IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-04-01

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cruxbot[contrib.git]: xine-lib: 1.1.11 ->
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: tk: 8.5.1 -> 8.5.201:05
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tcl: 8.5.1 -> 8.5.201:05
pitillogood morning01:16
mwansamorning pitillo :P01:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: fix url metatag01:26
Romsterhi pitillo and mwansa again.01:28
pitillolo Romster :)01:28
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tilmansubversion-perl really needs to be installed twice03:19
tilmanie the build seems to depend on a present (half-assed) subversion-perl installation03:19
tilmanbut it doesn't require swig apprently o_O03:20
tilmanpredatorfreak: did you see the mozilla thread on the ml? apparently removing wasn't that good ;p03:21
predatorfreakWhat broke?03:22
predatorfreakrm -rf $PKG/usr/lib/$name/{LICENSE,TestGtkEmbed,bloaturls.txt,dependentlibs.list}03:22
predatorfreakI don't delete it.03:22
tilmanmmh, i assumed it was there before your recent rework03:22
Rotwangwindows goes opensource :O03:22
predatorfreaktilman: I don't even see the thread...03:23
* predatorfreak hits his mail server03:24
predatorfreaktilman: My theory would be that building firefox static removed libgtkmozembed.so03:25
predatorfreaktilman: Honestly though, I would suggest adding xulrunner to opt to satisfy that dep.03:25
predatorfreakAlthough, sadly firefox 2.0 cannot be built against xulrunner :(03:26
tilmanso this problem would be solved when 3.0 is released?03:26
predatorfreaktilman: Yes, or by reverting to a shared build.03:26
predatorfreakWhat in core/opt requires it though?03:26
predatorfreaktilman: I'm biased towards saying "If another repo requires it, change Firefox or package xulrunner 1.8"03:28
Romstergnome is broken from firefox i know that much.03:29
predatorfreakWho uses gnome? o.O03:30
tilmanthrice` and jaeger do03:30
predatorfreakWell, I'm more than willing to change Firefox.03:31
tilmanbleh, git svn doesn't seem to work behind a http proxy :x03:36
Romsteri think gnome can have there copy of dynamic firefox untill v3 is out imo.03:38
predatorfreaktilman: Welp, I'll leave it up to you and the others to decide what should happen.03:40
predatorfreakObviously, it'd be good to talk with jaeger before doing anything03:40
tilmanzsh: segmentation fault  git svn rebase03:52
predatorfreaktilman: Yay git!03:52
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predatorfreakAlso yay fellow ZSH user!03:53
cruxbot[opt.git]: opera: updated to 9.2604:08
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tilmanfixed by: export CFLAGS="-O0 -g"04:47
tilmanpkgmk -ns -kw04:47
tilmanin subversino-perl04:47
tilmanawesome :)04:47
predatorfreaktilman: You've been overoptimising you ricer!04:47
tilmanyeah right04:48
teKiirc there was  a warning about it somewhere :)04:50
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teKlacking teh english language sinc 2008! :p07:49
aon_i actually survived today without being fooled irl07:51
aon_or perhaps not07:51
aon_the lieutenant said that i can end work for today aroudn 15:15, perhaps i actually coudln't07:52
aon_and they have some sort of a punishment waiting for me tomorrow07:52
mike_kI'd go and get some fake bullets and just shoot the officer in charge07:54
tilmanmaybe we next year we should shut down on april fools07:54
tilman"we decided to let crux finally die. so long, etc."07:54
mike_ktilman: and at that point it could easily happen that nobody will notice the site absence07:55
tilmanindeed :) :)07:55
aon_or implement use flags :)07:55
tilmangood idea07:55
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tilmanwe should start working on the web site in december, so it will be done by april07:56
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thrice`heh, mandatory use flags is a good one :)08:00
aondinner time ->08:03
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j^2morning all08:39
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j^2aon: what's the day count? how you doing? it's been a while08:42
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predatorfreakjaeger: You around?10:06
thrice`tilman: heh10:08
jaegeryeah... building firefox on one of the laptops to play around10:09
predatorfreakjaeger: Well, I'd like to sort out the yelp problems before I sleep.10:09
