yeah, subversion-perl is annoying10:21
tilmanooh, cptnvisit10:21
tilmanhi :)10:21
tilmancptn: i guess it's mostly swig's fault10:22
cptnquite possible... what do you need it for?10:23
tilmanhah. yes10:23
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ddclient: move config from /usr/etc to /etc10:23
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Romstertilman, you should pick the port up because all unmaintained ports will be droped soon been long enough for anyone to pickup what they wanted.10:36
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Dreamer`_hmm, why does my /etc/localtime change back to what it was after every boot10:53
jesse_Check /etc/rc.conf, if you do not have that reflecting what you want, it will reset /etc/localtime.10:55
Dreamer`_oh, yeah. totally forgot that. thanks :P10:56
jesse_No problem.10:56
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muskoti have just installed qt3 but the qt toolkit didnt install14:11
muskotor dont exist after install :P how do i make qt3 compile and install the toolkit14:12
sepenwhat are you looking for. that?
sepenI think qt3 ports its minimal (KISS) so you can port your own qt3-toolkit port14:20
muskotits needed for mythtv14:27
muskotit seems14:28
muskotqstring.h not found14:28
sepen $ pkginfo -l qt3 | grep qstring14:30
cptnmuskot: you have to export QTDIR14:31
cptnqt3 is not modular, so the toolkit part isn't separated from the utility classes14:32
muskotokey do i just write export QTDIR ?14:33
cptnexport QTDIR=/usr/share/qt14:34
sepenheyo cptn nice to see you here14:34
cptnhi sepen14:34
muskotoki :P .. do i need to add that to som file or somthing14:34
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cptnmuskot: well, it's only needed during build time14:35
cptnbut it can help if you build lots of Qt apps14:35
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cptnI export it in ~/.bash_profile14:36
cptnsome ports export it in their Pkgfiles14:36
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sepenany idea how to check if url sources its available using 'curl' ?14:48
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sepenIm checking http headers only and seems ins't effective14:49
cptnIIRC the check_urls does the same14:52
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sepencan I get check_urls sources?15:04
sepeno nice15:05
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thrice`hrm, my center-click doesn't work in urxvt to paste15:41
RyoSthrice`: got taht too but only with vim Oo15:45
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thrice`ah, mine isn't pasting in nano15:46
RyoSthats a sign15:46
thrice`wait, it works for you in vim?15:47
RyoSi said i got the same bug within vim15:47
thrice`oh, sorry15:47
thrice`i havent' experimented with other terms15:48
RyoSme neither15:48
RyoSgot to be something else, i tried gnome-terminal15:49
RyoSsame thing15:49
RyoSxterm is doing it right15:49
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thrice`google's not turning much up15:51
RyoSgotta try cvs tomorrow maybe they fixed it already15:54
thrice`you think it's specific to rxvt-unicode ?15:57
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jesse_thrice`: this is probably a wild guess, but try running running nano in a screen session.15:58
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jesse_or change $TERM to xterm or rxvt.15:58
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clickonceAny math geniuses in here? I want a rectangle with an 16:10 aspect ratio. Problem is I want the height of the rectangle minus 40 to be divisible by 6 and the result should be an integer, not a float, same with the width. Any ideas on how to calculate that?16:19
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nipuLwhy do you need to be a genius to figure that out16:23
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clickoncenipuL: Because he or she who could answer it would be a genius compared to my current state-of-mind. :)16:32
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andariusgreetings and salutatiosn17:11
tilmanhi anyway :)17:11
sepenany idea which package contains this font? Bitstream Vera Sans-917:12
tilmanyes. it has the cryptic name 'xorg-font-bitstream-vera' :D17:12
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thrice`prt-get search, sepen17:13
tilmansepen: puede ser you're drunk? :D17:13
sepentilman, I've have this pkg installed but I have a blackbox problem17:14
tilmanmaybe you need to run fc-cache?17:14
sepenbt::Font: couldn't load Xft0 'Bitstream Vera Sans-9'17:14
sepenblackbox: XftFont* bt::FontCache::findXftFont(const std::string&, unsigned int): Assertion `ret != __null' failed.17:14
tilmandoes blackbox even use fontconfig? :D17:14
tilmanno idea17:14
tilmansepen: did you google it?17:14
tilmanhum hum17:14
tilmancan you see what libXft function findXftFont calls?17:15
tilmanthat's ancient17:15
tilmanbb's font stuff likely has seen some changes since 200117:16
sepen$ grep -i xft /usr/include/bt/Font.hh17:16
tilmanno, Font.cc17:16
sepenfrom bbox?17:17
sepenhmmm reading now RELEASENOTES.TXT from xorg-font-bitstream-vera port17:19
sepenfc-cache -v tries to read /usr/share/fonts instead /usr/lib/X11/fonts17:27
thrice`tilman: does middle-click paste work for you in rxvt-unicode?17:27
sepens/instead/instead of17:27
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sepentilman, README file for fontconfig has a little mistake17:29
sepen/etc/fonts.conf -> /etc/fonts/fonts.conf    ||   /etc/fonts/fonts.dtd -> /etc/fonts/fonts.dtd17:30
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Romstersepen, and you useally edit /etc/fonts/local.conf anyways.18:32
Romsterand i found something that may interest you
sepenhmmm thanks18:37
sepenjust Im trying to run blackbox after prt-get depinst on a fresh installation of crux18:39
sepenbut it fails and I think it needs a post-install script or a readme file18:40
