IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-04-03

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sepen@seen sip09:15
clbsepen: sip was last seen in #crux 1 year, 18 weeks, 1 day, 20 hours, 51 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?09:15
Romsterargh if i have to see that one more time ,,,,09:17
Romster@delete sip seen history09:18
Romstersepen, try in #crux-devel09:18
predatorfreakRomster, what was the general advice?09:20
* Romster slaps predatorfreak 09:21
predatorfreakRomster: Ow! That hurt.09:21
sepenRomster, nice09:21
Romsterwas ages ago about git.09:21
predatorfreakRomster: Actually, it was 1 year, 18 weeks, 1 day, 20 hours, 51 minutes, and 53 seconds ago.09:22
predatorfreakor something like that09:22
Romstersmartarse <<09:22
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, my arse. is smart.09:23
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gtkmm: 2.12.6 -> 2.12.709:26
Romstercould of swore i updated gtkmm just the other day <<09:27
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tilmanjaeger: you around?09:56
jaegeryeah, sorta. what's up?09:57
tilmanRomster: i'm testing the new pixman now09:59
Romsteri've updated mine but not restarted x yet10:00
Romsterand using firefox3 beta5 and nothing amiss.10:01
Romsterduno if restarting X is a requrement after updating that10:01
tilmansince xorg-server links to pixman...10:02
* tilman protects his brain by drinking coffee10:10
treachcall covety, tell 'em to mark missing #include coffee.h as a serious bug. :P10:11
tilman? :p10:13
sepentilman, finally Im going to
sepenthe whole weekend10:13
tilmani won't, i'm too busy in the next months10:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] wireshark: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-libpixman: updated to
Romsterso i'm ment to recompile xorg-server...10:23
Romsterand restart x10:23
thrice`does xorg-server need rebuilding?10:23
Romsterso just a restart then10:24
Romsteri'd of thought that since the API/ABI hasn't changed that wouldn't be required.10:25
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cruxbot[core.git]: m4: updated to
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thrice`strange - openssh 5.0 released.  I thought 4.9 was just out ? o.O11:00
teKah I see11:09
teK@ ftp11:09
teKbut the tar.gz is broken11:09
teK for Details :)11:12
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jaegerpredatorfreak: still no luck with epiphany, same error11:24
predatorfreakjaeger: Irk, can you throw a config.log at me? XD11:25
predatorfreakI have this nagging suspicion it's some weird, minuscule detail that I'm missing and I'm too lazy to build all of epiphany's deps :D11:26
jaegerdcc inc11:27
* predatorfreak fucks around and sees what he can dig up11:34
predatorfreakjaeger: Found the problem.11:38
predatorfreakTheir configure script is borked.11:38
predatorfreakIt doesn't add -lmozjs11:38
predatorfreakWhich causes that conftest to fail.11:38
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predatorfreakjaeger: Brute force hack would be to do LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -lmozjs" ./configure11:40
jaegerok, I'll give it a try after lunch11:42
predatorfreakjaeger: The "proper" solution though, is to add a post-install script to xulrunner doing echo "/usr/lib/xulrunner" >> /etc/
predatorfreakand run ldconfig11:43
predatorfreakor fix the config script to link -lmozjs explicitly.11:44
predatorfreakBoth would alleviate the problem.11:44
predatorfreakAs it technically gets linked, but can't find it because /usr/lib/xulrunner isn't in
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predatorfreakjaeger: I'll fix xulrunner with a post-install script in opt XD11:47
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Romsteri can't see why them programs can't have a symlink from /usr/lib/xulrunner/ -> ../foo.so11:53
rehabdollopenssh 5.0p111:57