predatorfreakI already know the cause of the problem, I just want to know what method of fixing it you'd be happiest with XD10:10
jaegerxulrunner port in opt/contrib? not sure I'd want to maintain it in gnome as I know nothing about it10:12
predatorfreakjaeger: If that's the preferable solution for you, sure, I can throw an xulrunner port together, test it out and put it in opt.10:14
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jaegerDo you have a preference?10:19
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predatorfreakjaeger: I'm partial to whichever one sorts it out fastest so that I can sleep :D10:20
jaegerfair enough :P10:21
predatorfreakI already have an xulrunner port for xulrunner 1.9b4, I'll make some quick changes for and push to opt10:22
RedShiftdatacenters without elektricity10:24
RedShiftwe should have more of them!10:24
predatorfreakjaeger: Building now, thank god for ccache :D10:26
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* predatorfreak hugs ccache and says "Thank you for getting me to sleep sooner."10:27
jaegerso things like epiphany, galeon, etc., are supposed to build against xulrunner from now on instead of firefox?10:27
predatorfreakjaeger: Yes.10:27
predatorfreakand when Firefox 3/Thunderbird 3 come out, them too.10:27
jaegergood to know, thanks10:27
predatorfreakThen it will basically mean just updating xulrunner for gecko-related security fixes :D10:27
predatorfreakYay some level of sanity from Mozilla!10:28
tilmanwhen is ff3 due?10:30
predatorfreakSupposedly, Q3 of this year.10:31
predatorfreakBut their roadmaps sometimes pan out, other times implode10:32
tilmandeja vue10:32
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thrice`I thought epiphany could use webkit?10:47
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predatorfreakthrice`: Sure it can, but webkit is kinda flaky :D10:53
thrice`I'm using safari on windows here at work, and it loads noticably quicker than FF3b10:54
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predatorfreakthrice`: Welcome to not-bloated-stuff.10:56
predatorfreakEven Firefox 3 is comparatively fat due to Gecko/XULRunner not being small :P10:57
predatorfreakThey like giant-fat-freaking-insane shit that makes no sense.10:57
predatorfreakor at least, that's what I've garnered from watching Mozilla :D10:57
thrice`yeah, I suppose so :)11:01
tilman"for each time you called foo(), you have to call bar() to keep teh balance"11:01
tilman ^^^^^^^^^^^^11:02
tilmanthat doesn't sound right, right?11:02
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predatorfreaktilman: Sounds fine to me, but I'm half drooling on m keyboard while xulrunner finishes up11:03
predatorfreak... and missing keys11:03
predatorfreak-m +my11:03
thrice`predatorfreak: why are you off to bed?  do you work 3rd shift or sometyhing?11:03
predatorfreakthrice`: I sleep in cycles atm.11:04
tilmanpredatorfreak: i don't mean "for" as in "because" though11:04
predatorfreakI have no formal job atm, just learn0rating so I can go to college to get a decent paying job.11:05
tilmani'm trying to say that count(foo-calls) needs to be count(bar-calls)11:05
predatorfreakthrice`: So I tend to swing between day sleeping and night sleeping.11:05
thrice`ah, I thought you were still in high school :)11:05
predatorfreaktilman: Sounds fine to me, but I have no mastery of ye english language.11:05
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predatorfreakthrice`: Home-schooled, partly why I can devote more time to computers than normal.11:06
predatorfreakLearn the other shit for the day, then fuck around on computers for the rest of it.11:06
thrice`ah, neat11:06
predatorfreakI'm not taking my chances with public education here :D11:07
* thrice` shrugs11:07
predatorfreakmmmk hopefully this is the LAST rebuild of xulrunner.11:14
predatorfreakMozilla can't just be consistent in the sucking of their build system, it has to vary per release :(11:14
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cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: New port.11:24
predatorfreakjaeger: There you go.11:24
jaegerwill give it a try11:24
predatorfreakShould be a matter of adding --enable-gecko=xulrunner to yelp/epiphany/galeon11:24
predatorfreakIf you hit any snags, send an angry e-mail at me11:25
jaegerI wonder if anyone actually uses epiphany11:25
predatorfreakWhoops xulrunner credits you as the packager...11:25
