IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-04-04

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pitillogood morning01:07
cptnhi pitillo01:12
tilmanmorning guys01:16
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pitilloummm strange, isn't resolving mirrors fine here, anyone know why? (sf problem to look for mirrors?)01:28
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cruxbot[opt.git]: libpng: updated to
pitilloummm may be the heanet mirror01:29
pitillopfffff going backwards day by day, in knowledge and english level....01:31
tilmanpitillo: you're not talking about direct urls to tarballs and stuff, are you?01:33
tilmanat least still works01:33
pitillotilman, what about your hosts? wich mirror are you using? here I am using heanet and there is no way to get sources01:33
tilmani'm using mesh01:34
tilman213.203.218.122. it's located in germany01:34
pitillonice, here I was using heanet and worked fine, but theses last days isn't working fine. I will try mesh (connections to germany are fast from here too)01:35
tilmanyeah, i switched away from heanet some months ago01:35
tilmanthe mesh one works nicely for me at least01:35
pitillotilman, fast from here too. Thank you for that tip :)01:37
pitillocoffee time to see if I wake up twice and I can think clear....01:38
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cptnhi jue03:03
cptnlong time no see :-)03:03
cptn(and I take the blame here)03:03
jueyep, great to see you again :-)03:05
tilmanmorning jue03:05
juecptn: read your suggestion wrt directive, would you mind adding a ticket about it?03:09
cptnI can do that, sure03:10
juethx, we should definitely add that for 2.503:11
cruxbot[opt.git]: clex: update to 3.1803:14
tilmancould some of you please try libtool 2.2.2?03:16
tilmani've been running it for a few days now, but i'm not confident enough to push it yet03:16
juesame here since 2.2.103:17
cptnjue: done,
juetilman: mpg123 links against libtool, so it will break. I'm not aware of another port, though03:18
tilmanoh, i forgot about ltdl03:30
tilmani guess lots of other stuff *should* break then03:30
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cruxbot[core.git]: shadow: update to 4.1.103:59
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cruxbot[core.git]: rsync: update to 3.0.104:27
pitillopfff I was ready to ask about rsync... thank you for this fast updates04:33
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clareI have a new puzzle. In my new machine, and this old one, crux 2.4, caps lock light does not come on.05:05
clareTHe new machine under kubuntu and this old one under crux 2.2 it works fine. How can this happen?05:06
RyoSdo you use gnome or something?05:07
pitilloclare, I think this was talked before, may be with a patch (I think romster had it) you can solve that.05:07
predatorfreakIt's a known upstream bug in Xorg.05:07
tilmanyes. you need a patched xorg-server port05:07
predatorfreakIt'll be formally fixed in the next xorg server release05:07
RyoSi noticed that with gnome-settings-daemon my numblock would not work oO05:08
RyoSanyone had that so far? :P05:08
predatorfreakLike three people in here use GNOMe... so05:08
predatorfreakProbably not the majority of us :P05:08
RyoSoh, sorry that i mentioned gnome at all :P forgive me grand master predatorfreak05:09
clareSome days back there was a user on the mailing list with a kernel panic. I have been getting that in this new machine05:11
clareand have been totally unable to fix it; I finally installed the kernel, fstab, initrd and modules from kubuntu and it will boot nicely.05:12
predatorfreakRyoS: Grand Master?05:13
predatorfreakNot my thing.05:13
RyoSdark imperator?05:13
predatorfreakJust plain old crazy bastard05:13
RyoSlulz, ok05:13
RyoScrazy bastard!05:13
predatorfreakRyoS: Being crazy rocks05:14
clareHowever I cant get the same with a vanilla kernel, even using the UUID identifiers. Does anyone have a ,config file which works on a machinewith sata disk05:14
RyoSi know05:14
pitilloclare, have you tried to use the same kernel version you have in kubuntu in crux too?05:14
predatorfreakclare: The actual panic would be nice.05:14
cptnclare: also, have you tried the kernel from the ISO?05:15
clareyes I copied the whole lot into the crucx partition, kernel, initrd fstab kernel headers and modules ( i think that is all)05:15
cptnit may not have all the features you want, but if it boots you have a working config to start with05:15
predatorfreakclare: I can't debug a kernel problem without the config and panic message :)05:15
clareso true I am rapt, but I want to know how to get the same thing in a simpler setup.05:15
cptnI meant the crux ISO05:16
predatorfreakclare: The only recent panic thread on the ML that I see is the VFS sync one.05:17
cptnor does that panic as well?05:17