predatorfreakRomster: Clutter, conflict, I dunno.12:02
predatorfreakI'm too lazy to make a billion symlinks in the Pkgfile.12:02
Romstera billion...12:06
Romsterls /usr/lib/xulrunner/*.so |wc -l12:06
predatorfreakRomster: I was exaggerating, obviously.12:07
Romsteri know.12:07
Romsterbut honestly not that many <<12:07
thrice`symlinks is a dirty, ugly hack12:07
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predatorfreakWhat thrice` said.12:08
predatorfreakThe best solution is add /usr/lib/xulrunner to /etc/ with a post-install script.12:08
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sepenor export LD_LIBRARY_PATH12:08
cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: Add post-install script and use system nss/nspr.12:09
predatorfreaksepen: Sure, you can do that.12:10
predatorfreakBut that's more for temporary stuff.12:10
predatorfreakIf you're installing xulrunner, you should add /usr/lib/xulrunner to your
sepencould be not all people wants to write in
sepenonly an opinion12:11
predatorfreaksepen: Then don't run the post-install script.12:12
predatorfreakBy default, to avoid problems like what jaeger is encountering, the best solution is to add it to /etc/
predatorfreakand most people won't care.12:12
sepenfor me it sounds nice12:13
predatorfreakIt would be rather insane to expect every port where it assumes that xulrunner libraries are in the standard path to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH and have that before the programs assuming that too :D12:14
sepenjust Im trying to find disadvantages12:14
predatorfreaksepen: disadvantages are that it requires a post-install script :P12:14
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predatorfreakAlthough.. wait, I should refine the post-install script a bit XD12:15
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thrice`bah; or test things before you commit :P12:15
predatorfreakthrice`: Well, the install script I committed will work.12:17
cptnalternatively, you could introduce an
predatorfreakI just forgot about the fact it'll run every reinstall.12:18
predatorfreakcptn: can load includes?12:18
cptnI think so, let me check12:18
predatorfreakIndeed it does.12:19
cptninclude /etc/*.conf12:19
predatorfreakcptn: However, I'm not authorised to go molesting core :)12:19
predatorfreakSo I'll have to settle for a makeshift grep hack at the moment12:19
cptnheh, sure12:19
cptnit seems pretty nice though12:20
cptnwould also "fix" the qt3 builds for those with mysql12:20
cptnsince mysql needs an entry too12:20
predatorfreakIndeed it does, just do echo "/usr/lib/xulrunner" >> $PKG/etc/
predatorfreakAlthough, might I suggest /etc/ld.conf.d instead? :)12:21
cptnResults 1 - 10 of about 159 for ld.conf.d.12:21
cptnResults 1 - 10 of about 23,500 for
cptnjust seems less popular :-)12:22
predatorfreakcptn: is a tad high on dots for my taste :D12:22
cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: Refine post-install script12:22
* predatorfreak adds changes to his glibc port.12:23
Romsterpredatorfreak, arn't you gonan migtate your changes from firefox3 to the one in opt too?12:24
predatorfreakRomster: The build system changes? No.12:24
Romsterand why am i using the inbuilt nss/nspr?12:24
predatorfreakI'm too damn lazy and it would be something to warrant a release bump due to the fact it produces a different build.12:24
predatorfreakRomster: with firefox 3?12:24
predatorfreakI already told you!12:25
Romsterif you did i forgot.12:25
predatorfreakThe fact nss/nspr for firefox 3 is currently incompatible with the old nss/nspr.12:25
predatorfreakMeaning nss/nspr in opt clashes with nss/nspr for firefox 3.12:25
predatorfreakWhich means better that xulrunner 1.9 use internal nss/nspr than system nss/nspr, so it actually works :D12:26
Romsterso this means users of gnome can't use firefox3 curently.12:27
Romsterwhich doesn't affect me though.12:27
predatorfreakRomster: xulrunner 1.9/firefox 3.0 would horribly bork epiphany/yelp atm, yes.12:28