Romstersays it uses like ~3-4MB ram18:40
Romstereh just run all the packages and add in the --instal-scripts it'll reinstall without building in most cases and run the install scripts18:41
sepenI've selected install scripts on my prt-get.conf and now doing a prt-get update -fr -if `prt-get quickdep blackbox`18:43
sepenwainting for18:43
Romstershouldn't need the -fr18:45
Romsterif you just wanna reinstall the programs..18:45
Romsteryou should run this in your pkgutils
Romstersaves having to use -if18:46
Romsterwill only error if there is missing files but not on new files.18:47
Romsterand xorg has alot of post-install too.18:49
Romsterdunno if blackbox would catch all of them18:50
sepensounds nice18:54
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Romsteryeah and i'm editing my footprints so they never have anything mroe than what is listed in the depends on, line.18:55
Romsterso new files get added ok..18:55
Romsterstill i think it might be a little pain at packaging stage if ya don't watch what it says.18:56
Romsterjaeger, you about?18:58
Romsterjaeger, anyways here is a pastebin of what i've picked up on so far
Romsterfor gnome repo19:02
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predatorfreak\o/ sip changed my privileges on flyspray19:13
predatorfreakRomster: I'm now a "developer"19:21
* predatorfreak queue's DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS19:21
Romsterheh good for you.19:21
jaegerRomster: I didn't run into any of those but I'll give it a try in a clean install soon and see19:24
Romsternot sure how tofix the firefox one..19:24
Romsteri've skiped epiphany to check the other stuff.19:25
predatorfreakRomster: With my firefox3 build?19:25
Romstersimple fixes except the last one.19:25
Romsternah firefox in opt i beleave19:25
predatorfreakProbably use epiphany CVS linked against xulrunner.19:25
predatorfreak-CVS +SVN19:25
Romsterchecking for the;1 XPCOM component... no19:25
Romsterconfigure: error: firefox needs to be compiled with at least --enable-extensions=default,cookie,permissions19:25
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/epiphany#2.22.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.19:25
Romsterin a clean chroot.19:26
predatorfreakI can add those to the mozconfig.19:26
Romsterit's right to have core,opt,contrib,gnome in that order in prt-get.conf jaeger ?19:26
sepenRomster, nope gnome before contrib19:26
Romsteror actually i think i stuck gnome before contrib..19:26
sepengnome isn't dependent on contrib19:27
predatorfreakSomeone needs to tell viper to fix his opt ports :D19:27
jaegerI would always put gnome first19:27
sepenRomster, yeah19:27
sepenI do the same trick for xfce repo19:27
Romsterin that order i have then i threw in contrib after.19:27
Romsterseemed to be most logical.19:27
predatorfreakRomster: BTW, I assigned your cyrus-sasl bug to him, since he's the maintainer.19:28
predatorfreakHopefully he picks up on it before too long, because I encountered that here too.19:28
Romstersimple fix i keep finding stuff in my safebuild19:28
predatorfreakAs well as the pinentry one as well, in fact.19:28
predatorfreakI'm more worried about pinentry XD19:28
Romsteri'm gonna get to the stage of rebuild all affected ports upon a repo edit/commit19:29
predatorfreakThat's a straight compile problem everyone using glibc 2.6.1 will hit.19:29
Romsterto see if a recent change breaks any ports as that seems to be a common thing.19:29
Romsteri could of went to glibc 2.7 when i updated gcc but i didn't bother too.19:30
Romstersince i did rebuild glibc to be sure i'm geting the best results of the newer gcc19:30
predatorfreakI'll wait for core to change.19:30
Romsteri thought it was wise too so i didn't hit some crazy bug.19:30
predatorfreakPlus, hopefully my glibc work can go in when core changes to 2.7 :)19:31
Romsteri'd like to see that stdccompat moved to opt.19:31
predatorfreakgcc isn't horribly dependent on glibc.19:31
predatorfreakMost of the time.19:31
Romsterthe next gcc update is gonna be fun it requires mpfr <<19:31
Romsterso i'm gonna have to give my mpfr port up.19:32
predatorfreakoh BTW, might I suggest updating your x264 port to the latest revision in git?19:33
predatorfreakIt brings a solid ~13-15% imprvement in speed.19:33
Romsteractually had that planed19:33
predatorfreakWith no quality loss :D19:33
Romsteri was looking at the gitweb19:33
predatorfreakI've been fucking with it here for awhile and it works beautifully19:33
predatorfreakAs do my raped-x264 versions :319:34
predatorfreakRomster: export CFLAGS="$(echo $CFLAGS | sed -e 's/-O[s0-3]/-O3/') -ffast-math" <-- I'm also using that here.19:36
predatorfreak-ffast-math actually brings solid improvements in performance for x264.19:36
predatorfreak\o/ Adaptive quant went into git!19:40
Romsterafter i edit my generate script..19:41
predatorfreakvariance-based psy adaptive quantization19:41
predatorfreakI can remove that patch.19:41
Romsterand heck i got a meeting in 20 minutes so it'll haev to wait when i get back19:41
predatorfreakAfter having it in LESS THAN TWO DAYS.19:41
Romsterheh there fast19:46
Romsterthen i'll up that19:46
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mwansajaeger, you got the sources for qemu-0.9.0*20:51
Romstermwansa, dunno why you want a old versionf or but i have a copy of the that version which is old btw21:20
mwansathx, just that i havent had any problems with 0.9.0...will possibly update soon21:22
Romsteri've not had much issues with 0.9.121:26
Romsterexcept kqemu itself not releasing memory from shm after it's finished21:27
cruxbot[contrib.git]: qiv: New port.21:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: r745 -> 0.59.808-ff5059a22:46
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Romsterdamn sourceforge si down for mantaince...23:07
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