clarepredatorfreak I may do a few for you in a day or so, I have got a website I can use to put them . THe problem is geting the kernel messages I hate having to copy them out.05:17
predatorfreakWhich I already pointed out as being a config problem related to lack of filesystem being built in or improper SATA/PATA driver stuff XD05:18
clarecptn it panics if I use the vmliuz, I used to always do that, being lazy. but the problem seems to be the sata getting identiied, basically grb, and lilo do not see the partitions and just say here is the lsit and give me the cdrom05:18
predatorfreakclare: and your root partition filesystem support is built in, in addition to libata-related things and SCSI disc support?05:20
predatorfreakBecause the only problems with GRUB and partitions that I've seen is across multiple discs.05:20
predatorfreakLILO is really stupid on partitions and trusts whatever you give it.05:21
clareyes as faer as I can tell, only one was missing and that deprecated and conflicting with the real ones and when I put it in anyway I was ignored.05:21
sepennowadays I've more related problems with firefox than lilo on my system05:22
sepenI don't think that lilo is really stupid05:22
predatorfreaksepen: I mean stupid in a good way.05:22
predatorfreakIt doesn't attempt to do smart things that wind up being dumb05:23
sepenjust its used for what is was dessigned05:23
predatorfreakclare: Well, without a config, as I said, debugging is quite hard, but other thoughts are possibly screwy SATA drivers and modules that should be loaded but aren't.05:24
predatorfreakWhereas on ubuntu I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they, like everyone else, basically just load every sata module with their initrd.05:25
predatorfreakDistro-shipped kernels tend to work along those lines.05:26
pitilloclare, lspci and .config can be helpfull05:26
predatorfreakpitillo: I've already said config like 5 times now :P05:27
pitillopredatorfreak, yeah and the kernel panic msg too :P05:27
predatorfreakpitillo: While we're at it.05:27
predatorfreakJust clone the whole hard drive and upload an image of it.05:27
sepenclare, also you should check /proc/interrupts to find anomalies05:31
RedShiftsepen: what would you consider an anomaly in proc interrupts?05:32
sependuplicated irq's05:32
RedShift"duplicated irq"?05:33
RedShiftwhat's a duplicated irq?05:33
sependue to apic asignement05:33
RedShifthow would one spot a duplicated irq?05:34
sepenor at least check IRQ channels for cards05:34
RedShifthow does it show up on interrupts?05:34
sepenRedShift, no idea, Im still preparing my LPI exam05:36
sepenbut sounds that you knwon more about this, please can you respond to your own questions?05:37
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfburn: Fixed source location due to repository migration. (thanks to pitillo)05:39
RedShiftsepen: I've never seen "duplicated" interrupts so I wouldn't know :)05:47
RedShiftif you're talking about IRQ sharing, that's perfectly normal and on x86 it can even improve performance05:47
sepencould be I sould rectified my words05:48
sepenRedShift, sometimes I find difficults to explain me in english speech, so sorry05:49
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pitillotilman, do you use a clean system to build xorg? I started a few hours ago checking xorg repo and seems to be strong in dependencies06:16
tilmanno, i just know what i'm doing ;)06:17
tilmani looked at the various files to figure out the dependencies06:17
pitilloperfect, then I will continue today and next week checking it (btw I think it is very well done)06:17
clarepredatorfreak: i have put some files at
pitilloyeah, I didn't know if you tested them too into a clean enviroment (I am checking it now but I am pretty sure you are the Xmaster...)06:19
cptnclare: why do you specify root="" like this in grub.conf06:19
cptnand not /dev/sdaX?06:19
cptn root=UUID=9840ef56-8cae-4d1f-96cb-3b1c9c1094bf <---06:19
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pitillocptn, I think was taken from kubuntu instead of being changed by hand06:21
cptnbut I think kubuntu worked?06:21
clarecptn because /dev/whatever  fails it is unpredictable which device which have which name in the /dev series.06:21
cptnclare: ah, I see06:21
clarei started reading about mkinitramfs and then found that kubuntu wasusing these UUID identifiers, u find out what they are06:22
cptn^ that's a pretty old link06:22
cptnhowever it may still be accurate06:23
cptnso if it's in an initrd/initramfs, you have to add that on CRUX as well06:23
cptnthat said, what kind of hardware is it where /dev/ is not correctly enumerated?06:24
cptnI mean for disks, that is06:24
clarethis is an Acer Aspire L320 . it has pretty well only USB in addition to this sata disk, sata used to be quite sane last time I did one.06:25
pitillohas sense to do it in the normal way using /dev/* instead of UIDs? have you tried in this way clare? I can't see the point of force the UID's. I think I need more reading about this.06:26
