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pitillogood morning01:14
tilmanhey pitillo01:14
pitillohey tilman, goodmorning :)01:15
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)02:02
cruxbot[opt.git]: conky: update to 1.5.102:13
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] cups: update to 1.3.702:13
Romstercan anyone test this that has intel and ati video drivers?02:13
Romster/usr/sbin/lspci -v -s `/usr/sbin/lspci | grep VGA | head -c 7` | grep Memory | grep " prefetchable" | awk '{print $6}'02:13
Romstersee it returns something like [size=256M]02:13
Romsterworks on nvidia but wanna know if it's good on intel and ati.02:14
cruxbot[core.git]: bindutils: added -j1 make option, FS#25202:15
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cptnRomster: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)02:21
cptn-> [size=128M]02:21
cptn05:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 958802:22
cptnseems to work on both02:22
Romsterk ta02:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: leafpad: Updated 0.8.13-2 -> 0.8.14-103:50
sepenpitillo, done03:53
pitillothank you :)03:54
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gtkmm: 2.12.5 -> 2.12.603:54
cruxbot[contrib.git]: glibmm: 2.16.0 -> 2.16.103:54
namenlosanyone got an idea, how i could store the result of find in a bash array? the problem i have is, that the filenames contain spaces, and this then results in split elements...04:20
cruxbot[opt.git]: postgresql: updated to 8.3.104:22
cptnnamenlos: well, you can replace the spaces with another character04:25
cptnbut then you have to escape the other occurances of this character04:25
namenloscptn: isn't there a simpler way? somehow quoting doesn't work...04:27
cptnwell, depends on what you want to do04:27
cptnusing temporary files would be easy04:27
cptnor using the find in a shell for loop without storing them in an array04:28
cptnthat said, the replace approach is really simple04:29
cptnif you can find a character which isn't used otherwise04:29
cptnlike some other language's special char04:29
namenloscptn: i want to loop over them and apply a function of my shell script on them04:29
pitillonamenlos, with the normal find usage doesn't work properly? (something like this: find . -name search_name -exec your_script {} \; )04:34
namenlospitillo: i want to apply a function of my script on the file.04:35
namenlospitillo: -exec searches for a program (afaik)04:35
namenlosi found a workaround: find ... | while read i; do handle $i; done;04:36
namenlosit's not clean, but it works.04:36
namenlosand i am absolutely not happy about it.04:36
cptnlooks pretty clean to me :-)04:38
cptnthe following should work too though:04:39
cptnfor f in $(find . -type f); do foo $f04:39
namenlosit is used here (not finished, yet):
cptnFull example:
namenloscptn: i like your solution more, but how can i reset IFS?04:41
namenlosis there a builtin to do this?04:42
cptnwell, you can store IFS in a variable of course04:43
cptnhowever, it's easier to do this:04:43
cptnso you only set it for the find subshell04:44
cptn(the second find will fail to do because IFS was not globally changed)04:44
namenlosthats neat. thx04:55
nipuLfind . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 foo05:11
Romsterwhy not use the -print0 option of find?05:57
Romsterand someone beats me to it again... <<05:57
cptnby a mere 45 minutes06:37
nipuLbut then, xargs won't work with functions06:47
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brawnyin startx what does x stand for?06:52
cptnthe X Window System06:52
brawnyi thought it was xinit.06:53
brawnyTo telnet into muliple devices simultaneously we have to press 4 combo keys. 3 of them are I think ctrl+shift+6..07:02
brawnyWhats the fourth, cant remember...07:02
cptnnot quite sure what you're talking about07:04
brawnywhat is the subnet mask of the above address..?07:06
cptnsounds like homework07:06
brawnyNo, actually. I am just brining out my doubts...07:07
brawnyso, whats the subnet mask...?07:08
cptntried google already?07:09
brawnyyes. its just a doubt.07:10
tilmanerr, s/address/network/ i guess07:12
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cruxbot[opt.git]: centerim: upgraded to 4.22.411:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: dvd+rw-tools: upgraded to 7.111:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: cryptsetup: upgraded to 1.0.611:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: cdrtools: upgraded to 2.01.01a3811:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: cyrus-sasl: requires -j 111:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: tightvnc: fixed dependencies11:14