predatorfreakjaeger: Stop taking credit for my work! :(11:25
tilmanpredatorfreak: just remove the Package line altogether if it was you :p11:25
cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: Remove Packager line.11:26
predatorfreakWell, with that finished.11:26
predatorfreakI'm going to sleep so I can wake up, learn shit, fumble around and then learn more shit :D11:27
aonj^2: 94d to go :)11:27
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j^2aon: crazy!11:41
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clickonceHello folks12:17
clickonceI just built and installed contrib/dhcp to use as a DHCP server. When I start dhcpd it says it can't open /proc/net/if_inet6 to list IPv6 interfaces. I do not have support for IPv6 in my kernel, any ideas on how to tell DHCP not to look for them? I've tried all sorts of arguments to ./configure and nothing seems to work.12:18
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cruxbot[opt.git]: libsdl: updated to 1.2.13 (thanks tilman)19:34
cruxbot[opt.git]: sudo: updated to 1.6.9p1519:36
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predatorfreak <-- I'm not sure if they're joking or serious o.O20:29
predatorfreak <-- I guess they're serious20:33
predatorfreakWell, good for them.20:33
predatorfreakjaeger: Give me a second to fix that20:33
jaegerthe last line is my locally modified xulrunner20:34
jaegerwhich produces the same error20:34
thrice`try webkit? :)20:35
predatorfreakWhat thrice` said :P20:36
predatorfreakjaeger: Tried adding --enable-oji to the options? Supposedly galeon won't build without it, maybe epiphany suffers from the same problem?20:37
jaegernot yet, can give that a try next time I mess with it20:38
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predatorfreak--with-engine=mozilla <-- Might be worth adding that too.20:40
predatorfreak(to epiphany)20:40
predatorfreakor just modifying my webkit port and using that :P20:41
mwansaRomster, whats the URL to your ports ?20:42
predatorfreak-using +use20:42
predatorfreakjaeger: if you still hit problems, throw the config.log from epiphany at me and I'll see what I can do20:49
* predatorfreak commits xulrunner with respective changes to opt20:59
cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: Add options required for epiphany.21:00
thrice`commit now, fix later? :-)21:06
predatorfreakthrice`: epiphany is the most likely candidate for fix0ring :P21:08
predatorfreakBesides those options, xulrunner should be fine21:09
Romstermwansa, ML i've posted it.21:38
Romsternoticed i had to put gnome before opt as pygtk is too old of a version.21:38
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Romsterhmmz ok bindutils dies in the arse... when i og to compile it.22:49
Romsterthe make -j1 fixes it.22:50
predatorfreakRomster: It doesn't like gang rape22:50
Romsterwhy can't they all write Makefiles that work with multiple make jobs.22:51
Romsterseems to be a curse.22:51
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percent20I feel retarded does someone have a boiler plate sshd_config file that works at getting sshd configured? I can't get mine to work.23:04
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predatorfreakpercent20: Default plus or minus some changed options should work.23:06
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percent20hmm k23:06
Romstermost likely you hadn't edited /etc/hosts.allow23:08
percent20i thinkyou might be right23:08
predatorfreakOn CRUX? The default isn't to deny anything o.O23:09
predatorfreakOnly distro that I've used in the last couple years that does that is Arch.23:10
predatorfreakand believe me, I was going "WTF? JUST LET ME FIREWALL MY OWN BOX YOU ASSHATS!"23:10
RomsterALL: ALL23:10
predatorfreakMine has nothing in it.23:10
predatorfreakBeside comments23:10
Romsteri had to add to /etc/hosts.allow23:10
Romsterinetd stuff..23:10
predatorfreakYou mean /etc/hosts.deny23:11
predatorfreakDamn it! SATANISM!23:11
predatorfreakJust the only uncommented line from /etc/hosts.deny23:11
predatorfreakProblem solved23:11
predatorfreak-the only +delete the only23:12
predatorfreakI even have to correct myself when I miss a word..23:12
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percent20thank you for the help got it finally working well23:25
percent20finally just removed openssh and reinstalled then edited the hosts.allow and hosts.deny and it worked23:26
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