clareptitllo I promise you I tried. But i started trying to put the crux on a usb drive and that was much harder becasue the usb device order alwasy alrtered06:27
clarebetween setting up the grub and trying to use it. it is hopelss. then IO read that latest knoppix uses these methods so decided to uset.06:27
pitilloummmm I think I am lost now...06:29
cptnclare: if I understand this correctly there's no way around an initramfs, or initrd06:31
cptnif you want to use those UUID names06:31
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clarecptn: Very likely, and once I say a crux document on how to make an initrd, those I have found lately are a bit hard to follow. but that is where I got to.06:33
predatorfreakclare: I should probably write such a doc and put it on XD06:34
cptnclare: well, the ISO uses an initramfs as far as I know06:34
clarepredatorfreak if you do I will try it; thannks06:34
cptnclare: so you could start there, and ask jaeger06:35
clarecptn: I will ned some kindergarten lessons first. I tis only when I get new hardware that this learning is forced on me <sigh>06:36
predatorfreakclare: FYI, a good overview of initrd's can be found in the kernel source under Documentation/initrd.txt06:46
clarepredatorfreak: I started on that today, but got distracted. I'll go back to it. What about an intro to git? it has changed a lot since I first met it06:57
predatorfreakNo such thing :D06:58
predatorfreakGit's a giant beast06:58
clarepredatorfreak, did youfind anythingwrong with my .config at
* predatorfreak fires up make menuconfig07:01
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predatorfreakYou really shouldn't have both SATA/PATA drivers and the old IDE/ATA stuff enabled at once07:02
predatorfreakMight conflict.07:03
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predatorfreakIt's also highly unlikely that you need the SCSI low-level drivers either, unless you have a SCSI controller07:03
Romsterdisable all but the libata it'll do pata and sata stuff07:03
predatorfreakRomster: Damn it! Stop doing my job :P07:04
cptnwell, did you guys realize what the real problem is?07:04
cptnthe USB drive doesn't have a stable device name07:05
RomsterUUID's are good for removeable media stuff but i'd use the /dev/sda[0-9]* for internal drives. unless they happen to be hot swap drives.07:05
cptnthus it's required to use the UUID07:05
Romsterpredatorfreak, <<07:05
cptnRomster: their not internal, apparently07:05
predatorfreakcptn: No experience with them then.07:05
predatorfreakSo, no idea.07:05
predatorfreakI use all internal drives.07:06
cptnwell, I'm just saying no matter how much you guys suggest to tweak the kernel it won't change the behaviour of the HW07:06
Romsteri'd expect sda would be internel.07:06
cptnyou're wrong07:06
predatorfreakcptn: In which case, I'd plug the drive into the SATA/IDE controller.07:06
cptnUSB storage goes through the SCSI subsystem too07:06
clarecptn the one drive is internal,  THe usb was me trying to use the ability to boot from ti which this machine has.07:07
predatorfreakYeah, just like libata shit does now.07:07
cptnclare: so if you'd move USB_STORAGE out of the kernel, the usb disk would be detected only later07:07
Romsteri've never did try to do boot from usb.07:07
cptnthus the internal disk would always have the same device name07:07
cptnRomster: never mounted a usb flash drive'07:08
Romstermounted but not used one to boot from.07:08
cptnyeah, but it was sd[a-z]X right?07:08
claretoo many things at once here. AT this stage I am not using the usb drives at all. that was earlier.07:08
cptnso you have a single, internal drive, which gets different device names?07:09
predatorfreakGo for the generic solution, hit your box with a hammer.07:09
Romstercptn, that's correct sd[a-z]07:09
predatorfreakSeems to have a 50/50 split of fixing the problem or making you replace the box :D07:10
clareI have 3 partitions, sda1 sda2(swap) and sda3,  cptn yes, in that bios sees them but once we get to grub the  main one is lost.07:10
Romstery memory card reader has sd[b-e]07:10
clareall it can see seems to be the cdrom, and some weird device called a mutliflash reader07:11
cptnmmmh, but what does grub have to do with the kernel?07:11
predatorfreakclare: Good, ol' fashion LILO doesn't work?07:11
predatorfreakI use GRUB primarily, but LILO is always a good fallback XD07:11
clarewell i admiti tried, but nobetter than grub except i couldnt figure out how to remove grub07:11
Romsterno expeareance with grub :/07:11
predatorfreakRomster: Stop raping your native tongue!07:12
predatorfreakclare: Sounds to me like the BIOS is talking to GRUB/LILO wrong07:13
clarecptn the idea seems to be thatif the kernel is proerly configured that grub will boot it.07:13
predatorfreakI would recommend looking for a BIOS update to your motherboard07:13