j^2hey, so i'm creating a NAS11:41
j^2i'm going to grow LVM to eventually 2TB11:41
j^2ideas on a "good" filesystem to use?11:41
j^2i've never dealt with that amount of space before11:41
Romsteri'd love to use btrfs but it arn't ready yet.11:42
Romsterext3 is slow but reliable, jfs seems to be nice and fastm but lacks quota support11:43
j^2quota in what sense?11:44
Romsterpartition sise limits arn't implamented11:45
Romsterman mount11:46
Romsterit's in there11:46
j^2i've heard bad things about rieser and anything over a TB before11:46
j^2but i'd like to confirm thath11:46
Romsteri don't wanna touch riser since the programer is in jail.11:47
j^2more reason too touch it :P11:47
j^2what else is he going to do ;)11:47
thrice`he did go to jail?11:47
* tilman 's brain rots11:48
Romsteri beleave he did11:48
Romsteri didn't follow it that clsely last i heard he was convicted11:48
Romsterso what is the issue tilman11:49
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j^2cruxbot: wikipedia hans rieser11:49
jesse_The trial is still in motion.11:49
predatorfreakHe's being held in jail atm11:49
predatorfreakand like jesse_ said, trail is still ongoing.11:50
predatorfreakSo whether he'll stay or not is up in the air11:50
jesse_That is tremendously shallow to think code is rotten because the founder is behind bars.11:50
jesse_reiserfs still works and reiser4 actually does have a maintainer.11:51
thrice`no, but the future of the code might be slow :)11:51
predatorfreak"Reiser How-To Wiki: Sleep in a Tiny Car, Convert Hatchback to Bed" :D11:51
* tilman 's brain is feeling better now11:51
predatorfreakjesse_: reiserfs 3.BLAH will continue on, if Reiser can't head reiser4, it may or may not live on11:51
jesse_This is open source, it is bound to get picked up sooner or later if and when reiser himself kicks the bucket.11:52
jesse_Might get renamed, but it still may continue.11:53
Romstertrue just didn't like the idea11:53
predatorfreakjesse_: It depends on if someone else wishes to continue his implementation11:54
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predatorfreakor take the basic idea and make their own implementation11:54
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jesse_It could happen, sure.11:56
jesse_It would somewhat seem counter-intuitive though because reiser made a name and reputation for designing a "fast" FS.11:57
tilman+ filesystems aren't that hackable compared to boring userspace stuff. i guess11:58
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tilmanmy point being that it's somewhat less likely that someone would just fork the code11:59
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jesse_tilman: could be. reiserfs is in a working state and has not really been touched for a long time because it was not a priority once reiser4 came about.12:01
tilmanjesse_: also i think most filesystem hackers likely don't really care who's in jail and who isn't :P12:02
jesse_You can't say the same applies to quite a few users. ;)12:02
jesse_WTF? JAILED? mkfs.anythingbutreiser /dev/sda1 :p12:03
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predatorfreakjesse_: or in my case.12:03
tilmanbrain starts rotting again!12:03
* jaeger still finds it amusing that people equate crazy person with bad fs12:04
predatorfreakIf reiser gets convicted, whoever maintains reiserfsprogs should symlink mkfs.reiserfs to mkfs.murderfs for a couple days for laughs.12:04
predatorfreakjaeger: Nah, good FS.12:04
predatorfreakCrazy bastard.12:04
predatorfreakBut, I'm a crazy bastard myself.12:04
predatorfreakSo, by my standards, he's perfectly okay.12:05
jaegernot everyone does it but lots of people say stupid shit like "oh, he's a murderer? well fuck reiserfs now"12:05
jaegerwhich makes no sense12:05
predatorfreakHe isn't even convicted yet.12:05
predatorfreakI'd save my "He's a murderer" bit until after he's convicted AND a body shows up.12:05
jesse_This shows how chicken shit nervous people get by perceptions.12:06
jaegerthat's not the point12:06
jaegerjesse_: yeah12:06
predatorfreak(I still say without a body a conviction in this trail would be fucking bullshit)12:06
jaegerconviction or no, it has no effect on the quality of the current release of reiserfs12:06