predatorfreakNo matter how you build them.12:28
predatorfreakBoth of those applications need to be modified for Gecko 1.9, which seems unlikely, as epiphany has decided to say fuck Gecko, yay Webkit!12:28
Romsteryeah i read that.12:29
predatorfreakPersonally, if I could, I'd build Firefox 3 against Webkit :P12:29
predatorfreakTBH, Mozilla annoy the shit out of me, because they can't just freaking make sane, well-designed programs.12:31
predatorfreakThey need a billion abstraction layers, levels of bloat, a crazy-ass build system, shit that makes no sense, thrown in with total batshit crazy and slow-ass development.12:32
Romsteri agree12:32
predatorfreakThey're lucky all the alternatives on Linux are immature, broken in some fashion or don't fit my usage needs.12:33
Romstermozilla as a whole blows.12:33
predatorfreakHonestly, if Apple ported Safari to Linux and it could do Flash and Greasemonkey scripts, I'd be set.12:33
Romsterhmm never did try safri in wine yet.12:34
Romsteryou'd think thye woudl make a native linux/unix release12:35
Romstersince OS X is Unix based anyways12:35
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predatorfreakApple are just milking OS X for all it's worth <_<12:36
predatorfreakThey're using Mac-programs-on-Windows to entice people to switch.12:36
thrice`I think safari on windows is more for developers12:37
predatorfreakthrice`: You can get a browser that renders pretty much the same by installing opera.12:38
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cruxbot[core.git]: [notify] openssh: updated to 5.0p1.13:14
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jaegerpredatorfreak: now it's complaining about nsIMutableArray.h being missing14:43
predatorfreakOh what the...14:44
jaegermaybe that's not what caused the error, sec14:48
jaegerI think I read the wrong lines14:48
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jaegeryeah, that's not the problem but still have the same error about xulrunner needing blah blah blah extensions14:50
predatorfreakThey exist though....14:50
predatorfreakThey're explicitly enabled.14:50
jaegerI know14:51
jaegerall I really get now is the conftest program exiting with status 9714:51
predatorfreakjaeger: You've got LDFLAGS="-lmozjs" right?14:52
predatorfreakJust to be "100% certain it's not being a dolt"14:52
predatorfreakand preferably /usr/lib/xulrunner in /etc/ (running ldconfig afterwords?)?14:53
thrice`predatorfreak: prt-get depinst gnome :)14:53
jaegeryes and yes14:53
predatorfreakthrice`: Can I start sacrificing goats instead?14:53
jaegerthough actually the LDFLAGS change causes it to bitch about the compiler, heh14:54
predatorfreakSigh... let me install the depends...14:54
predatorfreakand get out my shotgun....14:55
jaegerIt's back to complaining about not being able to find -lmozjs again14:55
* predatorfreak gets out his machine gun.14:56
predatorfreakActually, no.14:56
* predatorfreak gets out his heavy artillery14:56
thrice`looks like ubuntu builds epiphany against xulrunner?14:56
predatorfreakYeah, that I knew14:57
predatorfreakAs well as Gentoo, Arch...14:57
thrice`jaeger: don't know if it's sane / safe, but this looks related:14:58
predatorfreakThat's for gecko 1.9/xulrunner 1.914:58
predatorfreakjaeger: Try --enable-mozilla=xulrunner14:58
jaegertried that already14:58
predatorfreak-mozilla and NOT -gecko? :)14:59
predatorfreakjaeger: Beat it with a stick <_<14:59
predatorfreakI have a long chain of GNOME shit to install14:59
predatorfreakBuild faster GNOME!15:01
jaegerI'm tempted to install openbox and never come back, heh15:01
predatorfreakjaeger: I recommend it.15:01
jaegerthrice`: I'll take a look15:02
predatorfreakjaeger: if you want I can apply that patch, since I see what it does and build it against xulrunner 1.9 <_<15:03
jesse_My hat's off to your perseverance with gnome. :p15:03
jesse_Lesser mortals would have thrown in the towel ages ago.15:05