clarethis box is really fairly new, although i admit the salesman said it was an old model so being sold cheap.07:14
predatorfreakclare: I find new motherboards have the most BIOS issues.07:15
cptnwell, if grub can boot the kernel, it can read from the drive07:15
predatorfreakA new box doesn't mean the BIOS on the motherboard isn't foobar'd in some way.07:15
clarethe bios is quite fancy it has a 2 stage proces when you say boot from hard disk it say which one inlduding any usbs which are connected.07:15
cptnI mean, the kernel IS on the drive, right07:15
predatorfreakcptn: Yes, but from what clare is saying.07:15
predatorfreakI would state that GRUB is receiving faulty information on what's what from the BIOS.07:16
predatorfreakI've seen it before, where BIOS would report Master/slave configurations in reverse or someshit07:16
predatorfreakand it would horribly fuck up group.07:16
predatorfreakBrain failing07:16
clareexcept if you read what the author of mkinitramfs has to say ( romster did a pkg of that in 2.2) this is the way of the future.07:17
cptnso what if you put in the CRUX CD, and change the root to that?07:17
predatorfreakSo, I would always start by going to the board manufacturer or system manufacturer and looking for a BIOS update.07:17
cptnwill it boot?07:17
cptnand if yes, does your disk appear?07:17
predatorfreakclare: Way of the future for kernel-shipped builds, yes.07:18
predatorfreakFor people building themselves, no.07:18
clarecptn it boots just fine for kubuntu, and for crux using various bits of kubuntu. Except that kubuntu does not give me a .congi and does not give me a source.for the kernel.07:18
clares/congi /config/07:18
jesse_I would first exhaust whether the kernel and/or grub are faulty before finding a bios update.07:18
predatorfreakclare: /boot/config.gz?07:19
cptnno /boot/config-`uname -r`  ?07:19
predatorfreakDAMN IT.07:19
* predatorfreak hits brain07:19
RyoSpredatorfreak: no problem :P07:19
predatorfreakjesse_: If LILO is honestly F'ing up too.07:20
predatorfreakI'd immediately red-flag the BIOS07:20
predatorfreakBut, anyway, afk for awhile07:20
clarei am of course using grub from kubuntu, not from crux07:21
Romsterclare, and my ports are listed on the mailinglsit i'll get viper to update my entry on portsdb i've given up on my last host.07:21
Romsterclare, not even /proc/config.gz ?07:22
clareromster: i saw that, but it does mena that you read what the author of mkinitramfs had to say about change in the order of devices on bootp, which is why he wrote it07:22
cptnclare: according to, ubuntu should put the config into /boot07:22
Romsterbah RyoS beats me to it grr why can't i read fully first07:22
cptn"What is Ubuntu's default kernel config? The kernel doesn't put anything in /proc/config.07:23
cptnlike all debian-based system, ubuntu's kernel puts the config in  /boot/config-`uname -r` "07:23
clareyes there is thanks for that. now where do they hide the kernel?07:23
Romsteri keep my configs in /boot/ too.07:23
jesse_Since you claim to use grub, look at its setup file.07:24
Romsterbut the kernel has a option to export to /proc07:24
jesse_It might not be enabled in stock *buntu linux kernels.07:26
pitilloRe-readed the talk. Wich is the point of putting kubuntu kernel into crux? I can't see the reason of doing this.07:26
cptnpitillo: the kubuntu one boots07:26
pitillothen I think it must be a bad kernel configuration done by hand.07:28
clarei have added the config from kubuntu to that ftp  site. you will see a lot of unfamiliar names07:28
clarepitillo it boots, up to that point i had umpteen kernel panics. I am very pleased as I can get on with using crux int hat new machine.07:29
pitilloclare, wich .config have you used (npot the kubuntu one) and can you paste a lspci | grep IDE?07:30
Romstercan you not use the config off the crux cd?07:32
cptnI already suggested using the kernel from the ISO07:34
cptnbut apparently that failed07:34
clarepitillo i have pasted lspci on that ftp site07:36
clarepitillo one of my .configs is on that site named 080330-1007:37
pitilloclare, # CONFIG_SATA_AHCI is not set07:39
sepenzgrep -i sata /proc/config.gz  could be useful too07:40
pitilloclare, here same controller, CONFIG_SATA_AHCI=y CONFIG_ATA_PIIX=y07:40
pitilloclare, in my case the entry at grub.conf: kernel (hd0,5)/boot/linux262314 root=/dev/sda6 noapic nolapic07:42
pitilloI hope this can be usefull07:42
pitilloif you want the entire .config I can upload it, but I am not very good configuring kernels (and more in laptops)07:43
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clarepitillo thanks I will remake the kernel, with that one in it, but the earlier suggestions are difficult to follow. I will try it tomorrow, enough for one day now07:44
claregood night all07:44
pitillogood night07:45
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Romsterstupid gdb compile.... it dies saying my CFLAGS have changed and it hasn't..