jesse_jaeger: zomg you don't understand! murderer + fs = evil fs! :D12:06
jesse_Terribly small minds...12:07
sepenjust like this
jesse_predatorfreak: exactly. besides, there's another self-confessed serial murderer involved, an alleged lover of reiser's wife.12:08
tilmansepen: now that's a change of topic12:09
predatorfreakjesse_: Evil FS?12:09
predatorfreakHuh, I think I need me one of those that casts voodoo spells on my hard drive to make it run faster12:10
predatorfreakMaybe it can warp time so it knows what I'll read in the future with 100% precision to cache it before I even know I want it :D12:10
jesse_That, or get your hands on a scsi raid0.12:10
jesse_That would be an interesting function. :p12:13
predatorfreakjesse_: "I know you want this data, don't argue with me."12:14
jesse_Wouldn't want to wait for George Michael to buffer.12:14
predatorfreak"It is certainty!"12:14
predatorfreakBuffer? Pfft.12:14
thrice`jaeger: current release, yes.  I can see people beginning to invest in a change in fear of future releases, though12:14
predatorfreakGeorge Michael is so sexy he doesn't need to buffer.12:14
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jaegerthrice`: perhaps, but it has nothing to do with hands reiser being a murderer, it would be a question of whether or not the new maintainer(s) (if any) were any good12:15
predatorfreakjaeger: There's still "minor" work continuing on Reiser4, but not much.12:16
RedShiftisn't reiserfs 4 supposed to be "stable"?12:18
thrice`dunno.  I don't think file systems are projects that just "get picked up"12:18
RedShiftwhat's the status of hans reiser's trail?12:19
jaegersomething as widely used as reiserfs might12:19
RedShiftlast message on wikipedia is from november 200712:19
predatorfreakand no, reiser4 isn't finished yet.12:20
predatorfreakIt still needs more work to get in mainline.12:20
thrice`who knows.  I've used reiserfs for years, and probably wont' switch until something *much* better comes along, or it quits working12:21
predatorfreakreiserfs 3.X will continue to be maintained, as it's in-tree and used pretty commonly.12:22
predatorfreakA quick skirt through the -mm trees for the past couple versions reveals continuing patchflow for reiserfs.12:22
predatorfreak(-mm is a great way to track liveliness of stuff in the kernel)12:22
jesse_Reiser4 seems to work, and I know there are some who even use it for the / partition.12:24
jesse_Then again, I have heard of both reiserfs and reiser4 cacking themselves for no reason.12:25
jesse_Who knows, maybe they pulled the plug and refuse to say it.12:25
jesse_There is no such thing as a fool proof, invincible fs.12:27
jesse_Darn it, maybe I should have not spilled the beans on that statement haha.12:27
predatorfreakjesse_: Not news to me :P12:29
predatorfreakPlus, I have a UPS for my systems.12:29
predatorfreakI don't risk it.12:29
jesse_I don't, but I do have off-site backups. :p12:30
predatorfreakI don't trust people with my data :P12:30
jesse_Off-site but not out of reach.12:32
Romsteri'd rather wait it out and i'm more interested in btrfs12:37
jesse_Right, since you don't want murderer written code running in your machine. ;)12:40
Romsterit's not that if he arn't able to maintian and work on reiser whos gonna take over and will they do a good enough job.12:41
Romsterplus i'm looking at btrfs as a avoid raid as it's built in. as far as i'm aware for striping anyways.12:42
Romsteruntill then i'm sticking to ext3 and jfs12:44
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Romsterwhat uses tcc?14:40
teKquemu can be compiled with it, I suppose (same author) ;)14:40
Romsteroh never knew and here i am with gcc3414:41
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teKFabrice Bellard is a cool guy (check out his homepage)15:58
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thrice`mm, updated-iso :P17:53
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thrice`huh.  broke something o.O.  terms in X spit back that they can't start virtual-tty's18:49
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xorgwrong channel18:52
cruxbot[opt.git]: startup-notification: fixed typo in deps18:52
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thrice`urxvt: can't initialize psudo-tty; aborting.19:12
thrice`anyone seen this?19:12
thrice`ah; didn't have devpts mounted :)  fixed now :)19:27
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