predatorfreakEven Volkerding, a practical Linux God, said "Fuck you."15:06
jesse_Linus' statement is another heavy hit.15:07
thrice`heh...yeah, even Pat V. couldn't take the insanity :P15:07
predatorfreak"Just use KDE."15:08
jesse_Even back in 2003 I remember the extra mess of gnome packages and updated deps were needed on slackware.15:08
jesse_It was an external project, I forget the name.15:08
jesse_It probably was dropline, it at least sounds familiar.15:09
predatorfreakI remember trying GNOME once on Slackware.15:10
predatorfreakI immediately uninstalled it.15:10
predatorfreakand said "... Back to fluxbox."15:10
jesse_Blackbox was my choice poison in those days. Time has really gone by quickly since.15:11
jesse_It was interesting staring at the ncurses interface saying you had to replace a hefty chunk of slackware pkgs with dropline pkgs.15:12
jesse_The only thing coming to mind was WTF in response.15:13
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predatorfreak"Oh hey replace X."15:14
predatorfreak"Okay. WAIT WHAT?"15:14
jesse_er -Y.15:14
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tilmanno latex-beamer port?15:25
tilmanat least we have latex-frankenstein. whatevr that is.15:26
tilmanand yhafri actually does have a -beamer port15:27
* Romster wonders what drugs tilman is on.15:27
predatorfreakRomster: Probably best we don't know15:28
jesse_Heads up for tilmanitis.15:29
Romsteryahfri is nuts having that many ports.15:30
jesse_That, or tremendously productive. :o15:31
Romsterwell i've foudn stuff way old not upto date.15:32
predatorfreakHaha. Yahfri. Productive.15:36
predatorfreakjesse_: Good one.15:36
Rotwangyhafri spits out ports like machine gun15:37
Rotwangunfortunatelly the bullets are low quality15:38
predatorfreakThey're made of plastic...15:38
predatorfreakactually, Styrofoam.15:38
predatorfreakThey're nerf darts ;)15:38
predatorfreakJesus fucking christ the GNOME deps are STILL building.15:39
thrice`predatorfreak: what hardware?15:39
predatorfreakAthlon 64 4400+ X2.15:39
predatorfreak2GB of RAM.15:39
predatorfreakwork dir mounted in tmpfs <_<15:40
predatorfreakmake -j2 <_<15:40
predatorfreakjaeger: Missing dep for epiphany: gnome-desktop15:56
predatorfreakjaeger: Missing dep for gnome-desktop: libxml2-python16:08
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Romsteri found a few and reported them to jaeger too.16:08
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predatorfreakRomster: Well, if after all this epiphany is still a bitch.16:10
jaegermost of them aren't caught because it isn't meant to be installed in bits and pieces16:10
predatorfreakI'm getting my nuclear missile.16:10
predatorfreakjaeger: Well it makes testing why-won't-epiphany-build very hard :D16:11
jaegernot really, since you can change those deps in your local tree and report them16:11
predatorfreakNot to mention the sheer amount of shit epiphany needs.16:11
predatorfreakI'm going bruteforce atm <_<16:11
predatorfreakI just want to get the god-damn thing to build so I can kick these things from my system16:12
predatorfreakand jump for joy.16:12
predatorfreakand happily return to my glorious GNOME-free installation.16:12
jesse_At this point you migh as well keep it, just in case you have to muck about with epiphany in the future.16:18
predatorfreakjesse_: If epiphany is a bitch in the future.16:19
predatorfreakI'm going to strongly recommend to jaeger to just say "Fuck it, use Firefox."16:19
predatorfreakand hopefully by the next time epiphany needs fucking with.16:19
predatorfreakIt will be using webkit exclusively.16:19
jesse_Before or after recommending openbox or any wm over gnome? ;)16:19
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predatorfreakjaeger: epiphany builds fine here O.O16:22
jaegerhow odd16:23
predatorfreakjaeger: Using my xulrunner as it's in opt right now, no LDFLAGS hacks, just /usr/lib/xulrunner in /etc/