Romstersepen, why did you take the -j1 off dev86 when you did not test that it would work without? it fails to build without it. echo quit | make -j 1 PREFIX=/usr08:17
Romsterhmmz and won't install without -j 1 either.08:18
sepenRomster, one moment plz08:19
Romstershould at least test ports with MAKEFLAGS='j 2' and add in make -j 1 if it fails.08:20
Romsterok i got it working by editing it.08:20
*** jaeger has joined #crux08:22
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:22
Romsterdamn samba fails to build too hmm08:22
Romstersmbd/oplock_linux.c:38: error: conflicting types for 'capget'08:23
Romsterno idea.08:23
Romsterbut that can wait.08:23
Romsteri'm gonna restart my desktop brb08:23
*** Romster has quit IRC08:24
*** Romster has joined #crux08:25
*** destruct_ has joined #crux08:31
sepenRomster, pong but Im at office08:37
Romsterk wqell i got around the issue but slightly anoyed you didn't test before deciding to remove the -j1 from the Pkgfile..08:38
Romsterjust fix it later when you can.08:38
Romsterso others don't hit that issue.08:39
*** destruct has quit IRC08:42
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct08:43
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux08:53
sepenRomster, ok Ill try this afternoon09:04
sepenI recently ported netscape-navigator-909:07
Romsteri just updated exaile09:14
Romsterand messing with a port scaner daemon that's got a fugly install method.09:14
Romstershort for fucken ugly09:15
tilmanor "fucking", for those who can spell09:15
Romsterheh or fucking..09:16
Romsterpronoounced fucken in this instance. or how i pronounce it for fugly09:16
Romstermore than one way to pronounce a word depeing what slang ya want to use.09:17
Romsteri can spell that easy tilman <<09:17
sepenRomster, -j1 builts fine here09:25
Romsteryeah with, but it didn't haev it.09:28
Romsteryou removed it on a later commit.09:28
sepenoh!! O_o09:28
sepenwell I re-commit this change. sorry09:29
Romsteryeah that's what i ment..09:29
predatorfreakand I am back.09:35
predatorfreakAll these hours later.09:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dev86: Added make -j1 flag.09:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: netscape-navigator: **New** port.09:36
sepenohhhh navigator09:36
predatorfreak... creepy09:36
predatorfreakFeels like I got transported back in time to before I even touched a computer.09:37
Romstersepen, the make install line needs -j1 too...09:37
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol09:37
Romsteri did say in the channel earlier that i also noticed make install needed it too.09:37
Romstereh guess i need to bold my lines.09:38
predatorfreakRomster: Well, I'm not going to lie and say I was using computers in the 90's.09:38
sepenpredatorfreak, surely is the best ffox version09:38
predatorfreakAt least, not beyond MS Paint...09:38
predatorfreaksepen: Firefox 3 is the best FF version09:38
sepenyes, and bigger09:38
Romsteri got into the apple ][e as my first computer.09:38
predatorfreakNot really.09:39
predatorfreakThey just ship you a binary-only build with nothing for development.09:39
Romsteri'm liking firefox3 but the right click menu is buging my to all hell.09:39
predatorfreakRomster: When I was still in public schools.09:39
Romsterthey better fix that.09:39
thrice`why netscape navigator instead of seamonkey?09:39
predatorfreakI would fuck around with MS Paint in my spare time.09:39
predatorfreakon their PCs XD09:39
thrice`Romster: try beta5?09:40
predatorfreakthrice`: It's still there.09:40
thrice`ah :009:40
Romsterafter the apple ][e i got into the macintosh plus then classic and commodore 64 and ibms at that point with a old XT then a 486 then moved up09:40
Romsterthrice`, i'm on beta 509:40
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dev86: Added make -j1 flags for make install too.09:41
predatorfreakRomster: First home PC I had was my mum's old Pentium box from the 90s.09:41
Romsternoticed open a new tab now scrolls the tab bar now than to have to use the scroll wheel to get to it.09:41
predatorfreakIt had dial-up interwebs on it and a glorious 10GB of disk space....09:41
Romsteri still for the old 486 board.09:41
Romsteri got rid of the XT09:41
sepenplease, can someone test netscape-navigator¿?09:42
thrice`sepen: hell no :P09:43
predatorfreakTest it yourself :D09:43
thrice`nothing personal :)09:43
sepenpredatorfreak, done09:43
predatorfreakWe're not touching that AIDS-fest.09:43
sepenIm testing opt/firefox every day and their usually problems09:43
predatorfreakLike what?09:44
sepencrash crash and crash09:44
sepenall days09:44
predatorfreaksepen: Any unusual plugins?09:44
sepenjs extensions09:44
predatorfreakor extensions...09:44
predatorfreakI've had extensions totally lock up or crash Firefox before.09:44
Romsteri've had it crash sepen get on firefox3 already09:44
predatorfreakWhich shouldn't be allowed, but their code sucks09:44
Romsterit doesn't crash not even once.09:44
sepenyeah it sucks09:45
predatorfreakFlash still occasionally locks it up here.09:45
predatorfreakBut yeah, no more crashy.09:45
Romsteri even laoded 250 tabs of shit and it did not crash09:45
Romsteryoutube works.09:45
predatorfreakYeah, youtube is the most common perpetrator.09:45
sepenRomster, try flv videos09:45
predatorfreakRomster: Youtube works fine for me too09:45
predatorfreakIt just occasionally locks Firefox if I close a tab while the video is playing09:46
predatorfreakBut I'm going to pin that more on flash.09:46
sepenhmm not the same results here since
Romsteronly anoyances so far are my extensions only some work and that right click menu crap09:46
*** Rotwang has quit IRC09:46
predatorfreakFirefox still hangs for a second or so when loading some sites too.09:46
Romsteri hate how flash takes over the key bindings like ^D09:47
predatorfreakOff the top of my head, the trustarvibrations blog does it for me.09:47
*** ^racer^ has joined #crux09:47
predatorfreakI cull good music from blogs like trustar vibrations and get off my elevator XD09:48
*** ^racer^ is now known as racer09:48
predatorfreakThey take pride in finding obscure who-the-fuck-is-that bands that are good.09:48
Romsterlol i read racer as ricer....09:48
* predatorfreak sends to #gentoo09:48
* Romster checks out trustarvibrations blog09:49
predatorfreak#gentoo is -> that way, towards #hell and #honda09:49
racerjaeger: if I were to need to compile a new kernel and insert that into the crux2.4 iso, would you be able/willing to help?  I ask because I do... trying to put Crux 2.4 on a PowerEdge2850, and it's not seeing the RAID controller.09:49
Romsterhonda O_o09:49
racerI have yet to look and see which raid controller it is yet, but I will in just a sec.09:49
Romsterracer, try jaeger's updated iso frist.09:50
Romsterbest bet it's already enabled or you can load the module needed09:50
predatorfreakRomster: Ricers traditionally love Hondas.09:51
Romsteri see09:51
Romsteri much prefer karisarki09:51
predatorfreakNothing durrrn durrrrns better than a Honda with a Spoiler!09:51
predatorfreakOf course.09:51
predatorfreakI prefer Ford's and good muscle cars.09:51
Romsterdrag racing on a 4 cylinder <<09:51
predatorfreakWhich don't durrrn durrn.09:51
predatorfreakThey RAWR09:51
Romsterbut no one in the bloody states knows what a Holden is.09:52
racerRomster: good call, forgot he was doing that... glad the server is here on campus... nothing like a 4+MB/s download09:52
predatorfreakSo.. where's the Mustangs?09:53
predatorfreakand the Camaro's?09:53
predatorfreakand the Chargers and Challengers?09:54
predatorfreakThe beautiful machines with good engines? :309:54
predatorfreakThe cars that look like that :D09:55
Romsteri like mustaings but there is also the torna and commodore and i relaly like the holden HQ brings back memorys09:55
jaegerracer: should be easy enough but yeah, my updated iso might already have the right driver(s)... which controller?09:55
racernot sure yet...09:55
racerjust a sec09:55
racerbooting with knoppix (cheating, so I don't have to take the cover off)09:56
Romsterholden torana09:56
predatorfreakLoading Commodore on Wikipedia in Firefox 309:56
predatorfreakGenerated the first crash of Firefox 3 here09:56
predatorfreakI laughed my ass off.09:56
*** pitillo has quit IRC09:57
predatorfreakIt's like Firefox said "NO, YOU ONLY VIEW THE MUSTANGS."09:57
Romsterloaded fine here.09:57
jaegers is a PERC4e/Di I think09:57
jaegeruses megaraid_{mbox,mm}09:57
predatorfreakWorked fine on the second load too.09:57