predatorfreakand having run ldconfig16:24
predatorfreakIt passes configure and builds fine16:24
jaegerDon't know what to tell you, I guess it hates me16:24
predatorfreakIt saw my nuclear launch silos priming and decided to work <_<16:25
thrice`predatorfreak: do you have FF3 installed?  maybe it's using that somehow?16:25
predatorfreakthrice`: No, I temporarily downgraded to as it is in opt.16:26
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predatorfreak(xulrunner, as I build against that, not firefox)16:26
predatorfreakIt wouldn't pass configure with xulrunner 1.9b516:27
predatorfreakWhich, honestly, I'd expect.16:27
predatorfreakjaeger: --with-mozilla=xulrunner That's all I changed from what's in the GNOME repo16:27
predatorfreakNow.... good-bye GNOME16:27
jaegerwith-mozilla? or with-gecko?16:28
predatorfreakjaeger: I changed from --with-gecko to --with-mozilla=xulrunner16:29
jaeger--with-mozilla doesn't even show up in --help16:30
jaegerwhere did you get that?16:30
predatorfreakerr, no idea really...16:30
predatorfreakI'm kinda tired.16:30
thrice`I thought jaeger tried that a couple hours ago o.O16:31
jaeger--with-engine and --with-gecko, yes16:31
jaegernot --with-mozilla16:31
thrice`ah, I was just checking back-log16:31
jaegerit looks like the configure script sets --with-gecko to whatever you pass with --with-mozilla for backwards-compatibility16:32
predatorfreakFor what it's worth, --enable-mozilla=xulrunner --with-gecko=xulrunner works fine16:33
predatorfreakHell, specifying none works fine.16:33
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predatorfreakIt just autodetects xulrunner here16:33
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andariusgreetings and salutations19:11
Romsterlike clockwork, hi19:12
andariustick tock tick tock :)19:17
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RomsterO_o xorg how origional.19:27
xorgO_o Romster how origional.19:28
jaegerWhat ever happened to hello? Jeez, no need to make a snarky comment right off the bat19:28
Romsterhmm hi didn't mean to be snarky.19:29
xorgwee finally fixed audio system19:29
Romsterlet me guess xorg is ryuo19:31
xorgwhy would you think that? O_o19:31
Romsterhe does simaler stuff and names liek pacman pkgutils etc.19:32
Romsterhad alsa issues or kenel driver for sound?19:32
xorgi setup pulse audio19:32
xorgi got tired of not having mixing right19:33
xorgone app hogging sound output19:33
xorgpulse is a good server, i setup MPD with it and stuff19:33
Romsterah yeah is a pain when something hogs the device.19:36
xorgbest solution i could find was to use something like pulseaudio then wrap my  sound apps to it19:36
Romsteri'm thinking pulseaudio is better than jack19:38
xorgi'm lucky sdl has good pulse support now19:39
xorgbut i had to patch it with a special patch to get the sound quality up19:39
xorgalso setup the alsa-pulse wrapper19:40
xorgnamely for wine/pidgin19:40
Romsterah so they can be wraped.19:40
xorgits a last resort19:40
Romsteryeah like alsa-oss19:40
xorgit can cause sound issues compared to direct interface19:40
xorgthe alsa backend for sdl had terrible quality19:41
xorgi switched to the pulse driver and its working better19:41
Romsterhmm k19:46
Romsterso what's this sdl patch you got where from?19:46
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Romsteris it just me or is offline21:38
wbeenehaha, never knew there was a site like that21:47
jaegerI only heard about it recently but I find it quite amusing =)21:47
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Romsterlol neat21:58
Romsterhmmz it can't handle :port nor the http:// on a url has to be trimed off.22:01
Romsterslightly amusing.22:01
Romsterwould ofexpected a report form diferent countrys saying what ones can reach it.22:01
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wbeeneis there a way to do non blocking read in bash23:21

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