predatorfreakIt's just funny that Firefox crashed on loading that right after I was on the Mustang page09:58
predatorfreakOh fuck.09:59
predatorfreakTrue to the original text in big-budget Hollywood means09:59
predatorfreak"We'll only mildly rape it."09:59
predatorfreakHonestly, Sci-Fi did the best adaption.10:00
Romsterhollywood rapes anything.10:00
predatorfreakand it still pales in comparison to the book.10:00
predatorfreakJust stop fucking trying.10:01
jaegerracer: not sure where the rest of that line I typed went but I was trying to type "the default on the 2850s is a PERC4e/Di I think"10:01
* Romster listens to wolfmother10:01
predatorfreakRomster: \o/10:01
racerjaeger: probably what this is...10:01
joacimbook was best =)10:01
predatorfreakAustralia's once-per-century good band!10:01
predatorfreakLast century was AC/DC :D10:01
Romsterrock 'n' roll will never die.10:02
predatorfreakROCK 'N' ROLL AIN'T NOISE POLLUTION.10:02
predatorfreakerr sorry.10:02
Romsterback in black10:02
Romsterhells bells, given the dog a bone10:02
* predatorfreak snickers.10:03
Romsterman too many and i remember them all still.10:03
predatorfreakRomster: Given the dog a bone makes me laugh every time.10:03
racerjaeger: it's using the megaraid driver it appears10:03
predatorfreakThinly veiled "Suck my cock"10:03
Romsterit's a hidden meaning song10:03
jaegerracer: which kernel version?10:03
predatorfreakI figured it out when I was 10.10:03
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol10:03
predatorfreakIt's pretty obvious they mean to replace dog with women and bone with penis.10:04
predatorfreakOh wait that would create a funny title.10:04
predatorfreakWith possibly other meanings.10:04
jaegerracer: I may be misremembering but I think that's considered a legacy driver now... but what does the dmesg have to say about it?10:04
Romsterpredatorfreak, heh10:04
racerjaeger: doesn't bitch....10:05
racermegaraid: cmm: (Release date: Sun Jul 16 00:01:03 EST 2006)10:05
racermegaraid: (Release Date: Sun Jul 16 12:27:22 EST 2006)10:05
jaegerwell, that's good :)10:06
jaegerthe updated iso should support it10:06
racermegaraid: probe new device 0x1000:0x1960:.....10:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-plugins-base: 0.10.18 -> 0.10.1910:08
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gstreamer: 0.10.18 -> 0.10.1910:08
*** cptn has quit IRC10:17
*** sepen has quit IRC11:03
*** maxus has joined #crux11:06
*** js has joined #crux11:26
jshm, had anyone luck using gnome 2.22 from ports?11:26
jsnautilus doesn't work for me anymore, it can't handle computer:, trash: etc. anymore - it can't handle any URL at all11:26
Romstercan't handle computer O_o11:31
Romsterjaeger, be the one to talk to on that.11:31
jsyeah, if you click on the computer icon, that URL's computer:/// ;)11:31
jsjaeger: ping11:36
jaegerdon't know, to be honest. I never use that feature11:36
jsyou never use the trash, nor the desktop, nor smb, nor any other protocl than file://? That astonishes me. Do you really use gnome or just use some part of it like the panel?11:38
thrice`I think you can have it always open in a browser window or soemthing?  check in preferences maybe11:43
jaegerjs: I pretty much don't use nautilus11:45
*** Viper_ has joined #crux11:45
jaegerExcept for desktop icons, which don't include trash, computer, or network11:45
tilman Checkout netscape-navigator/11:45
Romsteroh that meta protocol foo:11:48
jstilman: yeah, sure, netscape to browse the trash…11:48
*** sepen has joined #crux11:48
tilmani copy&pasted from 'ports -u'11:48
tilmanie wasn't talking to you :P11:49
jstilman: ah, ok11:49
thrice`js: did you try messing with the preferences ?11:49
jsthrice`: which exactly do you mean?11:51
thrice`js: the prefernces of Nautalus.  can't you make it open everything in a browser window?  that's my only guess; haven't used gnome in a few releases11:52
jsthere's nothing, already tried that11:52
jsi guess it's because gvfs is missing in the new gnome port11:53
thrice`did you upgrade glib?11:53
jswhich one do I need?11:53
jsI have 2.16.1-111:53
thrice`again, I can't be sure, but I thought that's why gvfs is no longer there11:53
jsno, they tried to kill gnome-vfs11:53
jsand switch to gvfs11:53
Romsterports -u; prt-get diff11:54
jsRomster: shows nothing, already did that. so the guess was the port's outdated11:54
Romsterya ran revdep?11:54
jsah, cool, didn't know revdep11:55
jsalways used an own script for that11:55
thrice`js: prt-get install prt-utils :)11:55
RomsterRD_VERBOSE=2 revdep |tee revdep.log11:55
jsthrice`: yeah, installed it and read the manpaeg ;)11:55
Romsteris what i useally do.11:55
Romsterforce rebuild broken stuff11:56
Romstersomethings loke openoffice will always say error thats normal11:56
jshm, my script seems better :D11:59
Romstersubmit it12:01
Romsterugh ruby...12:04
thrice`nice script :)12:05
Romstersadly only thing i use ruby for is ck4up and having ruby is a waste for me.12:06
Romstersupose that could be done in python nerly the same too?12:07
jsyeah, but python is ugly12:07
Romsterprt-cache dependent ruby |wc -l 1 prt-cache dependent python |wc -l 4212:08
Romsterwtf pyhton ugly....12:08
jsRomster: it's a decision of taste12:08
jsand I don't like python12:08
Romsterperl is ugly..12:09
tilman8 vs 3 here. your point being?12:09
Romstersince it allowes anyone to write messy code.12:09
jsmost flies prefer shit, is it good because of that?12:09
Romsterpoint being ruby is pointless for me.12:10
jueRomster: some years ago I liked python as well, but now ...12:10
Romsterand why learn naother language when python does what i need it todo.12:10
cruxbot[opt.git]: glib: updated to
tilmanRomster: no need to start a pointless discussion about it12:10
jsanyway, that rb script is way faster than revdep12:12
jsand even revdep didn't reveal anything that might be the problem12:20
jsjaeger: will you have a look at this? I guess it's because there's no gvfs port. or is gvfs and gnome-vfs the same? IIRC, it was different.12:34
jaegerThey're different and it could be. Haven't had the time to investigate gvfs yet but it's on the list12:34
rehabdollwtf, netscape-navigator ?12:35
RomsterGVFS, a userspace virtual filesystem framework that is being designed to replace the aging GnomeVFS library12:37
jaegerIt's supposed to replace gnome-vfs eventually but with gnome 2.22 they did a sort of joint release thing where both are needed. I wish they'd waited until it was fully ready, so much more confusing this way12:38
Romsterthey should of held back on the release of that untill it was fully ported over.12:40
*** jue has quit IRC12:41
sepenrehabdoll, yes12:41
jaegerWould have been nice, yea12:41
rehabdollwhy? :)12:47
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux13:13
*** mike_k has joined #crux13:19
*** errdil has joined #crux13:39
*** mrks_ has joined #crux13:41
jesse_GNOME is one of those projects you have a hard time picking apart and seeing the rationale behind some decisions...13:50
*** mrks has quit IRC13:58
*** joacim has quit IRC14:12
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:22
*** efleming969 has quit IRC14:29
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC14:43
jsjaeger: so will add gvfs?14:54
RyoSjs: oh hellow thar! :]14:58
RyoShows life lately?14:58
*** joacim has joined #crux15:45
*** tri has joined #crux15:51
jsRyoS: exhausting15:51
RyoSwell thats how it works15:52
RyoSitll never change15:52
jsI'm glad I have no exams for 3 weeks now15:54
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux15:56
*** will__ has joined #crux16:03
RyoSi have no idea when exams start again, but to be honest, i dont care for that now16:08
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:15
mwansaRyoS, what are you studying ? cs ?16:20
jshe's studying school :P16:21
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC16:39
*** andarius has joined #crux17:00
andariusgreetings and salutations17:00
*** tri has left #crux17:02
*** will__ has quit IRC17:29
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:31
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux17:35
jsjaeger: indeed, it was missing gvfs17:54
jshad to install it and rebuild all gnome ports17:54
jaegerjs: ok, I'll look into it more this week, thanks for poking at it18:14
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC18:15
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*** sets mode: +o tilman22:23
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